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PORCH 1175 IS NOW CLOSED (12/27/19)

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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

I didn't need nightmares to keep me up last night. About half a dozen teenagers were inside the pool enclosure being noisy about 2:30 a.m. They weren't swimming, just sitting around laughing and, of course, looking at their phones. Looked to me as though one kept lighting a lighter so they may have been doing something else too. I called the sheriff's office on the non-emergency line and they sent out a deputy to tell the kids to go home. They walked down the street so I assume they are staying in one of the condos. With a group like that, I wasn't going to go down myself to ask them to leave. Gonna send an email to mgr. and one of our board members to add this to our pool file.

Last night, both shoulders were hurting. Doh! I'm gonna have to ask my doc for a referral to an orthopedist. The one who operated on one of them isn't on this ins. plan so will have to see someone else. I may go see the one who reattached my bicep tendon about twenty years ago. He did a great job on that but he must be getting on in years.


Rock, I just asked Alexa whether otters are native to FL. She said they are common but that didn't really answer my question. So I Googled and found that river otters are native to FL and are the ones most commonly spotted. They have become aggressive lately and have attacked kayakers on rivers. They are really playful and fun to watch when they visit our pond. SV and Tweety used to go down to the pond and play with them. Perhaps the doc should have put a zipper in so he didn't have to make another incision. It was nice of him not to leave another scar. When I had my gallbladder removed, the doc did the little incision under my navel so that I could put my naval ring back in afterward. It wasn't I who asked about Tony Curtis and The Great Race. I always liked him in movies, especially Some Like It Hot. You can find all kinds of dish towels on Amazon with all kinds of sayings on them. I can't post a pic of the one I found but it contains the f-word in different script. That is what DSIL was yelling when he discovered the Saran Wrap baked into his bread that was rising. Our family has a bunch of stories we tell and crack ourselves up over. Some aren't even obscene. I am wondering what the difference is between a coffee table and a cocktail table. Is it a coffee table in the morning when I drink my coffee and a cocktail after 5:00 p.m. if I have a drink? Is this a Quantum Mechanics questions with the answer depending on who is observing the table?

Granni, thanks for your kind words about my hiatal hernia. I remember exactly when it happened. I had bent over to pick something up and felt the top part of my stomach pull up through the diaphram. It was a yucky feeling but not necessarily painful. I tried sleeping on a slant and all it did was cause me to slip down to the bottom of the bed, putting painful stress on my hips. I don't eat before lying down and barely drink. I hope the doc can find something to replace the carcinogenic Zantac generic I am taking. Geez, he's gonna be overwhelmed when I talk about that and my shoulders. I usually don't have much to tell. I've also wondered about Meniere's Disease because of the loss of balance, pain in my ear, and tinnitus. Not gonna mention that because I have fallen and don't want to lose my license. I have never had a problem driving. Don't think there is anything that can be done anyway. Seems we just keep picking up one thing after another over the years. Glad you found a nice top at JCP. I always found things there but I don't go to the mall anymore. Of course, I could shop online. I keep wondering whether it will go the way of Sears. Sears in our mall just closed. It was an anchor store. Same with K-Mart in some strip malls. Also glad you had lunch with DD's and glad it was so good.

Gonna go read the not-so-big-this-time Sunday Newspaper. Gonna watch the news shows, try not to get depressed at the state of things, and get into the shower to wash my mop, as Granni says. I have to take SV in tomorrow morning for his follow up appt. I'm gonna get one of the tiny toothbrushes for cats. It's even smaller than the baby brush he has now. I hate taking him in because he hates being put in the carrier. Once there, he's good as gold. Later this month, I get my teeth cleaned and see my PCP. I am in a Sjogren's flare and don't want to do anything. I have found that if I floss my teeth, it starts the saliva running and that is helping but, when I sleep, I wake with a mouth that is drier than Death Valley.

Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Mikie and et. all

Where did you find such a regal, blue otter? Have you seen pics of the big ones that live in
S. America? They get up 6 feet or so. Are capable of killing a person. Don't know if they
ever have. I otter remember, but I don't. You did the right thing last night. Avoid packs of super otters and teen age humans.

