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PORCH 1179 IS NOW CLOSED (1/18/20)

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Time for a new Porch. Rock described such a beautiful day in California that I went in search of pics. Even though this one is at evening, it's the loveliest one I found. Our days lately have been beautiful too so will share a pic of Florida soon. Beautiful days like that make me hope they could go on forever. Yesterday was gray though, probably due to the cold front that went through. It was a weak cold front. The big one is due to come through tomorrow night. I saw on the news that someone died in an avalanche at Lake Tahoe. California is so big you can ski in one place and go to the beach in another. I worry about my kids' skiing in Colorado. They were skiing the day an avalanche closed I-70 on the way home. They had to stay another night.

I did some crosswords puzzles and played Solitaire on my iPad yesterday to distract myself and now my shoulder is killing me. I have to talk to my doc about it when I see him. This virus seems to have moved into my chest so I've got menthol cream on it and my shoulder. Gonna warm up the heating pad to put on it. I've got a list of stuff to mention to my doc when I see him this week. Also need to see whether he can prescribe an antacid that doesn't cause cancer.

Rock, guess you've solved the mystery of Where In The World Is Henry (or Carmen San Diego)? That's nice he was helping out his ex. My ex loaned me his Corvette to drive after I had surgery on my toe. Mine had a clutch and the surgery was on my left foot. Glad Gordon did so well at the orchid meeting. He always does. Also glad the new car is more accommodating when it comes to hauling the plants. You are right; the name, Cathay, is the name English speaking people gave to the nation of China. It is derived from the nomadic people who settled Northern China. The other night, I was watching the Magic Moments program on PBS and that group was singing the song about Istanbul's now being called, Constantinople. Wish they would stop changing the names of places. It's hard enough for my pea brain to remember the names of anything. Now Burma is Myanmar.

The 'Cut the Cord' movement has gotten so big that there is huge competition for the new streaming services like Hulu, Sling, Apple TV and others. NBC is getting into the fray with it's new Peacock streaming. CBS already has one. I get by with the antenna in the livingroom but the other antennas don't get all the local channels. I either have to watch on HULU in the bedroom or be content to watch On Demand the next day. In any case, I have to be careful not to go over the data limit on my internet service with Comcast. It may be cheaper for me to cut HULU and subscribe to a couple of the network streaming services. HULU has some good programming of its own. It's getting so complex with people playing musical chairs with their streaming services. Comcast has their own streaming service but then one has to pay all the taxes and fees so others can watch on their antennas and get sports. TV entertainment can eat up the budget. Nice thing about streaming services is that one can watch on tablets, computers and phones. We are all gonna be streaming zombies with our faces in our devices. Oh wait. I think it has already happened.

Gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie
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I'll be back to get ya in a taxi Honey; Isn't that an old song? Have been up all night. Reading a
crazy book by Dave Barry and his co author. It's kinda like a 3 stooges movie. The characters
run around and get in trouble and pretty soon are being pursued by the cops, the FBI and the army.
They also have some trouble with bears at the zoo. That's what I like. Sophisticated humor.

I looked at you tube. Old pictures from LA. Pictures from the year I was born. Pictures from
the Old West. For some reason I am not included in any of these.

Hope ya all have a good day; Happy Trails.


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Just heard the back door. Gordon is back from running some errands. Mostly he was passing out
kumquats. A friend gave him a huge bag of them at the orchid meeting the other day. They were
unusually sweet, so Gordon is distributing them. I think we used to have a tree of them. There were
several little fruit trees in the back yard. I think one grew oranges. Anyway we pulled them all out as the fruit they produced was sparse and not really very tasty.

Great pic, Mikie. Looks like Santa Monica. Haven't been there for decades. They used to have an
amusement park there. The merry go round was refurbished and painted a few decades back.
My mother loved merry go rounds. Every time she came for a visit I took her to the one at
Santa Monica.

There's a video of the Constantinople song on You Tube by the four lads. I think they also recorded
Magic Moments. The best student singer in our high school sang that song on prom night. She
wanted to sing a second verse so I wrote one for her. Don't even have a copy, but I'm sure it was
peachy keen. Don't know if Ann can still sing, but she was sensational back then. Could sail up to a high Bflat like a sky rocket.

Has the doctor been treating your shoulder or did he just look at it once? Don't you need
21 century treatment? Saw Steel Magnolias again last night. I was very annoyed at the end
The last 5 or 6 minutes snipped off. Should be a federal crime of some sort. The public demands the right to see the Easter Bunny riding on the motorcycle.

