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PORCH 1176 IS NOW OPEN (12/31/19)

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barry, i also started reading a new series from a new author, s.j. rozan. mystery, not cozy, not thrillers. main characters are an young asian woman and an older white P.I. you might give her a try. let me know how you like her.

where do you get your books from? libraries? how far do you have to go to get them?

nothing is happening in the garden at this time, just damage control. a few orchids blooming now but the majority will be in the spring. it's been cold here in the mornings, low 40's.

Happy New Year to all on the Board.



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Hi Kids

Don't know what's going on. When I got here the screen said I'd been here 40 minutes ago Actually I was last here when I posted about the narcissus. That was 5AM this morning. I suppose Gordon could have been here. He's out getting supplies right now.

Barry, sorry to hear you are still burdened with ailments. It's kinda cold here too. Not damp but
about 50 degrees. In Minnesota folks would be wearing a parka and shorts. There's a place in
England called Inkpen? I suppose Lord Inkpen once had a castle there. I'll check the library for
Delia Owens. Who wrote the Lincoln Rhyme books? Jeffrey Deaver? Used to have a book by him
in the car for a year or two. Just in case we had some emergency and had to wait. I like to read
while I'm waiting. The book is now in our new car. I think I read the bone collector a long time

Mikie, I don't hate compost or whatever their name is. Have never dealt with them or anything
that streams. When I was a Kid I used to catch crawdads in a stream. oops! It was comcast. I
guess they provide movies. My Minn. brother subscribes to something like that. Says it costs
about $30 a month. I guess a dollar a day is pretty cheap.

Oops! Gordon's back. Gotta go lug stuff.

Love, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Just woke from a deep nap and heard the doorbell. It was the delivery of a gift my kids had sent. It's an electronic picture frame that looks a lot like my iPad but with a black frame. It will have its own email address. Family and friends can send emails and attach pics to them. The 'Skylight' will grab the attached pics so they can be viewed. It can be set up to do a slideshow so that one pic shows and then the next one shows. I think I can choose how long each one stays in the frame. The kids got one for themselves. It's a really nice idea. Any pics I have on my phone or are sent to me now can be put on the iPad and viewed. This is just a bit different and is dedicated to only one thing--pictures. DD said they loaded it up with pics. I just need to get my wits about me so I can set it up.

When I wake up, I have enough NRG to do a few things. Then, I just crap out and finally, I have to lie down and sleep. How many of these ongoing flares have I been through? Too many to count. Such is the nature of our conditions. Wish I knew the secret to 'throw the switch' to feel good. I have had good periods and know my body and brain are capable but I don't know how to throw that switch. I think someday research will reveal it.

Barry, sounds as though you are also suffering from exhaustion. Hope yours isn't as bad as mine. I only have two appointments this month. Most of mine fall in July and January. I have my six-month follow up with the PCP and get my teeth cleaned. Thank God they don't have to knock me out like they did to SV. Although I do love the Propofol. The state authorizes python hunting and lots of people go out and kill them. Some are huge. They are capable of swallowing big animals. The more likely peril is the puss caterpillar. They look so soft and lovely but cause stings of such intensely burning pain that those who have come in contact with them say even their bones hurt. Their venom is very powerful. They are here in the spring and fall but I've never seen one. Will definitely wear gloves and long pants from now on if I work outside. The CMV Herpes virus comes from monkeys and has been transferred to humans. I think I once saw a descendent of Medicus--Quackicus. :D BTW, I pray for all of us and our world every day. Violence and environmental issues especially call out for prayers.

Gordon, always so good to see you here. I don't devour books like you guys but I do love to read. I also love the Kindle so I don't have all those books to deal with. They are not for everyone but suits my needs perfectly. I can download books from our library but have so many free from Prime that I can't manage to get through all of them. We have a wonderful library very close to me. My friend, Claudia, volunteers there. She takes a lot of classes they offer. Stop by anytime. We all love to hear from you.

