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PORCH 1178 IS NOW CLOSED (1/12/20)

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Just popping in for a few minutes before we leave for the store. Got a message from JULIE yesterday in answer to mine. She is feeling worse and goes to see the PCP today I think. The specialist isn't till sometime in Feb. what a bummer. Please pray for her to feel better soon.

Gotta run !



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Rock - i havent heard about your story re the interview. That was easy, wasnt it? Im happy to hear you got a book you liked. The first time our dad put an alkasetzler tablet in the water, (our rich uncle had brought it from abroad, we didnt get it those times, ) we kids watched in fascination as it fizzed.

Mikie - good luck for your DD. May she get just the right job for her. Thank you for updating us on Duckie. its kind of a relief to know what theyre doing. i pray for her and her mum. And all us other Porchies not doing too well on the health front. Can we catch a break or what?

Granni - youre right. One needs to socialize, just a bit even if one is not feeling like it. Not being in top form or adequate form for long periods takes the zest out of ones inclination to interact with others and then one feels worse.

Today was a festival to celebrate end of winter (altho it isnt really) and a public holiday. i went out on an errand because the traffic isnt quite as bad on holidays and i got to see people all dressed up. i passed a square with lots of temples and watched as enthusiastic Indian, Chinese tourists posed for photos and decked up young girls and boys from here did the same.

i just stood watching because its nice to see people excited and enthusiastic. its been some time since anything excited me. Rather jaded and worn out, Ennui’..? i stood and wondered how everyones life was. Were they happy? Did they have upheavals? Did they worry about anything? if they had a choice, would they want to come back again to this world and live again?

i saw some lovely pieces of clothing in the stores, a greyish blue overcoat, smart cardigans, but i remembered my DD saying the clothing industry used up a large part of natural resources and was a large contributer to climate change, so i mentally told myself, no. Anyways, ive used up what money i normally spend on clothes. If i bought something now, it would not be out of need, but want. Too many wants in life. i want this and i want that. Time to be stern with the self.


I didnt have to worry about dinner because DD had cooked peas and mushrooms. And we had black lentils leftover and rice from the afternoon. i had also boiled potatoes before i left.

i did take out the chicken scraps and cook a proper meal for the dogs because DD had given them dry food since she was trying finish doing laundry. i somehow feel guilty if the dogs dont get their usual lunch. A filling one.

One piece of my box of Indian sweets i bought was missing so i asked DS, who stole the sweet, which i had bought with so much trouble, and he asked “did you have to fight a war to get them”? His guilty face gave him away.

DS decided to clean out one of our rooms and went wild throwing things out. i hurriedly put away my books incase they went out with the garbage.

Everytime i tried to put back something from the carton he filled, he would tell me,” you havent used this in years, mum, youre being a hoarder!” i was. Old habits die hard.

God bless
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Hi Mikie, I am enjoying the new book immensely. Sorry to hear the tornado got you. Where is it going next.? Toward Georgia or Texas?

Julie, hope the PCP can fix you up.

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Hi, Kids,

Still not up to par and probably won't be today cause I slept so poorly last night. Hate having my hair look sooo bad but not up to washing and drying it today. Whine, whine, whine! Still binge watching Homeland to distract myself. Tried to watch news at noon but couldn't take it. It's like I've developed a sensitivity or allergy to it. I can only watch a couple of hours of the TV show before I drift off. I finished reading a rather disturbing book and started another. It's another beautiful day today. Still in the 80's but a cold front will get us into the 70's next week.

Some good news--major investment firms are eschewing companies that pollute. Investors want to invest in sustainable companies. This is great because the polluters only care about money. If investors refuse to give them money, it will have an effect on climate change. This investment philosophy is especially true of younger investors. Voting with one's money has always been very effective. Also, a lot of companies are wanting to do what is good as well as making profits. They aren't taking advantage of relaxed regulations to pollute. Thought we could all use some good news for a change.

