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PORCH # 1172 10 Dec 2019 IS CLOSED

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Sun - happy belated birthday...another milestone, to look back from and count all the blessings received, reminisce about the moments which made us smile and made life worth living, ponder all the lessons learnt, appraise all the challenges we overcame to make it to this point...bless you.


i will come back later, some chores call which cannot be postponed. i read and enjoyed all the posts and our Porchies doings.

God Bless


Its a little later...i see Mikies been in...

Hello Mikie - Can you (or anyone else) move Suns last post with the crab cakes recipe here? Thank you.

Mikie, i caught bits of one episode of Bob Hearts..show once, both DD and myself laughed so hard at the antics of Abhisholas parents making plans for when Abhishola lands Bob, and this was in the beginning when the two just met. Plans for when they would be living with Bob and their daughter.:D I think we can relate here where parents are so elated when their offspring marry into better circumstances than their own.

A boy working in the US or UK is a big catch for prospective brides and their family. Prestigious, like. Of course, now that girls are also educated as much as boys, there have been many boys who married a Nepalese girl working abroad and accompanied them abroad.

Thats a shame you could not wear your beautiful butterfly dress. i surely wish that rogue shoulder would not act up. Dont think too much about the delay of 5he tote bags. I was watching a tv programme where the motivational speaker was saying ‘dont dwell on negative thoughts, its not the 5houghts but the power we give them by hanging onto them.’ i know easier said than done.

But worth trying by distracting yourself. i cut an imaginary cord when an un0leasant thought comes up. Cut the cord connecting me to the negative incident. i then imagine electric violet light filling me up. And zap that un0leasant incident with 5he same. Electric violet light is that light which one sees when a welding flame is put on at a mechanics or some sort. A Pranic Healing trick.

Sun - so sorry you were so ill on your birthday. Maybe you can give yourself a really nice pamper me day in lieu of it. Just eat something you really like, buy yourself something nice, work on a project you really love. i did notice as we get older, we dont want things so much as have a nice time.

I got a message the other day from a friend who asked me what plans i had for Christmas. I think she felt lonely in the middle of her housework & wanted to chat. i told her, none. Its so cold in the evenings, for me i prefer snuggling down, watching a show or reading.

i hope you are feeling a little better now.

Granni - My phones have scratches all over, i aim to carry on until the apparatus falls apart, heh heh. i would be in big trouble if i were living there, since i dont drive. I would have to depend on Uber or taxis or public transport.

Actually, i wouldnt mind it. Compared to our transport, your buses, and the subways are such luxuries, oh my! i remember being so happy riding on the NY subway and Boston ones and the bus. Well, the NY subway was a bit seedy but efficient.

Barry - relieved to know the fires have been doused and the surroundings have returned to normal. Well, of course its gonna take a longer time for 5he trees and shrubs to grow back where they burnt down..my heart aches for them. And so for all the people who lost their homes and their neighbourhoods as 5heyknew it.

5hey just showed Sydney swathed in a thick smog of smoke from the raging fires nearby. What a sight. One couldnt see The Sydney Opera House or any other landmark.

Of course, New Zealands island volcano just had to erupt and take 5he lives of several people right about now when other things are going on in other parts of the world.

Looks like a prep for Armageddon if you ask me.

I hope that young doctor can help you with your CTS. For some reason, i feel a funny ache in my heart when i see young doctors, vets starting out.

i dont know whether its because i remember being young once and starting work or feeling sad because i hope they navigate through lifes challenges okay and make it thru all right or whether its happiness and pride because they were brave enough to take on such difficult professions. i shrink from seeing pain and suffering and these people take it on as part and parcel of their life.

Are Lenny and Romeo behaving? im making sure i givethe dogs well cooked warm soupy rice and chicken with veggies 5hrown in 5o keep them warm in 5his chilly weather. i notice doggy appetites just increase when its cold. Its easier to call them back into 5he house too when its time for bed.

Rock - i looked up Tower of Treats. im laughing at your brother ordering the TOT for you without knowing what he was sending you. It sounds like such a man thing to do. I cant imagine any of us ladies here doing 5he same. We would look up, size up, debate the pros and cons of minutely and 8n detail before sending a gift. We would extract every ounce of pleasurejust choosing the gift before we actually signed for its procurement. Hahahaha.:D


Today was a stay at home day. Cleaning, doing odds and ends. i dont know how the day went. I made a vegetable curry which called for cashew nut and peanut paste among a host of other 8ngreediments. I was hoping it would be worth the while. It did not disappoint.

Love to Dmc, Star n all.
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Good Tuesday Morning, Dearest Porchies,

Up but still feeling a bit groggy from sleep. I watched Bob Hearts Abishola last evening. It's a funny show. There isn't a lot worth watching these days. Today, I'm finally going to go over our financials just to do a mini audit. Mgmt. does a pretty good job of bookkeeping so I don't anticipate any problems. I'll just feel better after I look things over. Our mgr. sent our budget as an attachment to an email but I need to go pick one up so I can look at it instead of on a screen. I tried to forward the email to Tracey, our VP, but she evidently changed her eaddress and didn't let me know. Joe basically runs his building by himself and so do I.

