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PORCH # 1174 IS NOW CLOSED...21 Dec 2019

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Darn it I touch something and what I wrote disappeared. Yes, I had a busy day today shopping and tomorrow morning I need to get started on the fruit bowl so glad it is a small one. I decided to get a fruit and cheese try and then make a bowl out of some of the other fruit. That is so much to chop etc. Will let you know how it turns out. I have never made it before. Tomorrow will be a busy one with working on the fruit for sunday and then singing for the early Christmas Eve mass. Then we go to DD to open presents and have tortilla soup. That is the light meal before the huge one at son and DIL's Sunday. OINK !!

Just wanted to pop in for a bit . Yes, I have read all that has been written and I agree that politics should not be discussed on boards unless it is is a political discussion group. Actually I thought that was one of the rules or at least used to be for this board. I have seen what it does to groups and I left a couple of them years ago. I think it was supposed to be a thyroid group. What a joke !! Anything that give stress to the reader should not be written about, and that is a big one, esp now a days. I thought it was bad years ago and is worse now.

Gotta run. DH is waiting.

Love YOU ALL and have a very BLESSED MERRY CHRISTMAS, to ALL and to those who don't celebrate that is fine too. I think MiKIE already mentioned HANNIKAH . Sorry I probably spelled it wrong. TYYA Again hopefully soon again.

JULIE - Let us know if you see any animals talking tomorrow after midnight!!!:D

Granni :D


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Hello Kids, it's
too late at night to wish you a good morning. But then again, you probably won't read this till morning. Time marches on, but I'm having trouble with the cadence. Yesterday Gordon
lay down for his usual nap. And I joined him. Pretty soon he was asleep, and I was reading a book
about Lincoln. An hour or two later I realized it wasn't the afternoon. It was night. Almost ten PM. OY! Well, doesn't really mater. At my age very little matters.

However, next time I'm really mad and ready to hit the roof I will call for Den. He can come over and
help me. Just listened to some old favorites on Youtube. Was thinking of posting one or two here.
The Youtube has a new configuration. Couldn't figure out how to do it. Well, nothing lasts. Saw
a program about the Earth after people are gone. It shows skyscrapers and bridges collapsing.
Says the last evidence of mankind will probably be the Mt. Rushmore images. Eventually they
too will be gone.

Julie, thank you for your kind words. I don't remember much of anything anymore, but then I don't need to. Still know how to open the fridge and close the bathroom door. Have you got all kinds
of delicious stuff ready for Christmas? Are folks coming to you or vice versa?

I hear Henry moving around. I guess he'll be leaving anytime now.I had a long conversation with
him yesterday. He grunted 3 times.

Do you guys know "The French Song". A lovely tune. You can hear various folks sing it on
Youtube. Despite the title some folks say it originally came from Germany. Some say Russia.

Hugs and stocking stuffers, Rock


Good Christmas Eve Morning, Dear Porchies,

Still tired from chronic pain in the shoulder but it is getting better in terms of movement. The PT is helping but even the PT causes pain. I'd forgotten how tiring chronic pain can be. Claudia is mostly using ibuprophen now. We took her to the doc yesterday for the follow up appt. The toes look really good. She will get her sutures out next week. She hasn't been to see her Mom since the surgery and plans to go today. I'm just glad she has been able to get off the opiate.

Granni, sounds as though you have everything under control. Sorry you lost what you had written. That is so infuriating. I hope the fruit bowl turns out well. I love tortilla soup. DD makes a good one. America's Test Kitchen made it on one of their programs. They made their own tortillas to put on top. I'm laughing at your 'oink' sentiment. I feel the same way. Gotta cut out the goodies. Of course, Claudia just gave me chocolate for Christmas. Enjoy your holiday events and come back to let us know how everything went.

Rock, I've also pretty much pared things down to what matters and most things don't. That serves me well when I've been exhausted or in pain, or both. Shrink once told me that there is nothing wrong with going into survival mode when necessary. Yes, You Tube looks different. Haven't been there in ages until I wanted to look up the PT for my shoulder. From everything I've read and seen on TV, once we are all gone, the insects will still be here. The cockroach regime will reign supreme. I've decided to split my Christmas donation between St. Jude's Children's Hospital and The Environmental Defense Fund. If we don't have clean air to breath, clean water to drink and clean soil to grow our food, nothing else will much matter. Cheery thought of the day!

