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PORCH 1178 IS NOW CLOSED (1/12/20)

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Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. I thought y'all might enjoy this old fashioned picture of a girl with her kitty.

Good news. Lenny and Barry are home recuperating. Go back to the last Porch to read his post, along with Rock's and Gordon's.

Not much to tell in my little corner of the world so will go read the paper and come back later.

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Kids,

Just back from Publix. I wanted to go because today is the last day to buy a $50 gas card for $40. I got a roasted chicken and it tasted so good. Also a little chocolate cake that didn't taste good. I got some strawberries and the cake will improve with some of them sliced on the top. It was crazy busy at the store. It's a normally quiet store but I guess with all the Snowbirds' returning, it'll be busy til spring. Joe called to tell me about the board mtg. Not much to tell.

Barry, I'm so glad Lenny is on the mend but I'm sorry for the toll it has taken on you. Be as good to yourself as you are to him. I hope you feel better.

I'm watching a program on PBS on artists who bring their ethnic history to their work, Craft in America. They are amazing. I'm so beat just from going to the store that I'll likely do very little for the rest of the day. At least, I did get out and move my poor old bod. I finished both crossword puzzles in the paper and the other two, the word scramble and the cryptogram. As promised, there was a whole section in the paper with word scrambles, word searches, crossword puzzles and Sudokus. I'll do those later. There is one of the HUGE crosswords which I'll save for last. This one looks more challenging than the big easy one earlier.

I got my mail while I was out. No bills, always a good thing. My new House Beautiful was in the box. DD orders it for me. It usually only takes me less than half an hour to page through it and give it away to Claudia. The rooms are so overdone that they make me nervous. I need to take my garbage and recycle stuff down but it'll have to wait til tomorrow.

I did walk around the front of the bldg. to see what needs doing. I was going to call about getting the front pressure washed but it doesn't really need it. I think just a stiff brush and some water with a bit of bleach will clean the sidewalks. I want to get the paint out to touch up a couple of spots on the stairs and balcony where the paint chipped off. One was from a bird who left a blob of poop. That stuff will eat the paint off a car. My ex used to say the bird wanted to buy the car cause he left a deposit on it. Funny guy!

I hope all y'all are doing well this weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Glad to hear that Lenny is better and you are both back home, Barry. No pills or instructions
from the vet? No, the termities have not taken down the porch. They did carry off a few members
though. Ha Ha!

Was awake most of last night. Slept till about ten thirty. Woke up, opened the bedroom door
and found a man lying on the floor. I said, "Oh My God. A dead body!" The man said, "Morning,
Rock." I said, "Morning Danny." It was our plumber. He is here with 3 or 4 of his gang. They are
all over the house. Carrying stuff in and out. Pipes on the floor. Various machines; some
lying around. Some making lots of racket.

A nice, tranquil picture, Mikie. In the days when I went to thrift shops looking for books and records
I bought lots of old greeting cards; postcards. Sent dozens of them to my Mom when she was in a
nursing home in Minn. during the last couple months.

Gordon is treating me with some nostrum that he puts in hot water. Seems to be helping. Hardly
get colds anymore since Chronic Fatigue came to visit.

Brr, my hands are cold. Better get some gloves. Later, gators.



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Dear POrchies,

Sorry I haven;t been on the Porch much lately. So much to do and two dr appts this week, one was pcp and the other was my Rheumy. Nothing of note really going on there either. Just doubled my meds to see if that helps all my stuff which I am doubting at this point. Go back in 6 weeks to 2 months. My b/p went sky high when they told me that they did not have an apapat for me which I had had for some time, since the last visit. Next time I know to call them back to make sure when I do not hear from the person calling to tell me not to forget my appt. Somehow I did not get into the system. They gave me a card and not a print out. UGH !! I also had gotten my blood work done the week before to send to him. Luckily I did not have to wait to much longer. DH was having a cow waiting outside the other room. Actually he was behaving but he is not much for wait-er period. DH is also busy with the computer doing stuff to get ready for taxes and I can;'t get on or I am just busy doing other things,.