Rock, yes, Gordon was here. We always enjoy his posts even though they are short. Well, most posts are short compared to mine. I didn't realize how many books Jeffrey Deaver has written. I don't know whether he consulted on the new TV series. I hope it continues to be as good as the pilot. I loved the movie but the TV show is even better with the addition to the tech now available to help solve crimes. I'm laughing at 'compost.' Some days, compost is more popular than Comcast. It is my internet service provider. I no longer subscribe to their cable TV because it has gotten too expensive. I can save almost $100 a month by using HULU to stream my TV instead of cable. Compost also has streaming TV service now but I want as little to do with them as possible. I believe everything will be streamed from satellites in the near future. Then, the competition should help. Besides the tech involved, the cost of buying content from channels like ABC, NBC, etc. is responsible for a lot of the cost. I try to keep the costs to a minimum but still have something to watch. A lot of what is available is garbage. That's why I loves me my PBS. Hope there is something yummy in those bags. I'm off my feedbag so just had some berries and cheese for lunch. Gonna have some nuts for dinner. I think it's about time I cooked up a big sticky pot of white rice.

Our weather has been spectacular. This time of day stirs something inside of me as I watch the shadows lengthen while the sky is still an impossible blue. There were about 15 ibis in the slash pines earlier. SV and I went out on the lanai to see them. The other day, it sounded as though a herd of elephants was running on the roof. Turns out it was two vultures. Always makes me nervous when they sit outside and look in here. What do they know that I don't? Oh, the ibis just did a fly by in formation. So lovely! Hope everydobby has a restful evening and night.

Love, Mikie


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MIKIE et al- DH and I are busy with our Dr;s and dentists too and I am so thankful that DH doesn;t have any treatments or anything for his tumors. . I just had my blood work done so I can go to she Rheumy next Thursday. Next Monday is our PCP , what fun !!?? Then who knows when I will go to get my broken tooth fixed.. THen I go every 4 months for our cleaning and so does DH. Wow, that sure sounds like you are off your feedbag, as you call it with berries for lunch and nuts for dinner. Now cheese always sounds good for e me even if I am supposed to mostly eat goats milk cheese. However, I have been cheating a lot lately. I know there are times you have to do it. We;ve been eating far to many sweets etc. and have to go for our fasting blood work in Monday. Our day today has been rainy all day. I think it finally stopped. Plus it has also be to cold for e and damp really makes it worse. What do you like to cook with your sticky rice?? We aren;' really supposed to have it so we have brown rice and try not to eat to much of it but we do like rice. Of course there is also chinese food or stir fry with rice.

DH is a big reader and he gets most of his books from Amazon too and uses the Kindle. now. He has already gotten rid of a a lot of the old books he had except a few that were sentimental. or he really enjoyed. He is a big history reader. I like some of that too and both of us prefer non fiction for the most part. I read now and then and still have some old books I like to read. We are both trying to eliminate clutter esp him . I have so many in drawers that I need to go through too besides clothes. It is so much easier for him to get rid of clothes than I. I have some clothes in different sizes.

GORDON - So nice to see you pop in once in awhile. I know this time of the year is not the best for plants and greenery especially tender plants. Pretty soon again it will warm up again. Where you are it should be pretty quick, I think, us too. Not quick enough for me as I do not like the cold very much any more. Hi to dear ROCK !! Hope he is feeling OK today.

BARRY - Hang it there. I know how it feels to be so tired and then and you do not want to get out of bed but nothing would get done if I did that and DH wouldn't go for that very long :)!! I would also get more stiff if I didn't get out of bed and move around a bit. It is raining today which makes the aches worse I think. I know I have to make all the appointments too for drs , dentists or anywhere we go. It is a pain in the neck but Oh well, it is better than the alternative-groan !

JULIE - Hope you are feeling OK and got done what you needed to get done while Den was gone on the holiday.. Hope your weather is cooperating with you - for laundry and other chores.

Hi also to SW, DUCKIE, and whoever else I have missed.

Granni :D


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Early morning and very foggy and cold. I chased away a bit of the cold with some hot tea. Its been raining a teeny bit. Probably angelic cleaners washing down the atmosphere of its dirt, seen and unseen.

Mikie - that sounds like a nifty little electronic appliance your kids sent you. i dont get on social media much but i do find the Memories photos they show entertaining. People look so different in them. i was looking at one of my DH, he was half his present size, hair slicked back. Now his hair is mostly gone. A little is left. Lets see what happens in another ten years. :D

I hope pest control works. These tiny tiny critters, but so much trouble.