Spring, thanks for opening up a new Porch. I love the pic of the rustic frame with decorations. Rustic antiques are my thing. I'll also be back later.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Well, I'm off to a good start. The computer allowed me entrance. Couldn't even get in last
night. Springwater, love your framed trinket collection. I t looks like the kind of thing my Mother
would have loved. I hope the Australian opera house isn't damaged. I was shocked to read several
years after the building was constructed that when the architects gave the OK to begin construction,
they didn't know for sure if the scalloped roof would actually work.

Mikie, when I was a kid we didn't have any rustic antiques around. We did have some rusty ones
though. The best antique we had was a platform rocker that had stood outside for no one
knows how many years in Iowa weather. After Dad's mother died my mother had the chair
refurbished. I was astonished. It looked brand new. It was moved to our living room and
there there for decades. Last I saw it was in my Minnesota's brother's living room. It's holding
up better than I am.
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Hi, Kids,

Wanted to watch the penalty phase of the murder trial but it's going slowly and Court TV keeps interrupting for some shooting trial in MI, not even an interesting case. I doubt this killer will get the death penalty. FL juries haven't had a taste for the death penalty for quite a while even with the most violent murders. The victim's mother testified about what a wonderful daughter the victim was and, by all others' accounts, she was. She was very accomplished and beloved by her patients. The mother didn't even mention her SIL, the convicted killer. She was the state's only witness. Court TV commentators believe she didn't mention her SIL because she doesn't want him put to death because of the young girls left motherless. The SIL/killer has a slew of relatives speaking about what a great guy he is but great guys kill their wives too. I hope he gets life which, to me, is the greater punishment. Less traumatic to the girls too. Also, I don't believe the death penalty is moral or logical. I know others disagree. The thing that keeps going through my mind is what a horrible tragedy and waste this killing is. I'll bet in hindsight, this guy wishes he had never done it. Killing isn't the answer to one's problems. It just leaves me sad.

Rock, my DD loves chairs. She can see the potential in just about any chair and has had some redone that are beautiful. Other DD has a platform glider made of wood on her front porch. She just lets it weather out there. It used to be mine and I always wanted to refinish it and put it inside. Antiques have so much history and character. I love them but they are losing their allure to the younger generation. The modern look is in now. I didn't like it when it first made it's debut but it's growing on me. I could live with it but still prefer my coastal casual look and antiques. I think it's good timing when ones money runs out about the same time one doesn't like change. The pun is incidental.

I hope all y'all are having a great day. I'm gonna dig into the financials. AACCKK!!

Love, Mikie

I was working on our budget when I realized I felt hot. I keep the thermostat at 77 degrees. It was 81. Yikes. The filter doesn't look dirty but I replaced it. I walked down to pick up my mail and, when I got back, it had dropped one degree. I'm gonna keep an eye on things and am hoping it drops to 77. If not, I'll have to call the A/C guy. I don't want this bill right now, or ever!

Mgmt. has been lax in keeping up with replacement costs for roofs and painting so they are trying to beef up our reserves. I emailed the proposed budget to my VP and gave two options for lowering our monthly fee, one conservative and the other slightly more risky. Either way, we have extra money in the bank to cover things. We had a $45 increase last year to build up the big board's bank acct. to do the paving. The increase was lowered to $30. That is now offset by these reserve funding fees. I don't want people to be up in arms so want to cut it by $5 or $10 a month. It's just sliding money around and, after all these years, I've gotten pretty well acquainted with the accounts and where we can cut money or need to add money. It's a pain but it's done and I'm just waiting for my VP to contact me.

OK, a watched pot never boils and a watched thermostat never lowers so will try to keep myself busy. As always, hope all y'all are having a great day.
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Spring: Thank you so much for your sweet words about milestone birthdays. You have such a good way with words. I think I’ve told you and Star before that you both should do some writing. and I like that idea of picturing the negative thoughts being cut like an electrical wire....arching with the flames of violet light. My mom was a very negative person and I’m afraid I picked it up....it’s hard to let it go. And my DD told me years ago No One wanted to hear me complain about how I’m feeling, so I think I’ve done pretty good on that one. I think it’s OK to say it once but when you repeat and repeat then it becomes a broken record of whining and no one likes that. And.....it doesn’t take away the problem so why keep saying it. A good life lesson learned.

Mikie: You’re running your AC and we’re bumping up the furnace. I try to keep mine at around 66 during the day and down to 64 at night. I got an email from the electrical company last week that I was using 2% more than my neighbors with a comparable size home within a mile. So gotta turn off things around here.

Rock: Have you been out and about your city to notice that the fall foliage is STILL hanging on, despite the rains we had last week. I had to drive to the little village and was amazed.....all the trees still covered with orange, red and shade of yellow. Some streets look like back in Vermont. I took my ipad with me, hoping to get some shots with the dark purple mountains in the background but the light changed and it wasn’t what I was looking for. Maybe this afternoon.....late....before sunset.

