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PORCH 1176 IS NOW OPEN (12/31/19)

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We were up to 40 posts so thought it was time to start a new Porch just in time for 2020. Please go back to read Julie's last post.

It's been kind of a busy morning. I went down to Grace's and another neighbor came in. I came back up to call and schedule the pest man. He's coming Thursday and will put some gel near our sinks. It's like Terro traps but milder. The nice woman splained to me that Terro is too strong and outright kills the ants so they don't get a chance to take the poison back to the nest. I texted Grace to let her know when he's coming. The woman on the phone was great. She should be training customer service reps everywhere. We have been very happy with our pest service.

Earlier I did a budget so I can see where my money goes. I used to use Lotus 123 but the computers use a different spreadsheet now and, when I tried to use one, the equations didn't work. I gave up and decided just to use my pencil and paper. DD says there are good ones that are apps. I want to have reserved savings for once-a-year payments like taxes and insurance so think my method will work best for my needs. We'll see. I've identifed areas where I can cut if need be in the future. That makes me feel good. I put SV's food and vet bills in the budget instead of just feeling like I get blindsided by them. I have columns for budget, actual and variance so I can see if some area is going over budget and areas that are ahead of the game. Nice thing about spread sheets and apps is that the info can be used for charts. I'm kinda excited for this project but the thrill will likely pale soon enough. Makes me feel more in control.

Julie, I'm sorry you feel lousy. Also sorry Den has to work tomorrow. I guess if someone has to work a holiday, New Year might be the one to do it. Sure wouldn't want to do it on Christmas. I hope someone splained to those cows that they need to make a few New Year's resolutions to stay where they belong. Better yet, I hope the farmer fixes his fence. Feel better.

Gonna go fix lunch. I need to clean up the carpet where SV threw up and do some other housework. I don't want the pest man to come into a dirty condo. I imagine he's seen worse. I hope it solves the problem. I always felt for those guys on the TV shows about hoarders when they had to go in and clean up dead and live cockroaches and mice. Some even had dead cats inside. Those guys had to wear hazmat suits. AACCKK!!

Hope all y'all are having a great day and tomorrow will usher in a totally great New Year!

Love, Mikie

Just sitting for a bit. I loaded the DW and it's running. I cleaned out under the sink and have to put things back. I just got soooo exhausted that I had to rest a few minutes. It's so beautiful outside. Again, a Technicolor day. I have too many cleaning products and can get rid of some of them. Maybe I'll just close my eyes for a minute. Zzzzzzzz...
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Happy New Year to All.

I am wiped out from fighting with the computer for the last two hours, with R's help and curses. I hope it's fixed.

Exhausted Love to You All, my Family.



Dear Friends,
Just wanted to pop in for a bit before trying to decide whether I should change from my sweat pants to at least neat jeans for church so we don; have to go tomorrow. I am so achy and just feel like going to bed. I know DH is i his chair taking little catnaps before our outing to DD's tonight. Somehow I doubt if any of us will stay up to late tonight. We may be the first ones to leave even though none of us have to far to travel to get home. I know the crazies will be out tonight and lots of drinking going on. DH would probably love to stay home and go to bed early and watch the call go down from Times Square from our beds and not even have to be awake at that time. :D . I remember when we lived in NY years ago ad we went to Times Square. it was wild enough then but probably worse now and certainly not warm. I will bring my usual shrimp and we will have other snacky foods, like pizzas and meatballs, etc.

We are also supposed to go over there tomorrow night too for ribs. My #2 DD is so lucky that her husband likes to cook. My youngest DD's husband is the same way. However, I think she is afraid to try and cook as he can be awfully judgemental about things. I didn't cook much when I lived at home as there was little room i our kitchen and but got to do little things like make a salad, mash the potatoes, etc. I learned a lot though from my mom just watching her. She was a plain and simple cook but everything she made tasted delicious and we didn't complain about the food cause we had to eat it anyway,. The only thing I think I fought eating was hot cereals in the a.m. Never wanted to eat much anyway. Nothing even worse that hot cereal was cold hot cereal !! Had to sit there and bite the bullet as they say.