Hope all our Dear Porchies are enjoying the Season and are feeling chipper. It's only 60 degrees out and will only get to about 70 this afternoon. By tomorrow, it will be 80 degrees for the next week. Then, it will drop back into the 70's. This is typical for this time of year except that we usually don't get into the 80's. The rainfall has been a God send. We depend on the rain to fill our aquifers and the county is allowing development on environmentally sensitive land. I worry that we may end up with a severe lack of water for all this growth. Gonna be windy here along the coast where I live. I kinda like breezes and wind.

Have a great day, everydobby, and try to enjoy it despite its being a hectic time of year.

Love, Mikie

Just got back from Publix where I got a few things I'm low on and the gift card for our mail lady. I delivered two cards to neighbors for Claudia. One was for Jeff and I stopped to chat with Tweety. She is still the beautiful kitty she always was. She looks a wee bit older. Ran into one of my favorite people who works at Publix. He paints and sculpts. He makes little fantasy towers that one could put little lights under. They are amazing but I'm totally unable to really describe them. Artists are all around us. So glad he shared his pics with me.

I walked on the wet grass and my feet are itching. I let SV sniff my hands because I petted two dogs on my rounds. It's a beautiful morning and there were almost no shoppers in the store. My appetite is shot. I wanted to get a steak or pot roast but beef is sooo expensive. I ended up with two beautiful pork chops I got on sale. I'm glad to be home and am gonna go take my pain meds. Should have done it before I left by my brain seems to be on vacation. My back is hurting so will be icing that up too. Good grief!

Again, hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning, friends! We're continuing with our mild weather...in the high 50's today and 60 for tomorrow. I remember years in the past when we could go outside without coats on Thanksgiving or even Christmas Day...then the year we had several feet of snow on Easter, lol! My dad's Aunt Mabel would have an annual Easter dinner...all the extended families would be there...their farm wasn't that far from us, but we had to park at the beginning of their lane and my dad had to carry me to the house. Good times, lol!

The Christmas I spent in Belize...(I went in early December to help one of our church members do sewing classes, then stayed till March...Den came for a couple weeks sometime, I don't remember exactly when)...anyway, it felt so weird to not have snow or even cold (to me) weather.

Mikie, I'm glad your weather has been nice and I hope you get enough rain. Glad Claudia is getting along well after her surgery. Wish your shoulder would feel better...maybe your doctor will have some advice when you go next month. Amy ended up getting some sort of contour pillow and said it has helped her shoulder and neck tremendously...wants me to get one, but I'll have to check them out as I need a really soft, almost flat pillow or I get headaches.

Rock, I found and printed a recipe for cake mix sniggerdoodles (I like that word better, too :D) Only I forgot to get a cake mix, lol! Maybe next week...

Granni, hope you don't get too worn out with everything you've got going. I got a few groceries yesterday and saw people with their carts loaded to the brim...even though we've had our family Christmas, I could still enjoy the "excitement in the air." Lindsey called to tell me that they had their Christmas this morning (Josiah was sitting by the tree at 5:30, lol!) but they had to wait on Daddy to get home from working the night shift. They did their gifts early because David's mom, sister and nephew will be there for supper this evening, then David works most of the day tomorrow (his own shift, then taking some hours for a young dad so he can be with his little boy for part of Christmas.)

I always send David a text and picture from the barn at midnight...was worried that he might be sleeping, but he said he continues my tradition and sits out on their porch with the cats, lol...so he'll be awake :)

I've got two batches of sourdough biscuits "resting" so I can bake them tonight. Will make sausage gravy to go with them, and precook some bacon so we can just heat stuff up when we get to Amy's tomorrow morning. Oh, and she wants pancakes...so I'll package the dry and wet ingredients separately, then just mix the batter when we get there. She's making a breakfast casserole, so we are going to have plenty of food, lol! And I got some fruit to prepare ahead of time...took a chance a bought a whole watermelon (Clinton, Keira, and Den's favorite fruit)...crossing my fingers that it's a good one. I don't usually buy melons this time of year because they are out of season here and often not the best, even from where they are grown year round...but, you know, "it's Christmas"!

Thinking of Duckie, Star, Sun, Barry, Spring...anyone who might be popping in...wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Barry, thanks for adding to my prayer request post. I feel so bad for anyone losing a loved one, especially this time of year...


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I had a deep nap for a bit. I hate such exhaustion. There is plenty to do here. I need to take my recycle stuff down but the bins are likely full. The guy won't come to empty them until Thurs. or even Fri. with the holiday in the middle of the week. Because everything in the recycle stuff is clean, I can just leave the bag in here until the bins are empty. Or, I can take it down and leave the bag on top of one of the bins. I got cold outside walking around earlier and I can seem to warm up.