I’m slowly feeling better so I’m going to my Tuesday art group today.

crab cakes:

1 lbs. picked over crab meat. (can also substitute canned salmon she said)
3/4 cup panko crumbs plus 1 cup for dredging the cakes (she recommends panko but can use regular bread crumbs)
1/2 cup mayo
1/2 cup finely chopped red pepper
1/2 cup finely chopped celery
1/2 cup finely chopped red onion
1 large egg
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 TBS Dijon mustard
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
S & O
vegetable oil for sauteing

tartar sauce

3/4 cup mayo
2 TBS chopped parsley
2 TBS pickle relish
1 TBS dijon
juice 1/2 lemon
dash hot sauce

in large bowl, combine the crab meat, 3/4 of the crumbs, mayo, bell pepper, celery, red onions, egg, lemon juice, mustard and Worcestershire. Season with S & P. Mix just to combine, don’t overmix. If you have time, chill in frig 30 mins. To make easier to form the cakes.

spread the 1 cup more crumbs on a plate, form the cakes into 8 patties, just a little shy of 1” thick. Dredge the patties in the crumbs all sides and rest on a baking sheet. If you have time, chill for 15 min to firm up. Heat 1/2 “ oil over medium high heat. The oil is ready when the top of a cake sizzles on contact. Fry turning once until brown on both sides, 6-7 min total. Drain on paper towels.

I love crab cakes......but need to search for FRESH crab

YAHOO......I can copy on this new iPad....couldn’t do it on the other one.


Hi, Kids,

Good news--the condo is at 77 degrees. Still, I wonder why the old filter, which wasn't dirty, was keeping it from cooling. Just putting a new one in did the trick. Well, I'd rather pay for new filters than a new compressor. Yes, it's back to the low 80's here, unusually hot for this time of year. I don't mind because it's lovely the first part of the day and not that hot in the afternoons that it's uncomfortable. The afternoon sun beats down on the front side of the stucco building and heats it up so the A/C comes on to keep it cool.

More good news, the items I bought at the party arrived. The totes have side pockets front and back. I kind of wish one side were plain but they are cute totes. I would never buy them otherwise but I'm glad I was able to help a friend and repay her for all the booze and food she has provided at her parties all these years. Wish I hadn't had to miss her Christmas party but it was the right decision. The shoulder is improving but it'll take a while.

The jury is in deliberations to decide whether the killer will get life or death. I hope it's life. I can't imagine the kids' pain as it is without knowing their father would be on death row. He wears the nicest suits to court. They once had a really good life. Now, all is lost. Thank God the kids have loving grandparents and aunts and uncles to try to help them through this. The damage is beyond healing from completely.

Sun, I'm so glad you are feeling better. Hope you make it to the art group. I'm so sorry--I didn't see the part of Spring's post asking me to move your post. I'm glad you can copy and paste with the iPad. I haven't done anything exotic with mine. I'm not wild about the keyboard either but it's an option. I think all the tablets are the same. Almost easier to type on the screen. It's the same with the FPOC Surface tablet. BTW, my phone allows me to disengage the auto-correct but keep the auto-word suggest. I imagine it's the same on the iPad if you don't want it making automatic changes. There is an app that allows you to hold the tablet up and it will identify the constellation it is pointed at even if it's daytime or overcast out. Ilona showed me where the space station was orbiting one time. Again, glad you are feeling better.

Spring, I'm so sorry that I didn't see you had come back and added to your post. I just read it. I love the idea of cutting the wire and I've loved the idea of the purple light ever since you told me about it. This is the same idea as Cognitive Behavior Therapy and the idea behind the healing book I'm reading. Whatever it takes to nip bad thoughts in the bud pays off big in reduced stress and better health. The thought that puts me in a happy place is to remember the dream that was more than a dream in which God was watering the flowers around my home in Heaven. He told me he was looking after things until I got there. He was so kind looking and it left me feeling so loved and at peace. Another happy thought is imagining SV lying on top of me or next to me and purring. He's my therapy animal. The butterfly design is on a filmy poncho style top that goes over a tank top or other type of top. I so seldom wear dresses or skirts these days. Dressing up for me is to put on my glitzy flip flops with leggings and a nice top. It's sooo casual down here and I love it. Glad you laughed at that TV show. The mother who had the stroke cracks me up. It's soooo good to laugh.

OK, Kids, the shadows are long outside. It is less than two weeks to the Winter Solstice and then the days will grow slowly longer toward spring. Winter is our favorite season down here but I really enjoyed our summer and fall this year. Tomorrow is the full moon and I'm hoping it will help me feel better. Have a lovely evening, everydobby.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Gordon went to the library yesterday. Weren't too many books waiting for us so he picked some
up at random. I was surprised to see that all the authors had some sort of geographical link to
our board.

One first attended the Iowa Writer's Workshop and later taught there. One currently (at the
time the book came out) was on the faculty of a Texas University. One lived in Minneapolis, and
one had attended college in California. The surprising news to me was that I really didn't care for
their writing at all.