I was so confused about compost as Rock and you were talking about it. i was thinking mulch. And then crawdads. i dont know what that means. Why cant they get original names for different things? oh ok, Rock was talking about Comcast.

Barry - those fires have been raging on for a while now, a month almost. Can you imagine how exhausted the public and the firefighters are? You would think their government would have done something in previous years as a precaution, because every year i hear of fires in Australia. Same with flooding.

Seems like your computer and Mikies and Rocks have caught the same disease. Unknown causes causing keys to delete whole pages on their own. And bringing up different pages on the screen.:DSounds like mini Transformers, the movie ‘The machines hit back’ can be the tagline.

You seem to have grown up in some beautiful places. What a quaint name. Lord Inkpen (Rock?:D) is hilarious! Now you live in a beautiful place. Fitting for someone who loves nature and the environment.

Rock - i cant imagine Minnesota in winter. A rather depressing feel. i like snow but months of it in mountains of quantities! Rather daunting to think of. Im sure your brother, the Forest Ranger, loves it though. i think one gets used to it. Like Im used to nonstop rain during our Monsoons.

Oh, i thought you did write the response to the site asking for descriptions of the year gone past. Yes, it was lovely. My year was so so. It had some good moments, some not so good, but the feeling at the end was an incredulous ‘we made it through’!

Loved that Gordon popped in. Happy New Year to him too.

You didnt like Roman Holiday? i think they would call that movie, a ‘chick flick’ these days. i fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and her ‘mile wide’ smile. And Gregory Peck! Swoons! Perfect. He was in The Omen. I remember the movie as much for him and his dashing good looks as for the horror element.

Granni - nice to hear of your time spent with your DDs and that DH doesnt have to have invasive procedures.


Raked up a lot of dry leaves. i dont mind it but its like a thankless task. They just blow down again. i dont mind dry leaves, i love their crackle but it looks real messy after a while and neighbours can see in.

Didnt have to cook dinner. everyone was eating out, or had late lunches. DS had emceed a New Years event on New Years Eve with two of his friends and got paid. $ 150. so he went to the movies and ate dinner out.

My friend sent me a pic of a cloud shape which was like an angel with feathery wings. She clicked it on New Years early morning.

Looked like this....taken from net


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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

So far, so good in the New Year. I've been exhausted and last night, I was in a lot of pain. I think the yoyo temps and barometric pressure play havok with my poor old bod. As long as I'm not too exhausted or crippled with pain and can do a few things around here, I'm not ready to claim things are bad. Things could certainly be better in the world. Those fires! My heart is breaking for the people and the animals. At least, people have a fighting chance if they can evacuate but the poor animals can't do that. When things are dry and there are hot temps with winds, it is almost impossible to control wild fires. I keep Star and her family in my prayers. I pray for the whole world every day.

I don't know what got into SV yesterday. Every once in a while, he gets sooo needy. He wants in; he wants out. He wants to be held; he wants treats. Lately, I can't leave the front door open with just the storm door closed because he cries to go out. Then, he tries to sneak out when I go in or out. I feel so bad for him but he drives me nuts.

I watched the special on Jeopardy and Alex Trebek last night. Seems to me that he is saying a long goodbye and it's so sad. I hope he's one of the few that survives and I hope we can find cures for all cancers. Every family is affected one way or another. My DMIL had breast cancer and both my DD's have had melanomas. My biological father died of colon cancer and I've had precancerous polyps removed from my colon and cervix. An aunt on my father's side had breast cancer. I think cures will come from genetic research.

Granni, I'm also glad DH doesn't have to have other treatments. I'm glad there are treatments for Sun's bladder cancer but I know it can't be easy for her to have to go through that all the time. I like to eat rice by itself or with other things. I love rice pudding. Have to make it with Lactose milk. As you know, I'm also trying to get rid of things. I've held onto some tee shirts far too long. They are good for just wearing around here and I hate to get rid of them. I keep buying new ones when they are on sale but don't throw the old ones out, A couple have small holes in the front where SV's claws dug in when he was startled. I also have different sizes of clothing. Fat clothes and skinny clothes. I have gotten rid of some books but I have book shelves and, if I got rid of them all, the shelves would be empty. Is your weather off and on nice like ours? So unsettling but I enjoy the sunny days in between those cold fronts. Our sunny days remind me to the perfect cloudless days in the fall in CO.

