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PORCH 1177 IS NOW CLOSED (1/5/19)

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Dearest Porchies,

It's time for a new Porch. Please go back to read Rock's and Spring's posts on pages 2 and 3 on the old Porch. All Rock's talk about the garden got me thinking about Spring bulbs and I was going to post a pic of flowers that come up early from bulbs. Then, I saw these pansies, my Mom's favorite flower for the garden. She loved the little 'faces' on them. She once had a calico cat named Pansy because her facial features made her look like a pansy flower.

It was 81 degrees here yesterday. It's now 55 out. There is a brisk breeze and the air feels so crisp and nice. Quite a change from the sauna like humidity of yesterday morning. I'm watching Alf, one of my favorite sit coms. Tough choice between that and Superman. Schedules have changed and Burns and Allen aren't on. I love that one too. Gracie loved to shop and had beautiful clothes. She always wore 3/4 sleeves because she had scars on her arm. I have always loved 3/4 sleeves. They can be hard to find. I don't mind long sleeves I can push up.

I went down last night because a man was in the pool after dark with his kids. He was sooo nice and said he didn't know the pool was closed after dark to swimming. Someone moved the sign off the gate. Gonna have to let mgmt. know. After I came out of the pool area, Joe drove up. He heard the noise from the pool and was concerned that I'd go over there. He's very protective of me. I appreciate that.

This year is the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. It didn't specifically give women the right to vote but it made discrimination based on sex illegal. Some of the original Suffragists were jailed and tortured. We don't get our rights easily and we have to fight to hang on to them. There are still efforts to keep certain portions of the populace from voting. Good news is that there is renewed interest in teaching civics in schools so kids will feel more motivated to vote and better educated on how our govt. is supposed to work. More good news--younger kids today are more motivated to become involved than past generations. Off subject a bit but a recent research project found that half the people receiving tax refunds thought they were payments from the govt., not their own money from over payment of their taxes. Doh!

Rock, I ate my rice last night. Later, I got the worst pain in my lower left side. I have no idea why. It was tender and still is tender today. It may be an attack of diverticulitis. I ate nuts yesterday and probably didn't chew them enough. I went to bed and curled up. SV came in and lay on top of me. I still think small animals can draw pain and sickness out of us. I prayed and asked for healing. I like eating rice with a bit of milk and sugar on it. That makes it pretty carby but I only eat it that way when I'm sick and don't want anything else to eat. I love Chinese food with big glops of sticky white rice. Also love rice pudding but, again, pretty carby. I'm sorry you lost your post. There was a post from you. Hope it was the one you thought you had lost.

Spring, thank you for your kind words. I know Joan Rivers' wit could be very cutting but she was funny. She said things we all think but don't want to say. I loved her Fashion Police show, especially after award shows with red carpets. Her remarks about some of their outfits were brutal. She was a tiny ball of fire. She lived in an apt. in NYC that rivaled Trump's in terms of gold furnishings. She had her own line of jewelry and clothing. Many women loved her products but others felt her things missed the mark. People have made fun of them. Well, what's sauce for the goose... BTW, Melania Trump also had a line of jewelry but it wasn't popular and wasn't sold very long. Both of them sold their products on the shopping networks on TV. We only got rain for about half an hour. This is our 'dry' season so we are happy for any rain we get. It's so funny; we all wish we had what we don't. I can color my hair blonde but I would love straight black hair. My hair is so dry. Have you tried the oil for hair? Or you can use olive or coconut oil. Because I keep my hair fairly short, I can just cut off the dry ends. A lot of my problem is from all the coloring. You always look so pretty in your pics.

The big Sunday paper is here so will go read it. So glad I did my hair yesterday. Now, if the pain in my shoulder and the pain in my stomach go away, perhaps I can get things done and enjoy my day. It will only get to about 65 today. We get several days of cooler temps and then it's back up into the 80's. That will make the visitors happy but I like it when it's cooler. SV just asked to go out but changed his mind when I opened the door. Too cold for him. I hope all y'all get just the kind of day you love.

Love, Mikie
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Morning, Kids

Nice flowers, Mikie. My mother liked them too and had them in her garden. Kids, you might want to
look for miltonia orchids. They look like fancy panseys. If possible I would have posted a pic here.