Spring, I also just found out that clothing and fabric manufacturers use a lot of natural resources, especially water. I donate my clothing but thrift stores are inundated with clothing. I am also going through my old things and getting rid of things I don't use or wear and have decided I now have enough clothing. I don't go as many places anymore so I don't need to keep buying things. Laughing at the tug of war between DS and you. I have never missed things I've donated. In fact, I forget about them almost as soon as they are gone. Now, when I can't decide, I ask myself whether I'll miss the object in question and the answer is almost always no. You're so kind with your prayers. Also with how wonderful you are to the doggies. I keep all of us in my prayers for what ails us but also what ails our families. I know Duckie appreciates that we love her and are keeping her in our prayers. I think it's a great time to celebrate the end of winter. The days are now getting longer to usher in spring. To me, spring means hope and renewal.

Granni, I will certainly continue to pray for Julie. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Hope you and yours are doing well.

Rock, I think the tornado went from my hair to my pea brain. It's swirling around in my head. Maybe now I can brain storm. Ha ha!

I need to eat but again am off my feed bag. I'll go in search of sustenance. Hope all y'all are cresting the hump and it's all downhill for the rest of the week. Downhill in a good way as in easy.

Love, Mikie


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Saw doc y-day. I was early, he was late. I've got to eat more salt.

Just had a HUGE BATTLE with the 'puter. With R's help, finally won, but have to replace all my bookmarks and passwords and, and, collapse.....

Lenny is better. I am not. Computer-wrestling has worn me out. OUT!

Rock, who is the author you mentioned but not by name?

Spring, I love your posts!!!!

Love to All, and Peace on Earth.
Worried about Star.


Dear Barry,

Glad Lenny is on the mend. I'm sorry though that the computer has acted up so drastically. It is totally exhausting when that happens. Please rest. I think you're the first person I've ever heard about whose doc said to eat more salt. I've always loved salty food so that would be easy for me. I don't have to cut down on it but am not sposda eat a lot due to the high BP.

I hope you feel better. Stop in when you can to let us know you are OK. I worry about Star and everyone there with these horrible fires. Take care, my friend.

Love, Mikie
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Hello Again,

Barry, glad to hear Lenny is doing well. Wish you were too, The author I was talking about was
E. F. Benson. A prolific writer and popular author in both England and America. He died the
year I was born. There are several books about Mapp and Lucia, two English ladies who vie to
be the queen of an English Village. The books were made into a TV series. Gordon bought it
for me. Might have been two series. Other authors have continued the series. Some of those
books are no longer in our library. The head librarian told Gordon recently that if a book isn't
taken out in three years it is sent to the main library in downtown LA and a trial is held to see if
it should be imprisoned or executed. Very likely E. F. B. is in Wikipedia. The name of the
author of the latest book about some of the characters created by Benson is Guy Fraser Sampson.

As for salt I loved pistachios when I was a kid. The shell had a crust made of salt. Trader Joe's used
to sell nuts for reasonable prices. Not anymore, but doesn't matter. Can't chew nuts now. Does
Lenny still wrap himself around your neck?

Mikie, cold front and 70s don't go together in most parts of the country. Kudos on Brain Storm.
Granni, let us know if you hear any more about Julie. Gonna lie down with my new book.



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Barry: I tend to have low blood pressure so first thing in the morning I take my reading. If it’s around 68 or less I then take 1/4 tsp. Celtic salt and then drink some water. This will bring my BP up. My aunt had it and would faint at times. Wondering if you also deal with low BP?

so happy to read that Lenny is now OK. Sounds like he ate something he should not have.