Spring, I like the idea of angelic cleaners washing down from above. Too bad there aren't some angelic firefighters raining down on the wild fires in Australia. That pic of the cloud angel is amazing. Thanks for sharing it. Yesterday when I went out to look at all the ibis in the trees, there was a bright rainbow in our fountain. Sooo pretty. Sorry for the confusion. Rock is so funny and he loves to give things silly names. I think Compost is a perfect name for Comcast, our internet service provider. People here with internet service and cable TV are paying about $200 a month. Comcast's customer service has been bad but they have been trying to improve it. They sent me an offer but, when I called to ask about it, the C/S rep couldn't say for sure that one of my favorite channels would be included. Rock was also making me laugh about streaming. His humor is like medicine for me. I see the kids' pics on FB but this is so nice to have the electronic picture frame because they can send bunches I can look at anytime I want to. Yes, everything does seem to be possessed right now. I can talk and text from my watch. Was texting with DD yesterday and just wanted to send a heart emoji from the watch. It sent it and then took my pulse. Cracked me up. Hope you don't over do things. Raking is hard work.

Barry, today we might be seeing the Lord of Epipen. :D

Other DD said she would be sending pics too. All these electronic gizmos are amazing. Pest guy said his little girl is learning to spell using Alexa. As soon as he told me that, Alexa started to talk to him. Claudia hasn't said whether she got her Echo set up. She's been busy dealing with her dying phone. She got a new one and was able to play FJ last night which she won. She remembers everything she ever learned in school. Geez, I can remember almost nothing I learned in school. Speaking of which, Patti has posted her favorite science documentaries over on the Homebound Board. A fellow science geek! I love it.

I love all of you, Dear Porchies, and continue to pray we all have a better year.

Love, Mikie
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Popping in quickly to let everyone know that I am thinking of you and praying for those who are hurting, either emotionally or physically...or both. And, of course, for Star...that she and her family stay safe.

I was gone all day yesterday...that six hours on the road round trip to the far away chiro. He helped the headache I've been dealing with for several weeks. And addressed the stuffy/painful ear...some relief, but not completely better yet. Needless to say, I was pooped when I got home last night...

Wednesday (my day to be home alone) was interrupted by Lorene's girls who came running across the yard while I was at the clothesline. Their baby brother had been sick for several days...Lorene was giving him nebulizer treatments, but the inverter she had to use (attached to the 12 volt battery so she could use the electric nebulizer) had quit working and she wondered if I could get a message to her husband to bring another one home from work or wherever he could find one.

I was just getting ready to put supper in the oven for the guys (Clinton had driven here to go help Den). I had a whole chicken and some ground beef thawed so decided to fix extra for the neighbors, too. So, the girls played at my house while I peeled and cut up potatoes and carrots, threw together a meatloaf, and got the chicken ready for the roaster. Stuck all that in the oven, then went back to Lorene's to see if the girls could ride along to where her husband worked and maybe bring a different inverter back earlier.

He ended up fixing the old one, so the girls and I returned with it. Then I came back to my house, finished up supper (added some instant mashed potatoes and some cheesy cheddar "Red Lobster" mix biscuits.) Den texted me that they were on their way home, but I had just enough time to get supper down to Lorene and get back home to get a cooler loaded (meat for Amy and Clinton's family...cheaper to buy in bulk and repackage to share with the kids.) Clinton wanted to get on back home and I didn't want to hold him up. So, I was rushing like crazy for a few hours, lol!

Felt like an "accomplished" day, even though I didn't do the things I had planned on, lol! In the morning, before things got hectic, I did get a new mini blind and drapery tie backs installed in the bedroom window on my side of the bed. We hardly even open the curtains on Den's side, but I like to let the sun in right when I first get up and this made it easier for me...

Anyway, I checked on the baby when I got home last evening and he's doing much better. Was just down there a little bit ago and he's even more on the mend...must have been a crazy viral thing that has been going around. So far, the girls are okay...but I knew Mama was getting so worn out from having to sit and hold a sick baby. Yesterday, her MIL took supper, so she didn't have to worry about the evening meal for two days in a row. That's the main thing with us moms and grandmas...feeding our clans.

