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PORCH 1183 IS NOW CLOSED (2/12/20)

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Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Saw this cute little lovebird Valentines Day pic and thought y'all might like it too. I found some red drinking straws with red hearts on them at Publix, the perfect thing to round out the little boys' Valentine bags.

Gonna go try to de-stress. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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STAR - nice to see you. Sending prayers your way for things to revert to normal.

MIKIE - that was quite an ordeal! The couple sound rather pig headed and selfish. They cant do as they like so theyre throwing tantrums.

Maybe they can just sell to someone and get their dream house elsewhere.

i wish your appetite would return. Its no fun to cook when you dont feel like eating. i remember forcing a health drink down myself and vitamins when i went through a dry phase appetite wise.

i see the govt there is blowing up ancestral native american burial grounds, i think there will be repercussions, its dangerous to disturb such places.

ROCK - i watch funny animal videos all the time. Theres some very funny scary prank videos too. And of people who cant stop laughing.

i wish our town had libraries like yours...comic books are so expensive. Well, i made full use of our British Council library while it was there. i used to devour those very costly books on the British Royal family, glossies with lovely pictures. They were not for taking home.

I was such a Monarchy fan. Not any more. I do still love the Victorian age and royalty then.


the mango powder gives the cauliflower a salty tang, its made from dried raw green mango, and used mostly in snacks and south Indian curries.

thank goodness theres ways of tuning off the world affairs...if i lived in the country i would love to take long walks.

i saw a BBC travel show where a reporter goes to Japan to take a Forest Bathing trek. Its a walk through forests where you do nothing but take in the surroundings, feel the trees, breathe in the air, look at the foliage. Listen to the birdsong.

The reporter said he had a family history of high blood pressure and it came down significantly. All the walkers have to take their bp before and after the forest bathing walk tour.

i was so touched when the reporter under the guidance of the guide, gave thanks at the end of the walk, to the trees and nature, closed his eyes and communicated his thanks for 5he calm and serenity the forest provided him.

Of course, most there would be city dwellers who dont have that privilege of living close to nature. Japanese in the city have so much stress, the housing is so expensive. The commute to work crowded.

One keeps hearing of suicides happening in South Korea and Japan especially among young people, what is the use of modern progress and higher living standards then? Especially the famous pop stars etc..the very fame and money they struggle for does them in!


I made another batch of cauliflower which DH had bought, i think he brought 2 kg...two kg for a family of four...yes, men are really from Mars.

Like Mikie, i too like to keep my shopping amounts small and buy fresh produce or meat.

i was looking at the cauliflower, and wondering what to do. i know only DH and me would eat a lot of curry. So i decided to tweak a souffle recipe from baking to cooking on stove.

I had boiled some. so i mixed cheese, butter, fried mustard seeds, salt and pepper into the cauliflower and let it cook.

Like i figured it tasted like oven souffle except it was more gooey.

travel show with forest bathing in one segment (not the one i watched)

God bless Us All
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

I finished my book last night. I hated to let go of it. Been reading softer kinds of stories because the crime and suspense novels are too much for me right now. I still like them but have been concentrating on other kinds of books. Gonna clean a bit today so when the pest guy stops in tomorrow, he can see that it isn't sloppiness that is attracting the ants. Place isn't dirty but I want it to be nice and clean.

Spring, with so much anger and rage in the world, a lot of health professionals are trying to help people cope by learning how to de-stress and relax. One of the ways always mentioned is to get out in nature. There are more healthful negatively charged electrical particles at the shore, the mountains and near waterfalls. A lot of the electrical things we are surrounded by emit positively charged particles. That can affect our state of mind. I have an air cleaner that produces the negative particles but I forget to turn it on. Doh! I think communicating with everything in nature is definitely soothing.

I will keep my distance from the new people; they are definitely toxic. Gonna smudge the bldg. today to try to get rid of the negativity. Looked him up online; he is the mayor of the small town they live in. He is big and is definitely a bully. That's no way to get along with people. She told the manager that maybe she would just sell the condo as though that were a threat. He and I were thinking, "Yes, please." It sounds as though you are a great cook. You know how to just put things together. What kind of curd do you use? Is it like the dahi in Indian cooking?