JULIE et al - That is good that Den gets to get out and do some other things other than just the new things with his new job. It is good for him to socialize too with others that he probably already knows from before or to meet new friends, and do different things. What will you be doing when he goes to bed?? I'll bet you can always find things to do. If we were home and he went to bed not sure there is that much on TV that would interest me but one never knows. DH watches the same old channels. The body doesn't feel that great so we will see how late we all stay up :)!!! DD #2 whose house we will be out usually goes to be real early. So we will see what happens. I doubt very much if we all make it at their house (midnight that is) which is 11:00 PM our time., which is also to late to be up :D!

MIKIE - Sorry for the ruckus at or around the pool. I know around here too they are getting ready to set off fireworks, even where you are not supposed to set them off. We didn't grow up around fireworks much and if I ever got to do sparklers we thought we were in hog heaven.:D

Hope everyone has a nice quiet, peaceful and fairly painless New Years Eve and thinking of everyone including all those MIA and not posting!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE !! Will probably be on the Porch tomorrow if DH doesn't take it over. I can't do to much on my tablet, except search and play games..

Gotta run.

Love to all and sorry if I missed anyone !
Granni :D
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Hi, Kids,

DD just called to tell me she passed her psyche nurse practitioner state boards. She was so happy. She and DSIL are going out to celebrate. She said she will call me later this week. She must be exhausted because she really studied. State boards aren't scheduled all the time and, if you don't pass, it's a real pain to take it over. I imagine they are celebrating early and going home to rest.

Just watching a show about people looking for homes in the countryside in England, Wales and Ireland. The scenery is magnificent but the interiors of the homes are quite different from what we are used to here. There are some newer homes and some that have been renovated that have kitchens very close to what we are familiar with. It's really fun to watch. The little towns are places you would love to settle into. Remind me of the village in Doc Martin on PBS.

Big celebrations downtown along the river and at the beach. I'll be tucked in my beddy bye long before the ball drops in NYC. We usually have fireworks at the Red Sox stadium. This is where they come for spring training. Same with the Twins. I hope Claudia's phone is working tonight for FJ. The temps are dropping and will be in the low 50's in the morning. They will go back up but then drop to the low 40's by Mon. Yikes!

Barry, I hope your computer is fixed. So sorry it wore you out. Little frustrates me like a computer that refuses to work. Hope you got some rest and come back bright eyed and bushy tailed. Happy New Year to you, Richard and the critters.

Granni, I moved your post over from the last porch. It was difficult to see that it had closed. I hope you and DH have a good time with the kids tonight. Most of the time, our pool is quiet even when there are kids playing in it. It's just a few who cause problems by going in when it's closed. I'm wishing for a very Happy New Year for you, DH and all the kids.

Special Happy New Year wishes for all our Dear Porchies. We're all due for some better health and more peaceful times.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning..

Porch is going by so fast, and here we are in 2020!

Maybe the weather is turning. Its not freezing cold. True to my word, i spent last evening in, on my own watching random stuff on tv. DD got me Chinese takeaway and apple pie for my dinner and i had a tv dinner. i gave the dogs hot buttered toast as a kind of celebration.

My Chinese friend sent me a photo of herself and DD and DH with another couple from a big shopping Mall which was extravagantly decorated and very very festive. They watched Star Wars and had dinner there.

Their DD though, skipped that dinner and joined my DD and group for a preplanned dinner. This friend who seems to run on fully charged batteries all the time, rang me yesterday to invite me to a lunch outside today and an Indian movie with her and her sister and others.

i had to decline. Too much to do. I hate going out for meals consecutively, id just had lunch outside with other friends and i didnt want to see the movie they were going to. Anyways i envy my friend for her zest and energy...one movie, one meal out would do me in especially if with others. Two - one after the other? Eek!

Barry - your computer must be virus hit....get in a good antivirus. Do you update your computer when you get notifications about software update?