So, craziness aside...time to get back to my own chores and projects. Hi to everyone...and hope our trials and challenges are short-lived. Take care!


Hi, Kids,

AACCKK!! It's official; I'm sick! Had no appetite yesterday or today. Last night, the whole right side of my head was stuffed up. I hurt all over, including a headache and the crud has moved down into my right lung. All I've done is rest today. The good news is that I haven't seen even one ant today. I'm sposda leave the gel in place for two weeks just to be sure. It's so nice not to see them. Hope it's working as well for Grace.

Julie, it's wonderful of you to be so kind to your neighbors, especially when you often have pain and exhaustion. Glad the chiro was able to help with the headache. My ear is also painful on the stuffed up side. Could be a virus. Hope it clears up fast for us both. I'm glad the baby is better. Take care of yourself.

Gonna go. I seldom get sick with viruses, except for the Whatever Herpes Virus that is chronic. I typically get over them pretty fast as my overactive immune system goes into overdrive when I get sick.

Another beautiful afternoon.

Love, Mikie


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Good afternoon Dear Porchies,

MIKIE and JULIE- Sorry you both are sick, Hope you get of over it quickly, JULIE too. YOU BOTH need to REST, JULIE TOO. Seems like she is so busy trying to take care of everyone and driving 3 hrs to the chiro. I sure hope it helped more than some after all that driving. JULIE, you surely are a great neighbor. I just popped in for a bit .

DH just said it is getting cold out there again. It was starting to warm up again but it didn't seem that warm when I went out this afternoon for lunch. I spent most of my day putting away Christmas stuff. All is done except for the Christmas table cloth but no rush on that. We had to buy another clear plastic tub to put some of the bigger stuff in . DH has to put it all away tomorrow or there abouts.

Gotta run DH needs the computer. Back later.



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Hi Kids, Just went out and spent some time with kitty. She has snarls in her fur again. They come and go like celebrity relationships.

Sunflower, I hope your are getting some help from your meds. Would like to hear from you even if
it's only a short report. What's going on in your garden? And how is kitty?

Granni, it's warm here. Clear blue sky, Light breeze. The palm trees across the street are just
barely moving. The camellia bush has buds. They look kinda like baby Brussels Sprouts. Gordon
has an orchid in bloom. Two big light purple flowers. I think it's been blooming for the past two

Mikie, I hope by tomorrow you will be officially unsick. Of course we are all more or less sick all the
time, but I find it really irritating when something gets added on. I know you can count on SV to
do his best to help.

Julie, I don't even know what an inverter is. I think maybe it's something you do when you divide.
I wonder if I even know how to do that anymore. Mashed potatoes and cheesy biscuits sound
good. I've read about lobster rolls one can buy at ocean beaches. Sorry to hear about the
long lasting headaches. I almost never have a headache, but my mother had them frequently.

Guess I'll go back to bed and finish my nap. Hugs


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Hi gang.......now how can I refuse such a nice request from Rock! I’m OK, got thru christmas/new years OK but glad the stress is all over. My DS left for a few days while down here to visit friends up around Bakersfield and he was pretty good about his “rants” probably because he was still recovering from a bad injured back so didn’t drink or smoke too much. I’m having to learn to love him as I find him and forget about trying to change him. I fixed Christmas Day dinner here but so much to do that I really didn’t get to enjoy it much. I fixed prime rib, baked salmon, Mac n cheese for the little ones, red mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms. My DS brought a carrot salad and my DD roasted asparagus. Just felt like all I was doing was removing the snacks on the table, to put on the main food, then removing it for the desserts. My DD and SIL got all the silverware rinsed off and into the dishwasher along with whatever could fit. This dishwasher takes forever....she set it for heavy clean, so there were still stacks of other things to clean up. I left all of that until I got up at 3 am to take some Tylenol and started cleaning again.

My one shower leaked from 2 days before christmas to yesterday when my handyman could get out to fix it. I had to put a large plastic tub to catch the water then dump every morning. Today he was back removing termited posts from the back patio and replacing them. He’s still not finished so will be back next Thursday. I’m going to call around for a termite inspection tomorrow and see if they’re any where else and then determine what to do next.