Sun, I read the autobiography of Christopher Robin decades ago. When he grew up he had his own
book store. I think that's where the original stuffed bear was kept on a table. Kids were told look,
but don't touch. The only complaint Christopher made in his bio was that his dad was so busy he
didn't see much of him. In addition to the Pooh books, Milne wrote plays, articles for Punch, and
a wonderful book of poetry for kids. I think the title or the book was Now w e are Seven. During the folk era, some group used to sing one of his verses. I Think it was the Chad Mitchell Trio. Used to
know the name of the illustrator of the Milne books. I believe he died in the 50s. Ah, Ernest Sheperd, I think. I believe he also illustrated the book Wind In The Willows.

One day, several years ago, I was at the library book sale. Saw a book that looked just my old
Pooh book. Opened it up. Inside the cover was my name and the year, 1944. Took it home;
reread it. Brought it back.

Had a night of restless sleep. Unusual for me. So tired of thisi miserable life. Think I'll go back
to bed.



Hi, Kids,

Just lounging around and working on the NYT crossword puzzle. Watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show. It's always got so many unusual and interesting segments. By now I'd be watching NBC but the broadcast of it and ABC are not working for antennas. I can get everything except NBC live on HULU. I'll have to wait until tomorrow when HULU will offer shows on On Demand. Every time I get sick of the inconvenience, I think of the $200 it would cost to have Comcast and it doesn't seem so bad.

Rock, I hear ya, my friend. There are days when I just get sick of it all. Then, something silly tickles my funny bone. The Geico ad with the raccoons eating out of the garbage bin is on. I also look around and feel so fortunate for all I have. Lordy, if I were sick and had no home or friends, life would really be miserable. I'm no Pollyanna but this is how I stay halfway sane in a world of pain and exhaustion. And those are just my problems. The world at large is often a very sad and dangerous place. Still comes down to knowing what I can control and what I can't. That's amazing that you found your old book. Hope you can get some sleep.

Here's a pic of the orchids. They do look like pansies.


My lower stomach area is still tender so am not gonna do much. Hope it continues to improve. Think I'll go take a hot soak. That always makes me feel better.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Y'all.

Rainy day blues again.

RockGORDON, never heard of S. J. Rozan before. I looked her up on FantasticFiction and saw that she's won lots of awards for her books. Maybe I'll give her a go, although I have such a huge stack of books already......;)
Yes, Gordon, I get a lot of books from the libraries of the County. I also buy a lot of more obscure books from Amazon; I've bought books from them that have never been opened for as low as $5, hardcover, including shipping. From the library we request our wants from the computer, and are notified when they are received. Our local branch is only 8 miles away.

Rock, did you eat the crawdads (aka crayfish) that you caught when you were a young goat? Aw shucks, I'm kidding you. I like them a lot. The last time I et 'em was yonks ago when Richard and I and the dogs went camping up in Trinity County. Boy were they good!

Granni, thanks for your kind words. Today is another no NRG day for me... alas. I did get my med appts all set, except for a few.

Julie, you are, I think, the most active person I know! Please don't wear yourself down! Just reading your post, 6 hr trip to/from chiro. wore me out thinking of such a trial. And cooking, and helping Den, and controlling the kids, cows, and whatever else..... YIKES!!!! Bless You.

SUN, so glad to see you. Termites, eh? Bad. I've eaten them a few times, alive, quite tasty actually. Have fun with your camera lucida. I'm so glad your son's visit went well. Lotsa food to eat too!

STAR, keep cool and safe. I am so horrified by the extant of the fires and the loss of wildlife (and people too) that it makes me almost cry. We MUST help our mother earth heal.

Mikie, sorry you are so tired. I guess that's why we Porchies are all here.
We do our best, God does the rest. I am a Humanist who believes in following the footsteps of Jesus and the Buddha as best I can.

Love, Peace, Blessings to All.


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Greetings everyone,

Busy day went to church then jpme to change and go to a K of C function. I am so very full and ate to much of probably what I shouldn't have eaten but had fun anyway :)!!! We had fun eating anyway. It is like a pot luck but someone makes a bunch of stuff like the meats and everything else is added to to by the people that come. Then came home and threw a load in the wash and left my socks lying on the floor. They should have gotten int to the wash. ACH !!

