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PORCH 1176 IS NOW OPEN (12/31/19)

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Brrrr..yesterday was so cold! Drizzled throughout. I stayed indoors. Put off any shopping trips. i dont mind light rain but the mess gets to me. slippery floors in the supermarket. Dripping umbrellas. People hunched up.

Mikie - you got your hair done, thats nice. Washing and combing my hair is one undertaking i dont relish...i like clean shiny hair but mine is dry and because of its length takes long to dry and comb. i used to fantasize i had golden blonde hair when i was little. Grew up on Rapunzel and Goldilocks so...

I think you look better than Joan Rivers, and i think your personality is better than hers. i dont just mean all the plastic surgery she had, she may appeal to some, i found her a little too much. ive seen garrulous talk show hosts, Donahue for example.

Thats hilarious about your ex DH and the fire and your DSIL.:D

Sun - its the first im hearing of lucida ...vemeer. Nice picture. That lady. One can imagine those times. If it wasnt for all the diseases, TB, scarlet fever, i wouldnt mind being back then. No noise pollution, no unending rush to just get through existing from day to day. im glad it wasnt as stressful this time with your DS.

The meal you described had my mouth watering. Mmmmm....i must saute mushrooms. We only ever make curry out ofthem besides the dumplings i make for myself.

Star - good to hear all the news. At least you helped stop further theft happening to your friend. I guess one just has to cut ones losses and move on. A shame i know. There must be so many such cases around the world. Specially the underdeveloped countries. Where legal, police intervention is not easily available.

Rock - i just caught a bit of the movie based on Christopher Robin and his father who wrote Winnie the Pooh.It was so depressing. Apparently the son was traumatized by the fame he got inadvertently, he hated it. Got picked on at school. Went away to join the war to escape. And goes missing. Didnt want the tons of money his father had earned from the books. i couldnt relate. Maybe there were other things bothering him in real life. i only watched a small part. It says in the synopsis, the son returns and reconciles with his father. title..Goodbye Christopher Robin.

Hello to Barry, Granni et al ...


I think i spent the cold rainy day yesterday just snacking on comfort food in between chores. I had got in all manner of snacks, indian fried snacks, chocolate digestive biscuits, raw pickle, carrot cake, to get me through the gloomy freezing wet days which inevitable dot our jaunary weather and i made the most of them. Luckily i recognized when my stomach started protesting late evening and stopped bingeing.

The dogs got cabin fever and scratched at the door to be let out. They dont mind getting their paws wet. But their appetites shoot up. They sit around us in the kitchen with big eyes pleading for ‘extra’. Drove DH crazy at breakfast and dinner time. i add a big dollop of extra rice, chicken, veggie,lentil for their daily meal on cold days but theyre like bottomless pits.

God bless
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