Julie, is David waiting for the animals to speak? I used to listen to my dog. She talked in her sleep and I always thought that on Christmas I might be able to understand her. I talk in my sleep too. Kids said one night I was speaking fluent French. Even at my best, I was never fluent. Strange thing happened--I said something to my doc or he to me in French as I was leaving. We broke into a fluent conversation that surprised us both. He said he isn't fluent either. The nurse just stared at us open mouthed. Who can explain such things?

Sounds as though you guys aren't gonna starve. I always check the weather in Denver and Des Moines is next to it as is Dallas so I get an idea of the weather where you and Granni are too. I noticed it was going to be nice for you. DD in Denver called to say DGS's card with the check arrived. I always worry until I know it's there safe and sound. Too much theft going on. I use a pen that can't be bleached to change the payee and amount. I also write, 'for deposit only' on the back so no one can cash it. I hate that there is so much crime and people who think nothing of taking from their brothers and sisters. Since we are all in it together, I feel it is somehow a failure for all of us. But, I digress...I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with the kids.

I'm gonna go clean up the kitchen. I need to load the DW. Maybe I will walk the recycle stuff down just to get it outta here. I have to wrap Claudia's gift. I'll leave it off for her tomorrow. There are a lot more cars here; the Snowbirds are arriving. The pool will likely be full with the 80 degree weather for this week. The water will take a day to warm up after all that rain. The heaters will be going nonstop.

I fell asleep watching Little Women on PBS last night. I'd like to see the new version at the theater. I'd rather see Cats though. As usual, the critics are giving it poor reviews despite how much it is loved. What do the critics know! Hope all y'all are enjoying the Season and have love and peace in your lives.

Love, Mikie

Got the recyclables down to the bins and there was just enough room for what I had. I walked over to deliver Claudia's Christmas present to her and see how she and the cats are doing. She looks exhausted. She isn't sleeping. In addition to the pain meds, which are causing diarrhea, she has restless leg syndrome and leg cramps. Does anyone here have something for that which can offer some relief?

I'm cooking two pork chops for my late lunch. My ex's grandmother taught me how to cook them so they are brown on the outside and juicy inside. Sooo good. I'm steaming Brussels Sprouts and warming some cinnamon apple slices. There goes the timer. Talk to y'all later.
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Hi Kids

Mikie, Took 7 or 8 tries to type this sentence. The sky was blue here today too. No clouds. A little
breeze. I think it rained for ten minutes or so this morning.

How many remakes have there been of Little Women. Too many in my opinion. I read the book when I was a kid, but I preferred Little Men by the same author. Jo is the main character. She and her DH run their own school. I never could understand how Laurie (Is that the name of the boy next door)? could turn into the old man who was head of the school in Little Men.

Haven't had a pork chop in decades. My Dad used to cook them all the time. This morning Gordon
told me he had bought some sweet and sour pork. "Taste it." So I did. The little chunks of pork were inedible. Just too hard for toothless me to chew. He made an omelet which was more accessible. The cat enjoyed some too.

I read an article in some Ladies' Magazine. It said many people who have restless leg syndrome
get relief by putting a bar of soap at the bottom of the bed. I think you take it out of the box first.
The article said, We don't know why this works, but it helps many people.

Julie, "I forgot the cake mix." kinda like, "We've got everything we need for a great thanksgiving
feast." "Hmm, Dear, I think we forgot the turkey." At my wedding my best man, my brother forgot
the envelopes with the money in them for the Minister, soloists, organist, etc. I never carry much
money, but that day I had a pocket or two full so it was OK.

I think poor Henry has to work tomorrow. He called Gordon from Whole Foods this morning.
Said he would be coming home to change clothes. Then go back to work around midnight.

Hope tomorrow is a good day for every dobby. Rock




I love this Christmas picture. It's a far cry from my home. When we had the family house and the kids were home, it was decorated with a big tree, wreaths and swags of pine and bows. Now, I can enjoy others' decorations without all the work which I am no longer capable of doing. I do enjoy the big wreath on my front door. I used to decorate inside my condo and the building outside but those days are gone. The woman in the building next door has no limit on her NRG and has decorated their building. Again, I can enjoy that when I go to the dumpster or mailbox.

My shoulder is hurting a lot. I took my ibuprophen and rubbed some menthol on the shoulder. I'm sitting with an ice pack on it now. I'll put the heating pad on it later before I do my PT. Gotta get in the shower and wash my hair before the party. Joe called and wants to go to the party with me. We will get there about 11:30. It starts at 11:00 but the hostess is always rushing around like crazy and doesn't like those who show up on time.

