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PORCH 1170 IS NOW CLOSED (12/1/19)

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Hi All.
Can't stay, but am back after another baaaad flare and sickness...
Praying you are all well.
Will catch up reading tomorrow, hopefully.

Got some awful news today and hv been spending all evening emailing and on the phone...
In a nut shell, my dear friend who is 74 has just discovered that her grandson (31) & wife hv been busy draining her bank account!
She wasn't loaded and lives in govt housing (do you guys hv that?) And is on a pension.
But this kinda thing goes way deeper than the purse strings and she may not get it back.
I feel so sad for her.It is 1:30 am and I am so tired, but she needs a shoulder.
If I didn't live so far away, I'd be there.
What mongrels!
They were meant to be helping her straighten her bills up, not steal from her.Grrrr!
So, the bank snipped her card, but I'm guessing he's set up internet banking and probably doesnt even need her card...
My mind is whirling.
At least the police know now, but hv no idea if anything can be done.

Ok.I am so whacked.

Love to you All
Sweet dreams.
Take care & catch yas later.