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PORCH # 1172 10 Dec 2019 IS CLOSED

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Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in to check for spammers. One just posted advertising a balloon tying service for parties. Good grief! At least most of the spammers are here to sell health related things. I could tell by the post that English is not the person's language. I have to wonder how successful this kind of spamming is. I always worry that it could be a scam and not just a spam. I hope most of our members know not to try to buy anything from them.

Granni, I'm so glad the surgery went well. Wow! Not to have to have a catheter is great! I feel bad that you and Julie don't use your pressure cookers. I hope my enthusiasm didn't sway you. I love mine and, when I cook, I use it. It actually takes up less space than my crock pot and it can be used as a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker. DD loves the one I gave her too. I noticed that the Ninja Foodie pressure cooker browns as it cooks. That would be nice but they are expensive. They also make a toaster oven that folds up and out of the way on the counter. It would be nice but I can't justify it. SV is an early riser but he gets back in bed with me and waits for me to get up now. I've been on the boards of all three condos I've lived in since I got divorced. By now, it's pretty routine. It just takes time and attention. Condo law changes all the time in FL and I try to keep up with that. Joe and I work together on things and that helps too. Sending up a little prayer for DH that he continues to do well and that everything is as it should be.

We got a nice rain shower. It's not nearly enough to replenish things but we will take what we can get. There is a fruit fly driving me nuts. I had some bananas in the trash can and didn't get them out until this afternoon. I didn't get anything else done. Just showering and doing my hair was enough to cause pain to my shoulder. Still, it's better than before. It'll just take time. Got a text from DGS and he said he is missing me. I told him I miss him too. Wish we lived closer.

I hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

I'll be back later. Hope y'all have a great day.

Okay, I'm back. Been lying down with the heating pad on my shoulder. My bad knee and neck are acting up and I suspect the rain has riled things up. It sprinkled for hours off and on last evening. Not enough rain but I was glad to see it. We may get more this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Claudia got caught in a torrent at Wally World yesterday afternoon just a couple of miles from us. These storms aren't widespread. One of my favorite apps on my phone is one that shows the weather radar.

The jailbird killer who beat the woman doctor to death with a hammer was sentenced yesterday. He was hired by the husband's best friend. The husband's jury recommended death. The best friend took a plea for 25 years. The jury found the jailbird guilty of second degree manslaughter which baffles me because he's the one who beat the woman most savagely and laughed about it afterward, according to the best friend who struck the first three blows. The judge gave the jailbird life without parole. I think it was the right thing to do because he killed savagely without remorse. His brother testified and it was heartbreaking. Their mother was diagnosed with schitzophrenia and killed herself when he was a little boy. The father blamed him for her death and told him from age five that he was a piece of you-know-what and that he should kill himself. That broke my heart. He probably also suffers from mental illness and severe mental abuse at the hands of his father even as a very little boy. What a sad story for everyone involved. His story is a recipe for how to raise a violent killer.

DD called last night. She is seeing a physical therapist who is a consultant for the Olympics. He is helping her a lot from her old injuries. She broke her ribs and foot in an accident and had surgery on her knee. All this happened in HS. Her foot never really healed properly. She is going to ask him for a referral for her sister's husband, my DSIL with the detached thigh muscle. DGS is really struggling in school and DD is going to find a better doc to deal with his ADHD. My other DD, the psyche nurse, told her to find one. All this doc wants to do is medicate him with ritalin. They need a specialist who is a therapist who specializes in ADHD and can also prescribe. It breaks my heart because he is so smart. They are going to Vail this weekend to ski and have some family time together.

I sent an e-Christmas card to the half-brother who reached out to me. I have not heard from him since I gave him the dates and history of our parents' marriage and my birth as best I can reconstruct them from what my Mom told me. I was born in July and his father married his mother in November. That doesn't shine a very nice light on things and I'm sure it was a real eye opener for them all. They had been led to believe I was born some years before and that their father was married to my Mom years before he met their mother as best I can tell from her obit. I don't want a relationship with them but don't want to be cold either. Doubt I will hear from him and I'll just let it go. Oh, what a tangled web...

That's all the news I have. As always, I hope and pray for blessings for all our Dear Porchies and friends here.

Love, Mikie
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Morning, Fellow Porchers

Mikie, Balloon Tying made me laugh. Ninja Foodie made me think of Nina Foch, our only
actress from The Netherlands I think Rutgar Hauer was our only actor.

