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PORCH 1175 IS NOW CLOSED (12/27/19)

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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

This will be the last Porch in 2019. I hope we all wind up the year in fine fettle and that next year is better than this one. We can all use a break in one way or another.

Granni, that meal sounds delish. So glad DS is so kind and sweet, especially to your DD. She can use all the help she can get on her way toward good health. I will never give up praying for her that she continues to improve. Your DH is like me. I don't want to eat too late in the evening. I think it's because of the acid reflux. Glad y'all had a good time.

We are expected to have another cloudy day with scattered showers. We get so little rain, if any, out of the deal that it's not worth the dreary sky. Oh well, I feel so rotten with this painful shoulder that I'm not really missing anything outside. Whine, whine, whine! Hope all y'all have a great wind up to the week.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Folks

Mikie, is that a greeting card or a vision chart you posted? Is there nothing else that can be done for
your shoulder? Are you taking pain pills; gentle exercise; anything else? I ran across Andy's pic
when I was trying to find the current site. A great pic. Tell him to hang on to it. I only have one
good pic despite many more that were taken over the decades.

Our computer has a new trick. It now refuses to produce sound. Speech, music, special effects.
Whatever you want you can't have.

Going back to bed. Still reading my library book on Bette Davis. Here's some info on how to tell
an A movie from a B movie. B movies are shorter; have no or maybe one big star; do not have
many closeups. That last one is because it takes time to arrange closeups. Studios did not want
to waste time on a B movie.

I think As and Bs are terms not used much anymore. Movies cost so much now that they are all As. Every studio wants to make all it's movies another Harry Potter or Star Wars or Jurassic Park or GWTW.

Cheers, Rock


Hi, Rock,

Thanks for asking--if I end up seeing an orthopedist, he might give me a shot to ease the inflammation. That, like the ibuprophen, is just a bandaid. The PT exercises are what matter if it is an impingement and not a tear of the rotator cuff. It took weeks last time for it to improve significantly. It is better but you know me--I'm a whiner. The worst part is how the chronic pain drags me down and affects me mentally. I just feel lethargic and uninspired. There are people suffering from worser things.

There are buttons at the top of most computer keyboards that silence the sound. If one gets tapped accidently, there will be no audio. On some computers, they work when pressed with the fn button often located at the bottom left of the keypad. Usually when weird things happen to my computer, it's because I accidently pressed one of these crazy buttons/keys. Ask Gordon; he probably can find out what is amiss.

Thanks for you kind words about Andy. The kid seldom takes a bad pic. I seldom take a good one. He told me on Christmas that he's putting my check toward getting a car. He has a year and a half before he can drive so he's obviously got a lot of saving to do. I'm betting the kids will get one for him. We did for both girls because we didn't want them driving some unsafe piece of junk. They both took their driving tests for their licenses in my Corvette. Probably scared the tester half to death. He had a dangerous job as it was. We went down to a small town south of Denver where the traffic wasn't so bad. My Vette was an automatic but they both knew how to drive stick shifts. When kids drive, the worrying really starts.

I think there are still lousy movies being made but they are made by some of the streaming services like Prime, HULU and Netflix. Not all their movies are bad but they make some really lousy one and series as well. Of course, they are not being made for people like me; they are being made for 14 year old kids.

I just saw on TV that fasting is so good for a body. I tried the vegetable fast and couldn't make it all day. I may give the 16/8 fast a go. You fast for 16 hours and eat healthy for 8. You can do this once a week, twice a week or every day, whatever works. I may try it because I stop eating early in the afternoon or evening. Sleep counts as part of the 16 hrs. Four p.m. to 4 a.m. is 12 hours so that by 8 a.m. I could have breakfast. If it doesn't work, that's okay. People use it to lose weight but there are other health benefits.

Hope you get your sound back.

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Madame M. I hope I get my sound back too. Otherwise we will have No Sound And The Fury.
Gordon couldn't get it fixed. Don't know if he asked Henry to look at it. Henry has hardly been
here; spending his time at work and with his relatives.


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Hi guys...thanks for the new porch, Mikie! I'm anticipating that 2020 will be a great year...actually, other than losing my dad, 2019 was pretty darn good, too. I'm the same way when sick or in pain...it starts to get to me. Must be exciting for Andy, and a little scary for Mom and Dad...that he'll be driving before long :):eek: I taught my girls to drive on a stick shift, also, but I think they took their tests on automatics, too.

Rock, these darn computers! I'm sure you've checked, but sometimes I don't realize that one of us has turned down the separate speakers that are attached to our desk top computer. Hope someone can figure it out soon.

Barry, hope your computer behaves from now on, too...