Mikie - congrats to your DD. Thats some good news to kick off 2020:D.
Those shows are so interesting, about house hunting. And about house renovation. They had one about a castle in a seaside town, the couple renovated to their liking and it was so beautiful. They have a show where they show modern homes too, but i dont like plate glassy and retro with ceiling to floor glass walls, that sort, although the views from them were breathtaking in the shows i watched.

There was one in a coastal town in UK where a beautiful little cottage near the water was being endangered by the receding coastline. Thats the trouble with homes near water.

Rock - its a different picture i posted to the one earlier, but similar. Both exquisite. This is the previous one.

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Morning Friends, I see the New Year has arrived. At least in Rome. I Had a wonderful New Years Eve.
I watched That's Entertainment One, Two and Three. Gordon doesn't like musicals (unless they're in
Chinese) so he went to bed. I got pretty sleepy during volume three and went to bed too.

I hear a siren in the distance. I hope nobody is starting the new year on the wrong foot. Granni, hot
cereal served cold doesn't sound very good. When I was a kid we tried oatmeal once or twice, but
nobody liked so we had whatever was in the fridge. A staple at our house was scrambled eggs with
tuna. A friend stopped by one morning. She thought that was weird. Fish and eggs were common
in Norway; didn't seem strange to us.

Mikie, there was no pest service in our town. We just dealt with them ourselves like the cavemen did.
My brothers in-laws lived on a farm. They had a big house and a little house for the hired man. The
skunks burrowed under the little house and moved in. It couldn't be used for years. The hired
man? Dunno.

Barry, I hope your computer is working. This one is better than it was at first, but still a pain in
the someplace or other. Oh! Just heard some gunshots. Sounds like a big caliber handgun. Only
heard a few firecrackers so far.

Spring, yup, here we are in a new year. The first changing of the year I remember was 1947.
We had to write the date in the upper right hand corner of our school papers. Is Chinese
apple pie any different from regular apple pie?



Happy New Year, Dear Porchies,

I'm up early and watching BBC news and a news magazine program from Europe, GZERO WORLD, on the PBS World Channel. Never seen it before but it's very good. They are interviewing a woman who was a CIA spy married to a spy. Her DH, Tony Mendez, wrote a book but it was on and off so fast I can't remember the title. Fascinating! Don't know what I'd do without PBS. Gonna go look up the book. Watching CBS News now and the financial guru is suggesting all the things I just did yesterday. I downloaded an app and got rid of it. Such a pain trying to sign in and it bugged me to set up my credit cards and a payment plan. Not what I was looking for. The agreement was all legalese but granted them license to act as one's agent/atty. in fact. I'm starting to read those agreements after finding one that was scamming people.

Got a pic from DD who, with her DH and Andy, were at Times Square in the crowd of more than a million people. I didn't know they were planning on going. They are like vagabonds who pick up and go places. It's great for Andy. When life gives us opportunities, I think we should take them because things don't stay the same. I'm so happy for everything I've been able to do and don't feel as though I've missed a lot now that I'm not up to doing much. I'm very thankful for my blessings. The important blessings have always been my family and friends. Never wanted another pet but SV has turned out to be a blessing. An expensive blessing but a blessing nevertheless.

I got the FJ question last night so we got our virtual chocolate. Claudia's phone still isn't working. She would like to get an Apple Watch so I think she should get an older version but new iPhone. They aren't expensive. Verizon says they can find nothing wrong with her service. I'm lucky to be on DSIL's Verizon plan. We now have unlimited data so I can use it for more things but I usually just use my computer at home.

Spring, I'm like you; I prefer a more traditional decor and home. I like modern and am warming to it more and more but wouldn't want it for my home. If I were wealthy, I'd love an apt. in NYC all done in modern and a traditional home somewhere else. My condo suits me with very comfortable casual furniture and antiques and some coastal accents here and there. Of all the Water Signs, I think Cancers identify with beaches and oceans the most. I'm with you when it comes to eating out or going to movies all the time. Your DD is young and has energy and wants to be with friends. So nice she can do that. Sounds as though your DS is the same with his friends. Claudia wants to go see Cats but it hasn't gotten good reviews. On the stage, people were made up to look like cats. The movie has the cats with the human faces of the actors and it's creeping people out. Wonder what SV would look like if he had a human face. Just thinking about replacing his adorable little face with a human one is creeping me out. GAAA!