MIKIE - Those beautiful pansies remind me of my mom. She said they looked like they had little faces on them and are so colorful. Thanks for starting up a new porch again !!

BARRY - Glad at least you got most of your appt made to get your meds. What a pain but I understand that you have to do what you have to do. DH and I have to go tomorrow for our PCP appt to get new scripts sent out otherwise we don't get any meds to keep us going. No breakfast tomorrow as we will be fasting and have to get a;; our lab work done.

JULIE - Yes you do wear me out just listening to you talk about all you do and the driving. I know you are younger but - - Good for you kiddo I envy you all you do and wish I could too.

SUN - So sorry to hear about your leaky shower and also the termites. I hope that can be taken care of pdq!! Hope it isn't to extensive. I know what you mean about holiday dinners and all the cleaning up you have to do, even if you have a dishwasher!!

STAR - I cannot imagine how horrible those fires must be. We see pictures of the fires almost daily, So frightening and horrific !!

Almost out of my new b/p med that I am going to try and get changed. It went from about $26 for 3 months to $125 which is cheap since I have some kind of half way decent insurance.

Hugz to everyone, inc those I didn't mention !! (ROCK, GORDON. SPRING , and anyone else I forgot) Figured I had better get on here a bit today as not sure about tomorrow after the doctors appt. Maybe shopping or something !! I need to get off the porch and do some other work on the computer..

Granni :D


Good Monday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Well, it's official; I'm sick. The lack of appetite, headache and stomach pain were the prelude to what feels like the flu or some other kind of old fashioned virus. Yesterday, the horrible all over pain struck and I felt really fluish. The good thing about having autoimmune conditions is that the immune system clamps down on viruses and they don't last too long. News says the flu is now in epidemic proportions. This could well be the flu. Certainly felt like it last night. I was really sick. I haven't had much of anything to eat for four days now. I've had tea, coffee, rice and toast. Also a few water crackers. Oh, and a wee bit of Diet Coke. That's it. I do feel better this morning than I did last night. SV slept on top of me for a long time. I still believe small fur bearing animals can draw out our illnesses which are harmless to them.

Barry, with Prime, I pay no shipping on anything I buy on Amazon and I get lots of books free or for reduced cost. They often give a choice of best selling authors' new books for free. That's on the Kindle which is my method of choice for reading. I can't see because of these cataracts so I can enlarge the type. It saves trees and I don't end up with a bunch of books to deal with. My library is stored in the cloud so I can access them any time. Some people just like to hold real books in their hands and that's OK too. I also get to stream the Prime TV and movies. Glad you got your appts. made but am sorry you are so exhausted. Feel better, my friend.

Granni, I hope all goes well with you and DH at your appts. and with the lab work. I'm lucky in that my BP meds, both of them, are Tier I which means I pay nothing through mail order. Same with my antacid and AV. Something needs to be done about the cost of meds in our country. It's funny that Rock's Mom, your Mom and mine all loved pansies. I think of them as being in gardens back then along with what I consider the other old timey flowers--lilies of the valley, grape hyacinths, holly hocks and four o'clocks. Hope fasting doesn't leave y'all feeling weak. I always do until I can scarf something down.

Gonna go take my ibuprophen for the head and body pains. Should take my temp but I very seldom run one even when I have a virus. I'm sooo glad I colored and trimmed my hair before this crud got worse. All I have to do is rest and get over it. I'm drinking tons of water to try to flush it out. Gonna float away.

Love, Mikie

I keep forgetting to mention a followup to what I mentioned about using virtual private networks when using public wi-fi. Think I've also mentioned that I subscribe to LifeLock because they are excellent at guarding my banking, credit, etc. Now they have merged with Norton and it is available to subscribers to download for cyber security. I don't have it on my phone or computers because Apple and Chrome aren't usually hacked. Also, I have unlimited data for my phone so don't need to use wi-fi for it. Just found out that the Norton includes the VPN. That might be of interest to anyone who uses public wi-fi for phones or computers.
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Hi Folks, Just went out and fed the kitty. Must be about 50 out there. Barry, have you read any books
by Spencer Quinn? I am reading "Heart of Barkness". I think there's also a book called Heart of
Darkness. Anyhoo Quinn writes about a team of detectives. A private eye and his dog. The dog
narrates the stories.