I went to bed early last night (shortly after 10:00) and actually fell asleep fairly easily and slept all night. I think I'm getting (or already have) a sinus/ear problem...hope not infection, but I think I can take care of it without going to the doctor. Still got up later than planned (woke early, but kept dozing for another hour or so.) It has occurred to me that I might be "herxing" from drinking the water kefir...one of my research websites said that happens to some people. Along with intestinal "distress", but just need to "back off" and not consume so much at a time/per day, etc.

Needed to get up and put some sourdough things in the oven...last night I had started a batch of doughnuts and a batch of blueberry muffins. As with a lot of sourdough recipes, you mix some of the ingredients, then let it "sleep" for a few hours or overnight, then the next morning you add the remaining ingredients and bake.

The doughnuts were baked (not fried) and turned out pretty good. The muffins were blueberry and I haven't tasted them yet. In between baking, I was also fixing breakfast (fried eggs and chicken sausage links.) I put a couple doughnuts on Den's plate and he grabbed some more (said his "ratio of eggs to bread was off", so he needed more doughnuts, lol!) Well, both recipes were more healthy than lots of things (honey, instead of sugar, etc. and the sourdough is better for us, anyway.)

I think I'll just empty and reload the dishwasher (where do all those dirty dishes come from, anyway, lol!) And go back to bed for a bit...after I snort some saline water and colloidal silver up my nose. That sounds lovely, doesn't it ;) I'm glad I've been taking "Goodwill" things to Lorene to go through first. Some of the items are still in original packaging and they are going to "regift" them to family and friends for Christmas.

The Amish do exchange Christmas, birthday, etc. gifts, but don't get as carried away as some people (no electronics, fancy electric appliances, etc., etc.) I'm sure some still go overboard, but you get the idea. Anyway, some of the things I'm getting rid of...can't even remember if they originated from my parents, the girls, me or ??? We've all been storing things in the mobile home, but everyone has retrieved anything they want, so the rest is going to good homes if worth saving. Otherwise, it's trash...each time I go over there now, I'm pleasantly reminded of how little is left compared to what I started with...and now there's room to put some of the things from the shop that Den may use later, but doesn't need in the way right now. There is a method to my madness, lol...sometimes I confuse myself, though :D

Hi to everyone I've missed...take care!


Hi, Kids,

I'm watching Dr. Oz doing an infomercial disguised as medical advice on his show. I really think it's questionable for him to do this. He should claim that the product is a sponsor. I forgot to mention that I had a scary nightmare very early this morning. There were two men, strangers, who were trying to kill me. We were in a building, like an empty school. I managed to dodge them but finally, one pulled a gun and there was nothing left to do but run. I figured if I screamed bloody murder that someone in the building might come to my rescue. I woke in a panic and was screaming. Poor little SV. He came running to the door but wouldn't come in. Fortunately, he knows what, "It's OK," means. Still, he stayed outside the door and didn't get into bed with me as he usually does. I can't blame him.

The other thing I forgot to mention is that DD said taking Metformin and acid reducers can cause people to have diminished vitamin B-12 in their systems. I don't take Metformin but ex did; they took him off of it. I do take the generic Zantac for my acid reflux. I'm taking more B-12 to see whether it will help with my fatigue. We got a bit of rain from all those clouds and it's sunny out now. There are people downstairs so the Canadians must be here. I think the whole family uses the condo so don't know who is here. As far as I have been able to tell, they aren't trying to rent it out short term, which is against the rules.

Julie, glad you got some extra sleep. I taught the girls to do a double-clutch downshift and it served them well. DSIL was going to Hawaii for his two week stint with the Marine Reserves. He was going to have to drive one of those big troop trucks and it was a stick. DD taught him how to drive a stick in her car. It saved the day. Hope you're not getting an ear/sinus infection. The colloidal silver should help. If I were there, I'd help you eat all those goodies. Yummm! Doesn't it feel good to get things cleaned out? I am getting ready to go through all my clothes and weed them out. I really got rid of a lot of things from that armoire and am ready to move on to the clothes. SV has decided he should sleep on things I have on the parson's bench in the bedroom. I keep throwing him off. Yes, I have a method too and I also get confused. It doesn't take much to confuse me these days. Doh!

Rock, there are sometimes buttons on the sides of computers that control the volume in addition to the ones I mentioned on the keyboard. That is, on laptops. Sooo many ways for computers to sabotage us. I hope Henry can help. The toolbar at the top of the page will disappear on mine and then reappear for no apparent reason. The watch does things like that on its own. Spooky! One day I was talking to DD and my iPad started talking. It had been asleep. I worry about being hacked. We need better ways to keep hackers out of our stuff. Good luck. When my neighbor, Amy, stopped in with her little boy who is five, he started a conversation with Alexa. She said he loves talking to her.