My ex traveled to Japan for business. He said people are so cramped in the city so they developed strict rules and manners to get along with one another. That is why they are so polite. His guide told him that. We have huge expanses in our country but people move to the cities for opportunities. Because everyone here has cars, except maybe in NYC, our roads are so congested and that is a huge source of stress. People get road rage and shoot at one another. Shootings at malls, churches, stores and schools are on the increase. This seems to be happening in Western Europe too. Some is domestic terrorism. I pray each day for people to become kinder and for hate to stop. I ask God to give me a loving heart. Some days it's easier than others. :)

Star, I'm so glad you stopped in. I keep you and your family in my prayers and hope things improve for you. Stop back in when you can.

The power cord to my laptop seems to be messed up. It cuts out and, instead of just running on the battery, it reboots itself. It's always something with these machines. Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie

Good grief! Y'all know about the spirit's being willing but the flesh's being weak. That is my situation today. I got up excited about cleaning the bathrooms and anything else I have the NRG to do. I got the master bath cleaned but have had to sit down to catch my breath. It's going to be slow going. Anything I need to do outside will have to be done in the mornings. Experts say we are in for higher than normal temps in SW FL for the next four months. That takes us into summer and the really hot 'n humid weather.

OK, gotta get up and keep going.
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Mikie: Whew......those people sound overbearing and used to getting what they demand. Hope they decide to sell quickly before any more trouble with them.

Spring: I consider myself very blessed to live in Los Angeles county because I have access to a myriad of books, new DVDs, almost everything that is out there at one of the best library systems in the US. I don’t subscribe to any movie service since I can order most new DVDs from the library, and wouldn’t know how to play anything on my TV anyway. And I also rent from Redbox at the local market when I want to see something pronto, like a lot of the movies nominated for awards. The library system also has a large selection of movies, tv shows, etc. that I can watch on my computer, however my Wifi connection is NOT the best and it’s annoying when it drops signal when I’m trying to watch something.

Star: Good to see you pop in. Come back when you can.

I’ve got #17 today.....and then praying I will be done completely, forever. I’ve got my old grungy on this morning since I need to fertilize my gardens. My gardener said he needs to trim the pomegranate tree on Monday. I need to do a search on trimming though because last year after he trimmed I only got 2 that set. And.....I was worried that he killed my fig tree a month or so ago but saw yesterday the first of a tiny bit of green coming out. Not that I don’t trust.....but I want to keep on eye on what he does.


Hi, Kids,

Got both baths cleaned and the tile floors washed. Roomba did the carpets. It's slow going because I get so weak and exhausted that I have to rest in between jobs. Just glad I can do this much. I've seen no ants yesterday or today so will talk to the pest guy about whether I should bother. Don't want to tell him not to put the gel down and than have to call him back in a day or so.

Sun, I doubt those people will move. It's gonna be a beautiful condo and it's not finished. She was just making an idle threat, which wasn't really a threat, and trying to bully our mgr. I had gone down to see whether I could help but no one was there. I left a note on the door. As soon as I picked up the phone, the man started being snide and was trying to bait me into arguing. He's angry because his tactics didn't work and, if they want to tear down the walls, they have to get the engineer. It's really cut 'n dried but he was acting like a child, tantrum and all. It's not really bothering me. Life is so stressful these days that I can't let these kinds of things stress me out. Our poor mgr. gets this kind of thing from people all the time. He was really stressed.

I keep you in my prayers and hope this will be the end of treatment and the cancer too. I don't use streaming services for movies. It's cheaper than cable and my antennas don't get everything. I should use the library; it's very close to us and is a really nice one. Claudia volunteers there. She left a movie DVD for me earlier. I should watch it this afternoon so I can return it with her valentine candy I got for her. If books for my Kindle weren't so cheap or free, I'd use the library to download them from there. Let us know about the treatments.

There are two big outdoor jobs I need to do but not this week. The lanai needs to be thoroughly cleaned and my car needs a quick wax job. I don't do hard wax that has to be buffed. I do the liquid because the new waxes are sooo good. No need to kill myself rubbing it out. Water still beads on it but I need to do it before it's really hot. I make sure I feed the clear coat once a year. Julie had a Highlander like mine but she never waxed it. The clear coat came off like a snake shedding its skin. I got some stuff to rub on the metal on my chairs on the lanai to renew them. Everything oxides here. Barb's DH and I used to wax our cars together. Our parking spots are next to one another.

Gonna get going and try to do a couple more things while I can. Then, I'll settle in with the movie. Hope everydobby is having a great afternoon.

Love, Mikie
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Sorry so late again !!