Granni: I think your DH and I have the same type....it can keep coming back, so after 3 outpatient surgeries my doc and I decided the best thing was to try the chemo as maintenance. The surgery takes so much out of me and can’t keep doing it.

And yesterday after changing ink cartridge on my printer and cleaning it twice, I had to buy a new printer yesterday. This morning The Geek Squad was out to set it up for me. So in a month I’ve had to buy a new ipad and now the printer.

Now the fun art news. A friend sent me her barely used camera lucida. This is basically a scientific device Vermeer used to paint his wonderful paintings back in the 1500s. I’m hoping to use it to get accurate drawings for portraits instead of draw, erase, draw, erase continually and still not getting it right. I hope to read the directions for set up and try it this weekend.



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Sunflower, How great to hear from you. Sounds like you had an elegant Christmas dinner. I
remember hearing about the camera obscura in art classes, but never heard of it's opposite.
There are numerous videos about the camera lucida on Youtube which will be my next destination.
Is your lucida new or old or maybe you can't tell.

The chemo treatments worked for my mother and my best High School teacher. Hope it does
the same for you. Good luck with your new electronics.

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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

My head is still feeling stuffy on the right side. I am going to color and shampoo my mop later this morning. The hot shower should help unclog my head. At the very least, it will feel good. So far, no ants! Keeping my fingers crossed and knocking on wood. The gel the pest guy used is safe around children and pets. SV shows no interest in it. The guy told me to wash the floor around the cat bowls often to get rid of the smell that attracts the ants. SV is a pretty tidy eater but I'll keep it clean. Now and then, he whips a little piece of the wet food out of the dish with his tongue.

Gonna dust in here today but everything is still pretty clean. I want to move into the bedroom to give it a good cleaning and start back in on getting rid of clothes I don't wear or need. By golly, one of these days, this place will be clean and organized. I'm going to have to decide which Christmas decorations I want to keep and which to give away. I keep thinking we will decorate our bldg. but every year, I feel lousy and not up to doing it. I could use the storage for something else.

Rock, SV really does help when I am sick. Just petting his silky fur calms me and lifts my spirits. He gets sweeter with each passing year. He also gets little snarls in his fur (laughing about the celeb relationships). I use a flea comb to pull them out. Bad ones I cut out. He does the rest. He loves to be groomed and he especially loves his new toothbrush. We are working on getting it back to the big molars. I found a chew toy that is soft rubber with little knobby things on it. You put catnip inside and the kitty chews on it and cleans his teeth. It's worth a try. The vet mentioned that. I need to call to see whether I can put the enzyme supp in his water. His toothpaste has the enzymes. Never had a cat before that was so much upkeep but he's worth it. Glad you have Miss Kitty. Tell her SV sends his love.

Granni, I also have big plastic tubs on shelves in my extra walk-in closet. I don't need more tubs; I need to get rid of some of this stuff. AACCKK!! That cold weather you had is heading toward us in SW FL. It'll be 80 here today but then the temps will fall into the 50's tonight. Will only be mid-60's tomorrow. They will stay in the 70's next week until Thursday when they will climb back into the 80's. The sun is getting ready to rise and I can see the low scud moving in fast. We are sposda get rain today. We need it. Can you rest now that the decorations are put away? I hope so.

Sun, so good to have you back on the Porch. I hope you got to enjoy your kids at least some in between cooking and cleaning up. My DW is very quiet but these new ones take forever to clean. Same with the washing machine. That's scary about the termites. Too bad they don't have something like this gel for ants to kill them. The older buildings like Joe's have wood studs and one of them had termites. Our bldg. has metal studs. There is wood in our attics though. That camera looks interesting. The one I looked at shows the artist having to put her eye up to it. When I was a kid, there were ones which projected the image onto the paper without having to look through the lens. They were advertised in the backs of comic books. I'm sure those were cheap imitations. I also need a new printer but haven't had the NRG to go to BB to look at them. I have gotten by without one but it's nice to have them. Hope you can get some rest now that Christmas is over with for another year.

Been keeping up the prayers for Star and others in Australia. The temps there are in triple digits and the wind is whipping the flames. It looks like something out of a disaster movie but this is real. I think there was a wild fire described in The Thorn Birds started by lightning but it was nowhere as big and destructive. Star, hope you and yours are all okay.

