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PORCH # 1174 IS NOW CLOSED...21 Dec 2019

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A festive picture to warm things up....

Star -
good to see you. So sorry about losing your dear friend..loved the GIF you put up for Sun. I hope she sees it.

Mikie - i hope Claudia recovers real soon. i know youre wired up with both dear friend and dear fur baby having to go the doctors at around same time. Ur - anus. Got it. Haha.

Rock - if only i had the time. i have to look for my paints i bought and never used a year or two back. drawing book n all. i thought i would do some art therapy but ithas come to nought. One of my DDs young friends wants to have therapy to cope with some stuff, and my DD got hold of some names, i was surprised her well to do friend sees a therapist. In my day, looking for a therapist was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Granni - nice to see you pop in even if youre so busy. it seems like youre always on the move. you both. Your gift collection ready to be dispatched must be looking so nice, all wrapped up. How excited your loved ones are gonna be. i suppose with now two DDs living closeby, there was extra gift choosing and wrapping. How exciting choosing presents but also sometimes an anxious time. Getting the right thing for everyone.

Barry - i suppose its cold now. how long does Richard haveto travel to get hishair cut? I got mine done at the salon this time. and had to fork out $10.00 even when i took the colour packet myself. Its these things i hate spending on.


Brrr...the weather has taken a turn for the colder...and i can feel its bite. i just want to stay where its warm and snug. Maybe its my older bones. The young ones carry on as usual. DD had her dinner out. DH had a meeting dinner. DS came home earlier but left again. since it was just DS n me for dinner, i ordered out, chowmein and french fries. i thought i would get some chores done during cooking time, but fell asleep watching tv.

There was a couple of days retreat for meditation, but neither my DD nor me felt up to it. i thought it might be too intensive for me.

i like everything about the picture above, the teddy holding bread, the gay bright tea pot, Santa mug. Only thing missing is a contented fat cat purring near the fire.

God bless
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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Got eight hours of sleep last night and I needed them all. Claudia and I both got last night's FJ so we had double the virtual chocolate. Because Nancy's TV station covered a political rally the other night, her Jeopardy schedule is one night off of ours. It should all be straightened by Mon. Glad Claudia was up to playing and I hope her pain has subsided. If I want to go out for anything, I should do it today as we are sposda get lots of rain tomorrow. I hope we do. We can use it. We are in a neutral pattern right now, neither La Nina nor El Nino. I love this cooler weather but my shoulder has really been aching. Whine, whine, whine!

Spring, thank you for opening up a new Porch. Such a warm and pretty picture. I especially love the little carved wooden bear with his skis. I took ceramics classes back when the kids were little. They had things already fired once and we painted them and they were fired again. Then, we glazed them and they went into the kiln for the final firing. We etched our names on the bottom of each piece so we got our own pieces back. I painted Santa mugs for my girls and, last I heard, they both still have them. They look just like the one in the pic. I also did a Santa face plate I put cookies on at Christmas. We made ceramic trees that we drilled into to put little colored plastic lights on the tips of the branches. We used a glaze for the tree tips that foamed up in the kiln and looked like snow. There was a single light that went inside and glowed through the plastic lights on the tree. Now, those sell for big money. People are nostalgic for the time when so many people had these in their homes.

Yes, having SV in one day for anesthesia and teeth cleaning and Claudia in the next for the surgery on her toe was a bit tiring, mostly because I slept poorly on the sofa the night of SV's procedure to keep him from trying to jump up on the bed when he was still woozy. Also finding out about Claudia's irregular heart beats was upsetting because I'm not sure she will call her doc to check it out. I think I would find a retreat for meditation a bit daunting. I do think things done in groups is more beneficial though, for the individual and for everyone collectively. Experiments have borne this out. Stay warm and cozy, my friend.

Just took some ibuprophen for my shoulder. Gonna put the heating pad on it and do my PT. The scraping of the tendons on one another has stopped but it's just sore all the time. Also woke with a sinus headache, not unusual when the temps take a dip. The ibuprophen will help with that too and I sprayed some NasaCort up my nose. Gotta jump into the shower and wash my mop, as Granni says. Hot showers and soaks are one of my favorite blessings I enjoy. Have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi folks.
Thanks for movibg my post Mikie.
It seems I am still having trouble since the forum got its face lift a while back.
Even when I 'watch' a thread, I don't get them like I used to.
Although I recently found 1 in my spam.
I did report it as Not spam...
I also struggle to see what page we're on.
I post thinking that's where we're at, but the last few times I"ve managed to post on closed porches ...
Maybe I'll hv to try and dig out the old laptop.It only works if constantly plugged in to power.
Ok.super exhausted.
One of our beautiful ferrets passed away over night...I reckon yesterday's extreme heat took it out of her.
It wiped out many of my flowers too...
Now her sister is on her own, I will hv to try and spend more time with her.