Kristin Chenoweth was on Dr. Oz which is why I wanted to watch. The teaser said she had some kind of disease and I wanted to know whether it was something that affects us. She has Meniere's Disease and asthma. As is so often the case, when we read symptoms of diseases, we could almost make the case for having it. I do have some of the more severe symptoms but don't really believe I have it. It could 'splain my lack of balance, tinnitus and falls though. Most of us have more than one condition and we pick up more as we age. I have gotten three of my conditions ten years apart and it's been ten years since I got the Sjogren's. I'm determined not to get anything else. Enough is enough!

Hope all y'all are having a good end of the week.

Love, Mikie



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Greetings, Greetings

Julie, the word Kefir looked familiar. All I could think of though was the Middle East. Looked it up.
When was that form of yogurt popular? 20 years ago? Haven't had a home made donut for
yonks. The lady next door when I was a kid made excellent ones. My safety conscious mother never made donuts. A pan of hot oil in a house with multiple kids was just too dangerous.

Mikie, Thanks for the computer info. To the surprise of both of us, Gordon fixed the computer so
we now have sound. Ta Da !! Gordon just got back from the library. We only had one book to
pick up; it is for Gordon. But I still have some on hold. Yes, it's funny about kids. Sometimes they
just fall in love with stuff. Trains or a computer game or billy goats, etc. I think I read a novel
where it was the deceased father's surf board.

With regard to Kristin Chenoweth I can't remember anything about her at all. Singer, actor,
some sort of performer? Meniere's disease I used to know. Not any more. Pretty soon what
I've forgotten will be bigger than what I remember. Well, probably now is.

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Dear Ones,

JUst some good new for now.. Went bright and early to the DH's urologist and after talking to the doc, he had the biopsy report of the tumors and had his urine sample and spoke of how good everything looked right now, no invasion anywhere so he said come back in 6 months. Wish I knew of something for sure that he could take in between that would help. So we will see if they come back in 6 months or now. I guess the dr was looking for certain markers that would indicate he needed to have other Rx. We had to get up so very early for the 8 :00 apt which was all he had left.

MIKIE - So sorry about that awful nightmare? Do you know what may cause them to come up? If I ever dream I never remember them. Maybe that is good. You are right that we do not need any more problems or symptoms and still trying to find out my extra problems.. I do like the rheumy but he goes a lot by blood work and I have to go to the lab a week before the appt to get them done. What a pain.

ROCK - Glad that your computer is working now. Hope it continues. Right now it is our printer that seems to go crazy esp when off line. Have to keep removing the plug all the time. Sometimes that works, with the computer and the printer, the plug you pull is the one that is having the problem. Drives me nuts.

JULIE - I see you are as busy as ever. I have had kefir before it is sort of like more liquidy yogurt, I believe. What I had tasted pretty good but you have to like sort of sour stuff. We also eat sour dough bread but wish I had some fresh homemade like yours. Sorry, no NRG for that. Lucky to get to the store to buy it. Right now I am also in the midst of cooking chicken for DH. Going out to lunch with two close DDs. One of them had her birthday the middle of December but we never could get to go and she works so rather impossible. Glad you got some extra sleep . Hope I get some tomorrow. I am not sued to getting up at almost 5:30 unless it is an emergency. However, had to get to the doc for the post op check.

Sorry if I missed anyone. Hope everyone is recovering nicely from their Christmas or whatever this week.
Hi also to SPRING, BARRY, STAR, and SUN if she can still see us. Hugz to awl !!

Gotta go finish up dinner.

Love you all,
Granni :D


Hi, Kids,

Looking forward to going to bed. It's my favorite thing any night but I've been especially exhausted lately. I'm happy cause Claudia has an appt. to see her doc's nurse to get a referral to a cardiologist. They will likely put a monitor on her to see whether there are more irregular heartbeats. The surgery may have been a blessing in disguise to have found the irregular EKG. I was afraid she would ignore it but she is taking care of it. Good!

Today wasn't a total loss. I did two big loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen countertops all the way back to the backsplash. I need to clean the glass stove top but will wait until I brown some Brussels Sprouts in the bacon grease. I fried some and had it with eggs and toast for lunch.

I just got a text from an 888 number that I don't recognize and a 'local' number I don't recognize. It wants me to respond and follow the tips. I think it's a scam and am having nothing to do with it. I am so cynical that I don't trust anything unless I know the person involved. What a sad state of affairs.

Julie, all your talk of donuts and muffins made me hungry so I threw a Meyer Lemon cake mix in the bread machine. It's cooling on the rack now. Gonna have a slice after I put the glaze on it. It's sooo tart and sooo sweet. Mmmm! Another appliance I give thanks for every time I use it--my beloved bread machine. I hate to turn on the big oven.