Rock, your post is up. Is it the one you thought you had lost? One good thing about my Catholic School is that we were taught to send up a prayer for whomever needed an ambulance when we heard sirens. I can only imagine how scared people and their families are at that time. I still do that. We are off a main route to the hospital so we hear them all the time. Once they turn off the main road, they turn off the sirens so they can come in to our community and I don't even know they are here. Can't imagine people's shooting up in the air to celebrate. Those bullets eventually come back down. People have been killed by them. Doh! Glad you had a good time binging on movies you like. I read til I fell asleep early. SV always gets in bed with me, leaves sometime during the night and then returns to lie next to me as I'm waking up. Down here in the jungle, pest control is a must. Unfortunately, we would be overrun without it. Woman at the pest control office told me that sugar ants, also called ghost ants, are blind and follow pheromones to march lockstep to food sources. This pest control tries to educate the customers and I do appreciate it. Now I feel bad about stepping on poor little blind ants. Not bad enough to stop though. Speaking of skunks--Grace saw one in our hood and thought it was a beautiful big cat with long fur and a bushy tail. I told her it was Pepe LePew.

Gonna go check out the virtual newspapers. Best thing about reading online is no paper to recycle. Don't have to recycle electronic bytes. Or, is that what the little trash bin icon is for? I'll bid y'all adieu while we ponder this important question. Have a wonderful start to the New Year, all you wonderful Porchies.

Love, Mikie
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Happy New Year, Rock and Mikie...and all the porchies! I went to bed when Den did...around 9:00, but got back up when I couldn't get to sleep. I rang in the New Year and so did our closest non-Amish neighbors...with either fireworks or gunshots, I couldn't tell. It woke Den up, and I imagine the other nearby neighbors, also...

Mikie, congrats to your DD...that is quite an accomplishment! Hope you guys can get the ants under control...good prevention for your condo, too. Interesting to learn about the Terro...nice that the pest control company takes time to educate as well as eradicate.

Rock, I can see your post, if that's the only recent one. Den doesn't care for musicals, either. I've never eaten scrambled eggs with tuna, but I like both, so might be something to try. One of my favorite breakfasts (just discovered the recipe recently) is to wilt a bunch of fresh spinach in a skillet (with some butter), with some kind of cooked breakfast meat, onions and seasonings. Then whisk some eggs with sour cream and add to the pan...cook till the eggs are done and sprinkle with a little shredded cheese. The eggs are so creamy, and the spinach just adds to the nutritional value.

Granni, did you make it to midnight? When Den goes to bed before me, I am usually just on the computer or in the kitchen or using that time to read. If I feel really energetic (not very often, lol!) I can go to the other part of the house/shop and do laundry or something...but I'm usually not that motivated. I would like to be able to "early to bed, early to rise" but no use lying there with muscles aching, mind spinning, or whatever it is that doesn't let me get right to sleep. I would make a good "night shift" worker, lolol!

Hi to Barry, Sun, Star, Duckie...Happy New Year to all!

I'm looking forward to 2020, but wasn't in that big a hurry to get rid of 2019...after all, I did still have my dad around for part of that year. Hoping to continue "getting my house in order", literally and figuratively...my real house/farm, my mind and body.

Den is off to work...he doesn't mind working on a holiday cause he's the boss and he picked the day, lol! Much better than having to be "on call" and getting out in the middle of the night, especially in the middle of winter. So glad those days are done for him. I'm watching the sunrise and planning my "Home Alone" day, lol! I've got a bunch of recipe books and papers with online recipes spread out all over the island...working on menus, grocery lists, food prep lists, etc. My sourdough "grows" a lot if I don't use it often enough, so I'm always on the lookout for more of those recipes. I've cut back on the amount of water kefir I make...don't want to overdo it. The grains can be stored in the fridge whenever they're not "working"...