MIKIE - YOu wear me out girl with all the cleaning you are doing. Glad you rest in between so as not to completely wear yourself out. You are something else waxing your own car. You are right get it done before the hot weather. I would never do that myself. Even DH doesn't do ours but gets it done every blue moon. Hope you enjoy your movie !

SUN- Hope the gardner didn't hurt your fig tree. Does it still put out good figs? I also hope and pray that your RX's will come to an end every doon. Not sure if this one was supposed to be your last or not. Don't wear yourself out with your outside work. You are going through enough stuff already.

STAR- Glad to hear from you kiddo. Hope things are going better with less stress. I know all about kids giving you stress many moons ago when they were growing up, especially one of them. Please remember that things can change with prayer and lots of patience. Hope things continue to go well so far with my DCD.

DD and I along with DGS are going out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. DH is going to his KC meeting with dinner so I don;t have to cook, YAY !!

Gotta run you all !

Granni :D
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Hi Kids, just woke up from my nap. Went downstairs. Gordon was sitting on the sofa watching
GiGi. That didn't make much sense. Gordon doesn't watch musicals. Well, that's a good one to watch.
I think it won every Academy Award that year.

Tonight I will tape his Valentine verse on the fridge. I've been doing this for, I dunno, 20 years? Then
I wait for him to notice. He never does. But that's OK.

Mikie, that's a great tree you found. Grows Valentines. Mikie and Spring, in our little town we
only had to walk to the end of the block and then a few steps to be in the woods. We went every
Spring to look for the Jack in the pulpit plant. Would also see birds including the crafty crows,
pigeons, black birds, squirrels, rabbits, and spring flowers.

Just woke up. Gordon is outside gardening. Pic is a jack in the pulpit.




Happy Valentine's Day, Dear Porchies,

Got up early but feel fairly refreshed. My face hurts and my lymph nodes under my jaw are swollen and sore. I got the condo in pretty good shape yesterday so can do other things today. I tried to play the DVD but I think the player is broken. This happened when we tried to use it to play one for Andy a few years ago. We finally got it to work but I wasn't able to do that yesterday. Claudia is picking up the DVD this morning before she sets out to see her Mom. Fridays are Sing-Along Day. Her Mom no longer sings but does enjoy hearing all the old songs. I can't believe all the things Claudia does. She is on the go, flitting from one errand to another. It's exhausting just to think about.

I hope the pest guy comes fairly early today. Thought I might start on the lanai but, if I'm out there running the vacuum or floor cleaner, I might not hear the doorbell. I need to wait until this cold front passes to wax the car. Its passage will get rid of some of the humidity. There is a layer of fog outside right now. I need to throw a bit of bleach in a bucket of water and go down to wash off the sidewalks so that's a possibility. Hope if I do, I don't run into the toxic neighbors.

Granni, I don't use heavy duty wax. I use the liquid kind that requires no hard rubbing. All that is necessary is feeding the clear coat to keep it from peeling and to protect it from the elements. As long as the water beads on it, it's good to go in terms of water protection. The wax also protects it from UV rays. My neighbor across the street always has expensive cars. He has a dark colored Volvo and, when I walked by, I noticed that birds had crapped on the hood. That can ruin paint. My ex used to say that the bird wanted to buy the car because he left a deposit on it. Ha ha! Wish I were there eating Mexican food with you. Texas has good Mexican food--not so much here. BTW, I continue to keep your DD in my prayers and hope her progress continues.

Rock, Gigi, you funny little honey of a Gigi...I don't love all musicals but that one is a good one. When I was a kid, we loved playing along Farmers Ditch. It ran next to our school. It sat below a high retainer wall so we could pretend we were in the wild. Lots of trees and bushes along the ditch. Our houses were almost in the foothills so we could hike up and see the whole town. There was a big Chautauqua park with a great hall and cabins in one area. I always loved being out and learning about all the plants. We packed brown bag lunches and went on many adventures. When my own kids were little and it was really hot out, I would pack a picnic for dinner and we would drive a short distance to a picnic area in the mountains. We would wade in the ice cold water to cool off. That was so much fun. Farmers Ditch ran not too far from that house and my kids and I would float in inner tubes to cool off on hot summer days. No cell phones to distract us. Hope Gordon sees his Valentine's Day poem.

Before too long, I will walk down to leave the Valentine bags for the little boys. Claudia's is in the bag with books and magazines I'm giving her. I hope all y'all have a lovely and happy Valentine's Day.