Love to All.
Sweet dreams
Catch yas later


Hi, Star,

No problem; happy to do it. If you click on the Home page, it will list the latest posts and will tell you which Porch is closed but only if I've changed the title to 'closed.' Still, you can see whether there is a newer one numerically. I am so sorry for the loss of your little ferret. This must be the peak of your summer since it's the depth of our winter. People here are freezing in the northern states. You've had a lot of stress which is sooo tiring. Hope you can get some rest. That's about all I've done with this painful shoulder. Hope you can stop in again soon. Do you and your family have special plans for Christmas?

Love, Mikie


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Good Morning, Kids. Went downstairs last night to give Kitty her last feeding of the day. Surprise!
No Kitty. She wasn't home by midnight either. Or by this morning. I had opened a new can of food for her. She showed up a few minutes ago. I would give her a good talking to if she were my

I got downstairs in time to see the last ten minutes of the old movie White Christmas. A wonderful
film. No wonder Mikie likes it. I'm pretty sure I saw it when it was new.

Star, I have trouble finding the right spot to post too. And I've been here longer than anybody.
We had ferrets at one of the law firms where I worked. A gal brought two to work every now
and then. Ferrets were illegal in California at that time. She said it didn't matter because hers
were spayed. The state would not have agreed with her.

Mikie, my mother fiddled around with some ceramics at home. She painted them She
did two Santas. They were about 10 inches high. She took them over to the furniture store.
The lady there put them in the store window on top of a mantle. My grandmother lived in
Chicago at the time. She came for a visit. Took a walk. Saw the Santas in the window. Went in
and bought them. Brought them home. "Look what I found. Aren't they adorable?"

Barry, what's up at your casa? And how is your menagerie?

Going back to bed. Have library books with a couple of new (to me) authors.

Hugs and Christmas cookies to you all. Rock


Hi, Rock,

That is a very funny recounting of the Santa story. I'm glad Miss Kitty finally showed up. Don't they know we worry about them when they stay away? Little tart! SV once was gone three days when he lived outside. I put up posters and offered a small reward. At five in the morning, Tweety was at my door with SV in tow. We figure he got in the newspaper guys car while he stopped, left the door open and delivered several papers. Tweety and SV were always trying to get in people's cars.

I saw White Christmas with my Mom when I was a kid. She thought the sun rose and set on Bing Crosby. I didn't know it was a remake of Holiday Inn which also starred Bing Crosby. I will likely watch it on DVD Christmas Day. For pure laughs and entertainment, you can't beat Love Actually. There is one scene with a man and woman in a pond that still makes me laugh out loud. It's a real feel good movie with happy endings for all.

My old pal, Ilona, called this morning. We so seldom have a nice long chat. She is hilarious. I miss her. She used to live downstairs. She and Frank have been freezing up in the Boston area. They spend winter, after the holidays, in TX with their DS and family. Frank walks with a cane, she has a bum shoulder like me and her sciatica is killing her. Good grief! We are getting old. At least, she got a cleaning lady to come in every other week. Glad I can still get by with just Roomba to help me out.

I dried my hair but haven't styled and sprayed it. It was sooo dry that I put oil on it after washing it. That and heavy globs of gel somewhat tame it. Gotta go do that. I probably should go to Publix but don't want to face the traffic and crowds even at the one two blocks from me. I'm watching Christmas marketplaces and music in Germany, Austria and Vienna on a PBS special. Looove German Christmas markets with their decorations, wursts, beer and gingerbread. Brings out my Teutonic roots.

Hope you and Gordon and Miss Kitty all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie


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HI there Mikie, et al,

Just popping in before dinner. I have been on the computer trying to find an easy fruit bowl recipe that I can carry to my daughters and not have to worry about apples browning eetc. with a bunch of cutting. I may have found a recipe tat looks really simple but jut have to figure out the recipe when it says 1 c of this and 2 cups of that and what to buy. This recipe calls for green grapes, strawberries, blueberries ( that are not cheap right now), I will probably get purple grapes too instead of just green and maybe some other fruits. They said black berries would work too. They syrup or dressing is just honey, lime and lime zest. That looks like the easiest one I can find right now. I found another that looks great but lots of apple cutting and I forget what else. Will have to google and find out how much to buy..