Gonna go read some more Dave Barry.
Hugs Rock


Hi, Kids,

Took some ibuprophen, put Aspercreme and the heating pad on my shoulder and did the PT exercises. It feels better already. I also ate a big salad with red and green leaves. I added some crumbled cheese, nuts and raisins. Very tasty. I'm hungry for some healthier things. I am definitely improving. At last (knock on wood). Last time I celebrated, the virus came back around to hit me again. There is a new virus coming out of China that is supposed to be easily spread and deadly. Children are especially susceptible to it. I was wondering why the flu always starts in China. Looked it up. There are still a lot of farmers who have animals in their houses. Even those in China in apartments often keep chickens and ducks in their living space. Add to that the population density and you have a Petri dish to grow and spread germs. What we really need, in addition to solutions for climate change, is to raise the healthcare and living conditions in the world. This was the mission of Unicef and the United Nations back in the day. Lust for money and power have worked against it. There are tons of good people out there fighting the good fight but it's often against the currents of the selfish and greedy. God bless those who don't give up trying to do good in the world.

Rock, I don't know whether you ever watch those specials on PBS but the Magic Moments program is probably the most popular. I love the old songs and the singers and groups who performed them. I also like wacky comedies with physical humor. Some of them anyway. Yep, I remember the Taxi Honey song. Mom used to sing all the old songs around the house and in the car. We also watched all the comedy/musical shows on TV that featured the old songs. Then there were the comedy shows and family shows. PBS has also had specials of the Golden Age of TV. Not sure which pier this is; there was no identifying blurb. I think the Ferris wheel and merry go round are still at the Santa Monica Pier along with the big sign. We took the kids to CA quite a bit and we visited almost all the beaches in the LA area. I'd love to be eating fried chicken at Knotts Berry Farm with some of their jam on a biscuit.

My doc hasn't looked at my shoulder. He pretty much does nothing besides collecting his monthly check from my ins. co. I'll have to see an orthopedist if I want to follow up on it but he's the gatekeeper who does the referrals. I need to get a referral to my ENT to check out a little growth on my jaw. Dentist said he thought it was nothing but I should get it checked out by the ENT. I want to do that before having the shoulder looked at. One thing at a time. I want to ask him about stopping mammograms and colonoscopies. I'll be 80 by the next colonoscopy is due. Yes, the TV networks trim movies to fit in two hour time slots and allow for their endless commercials. It should be a crime.

I have a load of laundry in and I ran the DW so need to unload it. I've been able to keep up without things' getting too out of control while I've had this virus. I thank God every day for my blessed appliances, among other things. It's a beautiful day here today in the high 70's. There are nice little breezes too. By tomorrow evening, we should get a bit of rain and the temps will drop. Can't wait for that. Hope everydobby is having a happy and healthy weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Just popping in for a minute.

MIKIE - Glad to hear that you are doing better ! Keep it up, one step at a time as they say. Those pics of Ca are very pretty but never went to Santa Monica for sure. Only went to Ca years ago for a nursing class reunion. We saw some interesting things while we were there but I do not suspect we will get there again. We were in the San Francisco area /apple valley or something like that. My DF had a home there and we (most of our nursing class) stayed the weekend I believe it was. She lost her husband and no longer lives there and bought a smaller home. To bad about your shoulder. All these specialists can drive one nuts and broke too !! Although our insurance is pretty good and copay not bad.

Speaking of colonoscopies DH and I were not going to get another one, esp with no symptoms. DH won't do his test either that he has to send back. My NP sent me a colcare kit ( I think that it is what it is). I will do it this time but not sure I will do it again. It is not difficult and I certainly would do it again if I had a lot of digestive and colon problems. DH is such a baby :D ! Not sure he has had one, maybe 1 but that is it. I go again in March for another mammo but it will be here where my DD works and it is close by. It is another year when I can have my Bone Density done. Last year it showed OP again but not to bad as it was many years ago.

Yep , you are right about us all becoming zombies esp the younger people with their heads in their devices!!! Some older people can be bad too. I like my devices but I know when to shut the darn thing off or put it away.

ROCK - Hope all is going well and you are keeping yourself busily reading, or helping Gordon out,. That is like my DH, always reading something, his kindle, or a special magazine or book. Keeps his mind active and I know that is very helpful to you,

Gotta run for now and get to my wash! HUGZ to ALL our PORCHIES !

