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PORCH 1177 IS NOW CLOSED (1/5/19)

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Hi Kids

Woke up hours ago. Fed the cat. Went back to bed. Am up again. Another beautiful day here just
like the ones we've been having for weeks. Back in Minnesota folks would be struggling to get their
cars started and wearing 14 pounds of clothes. Or maybe modern cars are not so hard to get
started. I really don't know.

Gordon went to the San Gabrial Valley to do some shopping and get a haircut. He does not cut
his own hair. I had a roommate in college who did. He was an art major. Had great dexterity.
Also a small 3 panel mirror. Ah, I hear Gordoni. He says he doesn't need help carrying stuff in.
So I am free to rattle on.

Mikie, I hope that pesky cold goes away pronto. I think I've only had one cold since I got
chronic fatigue. Can't remember or spell the new name. I believe the Final Jeopardy answer
was Smokey the Bear. Either that or Ma Kettle.

I wonder if Gordon was shopping for a mum. He got a gold and red spider mum from the President of
the Chrysanthemum Society. But the darn thing died despite it's pedigree. Oh, he says he already
got a replacement and it is now in bloom. I'd better go look.

Barry, got the book Medicus from the library. The book is described on the cover as being humerous like Harrison Ford. (HF was humerous?) How humerous can a book be when it
begins with an autopsy?

Gotta go. Gordonio want the computero. Rock
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Mikie, You are like Niagara Falls. You never stop. If you ever pass by our house I hope you
at least wave as you go bye. In the meantime, kudos and accolades.

Searched the back yard. Could not find the gold and red chrysanthemum. Got Gordon to show
me. It was 3 steps from the back door. Nothing like the splendid specimen I was expecting to see.
Somebody told me life was often like that.



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The computer notified me that ‘there was unusual traffic from my computer’. i had to try a few times to get in. Yesterday too.

There was news today that 122 people from China were getting deported because they were engaged in unlawful cyber activities here.

They were swindling money from rich single and divorced Chinese women among other cyber theft activities and the Nepal government was ordered to act by Interpol according to previous news reports. The reports are not very clear. But they were getting deported in a chartered plane provided by China.

The news hasnt been very clear. But it must have been something serious.

Mikie - haha, that was a good one. about the symptoms of sharp stabs, i recall Star recounting the same when she got the flu. i hope you heal soon. But i never heard of stabs as part of flu. Aches, pains, yes.

Rock - i love the red n gold chrys mums when theyre in a pot and a profusion ofthem. All those dwarf mums are like that. What is a ‘humeres’ book?

Barry - i think the dogs are stray. or fed by certain people. But not adopted. Shame about the Kinglets, so pretty a bird.

Granni - yes, our pizzas are very similar to ones in the west. They use same ingredients. Maybe ours is spicier? In India they have developed fusion pizzas for their veggie customers. Some outlets here specializ8ng in pizzas produce wondrous tasting pizzas. love them.


Its raining again. A little. Very cold. lots of mopping to be done. wet getting tracked in. I hope Sun is well. And Star.

God bless
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Got lots of sleep last night. Unfortunately, I slept through Jeopardy. Claudia called to check on me. I was deep in sleep and dreaming and answered the call on my watch. My body must really need the extra sleep to heal. If things don't get any worser than this, it will continue to be a light case of the flu. Last night, my chest hurt when I breathed. Don't want it to go into pneumonia. So far this flu season, 1,300 people have died and 2,300 have been hospitalized. Neighbor's DD got it and was off of work a week despite having had the flu shot. I'm lucky in that these things don't usually hit too hard and don't last too long. I have so much that needs doing outside. It'll just have to wait.

Rock, I think the JF question was, "Who poops in the woods?" The answer could have been Smoky The Bear or Ma Kettle. Unfortunately because of the breaking news that interrupted the show, we will never know. Our HS colors were purple and gold. At the Homecoming Dance, the boys got gold mum corsages for the girls. By the end of the evening, the mum petals were covering the floor. Just looked at my response to you. Don't know why I threw in an extra 'during' but suspect I was in a feverish fluish fugue. Heck, if I were ever in your area, I'd like to do more than just drive by and wave. I'd love to meet you, Gordon and Miss Kitty but, alas, I'll likely never get to CA again. I love CA. Sorry your mum was a bit of a disappointment. I don't see them down here except at Publix in pots in the fall. Do you have hibiscus there?