Oh well, I need to go and figure out what to fix for supper.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Hi Mikie, I forgot to acknowledge your celestial pun. You are even smarter than the smart toilet.
Here's a notice I found in the computer's mail box today.

Unknown author
The untold tales of Armistead Maupin
The item will be held until: 01/02/2020

What is really annoying is when the library sends you a notice that a book is overdue, but the title is shown as "Unknown paperback." I keep telling Gordon to stop taking out paperbacks. They are
too small to keep track of. Especially when we already have hundreds of books in the house.
Might as well talk to the cat. Well, as somebody (Joe E Brown?) said at the end of "Some Like It
Hot", "Nobody's perfect."

Granni, your fruit salad sounds delicious. Wish I had some.

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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Even my many hours of sleep hasn't chased away the fatigue. I've been resting and doing the PT for my shoulder. I may have to break down and see the doc. I have a well appt. next mo. so will likely wait til then. It would probably require an MRI and the co-pay on things like that can be expensive. Seems unnecessary, especially when I know what the problem is. Everything got messed up when the airbag went off in an accident about 20 years ago.

We have had nonstop rain since yesterday. I am so happy because we didn't get our usual amount of rain this summer. We desperately need this. Weather woman said this may be a bit of a rainy winter. That's fine with me. Last night I heard people in the pool after dark, swimming in the rain. I got my umbrella and went down to tell them we aren't able to allow swimming after dark. There was a man, a woman and a couple of little kids. I think she had been drinking and she yelled at me that she would be getting out in ten minutes and not until then. She said her grandfather had died. Don't know what that has to do with anything. Said it was her last night here. Again, not germane. I walked away and she was still screaming when I was out in the street. They did leave in about ten minutes. She appeared to be drunk. Nice example to be setting for those kids.

That is my fear that someone impaired will injure himself or herself over there at night. Everything was wet and slippery from the rain. I just sent an email to our manager to put in the file so that, if an accident ever happens, we can show the ins. co. and health dept. that we enforce the rules. These same people were at the pool a couple of days ago and the woman was using a foam noodle to smack the water to make a very loud noise, over and over and over. They were very loud people. She may have an anger problem. Glad they are gone. Also glad this kind of thing doesn't happen often.

I will get a chance to wear my new top after all. My friend, whose party I missed, is having a party for her Mom, also my friend, on Christmas Day. It's a brunch. I'm so glad and it will give me something to do on Christmas Day. Supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny. DSIL posted a pic on FB of DD holding up her degree. We are all so proud of her. She worked so hard to get it. Now praying all goes well with the state boards and license. I'm still wrestling with which charity to donate to for our family's Christmas present.

Rock, smarter than a toilet eh? High praise indeed. Joe tells me I'm smarter than I look. Glad you liked the pun; I did planet so it was intended. With these kinds of puns, the sky's the limit. Holst's The Planets is one of my favorite pieces of music. Heavenly! Too bad he didn't include the moon even though it's not a planet. I think the quote is, "Nobody's Purrfect." At least, when speaking of cats. I am about 20 percent through a new book. It's not bad enough to stop reading but not good enough to call to me at bedtime. Glad I don't have to try to keep track of all those books. I can barely keep track of myself these days.

Granni, whenever I want to find a recipe, I go online to America's Test Kitchen. Their recipes are created using scientific methods to get the food to turn out a certain way. Their recipes are good and never too complicated. They made a fruit pie with berries mixed in current jelly and poured into a graham cracker pie crust. It was one of the all-time favorite recipes according to those who watch the show on PBS. They were counting down their best recipes. Number One was shrimp scampi. Tortilla soup also made the cut. I love that show. I watched the Christmas special of The Great British Baking Show with just the two hosts' making their favorite recipes. The English Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding looked delicious. Good luck with your fruit salad.

The real newspaper arrived early and still no card from the delivery guy hinting at a tip. I am going to go to Publix tomorrow after I take SV to his follow up appt. at the vet. I hate having to take him in. It's stressful for him, and for me. I'll pick up the gift card for our mail lady. Today, I'm staying in because the rain is sposda be around all day. That will saturate the ground which is good. It isn't raining hard so I could go to Publix today if I want to. We'll see. I think a lot of people will be there. If I wait til tomorrow and go early, it would be easier. Gonna get a toothbrush at the vet's and see about some enzymes to put in his water to help fend off tooth decay. Think I should change SV's name to, Money Pit.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful day and that you will have time to rest and gather thoughts of this special time of year. I never give up hoping and praying for a world of peace and kindness.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Gang.