Love,, Granni :D


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in to check for spam. Some of the spam seems to me to be nonsense and not someone's trying to sell something. Got the DW unloaded and have the laundry drying. Turned the mattress and have the sheets waiting to go into the washer. My everyday towels are dark brown so I wash them with my dark stuff but dry them in a separate load. So the towels are drying but the rest of the darks are waiting for them to finish. Hope this new found NRG lasts.

Rock, you are right; it was the Four Lads who sang the Constantinople song. Funny thing--I just finished posting about Magic Moments here and it came on TV. PBS is in fundraising mode every weekend right now. If I had an extra $150 lying around, I get the CD's of the music. As it is, I know I'd listen to them a few times and forget them. This way, it's a treat when the program airs. Magic Moments was produced in 2004. It's amazing that T. J. Labinski was able to get a lot of the original artists, especially the McGuire Sisters who had vowed never to perform together again. Some of them have now passed--Patti Page and Debbie Reynolds. Some of the performances are on video. The program is dedicated to Rosemary Clooney. Catch it if you can.

Granni, I'd love to go back to CA if my health and $$$ allowed me to do it. I always loved it there. CO is a great place to live as well as FL, depending on one's preferences. San Francisco is one of my all time favorite cities to visit, along with New Orleans and New York. Glad you got to see San Francisco. We loved hanging out at the wharf and eating sea food. I had abalone one night at dinner. It was delicious. I haven't had any suspicious polyps in decades so think I'm good to stop the colonoscopies. On the other hand, we live to our 90's in my family so I'll talk to my doc about it. I will still need to get the Dexascans. My osteoporosis had gotten a bit worse so the doc put me on vitamin D3. We are of fine-boned Western European descebt in my family so we are prone to it. I've always been athletic and eaten calcium but still have it. Ratbane, as Rock says. I can't do the easy colon test because my biological father died of colon cancer and I had a suspicious polyp at a young age. It's such a slow growing cancer that I keep doing the math. I do the same with guessing how long my car and appliances will last versus how long I will last. Good grief! I'm getting old!

Spring, forgot to mention that I dreamed that I visited you and you and I and your family went out for dinner. It involved onions and mushrooms but that's all I remember. We had a good time. Thanks for dinner.

Later, Porchies.

Love, Mikie
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

I woke up coughing so hope this isn't a new phase of the virus. I felt so much better yesterday and got four loads of laundry done, including the sheets for the bed. It was kinda hard to turn the mattress with my bum shoulder but I managed to do it and the shoulder is none the worse for wear. Tonight is when the big cold front is expected to come through and lower our temps. It will be 80 degrees out today and likely another beautiful day. People have been enjoying the pool. The new pool gate is expected to be installed this week. I need to go down to the mailbox to see whether my pool gate fob arrived. We won't need keys, just need to pass our fobs near the gate to open it. The gate can be locked at dark so people cannot get in to swim. That should help keep the night swimmers out.

Spring, I had the dream several nights ago. Just forgot to mention it to you. I have often imagined a Porch in Heaven where we will all meet up someday. There will be beautiful gardens, comfortable rocking chairs on the Porch and lots of good things to eat. There does seem to be some kind of connection among all people. For instance, researchers know people on different continents learned to make and use identical tools at the same time. Think I've mentioned that one DSIL loves to read about quantum physics. We will often be reading about some aspect of it or some scientist at the same time unbeknownst to the other. It's freaky how often it has happened. There is more to existence than what we can see with our physical bodies. We are spiritually connected. DNA confirms that we all descended from one woman in Africa. I think it's amazing that my own DNA has traces of African DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is traced only through mothers. This seems to me to confirm that Eve did exist and Adam and Eve are not just Biblical characters. What fascinates me even more is that Jesus had siblings. That means there are people walking around with some of the same DNA He had.

Physically, we are connected in the environment. The smoke from the big fire in Australia is now in the air around the world. Stupidly, the new trade agreement we have with China requires them to buy coal from us to further pollute their air which pollutes air everywhere. It was a move to placate coal miners here who have been losing their jobs. We need a global effort to stop climate change. BTW, I had asthma when I lived in CO. I had it a bit down here but no longer suffer from it (knocking on wood). Some people just get over it after many years. Hope that's the case with your friend. Very interesting about you and DH. I feel the same about my own marriage; it had to happen. Despite the pain in my marriage, I'm glad it happened because I adore my kids. Have you ever seen the movie, Peggy Sue Got Married? It has some mystical aspects to it dealing with a marriage. It's kind of a fun movie too. My own MIL was a pain in the neck but we ended up friends at the end. One of these days, we'll meet up even if it's in Heaven, my friend.