Rock: Nice of nurse Gordon to take such good care of you! And this video is from Highland Park, not too far from you.

spring: I totally agree with the way the “western world” craves STUFF. As an example, my young neighbor has a business where she takes shop owners/ buyers on shopping trips to the garment district to show them what she feels are the latest early trends in clothing so these people can jump on the bandwagon. They pay her for this service. ????????? Shallow and vanity comes to mind With the clothing business. The hems are high, the hems are lower, the shoes are chunky or not, the costume jewelry is simple or gaudy. I could go on and on and on and on. Just make sure people buy buy buy so they can fit in, fit in, fit in. I have about 15 pair of black pants in my closet, all with various widths or lengths. I just pull out what’s in fashion And stick the other ones in the back of the closet until they’re back in fashion.

I’m in the middle of termite/rat extermination. The guys were here on Monday and found a hole up by the roof, near the dry rot, that the rats were able to get in and out, so that was plugged up with hammered in wood. The rat traps were set in the attic termite poison was sprayed on all the wood up in the attic. He did find one dead rat up there! Today he’s to come out again and check the traps. It’s to rain tomorrow, sure doesn’t look like it now, so don’t know if demo will start on half the bad patio roof or not. Next week a company is coming out to remove all trash up in the attic left by the roofers and AC guys years ago, suck out all the old insulation and blow in new.

I saw my lung doc yesterday and find out he’s retiring at age 63. I asked what he’s going to do. Seems he made a list of things he wants to do. Play golf more than once a week, build a wine cellar (actually in one of his extra rooms) and......order a good drum set! He said he had cancelled an order for a drum set when he was in college so he’s done without playing all those years. Apparently his wife is not happy about that one. I told him he’s going to need to have good sound proofing put in too. So I guess the next thing will he’ll be starting a band of retired doctors! Next week I see my cancer doc and hoping that goes good.

Last Friday I met with my Friday art group and took in the camera lucida. One of the guys showed me how to install it and how it works. Still haven’t had the time to really try it out at home. Yesterday I went to my Tuesday art class, so between all of that and my handyman over twice last week to help me clean out my garage, I’m beyond tired. I was out this morning to organize a pile of old wood gates, etc. for the free city. Bulk pickup in two weeks. Oh yes, last Friday my gardener was here to dig out the huge dead tree stump where we had found termites. No sign of them though on Friday so I guess they went further underground.

and yesterday I put an ad on the Freecycle for solar pool floats.....someone came about an hr. Ago to pick them up for using in their pool, so along with the two camelback trunks, two antique desks, and other items, the garage is slowly getting cleaned out. YEA.

Julie: Sorry you’re still not up to par. Get well quickly.
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Hi Sun, a long post from someone who is seriously ill. Entertaining too. I think you perfectly summed up the fashion industry in one paragraph. Buncha expensive nonsense. Never heard of celtic salt. Does it come from the Ireland? Is it pink?

That was an amazing video of the fierce cat and coyotes. At various times we have had coyotes
living on our block. They were very small. Not much bigger than a cat. Lived behind a vacant house.
The one that killed our dog was much bigger. Looked more like a wolf. The one I saw in the
National Park (can't remember which one either) was as big as a wolf. He had an injured paw.
Poor thing sat beside a park road that didn't have much traffic. My wife and I gave it a chicken
drumstick. The park ranger said, "He can't hunt anymore. This is how he earns his living."

I have never made a list of things to do. Can't remember the name for it. Anyhoo if I wanted to
go someplace, I'd go. I wouldn't want to lie in bed regretting all the things I didn't do or see.
(Oh, just popped into my head. Bucket List.)

Ok, back to bed. Hope everydobby gets a bucket of something they want.


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Still fighting off this virus. Yesterday I slept a lot but last night, I got a good night's sleep so am hoping not to have to sleep my life away today. My emotions are all over the place. I read that it's likely the inflammation in our entire bodies and brains that cause depression when we have the flu. I get all kinds of emotions like missing my Mom, being homesick for someplace nonspecific and other strange feelings. This is why I distract myself as much as possible. I realize that the emotions are not logical and are only the result of this bug. Glad I cancelled my teeth cleaning for today.