In addition to river otters and giant otters, there are the ocean otters who often hunt in
the kelp beds off the coast of California. There are probably videos of them hunting for
shellfish. They float on their backs and bang the claim or whatever with a tool i.e. a stone to
open it up.

Woke up a couple hours ago. Couldn't find anything to watch on TV. Christmas movies are still
being shown. The old Ferris Beuller Movie has been airing all weekend. Sorry to hear you now have
2 shoulders acting up. A mouth drier than Death Valley sounds very unpleasant. I was there once.
Went to Scotty's Castle. Once was enough.

Hugs to all, Rock


Hi, Rock,

Read the paper, tried and failed both crossword puzzles and decided to check in. I find so many of the Christmas movies are like reading cheap romance novels. I end up asking why I wasted my time. TV generally sucks this time of year. I don't mind looking back at the last decade because I forget so much. Then I see how things have gone downhill and perhaps forgetting is best.

Six foot long otters? Yikes! The ones in the photo, which are sposda be river otters, look kinda fierce to me. I read in the paper that there is a Pig Island in the Bahamas. Tourist boats anchor and the tourists swim with the pigs and feed them. The pic of the little piggy swimming was very cute. I guess that's a different twist on swimming with the dolphins. I was at the beach one time and a dolphin swam up to us and wriggled around our legs like a friendly puppy. Guess they call this doing the pig paddle.


Normally when I encounter teenagers swimming after dark, they are very nice and respectful. I approach them respectfully and splain about the county's rules. They always leave in good spirits. Joe walked over to the pool this morning because it was full yesterday and he wanted to see whether people were cleaning up after themselves. He found a bourbon bottle 2/3 empty on the table where the kids had been sitting. He slept through it so I filled him in on calling the sheriff's office. I never go down there when people are there late at night or early in the morning. They have usually been drinking. I let the Sheriff's deputies handle it. Too unpredictable for me to put myself in harm's way. I do go down when it's dark but early in the evening and there aren't a bunch of people. I've only had people be rude twice and both times, it was mothers. Both were obstinate and one was drunk. Nice messages for their kids.

We have a PBS Florida Channel and right now, they are showing a travel segment on The Keys. Key West is a wonderful place to visit. I highly recommend it. The kids like diving there. The closest I'm gonna get to water today is the shower. I should color my hair but don't know whether to do it or put it off til next time. Heck, I wouldn't even shampoo it if I didn't have to take SV to the vet tomorrow. It's Joe's birthday tomorrow so think I'll buy a little cake to take over for him. Don't think he enjoys eating out much anymore. Actually, I don't either so won't ask him for lunch. Just remembering it will be enough. I can skip Publix since I'll be going tomorrow. I woke tired and with a headache so don't want to go out. I had to read for an hour to get back to sleep early after the cops came. SV was so cute. When I looked out the middle room window to see what was going on in the pool, he climbed up and looked out too. Then he came and got into bed with me.

Sending my best to all y'all.

Love, Mikie

Showered and blew out my mop. I have yet to style and spray it. What I really need is a professional haircut. I just responded to my half-brother's email. He told me it was a blessing to find he had a sister. OMG! I told him it was a blessing for me too and then, I actually felt it is a blessing. I was pretty resistant to getting to know him and the other two brothers but I'm continuing to evolve in this area. That, in itself, is a blessing.
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Finally got a picture of the new island top (after I finally got the kitchen cleaned up, lol!) This top is only a few inches longer and wider than the other one, but seems like there is so much more space. The extra inches are just enough to allow "leg/knee room" for anyone sitting around the edge. We took the other (black) top off...it was in four sections...so now we have four nice sized, finished boards to use as shelves or tables somewhere else. I think since the last pic, Den has added "Stanley", the electric outlet that hangs from the ceiling...Stanley's "arm" is adjustable (Den fashioned it out of wood and ran the electrical cord through it.) The lights over the island are vintage fixtures that were rescued from a dumpster...so fun to take old things and repurpose them...something that Sun is so experienced with and good at :)

I'm feeling pretty crappy today...went to bed early last night and still slept till after 10:30 this morning. Just this sinus/head junk...hoping the far away chiro can help when I go on Thursday. Will just say a quick "Hi"...take care, everyone!