ROCK - Sorry you have a cold and hope you get to feel better soon. What is going on at your house, plumbing issues I suspect!! Glad that Gordon is being such a good nurse for you !! Yes, I remember when it was the big thing to send post cards now no one even does that any more esp if on trips. I guess people take pic and the send it on if they want to.

MIKIE - Hope you are starting to feel at least a little bit better.. I know all about feeling yucky almost all the the time or on and off. It surely takes the wind out of your sales. I'm glad to hear that SV has been letting you sleep esp when you do not feel well, or worse than usual.

BARRY - So sorry to hear about Lenny but glad he is home and hopefully doing much better. Hang in there !! Hope you start to rest and feel better too.

HI ad HUGZ to SPRING, SUN, JULIE and everydobby else not previously mentioned or I forgot !!

Gotta run for now!

Granni :D


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Howdy, Old Pals

Woke up the; plumbers were gone. Did some sweeping up. Gordon went to the nearest drug store.
to get more snake oil. When I find out what it is I'll let you know. The plumbers will be back tomorrow to finish up. Gordon said the job will cost about $1500. We're getting a bargain because
of Gordon's relationship with Danny and I forgot his wife's name. Gordon's old boss from his
days in the mortgage business. They worked together for, I dunno, 15, 20 years. Oh, I just
remembered a clue. She has the name of a soprano in a popular opera. Well, just think of all the
operas. There can't be more than about 50 that are popular.

Granni, great to hear from you. We didn't have any big issue. Just little things that keep popping
up. Sink doesn't drain properly, etc. Our house is about 90 years old. Houses in this area are
selling for about a million. Good location. Half way between downtown and Hollywood. Also
near Echo Park and Dodger Stadium.

Yes, the modern world is pretty messed up. So many incompetent people. Not interested in their
job. Too busy with the affairs of the Royals and the Kardashians, I guess.

I have an appointment with the chiro tomorrow. Gordon is calling to ask if he wants to change it
on account of my cold. I hope none of you catch it from reading this post.

Hugs, Rock

Hi, Again. The cold medicine is Alkaseltzer Plus. It comes in a box. Costs ten bucks. Sure works for me. Danny's
wife is named Norma. Should you have any additional questions, send them to Alex Trebeck.
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Hey all!

Cheery sunshine for a change. That could change during the course of the day. Im thinking a day in our present weather resembles our lives. Our lives too have all shades of weather, sunny, cloudy, drizzly, torrential rain, hail, balmy. And the blessed ones get a balmy day throughout from early morn to midnight.

Very glad to check in and see the positive update from Barry.

Barry - Do you think he ate a poisonous something? I remember our Lab (now hopefully galloping in the fields on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge) got a swollen face due to what i dont know, his normally long face was looking like a quilted pin cushion, all plump folds and his eyes were resembling slits. Yes, he looked like Marlon Brandos Don Corleone.

Thankfully he got better the next day.

Rock - the plumbing in old houses really causes headaches. Nothing more irritating than a blocked drain and the unclogging of it. All that yucky stuff coming out. And if a bathroom user has long hair like DD n me, then woe is us. DHs favourite pasttime when he is not playing golf or watching tv is picking up hair from drain covers in the bathroom, brandishing it and shouting at us.

He has the advantage since he has very little hair so we cant answer back.

i once had to spend better part of a day unclogging a commode downstairs where doggie poo had got stuck and wouldnt drain. I used something from the internet and it worked. A vinegar, baking soda, something else concoction, forgot what but it did the trick. i was a glad person when it finally flushed!

I hope you soon are over your cold. Some colds are worse than others. Life seems miserable when one has one.

Mikie - been a long time since i made roast chicken. Time restraints. i also dont relish having to clean the oven of grease afterward. Our supermarket sells roast chicken fresh off the grill but its expensive.