Rock, cold front is a misnomer by most standards when it's 70 degrees out. It's actually one here under normal conditions but it's been almost 90 degrees here this winter so the 70's will be a welcome change. This time of year, it's in the 60's a lot of the time but not this year. Weatherman brought up our hottest temps and they have all been in recent years with the climate change. It's happening so fast. I had a list of things I wanted to do but that was before the term, bucket list, was in vogue. I didn't write them down but always had them in the back of my mind. Some of the opportunities just turned up and some I chased. I've been fortunate enough to have been able to do every one of the main things on the list. I wanted to sky dive but it was never at the top of the list. I have no regrets that I didn't do it. Some people would love to get a bucket of KFC. Guess the bucket list for them would be two wings, two thighs, two breasts, etc.

Sun, that is an amazing video of the brave kitty. DD swears that black and white cats have more character. Geez, you have a lot going on with the termites and rats. I'm glad you are getting it taken care of before there is more damage. I'm wondering whether drinking something like Smart Water or Gatorade would be good for your low BP. They contain electrolytes that help regulate BP. Hope you haven't overdone it but I know it must feel good to be getting the garage cleaned out. Heck, I get excited when I clean out under the sink.

Julie, if you're able to read out posts, you know we are all concerned and praying for your recovery.

Star, if you able to read, you know how concerned we are about you, your family and all of Australia.

Duckie, you know we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Barry, we continue to hope and pray Lenny stays on the mend and that you feel better. Also hope the computer problems are over with.

Spring, always enjoy your posts. Most interesting and well written.

Granni, hope you have a chance to pop in.

I hope I didn't forget anyone but I can't trust my poor pea brain these days. Perhaps today I'll try to do some little thing around here just to attempt to keep my sanity, that is, if I still do have my sanity. That is up in the air. My head feels as though it's gonna explode. Have to go take some pain killer and spray my nose. My gums feel as though they are on fire because the virus has revved up the Sjogren's. Last night my gums bled when I brushed my teeth. That has happened before when I've been sick. It isn't indicative of gum disease but it's still disturbing to see.

I hope and pray all is well for our Dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids I am reading my new book with great enjoyment. It has, however, highlighted my failing
brain. There are a dozen main characters. I'm having trouble keeping track of them, Who the
heck is Isabel? And what happened to May? Although the library has no more books by this
author, Amazon does.

Most of the characters are at least middle-aged. There is only one young couple. He is a
minister, and, although the book is set in England, for some reason people refer to him
the Padre, Rev. Bartlet. His wife is petite and doesn't talk; just squeaks. Don't they sound like a
nice pair?

Tonight is Orchid Club. Gordon has already selected the plants he's taking. Some to exhibit,
some to trade or sell, some for gifts. He has more room in the new car for the plants and
various containers.

Mikie, nice KFC pun. You're the only person I know who did the things she wanted to do on her
list. Good for you!

Gordon and I took care of the kitty. Haven't seen Henry for weeks. Hugs, Rock


Hi, Rock,

Glad you like the book. When I get one like that, I list the various characters/families so I don't lose track. I've also made maps. I read Game of Thrones before the series started and I drew maps. A few books have maps in the front. Can the library get the other books by this author? I love books and TV series set in England, especially period pieces. Doc Martin and Father Brown are two of my favorites on PBS.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to do the things I've done. I always had a nagging feeling the opportunities would not be open to me forever so I acted when I could. Premonitions of divorce and disease? Who knows but I tell my kids to strike while the iron is hot if there are things they want to do. The good thing is that I don't feel cheated or regretful that there was something I couldn't do. I have a lot of peace and gratitude. It is a gift in my old age.

I'm laughing--in most homes, the family is around daily and it's the cat that disappears. Guess Henry doesn't know that. I've started a new book that isn't bad but it ain't great literature. It's good enough for me to continue reading. One of the free books from Amazon. The last one was good. It's hit or miss. Think I'll go read for a bit and perhaps sleep. I've had a couple of fleeting moments of well-being so I'm hopeful this bug is on its way out of my poor old bod.