Monster rain storm here! Read all day! Yay! In the 50's. Not too cold.

Spring, a nice cozy picture. I want the teapot... In answer to your ? re R's haircut, it's only an 8 mile drive to his haircutter. & $30! I cut my own if I want too. It's down to my shoulders and I am mulling what to do with it. Probably naught.:cool:

OH STAR! The horrible heat and bushfires! Are you in a safe zone? I think you are in Victoria, but don't know. Seems like the heat has done a number on your garden, and I'm so sorry for your ferret. Mikie is right, ferrets are illegal in California. They are afraid they will escape and become feral.... My English G-Pa had ferrets and used them to hunt rabbits with; met up with some gypsies and they showed him how to cook hedgehogs! Not that he ever did. ;)

Rock, glad Miss Kitty was just catting around and came back in time for grub. As for my menagerie, Lenny (dog) is sleeping on my shoulders and around the back of my neck. He gets up there so often, that sometimes I forget he's there and I get up and he slides down onto the couch. Romeo -- big black lab-chow is asleep at my feet. Sylvie, cat, light tabby with white feet, is snoozing at my side on the couch. Monty - dark tabby, VERY vocal -- is somewhere. Maybe in, maybe out. I've dried him off 3 times this morning (paper towels) because he came in soaking wet each time. He doesn't mind getting wet at all.

We watched White Christmas last night. R's choice. Not to my taste.

Mikie, I just checked Sylvie's teeth. Purrfect! We only give the cats kibble for food, unless we have an extra sardine or something like that for a treat. If they want meat, let them eat mice! They certainly catch a lot of mice, voles, chipmunks. They leave them as offerings to the ravens. :D
As for swimming after dark, what's the problem? Is not the area lighted? I can imagine that rules could be posted : no yelling after "dark", or summit. And, if I may ask, what the bloody hell is a foam noodle?:rolleyes:

Mikie, never give up your prayers for peace, homes for the homeless, help for the ill and poor, the refugees from violence and chaos. No matter what one's religion is or isn't ( I am a humanist) peace and love and acceptance are necessary.



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Dear Ones ,

Just got back from church and ate lunch. Have to go back in a short while for choir practice along with the Life Teen group, one the early Vigil Mass ( 4 pm). Should be interesting. I figured I had better go since I don't make most actual practices that are not the day of.

I still have to figure out my measurements on what to buy or how much to buy for my salad I should say, so I have to get with it. Debating on whether to go tomorrow or Tuesday. I am afraid that I might not get all that I need of what the recipe says. Since I have not made this one before I has me a little crazy although the recipe is simple enough. I have gotten so lazy though on my cooking. Never really feel like it..

BARRY - A foam noodle is a long fairly thick foam deal that you use to float or do exercises with when doing water aerobics. It helps you to flat and be able to do exercises. A few years ago I didn't know what it was either., till I took some water aerobics. I know that MIKIE knows what they are. :D

Hi and HUGZ to everydobby ! No time to chat. I need to do some more work on figuring out amts on this recipe so I can figure out my list and hope they have what I need. Thee rest of this week is going to be so busy at least the first 3 days!!

Gotta run for now !

Hope to make it back here before Christmas. If not I want to wish everyone a very Merry and Blessed Christmas !!



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Hi guys, such beautiful weather we are having...I was out and about yesterday and saw people in the stores wearing shorts! Nice to be able to plan travel on Christmas Day and not worry about icy or snowy roads.

Den is over at his friend's house...will be for several days...helping with some construction. This is the friend whose wife has the brain tumor...they don't want any visitors, so I didn't go along or even stop by after shopping. So sad...

Sounds like everyone on here is busy getting ready for Christmas and has some sort of plans...we'll be at Amy's, although did decline their invitation to go early (5:00 am, lol!) when the girls plan to be up to open gifts ;)

I have to say I feel a little "weird" still posting on the porch, but it's the only way to keep in touch with some of my friends. Between the one porchie who has me on "ignore" because I am apparently such a terrible person that reading my posts "has an unhealthy affect on him/her" (yes, this is what I was told in a private message)...and the recent attack on people who don't agree with climate change, certain vaccinations, illegal aliens, etc. by calling them "fools" (I haven't made it a secret how I feel about these things, but I thought we were all allowed our own opinions...although many of us choose to keep our preferences off the boards, lol!)...well, like I said, it just feels weird.

