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PORCH 1175 IS NOW CLOSED (12/27/19)

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Dear Friends,
Just wanted to pop in for a bit before trying to decide whether I should change from my sweat pants to at least neat jeans for church so we don; have to go tomorrow. I am so achy and just feel like going to bed. I know DH is i his chair taking little catnaps before our outing to DD's tonight. Somehow I doubt if any of us will stay up to late tonight. We may be the first ones to leave even though none of us have to far to travel to get home. I know the crazies will be out tonight and lots of drinking going on. DH would probably love to stay home and go to bed early and watch the call go down from Times Square from our beds and not even have to be awake at that time. :D . I remember when we lived in NY years ago ad we went to Times Square. it was wild enough then but probably worse now and certainly not warm. I will bring my usual shrimp and we will have other snacky foods, like pizzas and meatballs, etc.

We are also supposed to go over there tomorrow night too for ribs. My #2 DD is so lucky that her husband likes to cook. My youngest DD's husband is the same way. However, I think she is afraid to try and cook as he can be awfully judgemental about things. I didn't cook much when I lived at home as there was little room i our kitchen and but got to do little things like make a salad, mash the potatoes, etc. I learned a lot though from my mom just watching her. She was a plain and simple cook but everything she made tasted delicious and we didn't complain about the food cause we had to eat it anyway,. The only thing I think I fought eating was hot cereals in the a.m. Never wanted to eat much anyway. Nothing even worse that hot cereal was cold hot cereal !! Had to sit there and bite the bullet as they say.

JULIE et al - That is good that Den gets to get out and do some other things other than just the new things with his new job. It is good for him to socialize too with others that he probably already knows from before or to meet new friends, and do different things. What will you be doing when he goes to bed?? I'll bet you can always find things to do. If we were home and he went to bed not sure there is that much on TV that would interest me but one never knows. DH watches the same old channels. The body doesn't feel that great so we will see how late we all stay up :)!!! DD #2 whose house we will be out usually goes to be real early. So we will see what happens. I doubt very much if we all make it at their house (midnight that is) which is 11:00 PM our time., which is also to late to be up :D!

MIKIE - Sorry for the ruckus at or around the pool. I know around here too they are getting ready to set off fireworks, even where you are not supposed to set them off. We didn't grow up around fireworks much and if I ever got to do sparklers we thought we were in hog heaven.:D

Hope everyone has a nice quiet, peaceful and fairly painless New Years Eve and thinking of everyone including all those MIA and not posting!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE !! Will probably be on the Porch tomorrow if DH doesn't take it over. I can't do to much on my tablet, except search and play games..

Gotta run.

Love to all and sorry if I missed anyone !
Granni :D