Spring, wow! Interpol's ordering the govt. to oust the cyber crooks. Sounds serious. The criminal swindling may have just been a cover story for some serious espionage. Or, have I been watching too many spy movies? In any case, cyber crooks can do their dastardly deeds from anywhere. We arrest Chinese nationals here because they go into prohibited areas and take photos. I have never had sharp stabs of pain with any previous viruses. Don't know whether the flu is the culprit or whether it's just my FMS reacting. I thought I was having some kind of intestinal emergency when this first started because of the sharp pains in my lower stomach. Good grief! Wish we were getting more rain. The days have been cool but beautiful. Don't get too worn down dealing with all that mopping. I hate mopping.

My lanai really needs to be cleaned. That will require vacuuming the tiles and then running the floor machine on them. Not gonna do that until I feel better. I also need to pick a day with good temps to throw some wax on my car. That's when I wish I had a small sedan instead of an SUV. I'll have to run it through the car wash first. My one job today is to wash my hair. I can't take it any longer. If that goes well, I'll look for the next thing that needs doing, probably changing the linens on the bed. When I'm sick, it's a blessing to be able to pick 'n choose what I do, including doing nothing.

Hope everydobby, including our MIA's, are safe and feeling well.

Love, Mikie

BTW, just read the PH newsletter in my email inbox. New research is pointing to ME/CFS as an inflammatory/autoimmune condition. Researchers have always suspected this but they are now getting medical evidence of it. So many of us go on to get other autoimmune conditions. The newsletters always have interesting and helpful articles. As I read them, other similar articles are suggested and pretty soon, I've read quite a bit. I no longer do hours of secondary research as I did when I first got sick. There is a lot of research going on in how our bodies are affected. There is also more attention on how we can use our minds to help our bodies. These illnesses are now called, neuroinflammatory conditions.
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Mikie: Sorry you’re got this bug. My DD had TERRIBLE body aches the first week in dec. for almost a week along with fever but no sign of anything else. Others have said awful stomach troubles so I think it hits everyone differently. And today I heard that for some it goes quickly into pneumonia. GREAT....I haven’t gotten my yearly pneumonia shot yet. Tuesday I see my lung doc so I figured I would then.....each time I’ve gotten a shot in my arm from the pharmacist I get awful body aches for 3 days and a big red swollen hot area on my arm so wondering if I would still get sick with it in my hip. Last week I had my second and last shot for shingles.

It’s raining for me out here. Termites in the patio roof. Two termite inspections this week plus they found rat droppings in the attic. Sigh. So much $ flying out the door....basically all the required withdrawal from ira for the entire year is going to pay for this work. I’m rushing to get it all done before the cancer check up in another 10 days. I’m now heading out to the garage to clean more things out while my handyman is here today to put donations (2 large camel back trunks)in my van.

Star: Thinking of you.....hope you’re safe.

Julie: Haven’t seen any posts from you....are you still sick?

sorry....gotta run for now.


Hi, Kids,

Did get my hair washed and blown out. Gotta style it and spray it. Been spending so much time sleeping that it gets flat in the back with my hair all splayed out in different directions. I'm just glad I can sleep a lot. That's what it takes to recover. It's really breezy here and almost 80 degrees out.

Sun, thanks for your kind good wishes. I am so sorry for the termites and mouse droppings. With houses, it's always something. Same with our condo bldgs. We are required by law to set aside reserve accts. for anticipated repairs like roofs and paint but we can get hit by unexpected costs too. We have some extra savings to take care of those. Then again, we can have repairs to the insides which we are responsible for. I have little cracks along the inside edge of the drywall where my living room wall meets the ceiling. Also a couple over the doorways. Our bldg. continues to settle even after 25 years. I think the torque-like winds of the hurricanes also cause it. When Irma came through, it wrapped the limbs of one of the slash pines around the trunk. I hate it when I have to spend that mandated withdrawal on something like that. I'm wanting to save mine. It ticks me off that the govt. makes us withdraw it. They bug us to save and then, they make us withdraw our $$$. Camel back trunks used to be the ones in demand. Can you sell them locally? I know antiques aren't as trendy as they used to be. The younger generation wants more modern things. I'm actually starting to like the new modern decor but am not going to be redecorating. Hope things go well at your doctor appts., especially at the cancer doc.