Yesterday and day before we ate veg. I had to again tackle fallen leaves, i dont mind raking leaves, i made a bonfire which crackled merrily but it made the neighbours nervous, due to a fire which occured some weeks ago in the neighbourhood. I could hear someone on the other side of our wall, anxiously asking what the smoke was that was billowing into 5he sky i shouted to a pretend someone, to put more leaves on so they would know no ones house was on fire.

I hope your energy slowly returns. i would say you are burning up a lot of health karma this lifetime and especially these past months!

Granni - i noticed a couple of auto correct errors in your post and laughed. Especially your DH having a cow waiting in the other room. Im sorry the staff messed up your appointment.

i had a meltdown once in the reception hall in front of numerous patients when i took a relative to a doctor after making an appointment some weeks in advance and found she had gone on holiday and had not returned. and she wasnt even picking her phone up to deal with the matter.

More disturbing, the doctor was a psychiatrist, supposed to be therapist. At such times i go into hulk mode. From a quiet mild mannered cant say boo to a goose, i turn into this raging virago all flashing eyes and banshee voice.

Now with hindsight, i empathise with mind doctors. They deal with more than we can imagine and take in so much garbage from their patients, im sure a little bit sticks when they go home after listening all day to troubles, troubles and more troubles. After all, theyre humans too, not robots.


DD returned from a ten day trip to Bangladesh to attend her friends wedding. Friend from college in U.S. This is the third Bangladeshi friends whose wedding she attended. Thank goodness, theyre all done. She didnt attend one more friends and the friend was soooo angry. But DD said she seemed fine now. i was hard put to hold the fort here on my own. DS and DH do their own thing. And i and the dogs do ours.

It puzzles me about Bangladesh, They are supposed to be so poor but the rich are ultra rich. DD was saying the wedding was done on a grand scale, DD was there for six events and hadto miss two from grooms side because she had to come back.

The bride and groom entered the hall on a motorcycle, and when they stood on the podium, huge pyrotechnics went off behind them. Well, i hope the moneyis well spent and the couple live happily ever after. It seems the girls family is very well off and she fell in love with this boy who is not so well off as them and she had to spend years convincing her family she would consider none other as her husband.

I went out yesterday to get rid of the cabin fever i got. i walked all the way to town, very enjoyable in the crisp air, had to duck into a restaurant to use their restroom, felt a little awkward to pass the guard at the gate on the way out so i ordered tofu curry takeaway for the family, then i went and browsed in bookstores, and ate my dinner at a quiet little place, and went back home part of the way by bus.

God bless

P.S. i read Justin Bieber has Lyme disease.
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Hi Kids

It's going on midnight here Woke up. Wandered in here to see who else was up. Springwater,
next time you're downtown stop at a beauty parlor. Pick up some hair from the floor. Any Color
but yours. When DH comes home wave it in front of him and tearfully demand to know what it was
doing in your bedroom. That will give him something to mull over.

Boys and Girls who seem unsuited for each other have been falling in love for eons. Nothing to
worry about.

Granni, your kind wishes worked. I am better already. Doesn't your DH take a book with him when
he has to wait? Tell him to take up knitting or crosswords. Give him a subscription to some magazine he likes. Hunting and Fishing or Knights of Columbus or lawnmower repair.

Barry, I hope Lenny is having a quiet night and wakes up full of energy. What sort of mood does
he seem to be in? How about you and Riccardo?

Sunflower, Are things quiet at your house? Are you lying in bed reading or working on a small
art project? Are you taking pain pills.? Have a good book to read? Hope everything is the best
it can be for you and Claire. Or is it Savannah?

Star, I didn't see any news about the fires in today's news. Hope they are finally out. Regards to
you and your family.

Hugs, Kids
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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

So good to see so many posts. Something happened to one of mine and a paragraph to Granni is missing. Doh! We set a record for the hottest temp in Jan. yesterday--89 degrees. It was 87 the day before and is sposda be 87 today. Mother Nature is waving a big red flag and we are ignoring it. I read that there may be Category 6 hurricanes in the future. I do think that we ought to err on the side of caution to get the CO2 out of the Earth's atmosphere. It can't be a good thing when one can actually see the air. It is sposda be transparent, not a foggy/smoggy greenish black color. It's also sposda be healthy to breathe, not dangerous.