As usual I am having problems with electronics. The TV won't turn on. Ai ya ya! Also, Just
tried to call Burgers' Smokehouse in Missouri. The name of the town is California. A village.
but 4 times the population of the one where I grew up. Thought they might be working since
now is their busiest time of the year. I didn't get the smokehouse. I got an escort service. Ai Yi Yi .

Here is a pic of one of the homes in California, Missouri. Built in 1896,

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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Will be taking SV to the vet for his blood work prior to next Tuesday's teeth cleaning. Nothing to tell so will be back later.

Rock, we were posting at the same time. I'm sooo confusiated. Why would anyone name a town in Missouri, California? I think you read a book in the Doc Ford series that has a connection to FL as well. I read one of them and wasn't impressed with it. BTW, we have a Doc Ford restaurant down on the backwaters to the beach and the food didn't impress me either. Beautiful house in California. Is that the brothel where the escort service is located?

Tracy emailed me last evening and we agree on the tweak to the budget so that is done except for waiting for mgmt. to give us the finished product so we can approve it. Another chore almost done. I thought I might have the whole month with nothing I had to do but it's turning out to be busier than I would like. In the meantime, I'm just taking it easy and trying to get my poor shoulder to mend.

DSIL just posted on FB that he had an MRI of his thigh. The muscle was torn away from the bone in one place and torn badly in another. The doc waited too long to do the MRI because he didn't think the damage was so bad. Now, the muscles have shortened and surgery is the only recourse. Even with surgery, there is small chance it can be repaired. He has a bit of a limp because the leg is now shorter. He can walk but can't run and he loves running. He was asking for advice and we all told him not to get the surgery. I don't think he wants to do the surgery but giving up running is killing him. Breaks my heart. I love him so much.

Saw on the news that a man got his son's old Apple Watch. He decided to do an EKG and the watch told him he was in Afib. He called his doc. He believes the watch saved his life. Neither he nor his wife said they would ever spend the money to buy one but are now singing its praises. They are so happy their son gave it to him. Technology saving lives; I love it.

OK, for someone who had nothing to tell, I've written so much. Oy! Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie, I think naming a town after a state was pretty stupid too. Maybe the town fathers wanted to
make sure a lot of travelers would pass through their town. After all, they were no maps at
the time. Good for business. Travelers would stop and buy stuff. Well, just lost the rest of my post so guess I'll go back to bed. Ratbane!



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Good morning...a beautiful Wednesday! Only 27 degrees and not supposed to get much warmer, but the sun is shining. Den glued the island top together last night (I helped a little :)). He's going to experiment with some different color stains, etc. since it is "bottom up" right now...then we can flip it and finish the top.

Rock, you got me curious about California, Missouri...I've been there several times (family used to live there) and did sometimes wonder about the name. Here's what I found on Google...

In 1846, the Post Office required a new name to be selected for Boonsborough since there was already a Boonsborough in Missouri. The city was renamed California on January 25, 1847 for the territory on the West Coast that was just then drawing attention due to progress of the overland railroad.
County: Moniteau
Area code(s): 573

2963en.wikipedia.org › wiki › California,_Missouri
California, Missouri - Wikipedia

Oh Mikie, that's so sad about your DSIL...I would think it would still be so painful. I wonder if Den had had one of those watches when he first got sick...who knows how long he was in A-fib before I made him go to the doctor. Yep, technology can be a great thing.

Sun, the crabcakes sound good...wonder where I would get fresh crab, lol! We used to eat them a lot when we lived in Virginia...

Gonna get busy...Hi to everyone and hope your week is going well.


Hi, Kids,

Been to the vet and Target. The vet called and said they forgot to put SV's little red collar back on him after they drew his blood. I told them I'd pick it up on Tues. when he goes in for his procedure. I put a new purple collar on him when we got home and he looks more handsome than ever. He likes wearing a collar and helps me when I put it on him. Joe called while I was in Target. While I was talking with him, the vet called again. The seemed to have messed up one of the tests but thought it would be OK. They were gonna talk to the vet himself and let me know. Good grief! I was gonna use my coupon at Target but hadn't bought $50 worth of stuff so will have to go back to shop if I want to use it. I got the treats for the little boys at the end of the bldg. I'm home and have the "Lie down before I fall down" fatigue.

After the trial yesterday, the victim's sister talked to reporters. She said she knew he had done it immediately. Said she's glad he won't be able to hurt anyone else in his path who might be inconvenient and she said he is a sociopath. I'd agree with that even though I'm no psych professional. There is definitely something wrong with him. His demeanor isn't normal but, when his mother took the stand to talk about how wonderful and caring he is, I noticed her movements and animated demeanor were like his. I do feel sorry for the heartache his actions brought upon his family. There will be what is called a Spencer hearing in Jan. where the judge will either take the jury's recommendation and sentence him to death or have mercy and sentence him to life with no parole. I think he will go along with the death sentence. If he doesn't, it will likely be because of the kids. Had the victim's family objected to the state's seeking the death sentence, the prosecutors would not have asked for it.

Rock, sorry you lost the post. Ratbane indeed! Go back to bed and get some good sleep and come back soon.