I feel better right now than I have since I got this crud (knocking on wood). I'll know by about 4:00 this afternoon whether it will continue. That is the time of day when the symptoms worsen. Something really strange about this. My underarms smell like chili powder. No kidding! I need to go finish with my hair. I hope all y'all are enjoying your day.

Love, Mikie
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Hello, Dolly, etc I saw Hello Dolly on stage. Three different productions. The Dollys were Carol
Channing, Betty Grable, and Archie Bunker's wife Jean Stapleton. Betty, after all her movies where
she sang and danced, was clearly the best.

Mikie, Gordon says Yes, we have hibiscus here. He had one for a while, but it attracted so many
ants he got rid of it. I found some hibiscus paintings and artificial flowers for sale on the net.
I liked the ones that said "Nearly Natural" whatever that means.

Springwater, Mikie was making one of her fiendishly clever puns. I posted about a book that
I did not find to be humorous. It started with an autopsy. Mikie said if there was an autopsy involved that could be humerus referring to the bone in the arm that connects to the shoulder.
BTW, what is a fusion pizza. I bet Barry knows.

Sun, great that you feel up to posting. If possible,don't wear yourself out w/ all you have to do.

Gordon is just leaving to do errands. I haven't seen Henry for a week. One of Gordon's
sisters brought over enough lemons to give Jack a bath.

Hugs, Rock

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Hi, Kids,

Last check before beddy bye. Still feeling pretty well so I dare to pray this crud is on its way out. Just watched an amazing documentary to get away from the scary news. I think it's titled, Tea With The Dames. Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright and Eilene Atkins, all amazing English actresses, have the title, Dame. I didn't know Eilene Atkins until I started to watch Doc Martin on PBS. I think Judy Dench is most well known for acting in the 007 films and in As Time Goes By on PBS. Maggie Smith is famous for Downton Abbey and the Harry Potter films. I saw Joan Plowright on Broadway in NYC in Lost In Yonkers. They have all had long acting careers and the documentary showed a lot of old footage. Sadly, Joan Plowright has lost her sight to MD. These amazing women have been friends most of their lives and get together in the English countryside at Joan Plowright's country home. They are so funny in the way old friends often are. Even funnier to hear the f bomb dropped among such distinguished women. I'm so glad I watched it.

Rock, it's wonderful that you got to see Dolly with those three actresses. I saw the movie with Lucille Ball. I think Carol Channing is most often associated with the show on Broadway. I remember my Mom's taking me to the Auntie Mame movie with Rosilind Russell. Mom's best friend looked just like her. It was a great movie. I must be getting old but it doesn't seem they make actresses like that anymore. Who today will end up being a grand old actress working for decades? With all those lemons, Gordon can make one of his delicious treats.

I must be getting better because I've hit the depression stage of getting over the flu. I'm champing at the bit to get some things done but don't yet have the NRG to do it. Think I'll go out tomorrow to look at our bldg. and walks to see whether everything needs to be pressure washed or just the walks. Poor Grace must be fit to be tied with the black sidewalk just outside her front door. She wants to go to lunch and I don't know when I'll feel up to that. Soon I hope.

Sending lotsa love to everydobby,
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Hello, Dali as in Salvador

Sorry about the hibiscus. I don't like to take up empty space. But I could get no cooperation from
the evil computer. Mikie I have been thinking about your chili aroma all afternoon. Can not think
of a sensible response or a funny one. Duh!

Grace better be careful. She might find herself in a mystery. "The Case of the Black Sidewalk."