Hi, Kids,

Partly cloudy and 82 degrees out. I got my hair combed out and it looks pretty good. At least, I can just add a dash of makeup in the morning and get dressed to go. I switched out the strap on my watch to a white one with little paw prints on it. Very appropriate for going to the vet tomorrow. Hope we don't have to go back til SV's annual checkup in a year. I found a big feather and have been playing with him, dragging it around on the floor.

Julie, you really have a lovely kitchen and it looks as though it's very useful and handy. Wish I could see the wood grain on the island. One of the things I love about having antiques is the old wood. It has history and character. In our first home, my ex and I had an antique light fixture over our dining room table. It had been in a bank. I'm not into fancy antiques but rather more rustic things. Several of my European pine pieces are about 200 years old. I hope you feel better.

Been binging on reruns of Downton Abbey on PBS. My headache isn't much better and I hurt all over. Good grief! Still, I do feel very thankful as I look out over the shadows creeping across the lawn toward Joe's bldg. Clouds have cleared out and it's bright and beautiful outside. Hope it's bright and beautiful where all our Dear Porchies are.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Just watched a video of giant S. American otters. It's on youtube. Hope you can find it The
Otters chase away a caiman (the S. American crocodile). There's also a video about a gal who
has been helping the otters for many years. There are lots of pics of S.A. otters on the net, but
most of them have nothing to indicate the size of these sleek animals.

Julie, your kitchen is beautiful. Maybe if you sent some pics to the right magazine it would have a photographer come and shoot your amazing home.

Mikie, sorry you are feeling so punk. Here's a little trick that might make you a little more cheerful.
Take two mops. Arrange them backwards. Now you have pom poms. Doesn't that cheer you up?

Hugs to all you lugs, Ha Ha



Hi, Rock,

Laughing and loving your dyslexic joke. You're certainly chipper tonight and it's contagious. I'm feeling better already.

Thanks for the smiles. BTW, gonna check out those giant otters.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - that otter in your pic has one badass expression, doesnt he? or her? ‘Dont mess with me’ types of look.

You found a feather! You’se gonna be all right.

Theres a lovely otter in Wind in the Willows. His son gets lost and Rat and Mole go lookingfor him and find him deep in the woods fast asleep near Pan listening to the most ethereal music Pan is playing on his pan pipes.

Rock - do they still have cheerleaders in games? i havent seen lately. i did see they were trying to ban head tackles in American football because research showed there was likelihood of brain damage for those who were subjected to being hit in the head over extended periods of time.

Star - congrats on your DDs new car. You must be proud. And anxious at the same time. I felt like that for both my kids.

Rock - do they still have cheerleaders in games? i havent seen lately. i did see they were trying to ban head tackles in American football because research showed there was likelihood of brain damage for those who were subjected to being hit in the head over extended periods of time.

Star - congrats on your DDs new car. You must be proud. And anxious at the same time. I felt like that for both my kids.

Good to know you had a good Christmas with your DHs parents.

Barry -i hope the doctors can nip any stomach issue in the bud. Its good that youhave timely check ups.


It was so crowded at the supermarket yesterday. I also went to the other side of town to get some stuff and since theres a temple there to pray. Crowds of happy, garrulous, Indian tourists. They come in busloads, grandparents, mothers, fathers, teenager children, small kids all so excited, im amazed at how tight knit the Indian families still are. Its also good to see them being impressed with sights andsounds we as locals take for granted.

They like to dress up too. The women, mostly. Nicely styled hair, bright make up, lots of dangly ear rings in beautiful designs, nose pins, glittery bangles,...a very colourful lot. I dontwear all those myself but love looking at them.

i treated myself to mushroom dumplings the other day. Since we seem to get dumpling wraps in the stores, its easier although i sometimes make them from scratch.

A friend phoned to invite me to her restaurant saying she was making lots of vegetarian dishes on that day but i couldnt go. Too behind in my housework. And wasnt feeling particularly sociable. I do sometimes just let all the washing cleaning dusting be and go out if i feel like it. After all, housework never ends does it?

