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Hi, Kids,

Got Claudia home and settled in her condo. She seems to be doing fine. I petted her kitties while I was there and mailed her Christmas cards for her. While I was walking her instructions from the doc over to her, I ran into our dear friend who is visiting her daughter, another friend. She is the woman who had a stroke last year. Her daughter is the one who had the party where I bought my bags. Unfortunately, my friend who had the stroke still has sagging facial muscles which affect her speech and vision in one eye. I can tell speaking isn't easy but her speech itself is very clear. Her childhood friend was down to visit her too and I got to see her and her dog. When Claudia is up and about, we can drop in to keep our friend company; her daughter works. I ran into another neighbor who is back from the North. It's so nice to have such a close little community where all I have to do is go outside and I'll see friends and neighbors.

Rock, your nightmare at the DMV sounds like what we encountered ten years ago when FL put the new regs into operation. Guess I'm glad we did it then or we would have a mess now. There are still a lot of people here who don't have the new ID's and DL's they will need to travel on planes. To have to wait three hours is horrible. I hope you got your ID after all that. At our age, we shouldn't be traumatized by having to wait at the DMV. SV hasn't been much interested in his wet food today and he hasn't been drinking water today. I hope he will indulge pretty soon and not get sick. He climbed up on the back of the sofa in the extra room so I guess his balance is better. Think I'll put his dry food down to see whether he will eat a bit of that. It's the water I worry most about. So sweet that you talk to Miss Kitty and keep your promises. She's a lucky kitty.

I think I'll sleep well tonight. It'll be good to get back into my bed. Hope everydobby else sleeps well too.

Love, Mikie


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Dear Ones,

Gotta go and make my chili and maybe cornbread, not sure. Just wanted to pop in for a bit and wanted to tell you I am done with my cards unless someone dear that I forgot sends one. Went shopping with DH and bought some jeans from sans that I think should work and look ok. They were a good price and were pull on. Got one in blue and one in black. Need to get rid of some that don;t fit right. Donations will be picked up after Christmas.

ROCK - Glad that Miss Kitty is OK. What a scare you must have had. Gee your wait was worse than ours when we went. We were lucky this time. It is not a big place and takes in alot of areas in our county. Some big ones you can call ahead and make an appointment but I must say this time they seemed to be be more organized. We did have to wait but it was maybe 1 hr or so, maybe a bit more. We had filled out papers but turned out that we had to redo them as they had changed the forms from what is on online.

MIKIE Hope Claudia's surgery goes well and you are so sweet to take her. Glad you had enough NRG to function. Hope that shoulder gets better sooner rather than later.


Gotta run and cook !! !!

Granni :)


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Rock - i hate waiting. Im glad you completed part of what you needed to get done. i hope the rest is done soon and with minimal hassle. Thats a bit of time for the parcel to get to you. Well, all the more time to anticipate digging into the lovely food when it comes.

Mikie - well, good to hear SV is home. Im sure he will still be feeling the effects of the procedure for a day or two. I hope Claudia is up and about soon. I heard surgery on the foot is not recommended unless absolutely necessary? Because of 5he nerves and such like? Are there scars later on?

Granni - you must heave a sigh of relief the cards are done. i got myself a couple of warm pants this winter. i found i really was out of suitable pants. Since i found one which fit well and were very reasonable, i went and bought them 8n different colours, beige, grey, black, charcoal. Before 5hey went out of stock, or out of manufacturing. its happened to me several times, something i liked, i couldnt find later on.

But i gave up getting a new sweater or cardigan to compensate for splurging on pants. There are some i havent worn at all this winter, so i guess im fine. Actually, i havent been anywhere i had to dress up. Anyway, everything is hidden under the overcoat so.