Hope we can all meet up, dear Porchies. What fun we will have in the Great Beyond. No illness, no problems, just love. SV was lying on his side and reached out and dragged himself over to his track ball game. He's back to playing with it after ignoring it for weeks. He's so cute when he plays. I wish he would play more but he's now a Senior cat. He sleeps more in between his many naps. We are making progress at brushing his teeth. I'm able to get back to the molars. Think maybe now he will let me use one of the little finger gizmos that I can put on my finger and rub on his teeth. He now cries to have his teeth brushed just as he cries to be picked up and cries to be groomed. What a sweet kitty he has turned out to be.

Speaking of sweet--I hope all you sweet people have a wonderful Sunday.

Love, Mikie

Stupid newspaper didn't get her til almost 8:00 this morning. I had read it online and was waiting for the puzzles. I heard one neighbor talking to the guy who finally delivered it. I guess it's a new route for him and they shorted him papers. I finished the puzzles and the NY Times was a real struggle. I enjoy a good challenge so was happy to finally finish it. I got up at 4:30 so wanted lunch by 11:00 my time. I hardly ever drink but decided to have a frozen Pina Colada with my taquitos. Now, I'm frozen. So grateful I can wrap myself in my fuzzy warm robe that I washed yesterday. I may have overdone it my first day of feeling decent so don't know how much I'll do today. Just happy not to be sick.
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Well, good morning, Kids. I was just sitting here at the computer reading the news about some
new cameflouge duds the military has when the door opened, and in walked a guy wearing cameflouge. It was Henry. I don't even know how long he's been gone. Anywho we had our longest
conversation ever. I asked about his ex. She is making a slow recovery. Apperently broke her leg in
3 places. Yikes!

Mikie, I have a very vague recollection of Peggy Sue got married, but I remember I liked it. Don't
even remember who was in it. I saw a Fred and Ginger movie the other day. Illustrating how goofy
my mind is getting, I had the disc from the library sitting here for some days. Gordon eventually
got the machine arranged to play it. So I started watching. I had seen the first part of the film. So
I kept watching it on fast forward. Got all the way to the end. Apparently I watched the whole film
day earlier, but didn't didn't remember doing so. Kinda spooky, huh?

Yes, I've read that we are all descended from a single Africian woman. Makes no sense to me.
I started reading a book this morning. Can't remember the name. It's full of statistics. The good
news is that the author, an MD, says things are getting better around the world in many ways.
More children now survive in countries that used to be very poor. More people have clean water
to drink, etc. I'd tell you the name of the book if you like. It's now downstairs in the pile that's
going back to the library. OK, here is. "Fact Full Ness" by Hans Rosling. Hans died a few years
ago. His son and daughter in law created a foundation that is carrying on his work. Bill gates says,
"One of the most important books I've ever read."

Spring, when I was in school we never learned about Europe. About 6th grade we had geography.
The books showed people in their "native dress". We had a book at home about the history of
our family. Both books showed Norwegians in colorful dancing costumes. You can see people
wearing the same and doing folks dances on Youtube today. Haven't looked lately, but the best ones had little kids dancing.

Granni, why did you have the reunion in Calif? Just because the group thought it would be a good
place to visit? They used to have nursing student reunions in the summer at my college. What
does your DH read? Any fiction?

Gotta go. Am all worn out . Hugs
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Hi, Rock,

I got a new House Beautiful magazine; my DD subscribes to it for me. I looked at it all before realizing I had already looked at it. There is nothing to read. It's just a bunch of over decorated rooms in very poor taste. I ask how I can look at the whole magazine without remembering it. Doh! Thanks for going to all the trouble to find the name of the book. Sounds interesting. Yes, a lot of things have drastically improved, especially in third-world nations in Africa. Most of it is due to NGO's which is a good thing because government agencies' money can be cut off or diverted for other things. There are a lot of good people donating their own money and starting charities to help others. One TV political journalist has started a charity to donate desks to kids' schools in Africa and pay to educate girls. In many places, girls have to pay to be educated.

Climate change, on the other hand, needs policy changes and not just money. Fortunately, businesses are recognizing the grass roots movements to save our planet. They want to be on the right side of ecology. It's good for business too. Just read that approximately one million sea birds have died because of a super heated blob in the Pacific. It has upset the whole oceanic ecology of the West Coast.