Love, Mikie

The bug man came, Claudia stopped by and I got the bags put on the little boys' window sill. Even took my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster area. After breakfast, my stomach started to hurt like crazy and I started to feel sick again. I don't know what the flu like virus did to me but this is too much. I got the chills and wrapped up in my robe. So much for getting things done. I feel as though I'm gonna fall down. I need a nap. I started a new book on the Kindle but it stinks. Gonna give it a few more pages before I cast it into the Cloud. Hope all y'all feel better than I.
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Hi Kids

Gordon just found his Valentine message. He hollered up the stairs. I think he's on his way to Walmart. Says he's gonna buy a dictionary with big print. I'm all for that. I made sure he
found his Valentine today. I left it by his keys.

Have been watching You tube a lot lately. Just read about a boy who wrote a book on how to
understand women. I think he was 12. The book is very short; says, "You can't." Possibly he
overheard some adults talking.

Mikie, does your face hurt because of the Sorjens? Is there any cream or lotion that helps? I
hope you can take a nap and will feel much better when you wake up.

Granni,do you have lots of Mexican restaurants near you? Or do you always go to your favorite?
I haven' been to one for yonks. Gordon makes tacos. Including potato tacos which are surprisingly
good. Also makes frejoles. Henry cooks now and then. Usually makes large amounts of stuff to
take to work. Often used tofu.

Sunflower,I've pretty much given up an ordering movies from the library. All the new movies, no
matter how many wonderful reviews and awards they won, strike me a pretty lame. The last good
movie I got was from the 30s and starred Fred and Betty Grable. It was new to me.

Barry, how are things in the far North? Is Richard in Europe now?

This computer continues to do crazy things. I got an e mail from my sister. Promptly replied.
That was last week. Since then I have received 3 more e mails from her; all identical to the first one.

Think I'll go read till I fall asleep which probably won't be too long.


Hi Barry Sorry your computer is recalcitrant. Maybe we should trade.


Hi, Kids,

Still not up to snuff but a bit better than when I got up. My ex called. He was driving home from somewhere. He went through a dead area and had to call back. Then he pulled into the driveway and his dog went nuts and he had to go. His middle name should be, Chaos.

BTW, y'all remember when I was watching the Siever's murder case? She was the doctor whose husband had her murdered just south of where I live. It's an interesting crime story and will be featured tomorrow evening on 48 Hours on TV. Solving it is the interesting part.

I'm a bit nervous. Haven't heard Jack from those new owners. He had told me they would have the engineer's report to me and then hung up on me. I'm worried that he may get it into his head to sue us. He's a real estate atty. and he should know better but he is one big hot head and may do it out of spite. They are in a hurry to get the place finished and I would think they would want to put the issue to rest one way or the other. I'm not worried that they will just tear the wall down. The contractor must be aware of the issue and likely wouldn't do it without our signing off on it. If the contractor opened up the wall and there were a steel post inside, he would know the wall is structural and wouldn't tear it down. The contractor wasn't working in there today. It may take a bit before the engineer can do the report. I'll be glad when this is settled.

Rock, the pain in my face is from the enlarged lymph nodes. With Sjogren's, the salivary glands can get inflamed and cause pain. I am massaging the nodes. I feel a bit nervous and antsy. Seems if I work one day, I'll feel crappy the next. Glad Gordon found the poem. I hope his buying a dictionary isn't a commentary on your opus. You can just type a word you need to look up in a new window in the computer and get the definition in large print if you want to enlarge it. One possible reason men don't understand women is because they are hard of hearing and/or don't listen. I'm thinking of Joe and my ex here. Both are always thinking of what they are gonna say while someone else is talking and they don't pay attention. The communications class I took in college should be required of everyone in HS. Potatoes in burritos are delicious, especially if combined with peppers, eggs and chorizo sausage for breakfast. Mercury goes retrograde on Sunday in the Zodiac and I suspect that problems with electronic machines could be starting early. Thanks for your sweet kind words. I did nap but only for about twenty minutes. I hope your nap is a good one.

Barry, I don't know what is causing all these problems but I did mention Mercury's being retrograde starting on this Sunday. Blessings and peace to you and your computer. May it start cooperating with you. Hope to see you back soon.