Saw a wonderful old movies yesterday about Vernon and Irene Castle. A popular dance team in
both Europe and America early in the last century. RKO's greatest stars (Ginger and Fred) were
assisted by a couple of great character actors.

Mikie, my mother had all those old timey flowers you mentioned. I liked the 4 o'clocks. Some
insects came every afternoon to sip their nectar. They looked more like moths than butterflies.
Sorry you're feeling so punk. Glad that you know what to do to fight back.

Barry, nope, never ate any crawdads or crayfish. Caught a lot, but we just released them after
a few minutes. Pretty much the same with toads, frogs, snakes, grasshoppers, etc. Calif. has
a Trinity County? Never heard of it. Does it have 3 sides?

Granni, glad to hear you had a good time with the Knights of Columbus. We had one such
group in our little town. Might of been the Odd Fellows.

Star, saw in the news that some wealthy folks are sending money to combat your fires. That's
great. Hope it is soon all over.

Sun, thanks for the news. Of course we are all hoping for the best. You know what? When I
was a kid I bought one of those camera gadgets that was advertised in a comic book. It didn't
work worth a hoot. My mother said, "Well, generally stuff you buy from a comic book doesn't
work. She was a wise woman much of the time.

Going back to bed. Hugs, All. Rock


Hi, Kids,

Still alive but sometimes when I stand up, everything feels unreal. Still don't have an appetite. I went out the front door earlier to shut off my car alarm but it wasn't mine that had gone off. The air was so fresh and cool. It's almost seventy out now and another gorgeous day. I'm hoping to go to Publix tomorrow but, if I run out of groceries, they will deliver. Not running a temp but I went online to see the symptoms of this flu (if it is flu). Seems one needn't run a temp but feel as though one is. That's how I feel off and on. I should be better tomorrow. It's not acting like the common cold or even a special cold.

Rock, just thinking about those flowers gives me pleasure. I loved them when I was a child. Still do. We had them in our first family home but not the next one/last one. I don't like crayfish. You didn't miss much IMHO. I'm laughing just thinking about SV's narrating our life together and how his tale might start. Maybe, "Call me Ishmeow." Or, "It was a dark and smarmy night." He would likely complain that I sometimes don't know what he wants when he gives me 'the look.' He was wound up this morning with the cooler weather. I dragged a feather for him and he played. Then, he streaked around the condo like a windup toy. Of course, he's now resting from the exertion.

I am still in my robe because I've been chilling. Think I'll just stay in it because it's warm, snuggly and comfortable. I ran the DW so need to unload it today. I may wash a load. That's something I can do without causing me to feel worse. Been doing crossword puzzles on the iPad. They are produced in Britain so some of the terms and spelling are different. There are other games I might download. They are free unless I want to upgrade (I don't). Think I'll go in search of soup.

Patti has put links to some of her favorite scientific videos over on the Homebound Board. I added one on the Japanese water study. It's fascinating if y'all want to take a look.

Hope everydobby feels well and is having a good start to this first week of the year.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Chaps and Chicks.

Mikie doesn't like crawfish. NA-na NA-na NA! I like 'em fine, especially in Cajun and Creole dishes (I just looked through 60 recipes for them). And Rock, shame on you for wasting such good food! Maybe as a kid you didn't know they were edible, eh wot? Such a shame....

Granni, I'm shocked at the price of your bp meds! Call me a socialist, but I believe in free healthcare for ALL (except cosmetic surgery?) and affordable housing. I give to the homeless what I can, which isn't very much, but every little bit helps.

Rock, I've never read any Spencer Quinn. Have you read Clifford Simak's "City", a collection of short stories from the mouths of dogs after man has left the planet? Read it!

Mikie, so sorry you are feeling punk.... #Meow.

Love and peace on this Earth.

Over aND OUT BEFORE political rant spews from my gob!