News just showed a pic of Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George making their Christmas pudding. The Queen actually has her little purse hanging from one hand. Guess she isn't getting too involved in the preparation. Maybe she keeps the recipe in the ever present purse.

Just let SV out on the lanai. OMG! It's like a sauna out there. The rain should start about 3:00 this afternoon. Since I'm going nowhere today, I may wait til tomorrow to do my hair. This level of humidity, even with the A/C on, leaves my hair a mess. I wouldn't even mind frizz. My hair just loses any life and lies flat and heavy on my head. GAAA!

Spring, Barry, Julie, Duckie and anyone I missed, please have a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie



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G'day to all my Porchie family.
Thanks so much for all your prayers.

Fortunately I don't live near the serious bush fires, but we've been keeping an eye on one that's been going since before Christmas, about 15 km's away.sorry, not sure what that is in miles.
As you can imagine the wind has a great deal to do with which way it burns and how intense.We've had some really high temps, even for down here, where it's generally cooler.
We hv an app that keeps us up to date with the fires in our area.It's amazing how many start up.generally, the firies are onto it and if they can get it under control quickly, that's a bonus.

Sadly many of the 'safe zones' aren't great, but a last resort.
We hear of many petrol stations running out due to all the evacuees and such devastation...loss of live stock...
One place had their whole community out on the beach and in the water, trying to escape fire.Others in boats or just standing in lakes or any kind of water.
People are missing.
A father and son died trying to defend their home, leaving wives and children behind...
And Yes Barry, koalas are slow moving.not like kangaroos and wallabies...

The big fires are where the 2 states, Victoria and New South Wales meet and not a lot separates them.The big worry is that the two will amalgamate.and become a doozy.nucleur status is what I've heard it referred to.
Apparently these fires are most likely the worst Australia has ever seen.so many all at once.
We had smoke here a couple of days ago and that was scarey enough.I'm really glad I can check the status of the nearby fires on the app.plus it continually updates.

Pls just know that I really appreciate all of you.
Praying for you all & your families , to feel better. (Even Sv and Lorene's baby and Den's friend's wife...)

Congrats Mikie on your Treasure's successful passing.feel better soon.

Sun- amazing job on handling Christmas! Hv fun with your new camera thingy-me-jig.

Rock, I totally thought that was something you would've written for sure.Dave Barry did you say? Will hv to google Village town.

Granni, wow.You are doing great keeping up with all the Dds and festivities, dispite all the aches.
Julie, You may think you haven't achieved much in a day, but just reading about you chopping all the veg and just 'throwing together a meatloaf' leaves me gobsmacked! Plus, I believe your Amish neighbours would be very grateful for you.

Barry, a few days ago when the heat was extreme, we saw a koala walking on the hot bitumen road, trying to keep his feet cool.It seemed amusing, until it made me think about all the creatures trapped in the fire.

Spring, there's quite a lot of burning off to get rid of debris that can start fires up, prior to the bush fire season, but we hv so much bush land and protected National Parks that the controlled burns never seem to be enough.

Update- My friend's grandson was s'posed to pay her back the Full amount, but only managed a pathetic $130. Shame on them.

Take care All.
Catch yas later.


Hi, Kids,

Just read the virtual paper and decided to drop in looking for spammers. Found one. So many times when I see that someone has registered here, his or her spam post will appear within the hour. There are usually a lot on Saturdays but usually none on Sunday. Guess spammers keep the Sabath.

Our paper has a home section on Saturdays with gardening and home decorating sections. Today's had the most beautiful dining room. Everything was white and light with white wallpaper with small green palm trees. Could be gross but this print was beautiful. The chairs were upholstered in the same green and white color geometric pattern. Could be too much but it wasn't. There were white plantation shutters in the window so no drapes. I feel the need to make some very small changes in here after I get things cleaned out. Nothing big because I'm not up to it but just some small accessory changes would brighten up the place. We'll see.