As much as I carp about things, I'm the eternal optimist, believing good will win out. We can't afford to give up. We have always been at our best when situations are dire. Just wish we would take action before things get so dire.

I have always loved watching Fred and Ginger. They were so elegant and danced so elegantly. I'm glad Henry's ex is on the mend. Geez! Three breaks! That's brutal. I'll add her to the prayer list. The human ability to heal is amazing. I would have thought the one African woman theory was nuts but the science of DNA is accurate. Otherwise, not all the DNA could be traced to her. By now, there is only a trace of it in my profile, less than four percent, but it's there. I kind of like the idea that we are all one big family. So, my brother, take it easy and have a great day.

Love, Mikie

Just ordered some chewy catnip toys that brush the cat's teeth as he chews and rubs his face on them. Also got some kitty toothbrushes and finger toothbrushes. He's getting so much better about letting me brush his teeth. Cost is cheap compared to having to have his teeth cleaned at the vet.
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Hi Y'All.

We had a big storm here, wind, snow. Power out for a few days and no phone service on landline, and we don't have cell phone reception here in the valley..... Very stressful. At least we had our lanterns, and radio and battery cd player. Darkness, darkness. Trying to read with a flashlight in the bed -- not fun....

Long time since I could post (oh yeah, the computer went nuts too), but a short note.

Mikie, I'm so sorry for your bum shoulder. Have you seen a chiropracter ? Me never. I need to see a chiropodist though. Big toe nail came off, and a rhino-horn is growing in its place. I have to file it instead of cutting it. On my other foot my "index" toe crosses over the top of big toe. No pain, at least.

Climate Change? Deniers are like the flat-earthers. DUH! Yes Mikie, our govt. should not be selling coal to China or anywhere else. But the govt. wants to keep our coal-miners with jobs. A very toxic, cynical way for this country. I have no children, but am fearful for the future of those of you who do....I will stop here.

I am very moody today and will do a few things before I collapse. Wash the dishes, make the bed, dispose of organic garbage in the compost bin, play with the critters, and try to feel optimistic......

I'm very worried about Star. Could you message her Mikie?
Also missing Julie a lot.

Love and Blessings to All,
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Hi Again, Kids, Danny the plumber is here. He brought his wife Norma who used to work in the same
office as Gordon. They are on the sofa downstairs catching up on what happened to So and So.
Norma's daughter is pregnant and she is excited about that. I told her if she wanted to
know about cloth diapers and glass bottles I could fill her in. Also hanging out sheets on the clothes line when it's snowing.

Oh, Barry, We were you know what simultaneous. I'd sure hate to go days without power. When I
was a kid a rainstorm would sometimes knock out the electricity for an hour or so. We never lost
power in the winter.

Gordon thinks you guys are like the pioneers. How do they heat the place? How far to get
supplies? How close is the nearest doctor? Where is their post office? I tell him you guys are
tough like the pioneers.

Mikie, I don't know how you keep up with so much news. Gordon said, maybe Alexa tells her.
I said that would help, but she always kept up with the news even when Alexa was just an electron.

Ha bret gut, I think that means have it good. Just about everything I once knew is now kind of
shakey. It might mean "Have a snort of aquavit."

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Yes Rock, R and I are pioneers. When we moved here no electricity, phone, etc. That was 40 yrs. ago.
E.F.Benson, Mapp and Lucia. We've got their books, Richard a huge fan.

Lenny is wrapped around my neck. He is better. Thank the Dogs.

Sun, interesting about your salt intake. Do you take bp meds? Doc wants me to monitor my bp but I have to get new batteries for my cuff first. I agree 100% about vanity and the craving people to buy new things all the time. Just like you, I could go on and on and on about this consumerist society. Glad you are able to de-clutter a bit. Can't do that here!



Hi, Kids,

Took SV's poop bag down to the dumpster. While I was too sick to do it, I just started a new one and it's full. Gotta take it down tomorrow. There is no odor for which I'm grateful. His litter is excellent at clumping and drying out the waste. Just walking down there make me so shaky and I have awful anxiety. On the way back, my neighbor, Dennis, asked me to look at something. The new owners of Julie's old condo in the bldg. next door got a new A/C. The new ones are much larger than the old ones. They sit, four in a row on a concrete slab next to the bldgs. They installed it alongside the old slab and it is encroaching into the easement for emergency access. They dug up a bush and it is now dead. I had to email our manager to ask him to look into it. Don't know whether the A/C co. got a variance or whether one was needed. It's always something.