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All right, W'eLL START AGAIN. BARRY, YOUR PREVIOUS POST POSES AN EPISTOMOLOGICAL question, and therefore cannot be answered with the limited space here. I don't think people can be accused of wasting food if they don't know it's food. Consider the early emigrants to this country. They fed lobster to the hogs since they didn't consider them food fit for humans. Ditto for the folks who thought tomatoes were poisonous. Can't discuss Simak either. Never heard of him. Found his name, but no info on the internet. BTW do they use "gob stopper" in England. It's a jaw breaker i.e. a large ball of candy. In view of your last sentence you might want to sample one.

We went to the market today. Gordon bought some Coke. When he got it home he discovered it was Cinnamon Coke. I read a book on Coke decades ago. Said somebody buys one every other second or some crazy figure. If the store manager had been awake he might have told his henchmen to put up a sign. "Try the new cinnamon Coke. Fifty cents off
the first carton."

Just got an e mail from my Minn. brother. A nice family portrait. Was gonna post it here. Well so much for that idea. I give up.

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Such a cold day, yesterday too. I went out for a bit, necessary groceries etc and then spent the day doing house chores and resting inbetween.

So many dogs in the streets, dunno from where they all come, beseiging the butchers, playing with each other. They dont seem to mind the cold.

DH got in freshly made pizza for dinner so i was spared cooking.

Rock - our DS used to guzzle so much coke in his younger days..now he has switched to Diet Coke..just now and then. we dont have cinnamon coke here,i wonder why cinnamon coke and not cloves coke or cardamom coke. the flavours are similar.

Mikie - sorry to hear you got sick, praying you recover soon. Try having bland soup, with maybe greens just thrown in. When im in a rush i boil veggies, esp green leafy ones and throw them into a soup or meat stew. You got to take care of yourself.

Barry - i like your font colour, soothing. Yes, horrible about the loss of animals in Australia. That too, kangaroos and koalas, they dont live in other countries.



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Hmmm, Didn't get very far with that. I woke up with the Bonanza theme playing in my head. Don't know why. I didn't watch the show. Did you know those guys were pretty good singers? I had a
record of them singing Christmas songs.



Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

This is one strange virus I have. I woke up and had a dry cough but it didn't last long. It's in my right lung a bit again. Seems to move around. I get strange vicious stabs of pain all over. I hurt so bad night before last that I couldn't even stand to wear my watch. Granted, it's a big watch but that is sooo weird. Anywhoo, enough of my whining. May try to go to Publix this morning. I am not hungry and don't need much so don't want to have it delivered. I'll see.

Barry, thanks for you kind wishes for my recovery. Bless you for helping the homeless. Sun does that too. I try to give to causes that help this world with so many problems. I tried crayfish in New Orleans but just don't care for the flavor. I eat other types of shellfish. Watching people bite off the heads and then suck the insides of the heads out and eating them almost made me sick. They then do the same thing with the bodies. Does this make me a wimp? Probably. Oh well, there is such a grand range of food available today that I can eat what I like. Right now, there isn't much I like. Not a diet I would choose. Whine, whine, whine! Love and peace right back atcha!

Rock, you didn't lose your post. I don't know what is going on when you post and can't see them. If you hit the back arrow at the top of the page, you will not be able to see your latest post. If you can't see your posts, click on the refresh icon at the top of the page; it's the little arrow bent into the shape of a circle and is next to the back and forward arrows. That will refresh the page and allow you to see the latest posts. The reason the caps are out of control is because your caps lock is on. Does you keyboard have a caps lock key near your shift key? If so, just press it; it's a toggle off/on key. There, hope that is problems solved. There are some things people in other parts of the world eat that I won't touch but I have tried snails and they were good. Same with sea cucumbers. Our Barry likes things I don't want to try. He has a more sophisticated or daring palate than I.

Spring, if I go to Publix, I'm going to get some cilantro to throw into my soup. There is something very healing about it. Not feeling up to eating much of anything else green. I think cold weather brings out the playfulness in cats and dogs. That's why SV was racing around the condo yesterday like he did when he was younger. It's been cold here too. It doesn't have to get too cold for us to really feel it. In five or six days, it's supposed to climb to almost 90 degrees during the day. Our weather last year and now has been very warm. I also worry about climate change. Even if this is just a blip or cycle, we now know that climate change is real and burning fossil fuel is the culprit. We are smart enough to make all kinds of electronic wonders. I believe we can solve the climate problem. Stay warm, my friend.