I got a nice email from my half-brother telling me all about his kids; I think I counted four. He wants to give my email address to his brothers. Good grief! I could go my entire life without all this but I do feel kinda sorry for them, learning about everything after their parents were gone. So, I'll correspond with them. They seem excited and intrigued by finding a sister, as they put it. They are far enough away that I probably don't have to worry about meeting them. I just don't share their enthusiasm about 'family' through a biological father I never knew. I hesitated about doing my DNA and family tree because I was afraid something like this might happen. Oh well, that's the risks and it's happening all over now that people are doing the DNA tests.

Rock, that's too bad Henry has to work today. I like it that Publix closes on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Sometimes, the pork in Chinese food has a taste I don't like. Same with the beef. I think it's safer to stick with chicken. I ate one of the pork chops yesterday and put the other in the fridge. They browned so beautifully. The Brussels Sprouts were steamed to perfection. Yummm! I would say there have been too many remakes of Little Women except that I enjoy every one of them. I have heard about the soap and Cluadia probably has too but I'll mention it. I wish some scientific person would 'splain why some of these old treatments work. They must work or they wouldn't be used over the generations. Soap has changed a lot since then so I don't know whether it would work today but it's worth a try. Hope you, Gordon, Henry and Miss Kitty have a blessed Christmas.

Gonna go read the paper online and just relax with my coffee until it's time to get into the shower. DD wants me to have someone take our pic at the party so they can see the top with the butterfly on it. Sending Christmas wishes for good cheer to all our Dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie


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Wow! That's some pic, Mikie. Is it your condo or Buckingham Palace? A. A. Milne wrote a poem
that starts with "They're changing the guard at Buckingham Palace. Christopher Robin went down
with Alice." I'm going to Youtube later to hear "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day." It was written
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. His son Charley was wounded in the Civil War. But he survived that
as well as illness. Lived till allmost the end of the century.

Gordon has suggested to Henry a couple times that he get a job at Kroger store such as Ralphs.
Their staff is paid better. But Henry and his former wife and all her relatives work for Whole Foods.
Henry seldom discusses anything. Just mumbles something or shakes his head and walks away.
Even Henry Higgins couldn't change him.

Sorry that your pesky shoulder is still on the warpath. It's cold here. Guess I'll go back to bed for
a while. I read about the coming storms to Florida and Texas. Can't remember exactly what I read
though. Hope you and Granni are OK.

As the Norskies say, God Jul to all our porchers.



Hi, Kids,

Home from the party. Joe wanted to walk over with me. We helped Claudia take some things down. Joe and I just took bottles of wine. I also gave Elizabeth a hostess gift. We only stayed about an hour and a half. It was a nice get together. My ex called to wish me a Merry Christmas but I sent it to message because he called during the party. I left a message for him just now. Ships in the night. I'm glad to be home and may read and go to sleep. Still haven't done my PT because I didn't want to rile up the shoulder before the party. I still need to do it.

Rock, it was supposed to be a nice sunny day, about 80 degrees. It's 75 out and so humid. Sky is overcast and gray. As far as I know, the pic is neither my condo nor Buckingham Palace. The livingroom in our family home was two stories tall and we put the tree in the corner where a window soared up to the top. We could see it when we drove down the hill to come home. The fireplace was next to that and I had a big wreath on it. It was my dream home and I hated to leave it when we divorced. I'm just glad we had some nice Christmases in it. Perhaps Henry just isn't comfortable with change, even change for the better. There are folks like that. I didn't realize that Ralph's was a Kroger store. The Kroger stores in CO are called, King Soopers. Stay warm, my dear friend.

I think I'll read the magazine I stole from Claudia's doctor's waiting room. It's an old Smithsonian with an article on Neanderthals. I'm interested in them. It was left by a patient. I left a new Real Simple magazine so it was technically a swap and not a theft. Hope they don't dust for fingerprints. Mine are on file with the state because I had a permit to carry. Also had to be printed when I got my insurance license.

Again, Merry Christmas to all our Dear Porchies, here and away.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Mikie Ships in the night. Car full of idiots. Well, it was a peaceful Christmas. Read and slept
all day; not simultaneous. I read 8 stories from the O. Henry book that I don't think I read before.
They were all terrible. I was stunned! I don't remember ever reading a bad O. Henry story before.
And several words I had not encountered before. Anybody know what a chain chair is?

So I re-read my favorite Dave Barry book. It was published in 1990. I think I've read it every year
since. "Dave Barry Turns 40." " He also wrote Dave Barry turns 50." Said he would not write Dave
Barry turns 60." 60 was not a funny number. Dave is a boomer baby. 7 years younger than I.
Sometimes I can find a site on the net for his columns from decades ago.