I kinda doubt any of our members would attempt to buy something from a spammer. Personally
I don't buy anything unless it's recommended by the National Enquirer.

Not much news here. The goldfish plant is in bloom. We are waiting for the bacon from
California, Missouri to be delivered. It's supposed to arrive on Monday. I asked Gordon if this
was Sunday or Monday. He said, "It's Friday." I tell ya; life is difficult when your lose your mind.
There was an article about slow deliveries on the computer the other day.

Mikie, I hope your family members can get some really good health care. Sorry to hear of
DD's multiple accidents.

Gonna go lie down. Gordon is up and doing something in the kitchen. Possibly something to do
with food.

Hugs, Rock

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Hi, Rock,

Hope you are okay. Post kinda trailed off. We have a lot of new members and they are the ones I worry about. I also don't think our veterans would buy anything from the spammers. I hope you will be back. I just realized it's Friday the 13th. Yikes! No wonder I hurt all over but I'm not superstitious. When SV crosses my path, it's only half unlucky because he's also white. They cancel each other out.

Love, Mikie


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Granni: Hope your DH is OK by now. I HATED those times when I had a catheter in....usually 3 days. Miserable doesn’t cover it. How many growths did the doc remove?

Mikie; My old pool guy told me one day how he had just been contacted by a stepbrother who was French who he didn’t know he even had. These two were in their early 60s. Apparently their dad had a sort of two family thing going on at the same time while he was stationed in France. It was a total shock for him, but the two brothers met when the French brother came to the US and found they liked each other, even though their dad was a real piece of work. And.....this brother was also RICH! Owned a winery business and large chateau in France and was expanding and wanted to buy some property in Calif. I told him yahoo....a place to visit!

If you don’t want any relationship with this brother then why bother sending a christmas card. If I don’t want to continue any relationship, I just cut things off. So many people feel “obligated” to send, thinking they won’t come off as looking good, and that’s wrong.

Julie: I wish I had printed off that nice pic of the tree you guys cut down.

I had to move some things out to the garage yesterday and that entailed moving other things, and you know how that goes. I ended up spending 3 hrs. Cleaning the garage, something I could have done without, but it’s done now. I just need to take some small pieces of furniture to the thrift store and will wait until my DS comes next week to load it for me.


Hi, Kids,

Our gardeners were out trimming the palm tree blooms and anything that is close to the buildings. They have power tools and they are noisy. SV looks disgusted when they trim outside our bldg. I feel like he looks. Still, we need it done. The ins. co. refused to insure one bldg. in here until the palm trees were trimmed back. I let our mgr. know we have approved our budget for 2020 and instructions for what to put in the cover letter. They usually manage to screw everything up so I'm not too encouraged that he will get it right. They don't proof anything and end up getting dates wrong. One of our annual meetings, which are subject to strict FL law, was illegal because of mistakes on the proxies. I don't get excited by it because I don't need the stress. I'm just glad the budget is done.

Sun, I think it's nice for these families to meet and have relationships if that's what they want. I don't want that but I also don't want to just shut them out. I didn't say I don't want any relationship as in 'none.' I said I don't want a relationship, meaning meeting and visiting one another. I'm sure they are nice people. I learned about everything 50 years ago but they are just now finding out and they have no parents alive to ask. I don't feel obliged to do anything. What I try to do is to be kind to others wherever possible. Looking good has never been a motivation for me. I hope you didn't overdo things cleaning out the garage. I do admire all you do, even when you aren't feeling well. Hope the visit with your DS goes well. When does he get there?

Alrighty then, I'm gonna go unload the DW. It's gray and dreary out. Should be the same for a few days. Don't mind if we get more rain. I brushed and combed SV. Seems he's getting more tangles in his fur. I put his little purple collar on him and he liked it. He is used to wearing a collar and is happy when we put it on. I think he probably feels more secure with it because he's been wearing collars ever since Jeff rescued him and Tweety after they were tossed out here in the hood.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful afternoon.

Love, Mikie

I'm laughing. The mgr. just called and Alexa was blasting out Christmas music. She can't hear me when I crank up the volume. I asked him to hold on and was screaming at her to stop playing music. He'll probably turn me in for abusing my electronics. :eek: He is shooting out the cover letter for me to approve. I'm stopping my cleaning to have a cup of decaf so thought I'd stop in. Gotta go see whether it's in my inbox.