Today was sunny to beg8n with, but has turned grey and cold. The newspapers had a news item about this well to do youngster, who with his friend who ran over and killed a lady pedestrian on 5he outskirts of town. According to eye witnesses, the two boys were so drunk they could hardly walk. The two girls in 5he car disappeared but the newspapers are suggesting one of them was a well known model and actress. She was in my kids school and two years below my DS. She also is my friends niece fr9m her mums side.
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Got eight hours of sleep in my own bed. Poor SV--he tried to jump up on the bed this morning but he didn't make it; they trimmed his claws. I'll never have that done again. His claws don't leave marks on the cotton quilt I have on the bed. He drank a lot of water when he first got home but yesterday, when he tried to drink, it must have made his teeth hurt. I even warmed his water but he still wouldn't drink. With his tendency toward urine crystals, he has to drink. I prayed for him and this morning, he drank quite a bit of his water. He's eating his dry food but not too much. I'll make sure he has plenty of his wet food to eat.

Claudia is doing well. She tries to do too much and was fretting about getting her cards done and packages mailed. When they did her EKG, her heartbeat was irregular. It was worse after the surgery. I'm kinda surprised the doc went ahead with anesthesia. Guess it was marginal before but was definitely showing after. Nurse explained all the instructions and then showed me the EKG printout. She said it's worse because Claudia can't feel when it starts to beat irregularly. I got a copy of the printout for Claudia to take to her doc. Nurse looked me in the eye and I could see the concern she was projecting. I'm no medical professional but I don't think the EKG pattern looked normal in addition to being irregular.

I'll keep after her to make sure she calls the doc. I already told her it's important to do it as soon as possible. She is always nervous and hyper and I think it would do her good to learn to relax and meditate. I let Nancy know after the surgery that Claudia was okay but didn't tell her anything about the abnormal EKG. It's not my place to say anything and she is a worrier and would want to know all kinds of things about the EKG printout. Then, she would be all upset. We didn't get to play FJ because of the clown show going on in DC.

Granni, I've found as I age that my body shape is changing and that affects how my clothes fit. I'm going to be getting rid of anything that is no longer comfortable. When I want to whine about it, I think of our dear friend who had the stroke and was left with sagging facial muscles around her eye and mouth. So glad you were able to find jeans that you like. When it's cold here, I usually wear my yoga pants with the flared legs. Only problem is no pockets. They have the wide fold over waist and I can tuck things like tissues in the waistband. I also have leggings. It was 54 here when I got up and felt like 47 with the raw wind. That big cold front came through yesterday afternoon. SV won't go out on the lanai. If I were there, I'd help y'all eat your chilli and cornbread. Yummmm!

Spring, you are a woman after my own heart. It's so smart to buy different colors of clothing when you find something you like. Things are here and gone in the stores in the blink of an eye. I'm going to be keeping an eye on Wal*Mart because they put things on clearance and tops go for $2. I got a couple of long sleeved tops in a light soft cotton knit like tee shirts. They are soooo comfy and fit like a dream. They were cheap and I may get a couple more at full price which was only something like $6 to begin with. We have whole clinics devoted to feet and ankles. That is where Claudia had her surgery done. They have found that it's better to operate on bad feet than to let it go. Pain in the feet causes inflammation in the body and causes one to change one's gait. That affects the knees and hips and causes all kinds of problems. As long as people make sure to move around after the surgery, there is less chance of blood clots forming. I stressed to Claudia that she move her leg around as well as elevating it. We both have very light scars from our last surgeries on our toes. No one would notice. We had a woman here in NYC who was stabbed to death by teenagers. One was 13 and one was 14. Don't know the age of the other one. Such evil! Stay warm, my friend.

I'm so happy this morning. Things are finally back to normal. SV isn't 100 percent but almost. Can take 48 hours for the anesthesia to clear. He should be back to his old self today. He already curled up next to me and purred. My shoulder is slowly recovering. A good day for me is one in which nothing goes to hell in a handbasket. My life is simple and modest and perfect. I consider my life blessed and I wish blessings to all my Dear Porchies here and MIA. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day. Don't let the pressures of the Season get to you.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Friends

Not much going on here. Henry is at work. Gordon is abed. I just put a couple books on hold.
Tried to turn on the TV, but it won't cooperate. Been doing that lately. Two books that I found in the Daedalus catalogue couldn't be put on hold. I got a pop up that said, "Call the library". So I
did, but nobody answered. I wonder why.