My Chinese friend and her DD and siblings go in a group every week to see a movie. She is just full of zest, that way. i prefer a book. Quiet. A steaming mug of tea, i can sip on at my leisure, no hurry.

I wouldnt mind going if they showed old Hollywood movies or even old Indian Hindi movies. they dont. i would love to watch Roman Holiday or House of Wax again.

Well, time to gird up my loins and take on the day...keep warm and dry, everyone...Star - you keep cool, safe.

God bless
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Hi Spring, Don't know about cheerleaders. I never watch sports. Probably due to the influence of
my sports loving father. Gordon watches sports though. Especially basketball. Loves sumo wrestling.
I, however, was once a cheerleader. I was around 6 or 7. For the preliminary game. Roman Holiday
was on our old movie channel just a few days ago. Gordon loves that movie. I saw it once. Kept
waiting for the good part.

Mikie, took me a while to remember what dyslexic meant. It was in the news only a couple days
ago. The FBI arrested a guy who was trying to enter Area 15 and see the dead Martian. Hope
your found the giant otters.

Bed time. I'm really ready for bed. Practiced all afternoon by napping.
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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Just got through brushing and combing SV for his trip to the vet. He's finishing his grooming with a tongue bath. He's all decked out in his new purple collar with the purple bell attached. They forgot to put his red one on when he had his teeth cleaned. I'll have to remember to ask for it when we check out. Gotta get a new toothbrush for him and ask about the enzyme additive for his water. Good news is that he drinks water like crazy which will also help keep the crystals from forming. Same with my kidney stones so I drink a lot too.

Spring, so good to hear from you. I love looking a pics and videos from you part of the world. The clothing is so colorful and the fabrics are beautiful. When I've seen baby Indian girls in stores here, they always have their ears pierced with tiny gold studs in them. Sooo cute. Claudia, Barb and I only go to the blockbuster movies we want to see. They have unlimited monthly movie passes here which would be a really good deal for those who love going to movies. Claudia has restless leg syndrome and I have a hard time sitting for long periods so we don't go often. I didn't actually find the feather as in the sense that my Mom sent it. My kids gave me a bookmark that has a peacock feather at one end and a chord and beads attached to it. It's lovely but impractical for its intended use. No reason SV can't enjoy it. Yes, those are some bad ass otters. The ones that come to our little pond are so cute and playful. Once one caught a pretty big fish and put it down on the grass. Every time he approached it, it would flop around and he would lift straight up in the air. Sooo funny. Wish they were here every day.

Rock, you must have been such a cute little cheerleader. Did you have an outfit? I know there are some children who cheer and they look adorable in their little uniforms. I was in the pom squad in HS but didn't stick with it. The rehearsals cut into my fun time. I don't watch sports much anymore and, unfortunately, except for PBS, that's about all that is on. Playoff this and playoff that...bah! Oh, the ad for the rehab center is on. It's a kinda goofy looking woman who says she never realized she was an alcoholic. She says she just thought she drank too much and made bad decisions. Doh! That's like saying I think I'm dylsexic. Or, I think I'm going to join DAM, Mothers Against Dyslexia. I did see that gang of giant otters attack the poor caiman who was outnumbered. I was impressed at their relentless attack and how they leapt in the air and dove in the water.

Sad news--Representative John Lewis has stage IV pancreatic cancer. He's gonna fight it but success is very iffy. He's been an icon in fighting for civil rights. Haven't heard how Alex Trebek is doing with his treatments. We really should be further along in finding cures and more effective treatments for cancer.

It's gonna be in the mid-80's again today but then the cold front will pass through and temps will drop about ten degrees for a few days and then it's back up to unseasonally high temps again. It's like a sea saw. The humidity also drops with the temps. After seeing all the snow on the news, I'm happy to be where I am.

Julie, is that storm crossing Iowa? Hope all y'all stay safe and warm.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Have a great start to the day. Only a couple more days left in a year I'm glad to see go.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Spring,
Sometimes I wish I was a part of a group of friends who could go out to the movies etc regularly, but I just don't hv the energy to do much beyond family responsibilities and getting to know people takes both time and energy.Investment.Besides, it often seems people are clique.
It would be nice to hv at least One friend who lived near by.Someone who could go to Christmas carols concert or the New Year's fireworks...
Dh Hates all that type of stuff and as a result our Treasures don't go eigther.