Julie, thanks for the info on the town. I still think it's stoopud. Yes, it is sad and infuriating about my DSIL. I love both boys like they were my own and I feel very protective of them. I probably embarrass him on FB telling him I love him. He posted some nice pics of them at the beach in Galveston at sunset. I'm sooo glad they got away. Both work so hard. Afib isn't usually detectable unless people can feel the irregular heartbeat. Some can but most people don't know they have it. It can come and go so EKG's can miss it. I do them on my watch from time to time when I have palpitations just to check. My Mom had a goiter and her doc said thyroid problems are more prevalent in the Midwest because people there eat less fish. We have fresh and frozen fish here but it's so expensive. I just boiled a few shrimp to put into the ginger sesame noodle salad I got at Target. I'm glad Den's Afib didn't cause a stroke or heart attack.

OK, gotta go rest. Rock and I and SV will be in slumberland for the foreseeable future.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: Bummer, big time, for your SIL. I would tell him to have PT before any surgery. I may be a cynic but first thing that comes to my mind is the doctor probably needs to make that payment on his new boat. By the way, I just received my Medline medical supplies and tried the Remedy with Olivamine Skin REpair Cream.....OMG.....the best ever. I’m very impressed. I’ll keep this tube in my van. I found 3 boxes of delivery at my front door at 7 am. Those delivery guys are working overtime being here so early or maybe after 9:30 PM last night when I unplugged my little fairy lights I have strung thru some bushes down my front walk.

I get missed heartbeats and do feel them. It’s something I’ve known about for years and was told by the heart doc I would just have to live with it, which I have. When I’m having problems I try to sit and do some deep breathing. My dad died at 56 from heart attack but he was the poster child for bad eating, stress and smoking. My mom made it to just shy of 99.

Julie: I’m excited to hear how the wood top turns out!!! I love love love wood grain. By the way, do you still have that picture of the old tree you had to cut down? I had saved that picture then awhile I had to dump a lot of pictures saved on my ipad and I would like to have it back to print and save for future reference.

Rock: Sorry you didn’t get some good books to read. Very disappointing I’m sure. I go thru phases where I listen to a lot of books on CD, some are excellent, some I move on to another because they lack.

Yes I made it to my art group yesterday, took some grapes for our snack table. Last time I bought a package of cookies, brought home most of them and then ate them all in 2 days! I can’t leave cookies alone. It was a lot of fun. The teacher put up an old fashioned christmas scene for us to draw and paint in 90 min. The picture had a ton of stuff in it.....and not a good quality, but being on a timed “contest” we were all furiously working. We all voted afterwards. I won 3rd.....most were incredibly awful so no big deal here. But my prize was a large cookie from Panera Bread and a small colored pencil tablet for drawing. I just gave my DGD a small set of colored pencils the last time she was here ! She‘s 5 1/2 and loves to do art, so I’m hoping!

upDate: My cleaning lady called this morning to give me the wonderful news that her DGD was born yesterday C-section......and she’s perfect. Her arms and legs and head measure the right size, and she’s very alert and strong. I’ve been praying for a miracle for them all. As you know the whole family are little people. The new mom is the only little person of her siblings so thankfully those genes came together to form a perfect normal child. So thrilled for them.
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Hi, Kids,

Just lost the whole paragraph. Damn! I lay down but didn't sleep. I'm putting the heating pad on my shoulder and it feels so good to do that. All morning, I was out of it. I drive okay when I'm tired but I'm forgetful about what I'm doing. I almost left the vet without taking SV with me. I'm sure they think I'm a royal ditz.

Sun, the doc told DSIL that PT wouldn't help. I know it wouldn't help the muscle that tore completely off the bone but it might strengthen the other muscles and lengthen them. With one leg shorter than the other, he will develop knee and hip problems. We should have the same UHC products available to us. I've gotten some skin cream from them but don't know which one. I'll have to check it out. When you feel those heartbeats, if you bear down, they will likely calm down. I've tried it and it works for me when I have the palpitations. Congratulations on your win at the art group. Hope your DGD does continue with her art. She certainly has a talented grandma to inspire her.

I got some healthy soft doggie treats at the vet and took them over to Patti for her new little rescue dog, Mollie, from SV. I don't know how her teeth are. She spent her entire seven years having puppies. The treats are peanut butter and banana. I didn't know dogs like bananas. Mollie wouldn't walk with Patti on a leash when she first got her but now, she is. No one ever walked her before. Nancy says it takes six months for dogs from shelters to adjust. Mollie reminds me of my dog that had been abused. She was in shock for a while. She ended up being the best dog ever. I still miss her. She rescued me.

Think I'll read. There is nothing on TV. Whine, whine, whine! I keep hitting the wrong keys and swearing. Time to go.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Been a quiet day here. Outside of a trip to the library, I was asleep or reading all day. Well,
I did spend a few minutes on the phone with the Smokehouse company in Missouri. Ordered
some food packages for my brother's daughter and DH. They live in Fresno. Their present is
due to arrive on Monday. Also ordered some stuff for us. Can't remember if I ordered anything
for brother in Oregon.

Haven't received any responses from anyone yet, but that's typical of my family. Mikie, it's
a good thing you don't have a giraffe. Vet might get annoyed if you left that behind.