That's great news Mikie. Glad to hear your shoulder is improving and SV is almost back to his
usual contented self. I don't know what the weather report is. Gordon watches it like a hawk,but
I don't pay much attention. Wouldn't do any good anyhoo. Can't remember nut'in.

Spring, nice that you found some clothes you like. Not much of a color spread though. Don't you
want to put on some vibrant colors now and then and run through a field of flowers? There was
a period some years back where shampoo ads were on the TV almost constantly. Beautiful young
gals running through fields of flowers with their hair blowing in the wind.

Granni, what kind of chili do you make? My mother made the bland kind that true chili lovers
wouldn't touch. I remember one of the bridge players in our club found a book of chili recipes
somewhere. Gave a chili party. I didn't eat any of it. Every recipe had a scary title: Buzzard's
breath; the gates of Hell; Red Hot; serve with Beer, etc.

Had a nice chat with my niece last night. She called to say thanks for the food package from
California Missouri. She previously sent me an e mail. At the top of the page she put
"Christmas Grub".

Hope everydobby has a good day. Hugs, Rock
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Hi, Rock,

I also watch the weather like a hawk or maybe more like an eagle. Our eagle couple returned to SW FL again and she laid two eggs. One is starting to crack open. You can watch it all on the eagle cam. I like to know what is happening with weather to plan trips to Publix, etc. Our wind and rain can be horrible to be out in. If I decide to go out and run in a field of flowers, I want to make sure I don't get rained on. Probably zero chance that will happen, rain or no rain. 'Abed' is often an answer in crossword puzzles.

I decided to order an airbrush makeup applicator and makeup advertised on TV. When I went to check out, the website demanded I agree to the terms of the 'contract' to buy it. I looked at it and it was a longer contract than when I bought my condo, including my agreeing to arbitration for any disagreements between me and the seller. I backed out of that post haste. I think it's a way to force people to buy expensive makeup after getting the original makeup and airbrush cheap. No thanks! Otherwise why would anyone need to go to arbitration? Gonna look them up online to see whether anyone has complaints against them.

I can't remember nuttin' either and that's where Alexa shines. She has become part of my dysfunctional pea brain. Otherwise, I would forget to do everything. I can ask her the temperature outside too. I got one for Claudia on Black Friday for Christmas. Just hope she can remember her wi-fi password. I have mine written down. Doh! How nice you had a good chat with your niece.

Love, Mikie

Holy Cow! Just visited the Better Business website and the complaints against this company are numerous and infuriating to read. It appears to be a way to keep billing credit cards ad infinitum. I'm sure this is legal because it's all likely detailed in the huge agreement contract which most people don't read. Don't recommend people buy from them. When people tried to return the product, the co. had all kinds of excuses regarding how the customers didn't use the proper method to make the return. Sounds like a huge run around.

Good grief! Every time any of my Apple gizmos updates, it keeps asking for the password to my SIL's apple acct. I finally removed the old iPhone he gave me and I hope this does the trick. Still can't get the temp on the face of my watch but will save that for another time. Too much frustration in one day isn't healthy. I finished going through our condo financials and only have one more month to finish out the year. I'll get our Dec. financials in Jan. I'd rather have physical chores to do than mess with financial stuff.

It's 66 degrees out but feels so much colder from the brisk wind. The sky is gray and it just feels raw and dreary. I might lie down and read for a while, perchance to nod off. I called Claudia earlier to check on her. She is fine except for pain. I told her to take something and not let it get ahead of her. Doc told her same thing I did--try ibuprophen first because it reduces inflammation.

As always, hope all y'all are having a great day.
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Hi All.
Computer has worn me out. The screen was upside down!!! R finally fixed it by googling the problem on his Chrome book. I have an old Del, but I love it, but am freaked out and SO tired from getting it fixed. Of course Mikie could do it in a second. Or maybe Alexa?
Peace and Love to All,


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Morning Friends

Hi Sunflower, tried to send you a private message, but I can't manage to do that anymore.
I hope you will reconsider leaving. Or maybe just take a break and then come back. You always
have so much info about plants and animals and paintings and this and that. And you look up stuff
to help our members. You are the only artist I know. (Used to have art major friends many decades ago.) Big, gentle hugs.