Gonna go soak my aching bod in a hot tub and see whether I can muster the NRG to go to Publix. If I go early, it will be less of a hassle. Wishing all our Dear Porchies a hassleless day.

Love, Mikie

Home again, home again...did okay shopping and getting home. Hard to shop when I have no appetite. I got two cans of Pogresso chicken and pasta soup and some fresh cilantro to throw into it. That should be good for what ails me. Barb's kids are here and they bought a townhouse over on the next street. They will be selling their condo next to me. Every time one of them goes up for sale, I hold my breath hoping to get good neighbors.
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Hi Kids Just got a hair cut from my personal barber. I still look old and ugly, but my hair no
longer covers my eyes. Mikie, if you'd move next door to us you could have oodles of cilentro at
no cost. Gordon grows it. Gives almost all of it away. Yes, you're right about Barry. He probably
has a sophisticated palate. Or possible he has no taste buds at all. You know I used to buy a can
of Progresso Soup now and then. Forgot all about it. Don't think I've bought any for years. Good
luck with the new neighbors. Oh yeah, the evil computer has the two keys close together.
However, the evil machine operates pretty well when Gordon is using it. Darn machine hates me.

Spring, cardamom is popular in Norwegian cookies. Several years ago Gordon and I were going to
pick up some at the grocery store. When we saw the price we changed our mind. Which reminds
me, we haven't made any cookies for yonks. Well, we're getting on in years. Have no little kids
around to make cookies for. The reason Mrs. Fields was so successful was that she had oodles
of kids at her house all the time. Speaking of which, haven't heard of her for yonks either. Well,
I guess the malls that sold her stuff has been closing down. It is amazing to me that malls that
were so popular only a short time ago are now closing down.

Oh, Gordon just left. He's going to run a couple of errands. Then come back and we will go to
the library. Well, I guess I'd better write up the list of stuff we're taking back.

Hugs and whatnot to each and all. Love, Rock


Hi, Kids,

I just had my soup with the cilantro. It was so good. I made some bouillon to mix in with the broth base of the soup. That adds some flavor. It also makes the soup even more salty but I don't eat a lot of salt so don't worry too much. The BP pill I take at night is tiny. I found it on the floor this morning. I must have missed my mouth last night when I took my bedtime meds. Good grief! Glad SV didn't find it and eat it. I was half outta my mind with this flu lite.

I called Joe because he knows everyone and I am hoping he might find someone good to buy Barb's kids' condo next door. The kids themselves may have a friend who wants it. It's about $10,000 over priced but I told Joe it's worth an extra $10,000 to live next door to me. :D Joe's doc is joining a group of concierge docs who charge a yearly fee to be a patient. As far as I can see, it gets one nothing much more than a few extra minutes at appointments. So Joe is looking for recommendations for a PCP. I have my doc and several good ones I learned about when I was in insurance.

Rock, before I had a chance to highlight and copy, I lost part of my post. Glad I had just started the paragraph. Geez, if I lived next door, I might get cilantro and a hair trim now and then. Sounds good! I might bake some cookies in return. I think cookies are God's almost perfect food. Should be at the top of the food pyramid. Or, at least, on the same level as ice cream and pizza. Not only are malls closing but so many chain restaurants are losing business. Some have filed bankruptcy. Several are ones I don't mind eating at. Kids today look for cheap food, fast service and take-out food or delivery. I've been to some restaurants here that are a bit more pricey and the food was only so so. That makes me feel ripped off. Cheap and good, or good 'n cheap, fit the bill for me. Cooking at home has become more trendy too.

I threw a load of laundry in and think I'll let Roomba clean the carpets. I need to clean the floor in the master bath. I never got it swept after I cut my hair. There are a couple of small wisps on the floor. Still am seeing no ants since pest guy left the gel in here. That stuff is magic! Gonna go put my grocery receipt in my new budget notebook and break things down. I donated $5 to March of Dimes. Not much but if everyone would donate even a dollar, they would have a ton of $$$. My larger donations go to other charities. It will be interesting to see where my money goes. I'm glad I have built SV's vet bills into the budget so they won't be such a drain when they occur. The budget will also show me how much I have in reserve when those costs don't occur.