Barry sorry you are feeling lousy. You certainly get a lot done. Just dealing with the condo issue about did me in. Sorry too about the power outage and computer problems. Those two things would do me in. Glad Lenny is better. Poor little guy. PBS just aired a show on all the good news going on and I missed it. I could use it about now. As I said, though, I'm optimistic and there is good reason to be. We just have to overcome obstacles like we always have had to do. Sometimes, things have to get worser before people wake up and take action. There are plenty of people taking action now with all the problems in the world. Hang in there and don't give up. I don't see chiros and don't want anyone's messing with my bod. Had one treatment from a good osteopath and was in agony afterward. It's not the docs, it's my FMS. I'll let you get back to your little house on the prairie. Feel better. BTW, I bet Star would love to hear from you. Why not send her a PM.

Rock, when DGS was born, I was hopelessly out of touch with babies and their needs. He's 14 now and I'm sure things have changed again. I read the local paper and USA Today which isn't that great of a source of news. I rely mostly on TV where I know they vet their news stories. PBS, BBC and another European news show are pretty good. Still, I miss a lot. My TV runs all day. When I was a kid, we were told we needed to read the paper in order to be good citizens. My best friend's older sister had to read it for her class so we would all read it together. I was pretty young then and got hooked on news and politics. Alexa is great when I need reminders or have a question she can look up for me. She will get articles that answer my questions online and read the pertinent parts to me. Ha, Alexa was just an electron in her mother's eye.

I hope the plumber's presence doesn't mean more problems with the pipes. Waterman Broadcasting owns NBC and ABC affiliates here. They just installed a huge antenna in the next county which is supposed to boost the signal to all of SW FL. Well, I hope so. NBC comes in fine with my antenna but not ABC. So funny that in the age of cable and satellite dishes, we are going back to our antennas. Gonna sit tight for a couple of months until things shake out with the new streaming services. Think I can cut my HULU charge in half by using several cheap or free streaming services instead. Hope Gordon had a nice visit.

Don't feel like having anything to eat for dinner. Appetite has gone away again. Maybe I'll lose a few pounds. Hope all y'all are having a lovely Sunday evening.

Love, Mikie
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Barry: No I refused BP meds....doc wanted me to take years ago and I kept saying I didn’t have HBP. Definitely you need to get those batteries and start checking. My DD told me today that her lower # is always around 60. I try to keep mine up to 120/70 but apparently 80 is the average.

Rock: I loved Fred Astaire ginger rogers movies since I was 12! Loved their elegance and found him so appealing.

Mikie: my DS was over yesterday with my littleDGDs......he was telling me they got a small instapot for christmas and really like it, so they’re going to buy a big one. He said he did a small pork roast last week, cut in half to fit, seasonings and then wrapped it in banana leaves. He said it was just like having done it on the barbecue. He liked that he could set the timer to start later. He just got a part time IT entry level job.....yea, having just graduated with an IT degree for computer security. He will work around the kids schools time. He was getting over the “bug” having had it over a week. *&^%$#@. Hope he didn’t give it to me.

My older DGD called today to ask if I felt good enough to go for lunch and to the Huntington Library for a 1919 show that today was the last day. We stopped first at an outdoor cafe in Pasadena. I had a super good turkey burger with mango chutney on it among other things. They bought tickets for the museum and then we drove all around the parking lots and couldn’t find a space. So they dropped me and DGD off and then they searched again. As to the show.....not terribly worth it! And the walking we did in the gardens is really hard on me having COPD. Half way thru I wanted to head back to the car, but I made it without complaining. I never thought I would get to this point in my life where I question whether I can walk or do something. But...... Gotta get out when I’m invited!!!!!

Tuesday the termite repair guys are back, wed. The attic is being vacuumed out and then new insulation blown in and Thursday I have my cancer checkup. This “something happening everyday” is really draining on me.


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Popping in for a quick "Hello". Doing great...thanks for the good thoughts and well wishes. Have a chorus of cidadas singing inside my head, but hoping the ENT can get to the bottom of things when I see him this week. Tinnitus is apparently a symptom of ear infection and I've been diagnosed with such by two different medical people...but I'm trusting that the specialist can go in with some "tools" and fix the problem (either ear infection, if that's actually what it is...or figure out what is really going on.)