But this has been a big part of my "social life" for years and it's hard to not keep in touch. Just my two cents...


Hi, Kids,

Am so tired that I took a bit of a nap. I removed my toe nail polish and soaked in the tub. When I got out, I filed my nails down a wee bit and put some polish on my toe nails. I'll apply some clear polish to my finger nails. I can't keep it from chipping on my fingers so it's better to just use clear. PBS is running the first episodes of Downton Abbey and I'm enjoying them all over again. I'm not up to doing anything today. Good thing I have very little Christmas socializing to do.

Tomorrow, I'm driving Claudia to her doctor appt. in the afternoon. She's been on her opiate for a week and says she is still in a lot of pain. I encouraged her to switch to 800 mgs. of ibuprophen three times a day to wean off the opiate. It's probably better for pain. As it is, she is so nauseated that she can't eat. I only took ibuprophen after my surgery and was up walking around right away. As I've said, we are all different. Just don't want her getting hooked on the ocycontin; we call it oxymoron.

I heard noise at the pool and that crazy woman was in the pool in the rain with her kids again. It was cold and windy out and the water in the pool had to be cold with 24 hours of rain. She said last night was their last night here and I hope she left today. I sent an email to our mgr. and a board member so they can put it in our file to show we enforce the rules.

Barry, pools have to have huge Klieg-type lights in order to allow swimming at night. It's the law and the health dept. can close down pools in communities that don't enforce the rules. Also, if some drunken person in there falls or drowns, the ins. might not want to pay if we can't show we have made every effort to enforce the rules. It's a pain. Vets say cats should have some wet food every day and, since SV can only have the Rx food, I think he appreciates having the wet and dry plus his treats. We brush his teeth but I can't get to the big molar in the back. He has toothpaste with enzymes and I'm letting him lick a wee bit off my finger so he, at least, gets the enzymes. It's taken nine years for his teeth to need to be professionally cleaned. Vet didn't want me to brush his teeth until his follow up check. Too bad the cats don't eat their catch. They get the probiotics from the guts of their prey. Do you ever put your hair in a pony tail or bun? I like it when men wear their hair pulled back like that. BTW, the foam noodles are long noodle-shaped things people use in the pool to float on. They drape their arms over them and just float. Very relaxing.

Granni, I figured you were your usual busy self. I'm glad you had a chance to stop in. Hope you can again before Christmas. I've also gotten so lazy about cooking. Easy to do with just one person to feed. This level of fatigue will do that to me. Try not to let the stress of Christmas get to you and just enjoy your family.

Julie, so glad you stopped in. I hate it when there is discontent here. We are a family and, despite our differences, we all love one another. There are spats in all families but life is too short to let them keep us apart. I've been attacked and had to put it aside in the name of peace. I'm glad I did. I don't think anyone has too many loved ones to support and get support from. Yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions. I have removed the 'fool' remark but I'm sure it wasn't meant to suggest that anyone here is a fool. I have always been a student of politics but things have gotten so crazy out there that I have stopped watching hearings and debates. Our country is being torn apart and I don't want to see our little Porch family torn apart. I hope you will continue to post. We always enjoy hearing about your family and hoping the renegade cow situation is under control. I hope you enjoy Christmas. Bring back pics. Those kids are growing so fast.

In the spirit of love, our little Porch Family and Christmas, I am asking that everyone put aside anything that doesn't add to our well-being and love in general. I'm hoping no one will nurse hurt feelings and withdraw. Maybe we can ignore those things that rub us the wrong way and concentrate on kindness. What a great way that would be to start the New Year coming up. I'm praying that everyone has a beautiful Christmas and those who do not celebrate Christmas have wonderful loving times with family and friends.

Love, Mikie


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Thank you, Mikie...for removing the rude comment. It's not the first time it has happened, but I usually just ignore and let it go. Any remarks like that are just uncalled for...not only could it offend people who are members of these boards, but I'm also thinking about people who might be reading these boards for the first time and wondering if this is the place for them, then coming upon something like that. No matter who it is intended for...no different than if comments were made about people of certain lifestyles or religions, etc. I would be incensed if someone publicly posted something negative about those or other topics.