Sorry you're having so much trouble with your shoulder (s?) I remember our Puss also hated the carrier and would non stop cry when in it...and kinda pant from stress.Very disturbing behaviour for all concerned.
I would like to get my hair coloured at the hair dressers, as my arms and shoulders get too sore trying to do it myself, but I was told you'd need to go every 6 wks.Is that true?

Dh has a few slabs (burls) that we've carted with us from place to place.One was already turned into a coffee table.Dh burnt a chess board into it...The big one , which is an unusual shape, will be our kitchen/dining table when our Treasures are grown and we get rid of our big, rectangular one...
We love to repurpose also.

I mentioned Tony Curtus in the Great Race coz I don't really remember him in anything else...well, no.That's not entirely true.I hv a vague recollection of him in a circus type leotard.perhaps a trapeze artist? I can't quite put my finger on it.

My fire alerts have been going off all day.
There's been a big concern about all the wind stirring up the fires.
Fireworks for here hv been cancelled.Probably something to do with all the tents pitched on the oval where they're usually set to go off.
The fireworks in the town over from us will still go off.They also hv rides and side shows etc.Very exciting time to be a teen with loads of noise and colour.

As I am chauffeuring Dd and her 2 friends in tomorrow, I am considering bringing some ear plugs. I may go back later for the fireworks, instead of hanging around for 4 or 5 hrs.We'll see.

I don't know if you are still popping in or not, but you are missed and I would love to hear about your days...Your art class, restoring of and creating items for your etsy store, gardening adventures and your family and YOU.
You are always so busy too.
Did I read right when you said you couldn't get your gift card to work online so ended up using your credit card?
I wonder if there's a lot of that?
I had trouble with my Christmas gifts I bought online.Sizing was way out and non returnable...Fortunately I had a son and Dh who took them off my hands, but still...

Oh well, it's late again.
The next couple of days are likely to be a challenge, but 2020 here we come!

Take care All Porchies.
Catch yas later


Hi Star,

I always worry about our Dear Porchies when there is any chance of peril. I hope those fires stay away from you and yours. Scary stuff. Even the scientists who have been warning us for years about climate change are shocked at how fast we are feeling the effects of it. There are enough problems in normal times but we are getting more fires and bigger and more destructive storms. I think we are at a tipping point and don't have much time to act. I'm hoping technology will give us some answers. In the meantime, stay safe, Dear One.

How often one has to recolor just depends on the individual and how new growth affects the way the hair looks. I can get away with not coloring too often because my hair color is a light blonde. White roots don't show as they do with darker colors. Also, my hair is shorter and layered and there is no defined part. I have some powder I can dust on the roots to cover between shampoos and colorings.

I took SV to the vet for the follow up appt. after having his teeth cleaned. He did really well. It was quick. I got the tiny toothbrush and am looking forward to trying it. I know he will like getting the front teeth brushed but don't know if I can get the big molars in the back. I brought him home and went to Publix to shop. Got some good BOGO's. I took a carrot cake to Joe; it's his birthday. He just called and said the cake is delicious. Publix is known for its carrot cake.

Grace has ants so I sent an email to our mgr. I'll go down there later to see if there is something I can do to help until we contact our pest guy. They still come in if SV's wet food is left out in his little dish. Also have them in the bathrooms but not that many. I step on them and drown them in the sink every time I go to pee.

Take care.

Love, Mikie

Holy cow! I'm so tired I'm gonna fall down if I don't lie down. Gonna do that now. Grace can't tell where the ants are coming in to her condo. They're just there. Cute little French Canadian woman downstairs says no ants there. I'm catching on watching Modern Family. Love that show!
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Good afternoon Dear Friends,

There was a great picture of JULIE's new wood counter top island on FB. Hope she can post it on here later. Nothing new here really. Off to church and lunch , did a wash and fussed with and at the computer !!!