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SUN - Please reconsider, I can't imagine who it would be but I have missed a bunch of posts and may be a bit mixed up right now with Christmas coming and an almost $3,000 bill for getting my broken tooth crowned and possibly also a bridge I would need for another missing teeth. DH thinks they gouge you sometime for dental bills. What the doc said did make sense but have to go sort it all out. Went actually for my periocleaning but broke my almost rotten tooth and filling while eating apiece of Stollen.\\

Gotta run.



Hi, Kids,

It was like Grand Central around here this afternoon. I was on the phone with DD when the sweet woman at the end of the bldg. came by with a Christmas cookie and card with pics of her little boys. They came in and I told DD I would call her back. While they were here, the phone rang twice and I sent it to voicemail. One was a robo call saying someone had charged an $800 iPhone to my Amazon acct. and to press one to accept it or two to deny it. The call came from Ontario, Canada. I'm sure it was a scam of some kind. I've been getting more calls from unknown numbers lately.

News has a warning that thieves are getting under cars and cutting the catalytic converters off and stealing them to sell. They caught a couple of people who were looking to buy stolen converters. They cost $400 to $1,500 to replace.

Sun, I hope you will reconsider. Everyone here loves you. I am sorry you are upset. If you want to leave, please contact TechSupport@ProHealth.com but I hope you decide to stay. Sometimes something someone says can upset us and cause us pain. It happened to me when someone I really care about made a very hurtful remark in a private message. I'm glad I decided to let it go and I hope you can do the same. We will all miss you if you decide to leave. I send prayers and wishes for peace in your life.

Barry, I'm afraid you give me too much credit. I have been having nonstop problems with my tech gadgets. Seems I just get one figured out and another pops up. It's like Whack-A-Mole. It would freak me out too if the image on the screen were upside down. Yikes! Rest up to fight another day. It's us versus the gremlins in our stuff.

Granni, OMG! I'm so sorry for this unexpected dental expense. That is a lot of money. This last year has been one expense after another between SV and me. I know how you feel. Seems like things happen around the holidays just when we don't need the stress. I hope it all works out for you.

Rock, what a nice message for Sun. Hope you can come back soon.

Well, Kids, I'm outta here for now. I hope everyone has a nice evening. Things can be very stressful this time of year and I'm hoping everyone can destress, relax and find peace.

Love, Mikie



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Sunflower - have you turned off your Private message? i couldnt message you. what with these gremlins, im not sure its they or actually your settings.

..I got a shock when i saw your message. i As are we all, i think. I just visited now and saw your post.

If we have hurt you in any way, wont you please reconsider? We are all going through a lot and sometimes are not quite in the state of mind we usually are and might hurt or smart at a remark which was not intended to hurt but did, and then responded by a remark not well thought out but was made in haste. And which was regretted moments later.

We have had these upsets in the past and luckily they were resolved. If someone is repeatedly being hurtful or imposing their will then i would empathise with a persons decision to have no more of it.

I know you too are going 5hrough challenging times, what with 5he doctors procedures and 5hen your DS upcoming visit, (or is he already there). Its easy to make a hasty decision at such times.

We re a family here. And as in all families, disagreements or misunderstandings happen.

We would miss you vastly. And dont want you to go. None of us. As you can see, we are all very upset. Please do reconsider leaving the board. Its like everyone is being bearing the brunt of something that happened between you and someone else.

Love you



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Hey all

Barry - the screen was upside down, lol. Thats a new one. i suppose one way to deal would be to go to the opposite side and read from that position. Not very practical.

Mikie - scam calls. like life wasnt already complicated. Thats horrible, about the thieves. Was a time, thieves here would make off with the inbuilt cassette players in parked cars.

Granni - that bill was astounding! for teeth, that too.

Rock - you must be relieved your parcel got to the dest8nation. Sis will enjoy it, im sure. Any word on your goodies and where they are.


its warm outside here, but still kinda chilly . might get hotter in an hour or so. its cold inside, though. DD and me made a run to the supermarket to get some mops and stuff, because the street dogs would bark at me if i carried one. it would look like a weapon to 5hem.