I agree with you and also hope people refrain from posting, as you said, "anything that doesn't add to our well-being and love in general". My emphasis would be on politics or things that could become "political" when discussed...this next year is going to be ugly enough and hard enough without any of that being discussed on a board where many posters and readers are already physically and emotionally taxed. That being said...sometimes it's not so much about "nursing a grudge" as it is just time to move on to other things. I don't plan to leave the boards, but many days I start to get on the computer and get interrupted or distracted...or I know I'll probably be on longer than I really have time for, so I "make myself stay away", lol!

Thank you to you and all the other moderators...it's hard to be everywhere at all times...but I do appreciate you doing your best to make these boards a safe and pleasant place to visit.


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Hi Old pals

Just finished reading a bio of Tony Curtis. He was essentially a playboy disguised as an actor.

Had 6 wives, 6 kids including actor Jaimie Lee Curtis. His best film was Some Like It Hot with
Jack Lemmon. The American Film Institute named it America's best comedy.

Julie, I can't remember what you said about celebrating Christmas. Well, actually I can't remember
much of anything. Gordon made snigger doodles today. I had to ask him the name of the cookie.
I kinda thought it was something that started with "P" Maybe I was thinking of parsnip doodles.

The Midwest is having nice weather at this time of the year? I am amazed. Can't remember
any Mid West Christmas with nice weather. Well, glad to hear it. Also glad that never again will I have to listen to the radio to find out if it's a "snow day". I do remember a New Year's Day here in
CA several decades ago. The temp was 90 degrees. I called several folks in Minn.

Barry, search for photos of kids in the pool. If you see things that look like French Fries about
4-5 feet long, those are the pool noodles. (Warning: Do not confuse with pool poodles.) Maybe
Monty is related to those jungle cats that fish. Seldom see them on nature programs.

Mikie, that Menorah reminds me of the time we bought some for the office. I was surprised to find
that there are different sizes that hold a different number of candles. If the difficult pool lady
comes back, you might enlist a cohart to go and say something, "Hi. Don't know if you heard, but
there was a 12 footer in the pool two days ago. Those gators just go anywhere they like.

Think I will go lie down. Hugs and snigger doodles to all.


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Sunny day, i see all my neighbours have done their washing in the early hours and hung them up to dry. Found a picture which looks like the neighbours terraces. I should have done the same, but other things called and i just washed a bunch of clothes so that was lower on the priority list.

Granni - first time i heard of foam noodle. Lol. Sounds like fun. No swimming for us here. Too cold. i hope your salad turns out well.

Rock - that story about your grandma andthe ceramics she bought made by your mum..sounds like a story...something on the lines Gifts of the Magi...i would have liked to see both your mum and your grannys faces when they found out.:D

I saw Tony Curtis in period movie. Very epic. Spartacus or something. Yul Brynner was the lead. Or the anti hero or something. so confused now. i think im thinking Ten Commandments. Anyways loved those movies. My mum used to mention Tony Curtis as the star in her day.

Barry - you place sounds like a nice peaceful getaway. Lots of quiet, lots of greenery, bunch of happy animals lolling around and very little technology. I like to keep up with whats going on around me but too much does nothing for my peace of mind. $30.00 dollars for a haircut! They charge that here if they do styling and massage n all that.

actually i love head massages. yeah i really love those. More than body massages.
Since we have so many foreign tourists here, spas abound with massages ofevery kind on offer, including some questionable ones.:D

Mikie - in the great scheme of things, our troubles here are not big. Its just when one is feeling raw, sad, hurting inside and outside, and generally feeling like one is at the end of ones tether that a remark made in general might be misconstrued. and then one reacts in reflex and hurts the other.

Doesnt it happen in ones own home? Ive been sharp or critical with my kids when im actually fuming about something else. And upset them in the process.

Then time passes, the fog clears and apologies are made and accepted and one is no longer upset with one another. No so long as one doesnt keep on holding on to the memory. i remember one no speaking spell with my DD which went on for 3 days. it was over an issue about which we had differing opinions. Ack! No more. She matured. I matured. Pranic Healing probably helped. i think we now both look out for the first signs of conflict and if one ofus is getting riled up. We then retreat.

Actually considering the nature of our illnesses, the stuff each person here deals with in their personal lives, sometimes everything coming at once, im very proud of how few and far between the little storms have occured between members, considering how different we all are in our outlook, personalities. The porch has been around for a long time. And a place of solace to many. Maybe its attracted the evil eye for that reason...heh heh. No. Im serious.