I IMed Julie because we haven't heard from her for more than a week. She has an ear infections that makes it hard for her to be on the computer. She could use our prayers for healing.

Barry, I continue to keep you, Richard and Lenny in my prayers. I hope Lenny is recovering and you and Richard can relax and get over this scare. Let us know how you are.

Granni, I had seen that you had been here a few times and wrote a paragraph to you but it disappeared. My ex used to fly into fits of rage when he had to wait. From what I hear, he still does. It evidently came as a surprise to his new bride when it happened the first time. Oh well, not my problem now. I hope upping your meds helps.

Rock, I hate plumbing. Just found out this year that, back in the 70's, homes were built with some kind of vinyl pipes that broke down at the connections. People are having to have their homes completely replumbed. Yikes! A stupid realtor told one of our neighbors to have the pipes replaced under their sinks so that, when they sell their condo, buyers won't know they have old pipes. That was in Joe's bldg. which was built in the late 80's and doesn't have the bad pipes. I remember when builders were using aluminum wiring that caused a lot of problems. I hope your cold gets better.

Spring, We can't burn things here but the farmers are allowed to burn off plant material. That can be ground up and used for fuel so I imagine that will eventually stop. Our gardeners use leaf blowers to blow grass clippings off the sidewalks and parking areas and back onto the lawn. They are sooo noisy. The roast chicken was already cooked at the deli section of Publix. It is so good and was on sale. I needed something I could eat fast. I haven't been eating right and didn't realize just shopping would make me shaky. Laughing about DH and hair in the drains.

Well, Kiddies, you know the drill--I'm off to read the paper online. I hope you have a wonderful start to the week.

Love, Mikie


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Rock - the fires are still burning, all our channels give updates...today they showed helicopters dropping off carrots and other veggies on smoke blackened areas for the animals who survived to feed on because their vegetation is wiped out...a kangaroo was digging into a pile of carrots amid burnt landscape.

This is mankind doing what they were meant to do, being human. The west is very lucky to have the resources. Our government, Im sure they wouldnt, wouldve been hard put to bother trying to save animals. They also dont respect animals lives as they do in the west.

The US has put its best foot foward, they sent in fire fighters to help the Australians fight this almost impossible battle, this battle against Mother Nature.

Did you hear about the earthquake in Puerto Rico few days back and the volcano in Phillipines spewing ash as we write?

Mikie - i would welcome fresh clean air. Our air is one of the most hazardous.

God bless


Hi, Spring,

I saw the same news footage of the little kangaroo eating carrots. I also saw Koalas recuperating from their burns at an animal refuge. Yes, the poor Puerto Ricans just can't catch a break. Puerto Rico is a US territory and we have been really remiss following the hurricanes that devastated the island. They are very poor and their lack of stable buildings and electric grid added to the destruction. I don't know how the Bahamas are doing. There are so many disasters that they are evidently no longer news worthy after a month or so.

People here are very generous and go into humanitarian mode to help others when the disasters strike. Our govt. is hit and miss about it. Remember Hurricane Katrina? No one will be able to keep up with help if we can't get the climate under control. New York and Miami will be inundated with sea water.

I'm sorry your air is bad. We have smog problems here too but cutting emissions from automobiles and burning gas instead of coal has helped. Still, the govt. continues to loosen the regs to allow more pollution of our air. It's greed that is causing the problems. Those in power loosen the regs to allow their supporters to pollute more and make more profits so they will continue to keep the powers that be in office. It's a vicious cycle. China's air is unbreathable as they march toward being the largest economy. India is the same. I still believe technology will help us escape total disaster but it will require cooperation and sacrifice.

OK, I'll get down off my soapbox now. It's hard to be a spectator to disaster and indifference. I try to do my part by not driving any more than I need to and recycling everything I can. I hate to think of my grandson's inheriting these problems. I try every day to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds me. Despite the air, I know it's beautiful where you are too.