Hoping all y'all have more interesting things to do besides laundry and budgeting. Also hope all y'all feel better than I; however, I am feeling better today so hope I'm on the mend.

Love, peace and happiness,


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Hi All.

Mikie, how do you know that your "whatever virus" is indeed a viral and not a bacterial infection? So sorry for your feeling unwell... try some spinach (baby) in your soup....
A part of a little ditty to make you feel better:
Jambalaya, crawfish pie and fillet gumbo
For tonight, I'm-a gonna see my ma cher a mi-o
Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-o
Son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the bayou.
(A number of people have recorded this song, notably Hank Williams.)

Hey there Rock, sure they use "gob-stopper" in England. Also "shut your bloody gob, matey", etc. etc. I never cared for them myself, don't care for boiled sweets (candy). I'm a registered chocoholic myself! I need to go to some C. A. sessions, lol!

Spring, I love cardamom myself. I'd like some chocolate flavoured with it. Wonder it exists? Guess I'll have to search the net for it later. I've been wanting to get some camel's cheese also...and yak cheese (if it made-- is it? Do tell me...
So many dogs. Are they homeless? I hope people feed them. How many do you have? The most we've ever had was five. A lot to handle!

Mikie, you posted just as I was slow-posting. I'm so glad you feel like you are on the mend; sure hope so my dear. Chicken soup-- yes!

It is so grey and foggy here. Good reason to stay indoors. The cats are allowed to stay in at night; no litter box. They are waiting at the door to go out when I get up -- usually pretty early -- and a half hour later they want back in. In warmer weather they'll be able to stay out at night, according to their whims. I'm annoyed with them right now because they killed two Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, one male, one female. Cats! Rats, mice, please.

You know doncha, that too many cats in one place are not good for the environment. Sad but true... Neuter, spay. That's what we did when our two wandered in from the woods.

Love to All, and PEACE in the world.



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Hi Again Here's a pic of the bird Barry was talking about. A Ruby crowned Kinglet. Somewhat akin to a red headed woodpecker. I'm amazed I was finally able to post a pic. Barry, it's funny that too many cats are not good for the environment. I've seen a couple documentaries on the ocean that say the presence of sharks is just the opposite. Where the sharks are plentiful, so are the other fish.

Mikie, I think $10,000 would be well spent to have you as a neighbor. If one were feeling lonely



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Good afternoon awl,

What a pretty bird, ROCK and BARRY,. I never heard of a Ruby Crowned Kinglet but then again I probably haven;t heard of a lot of birds esp if they are in our area. Thanks for sending the pic. You can surely see where it gets its name.

BARRY - Thanks for talking about the Cajun food. Now you have gotten me hungry, We lived in New Orleans area for 2 years before moving to Houston years ago. Coming originally from New York area it was quite a change from our tastes but we grew to enjoy it. I do enjoy eating crawfish but they are a pain to peals. Their shells are not as soft as shrimp.

MIKIE - Sorry you are feeling so yucky again. Hope that soup helped a bit. That is interesting about the cilantro. I will have to try that in my soup sometimes. I have only had it in tortilla soup and Mexican dishes. Glad you made it to Publix without any problems. Hope you get to be feeling a lot better asap. BTW, I talked the NP to have me go back to my old Losartan meds , much less money and one less pill to take as I also had to take a tiny little diuretic since the other did not come with it. Glad you found your tiny pill ad SV did not swallow it.

SPRING - Glad you didn't have to cook one night with your DH bringing home pizza. Wondering how yummy your pizza's are. I'm sure they are delicious. I can always eat pizza even if they are not as a steady diet and maybe not, that great for you depending on your physical problems. Do they have U.S. pizza stores in your area or are they from your area, and how different the pizzas might be. I can have mine with almost everything or anything on it esp if it veggies.. A little meat is good but I enjoy more veggies and they are better for you. DH could just be happy with his Pepperoni !!!