Good news--he's a good writer and I surprised him when I told him the letter is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. I try not to bug him except for when something is important. He is very attentive to my requests. He asked if I were running for the big board. I splained that I think there will only be two openings and there will likely be enough good people to fill them. I told him what I told Joe--that if there is a vacancy, I wouldn't say no if the board wanted to appoint me.

After unloading the DW, I started back in on the airmoire. OMG! There was even more stuff in there than I had thought. I found some beautiful lead crystal candle holders and will definitely keep them. I packed up a bunch of stuff for the thrift shop. Now, the shoulder is screaming at me so am icing it up and will rest it. I'm really tired too. Hope everydobby has a lovely evening.
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Lordy, its been one cold cold day. And one rainy rainy night. Its pelting down as i speak. or type. Amid claps of thunder and lightning streaks. I hope everyone is safe and warm. and dry. But i dont know where. i hope here are shelters for the dozens of stray dogs and cats out there. just looked at the weather. its 51C.

The lights have gone off too. Its like a night from ‘Sleepy Hollow’ or ‘Ghost Ship.’

Rock - how lovely to be getting some bacon as a present. It was an indulgence for me because it was so expensive. only the supermarkets sell them. The family doesnt have bacon or salami or anything like that because theyre all avoiding fatty stuff. Good for me. Brings down household expenses. The prices of everything has gone up. I couldnt find onion soup the other day, and realised the prices of onions have quadrupled. We get in our onions from nearby India and they had drought.

now that we have had rain for acouple of days, we can look forward to a jump in the prices of vegetables as well.

Granni - im glad to hear DH is back home. Now you can take a breather. For a while. A pity you missed the gathering. its nice to get out among friends and eat a nice meal with them. You seem to have some very good restaurants out there. A change from home cooking. i prefer homecooking but crave outside foodfromtime to time.

Mikie - Thats so unfortunate about what happened to your DD in HS. Thats when youre at the peak of enjoying life. Yes, would have been nice to have the kids living close by.

What a tangled web your step father wove. And left for others to flounder in, years after he passed. Your poor step brother and his family. it was nice ofyou to send that card. i think Sun meant it in general regarding doing things out of a sense of obligation and not to look bad. Which can be wearing on people.

I know and we all know you did it out of politeness because your half brother reached out to you first. It means he cared. Or was curious. He wanted to know. Rather than blank it out.

Sun - must have been a satisfying feeling getting that garage cleared out. What a story about your pool guy. Must have been a shock. i probably would have had step siblings if my father had not had a vasectomy which his friend advised him after my mom bore her sixth child. My mum told me my father was asking the friend if the procedure could be reversed when he took up with our maidservant when i was in 4th grade. She probably put him up to it. Not quite what a mum should be telling her 14 year old but my mum was wallowing in her own pain and probably had to get it off her chest.


We were out of bread so i went out as soon as my DH came home, and shopped and stocked up on cake, chips, nuts, savouries, nuts. Its gonna rain tomorrow as well, and i have a feeling i am gonna be huddled on the sofa a lot of the time. And the kids are gonna feel peckish and look around for snacks.

Took home chowmein for dinner, was so good. DH had a big bowl of black lentil soup leftover from yesterday with his.

God Bless
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Hi, Spring,

I am so sorry for what happened to you and your family at such a young age. Same with the friend whose husband abandoned his son. It is always the kids who bear the brunt as well as the aggrieved spouse. With these DNA tests, all kinds of relatives are coming out of the woodwork with surprises for unsuspecting people. I never wanted to meet my biological father because he showed no interest in having a relationship with me. It would only have caused me more pain. That is likely why I don't want to meet with my half brothers. Just having one tell me what a great guy his/our father was wasn't something I wanted to hear. On the other hand, I feel sorry for them and don't want them feeling bad about any of it or thinking that I hold them responsible for any of it. By now, he has probably figured out his parents didn't act morally. That has to be hard. Lots of complex feelings involved for all of us. I'm sure now that my father has the benefit of seeing things from The Other Side, he is sending his love to me and watching over me. When I pat the pictures of my Mom and Step Dad with kisses, I throw one upward to my biological father too. Forgiveness is a gift and blessing from God.

Wow, looks like both of us are getting rain, you more than I. We need a lot more than we've gotten. That's awful about prices soaring like that. Geez, how does one live without onions? Even as little as I cook, I always have them on hand. I dice them up, add diced celery and make a roux. From that, there are infinite possibilities. Our orange groves are being wiped out by disease called, greening disease. Orange juice will be going way up in price. Well, I can live without orange juice. Climate experts have been warning us about how change will affect our food supply. The good news is that there are researchers finding ways to feed the poorest people with new farming techniques and other advances. My dream is that everyone will have access to healthcare and nourishing food. War just sets everything back so I think peace will be needed to make it happen.