Sun, I am not surprised you won the contest. Congrats. We went back to the library this
afternoon and got more books. Found a new author I like. Always glad to find new writers.

Mikie, thank you for saying, Sorry you lost your post. Right back at you. I expect any day now
there will be a news flash saying: Scientists have now confirmed what millions believed to be
true for decades. Your computer is inhabited by malicious spirits.

Julie, thanks for info on the California name. Reminds me, I want to send Wikipedia a donation.
(Instead of typing "donation" I typed "demo". Oy Vey! And I want to send one somewhere else.
Can't remember that one at all.

But now I'm too sleepy to think at all. Hugs, Kids, Rock


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

I'm trying to improve my posture but it's a problem when I post. If I slump, I don't make typos and don't lose my work. If I sit up straight, things disappear and I can't seem to hit the right keys. Ratbane, as Rock says! I woke up about 2:00 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I read for a while. SV came in and lay next to me. I can't believe how much better he has gotten at letting me sleep or read. When I'm up, he begs for love and to be picked up just as he begs for food and treats.

Rock, laughing about taking a giraffe to the vet. Geez, he would need a ladder just to listen to its heart. That would be a tall order. If I were to leave SV, they would love it. He's so sweet and mild and lets them do whatever they want to him. No biting or scratching. I do believe some computers are possessed. That FPOC laptop I bought from HSN was definitely malicious. I think when I lose things, it's human error but this computer highlights and deletes seemingly on its own in a nanosecond. That is why I continually highlight and copy just in case. At least that way, I don't lose it all. That's nice of you to send goodies to you family. Food gifts have gotten sooo expensive. I got a Harry and David catalog and couldn't believe the prices. We have a H&D store in a shopping center just south of where I live. Last I was there, things didn't seem so expensive. Their cheesecake is soooo good. I should make my own in the Instant Pot. I haven't cooked in ages. Everything I do has been so painful with the shoulder and the pain and meds have caused nausea. It's getting better even if it seems to take forever. Glad you found a new author. Amazon lets Prime members know when there are new authors and offer their books free or greatly reduced.

OK, I'm off to read the paper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful and blessed day.

Love, Mikie


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its evening and 53F. This afternoon i was so cold. It was a dreary grey day throughout. I started feeling as grey as the weather so texted my friend. She said she was feeling the cold too but was using the heater. I havent yet. Ive been too busy to bring out the heater and the kids havent complained about the cold.

Since today is Full Moon, i made veg only for food. Veg curry, black lentils, boiled potatoes and rice.

Somehow there was lots of milk in the fridge, so i made pancakes and halwa, a sweet dish, before the milk curdled. Since everyone seemed to have things to do outside, the dogs and me got to eat most of it. Lucky us.

Mikie - so sorry to hear about your DSILs diagnosis of his leg injury. so unfortunate. Maybe he will heal somehow. ive read books on miraculous healing. and its not as far fetched and rare as one would think.

i know its been a patch of rather rough days for you lately. One thing coming after another. ive had that happen to me. And then it was over and the okay patch of days came by with some very good days scattered here and there in between to renew faith in and not give up life as a lost cause. Sometimes it seems so.

i love hearing about your experiences of the metaphysical. As your dream which was not just a dream. ive had one experience like that. but this was when i was walking. One of the worst phases in my life when my brother, now no more, was ill. i was praying walking around a temple, and suddenly a point of cool breeze hit me right in my abdomen, and then a buzzing noise like ohmmmm drumming in the background ....and a feeling of rose light being part of that experience and the most intense feeling of bliss ever imaginable.

It happened to me another time when i was being healed and the healer didnt know it had happened but when i asked him he said ‘a voice told him to give me divine energy healing, as opposed to ordinary energy healing’ which is the mainstream. So he invoked for divine energy to heal me and it was at that point i felt the cool breeze and explosion of such ecstasy of happiness, the kind i cant explain.

It wasnt dependent on anything, like getting a precious gift or finding out someone you fell in love with, loved you back or passing an exam or winning a lottery. It just was. In itself. It was like everything was wonderful and perfect and exquisite. For no reason but that it was. A complete and total absence of pain and negativity. How strange to know theres a feeling like that. Maybe thats what the love of God feels like.

SV is one lucky fur baby. He is spoiled with all sorts of treats and fancy collars. The cats here would think he was cat aristocracy and look at him with envy.

Our wifi and phones get malicious. Note i did not say, i think. I said they are. I use them only when i really have to. Being sensitive to emf doesnt help matters.

Rock - thats nice you found a new author you liked. Books are one of the greatest gifts God gave to humankind. Dogs are another. And then food. Thats my list. Of course for others, the order of importance will change.

I know what Gordon would list. Orchids. Most definitely. Dmc - quilts.

That pic of the house you posted was nice but it would take a couple of staff to maintain. Looked big. Big, solid.

Sun - im glad you liked what i wrote about birthdays. How wonderful to know your cleaning lady has a lovely grandchild who is normal.