Den and I are getting a lot done on the house...mostly "finishing touches"...and I am making progress with the sorting/decluttering projects. Talk to or text our kids or grands every day...hoping Amy's bunch can come for the weekend sometime soon. And Keira still needs her "weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's by herself", lol!

Great news! Den ordered several parts for the big freezer that quit on us a few weeks ago and it is now up and running again. Not sure which part did the trick, but the $45 we spent was well worth not having to shell out several hundred $$ for a new freezer.

Peace Sign kitty has been inside quite a bit due to the low temps...the other cats, I'm sure, have lots of warm places in which to take refuge...in the barn, garage, other outbuildings. I keep a heated water bowl full in the garage for cats, opossums, the resident skunk or "whoever". Oreo goes out two or three times a day to make her rounds, but is pretty quick about it. Typical Iowa winter, so not a big deal to us...gives us a chance to catch up on inside chores without having to let outdoor things go, like mowing, etc.

Thinking of everyone...hoping Star is okay. Take care!


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Hi Julie, Good to hear from you. It's so nice to have a man around the house. Especially when he's a handy man. We had I don't know how many handy men yesterday. One was the plumber. He put
new caulking around the tub. The other handy man was supposed to bring a couple men and do
something with the fridge. I went back to bed so missed that little skit.

I remember drawing a sketch of the inside of the ear in high school There are 3 little bones in
there. The hammer, the anvil and the steam shovel. Well, something like that; more or less. I hope the problem is something easily corrected. Warm water for the animals in the barn is really thoughtful. I never would of thunk of that.

Springwater, I'm beginning to think your computer is as ornery as ours. Is that a picture of fire or
just colorful clouds?

Sunflower, can you go to the market and buy banana leaves? I remember when I was a kid you'd
read about shipments of bananas that included a boa constrictor. I guess the boas have adapted
to some other means of transport now.

When Gordon first joined the orchid club, there used to be a free orchid show at the Otani hotel
once a year. His orchid club always had a big exhibit. Then a few years later the exhibit moved
to the Huntington. Not many people went since they had to pay the Huntington's $30 entrance

Have to come back later. Am falling asleep. Oh Yeah the Norweigan phrase I was looking for is
Ha Det Bra. Have it good. Gordon says it really means buy yourself a new bra.



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Didn't want to get up but SV had other ideas. Of course, he's now taking the first of many naps of the day. I've felt so rotten for so long that my life now feels like the Groundhog Day movie. Get up, lie around, go to bed and do it all again the next day. I am grateful that I can rest when I'm sick but it gets depressing. Need to go to the store and pick up a few things. I'm eating whatever is easiest to fix.

The big cold front has come through. We will have temps in the 60's and low 70's for three days. Then they will stay in the higher 70's. It will get down into the 30's during the night on Tues. This is more like our normal winter temps. I hope we don't get more weather in the 80's but it's nice then too. The front has moved south of us, sucking the cold dry air down from the north.

Sun, that's really good news for your DS. Did he go back to school or do like my DD and work while he was getting his degree? In any case, it's a big deal and I'm so happy for him. Sounds as though it'll work out great being able to work around the kids' schedules too. Ninja Foodie makes a pot that browns and crisps while it's cooking but it's about three times the cost of the Instant Pot. DD loves it that she can program hers to have dinner ready when she's working. Glad you got to go to the exhibit but sorry the COPD keeps you from enjoying it as much as you would like. Would portable oxygen help? They now have little portable ones that make their own oxygen so no need for tanks. Prayers going up for a good check at the doc's. I'm to the point now that I can barely deal with more than one thing I have to do in a week. I prefer having nothing I have to do.

Spring, what an amazing phenomenon. I always think of the early humans who looked at the skies and believed what they saw were omens. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Julie, I'm so glad you could stop in. Hope the ENT can help with the ear problem. I've found that colloidal silver clears up ear problems linked to infection. I have very small ear canals so bacteria can get trapped in them. DD used it for her dog when nothing else was clearing up his ear infection. I think about you when the temps take a dive. Glad you are getting so much done. Also glad Den was able to fix the freezer. Joe just had his washing machine fixed for $250. That was a good deal as long as nothing else goes wrong. My W&D are about 12-14 years old. That's about the life cycle of the front loaders but I don't do much laundry so it's 'low mileage.' Hate to think about having to replace them. Laughing about Oreo's being quick on her rounds. Nancy tells about her Peanut running out to do his business and running right back in. She lives in MI. Gonna be cold up there. SV is spoiled. He's wanting back in from the lanai because it's only 66 degrees out right now. He likes it when it's in the 90's and humid. His personal sauna. Let us know what the doc has to say.