I'm glad your were able to get out and get stocked up so you can snuggle up and enjoy being out of the rain. I've had entirely too much sitting on the sofa icing and heating my sore shoulder and arm. It really felt good to get another couple of boxes filled to take to the thrift store. Stay dry, my friend.

Love, Mikie


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Hi All.
Been pretty stressed out lately, still dealing with the dramas involving my 75 yr old friend and her grandson's stealing $ out of her account.
It gets Really creepy, something I would've thiught would only be in the movies.
When my friend first rang me and told me what w as s happening, she was rather confused by it all.It was a Friday evening so everything was closed.I didn't let that deter me though, I left messages, emails and filed complaints at various places including Human Rights, Elder Abuse hotline etc etc.
I also called the police and they visited her home that evening to check on her.
They advised her to pretend everything was normal/usual with her grandson until she could get to the bank on Monday.
While all this was going on we were texting like crazy.
Next thing you know, he's got her over for tea, talking about taking her on holiday, sending the little ones to Church with her- anything & everything he knew to sweeten her up and get her on side.
He also spun a lovely story about how it was just all a big mistake and misunderstanding...
So she withdrew her complaint with the police.
She texted and rang me, telling me Everything.
I of course told her that my loyalty lay with her, not him and I understood her need for family and her decision to forgive him and move forward, but I will still be keeping my eye on him and will not be sucked in to his smooth talk.
Strange thing happened after she told me she was 'at peace with it all now'.
I got two texts from her.
The first one was headed 'disliked' and the second 'questioned'...but the thing is, they were messages that I had sent her days before and at different times.
Those messages outlined my efforts to report her grandson.
I thought it very odd because my friend doesn't use those words and she doesn't even know how to go back through her messages in the first place...
More so now, as her grandson convinced her to get a new iphone, which he set up for her.She was still trying to navigate her way around the new device as her last one was an android.
The next day she called me and told me of her visit with them the previous night.
They were flat out interrogating her and trying to establish who knew what they had done...Not directly like that, but when she told me of things they were saying, I could see why she was afraid.He even said to her that he can see all her messages.
(After she had lied to him about her friend, meaning me, didn't know).
He was definitely intimidating her, but he is so calm and smooth that you can't exactly put your finger on it.it's very psychological.

Anyway, alarm bells were going off in my head...

She was petrified to be at home ,with him just living around the corner.
Meanwhile I had gotten hold of her bank.Thank God I was able to talk to the woman who had flagged her account in the first place...due to confidentiality I told her that I didn't expect her to say anything, but to just listen and I told her all I knew, including the fact that the grandson had access to her id and phone.
All netbanking and electronic banking of any sort was Blocked.
All up he had stolen around $3000.

Then I got another wierd message.
To which I replied to my friend 'have you given J permission to read and accesd your messages? Because if you haven't, I'm going to the cops'.
I wanted him to read this message.I was not a little, old lady that he could intimidate.
But was also wary, as he lives nearby to my friend and I live hrs away.

It turns out that this fellar had studied IT at university and could well and truly run rings around us.
He was in fact reading All her messages, prob from his home computer and able to send to me, unbeknownst to her.
He had also switched a locator on in her phone, so knew exactly where she'd been.

I rang her Pastor up 2 nights ago and filled him in completely. He'd already had snippets.
At one stage the grandson wanted to speak with her Pastor and I think it was to deviously undermine her mental capacity, to help cover his tracks.That is why I contacted him in the first place.Before he had a chance.
Thank God that her pastor and his wife took her under their wing for the day.
We continued to keep each other updated. (Pastor and I).
When he switched her phone finder/tracker off the grandosn rang within moments.That's how focused he is.
He factory reset the phone, but of course the grandson has the password.
We then thought she should go back to her old android, but that was mysteriously gone.
It was decided she should just get another phone, that was not an iphone.

My friend and her Pastor went back to the police and he was advised to call the grandson, which he did. (I think because she had withdrawn her complaint previously, they decided to now treat it as a 'domestic' and not get too involved.sadly.)

Arrangements were made for him to repay her and my friend will just say the iphone was confusing, so she's gone back to Android.