Your Olivamine cream. What did you like about it? Is it good for wrinkles? Ive been careless about my skin for some days. I get like that sometimes. i do use a cream if i think about it but mostly forget. And i have dry skin as it is. i am gonna rue it.

i love looking up the net and looking at different skin masks. In the day i have experimented with several. Sandalwood. egg. carrot. Almond and milk. Hahahaha. Tea bags. Cucumber slices. :D. i know Rock must be imagining me lying there with a paste on my face and tea bags on my eyes. And thanking his stars he isnt a woman. And Barry must be thinking the same.

Congratulations on winning a prize. Btw what is a pencil tablet?
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Good Thursday morning! 40 degrees already at 9:00 am, on the way to 45...woo hoo! I hung a couple loads of laundry out yesterday and will finish today...if it gets too late in the day, I just dry the loads in the dryer...but I love that fresh smell from the clothesline, lol!

Den just left to go help out a friend with some electrical stuff...so Oreo, the cats and I are holding down the fort. I think my "full moon insomnia" is rubbing off on my poor hubby...we were both up and down the past couple nights. He has the underside of the island top stained and sealed (quick job, because only the edges that hang over will be seen.) When he gets home we'll flip it over and he'll work on the top...it will take longer since he'll be more particular with that.

Sun, I'm not sure if I still have a pic or not...I did a quick check and don't see it on my phone. Glad you got out to your art group. And congratulations to your housekeeper and family on the new baby :)

Mikie, how nice that SV doesn't mind the vet...cats are so wirey and squirrely, lol...if they don't want to be "messed with", it can be really hard. Call me crazy, but I gave my never used Instant Pot to Amy and Clinton to give to Clinton's daughter for Christmas. I got it last Black Friday (8 qt. for $59) and just never got around to using it...it seemed so big and bulky and I never needed anything "instantly", lol! I'm sure I could have found lots of uses for it, but I know it's going to a good home...Clinton's daughter (technically, my granddaughter, lol) has been wanting one and I know she and her hubby will really appreciate it. My favorite appliance continues to be my crock pot, lol...

Rock, are you talking about Burger's Smokehouse? I've been there...love the hams! Glad you can get so many books from the library. I have considered getting a Kindle or something, but kinda like holding an actual book in my hands. I do want to find some "books on CD" to listen to while making the 10 hour drive to the kids...

Oh, folks, the cow saga continues...have had to chase her several times recently. Yesterday, I was headed to the clothesline and saw her trotting down the lane and head straight to our yard. I got in the van and drove to the neighbors', but they weren't home. So, I drove back home and ended up going around all the buildings, coming up on the cow from a different direction. You know how a cat jumps straight in the air when surprised? Well, imagine a 1000 pound cow doing that, lol! I honked the horn and chased her back through the fence...she stopped a couple times and acted like she was going to charge me!

Den told me to never chase her on foot...she just acts like she could be very mean. So, after school, I met the neighbor girls up at the road...and gave the cow owners' children a note to give to their parents ("Had to chase your cow again...sorry") The poor little boy started giving all kinds of excuses (he's only 10 or 11 and I felt so bad that he felt he should take responsibility) but I told him not to worry...just to let his dad know. Then I drove the neighbor girls on home, back down the lane behind us. We could see several cows out of the lot and in the owners' yard, but at least they weren't on the lane. We may end up with some steaks, yet!

I'd better get busy...lots of projects and chores to choose from. I did actually get some Christmas cards made, with a pic of our whole family...now to just get them addressed and mailed, lol! Hi to everyone I missed...take care!


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Julie: darn, I had hoped they had fixed that fence. You need to write a little note and laughingly tell them something along the lines that you would enjoy some steaks when they decide to butcher her. The thing is, one of the children could be hurt because of their lackadaisical attitude. Shame on them.

Spring: I’ve had to break down and use my little cube heater in the bathroom when I shower. First time ever....and it’s so nice and warm. There is no heat vent in this bathroom and it’s usually in the high 50s in there in winter. I guess I’m getting to be a wimp

I knew you would understand about this new perfect baby born to the family of little people. Knowing my cleaning lady over 5 years I know all the problems, hurts, pain, rudeness they’ve encountered. She’s not technically a little person (has to do with the actual inches) but her DH is and so is her DD. I met her DD once, hard to overlook that she was only a very tiny 3’....by the way her husband is about 6’ who has his own very severe problems. He got brain injured while in Afghanistan war. And you can imagine the looks the two of them get. Her DD has severe asthma also. My cleaning lady‘s knees are positioned outwards so she has to wear leg braces. She also has FM and developed macular degeneration (common with little people). That auto accident she had over a year ago (lawsuit pending against the person who hit her) has caused severe shoulder pain for her and even after almost a year of PT and acupuncture it still hurts her.

Her DH used to be Donald Duck at Disneyland and traveled with them to Japan and other places while she raised her two children. He had been jumped on by two rapid fans at Disneyland and been severely injured...many back surgeries and has terrible ongoing pain......falls all the time too. She had explained to me all the things that could be internally wrong with the baby if she was a little person so this has been a great blessing to them all., I’m so happy for them all.