What a kawinkydink! My fingerprints were taken too. It was when I became a Notary Public
back in MN. I wonder if they are still in a file drawer or computer some where. Oh yes, they
came in handy that time I took the local boy scout troop to the bank. We needed money for
our camping trip. Somehow things went awry. One of the youngest scouts pressed a button
which alerted the nearest police station to a hold up. Due to an amazing kawinkydink the
boy with the nefarious finger was the son of the police captain so we all had a good laugh and
went out for White Castle Burgers and popcorn.

You know where that little boy is today? No? Neither do I.

Hugs, Kids



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Hope everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas...Den and I are tired, but content. Left home around 7:00 am, got to Amy's before 9:00. Heated up the sausage gravy, biscuits and bacon that I had cooked yesterday and we were eating by 9:30 or 10:00. They had all opened their gifts, but I took their stockings and they had fun opening and emptying them. The girls were busy setting up their new I pods, fit bits, Apple watches, etc...but it was so nice out, I talked them into going for a walk to get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful day. We left shortly after noon...everyone was tired (they had Clinton's family over for supper last evening) and we all were looking forward to afternoon naps, lol!

I apparently fell asleep with a book on my lap while waiting for Den to join me for a snooze...he said he walked in the bedroom and I was sitting up, but sound asleep and snoring :D I got settled in and woke up three hours later...that's probably why I couldn't get to sleep at bedtime, so am on the computer close to midnight.

That's okay...I want to research water kefir, anyway. Lorene gave me some kefir grains and I've fermented and strained them once and will be due to do it again tomorrow morning. I'm interested to see if the probiotics provide as much benefit to me as I'm hoping they will....I do believe our overall health has a lot to do with our gut health. Just don't want to "overdo it" right off the bat...not sure how much per day to start with.

Rock, glad you had a relaxing day. Sorry Henry had to work...I always felt bad, but also grateful for the nursing home staff who were on duty when I went in to see my dad on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. Some of them have small children at home and they just had to work their "celebrating" around Mom or Dad's work schedule.

Mikie, nice that you had the Christmas party to go to. Thank you for clarifying about the magazine you stole, but not really, lol! Our chiro has a sign up that if someone wants an article or recipe out of one of their magazines, the receptionists will be glad to make a copy....so people don't tear out pages and ruin the magazine for the next person. But leaving one in place of the one you took sounds like an excellent idea.

Granni, I'll bet you had a busy day! We won't have our Christmas quite so early next year...I think David has vacation around December 15 and they'll be up then. Not quite so early as the middle of November, like this year.

It was quiet in the barn last night...not a creature was stirring. I was happy that I didn't run into our resident skunk. We haven't actually seen him/her, but can smell traces of one all around the barn and grain bin. David did come face to face with it in the middle of the night when they were up here last month...surprised both of them, I think...but the skunk didn't spray, thank goodness.

Hi and Merry Christmas again to Star, Duckie, Barry, Spring, Sun, and anyone else who might be reading. I guess I'll do my quick kefir research then try to go back to sleep...not a whole lot on the schedule the rest of the week, so will continue with my decluttering/sorting.


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Christmas visited Nepal too! Lots of things going on, events at hotels, malls.

Mikie - your former house must have been lovely. ive only seen one house where the room ceiling is two stories high recently. Our former neighbour, who built his new house from scratch. Wonderfully detailed in interiors, the curtains were that high and i wondered about the washing. He said he would get workmen in. He had what is apparently called a ‘floating’ staircase. made of transparent material.

Nice to know you got to go to the party. I think its significant that on Christmas your half brother and his family want to reconnect. It is a season of good cheer and celebration. I think it might mean a kind of closure for you, closure on heartache that was caused by your father. Of only half knowing what happened after he left.

i dont know what your other family really think or feel but theyre reaching out. They didnt need to. And neither did you need to respond. But they did and you have. At the end of it, we are souls arent we? We are human beings with feelings. And are guided in our actions by such. No matter what our brains or common sense might say, we listen to our heart. i think its beautiful.

Star - im sorry you lost your precious ferret. Theyre beautiful critters. Thank you for looking in. With what is going on in your country with temps of 40 celsius and fires almost everywhere, i wonder how many other creatures have lost their lives. The pictures i see on tv everyday are unlike any i have seen before.

Now theres fires in Chile as well and a typhoon in Phillipines.

Stay safe. Is your friend all right now? Has her finance matters been protected?

condolences for your dear friend you lost to cancer. Its something no one wishes would happen. Losing someone close. i remember the first real grief i felt when i lost a childhood friend to TB. i was 20. sent her a lettter. it came back with ‘recipient expired’ on it. i knew she was getting treated for TB forever. but i never imagined she’d pass away. Id just sent her a present from Nepal thru friends. She died before it reached her.