Of course the plan to get her money has already changed, as the wife has a mass?
I hv no idea how true that is.
Regardless of the truth, this is the excuse used for her not getting her money back on the agreed date...

So that is where we are at now.
I am Exhausted.

Those of you who shred personal papers etc.well done.I was so shocked to learn it takes barely any id to apply for finance online etc.
I will be Much more careful in the future also.

Due to all this stress, I hv been unable to sleep etc.

Please forgive me for not being here much.This has taken Everything out of me...
And I dont think it's over yet.

Take care all.
Catch yas later


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Oh my goodness, Star! How frightened and helpless you must have felt at first...but you got so much done just over the phone and probably saved your friend from losing everything to her grandson. Yes, she should probably still be very careful...I'm so glad you were able to go the right channels to get the right people alerted and they were able to get to the bottom of it. What a wonderful friend you are.

I'm headed to bed, but happened to pop on and saw your post. Take care and keep us posted if and when you are able and feel up to it.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Woke up feeling a bit groggy despite nine hours of sleep. Slept through Jeopardy. Must have really needed some Zzzz's.

Star, OMG! What you wrote made the hair on my arms stand up. It's just scary and creepy. I think you saved this woman's coming under the complete control of this shady man and stopped his taking more money from her. You may have saved her life. Unfortunately, he likely isn't done and will try to do it again. I doubt she will see any repayment. You are a real life heroine. God bless you for being such a caring friend. I know this can't be easy even on your best day.

Spring, those videos kept me laughing and smiling. May be the best montage of funny animals I've seen. Two of those kitties were doing the little dance Tweety used to do to tease SV. Wish I had one tenth of the NRG those twirling dogs have. Thanks for the smiles.

Julie, see you when you pop in again. We are waiting to see a pic of the new island top in the kitchen when it's finished. You know I live vicariously through others' house renovations. I need a fix.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie

Weatherwoman says a line of thunderstorms is heading our way. I can see it coming on radar. I need to make a run to Publix but think I'll wait til the storms are gone. I had a nice soak in the tub. Hope my back and shoulder allow me to finish the armoire. Claudia just texted to make sure I'm okay since I slept through FJ last night. This is a great place to live with such good friends. Gonna put the heating pad on my shoulder and do my PT. Tomorrow would have been my 55th wedding anniversary (the ides of December. Yikes!) A lot of years, it goes by and I don't notice. This year I'm paying attention to the calendar because everything is going by so fast that I often don't know what day it is until I come here to post.

Feeling exhausted and a bit lightheaded so didn't go to Publix. No problem in waiting until tomorrow just as my heroine, Scarlett, would do. I did get another shelf in the armoire cleaned out and another box filled with things for the thrift shop. Don't know what the girls will do with this stuff someday but I'll hang onto some of it. One wants the set of red glasses and one wants the set of cobalt blue ones. As expensive as shipping is now, they may decide to give things away. One DD has a deal with FedX because of DSIL's being a pilot. It's a huge discount but glasses are heavy. I'm icing the shoulder from the exertion on it. I did the PT earlier.

Martha Stewart made some beautiful Christmas cards with a stamp and some embossing stamps and the embossing powder. She has amazing taste and her cards, boxes and wrapping paper were beautiful. I'll not ever do it but it's relaxing to watch while I sit. I like the DABL network that came up when I rescanned my antenna. I found my little demitasse cups and saucers my Mom gave me and I'll fix some Cuban coffee when the kids come down.
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Dear Ones,

Just popping for a short bit. I sit hear typing when I should be doing more Christmas stuff. I have been busy all morning making eggs for breakfast 3 washes. DH is doing great. I am sure he is happy that there is no catheter and also mo or very little bleeding. He is feeling so good we are going to go to DD's 50th b-day dinner. It is just 6 of us, 2 DD's and our husbands. It is a tiny place but has excellent seafood, etc.. We are not dressing up and it is not freezing today ( have to wait till Tuesday for that). It is supposed to hit about 70 today. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for DH. We will no more after we go to see the doc in 2-3 wks. I was so busy the past few days I forgot to call and make an appt.

STAR - So very sorry about that whole situation with your friend and her grandson. I can not imagine how awful that whole situation is and could have been if not found out. Also sorry you have to worry so much about the situation. Good for you though i trying to get things on the right track for her. Poor lady !!