Surprised that MIKIE is not at least on the PORCH but guessing she is either busy or too pooped to pop. Hope everydobby is having a restful Sunday with little stress, or as little as possible. It was cold and rainy off and on this morning. At one point we thought that we might have to turn around and come home it was raining so hard. However, it was intermittent and after church it was fairly clear with no rain around.

ROCK - Don't feel bad about sleeping. I wish I could sleep more or at least a little and it is good for many things. It is supposed to be restorative but then again I need a lot of RESTORATION !! Gotta go switch the wash and think about dinner.

HUGZ to everydobby,
Granni :D


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P.S. I see that Julie had already posted the picture of her kitchen and new classy island top. That was pretty neat Christmas present from Den.

Not much going on here except waiting for the cleaning ladies to come. I already wore myself out getting ready for them and putting away a few Christmas decorations. I had to change the date of the cleaning ladies and so the time stinks but this house really needs it. It really will run into the dinner hour but had no choice at the time. I wanted to be there for the doctor's info on DH's cancer. They are coming at 3:30 but oh well! Will be glad when it is all done and with Christmas is over with. I guess tomorrow I will be busy trying to take a few things down since no one is coming over. Will be going over to DD's house this NYE and NYD but not sure how long we will be there , NYE. None of us can stay up that long anymore except possibly DD#4's DH. He is a night owl. I remember that I used to be many moons ago.

YIKES - My cleaning ladies came early and have their older daughter with them too. So it should go faster but there is extra dirt around too.

STAR - So nice to see you pop in today. Hope you get a chance to get out and have a little fun !! Do you have any lady friends in the area that you can go out with occasionally and chat with, have lunch or something?With NO stress if that is possible. Thinking of everydobby !!

Since they are here early I need to be ready to get off the computer so they can clean in here too.

Hp[e everyone's pain and discomfort is minimal today if any !!

Love to awl,
Granni :D
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Hi, Kids,

I had a nap but it wasn't long enough. Just as I was waking, our mgr. called. I need to talk to Grace to find out when the pest control can come in to spray. Not something I want to do but these tiny sugar ants are making me crazy.

Granni, I haven't been able to stay up til midnight in many, many moons. Heck, sometimes it's a struggle to stay awake til 9:00 p.m. Again, so nice you can do things with the kids. If I remove the Christmas wreath from my front door, all my Christmas decorations will be put away. Easy peasy!

Gotta go. Still so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Hope y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids, Just woke up from my nap. While I was asleep Gordon went to the library and the market.
Got kibble for kitty and a whole bag of books for me. Four by Dave Barry. Course I've read 'em all
before, but I find his books are still funny. Mikie, one of them is "Best State Ever. A Florida Man
Defends His Homeland." The other one is on parenting. "You Can Date Boys When You're 40."

Mikie, I have almost no recollection of my cheerleading days. I do know there were 3 or 4 of us.
We wore red and white (the school colors) With a Big
H for the name of the school. After the
B game our duties were over. The High school kids took over for the A game.

With regard to your Christmas wreath you can just leave it there. Even less trouble. But maybe
such is verboten. Every now and then there's a story in the news about somebody putting a
decoration in the window or on the balcony which turns out to be prohibited.

Granni, I'm happy to report that my pain is minimal. Just one little finger that hurts a bit. I'll
put some ointment on it when I'm done posting.

Star, I don't remember any pictures Tony Curtis was in either. But the book I just read said he
played the Boston Strangler. That must have been a shock to his fans. He said he was great
friends with Marilyn Monroe before she appeared in movies. Don't know if there were in any
together except for Some Like It Hot. He agreed that her behavior while filming was very
unprofessional and would damage her career.

Well, Buckaroos, I'd better mosey on. Got a whole lota readin' ta do.



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D08931F0-B4D0-434A-B402-484458F03FB3.jpegIts the 31 st here, let me wish all a Happy New Year. Peace, love, health, happiness, Abundance.

A tad cloudy today. Though the sun is still trying to shine through the haze.

My achievement yesterday was getting my hair washed and a good body scrub. Me and DD went out to keep a date for lunch with two friends. I had a lot to do so was rushing around, drying laundry, cooking doggies food, feeding them.