Well, the sun is up and shining brightly. Computer says we're to get up to 46 today, so I'm going to hang out some laundry...can always finish it up in the dryer this afternoon. Lorene's baby Josiah has been sick so she's gotten behind on diapers, etc. Her hubby and girls are home today, so she plans to get caught up...but I told her I could wash and dry some of her things, if necessary. Hard to get things done while holding a feverish baby...I remember those days very well.

Take care, everyone!


Hi, Kids,

I see that the Rose Bowl Parade won't come on til 11:00 here so have some time to get into the tub and do some cleaning. It's cooler here today so is a good day to clean. It was sooo humid yesterday that I had a horrible time drying off after my bath. One of these cooler days, I need to go throw a wax job on my car. Not til the shoulder isn't so painful though. Today Show had the NYC Children's Choir singing this morning. They are very good. I didn't feel like crying when they sang Auld Lang Syne. That's a first.

My Horoscope said I will look in the mirror today and see the same face but something will be different inside. That is certainly true considering the spiritual blessing I had this year. I dreamed about my ex last night. He had called me upset by all the violence in the world. His voice wasn't right and he sounded drugged. I was asking him if he was okay when I woke. It could just be my projecting my sadness at the violence or my concern that his health is so bad. I sent up a prayer for him.

Julie, that recipe for the spinach and eggs sounds delicious. I think I'll give it a try. I love all the ingredients. I like some musicals and can't sit through others. PBS ran a special on the Carpenters. I've never heard a voice so crystal clear and beautiful as Karen Carpenter's. Unlike a lot of other singers she also hit every note perfectly. I think the Terro is fine for the larger ants; I've used it with good results. These tiny ants need something milder, according to the lady I talked to. She was so nice and we laughed and joked on the phone and I hated to hang up. She acted as though she felt the same.

As you know, I am also trying to get things in order. I'm still cleaning things out, reorganizing and donating a lot of stuff. It's so nice to look under my sink and see it all organized and clean. It wasn't really messy or dirty but is so nice now. Thanks for your sweet words about DD. Everyone is so happy for her. I think it is special to do things like that when one is a bit older. About the only accomplishment I achieve these days is managing to get through the day without feeling as though I'm gonna fall over with exhaustion. Oh well, when I manage to do it, I enjoy the feeling. Tiny victories. :) I know you must be missing your Dad. The first year after I lost my Mom were the most raw and I still miss her but the pain is better and I think of her now with loving memories that bring smiles to my face. Wishing you and yours all the best year ever!

Lest we forget there is still kindness in the world, TV stations have been showing all kinds of amazing acts of kindness and courage. Just seeing acts of kindness lifts us all up. We could certainly use it. As always, hoping all y'all have a wonderful start to the day and the New Year!

Love, Mikie

Ooh, ooh..,just saw a life coach on TV who talked about NY's resolutions and things we want to accomplish. She said we should put those into one of four categories...Do it, delay it, delegate it or delete it. I'm really good at number two, not so much for number one. Just thought I'd pass this little pearl of wisdom along.

Watching the parade in between cleaning a bit. I paid special attention to the kitchen counter tops and stove where the pest guy will put down the gel. I think he needs to put it down under the shelf next to SV's food. That's where the ants congregate. Still, want things to look clean. Roomba will clean the carpet and I'll clean the tile floors. He's gonna be in the bathrooms.

Looks like a beautiful day in Pasadena. All my years before moving here, I would watch the parade from CO and wish I were in CA. It's as beautiful here as it is there today. People are gathering around the pool. I'm laughing every time I see the Geico ad with the raccoons around the dumpster. Sooo funny! OK, I'm outta her to go put on my back brace or I won't make it through the day. Whoa, update--Alexa tells me it's on 48 degrees in Pasadena. Yikes!
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Morning Kids, I am pleased to report that yes, my run away post came home. Is today Rose Bowl
Parade Day? Gordon and I watch about half an hour of it. Last time I went to the Rose Bowl was
decades ago. No game. The program for the day was a swap meet although I didn't see any
swapping going on. I did, however, buy a tattoo. Still got it. After the parade the floats are parked
nearby. Them what wants can go get a close up look. Gordon's orchid friend Jim got some free
tickets. He and some friends he invited are going to sit where they will have a good view. I really
didn't get a clear picture, but Jim is not good at explaining things other than how to grow orchids.