Granni, so nice to be able to have lunch with DD's. Wish I had a magic wand to wave and be in Denver to see my girls. Well, maybe not tonight; they are getting snow. I am sooo happy for your good news from the doc. That is wonderful. Let's hope and pray it continues. I don't know what causes bad dreams. I often have frustrating dreams where I'm looking for something and can't find it. Those signal frustration in waking life. I'm not afraid of violence so have no idea what caused the nightmare. I very seldom have them. Get some good sleep, Dear One.

Rock, so glad Gordon fixed the computer. Now it's safe and sound. Kristen Chenoweth is a Broadway star but is now in a movie on the Hallmark Channel. She has been on TV shows too. She's perky to the max and so animated that she makes me tired. I can only take so much of her. Oh, she sings too. She was on the PBS Christmas Show from Vienna. The gowns she wore were breathtaking. I think it's Barry that drinks Kefir. I tried it once and after one sip I had to throw it out, gagging all the way. There is only so much I can take even in the name of good gut health. Easier to take a probiotic even if it's not as good as real food. So on that sour note, I'll bid you adieu.

Gonna go check the cake that's calling my name. It's saying, "Hey, Fatso, come have a slice."

Love, Mikie



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Hello from this side

Early morning, sun coming up, haze is still there, but the sun is managing to shine through and warming things up a bit. Everyone is feeling the cold now. Except little kids, of course. They still come out onto streets and play ball, and horse around and scream and shout. i suppose they have some sort of built in cold diffuser. The smaller shopkeepers get hold of old furniture, wood, logs and light fires and then groups of people huddle around it. Its a typical winter scene here in December.

Mikie - thats funny, i had a nightmare the morning before yesterday. wee hours. I was buying fruit and then a gigantic black hand clutched me around the shoulders and middle. Because im used to nightmares, (ive had them when i was in my twenties,) i recognized it immediately. Although i never experienced one like this before. Well, for me personally, itsnot somuch a nightmare as some sort of energy attacking. However, didnt last long, five seconds? i pray constantly so i guess that helps. My healer friend said she had a nightmare a while back and it surprised the heck out of her because she never had that kind before. She couldnt recognize her own voice while shouting because it came out sounding like a tape recorder on slow. Lol! We laughed like crazy while she was describing it.

Poor SV. hahaha. your shouting mustve have scared one of his nine lives out of his furry skin.

I used to keep a bible, yes, like you King James version, open on The Lord is my Shepherd, in my room but its got misplaced while cleaning.

Your neighbourhood is so bustling, people coming and going all the time. I think its good in a way. Keeps one from getting too antisocial. Our neighbour here is renovating his house and 5here are workmen banging all day long. ive gotten used to it.

Granni - that luncheon was quite something, all that mouthwatering food! The only thing to do is strictly ration out a little bit of each food and nibble. So one doesnt overeat. Its what i do when Im faced with a table full of tempting dishes. I have to watch my stomach and be stern with the glutton inside me. i love eating.

so good to hear that the reports came back good.

Barry - sorry to hear your computer acted up. Good to know you got it under control. Come by again and stay awhile soon.

Rock - i was laughing about the computer refusing to speak. What next. Your mum was wise. Hot oil and lots of kids dont go well together. My younger brother scalded his hand in hot oil when he was eight. He was heating something. Tipped the pot over. luckily, the govt hospital was some 10 minutes walk away, through a patch of woods & over the hill. It was easy for father to take himfor dressing every day. Our home remedy those days used to be to slather butter liberally over the burn. Since we used kerosene stoves, its a wonder he didnt tip that over.

Sun - hope you are well and will come by soon.

i and DH attended a wedding yesterday evening. its what i hate to do on cold December evenings but it wasnt too bad. it was quite close. And the hall was warm. it was these high flying bankers and such like whom i only pass the time of the day with or make polite noises to, and had settled myself into a sofa in a corner when i espied a school friend, she was in her last year when i was in kindergarten but my brother was her brothers ward in hostel. She sells artifacts, rugs etc. She came over since she was alone. and we spent the time 5ogether while my DH did his thing. Flitting from group to group.

The food was really good. and so was the dessert. There was every kind, From tortes to tiramisu to indian sweets. We dropped off my friend to her place and she was very jovial on the way, singing the songs she sang as a choir member in our school, and a Spanish song.