Rock, yes, it's good to have a handy man around the house. Used to be a song about it. Think I've mentioned that I was married to Mr. Home Improvement for 26 years. I picked up a lot of DIY skills from him and I became a handy woman. Now, unfortunately, everything I do turns to crap. Don't know why. I just caulked around my tub. I can't see with these cataracts so it isn't the nicest looking job but it does the trick. I am no longer a perfectionist. Maybe the ENT can fix the steam shovel in Julie's ear. :) They charge $25 to tour the Edison and Ford estates here. People say it's worth it but I have never done it. Both of them made their fortunes on the backs of others, Edison by cheating Tesla and Ford with brutality toward his workers, and that doesn't sit well with me. Laughing at Gordon's translation. Fortunately, I don't need a new bra.

Waterman Broadcasting told us that they would be working on the new tower and the next couple of weeks, we might have interrupted signals. Sho 'nuff, it was awful this morning. Fortunately, there is still Fox and CBS. I also have the option of watching it through streaming with HULU. That uses data with Comcast which isn't unlimited so I use it carefully. Who knew watching TV could be so complicated. Farmers Insurance has a new ad with a bear in a swimming pool. Too funny! Love their commercials and the Geico ads too. Gonna go read the paper online. Hope all y'all have a great start to the week. Thinking about Star. Why is the news no longer showing the fires on TV? Is our attention span really that short?

Love, Mikie
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Spring: That is a most strange sky! almost like there was a fire someplace.

Rock: Yes, banana leaves can be bought at both Asian and Mexican markets. My DS told me it gives a good flavor to food cooked in the leaves.

Mikie: My DS is hoping to get a job with the LA City school district. He has an interview this week, although he had one with them over a year ago too. He thinks they update their system and when they need someone to hire they go thru their records. This one he starts this week is just with an individual guy who has clients so he’s willing to have my DS whenever......this is not a keeper type job. My DS has been jobless for over 2 plus years, living his life being Mr. Mom. Disheartening. He had been working for printing company but got to the highest in salary so decided to get his degree in the computer security which everyone is needing. Good thing my DIL is working and I’ve helped supplement them once a month.

I have a friend who started years ago to use oxygen....said it helped with her breathing. Now she’s on it 24/7. We both have the same type COPD, which is actually similar to alpha 1 disease which is what my DHs sister died from and his brother has lived with for years. He told me HIS doctor in Arizona (had to move there from Indiana for the climate) who is an expert in this disease that it was the oxygen use that made the disease rapidly accelerate, so no, I try to exercise so my lungs have to keep working hard. Kinda like a muscle....you have to keep exercising to keep them in good shape whether you want to or not.

Julie; I was diagnosed with meniers years ago. After awhile you get used to the chirping or squeaks or whatever. My SILs mom went thru months of misery when she got tinnitus, even wears a hearing aid to try to cut out the noise. If you turn on a radio you get distracted from the noise. My DD also has small ear canals and has it both ears for at least 4 years and she gets sinus troubles all the time. I have to use my sinus rinse kit almost daily.

My DD was telling me that it’s PEOPLE who have been setting fires in Australia! Apparently some of them have been caught.

I’m up early. Had a nightmare so trying to get it out of my head. Bad thoughts about my husband. Funny how things you’ve stuffed down seem to come rearing up again. My cleaning lady is due today also.

I rented the movie “Judy” a few nights ago. Renee Zellwiger is excellent in her portrayal, even sounds like Judy when she sang. She already won a Golden Globes for best actress. So now I have to rent more that have been nominated. The Joker I’m definitely NOT renting though.


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Hi Kids, Went back to bed twice, but never * fell asleep. I had a terrible time at the library yesterday.
Had to take some tums. Walking around was exhausting me. We came home and I fell into bed and
slept for 9-10 hours. My mind seems to be on permanent vacation. I bought a used book for a buck.
It's the same book I bought a couple weeks ago. Good thing I didn't think I needed a car.

It's a good book, but this proves you can have too much of a good thing. We have bears on the
outskirts of LA. Every now and then one shows up in a swimming pool or raiding the trashcans
or bouncing on a trampoline or sitting in a tree. I kinda think I'd rather have a visit from the anhinga.

* I can't figure out how to fill in this space.

Later gators.