Love, Mikie


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Dear Ones,

Not much time to post but I stopped in to read a bit. Went shopping with DH and rewrapped some fish I had bouth to freeze. Almost time to fix lunch so I need to type fast. Also threw in a wash and waiting for that to dry also and or hang up, etc,

ROCK - Glad you are feeling better now thanks to your nurse, Gordon BTW, DH brings his KINDLE with him to read when I am at an appointment, However, I know it is still annoying to him esp if they forgot my appt or didn't have it on the schedule. Luckily it did';t take them to long to get me in but also by that time my b/p was already high.

MIKIE - Hope you are feeling at least a little better and JULIE too. I know that cold weather sure is not a help for her. Ours is up and down like a yo you which I know is also not helpful to our conditions,

SPRING WATER - Sorry to hear that your air is very bad. Certainly not good for anyone with COPD or other lung problems. I know many cities have that problem too. Hope you are feeling well and getting out a bit to socialize with some friends and or family. It helps ones attitude I think. I know I need it myself too . Even singing with our small group and singing for these people who get little socialization is helpful to me as well as them. Yes, those awful fires in Australia are just horrible and so devastating.

BARRY - Hope that Lenny is continuing to feel better day by day and getting stronger. I know it is such a worry.

Thinking of everyone. My empty pill boxes await me that I have been putting off as well as fixing lunch.

Granni :D


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Mikie - the ones who want to protect the environment come up against great odds in the form of resistance against commerce. Here too, it is the same story. The day before, a young man of 24 who was trying to prevent illegal sand mining on the banks of his towns river, got murdered. Our city gets flooded so bad during monsoons, some areas get water upto the knees and its every year.

Some years back an entire city was inundated with water due to poor drainage, it looked like a floating city.

But the people mining sand willy nilly dont want to know. They just want to make their money any which way as long as their own homes are safe. They bribe the politicians and the police which explains why the mining was going on. The culprits dont realise every year the situation gets more precarious and the flooding will happen in each corner of the country and will come totheir own doorstep. By which time it will be too late.

This young man was on watch at 2 am...i think he was alone, not many others want to risk life and limb for a cause and stay up unearthly hours. His physical life may have been snuffed out but Im sure the good Lord will reward him greatly in Heaven.

God bless


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Hey, Y'All Fell asleep for a short period. I guess my inner child wants to get up and run around.

Hi Springwater, That's very sad about the young fellow who was murdered while trying to be a good
citizen. What is sand mining? Looking for sand? Looking for things buried in the sand? We had a
sandbox under a willow tree in our backyard when I was a kid. Every spring we drove to a spot in the
country where there was a natural deposit of sand. Free for the taking. We used wooden blocks
for buildings and some old mirrors my mother gave us for lakes. I suppose modern kids would
look at a sand box and say, "How do you turn it on?"

Mikie, You'd better hurry to the front page of the news. You may want to comment on the new
Subaru Kit for sale.

Granni, glad to hear DH has a Kindle. He's more up to date than I. How long has it been since
you guys were out painting rails and bannisters?

My cold is gradually going away. Gordon asks me every hour if I want more cold medicine. He
would have made an excellent nurse. Now that the plumbing is working right he wants to do
something with the soffit on the garage. Don't you think soffit is a funny word? I didn't even know
what it was till I was an adult. Got an accident report about a man cleaning the gutters on his roof
and got his hand stabbed somehow. Of course we (meaning the insurance company) paid for
his medical treatment.

Think I'll play a game of solitaire and go back to bed.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Still feeling a bit sick. I was chilling yesterday and couldn't get warm. This morning, I feet hot and am sweating. Also have a headache. I cancelled my teeth cleaning on Thurs. and scheduled it for next month. Woman in the office said lots of people are cancelling due to being sick. There is a little four year old who got the flu. She got very sick and lost consciousness and is now blind. Docs don't know whether she will recover her sight. Next six months will tell. She needs prayers. Can't imagine that happening to one of my kids or DGS at such a tender age. My heart breaks for her family.