She was really good! So good i wish i could go over to her place and listen properly and for a long time. i love music and envy those who can sing in tune and have good voices. Since she left in 1970, thats quite a memory! My DH who has been raised onthe mantra, ‘women are seen, not heard’ was so astounded he sat very still inthe front seat with our driver he had called for the ride..And no wonder, my friend looks like a typical Tibetan lady, hair tied up in a bun, long dark Tibetan attire. She is single. i dont know what the driver thought, probably that she was high. But she hadnt drunk. She was having hot lemon.

she was saying she had to wake up at two am and make batches of Tibetan meat dumplings someone had ordered. does it as a side business and i was marvelling at her energy. She was the one inviting me to salsa dance classes once when i bumped into her. Quite the lady.

God bless
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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Again, I slept well and last night; I had no nightmares. I usually don't have them. My last dream was that I owned a clothing co. and I was shopping our things. It was fun. I often remember the last dream of the night. SV climbed into bed with me early this morning so my screaming in my sleep evidently didn't deter him permanently. He's been sleeping more since his anesthesia. Gonna mention it to the vet on Monday. I hate having to trick him into his carrier and haul him in. I hate having to go to the doc and dentist myself. I'm just old and don't want to do anything.

Spring, how nice you got to go to the wedding and see your old friend. The serenade on the way home was just icing on the cake. I'm laughing at what the men must have been thinking. I pray all the time too and don't worry too much about evil or negative energy because I invoke the protection of the Lord, angles, saints, departed loved ones and archangels. When dark thoughts pass through me, I say, "Satan begone!" I heard that from a TV preacher, Joyce Meyers. It works for me. Yes, there is always something going on in the hood. It's the perfect mix of privacy in our own condos but friendliness when we walk out the front door. The new people in our bldg. who haven't moved in yet are having work done on their condo. I think the same guy who put in the new kitchen downstairs is doing it. They already put in a new A/C unit. I pray over my A/C unit that it keeps on running. Same for my W&D and hot water heater. I am so grateful for all the help with housework because otherwise, it would be very difficult for me. The nice thing about my Kindle is that I can electronically bookmark pages with passages in the Bible that I might want to read or look up again. Certain things have comforted me over the years. Sorry it's so cold there. We are unusually hot here. I've decided that I'm definitely going to make a donation to the Environmental Defense Fund. Stay warm, dear one.

Barry, my friend, I hope the computer is working and you can drop in soon. Did you get any snow from that big storm? It moved east and dumped snow on my kids in Denver. Of course, they are used to it. It will eventually cause our temps to drop down into what would be our normal temps for this time of year instead of this heat wave we have been in for what seems like forever. It's not just the heat but our rainfall is completely different than it used to be. The hurricanes are bigger and more destructive.

I had a piece of the lemon pound cake for breakfast. I'll have something healthier later. Gotta get back to eating better. Hope everydobby has a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie

Just opened an email that our utility co. will be withdrawing $39.56 for last month's utilities. Wish it were that cheap all year long. Even with my A/C running nonstop, it's usually less than $90.00.

Star, I see your footprints on the Porch. Hope you can stop to update us on all things Down Under.
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Hi All.

It seems strange to be reading about the cold and snow while everywhere here seems to be on one alert or another.Sweltering away.
I thought where we used to live was a fire worry, but it seems any where there's bush and hot weather= is all you need.
Our local oval is littered with tents where about 2 hundred firies are camped.
I adjusted/ updated my mobile emergency app so I can get early alerts on surrounds.

Dd bought her 1st car yesterday.she got it for $3500, after some haggling over the internet.We travelled about an hr away to get it and submit all nec paperwork to transfer it. Then she went back to work.
As she is only 16 I had to sign a stat dec stating that I would temporarily hv it in my name and transfer it to her at 17.
In Victoria you can't get your license until you've done 170hrs of learner driving and are 18, before sitting the test.
Much easier in other states.
Her car is a manual.
I drive an auto, due to health/physical issues and she's done quite a few hrs in the auto just to get a feel for the road etc.
Her little car is a beauty and I am jealous that she has cruise control.I am soooo glad she has a nice, practical car. (It can lay down so she can sleep in too, it if nec).

I didn't get to my friend's funeral.We'd only just got home from camping over Christmas and although Dh offered to drive, I was too exhausted as it was from Christmas and all that camping involves.Never mind all the sitting and rigidity required for the drive, funeral service and return...and the Emotional toll...
I feel sad I didn't get there, but I will stop in to see where she's buried the next time we pass through that town.
I know I would've been a wreck.
I messaged her daughter and shared with her how proud her mother was of her and their little family...she seemed to appreciate my words.
I am still in a state of shock I guess.
It's like you said Spring, it's hard to accept that I will never see her again.Yes, I too had sent her a Christmas card she wouldn't receive.
I only hv one other Close friend like that and I am very concerned about her.She's the one who had her money stolen by her grand son.Gee, they are really doing a number on her.Playing to her need for family.Really manipulative and all she does now is make excuses for them...It's difficult to know what to do.He still hasn't paid her back yet eigther, but now I think I must step back.