Rock - too bad the other stories by O Henry werent as good as some others. It happens a lot to me. I loved Arthur Haileys ‘Airport’. But couldnt finish another one i tried. Movies too.I like the Terminator movies though. All of them. It gets my adrenaline going to see those alien villains and heroes morph into strange shapes and arise from being crushed into pulp by various weapons and heavy steel to form perfectly again into the original shape and resume their deadly missions. Blood and gore. High excitement without leaving my couch. lol.

Henry is a silent one isnt he? I suppose Gordon does all thetalking for him. And you are in between. Not too much. Not too less.

Granni - how did your salad turn out. i was happy with a chicken salad recipe i discovered from Betty Crocker recipes. I made it on a couple of occasions. You must be tired. All that activity. And the big lunch after that. I dont know what is tortilla soup. must look it up.


My SIL from Switzerland is here visiting her Mum. I was dreading 5he meeting with my MIL but went through it ok. DD and i went. We planned it so that a group of us cousins could visit same time. Takes the pressure off all of us. There is only one cousin sis of DH that gets along with MIL. The rest of us stay clear of her and her domineering ways.

one aunt didnt botherto visit. she sent her husband. One uncle called SIL and her hubby over, rather than face my SIL. My DD used to visit but has stopped cold turkey.

Last evening, i had the pleasure of watching CNN heroes on TV. It was uplifting. such different people from such different backgrounds all finding their purpose in life helping others.

There was this former male ballet dancer who contracted AIDs and had to retire. He set up a project in New Mexico, helping poor children could learn dancing, painting, acting. So that their souls could experience something sweet outside of their hard lives just surviving and bein in unstable environments. He said art is healing. And those poor children needed their souls to be healed. His speech was touching. He said “when you lift one child up we all rise.”

Another awardee was a lady who took in cats, dogs for women who had to separate from their abusive spouses and couldnt take their beloved pet with 5hem because they had nowhere to keep them. Some women stayed in their marriages, endured physical assault because they didnt want their pets to be subjected to violence if they left. i thought ‘what a wonderful idea, helping people in such pain.’ What a relief to know your fur baby is cared for and loved even if youre not there with them.

As with most philanthropists, her idea came from personal experience and pain.
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Or Boxing Day in England. Saw the Queen on TV resplendent in her beautiful red coat and hat. Got a ton of sleep last night. As is his usual thing now, SV got in bed with me after I got up to pee and he went to sleep. So did I. I dreamed of Barb and her husband, Paul, who passed probably ten years ago. He was like a brother to me. It was great having him next door when I needed something. He could do anything. Claudia and I texted last evening. Nancy went over to her DD's farm. I watched an Amazon Prime original movie that was so good--The Aeronauts. It's based on a true store. The scenery was amazing and there was lots of death defying action.

Both DD's called yesterday afternoon and I talked to DGS too. He's sooo grown up even though he is only 14. His voice is deep, probably because he's so tall. His growth spurt has made his ankles and knees unstable so DD is taking him to the guy who is helping her. He's the one who works for athletes in the Olympics. They are sending me something that sounds like it's tech. He said to text him if I have trouble setting it up. Hmmm. They all had dinner the night before with my ex. They had a good time and talked about the good times they had at Christmas as kids. My ex called and said he had been at the ER with very high BP the night before. He showed DD his lab work and his kidneys are not filtering out debris and toxins. The doc never mentioned it. The took him off his Metformin because it was messing up his sugar. He is unstable and DD says he's not really okay. It's just sad.

Rock, I laugh every time I think of that Car of Fools cartoon. My kids and I found it useful to apply to people driving poorly. That's a funny story about the 'great bank robbery that wasn't. Not sure I agree with Dave Barry. With our foibles as we age, sixty and seventy can be quite funny. The trick is to learn to laugh at oneself. I'm laughing all day. We all see older people and think that will never happen to us and yet it does. I look at my hands covered with raised veins and age spots and I see my Mom's hands. I'm even starting to look like her. I can't remember nuttin' and I have to do an inventory before leaving the condo. I once forgot my credit cards and had to leave my groceries at Publix and come home to get it. The youngsters working there were probably thinking that will never happen to them. And so it goes...