That lady is drinking in the pool? recipe for disaster. i hope they go away soon. im pretty sure there would be lots more tragedies, disasters happening poolside if people were allowed to swim after dark.

no one could see if something was happening. An accident. Our gym at the club closed its all night open policy after management found out people were using it for having sex. No telling what troubles might arise out of that. Irate parents, irate partners, who knows. im sure your condominium is a safer place to live in because you and Joe et all make an effort to keep it that way. It is never an easy task to tell so meone not to do something. Especially if theyre drinking.

Congrats for your DD getting her degree. its such a relief when ones kid does good. One less thing to worry about.


Yesterday, i took a trip down to our uncles home. My cousin who resides in America had sent a parcel through someone and the caretaker couldntcome by to drop it. (uncle is no more). it was a verynice branded legging and top set for winter. This cousin is a bit eccentric, (its a joke in our fathers side of family) everyone is eccentric).

She withdrawsfrom life, stays by herself in the country for most of the time now. She has not emailed me for more than a decade. and then suddenly will send presents through someone. she and i both struggled with crippling depression in our youth. Although our challenges were different. She has always been well to do. we hung out a lot before my marriage and after. Then she went away to America and after some years she withdrew from communicating with most people.

Well, i heard she is healthy enough. so thats okay. Her sister got Lyme disease from deer in Bhutan and was running around trying to address it. which in these parts (asia) is like looking for a needle in a haystack, no one knows what Lyme disease is.

However,i heard she is almost recovered now.

God bless


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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Going to make a run to Publix this morning, hopefully before everyone else decides to do the same. Have to pick up that gift card for the mail lady. My appetite is all messed up and I don't know what to buy. Late this afternoon, I have to drive Claudia to her follow up appt. I think they are removing the sutures on her toe. My toes look very festive with bright red polish on them. I put the clear coat on my finger nails and they look nice too. The rain has stopped. There is flooding over in Miami. We may get scattered showers this afternoon. Sooo glad we got all that rain. We are in for gusty winds of up to 35 mph this afternoon. Weatherman says it ain't gonna be a good hair day.

We are getting a new pool gate scheduled for next month. We won't have keys but will access it with little electronic fobs hooked up to the wi-fi over there. There is a program that will identify everyone who accesses it. If someone tries to swim at night, we will know who it is. As it is now, it could be guests staying at someone's condo and we don't know them. If someone abuses the pool privilege, their fobs can be disabled, keeping them from accessing the pool. Same for anyone whose guests cause problems.

Julie, I wasn't thinking of you when I mentioned not nursing hurt feelings. It was I who had to let go of being hurt by a very mean comment someone made to me in a private message. I withdrew for a few days but decided to let it go for my own peace of mind. The Porch is too important to me to stay away. I'm pretty sure it is important to all of us. We have all been through a lot over the years and the support here is so healing. We need one another. I did remove the offending comments and private messaged to ask that they stop. I don't want to lose any of our members but will do what I have to in order to restore peace here. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Rock, I can't figure out whether it's the Hollywood lifestyle that contributes to the craziness that spawns all those divorces and children or whether show biz attracts unstable people to begin with. Perhaps it's both. Some show biz families stay together and are somewhat normal. Some actors have to keep working to support all those kids at a time when others might be thinking about retirement. Some of those guys keep marrying younger women and having children. Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer come to mind. I'm laughing about the 'snigger' doodles. Do they have a stronger bite than snicker doodles? They do sound like one of those designer breeds of dogs.

Spring, I do miss the smell of fresh air on laundry left outside to dry. We cannot have clothes lines here so everything goes into the dryer. I doubt I would have the NRG to hang things out anyway. Yes, it is often when we have had as much as we can handle that spats break out and I agree with you--it's surprising they don't happen more often. The Porch has been around a long time. It's too cold and rainy here to swim too except for the crazy lady who was in there with her kids. We have lights under the water which are on all the time but we don't have the bright lights the law requires for swimming at night. Thank God. I can't imagine the noise of drunken people in the pool at night. They are not allowed to have drinks in the pool itself but some do. They can drink at the tables around the pool. The woman in question not only appeared to be drunk but also appeared to have anger issues. That's strange about the withdrawn cousin. Nice to get the outfit though. Stay warm, Dear One.

Gonna go read the paper. I got lots of sleep but woke early. I got up to pee and went back to bed to say my prayers. SV snuggled next to me and waited patiently for me to get up. He has really turned out to be a great kitty. Again, my life is blessed. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Good Morning, Kids. Heavy rain last night. Still going on. My eyes are itching like crazy. I would
think the rain would wash the pollen away. Mikie, you mean the cookies are really snicker doodles?
Gordon calls 'em snigger doodles so I thought that was the correct term. Never knew of anybody
to make them in my humble village.