Sorry your shoulder is giving you such grief Mikie.Glad you got to go out after all and had a lengthy chin wag on the phone with your friend.how do you think Andy hv will feel moving again?

Barry, time to dig up some spuds tomorrow and maybe rig up some shade cloth or even old sheets to provide cover for our salad greens, at least. as always something to be done in the garden.

Rock, was it Tony Curtus in the Great Race?
It must be really annoying not being able to chomp down on something hearty.I find it bad enough having to remember to chew only on my right side.

Granni, great news about Dh's test results! What a relief.

Sun, miss you.please come back.

Julie, this Christmas mil & partner decided to go on a cruise instead of hv it with us.It cost somewhere between $10 000 & $20 000. (Inheritance) Singapore I think.
Anyway, she says money is tight, but they will be over in Feb for late Christmas.
We got her one of those vapourisers that seem to be like an over sized oil burner...but I hv no clue what else to get her.
Dh got him a nice fishing reel.
Any ideas? Last yr we got her a solar bird bath. It seems they hv all they could ever want...but some ideas would be fantastic.

This time we had a simple bbq Christmas with Dh's Dad and wife. (Chinese & a bit rude & fussy), but I hv learnt to ignore any rude comments. It was waaaay less stressful than when we hv Dh's mum.
Sad hey?

New years eve imn the next town has rides and show stalls etc, so Treasures look forward to that.I of course still feel the magic of the fire works marking the end of one yr and the opening of a new chapter/decade.

Anyway, gettin' double vision,just after 1am, so will wish you all Sweet dreams.

Take care All Porchies
Catch yas Later


Hi, Star,

Glad you could drop in. I know how busy it is when raising a family. How close are any fires to you? That's scary. Even down here in the subtropics, brush fires are a danger. We lose thousands of acres to them. Wow! It's a big deal when kids get their first cars. Glad DD got a good one. I have never liked cruise control. Perhaps it's because on our freeways, traffic is bumper to bumper at 80 mph and I like controlling things myself. Wish it weren't so easy to get drivers licenses for kids. They all play computer games and drive like they are competing in a game.

I'm so sorry about missing your friend's funeral but I think you made a wise decision. You are right--the physical toll on your body would be bad enough but the stress would be even worse. My Mom had to miss her brother's funeral because neither of us was up to going. I'm glad your kind words were a comfort to your friend's daughter. That probably meant the most to her.

I talked with DD's and Andy on Christmas. The kids will stay put until he goes to college. My ex also called and chatted for just a bit. I could do without talking to him at all but we have a civil relationship and it seems to mean something to him. I just try to keep the drama to a minimum. Again, stress is the worst thing for us. If it keeps peace in the family, it's better for the kids too. Divorce sucks!

All that fussing over what to give is why our family makes donations. It might not be for everyone but it certainly simplifies things and it's a win for the charities. I hope the New Year is a new start to a better decade for all of us. The year adds up to 4, the most spiritual number, according to numerologists, so perhaps it will be a good year. Stay safe from those fires, Sweetie.

Love, Mikie


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Julie, I've never heard of water kefir before. I take it you are lactose-intolerant, eh? I drink kefir every day or so with my p-b sandwich for lunch. I get the regular milk kefir, organic, flavoured (peach, blueberry, etc,), been drinking it for years. Good luck with your de-cluttering! Sounds like your doing a swell job. I must declutter --- books, books, and more books...:rolleyes: . And I so LOVE my books. No Kindle for me, although Amazon wants me to buy one! :cool:

Mikie, I took anti-acids for many years per my docs' orders. He had done an endoscopy and thought he could see the possible beginnings of Barrett's esophagus, and so put me on Prevacid. I took it for so long that I got a methyl-malonic block (couldn't absorb vit. B, so had to inject myself B12 for years), even after finally being taken off it (after another endoscopy -- "all is well, you can stop taking your Proton Pump Inhibiter"). My neurologist took me off the cyanocobalin shots, and told me to take sub-lingual methyl-B12 daily, which I have been doing faithfully.
Hey Mikie, try some flavoured kefir...:p Richard don't drink it either! YAY! It's ALL mine!:p:p

Granni, I'm so glad your DH's results from his urologist were good! Such a relief for you both.

Spring, it seems you had a good time at the high rollers wedding party, and met up with an old aquaintance. Good converations, food, and riding home while she sang and your DH was rigid with mortification!:D Made me laugh.