I hate going out in daytime traffic, sitting in the taxi, while lots of honking going around just wears me out. Its just not me, its the taxi drivers and other commuters as well. everyone, actually.

I see no solution to it either, the roads are as wide as they can get without encroaching on peoples houses. Maybe a total ban on new vehicles, or restriction on driving every day. Shared taxis or something.

We were late by half an hour but our friends were later. They had to come out from work and got caught up..so i wasnt as upset about being late ourselves.Had a nice lunch...butter nan, and peas potato curry. Both very tasty. DD had a steak sandwich, and my friends tuna sandwich. And french fries. And we had big mugs of tea. Sat outside in the terrace, among pots of flowers, potted plants. We have a lot in common with these friends, so its very enjoyable just sitting and talking.

The weather was kind to us. Very sunny, so DD and me decided to walk the 45 minutes home instead of sitting in a cab in slow moving traffic. Nice brisk walk, served as exercise as well.

Mikie - i had the ant problem some years ago. It went away by itself. We used toget lots of flies in the winter, houseflies, but maybe its too cold. There are one or two here and there. temps dipping to 0 degrees celsius. They probably freeze or something.

I used to put a faux tree in my living room when the kids were small. right upto when they were teenagers. I loved collecting a new decoration piece each Christmas. and a couple of mechanized Santas. Swinging Santa, Bell ringing Santa.

But there is no time now, i prefer not to put up decos if i dont have time to do it in a leisurely manner and enjoying every moment. The lovely jingle jangles arethere, somewhere though. Maybe one day, i will again take them out.:)

Im grateful i had thoseyears when we did extra things for christmas.

Star - pls be careful. just saw on tv 4000 people are trapped on a beach Mallako
ota awaiting rescue while bushfires burn outof control around 5hem. The weather is not helping. Gusty wind upturned a firefighters truck and killed him. He leaves a young pregnant wife. Heart breaking. I dont know how many koalas, animals have burnt to death.

These disasters impact so many, their livelihoods but we on the other side of the world dont live their pain. We just observe. So much stuff going on everywhere. How wonderful if a torrential hurricane just came and put out all the fires in Australia.

Ive made some friends later on. Although my main core is from myhometown and school. We dont meet often but its comfortable in their company because we know each others lives inside out. The friends i made later are persons with similar interests. Probably like Mikie when she moved down to Florida.

Rock - its funny that a beautiful city like Boston would harbour a killer like The Boston Strangler. i watched a rivetting movie on Ted Bundy. And a movie on the London serial murderer during Queen Victorias time. Again very well made.

But i dont have the stomach to watch scary movies now. A nice slice of life with a happy ending is more my style. i watched While You were sleeping’ Sandra Bullock at leadt five times on tv.
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Hi Springwater, the pic you posted looks familiar. You posted it before? Far as I know Ted Bundy
was the only good looking serial killer. A lady named Anne Rule used to work alongside Bundy.
After he was caught she wrote a book about him. She has now written lots of true crime book.

Patricia Cornwell has written many books about Kay Scarpettil, a fictional coroner. She also
wrote about Jack the Ripper. Identified him from evidence the London police had all these years
but didn't know what to do with it.

Granni, you're right. Julie's kitchen is very classy with the new glassy table top.

There are some laughs to be found on the Yahoo page, Kids. Chit chat between husbands and wives.
"Is that what you're wearing?" "Apparently not."

Just wrote an email to my sister in Minnesota. Time to return to the land of Dreams, except I don't
have any nowadays. Hope you don't feel so tired today, Mikie.

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Good New Year's Eve Morning, Kids,

Only a few hours left in this year. Every year, I hope and pray the New Year will bring better things for everyone. This weary old world has its challenges but hope springs eternal that we will all work together to solve them. I'm watching BBC World News. The UN is helping Zimbabwe because there is a drought and they are running out of food. The cost of a loaf of bread has gone up twenty fold. When that happens, inflation starts a meltdown in the country and everything becomes unstable. I hope this help from the UN gets the country through this crisis.