Hope Gordon does well at the orchid meeting. Good grief! I typed orchard instead of orchid. I'm up a tree without spellcheck. Ha ha! It's 81 degrees out so guess our cold front hasn't arrived. I think it's supposed to in a couple of days. I hate to be stuck inside and miss out but I hate to even entertain the thought of doing anything. And yet, the watch is telling me to get up so I will even if just to get a drink of water.

Love, Mikie


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Rock: Yes, the salt is pink usually. And it’s healthy for you. I don’t even use the regular table salt like Mortons. It’s bad for you and actually anyone with high BP. The salt supplies all the nutrients needed so no need to buy expensive electrolyte waters.

A rat got caught in the garage trap last night so I’m waiting for the exterminator guy to come remove it. I spent the morning back in the garage cleaning out more. I had some antique baskets on a shelf so I hosed them off with water and when they dry I’m going to take them to this little charity thrift store. They date from around 1900 and are missing some reeds but maybe they can get some $ for them as is.

I’m going to do a check with the LA county library system for that author. OK....did a search. There are 2 books listed by E.F.Benson (Edward Frederic). Make way for Lucia (written 1977 but the author died in 1940)?? Also Sir Francis Drake, written 1927. And I ordered the season 1 DVD for me.
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Everything pretty much the same here so nothing to tell. Hope all y'all have a great windup to the week.

Love, Mikie


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 Edward Frederic “E.F.” Benson
Photo added by Giovanni Dall'Orto

Picture of Added by Ginny M Picture of Added by Susan Leg

Edward Frederic “E.F.” Benson

Birth24 Jul 1867
Crowthorne, Bracknell Forest Borough, Berkshire, England
Death29 Feb 1940 (aged 72)
London, City of London, Greater London, England
Burial Rye Cemetery
Rye, Rother District, East Sussex, England
Memorial ID6247 · View Source





Dear Rock,

I'm sooo groggy that I can't find your pun. Is it wishing buckets of things for people? My puns pail in comparison to yours.

Love, Mikie


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Howdy Folks

Mikie, You are the best punster I know. My pun is in the 2nd paragraph. I wish I Knew of some
home remedy that would chase those clouds away.

Here are two puns from the Reader's Digest that I like.

What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a unicycle and a well-dressed man on a bicycle? Attire.

First blade of grass. I can't stand this drought. We need some rain.
2nd blade of grasss. Guess we'll just have to make dew.

Hope your head clears up. Rock
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Hi, Rock,

So sorry, I still can't find the pun but I'm so out of it. I did manage to wash and blow dry my hair but didn't style it. That's how tired and out of it I am. Sorry, my friend. I always enjoy your puns and you are the best punster I know. You're the King!

It's dark and gray outside but we aren't expected to get rain. A dreary day to go with how I feel. Geez, sometimes, if a virus comes back around, the second time is worse and hangs on forever. Whine, whine, whine! I'm definitely in survival mode, trying my best to distract myself. That keeps my spirits from hitting the bottom.

Speaking of bottoms, I had better get off of mine and move around a bit.

Thank you sooo much for the puns and laughs. That's the best way to chase the dark clouds away.

Love, Mikie


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It rained all day and still is. I checked and it was 9 degrees C in the afternoon...about 50 F. we are not used to such cold. I looked out the window and people were scurrying around, those who had places to go..the rest stayed indoors i guess.

Mikie - so sorry you are not feeling well. Just hang in there. Try and have soup even if you dont feel like it. i forced myself to have a health drink today instead of tea. Ive been guzzling so much tea because of the cold days. After a while you just know you need to stop. The stomach does not like it.