Mikie, reading another post of yours. Are you MAD! Of course it didn't snow here. Just water, fog, drizzle, and chill. Not much sun at all. I miss Sun so much...

STAR! Here you are! I've been thinking a lot and reading a lot about the terrible bush fires in Australia. I feel so bad for the poor little koalas since they are such slow movers. Keep cool and safe my dear, and enjoy your spuds! New Year's Eve fireworks? I would think that they would be banned during this climate disaster...:eek::rolleyes:

Rock, what is G reading? I am stuck in London, 178 A.D. Or Londinium as it was called by the Romans. So different from modern London..... needless to say, but I said it anyway. You sure read a lot of biographies, doncha?

I'm typed out, pooped, tired, exhausted, disgusted by politics, and, and, and.......
Gotta stop. Computer trying to make me mad.




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Star, so good to pop on and see that you have posted. I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend, but glad you were able to encourage and comfort her daughter. I agree that it would have been rough for you to go to the funeral...I'm sure your mind and body appreciate that you didn't push yourself to attend.

As for the friend who is being taken advantage of by the grandson...shame on them! I know it's hard when there is nothing you can do, especially when the ones who are being abused make excuses. With Den's dad, it was hard for him to admit that his daughter was treating him the way she was...and it was really only when he moved in with us that he opened up to me. Den and I did what we could, but really the best thing was just to take care of him the best we could (proper diet, kind words instead of yelling, not leaving him alone to fend for himself, etc.)

I guess if I spent that much money on a cruise, money would be a little tight, too...wait, we don't even have that much to spend on a cruise, lol! Well, maybe the February visit will not be too long? I have no idea what to suggest as gifts, but am intrigued by the idea of a solar bird bath...I wonder at what temperature it would still work? Glad the time with your FIL and wife wasn't too bad.

Glad your daughter got a nice car. We helped the girls with their first vehicles, then they were on their own for licenses and insurance, etc.

Rock and anyone interested...I'm making water kefir. My Amish neighbor, Lorene, had some extra grains and shared with me. The kefir is made by fermenting water, unrefined sugar, some fruit, and the kefir grains. Just let it set for 24-48 hours, scoop out any remaining fruit (and toss it) strain the remaining water and grains...then just reuse the grains to start a new batch. You can either refrigerate the finished product right away or "double ferment" it by adding flavoring to it (if desired) and leaving it at room temperature another 12 hours.

And extra kefir can be used to water plants or gardens, poured on the compost pile, and there are lots of other uses, but I forget what they are. I just tend to it at the same time as I feed my sourdough (the sourdough actually "eats" more often, lol!) and the rest of the time it just sits on the counter. The sugar gets "used up" during the fermentation, so it is actually even okay for diabetics. Just trying to improve my gut health...but I understand it would't be for everyone. Den, for instance, doesn't care for the tangy taste, even when added to iced tea...so I don't push him to drink it.

Mikie, glad you got to visit with the kids...and good of you to "tolerate" your ex's calls. Yes, it does keep things more peaceful for the children (young or grown) when their parents can at least get along.

Barry, my computer just alerted that someone had posted...Hi there! I'm not lactose-intolerant...I love milk probably too much, lol! I buy blueberry and strawberry flavored kefir and enjoy it. Lorene just had these water kefir grains and I was curious about them...the grains multiply during each fermentation (and if you get the grain to water ratio off, the drink gets thick and syrupy) so she's been sharing the extra grains with family and neighbors :) The extra grains can also just be eaten "as is", or added to smoothies, etc. It's just a fun thing to try, I guess.

Granni, hope you had a nice lunch with your daughters...so nice to have at least some family close by, true? Mine aren't super close anymore, of course, but Amy is only two hours away if there was an emergency, etc. I think what Den enjoys most about retirement is not having to set an alarm...so I don't get woke up early now, either. We can if necessary, like on Christmas Day, but nice to sleep till our bodies wake up on their own, lol!

My facebook messenger started "blowing up" earlier...seems the girls are thinking of planning a trip to "The Ark" this summer. It's a life size replica of Noah's Ark in Kentucky...museum and lots of other things to see in the area. We told them to make the plans and just let us know when to be where, lol! Den and I have been wanting to go for quite awhile, but getting everyone together at the same time will take some planning. The kids are the ones who have other obligations to plan around, so we're just letting them work it all out.

Hi to everyone else who stops in...I'd better get back to work. Den just got up from his snooze...in time to watch a woodworking show ;) We bought a portable saw mill that you use with a chainsaw...can handle up to 3' diameter trees. Den brought a log up from his "stash" so he could try out his new toy...he wasn't even sure what kind of wood it was and it looked rotted on the outside. But turned out to be very nice walnut! He cut a couple 2" thick slabs and a few 1" slabs. Not sure how long they are...maybe 8 ft? Now I have to come up with ideas of things I would like him to make, lolol! Glad he's keeping busy and not turning into a couch potato, haha!