The building at the corner where some floats get stuck is the Norton Simon museum. My mother
loved it and the LA County Museum. Whenever she came to visit I took her to both places.

Finished my Dave Barry book on Florida. He reported on a town I never heard of. It's called Villages.
When he wrote the book about 5 years ago you could buy a house there for $30,000. The houses
are small and all look pretty much alike. The place is for folks like us i.e., old. Cars are not driven
in the town. People drive golf carts. Not sure how often, but at night there is dancing in the streets.
Line dancing is popular. The residents he talked to all loved the place. You can read about it on
Wikipedia if your interest is aroused. And also take a video tour of the place on the town site.

Julie, can't remember if I've ever eaten spinach or not. Is it used in lasagna? I would really like
to try the Popeye brand.

Barry, hope your computer is healing up. We could trade. The one with the worse computer
gets a prize. You reading anything new? I have several books on hold, but they aren't getting
here 'cause the library is closed every other day. Hope that's all over till next year.

Hugs and Ha det bra, Rock
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Hi, Rock,

The view NBC has of the parade is across the street from that museum. The Villages is the largest community of 55 and older folks in the US. It is also the place with more sexually transmitted diseases than anywhere else. Those old people are indeed active. It is a huge area and swings the state politically. I'm sure a lot of people like it with all the activities but it's not for me. Not the STD's either. AACCKK!! I like living in our small community. BTW, the average price of a home in The Villages is now $268,000 so those who bought in at $30,000 made a good investment. I don't know what their homeowners' fees are but they tend to be high for places with lots of things to do. Sounds as though they are making their own fun there. So much could be said but I'll leave it at that.

Hope you, Gordon, Henry and Miss Kitty have a wonderful New Year.

Love, Mikie

Farmers Insurance has another great float. They have been in the parade 61 years. I also love their funny ads. They did the Vengeful Vermin ad with the squirrels throwing pine cones at people. Wells Fargo has Los Lobos playing on their float. They are playing La Bamba and just finished playing Little Darlin'. Now that's music!
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Hi, Kids,

Another New Year's Miracle. I couldn't find my wallet. I searched high and low and checked the car. I took it with me on Mon. to the vet's and Publix. Finally, I asked St. Anthony for some help and I went back down to the car. It was on the floor. The last miracle was many years ago when Barb, Paul, a friend named Bill and I went to the beach for New Year's Eve. I lost a sterling silver earring I loved. Everyone was on the lookout for it on the sidewalk where hundreds of people had walked over a couple of hours. I said I was gonna ask St. Anthony for help and I immediately spotted the earring on the sidewalk. I picked it up and it was almost perfect. It had to have been stepped on. Starting the New Year out finding things is a good way to start.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Mikie

Went downstairs to watch the parade this morning. The image on the screen was a deserted street
scene with two women wandering around singing I don't know what. No spectators, bleachers,
musicians or parade in sight. Went back downstairs after a nap. The parade was being shown so I
watched for about 20 minutes. Some great floats and an enormous band.

Well, shoot! I never saw the Farmers squirrel ad. I remember La Bamba. Popular in the days of my
yute. They made a movie with the kid who sang the song. Can't remember his name though. Oh,
Gordon just walked by. He says it was Richie Valens. No idea if it's spelled right. I am just starting
to re-read Dave's book "Dave Barry Turns 50".

1,2,3,4 and Halt!


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Dear Ones,

MIKIE - Thanks for moving my last post over. I did not realize it was a closed Porch.

JULIE - Sorry you are feeling badly or was that just Lorene's baby?. That is not the way to start off the new year. Maybe you can rest with DEN gone and get some of your recipes organized.. Hanging up any of the wash on such cold days is not fun , usually ended up putting in the drier later on. When weather is nice and sunny and warm you can save some electricity and things smell so good. That is what I need to do to my recipes. MY recipes are a mess and do not always use them anyway.