Gee, haven't heard of hot tubs for decades. I had a case of a young woman who died in a hot tub.
Can't remember the details. I went out and photographed the pool, etc. Interviewed the home
owner. Left the investigation to the cops and the coroner who said all the gals at the party went
in the house and upstairs to the bedrooms. The one gal just stayed out there drinking till she
passed out and slid under the water.

Springwater, you're right. The story of two Santas is kinda like Gift of the Magi. I remember
reading it in the Saturday Evening Post when I was in 6th or 7th grade. My mother came home
and I started to tell her about the great story I had just read. She explained that it was a famous
story by a guy named O. Henry. Famous for his stories with surprise endings. Also went to
prison for 5 years for robbing a bank.

Porter was born in 1862 during our Civil War. After college he went to work for a relative; uncle
I think. Several years ago I read an article that said the bank had such sloppy rules and procedures
it is very likely that Porter was unjustly accused. His second most famous story is the Ransome
of Red Chief. We read that one in High School. Just put a book of his stories on hold. I think
I read it a decade or two ago.

Mikie's right. The Porch has been here a long time. Since 2005. Started by moi and a couple friends. It was based on the large concrete porch of my Aunt and Uncle who frequently sat on their porch and chatted with folks walking by at the end of the day. Kept coffee and fruit juice and popcorn
handy to serve friends. First time I ever tasted limeade.

Mikie, I think some of those divorces are done for the sake of publicity. Or to collect some dough.

It's still raining. Gordon just walked by. Said he's going back to bed. Sounds like a good idea to

Hugs, Rock
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Quick fly-by as I'm getting ready to go to the local chiro and pick up what I need to make Christmas Brunch to take to Amy's. Den is back at his friend's today, working up on a roof...they'll probably take a break for Christmas, then get back at it the rest of the week.

No worries, Mikie...I was talking in general terms...lots of people have come and gone and it will probably always be that way. I like to come to the porch and see what mischief Rock has been up to ;). Rock, you've probably forgotten more than I will ever even know in my lifetime...and I admire your wit and determination to keep on keepin' on, dear friend!

Gotta run, sorry. I stayed up late to finish the 12 layer jello salad (so I'd only have one more flavor to do this morning) and this afternoon I'll take it up to the Amish neighbors who have the bakery (and the mom has had all the heart/anxiety/etc. trouble.) The other neighbors will get a snack mix I made with popcorn, Crispex cereal, pretzels...pour a cooked syrup over that, bake in oven a bit, and after it cools a bit add M & M's. So festive looking and made gallons, lol!


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I should be going to Publix and doing things around here but am exhausted dealing with the shoulder. I know it's getting better but it's still painful and it's the everness of the pain that drags me down. I will talk to my doc next month when I see him. Gonna rest until it's time to pick up Claudia for her appt. She might want to stop at Publix on the way home. She can ride in one of the little scooters if she wants to. Or, I can wait and go in the morning. I really don't need anything crucial.

Rock, they are, in fact, snicker doodles but I like snigger doodles better. My DMIL used to make them for me. I love them. My allergies are often worse when it's rained. They bother me when it's rainy and when it's not. Go figure! Thanks for the history of the Porch. I have been coming here since the early 2000's but didn't realize the Porch was here for a while. So glad I found it. It's still gray outside and we may get winds and more rain later, probably about the time we go to Claudia's doc. Oh well, my hair looks like crap anyway. I was thinking maybe it's the marriages in Hollywood that are done for publicity and the divorces ensue from that. I once read that fame and money are the kinds of lives requested by new souls. Old souls want spiritual growth. I could always use more money but wouldn't want fame for anything.

Julie, glad you stopped in again. That's very sweet of Den to help your friend with his roof. It must be so hard for him, knowing his wife's prognosis. Having a friend help out has to be a real comfort. I wouldn't mind people coming here but I hate to see them go. I dropped a note to Duckie just to wish her a Merry Christmas and let her know I keep her in my prayers. You are your usual busy self. I'm too tired to make a one-layer jello salad. Yikes! Hope the chiro helps you.

I'm gonna set my alarm so I don't fall asleep and miss picking Claudia up. I need to eat lunch and have a nap. I hate being out of commission like this. At least, I can usually do a bit of work and slowly make progress. I'm at a standstill. Whine, whine, whine!

Love, Mikie