Take care, everyone...this year is almost "a wrap".


Hi, Kids,

Been on spam patrol off and on all day. Got rid of the usual number. Not much doing here. We are getting a gentle shower. I'll take whatever rain we can get. Think I might have mentioned that a few days ago, there was flooding over in Miami.

Barry, thanks for telling me about your experience with the PPI and vitamin B. Unfortunately, I have a hiatal hernia so will have to take something to keep from getting cancer of the esophagus from the acid. Everything we do is a trade off. Rats! Of course I'm not mad. News said it snowed in So Cal north of LA and, since I don't know exactly where you are, I always think of you when things happen. I know CA is a big place, just like FL. As long as you, Richard and the fur kids are okay, all is well.

Julie, lucky you to have all that beautiful wood and a husband to make things out of it. Is the island top done? If so, can you post a pic? Just got a text from DD with a pic of the obscene dish towel I sent DSIL hanging on the oven door handle. She said he's making bread again. That whole episode has gone down in the family annals and the story is told over and over. Her neighbors laughed so hard they cried. She showed them all the towel. Good thing their friends and neighbors are all as crazy as we are. Family trip sounds great.

The sun just came out and the rain has stopped. Our little pond is back up to the grass along the banks. I love that pond so much. The fish in it feed all the birds who stop by and even the playful little otters who visit. A beautiful osprey did a fly-by a while ago. One of the eaglets hatched but the other egg doesn't appear to be viable. So, probably one baby this year. Gonna go back to my reading. My mouth is as dry as a shag carpet, a sure sign the Sjogren's is flaring. No wonder I'm so exhausted. Ratbane, as our friend, Rock, says. Wishing everydobby a wonderful Saturday evening.

Love, Mikie


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Morning, Folks

Oops! It's no longer morning. Oh, well. What difference will it make in a hundred years?
Gordon just got back from a few errands. This place would collapse without him.

Julie, Whenever one has nice slabs of wood, the thing to make is a coffee table. Gordon just walked
by. Good thing. I couldn't think of the term "coffee table". Even more disconcerting, when I
typed "Coffee Table" I left out the table part.

I'd like to see the new Ark. Saw a short video about it. Was amazed at its size. My mother used
to read me a poem about the Ark. "The animals came two by two. The elephants and the kangaroo."


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Mikie, sorry to hear abou the hiatal hernia. I had two of them. In the same place. The second surgeon
said, "Well, I'll just make the incision in the same place. That way you'll only have one scar."

Looked for the obscene dish towel. Couldn't find it, but found something else. Can't remember
what it was. OY!!!

Guess I'll go back to bed. Hope you all have a nice (fill in the blank)._________________



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Can't stay, isn't that the usual for me. I don't get on till late. I have been on the computer for some time doing lots of other stuff, ordering and spending money. I tried to order a cute blouse from JCP and it wouldn't take my gift card of $25, so I put it on my MC - YIKES. Was on this a.m. for a few minutes just to send an email . I was busy all morning and then off to have lunch with DD;s. It was fun and had a delicious appetizer that we shared and a delicious salad with lobster in in it and a small dessert. I paid for DD;s so it was a fair amount but I don't mind once i awhile. DD just came in to tell me he was starving so I need to go whip up something of the frozen variety :)!!!

JULIE - I would love to see what Den is working on for your island. It sounds so lovely with natural wood. You are so lucky he is so talented in that way.

STAR - Glad that you survived Christmas and I do remember those days of helping the kids with cars up to a certain point. It is quite an undertaking when you have more than one kid or two or three. Some of the cars got transferred to other kids too if I do remember correctly,

BARRY - I understand about the kefir. My DH wouldn't touch it or yogurt either even the flavored ones. Some are pretty tasty.

MIKIE - Sorry about the Hiatal Hernia . Hope it is not bothering you to much. The Ark must be pretty interesting to see.

LOve to awl, Gotta go fix dinner such as it is. Have a great weekend awl !!
Granni :D


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Hi, Friends and neighbors. Mikie, Yes, Tony Curtis was in The Great Race. So was Vivian Vance.
Why do you ask? Is it available for watching? You have otters by your pool sometimes? Are
they native to Florida?

Granni, When my son was a Jr or Sr in High school I gave him my old Toyota. Gave it a new paint
job first. He was careful with it. Never had an accident. It is almost impossible to drive in LA
without having accidents. Lived in a couple small cities in Calif. They were so much better than

Spent much of the day sleeping as usual. Hope you all get a good night's sleep. Hugs, Rock