Julie, that's quite a trick, snoring and sleeping sitting up. That's a nice idea at the chiro's office. I often open magazines only to see pages ripped out. If the magazine were one the office subscribed to, I would have asked whether I could swap it out but, since it was one dropped off by a patient and it was old, I figured it was okay. The appointment was at the end of the day and the staff looked as though they didn't care about anything except getting home. My heart goes out to people who have to work so hard. I am thankful every day that I no longer have to do that. Glad you had such a nice Christmas. Back in the day all we had to worry about was having enough batteries. Now it's about setting all the tech stuff up. Progress!

Spring, my half-brother had reached out some time back and I did respond to him but kept my response a bit careful. It was more in the spirit of giving him information that I don't think he had in terms of dates and how things played out all those years ago. He just came on so strongly all about having a sister that he alarmed me a bit. It was after that that I had my big epiphany about forgiveness with both my biological father and my ex. I no longer feel I have to protect my heart against pain. He is soooo excited that I sent the Christmas e-card and told me all about his kids. He said having a sister is a blessing. OMG! He wants to give my email address to his brothers and I'll tell him it is okay. I still don't want to set up a meeting but I'll correspond with them. Thank for your usual kind and insightful words. I've seen those staircases on TV and they are very pretty. The second floor in our house had a loft that looked down on the living room. That's where I had my computer on a big antique desk. I loved being up there. It was like a nest or Jo's attic in Little Women. It's nice to see the festivities of other religions. I'm glad there are Christmas celebrations going on there. I always like it when Hanukkah starts. My last condo in Denver was in the neighborhood where the Jewish temple stood. They had a huge menorah outside and I loved seeing it each night on my way home. Thanks again for your sweet input. I'm laughing thinking about your watching all that blood and gore.

I'm late getting started this morning with no direction and no motivation. It's days like this that I just have to do something, anything so that I don't feel like a lump. I hope everydobby has a wonderful day of recovery from the Christmas madness.

Love, Mikie


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Dear Ones,

Just wanted to pop in for a few minutes before fixing lunch. Just wanted to tell you I was thinking of you all and our family had a great time meeting at DS's home. Even DCD was there and seems to be much more with it. Guessing also they may have changed her meds or the dosages. We ate to much food and the fruit bowl was good but took a little bit home. Even DH said he didn't take a lot of fruit cause there was so much there. Everyone brought something and DSIL made so much BRUNCH to begin with.. If and when I come back today I would love to give yo the line up of what she was serving- like a restaurant. We even took some pics afterwards.

Glad everyone had a nice time even if it was just sleeping and reading (dear ROCK)!! Yes it is sad for people with not family or friends to share with and those who cannot get home due to work and taking care of others.

DH needs the computer. TTYAL.

Granni :D


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I did my PT and my shoulder is hurting. There is still one exercise I can't do without almost crying. The same thing happened last time. Took a long time before I could do it.

Granni, sooo glad you all had such a good time and had so much good food. Wish I could say the same thing about our brunch at the party but it wasn't food to my liking. There were stuffed peppers and mac and cheese, neither of which interested me. There was something else I didn't recognize. Oh well, there was wine. So glad DD is doing so well. That is a miracle and I pray it continues.

Joe, Claudia and I don't have family here but we are blessed with friends. Highlight of my day was talking with my kids. We all hate it that I'm down here away from them. I miss them so much. I'm happy for you and everyone else who gets to spend Christmas with family.

Love, hugs and prayers for all our Dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie


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Good afternoon...trying to prioritize what's left of my day. Took such a long nap yesterday, I couldn't get to sleep till after 2:00 am...then slept till 9:00 this morning, lol! So far I have strained my kefir grains and got a new batch going, fixed Den's breakfast, took Oreo for a walk around one of our fields (for her and my benefit, both ;).) Had just returned to the house when a horse and buggy pulled up...two of the Amish neighbor boys (from the family I took the salad to on Monday) with a still warm pecan pie and some homemade candy. Of course, Den and I had to have a piece of pie right away...yum!

I made an appointment for the far away chiro for next Thursday...he is about an hour away from where Keira's dad lives. It will work out for me to pick her up from there after my appointment and bring her home with me...then nobody else has to travel to get her and she can get home in time to "regroup and recharge" before their school resumes on the 6th....and even have time to stay with us a day or two. Not sure when she's going to her dad's...I'll let Amy and them figure that out.

Granni, I would love to hear what all you guys had for brunch...nice to get different ideas to try. I was pleasantly surprised that the watermelon (bought out of season for nearly $7.00!) turned out to be pretty good. It was worth taking the chance because of the ones who love it so much :) I took other fruit, too...but most of it was "in season" so not as expensive. Glad to hear DCD is doing so well. Clinton's daughter (Miley's mom) continues to make progress as well...she is staying with Amy and Clinton and is making great strides in getting back on her feet.