Yes, Carol sang "Hello, Dolly!" for a long time. I think she actually died but went on with the show
anyhow cause she loved doing it. When whe was young she was in a musical titled "Gentlemen
Prefer Blonds." I think that was the title. Far as I know she only did those two stage shows. She
was in a fabulous movie with Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore. A great musical with a great
cast. Forgot the title. Bea Lilly was in it.

Sunflower, I don't think we had any rain here today. But most days there is some indication
of rain or heavy dew when I go out early in the morning. Which reminds me. I better go check
on Kitty. Called her twice tonight and so far no response.

Okey Dokey, time to go, Hugs All, Rock
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

I got the regular Final Jeopardy question last night but didn't get them in the Greatest of All Time Jeopardy championship playoff. I'm not particularly enjoying the special but watch it anyway. I can read in between the questions. That gets me tired and ready to drift off about 9:00. I think they are taking advantage of Alex Trebek's ability to work while they can.

Rock, I think I've mentioned that we have a slew of new channels playing reruns of sit coms and game shows. There's a game show channel called, BUZZR. It shows Allen Ludden on Password. I wonder whether Betty White watches it. There are reruns of Concentration with a much younger Alex Trebek before his hair turned white. Based on the cars given away, I'd say the shows are from the early 70's. I remember my older DD's calling the show, Constipation. She wasn't joking; she was at the age when she often called things something else by mistake. I loved that show because of the puzzles.

Yes, I can figure out nothing to 'splain the chili powder odor with this flu bug. Most flu viruses come from Asia, namely China, but perhaps this one comes from Mexico, The Fiesta Flu. When our family dog started to sweat, her paws smelled like Frito chips. Made the kids laugh. I saw the movie version of Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. Loved it. Back then, I especially loved seeing the clothing, often designed by Edith Head. Forgot to mention that the Dames were all married to actors and, from their comments, I don't believe happily. Joan Plowright was married to a much older Lawrence Olivier.

Was the movie you were thinking of, Thoroughly Modern Millie? I saw the movie and thought MTM was fantastic. The humor was my favorite kind, the kind MTM did so well. Again, I believe we were lucky to have grown up when we did. It was a time of great actors and actresses, great music and great cars. I enjoy really good movies today and all the tech we enjoy but I have wonderful memories of yesterday. I hope Miss Kitty is to be found fat and sassy, as a cat should be.

My head is still plugged up and I feel off balance but am sure I'm on the road to recovery, my favorite trip. I hope all you wonderful Porchies have a great windup to the week.

Love, Mikie
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How does the recipe for German Sauerbraten begin? "First invade ze kitchen."

Did I ever tell you guys I hate this computer? Mikie, I keep forgetting. I thought Ishmeow was
brilliant. And I have corrected two errors a couple of times, but the corrections always sneak away
when I am absent.

I think it would be worth $10,000 to have you for a neighbor. If one were lonely, it would be worth
even more.

Can't find the other spot that needs fixing.




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Just wrote up the list of books Gordon is returning to the library. I don't have the energy to go.
And when I do get there I have to sit down. But you can't look for books if you're sitting down.
I am returning a book by Thomas Harris. Remember him? He wrote those books-movies about
Hannibal Lector and Clarice Starling who was played by Jodie Foster. The current book is terrible.
Much of it set in S. America with some dialogue in Spanish, plot doesn't make much sense.

Oh yeah, I looked up the movie with Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore. Two sensational
dancers. I don't remember seeing any other movie where the stars dance in an elevator.
It's Thoroughly Modern Milly. A fun musical. From the 60s.

Mikie, is your head any better? RE: Edith Head, I read a bio about her decades ago. Said she
didn't design anything. Just ran the dept. The folks who worked for her did the actual designs.
I think she had enough Oscars for a baseball team.

Gordon is off to run errands. He's taking lemons to a pharmacy. Says he intends to make
lemon bars later.

Barry, Just started reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Dunno yet. Might be
too grim for my taste.

Gotta go make tuna fish hot dish. Gordon said his mother never made a hot dish in her life.
No wonder she hated me.