The energy in an early morning, almost empty supermarket was so different, clean, light, peac3ful. Such pretty coloured plastic buckets and waste paper baskets were on display...i wanted to get one and picked a lovely apple green one, then put it back because it was almost $9.00.. we have enough buckets, i didnt feel like spending 5hat much just because i liked the colour and make.
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Nothing on TV and I fell asleep early and slept well. I'm up early, watching the local news. Having problems typing--dyslexia. I'm glad I had the little bags for the boys made up. They are leaving this morning to visit grandparents in GA and will be gone til after the New Year. Not sure when I'll go to Publix. Think I'll try to wait til Mon. Keep thinking there is something I failed to get done.

Spring, chores are more fun when we have some new bucket or other gizmo to use. Apple green is very popular. It's a happy color. I am also amazed at how much everything costs these days. I have an electric floor machine to scrub my tile floors but it's heavy and hard on my back, knees and shoulders. I have a Swiffer mop that uses disposable pads and have been using that. Just the mopping motion is hard on my old bod. It doesn't do as good a job as the machine but my floors don't get too dirty. I'll have to use the machine when I do the lanai tile. It has gotten dirty out there. Empty stores are kind weird to me. Not sure I like them without other customers around. Our weather here has been about the same as yours.

I remember one thing I need to do and that is make a donation to a charity for Christmas for our family in lieu of gifts. Giving up gifts so that we can make things better for others really helps us feel the spirit of the Season. It's a win win. DD got the date for her exam for her state boards but I can't remember when it is. She will let me know when she passes. I'm sure she will. I had to take a state board exam for my insurance license. At least, they let you know the same day whether you passed. I'm praying for her.

Praying for all our little family here for peace during this hectic time of year.

Love, Mikie

Tomorrow is Winter Solstice when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted farthest from the sun. I found this chart that splains it all. It was always a difficult concept for me to understand. Next week, our days will be getting longer.

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Star's new post:

Hi guys.
It seems I've fallen behind again.
So many on going dramas with the grandson thief.sigh.
I just found out that my other dear friend passed away 2 days ago.
We hv been writing for yrs now and I still feel sad that I wont be seeing her again.Well, on this side of Heaven, that is.
A few yrs back she got one of these free bowel tests in the mail.She didn't think anything of it when she decided to Do it.
She was really shocked when it came back positive...since then she had treatment, recovered and then it came back somewhere else...bad.
She passed peacefully in her daughter's home, where she had a room. (Away from her home, as it was closer to the hospital etc).
Her daughter and I cryed on the phone.Couldn't be helped...Unfortunately her funeral is where I used to live.Hours away.
27th Dec. Her daughter has honoured her mother's wishes by getting her old Pastor to lead the service.Took some doing apparently, as he is now retired...

I'm sorry I can't chat individually, but Sun, please stay.We will miss you
You are Loved here.

It is 2:14 am and the drop kicks next door are busy spilling beer all over them selves.I know this because I can hear them Say so.
Dd is up early for work and I feel like getting out the hose....
But I wont.
I will be a good girl...
Sweet dreams Porchie friends.

Take care.
Catch yas Later


Hi, Kids,

Was just stopping in on spam patrol and saw that Star had posted on the last Porch so I moved it over here. I've never gotten the hang of moving posts to look like the originals but I, at least, got it here.

Star, I am sorry for the loss of your friend. So many people are walking around with cancer unaware of it. Same with heart disease. I hope that other woman's grandson is made to pay for what he did. Greed, an illness of the spirit, is horrible. Sending my prayers and wishes for peace for you and your family too during this stressful time for you. We all need healing for our bodies, minds and spirits. Try to find a way to rest and heal. That is what I'm doing today.

TV showed a video of the newly hatched little eaglet in the nest. Harriet, the mama bird, is keeping both the chick and another egg warm. She is an older experienced mom and always does an excellent job. Her mate, a younger man, is an excellent father and every year, they raise two fledglings.

As always, I'm sending good wishes and prayers for all our Dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids, Woke up from a nap half an hour ago. Went downstairs. Gordon was watching TV. Some
man who was cooking in a wheat field. Turns out the wheat field was in Norway. After a bit the
cook went inside a long, stone building which he said had been built during the Viking Age.
Made some butter which he pronounced more like an Englishman than a Norskie. Gordon loves
the cooking shows.