Just popped in again to see what, if anything was happening on the Porch. Last night the gathering at DD's didn't last long for sure. After we all did a bunch of eating, watched some TV and then we ate some desserts and that was the end of it for most of it. My closest DD whose home we were in goes to bed really early and gets up really early esp due to the kitties waking her up for breakfast The other DD had worked and gotten up early too and the two of them were lying on the bed, talking. Then we all decided that we all should leave since the others had preparations for the meal tomorrow. DH and I left first and got home sometime around 9 pm or so, They left a little bit later. What we usually do when we don't go anywhere is watch a bit of TV and then watch some of it in bed and maybe we will watch the NEW YEAR come in in TX at 11:00PM with fireworks. Once in a great while we watch the ball come down in Times Square.

Today we went over DD;s again when the ribs were all done and ate ribs, blackeyed peas for good luck and collard greens which came out pretty good for the first time they (DD#4 and her DH)made it. It is a real southern type menu and was very tasty along with corn bread. Football was being watched and my DH was watching hockey and I just roamed around chatten with anyone. Both DD's were in the bedroom discussing football and their picks for some Fantasy Football picks. My DD;s at least those 2 are crazy football and sports fans. I can take it or leave it, depends on what is going on. DD#2's DH brought a bunch of different cakes and one pie. Thank goodness they were not big ones. Not supposed to eat much of that stuff but it tasted so good. Now I have to go on the straight and narrow as they say and DH too but they were yummy.

HI also to ROCK, BARRY( with the crazy computer), SPRING, STAR, DUCKIE, SUN if she is watching, and all my dear Porchies !! I have so much do on this computer for DH too. Gotta run !!

Love to awl,
Granni :D


Hi, Granni,

No problem with moving the post. The last Porch rolled over to Page 3 and it was easy to miss the 'closed' post. Sounds as though you guys have had a great New Years Eve and Day. I have to do the straight and narrow as well. My health is okay but I'm fat as a pig. Need to get back to moving in the pool. My DSIL, the chef, makes the best ribs I've ever eaten. He uses some kind of rub, probably something he came up with himself. He will spend so much time perfecting recipes. I just throw my ribs in the Instant Pot and then slather some BBQ sauce on them in the oven.

I want one of those Ninja Foodie toaster ovens that flips up to clear space on the counter top. They are slightly larger than the cheap one I have. I love using it instead of the big oven. I have seen the downside of having an extra large oven. The door is big too and, with my short little arms, it's hard to take things out without burning myself. Can't get close enough with that big door in the way.

I got done what I wanted to do and SV and I sat on the sofa. He has been sooo affectionate lately. It's been a truly lovely day for us both. We brushed his teeth and I brushed and combed his fur. He's such a handsome boy. He gets me up too but no longer bugs me to get out of bed until I'm ready. Finally!

Wishing you and your whole family a very good New Year.

Love, Mikie


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

The second day of 2020. How did we get here so fast? Guess time flies when we're having this much fun.

I was here quite a bit yesterday chasing the spammers away so have nothing left to tell today. I'll stop in later.

Love, Mikie


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Morning Kids, I finished "Dave Barry Turns 50" last night. The focus is not really on Dave but is on
what has been happening in our country during the half century. Probably his most analytical book.
The question posed on the computer this morning is: Has the last year been a good or a bad year.
Here's a response I liked so much I copied it.

It was a year like all years. Filled with those events that altered and illuminated ours
times. And you were there. For some it was the first year; for some the last. For some it
was life changing. Humdrum for many. Tragic; fantastic; thrilling; It was all things but not
for all people. I hope the coming year is wonderful for everybody, but that, of course,
will not be. As always, we will have to do the best we can.

Kinda sounds like I wrote it myself, doncha think?

Never heard of that oven you're wishing for, Mikie, but I hope you get one pronto, and that it
performs as well as you desire.