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Just got back from a rush trip to the vets. Lenny woke up vomiting and staggering a bit. Left him at vets for to be watched. All is chaos here, R is freaking out and I rook a Xanax. Going back to vets this afternoon.

Love to All, Peace to All, and Blessings to All our pets.
Barry . Back later.


Hi, Kids,

Barry, OMG! Praying all is well with Lenny. Poor little guy. Please let us know when you find out anything. I pray for you and Richard too. I think most of us would rather be sick ourselves than have our fur babies get ill.

Rock, you've heard of my hatred of some of my computers. In fact, I still haven't taken the FPOC HP to the Geeks to be set back to factory stds. From what I've heard from others, HP's are vulnerable to crashing when they automatically update. It was a piece of crap from the day I got it. So far, I love this $200 Acer Chrome laptop. Seems the more I've spent on computers, the lousier they are. The iPad didn't cost much more than the Acer Chrome but I did have to spend a few dollars more to get the keypad. I had thought I was recovering, and I still think so, but my head is stuffed up again and my right lung hurts. This is not unusual with bugs like this. Two steps forward and one back. It's right on schedule in the second week of recovery.

You are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words. Wish I did live close enough to pop in for a lemon bar. As it is, I'm not popping anywhere except perhaps to bed.

I decided earlier to defrost a burger from the Omaha Steak gift DD sent a while back. Couldn't get to the burgers so took out the two stuffed sole fillets. Directions said to poach them frozen so I did. OMG! They fillets were thin strips that were flacid. Inside each was a meatball sized stuffing of what appeared to be ground salmon. The smell was pretty fishy and the taste was worse. I put them a ziplock bag and trashed them. GAAA! After that, I felt sick and ate a few potato chips and called it good. Food will go to waste this week.

I'm a bit amused that, despite some very dire world news, Meghan and Harry seem to be sucking all the air out of the news cycle. I'm watching a rerun of a special on Windsor Castle. I think most families are dysfunctional but the Royal Family seems to be more so. Difference is that their dysfunction is out there for all the world to behold.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Again, prayers going up for Lenny.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie, that's right. You can rely on potato chips. I used some only today to make Minnesota's
famous 3 ingredient hot dish. Chips, tuna and cream of mushroom soup. Throw in a baking dish
and heat it up. People never get tired of it because the variations are endless.

You can put anything you like on top: Marshmallows, A one sauce, ketchup, gravy, butter, chocolate,
Rice Krispies, Jello, sardines, blueberries, popcorn, dill pickles, sourkraut, sliced peaches, etc. Old
timers say the only thing to avoid is liquor as it might cause an explosion. But the young people
say just use aquavit (Norwegian vodka made from potatoes).

My post disappeared again. Gordon was here and retrieved it. I was hoping there would be
some word from Barry about Lenny.

Just got a phone call from Gordon's nephew. A very nice young man. Got married a year or so
ago.We sent them the all purpose gift: money. Anyway he and family will be back for a visit
in a month or so. They live someplace not too far away; Arizona maybe.

I'll be back to check on Barry and Lenny.



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Cold and foggy here. Yesterday was Full Moon and a lunar eclipse at our night. Double whammy if one is prone to being affected.

The Indian tv suggests a whole lot of 'donts' during an eclipse. No eating meat, if poss dont eat during an eclipse, no drinking of intoxicants, no sex, you get the gist..

It was easy to follow for me because eclipse started at wee hours and finished before sunrise.

Rock - i like observing newly married couples. They radiate joy. For a year or so, lol! Then the bickerings begin. Sounds like Gordons nephew is like him.

Fusion pizza is original western pizza method adapted to suit other countries tastes by adding or subracting ingredients.

Barry - Hope Lenny is better soon. You try and relax.

Mikie - chilli smell. Sounds like a chemical attack..lol! ive heard of smells though...something burning smell, flowery smell, smell of animals. When one is not well. Maybe the scientists will get to the bottom of it all.