Duckie, I see your footprint and hope you can stop in sometime to let us know how you are doing. We love you.

Barry, hope you, Richard and Lenny are doing okay. Same with the rest of your fur kids. Let us know how it's going.

Sun, hope you are okay. Let us know.

Julie, I hope you are getting over the ear infection. Let us know how you are doing.

Star, hope those fires are coming under control. Let us know how you and your family are doing.

Granni, yes, the up and down weather fronts are not good for what ails us. I have steaks in the fridge and will eat one of them for lunch. I need some protein. Publix had strip steaks on sale. Otherwise, one would need to float a bank loan to eat steak. I have some spicy rub and will use that and grill the steak. My empty pill boxes await me too, a job I hate to do.

Spring, that is horrible that the young man was murdered. People will do anything to protect profits even if they are not good for anyone in the long run. We have lime rock here that is crucial to our aquifers and needs to be protected. Our county commissioners have allowed mining of the rock and building on environmentally sensitive land. These aquifers can fill up with salt water with the encroaching sea levels. I worry we will run out of drinking water here. It's madness.

Rock, I'm laughing about how modern kids would ask how to turn on the sandbox. When our kids were little, we had a big section of our yard in sand. The swing set and monkey bars sat on it. I didn't want a sand box because we had black widow spiders and they loved hiding out in kids' sand boxes. I went out and played in the sand with them--talk about your inner child! Every Easter, the bunny brought colorful sand buckets, shovels and sand molds. That Subaru kit is sooo cool. You can buy kits to build your own airplanes too. Wouldn't want to fly anything I would build. Yikes! Glad you cold is getting better. Also glad Gordon saw fit to fix the soffit. Does his saw fit in his tool box? Sawing gives me fits.

OK, enough of this frivolity. Time to go read the newspaper. I have to take my recycle stuff down and put my garbage in the dumpster. That will likely wipe me out for the day. NRG, NRG, wherefore art thou! Hope I didn't forget anyone. If so, please forgive me. My poor pea brain is quite weak this morning.

Love, Mikie

Not only is my brain weak but so is my wretched disease ridden body. I did manage to throw old food in the garbage and toss it in the dumpster. There wasn't too much waste. I also loaded up the recycle material and hauled it down. The recycle truck doesn't come til tomorrow and a lot of residents have returned. I was afraid there would be no room in the bins. Fortunately, the last bin had room. I am heartened at all the products, including luggage and shoes, that is being made from recycled plastic. What I'm wondering is what is done with the shoes and luggage when they wear out. Are they recyclable?

My hair is gross but I am not up to washing it today. It's not all that dirty; it's just messy from sleeping so much. Well, who cares? I'm not going anywhere and I'm the only one living in this whole wing of the building. Barb's kids left this morning and the other two seasonal residents aren't here. Lower's the water bill by about $100 a month. Woo Hoo!

My chest hurts from the exertion of the garbage run so will go rub some menthol cream on it, the same stuff I put on my sore shoulder. SV didn't eat all his wet food but no ants came for it. Yesterday, I didn't get the bowl up and it was full of them.
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Dear Ones,

DH is out at his meeting and so I get to sit for awhile and vegetate!! Feeling achier than usual. Everything is bothering me it seems the last few days. We were going to go to the casino for a overnight this week but with the weather and the way I am feeling we canceled, maybe next week. We'll see !! It sure wouldn't hurt to win some money , could use some but we don't bet high , for sure. Mostly for a get away and eat some different and good food,

ROCK - We haven't painted anything for a few years and I finally convinced DH to have someone else do the painting outside. Not an easy thing to do for me anymore with all my aches, pains and whatever else is ailing me.. Glad you are feeling better from you cold.

MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling awful with the extra aches and pains. Glad no ants in SV's food today. I know what a pain they can be. Have you tried those ant traps to put around the house or areas most seen? Don't worry about your hair it will still be there tomorrow. I know that sometimes though when you do wash it it feels better and you are glad it is done. I know it is a pain for me too. I still have to do my pill boxes and DHs too. He probably wouldn't bother if I weren't around.

Thinking of everydobby and I still have so many little things to do, I could stay on here all morning and nothing would get done.

Gotta run for now . Work awaits after I check a few things on the computer.

Love to awl,
Granni :D


Hi, Kids,

Called DD earlier to wish her a happy birthday. She is now a licensed nurse practitioner and is looking at job opportunities. I think she will have a few situations from which to choose. She wants to make sure her style of therapy fits in with the style of wherever she wants to work. We didn't talk too long because she was having a phone job interview in about an hour. She has another phone interview and an in person interview. The neighbors have a black and white cat that spends as much time at DD's as he does at his own house. He has been a real comfort to DD since they lost their beloved dog, Calvin. He was there keeping DD company.

Joe called this morning before leaving to see his eye doc. He wanted to see about his cataracts. I'll be interested in what he learned. I hope my doc will tell me in April that I can get mine removed. Barb's kids left this morning. Nothing much else going on in the hood. I cooked myself one of the strip steaks and put the other two in the freezer. The flu bug hit my innards this morning. I don't know whether it's that or my bod trying to purge this miserable virus. I still have to eat and the steak was good.

I got a note from Duckie. Work is still very demanding and her Mom fell at Thanksgiving. Her DS helps his grandma because she isn't driving right now. Duckie isn't feeling all that well either. I told her I'd keep her in my prayers. I hate it when our Porchies are having problems (when aren't we having problems).

Granni, it's nice to be able to veg now and then. You could probably use more veg time. Sorry you had to cancel the trip to the casino but it's probably for the best until you feel better. I hope you don't get the flu. This has been horrible at times and fairly mild at other times. I'm back to having the aches and pains with it. Yikes! Take good care of yourself.

I had to post this and come back to edit because everything on the screen got huge and was half off the screen. I left the website and came back. It still doesn't look right. Out damn grenlins! Gonna go read and probably take a nap. Hope everydobby is well.

Love, Mikie
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Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

Got up at 2:00 and couldn't sleep. Just watching TV and coming here. I'll come back later. Hope all y'all are okay.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie, Your post looks fine now. Duckie, I hope you and your Mom both feel much better soon.

I have been reading a new book by a favorite author that I didn't even know existed. Well, I knew
he existed. But I didn't know about the book. It is one of several books that were written after he
died. Various authors have carried on for him. This one is by an author I never heard of before. Can't
find out anything about him from the library or the net. Must be a ghost writer. Anyhoo I found
the book on the dinning room table. Nobody else here reads this author so I assumed it was a
present from G. To me. He was half asleep when I thanked him. Apparently I was right.

I hope your daughter can find the kind of boss and coworkers she's looking for. I once had a job
interview when I had a terrible case of laryngitis. I just sat in a Supervisor's office while he negotiated a settlement of an insurance claim. After 15 minutes or so he got off the phone. He said, "How
much experience you got?" I said, "Five years." He said, "You're hired."
This story sounds awfully familiar. Maybe I recently posted it. Oh, well. Won't matter in the long run.

Hug, Rock
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Ha Ha! If that guy did write the book after he died, I guess he was indeed a ghost writer. What a funny story. Tales from beyond the grave [cue the Twilight Zone theme]. It's a good thing you didn't have a job interview on the phone when you had laryngitis. Thanks for your good wishes for DD. I think there are a couple of docs she worked with who want her to come work with them. She's just checking out her options. She always has interviewed well. I always hated interviewing for jobs. I saved my post and signed off and signed back on and reposted it. I had to reset everything. Hope you enjoy the book.

I ate breakfast and lay down on the sofa and went into a deep sleep with dreams. Woke feeling all groggy. AACCKK!! Hate that. Gonna go read the paper online. My hair looks like a tornado hit it.

Love, Mikie