He, Gordon, just stuck his head in to tell me he's going to Vons to get some supplies. He has
a stick of butter from Ireland in the fridge. Have no idea if it is different than ours. Maybe it's
just part of his collection. Been there a month. When I ask him what he's going to do with it
he says "Dunno, yet."

Mikie, with regard to people walking around not knowing of their medical problems, have you
heard of the smart toilet? I saw it in the news or Youtube or someplace yesterday. It can analyze
urine. Alert people to diabetes, etc. Just like on Startrek. Or was it Star Wars? "The Force is
strong with this one."

Springwater, if the waste paper baskets are too pricey, just buy some small cans of paint and some
brushes. Then invite folks to a painting party. Put new paint on old w. p. baskets.

Think I'll go back to bed. It's cold out here. Gotta finish reading the bio of Tony Curtis. He's
not a polished writer, but he seems to be candid. Hugs and rainbows. Rock
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FINALLY finished all my wrapping of gifts and gift cards. My wrapping consists of putting the gifts in the gift bags. I do wrap some of them in tissue paper, the colored kind but not everything. Just came down to sit and read some of the newest posts, before I go fix dinner.

Nothing much new here.

MIKIE - Yes, there must be lots of people walking around with unknown problems and diseases. If DH had not passed blood in his urine the first time we never would have know. The urologist called today to say the biopsy report came in and it is cancer but noninvasive. So, that is a good thing. Others may end up with cancers growing in their body and have no symptoms until it is to late or almost so. Will find out on the 27th at a very bright and early appt. They had to squeeze him in. DD is going with her DH tomorrow for an overnight to see his parents for Christmas but can only stay over ight and bring them presents. They do not have much money and have physical problems.

STAR - Sorry for the loss of your friend, That is so sad and it is sad when you can't get to see them again. Never did happen to one of my best friends in my teenage years and beyond. Just got a call from her brother that she was gone and I never did find out the problem. I still miss her.

Hugz to everydobby!! Hi to SW, JULIE, ROCK ( I don;t like the cold weather either), BARRY, SUN. DUCKIE !!

Love you all,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

One last look-see here on the Porch. I managed a short nap and it did help. Sooo tired. Claudia woke up this morning in a lot of pain and took her oxycodone. I hate to think she is taking that stuff. I only took ibuprophen when I had mine done but we are all different when it comes to pain. I have some opiates around and still take one now and then when pain is bad. They are not addictive to me. I took morphine when the FMS first struck full blown. She felt better later on. The three of us got on a text and we made her laugh.

SV has been tired since his ordeal. He's also been very loving and wanting to stay close to me. Doc wants to see him on Mon. Poor little guy. He hates going to the vet but, once there, he is the purrfect little patient. His vet is a cat whisperer.

Rock, I read about that toilet in the newspaper. It is amazing and will likely someday be in all our loos. Yes, it does sound very Star Trekky. It should be called, Uranus. Gordon is in good company. My DSIL and I love watching cooking shows. They are very relaxing. I find the Irish butter really good but I usually buy Land O Lakes on sale. I buy the spreadable kind mixed with canola oil. Very healthy.

Granni, glad they found DH's cancer in time and that it's not invasive. Too bad your kids can't stay longer at the in-laws' place but I'll bet they will be thrilled to see the kids. Years ago my SIL drove my DD and me to my Mom's in NE just for the day to surprise her. Only problem is that she thought we would stay and was sad to see us go. We laughed to see her "Go Big Red" flag hanging outside her house. She was a big Cornhusker fan. I miss teasing her about being a flatlander. Glad you got everything done. I still need to pick up the gift card at Publix. The paper delivery people didn't solicit tips this year. Now you can relax.

Speaking of relaxing--I'm outta here to go to bed. Gotta stay awake to play FJ. Hope Claudia is up to playing; she was last night and we both got the answer. Double virtual chocolate. Hope all y'all have an especially lovely evening.

Love, Mikie