Star, so nice to see that you have stopped in. I think you did tell us before that you weren't in harm's way but, like with all our Porchies, I worry about any perceived threat. Just the damage to your country is overwhelming. The human and animal suffering is heartbreaking. Our news showed a little Koala Bear coming out on a road and a biker giving it a drink from a water bottle. It almost made me cry. One little one on the news had singed fur on his back. Thank you for your prayers. I keep you and yours in mine.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Still trying to decide on my hair. I may have to do it just so I can stand myself. I went into the bathroom and the mirror said, "Snow White lives!"

Love, Mikie
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Morning, Folks

Just walked around the gardens. Pretty much everything is flourishing. We have Lots of cilantro.
Most of it Gordon gives away. Especially to folks from Asia. We have a plant about a foot and a
half high. It has a purple flower at the top. Even Gordon doesn't know what it is. Is a "volunteer"
as our landlord used to call them. A seed blown by the wind; dropped by a bird, etc.

Mikie, I saw the kolas in the news. They are like living teddy bears. I read a long time ago that
the original Pooh Bear is still around.. On display somewhere. People are not allowed to
pick it up. Well, I should say not. Would you pick up the Mona Lisa? Personally I'm tired of the
Mona Lisa. I don't see anything wonderful about her smile. Why did the mirror say Snow
White? At least in the Disney portrayal she had black hair and was beautiful.

Star, 15 KMs is about 9 miles according to my computer. (But you know my computer is not
very reliable.) My mother told me about the time she "Nearly burned down the town." She
got a new roll of linoleum for some room. (Back in the 40's) Put the old one in the back lot
where we burned the trash. Went shopping. Came home to find the back lot aflame and the neighbors running around trying to put it out. The nice thing about small towns is that the neighbors will pitch in and help. They'll also remind you of the dumb things you did 40 years
later when you're on your death bed.

Was on Youtube last night for a long time. My mind is getting so bad I can't always think of the
name of the singer or the song I want to hear. Most annoying!

Hugs from What's His Name.
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Hi, Kids,

Just got through blowing out my hair. I colored it and gave it a trim. So far, so good. I'll know for sure when I style it and give it a spray. Think the top is good but it may need more taken off around the bottom. That's the hard part to do by myself. Color came out good. I decided that I'd rather do it today when I'll likely get nothing else done anyway than put it off til tomorrow. In the morning, I can enjoy my newspaper (the real newspaper) with nothing hanging over my head except my nice hair.

Rock, the hardest thing for me to remember is names. It drives me nuts when I see someone in a show on TV and can't remember his or her name or what other role he or she played. Final Jeopardy is hard because of the same forgetfulness. Your garden sounds lovely. My MIL used to call things "volunteers" when they sprang up out of nowhere. I love the Koala bears. Sooo cute. I saw the Mona Lisa when I was in Paris at the Louvre. There is something very compelling about the painting besides the smile. It kinda glows and seems to have a life of its own. I really believe that is why people love it. I could barely pull my eyes away from it but wanted to move along so others could see it.

Before my ex and I got married, he set his parents' entire back yard on fire. It was covered with the cotton from the cottonwood trees and he wondered whether it would burn. FOOOM! It burned in a straight line from one end to the other. There was a park behind the house with the big trees and he was scared to death it would set them on fire. It went out but he never did that again. A couple of years ago, my DSIL had some kind of small fire; I can't even remember what he was doing but it was just an accident. My ex lit into him; no pun intended. When I heard about it, I told DSIL what my ex had done and he mentioned it to my ex in a humorous way. DD loved it. No more stern talk out of my ex. Glad you live in such a beautiful place.

BTW, the mirror isn't calling me Snow White. It's telling me, the ugly old woman, that she is still alive. Remember when the queen would ask the mirror who was the loveliest in the land? That's a joke I stole from Joan Rivers. I only steal from the best. Lord, I miss her. Just when we could use her stinging wit.

I need lunch but can't figure out what to do. Nothing sounds good. Guess it's time for rice. I'll cook it in the magic Instant Pot with almost no effort on my part. Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Hello, hello, been listening to more music. Joan Rivers was always funny although not always polite. I'm glad she left several books she wrote behind as well as videos on Youtube. Like many comedians
she kept a large file of jokes. Her daughter Melissa, I think, wrote a nice book about Joan after her death.

Mikie, are you going to have plain rice? Gordon eat's lots of rice. I don't find it very interesting unless it has other stuff with it. Eggs, meat, veggies, etc.