Mikie, sorry the PT is so painful...glad you can look back on previous experience and know what works and what doesn't. I'm guessing that some day some or all of your kiddos will be closer to you, even if it's just part time "vacation homes" or whatever. But you do keep in touch, so that is a great thing.

Guess I'll head over to my parents' mobile home and do some more "purging". I could take this weather all winter long...cold enough the grass isn't growing, but nice enough to be out and about. Today is a little colder, so we need to at least wear coats, lol...but not bad at all. 36 degrees right now...not sure we're going to make our high of 48....cloudy and damp outside right now.

Take care, everyone...


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Hi Y'all.

I am recovering from being driven mad by the computer --- to the Xanax point. Y-day, that was. Still working out a few flaws but it seems fixed. I lost everything, including my mind. Just getting it back.... slowly.

Love you All,


Hi, Kids,

One last check for spammers. Seem to have gotten rid of them earlier today. I hope so. Robo calls are on the rise too. DSIL upgraded our service with Verizon and it now identifies robo calls so I can ignore them. I got one that left a message. I listened and it was something about the govt. serving me with fraud charges. If that were the case, I imagine they wouldn't be notifying me with a robo call. I can see where they scare people. Yikes! The news said a lot of them claimed to be from Social Security.

Julie, glad the melon was good. Berries are pretty cheap here right now and I've been eating a lot of them. The black berries are huge and so sweet. Mmmmm, pecan pie and candy. Yummm! Haven't heard you mention the renegade cow so I hope all is well there. I didn't realize Miley's Mom was having problems. I'll keep her in my prayers along with Granni's DD. My next purging will be my clothes. I had piled some up on a parson's bench in my bedroom. SV misses me when I'm gone. When I came home from the party and took off my leggings, I lay them on the bench. I couldn't find him and went into my bedroom and there he was, sleeping on top of them. Just what black leggings need--a cat to shed all over them. As it is, half my clothes look like angora. One set of kids say they will be moving when Andy graduates from HS. They like it better on the East Coast. They loved Atlanta but there is no hub there for Southwest Airlines so DSIL would have to find another place. Who knows where we will all wind up. Other kids love Galveston but doubt they would leave the Denver area permanently. DSIL's Mom needs them; she isn't 100 percent. I just hope I can live independently for the duration. Glad you have a good chiro.

Oh, Barry, I'm so sorry. Glad you didn't have to call the priest for an exorcism but that's sooo infuriating and exhausting having to deal with a computer that refuses to cooperate and is possessed. Hope you can come back soon.

I have been wanting to buy a Bible for some time. I finally gave up on them from Amazon because it seems they have part of the print in red. I was gonna stop in at Barnes & Noble but never had the NRG to add that store to my shopping trips. Finally, I downloaded the King James version to my Kindle. I was reading it and fell into a deep, deep sleep. I need that for healing for my shoulder. It was free and I like that.

We are again gaining minutes each day. In a month, we will have significantly more daylight. There is a movement in FL to have Daylight Saving Time all year but it's a big deal to do that. Seems there was a solar eclipse on Christmas but we couldn't see it here. The photographs were beautiful. It showed a green ring around the moon. Hope it's an omen for better times. Wishing better times for all our Dear Porchies. Have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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So sorry so late again. I made pea soup and cornbread this afternoon so my back is driving me nuts of course. I just got on the computer and I need to go and fix the soup, tc for DH. I wouldn't need to eat right away but DH is an early bird when it comes to eating esp dinner. Maybe I will get back on here after dinner but it doesn't always happen. So many little things to get ready for the next day and take shower, etc.

We had roasted potatoes that DD #2 or her husband made ( he;s the cook), DD#4 made asparagus bundles with bacon ( first time ever) but they were OK. Actually her DH is the big cook but her DH probably didn;t want to do it and wanted her to do it for change. I made the fruit bowl of course, and DD#1 and her DH brought healthy bagels with cream cheese and salmon. DDIL made so much stuff, gingerbread waffles fresh, great with the fruit, some kind of German pancake, stuffed pork loin, DD#1 also brought pumpkin pies for dessert also with the fruit and there was some kind of chocolate roll ups or something. Not sure what they were but they were big and I was stuffed like a pig. I may have left a few things out. There was so much, Oh, there was some kind of apple biscuits with cinnamon with or without glaze.. When you walked into the house I smelled the cinnamon on those biscuits. I had one of those and a small piece of pumpkin pie for dessert, DS was a big help to DDS. He even picked up DCD at her appt which saved her a lot as well as brought her home. He is so sweet !!

MOre later. I need to go feed DH :)!!!!

Granni :D