I havent got the cold but i got the chills once or twice and didnt feel comfortable in the heart region. Breathing heavily going up and down the stairs. i also felt like there was way too much suffering and chaos going on in the world and why doesnt it all end. Thats kind of funny because i dont usually think that way even though the world has been going mad for some time now and many th8ngs are the opposite of what they should be.

The chills were puzzling. i was warm enough. Piles of blankets and a heater. Also lost my appetite for a bit and felt nauseous once or twice. Not really sick but a healthy person ought not to feel these things.

So i just revved up my alternative healing things. Lots of meditating, chanting my prayers. i felt the energy was so bad around me i needed energy healing.

It could also be stress. i was not looking forward to meeting my SIL DH step sis for lunch because i do not like her mom. i stopped visiting completely so i felt a bit awkward since obviously its SILs mom and she wouldnt want so much complicated dynamics within the family and for her mom to be so disliked.

We took my SIL out for lunch yesterday. I managed to get DS to come too, and there was one other cousin sis and her DD.SIL too had this bad lingering cold. My DD had caught it some time back. That virulent strain cold. Nasty one. im thinking its similar to what you got at least before yours triggered all the other things.

The food was really good so that was nice. 3 of us were vegetarians so my DD ordered lots of veg. Tempura, miso soup, potato wedges, fried corn. My DD did all the arranging, inviting, one aunt is miffed and her family excused themselves. Some history between her and my MIL.

Not the most convivial atmosphere at first, but it went all right as the time wore on. We re all aware we dont have problems with each other but MIL was the white elephant in the room. MIL did not come for the lunch. Huge blessing.

Rock - those puns were funny! Where has Henry gone?

Sun - youve been busy. As usual. Enjoyed catching up on your activities.

Barry - what is it with the computers. Yours seems to have caught what Rocks computer had.

The floors today were a sight to see, wet all over. thats the worst part about rain. but i am always glad to have rain. The land needs rain. Oh, it rained torrents in Australia, the people were rejoicing and i did too.
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Good afternoon dear friends,

Not much going on here but just did a wash and to the store with DH for a bit and had lunch when we got home. What an exciting day so far but DH is going to be good and take us to eat dinner at the Pizza Shack. They have all kinds of Italian dishes and other things. They even have Gluten Free pasta there . Our weather is crazy too up and down like a yo yo.Feels like rain, very damp but none so far here,.

Just wanted to let you know that JULIE got some new meds from the PCP and she seems to be doing a little better. Also, somehow there came an opening for her to see the specialist for her to see him next week sometime. Must have been the prayers from everyone. Was glad to here that she was doing better and got an earlier appt than Feb. GEEZ !

SPRING WATER - Glad you all enjoyed the lunch with your family and SIL . Sorry about the stress and some of the stuff that goes on amongst families. It is sad, and I do understand. I have some of that myself but this family lives far away we don't have to go see each other. They might have also been miffed, as you say at us not coming to the funeral even though it was not the usual funeral at church, gravesite, etc. Other things involved also. This stress can also make you feel ill just thinking about things like that. Maybe the symptoms you had with chills partially from stress and also maybe you were trying to keep from getting that bug that your DS or whoever it was had. Just take it easy and try not to let things worry you so but I know, from experience, that is easier said than done too.

MIKIE - Sorry that you also are not feeling well. This has really been hanging on for you , hasn't it?? Hang in there, kiddo !! This to shall pass, as they say. Hopefully sooner rather than later !!! Hope your head feels better. It seems like I always have some kind of a headache. Not fun !!

SUN - Did you get rid of that a dead rat yet caught in the trap? Glad you are still busy doing your thing and hope you can get those old baskets to be reused again.

ROCK - How did Gordon do at the orchid meeting? Hope you are continuing to get well from that cold. Hope your computer is doing well and that your computer didn't send its problems to Barry;s computer. o_O

Gotta arun for now. Stay well everdobby !! Have a great weekend. If I get the chance I hope to pop in on the weekend.

Granni :D