SPRING - Thanks for cute and funny animal pics.. They are too funny. Hope all is well with you and the weather gets better for getting out and socializing a bit, but not to much. LOL

MIKIE -Hope you do not get to many bad storms coming your way. Hope your shoulder starts getting better soon and hope your DD finds a good doc who really understands meds. Our grandson was on meds for a time but think he is off them now, as well as one of the twins who was on some in elementary school and is now a super student in college getting ready to graduate with honors. However, sociability is not his strong point but is getting better with his parents who are very social !! The kid is doomed however if his parents are not social at all. Some of our other grandsons are that way too. HOpe they find the right doc that is good for your DGS.

JULIE - We want to see pics of a new countertop or Island. I forget what it was. I have missed so many posts I don't know everything that is happening here on the Porch. Have to get off here and finish my last small wash and try to figure out a pr that looks decent on me. . I have one pr of skinny jeans that was made for a teenager I think, very low under my naval ( I am so long waisted) and figure out what I am wearing to this dinner. We have decided to be comfy and not dressy but neat. One DD and maybe her DH are wearing jeans. May end up wearing comfy pants. You are so lucky that Den is so handy and can make all kinds of wonderful things for the house.

SUN - Not sure if her removed 2 or 3 I think, not positive. He showed me pics but it looks so weird and he talks so fast and on the way to another surgery. I will find that out after we go to the doctor appt in a few weeks.

ROCK - Hope you are doing well and did you ever find out what Gordon was cooking. How ice to have your own special cook there . Wish I did ! LOL.

Hi to everydobby inc BARRY and anyone else I might have missed.

I hoped to do so more Christmas stuff today but so far it didn't happen. It is so happy when you have little kids and you knew what to get them some toys or clothes. DH doesn't say he really wants or needs anything. I still have to find a few things I have put away that I cannot find. Have to search today or tomorrow. They are not big articles but a few bracelets for the girls to add to the other things. . My son will get an amazon gift card. He will be happy probably to get another audio book.

Love to all,
Granni :)

Have a great weekend to everyone. Gotta run !!


Hi, Granni,

Sooo happy for your DH that he is doing so well. I hope you have a great time at DD's birthday dinner. She's just a baby. Well, heck, I'm pretty much a kid down here in old folks country. Yes, we are warm now too but lower temps are on the way next week. It'll still be in the 70's. My DD was going to ask Santa for an Apple Watch for Christmas but we beat him to the punch. She said she thinks her DH and she will just make donations in each other's names to charities since they have pretty much everything they need. Now that she is through with school and the dog is gone, they should be able to take more trips even if they are weekend trips like the last one to Galveston.

With other DD, Christmas is a big deal. She throws a big open house Christmas party and the whole neighborhood comes. They are very social and so is DGS. DD said there are about 20 kids in his group of friends. He is always doing things with them. I'm glad of that. Now, if they can just get his ADD under control so he can stay organized enough to get his school work done...

Yes, it was easier when everyone was little but now, I just send Andy a check and call it good. That way, he can do whatever he wants with it. I don't have the NRG to do much so I'm glad to just send the check and make a donation to a charity in the others' names. I'm glad for you that you have family around and can do things together. DD said she will come down, just doesn't know when. Sometime after New Year. Other DD has decided not to go to her graduation so we won't be going to that.

Again, have fun tonight.

Love, Mikie


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Hi guys.
It seems I've fallen behind again.
So many on going dramas with the grandson thief.sigh.
I just found out that my other dear friend passed away 2 days ago.
We hv been writing for yrs now and I still feel sad that I wont be seeing her again.Well, on this side of Heaven, that is.
A few yrs back she got one of these free bowel tests in the mail.She didn't think anything of it when she decided to Do it.
She was really shocked when it came back positive...since then she had treatment, recovered and then it came back somewhere else...bad.
She passed peacefully in her daughter's home, where she had a room. (Away from her home, as it was closer to the hospital etc).
Her daughter and I cryed on the phone.Couldn't be helped...Unfortunately her funeral is where I used to live.Hours away.
27th Dec. Her daughter has honoured her mother's wishes by getting her old Pastor to lead the service.Took some doing apparently, as he is now retired...

I'm sorry I can't chat individually, but Sun, please stay.We will miss you
You are Loved here.

It is 2:14 am and the drop kicks next door are busy spilling beer all over them selves.I know this because I can hear them Say so.
Dd is up early for work and I feel like getting out the hose....
But I wont.
I will be a good girl...
Sweet dreams Porchie friends.

Take care.
Catch yas Later