HUGZ to awl inc all those I may have not mentioned at this moment. Esp thinking about STAR, JULIE, ROCK, SUN, DUCKIE,et al,

I need to get off the Porch and do a few other things on here.! I did some raking outside this morning along with washing and now I am bushed !

Granni :D


Hi, Kids,

Just finished some much needed paperwork. The calendar wasn't updated completely and a couple of my 2020 appts. were missing. Put the budget stuff into the folder and broke down the receipt from Publix into the appropriate categories. Got one load of laundry done but will put off Roomba til tomorrow. I don't have it do the whole condo at one time. I run it in the rooms separately. That means hauling it around a bit. I tried running it for the whole place and it took forever and I never knew where it was. It needs the cat hair removed from the little collection box in each room and it's easier to do when I know where it is docked. Still beats running the big vacuum, especially with my sore shoulder and back ready to scream bloody murder. If I would just keep the good posture...I'm doing better.

Jane Fonda was on The Late Show last night. I watch it On Demand because I can't stay awake. She stands and sits straight as a rod. She is finally starting to show her age but she is still beautiful. She has great taste in clothes too. She has been arrested five times now for protesting for Climate Change mediation. It's the fifth or sixth season for Frankie & Grace (or Grace & Frankie; I can never remember which). I think the makeup and lighting on that show is kinder to her. The same woman who co-created Friends is the one who created this one.

Barry, I got rid of the mycoplasma bacterial infection with long-term ABX. We tried the AV empirically because so many of us have chronic Herpes Family viral infections. The Acyclovir wouldn't work if it weren't a Herpes Family Virus. It does work but Herpes of any strain is forever. Thanks for the lyrics to one of my favorite Country Western songs. They played it in the movie, Steel Magnolias. Hard not to get up and dance when I hear it. Are the cats dancing around by the door with their legs crossed in the morning? It's sad when they kill birds but it's their nature. Good for you for neutering and spaying. Feral cats recreate at amazing rates and they kill amazing numbers of birds. There are kind souls here who feed and trap them, have them neutered and return them to the wild. When they are neutered, one ear is clipped so they can tell which ones are which (the volunteers, not the cats). Sending you sunny thoughts on a gray day.

Aw, Rock, you're so sweet! Thanks for posting a pic of this beautiful bird.

Granni, thanks for your sweet healing words. I can feel that fluish feeling a bit but that's the usual thing in the afternoons toward evening. Overall, barring any complications, I think I am on the mend. Glad you can go back on the Losartan. It's been a great med for me. It lowers the chance of heart attacks and strokes by 16 percent in people with high BP. I have had no side effects from it. I'm lousy at identifying birds, fish and palm trees down here and I even have books to help. I like Cajun food too, just not the crayfish. I like crab, shrimp and lobster. I like using cilantro in pesto instead of parsley. I have to substitute almonds for pine nuts because they make me feels sick. I believe cilantro has healing powers and I love the taste.

I'm watching that British show where people are looking to relocate to the country. The rolling green country hills are so beautiful. Some of the small towns go way back to the Middle Ages. Many of the shops have iron signs with symbols of what the shops sell or the service they provide. They go back to the time when most people didn't know how to read. Sooo quaint and lovely. One popular wish for the home buyers is often to be near the local pub. I need escape from politics and news. None of it is good.

OK, you wonderful Porchies, I'm outta here. Hope y'all have a great evening.

Love, Mikie


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Got more than eight hours of sleep last night. I woke once, said my prayers and went back to sleep. FJ was interrupted with a news bulletin but Claudia and I did watch the first round of the new championship of past Jeopardy winners. Neither of us got the FJ question. I fell asleep during the second game. I ended up taking some Niquil before bed as the symptoms of the flu returned in the late afternoon. The body pain with this is awful. I feel groggy this morning and don't want to take the Niquil during the day. I have some other cold and flu pills but they contain stearic acid. I've been getting along with just ibuprophen and nasal spray. If the cough stays mild and infrequent, I won't need anything else.

I hope and pray this stays mild and that none of y'all or your loved ones get it. We are sposda have another beautiful day today. I hope so because it helps my spirits stay up when I feel lousy.

Love, Mikie
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