I’m running late with errands so have to run.


Hi, Kids,

It was 88 degrees out yesterday; it set a new record for this time of year. Maybe the full moon splains why I didn't sleep well last night. Still tired. I did get my mop washed and blown out. I just need to style and spray it. I usually have more NRG during the full moon.

Spring, I think most of us have had experiences that are outside what we would consider the norm. Some people don't pay attention to them and some are in denial that they occur. I have had a few of these profound experiences and am so grateful for them. I love the way you describe how you felt. It does feel like pure love. This is what people who have had near-death experiences describe as what Heaven feels like. They have mentioned that the only emotion in Heaven is love. I think when we pray or meditate, we can tap into that. Sometimes it's stronger than other times. Sounds as though you and the dogs had a feast. I think my DD is right--dogs are God's little angels on Earth. I love them but it's just not practical for me to have one. I didn't want any pets but I think God had other ideas. SV has turned out to be a blessing, an expensive blessing. I neglect my skin too now and then. Everything on my body is too much maintenance.

Julie, I'm sorry you are still having problems with the renegade cow, bovines gone bad, Bossy gone bezerk, evil Elsie. I think it's great that you gave away the Instant Pot to someone who will use it. I love mine and use it as a slow cooker. I gave my slow cooker away. I like it best for rice because it automatically cooks it in just the right amount of time and it comes out perfect. I have a rice steamer but now only use it for veggies. I could steam the veggies in the Instant Pot but I like doing them in the steamer. At least, we have options. I just haven't felt like cooking anything lately. Pain and pain meds does that to me. I need to get Andy's check in the mail for Christmas. I'll pick up the gift cards at Publix for the mail lady and paper delivery person and I think I'll be done. Like Scarlett, I'll think about that tomorrow.

Sun, it's so hard to imagine all the problems your poor cleaning lady and her family have had. I am glad the baby is normal size. I've seen the challenges little people have just getting around. I had told Julie to send a note thanking the neighbor for the t-bones in advance. What a horrible example to set for his son.

We may be getting some rain this week. It's partly cloudy and 80 degrees out. Way too hot for this time of year. Got to go comb out my hair. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Good afternoon DEAR PORCHIES,

SUN- Happy Belated Birthday dear girl. So sorry you were not feeling well during your birthday but we , who have problems most of the time understand and you just muddle through it. I am sure that is sometimes and upsetting and infuriating but what can one do?? May you have a year much better than it has been. Not sure how long I can stay on here. Was up bright and early to bring DH to the surgery center. All went well and the big milestone was he peed at the center and didn't need a catheter going home. He's been napping after lunch since we got home. He is doing OK just complained of a headache and being unsteady which is of course normal after having come out of anesthesia. He goes in 2-3 weeks to the doctor/surgeon. He said there was no surprises but an area he wanted to check out later on. Not sure if it was irritated or what. The dr is in and out so fast they don't always time to be clear when they have another surgery to do in a few minutes.

JULIE - I know what you mean about the Instant Pot which is now upstairs in our storage area. I probably should have bought the smaller one. it might have gotten used more.. DH was complaining about it taking up space and our stupid diets I was am so used to doing the old fashioned thing with cooking except the Crock pot which I do used off and on. If I don't use it after awhile I may give it to our DD a few houses away. He does a lot of cooking,(my lucky daughter)!!! Another DD who moved to our area this summer turned 50 yesterday. They and the other DD and DH are going to a really nice restaurant. Of course we were asked to go but DH declined as he thought he would be having a catheter. However, not sure how he will be feeling on Sat but I know he is wanting to save money too. It is a very small place and they already made the reservations. Sorry also those darn renegade cows are at it again.

MIKIE - How nice that SV is going with the flow and letting you stay in bed if you are not up and about once in awhile. It stinks when you get up to early and can;t go back to sleep. Sounds like he likes you all to himself. Not sure who is doing what for whom but keeping each other good company and having some companionship. Good, he is behaving. It isn't good when they are not and you are not feeling well too. NIce you know something about finances and where to get the best deals on things. That can be a big help to your hood in keeping things running smoothly and looking nice.. You got that right about everything on your/my body is getting to hi maintenance. Although I don;t always like spending the money and it gets neglected. I go for the cheaper stuff that my mother used!!

SPRING - Yes, you do have a great way of writing as SUN and MIKIE to has mentioned. Maybe that is partially because you were taught the correct English and the correct way to use words. However, not everyone has the natural ability to put the words to their correct use, in the manner that makes it fun and easy for the reader. Glad you seem to sound like you are doing pretty well. Get out when you can and enjoy yourself shopping, enjoying friends or whatever, nice and simple. I love that and maybe out to a lazy lunch, that you do not have to get all dolled up for:)!! I'm all for that !!

ROCK - Glad that the crazy computer let you in to the Porch today or was it yesterday??. I know how furious and infuriating that can be sometimes.

HUGZ to everydobby and all our MIA;s also, in STAR, DUCKIE, BARRY and ALL I missed today, I figured I had better get on the PORCH before they do not let me in any more,:D!!

Granni :)