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PORCH 1178 IS NOW CLOSED (1/12/20)

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Hi Kids, Woke up from my nap. Helped Gordon bring in plants from his car. Granni, Gordon did
fine at the orchid club meeting. He sold two white orchids that have yellow in the center of the
flower. A couple more people wanted them. He told them he had two more plants at home that
would be large enough to sell next month.

Granni, my cold is all over. Didn't last very long. Makes me feel kinda normal. Haven't had a cold
for yonks as Barry says. ACK! My computer linked up with Barry's computer! That would be a
computer from Hell! Thanks for the good news about Julie. She is such a bundle of energy busy
doing so much for all the kids and the family. Just seems all wrong for her to be illish.

BTW, does gluten free pizza taste any different that the regular stuff. I haven't had pizza for
many years. Can't chew 'em anymore.

Well, I wish all of you could be here for even a short spell. The sky looks like a picture on a
calendar. Beautiful blue sky. A few cumulus clouds. A bit of a breeze. And it's quiet out.
The neighbor's dog isn't barking. Nobody's running a leaf blowers or a buzz saw. No
helicopters overhead. PEACE.

Spring, Henry is apparently living with his ex wife. She fell on a dog toy that was left on the
steps of her house. I dunno how many dogs they have. She had to have surgery for a broken tibia.
We assume he's over there, but will come back here eventually.

Gordon went to do some errands. Among other places he's going is the Cathay bank. I
believe that Cathay is the old name for China.

Mikie, hope that a nap will refresh you. Maybe you know who will come and cuddle you.

Gordon is going to stop at the library and pick up some books we put on hold.

All for the nonce. Rock