Rock, there is certainly enough grist for the humor mill in FL if someone like Dave Barry wants to grind away. Some of the things here are right down his alley for laughs. It took a while for me to get used to it here. It's just different in so many ways. First, like CA, we are a big state. Our economy is based on Snowbirds and tourists. We have an older average population due to all the retirees from the North who move here. Over on the Miami side, it's high rises full of folks from East Coast cities in the North. Here on the West Coast, it more Mid-westerners. Same for the middle of the state near Orlando. We are getting more high-tech companies now that we have more college educated people wanting to live here. Finally, we are known for Disney World and now Universal theme parks. We also have Busch Gardens. The real jewel is St. Augustine, which claims to be the oldest town in the U.S. With all these mixes of people and cultures, it produces some interesting, and sometimes funny, situations. Most famous are our elderly drivers and almost as famous are our election disasters. Remember the hanging chads? This is my new normal. When I travel back to CO, I fit back into the old normal but it is definitely different. When we want to laugh at our foibles down here, we call our state, Flori-duh! There have been big fights in condo communities over what can be put outside, among other things. We don't stop people from putting things out or decorating unless it becomes too much. Enjoy Dave Barry all over again!

Spring, thanks for the lovely picture and New Year good wishes. It seems so strange to think you are a day ahead of us. Concepts like the International Date Line boggle my mind. I finally got the Earth's orbit and tilt that produces our seasons figured out but the date line seems to escape me. Intellectually, it makes sense but then it all just sends my poor pea brain into a tizzy. One of the noisiest cities I have ever been in is San Francisco. Sooo much traffic and horns honking. Oy! I don't like it either. In the past, we have allowed only cars with even numbered license plates to drive on even numbered days and odd on odd days. I think it's been done for air conditions but I think the most memorable time was in the 70's when we had a gas shortage. People were taking buses and car pooling. Now that gas is plentiful, we all just want to get into our cars and go. Our auto industry is a big factor in our economy so people here have been in love with their cars from the time Ford built them en masse. I'm so glad you had such a good time with friends and the weather was nice too. Most of us transplants here form friendships with people in our little communities. Many communities have all kinds of activities and people meet there. We don't but ours is a friendly little hood.

Well, Kids, I've written another W&P post so will go read the virtual newspaper. I had to call them a few days ago because their website was soooo slooow to load. Since our hometown newspaper was bought out by Gannett, who produces USA Today, the human touch is missing. The woman to whom I spoke had no customer service in her response and said she would just pass it on, whatever the hell that means. The upside is that I get to read USA Today for free. The downside is that many of the articles are the same.

That cold front tail end is affecting us for a couple of days with lower temps. Then, they will go back up til the next one comes through. I still need to talk to Grace to find out when she can be home for the pest guys to spray. Don't usually have them come inside but desperate times call for desperate measures. Hope everydobby has sunny days and has a good time ringing in the New Year whether at a party or asleep in bed like me.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning, everyone! Woke up around 5:00 cause I went to bed early...finally got up an hour later. Not sure if I will stay up or lie back down...still having an earache, headache, stuffy sinuses, etc. Anyway, thought I'd just pop on while I drink some coffee and see how the porch is doing.

Star, the news is so scary...I hope you and your family can stay safe. What a neat idea to incorporate the chess board into the coffee table.

Rock, the comment about "Are you wearing that?"...has been me and Den at times, lol!

Mikie, sorry about the commotion in the pool...I don't think I'd go down there by myself, either...

Granni, glad the cleaning ladies could get there sooner...now you're all spic and span again?

Barry, Duckie, Sun, anyone else visiting...hope all is well in your neighborhoods. I think we're doing okay on the renegade cow situation...haven't seen any wandering around lately...

I may be up till midnight tonight, but I know Den wants to get to bed early. He has a big job to do tomorrow in another town. It has to be done when the electric can be shut off for an extended period of time, so a day when many businesses are closed is the best time. As much as he enjoys being retired and catching up around the house/farm, I think he still likes to get out and have a change of pace once in awhile. I'm glad he retired early enough that he still has many years to do whatever he feels like.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year, celebrating however you choose. Take care!