I was thinking frozen fish might be difficult to cook. DH stopped bringing frozen fish because i could never get it to taste good. Tricky.
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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

One good thing about this flu bug is that I'm sleeping particularly well, sleep so deep that it leaves me groggy for a while when I get up. The symptoms seem to shuffle and come and go. Good grief! I got the FJ question last night. Haven't been watching the big Jeopardy GOAT tourney, just the regular one. I love Jeopardy but three shows in one evening is overload. I rewatched the Lincoln Rhymes Hunt For The Bone Collector pilot again. It's really good.

Rock, my Mom used to do the tuna casserole; I think every Mom in the 50's made it. I did for my kids too. I used cream of asparagus soup in mine. Gave it a better flavor. I'm laughing, and frankly a bit nauseated, reading all your suggestions of other ingredients. I also hope to hear from Barry and pray that Lenny is okay. Did you finally find Miss Kitty? Even in this small condo, SV manages to hide out. As soon as he hears activity in the kitchen, he shows up. Smart kitty!

Spring, I eat frozen salmon that I cook in my little toaster oven. It's not bad. First of all, I don't like poached fish so the stuffed sole had one strike against it to begin with. There are few things in those Omaha Steak packages that I do like. They take up room in the freezer and just sit there. There are a couple of skinless chicken breasts and I need to figure out what I'm gonna do with them. Probably grill them and, if they aren't that good, I'll find some way to spice them up to put in a different dish. Guess I could make more chicken soup. I was wondering whether you would see the eclipse. It wasn't visible here. Hope your weather improves. Yesterday was gray all day but 80 degrees and muggy. AACCKK!!

Gonna go read the paper online. Sunday is the annual puzzle lovers paper. I never did finish that huge crossword puzzle they had in one Sunday paper. The only challenging thing about it was how to handle the paper itself. It was HUGE. In my old age, I don't have much tolerance for even little inconveniences. Hope today is free of such things for all of us.

Love, Mikie


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Well, it's High Noon more or less. Thought sure they would be news of Lenny. Barry, hope Lenny
and you are both OK. Henry is back. His Ex had her leg surgery. Her daughters are taking care of
things. We are waiting for the plumber. This old house probably needs all new plumbing. I kinda
sound like I need new plumbing. Can't talk. Just croak like an old bullfrog. No other symptoms.

Mikie, you mean other people make tuna hotdish? I always assumed my mother invented it. Cream
of asparagus sounds strange, but I'd try it. Always liked most veggies . My Mom grew asparagus
in her garden.

Springwater, if my Dad were still around he could tell you how to cook fish. He used to get fresh
caught fish from the Mississippi River. His friends from the days of his yute were commercial
fishermen. He'd put lots of lard in an iron skillet, cook the fish till it was golden brown. My mother
would not let us kids come in the kitchen when he cooked fish. Too dangerous with all that hot lard.

I am reading a great book about Joan Rivers. Written by Leslie Bennetts. It has a goofy title:
"Last Girl Before Freeway". But the contents are fine.

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

My plans to feel well today were overly optimistic. Been resting and watching Homeland. It's a Showtime series that is very good. HULU, Netflix and other TV services often end up buying award winning series down the road. I was hoping to watch it. Court TV will be showing another trial from here in Fort Myers. A guy shot and killed a man attending a popular downtown festival, Zombicon, a few years back. Think it's gonna be another death penalty case. Doubt it will be the same judge as the guy who had his wife killed. Think I've mentioned that we have so many death penalty trials here that they try to spread them around so no one judge has too many. Violence is just plain dumb.

Rock, hope Henry's ex does well and heals fast. Claudia is still having pain and swelling but she refuses to slow down and elevate her foot. I was hoping to get news of Lenny and Barry too. My MIL had wild asparagus growing in a field behind her house. They ate it every spring. In CO, we would go fishing and fry the rainbow trout. Sooo good. I didn't mind cleaning and cooking them. I love fish but Omaha Steaks should stick with beef. Is the Joan Rivers book a biography? She was one of the last of the great old broads.

Gonna go read cause there's nothing on TV and I don't want to binge hour after hour on the series. I'm reading a decently good book. I've kinda gotten away from thrillers. I'd be thrilled if this crud would leave. Hope everydobby is having a great weeekend.

Love, Mikie