Sounds like you had a good New Year's Eve, Granni. Glad to hear it. Yes, I hope Sun is doing OK.
Miss her cheerful and colorful posts.

On the gardening front, our narcissus are in bloom. The flowers are white. Don't know if they
come in any other colors or not. I think the orchid club meets tonight.

Hugs, Rock2993

Oh, turns out they come in various colors.
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Hi, Kids,

Just waiting for the pest man. Four hour windows leave one hanging. I've made pretty good use of the time. I cleaned up receipts for 2019 and got a file ready for 2020. I also cleaned out some junk mail to recycle. That means getting rid of my name and the numbers in my address first. I keep up with it pretty well so it doesn't take long to do. Everything is still clean from yesterday's condo cleaning that I can start in on the projects I want to do.

I just heard of Virtual Private Networks (VPN's). They provide internet service that is secure. I thought of Sun who uses the internet at the library. Public internet isn't safe. VPN's are for people who need security but also need to use computers in public areas. I'd like to get rid of Comcast but not sure this is the way to go for me. Also, it's kinda techy to set up. Also might require a new router. We have free wi-fi at the pool but it's too weak to use here so I'd have to go over there. I don't know whether smart TV's can use them either. There are limits on how much can be used. Doubt I'll do anything but want to know what's out there for future reference. I think soon we will have all kinds of options for our phones, TV, streaming and computers. There are so many options for streaming like, HULU, Netflix, Prime and all the new ones that people may have several. Comcast has people cutting their services like crazy. A poll once found them to be the most hated company in the US.

Rock, if you had written that paragraph on good and bad years, it would be even better written and more humorous. Toaster ovens are small little appliances that sit on the counter top. They are great for reheating in lieu of microwave, heating up the big oven in the stove, toasting, fixing frozen foods that don't do well in the microwave oven and some, like the one I'm considering, do air frying. I use the one I have all the time but it's a bit too small. A larger one would take up even more cherished counter space. The Ninja Foodie folds up out of the way when not in use. That company makes some really good small appliances. Thanks for the pics of the flowers. I always had bulbs that blossomed in the spring before moving to condos.

I have the ice pack on my back because my sciatica is also acting up. I'm reading a pretty good book, Trophy Life. There is a bit of a mystery but the author is funny and I'm enjoying the humor. Hope I continue to enjoy it. Just got two free books from Prime. I have more than I can get to.

Hope everydobby is enjoying 2020 so far.

Love, Mikie

Pest guy was here and put some gel under the shelf by SV's food bowls and on the counters in the baths. After he left, I decided to watch a little TV. There is a new TV series on NBC, Lincoln Rhyme; The Hunt For The Bone Collector. It is based on the movie with Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington. The movie was great and I think the new TV series will be even better. There is lots of new tech that the cops use to track the serial killer. The action is fast paced and the actors are likable. Good escape TV.
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Hello Porchies.

It's a cool, damp day here. I'm staying inside!

Spring, I don't think the computer was bugged by a virus; I have anti-v protection. Computer just went "strange". So I've changed from Firefox to Chrome... we'll see, so far so good. I liked the picture you posted. It reminds me of a place I used to live at in England, near Inkpen! Memories, dreams, reflections......

Mikie, so sorry for your sciatica. I have had it before, but do specific excercizes to keep it at bay. McKenzie excercizes.
Pest control, eh? Keep away from the Burmese pythons. Ever seen one? And no doubt you have heard about the monkeys th.at have gone wild and carry a potentially fatal Herpes virus? They were introduced by an eccentric, and their population has risen to around 400....and continues to grow....

Rock, I've just started a new author (Ruth Downie) who has a series, historical Roman Britain; a mystery, and about a Roman doctor -- a medicus. Book is called Medicus. 8 in the series. I also have on hand "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens. It got fabulous reviews on Amazon. Her only novel --2018.

I'm having trouble waking early - 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep. Racing brain syndrome. So I'm tired as heck right now. But with ME I guess I would be anyway.... Depressed.

Well, I've got to get on the phone and make a buncha appts. with Docs., dentists.

Love and Peace to All.
Prayers for the environment please.