I should eat but don't know what to have. I think I'll just do a big salad again. At least, that's a healthy choice. Wish I could wave a wand and make our lives perfect. I mean it. We deserve better than this. But, it's not up to me. At least I know that all our Dear Porchies are grateful and appreciate the blessings we do have. When I start to think about my blessings, I recognize that there are way more of them than I realize. Have a lovely evening and wrap up to the week.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Mikie

Yes, all the previous computers we've had over the years would give you the correct spelling of a
word you typed in the window at the top of the screen. But his one won't. And when we first got
this monster it would tell you the date and the time when you turned it on. Now it only does it sometimes. Bah! Humbug! Ooops! Hit the wrong key. Got thrown out again.

Well, I think it's time for me to go back to bed.
Hugs; Rock


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Well, just saw off a guest or rather DH did, since my hair wasnt fit to be seen, I had oiled it, and my clothes were full of dust and bits of leaves, i was trying to get dead branches off some of the plants in front. i thought i would feed the person some chicken but found myself short of time to cook even though the DD and DS were doing bits of cleaning in the living room, and stairs.

So i ordered chicken dumplings beforehand and DD and DS served them with sweet yoghurt with sliced orange pieces in them.

It was DHs work acquaintance so we didnt have to really sit and chat.

DS had the task of rounding up the dogs and locking them up before the visitor came. He pretended to pet our very naughty stray rescue who simply will not come when he knows we want to lock him, then he picked him up and carried him wailing and struggling into a room. He was saying ”doggie isnt going to trust me anymore.”

Yesterday, it being Valentines Day, DS went out for dinner with a group of friends and DD did the same and had a sleepover at a friends place and they watched Parasite. She loved the movie. Its about how a poor Korean family infiltrates a rich familys house taking up positions as tutor, chef, driver and housekeeper by manipulating the expulsion of each of these former household staff and keeping their family relations secret to the employers.

i thought it sounded interesting.

MIKIE - your former home sounds idyllic...maybe your children do those things now..im sorry the crud seems to be hanging on...i know how difficult it must be to manage things in that condition..you and Sun amaze me.

SUN - theres stuff in our garage needs carting off but i dont know who to contact..bags of cement n gravel n what not. i pray for good health for us all, been rough times lately for so many here.

ROCK - yes, i remember you saying you write a Valentines verse every year for Gordon..its so sweet.

GRANNI - how was your dinner out? DH brought us pizza for dinner but i heard DD and DS telling each other they dont like tuna and why does dad buy tuna pizza everytime...so i went and told DH. if he is spending money might as well spend it on something kids enjoy.
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Hi, Kids,

Not much NRG but I may go out on the lanai and start cleaning. If I don't get done, it's okay. Sometimes, once I start, I can keep going. We'll see. Just picked out my two free books from Amazon for the Kindle. I finally stopped reading the one I had started. I hadn't realized it was one of those 'romance' novels like my DMIL used to read. They are nothing more than soft porn with weak story lines and bad writing. I don't mind sex in a novel but it has to have more than that to recommend it. This one was claiming to be an historic read. I opened a new one but just barely started it.

I knew the FJ answer last night but couldn't get it to type on my phone. Streaming the show causes me to be a minute or so behind Claudia and Nancy. Oh well. Evidently five days wasn't long enough for the broadcasting co. to get the new antenna hooked up. Still no NBC nor ABC being broadcast for antennas. I have to stream them. I don't have unlimited wi-fi with Comcast so am careful with streaming.

Rock, dare I say it? It may be time for a new computer. This Acer Chrome laptop is great and it was only $200. I think they cost $300 if they have touchscreens. I can't recommend HP computers after my experience with mine and other's experiences with them too. Also can't recommend the Microsoft Surface computers. They are expensive and mine was awful. My DSIL loves his Acer Chrome too. Duckie gave them a thumbs up. Hope she is doing okay. Miss her. Hope things go better when you get up. Stop back in when you can.

Spring, that's funny about DS and the rascal doggie. When I take SV to the vet, I have to deceive him and hope he doesn't hold a grudge for the dirty trick. He has been ornery for a couple of days. He gets like this every now and then. My kids think back so fondly of their childhoods in our first home. I do as well and my home when I was a child. Funny that the same ditch ran through both hoods. We moved to the Denver area when they were teenagers. It was a nice hood with good neighbors. I really enjoy living here with the close neighbors, except for a few. It suits my life now that I'm old. Geez, I'm the one amazed at all you do and it's hard work too, like what Sun does around her place. It's nice that your sweet kids help out around the house. I think kids today have the right idea, hanging out in groups of friends. I heard that movie is excellent. Thanks for your kinds good wishes that this crud goes away. DH said it is rampant in the Denver area and it won't go away.

I'm watching Hope In The Wild. It's an animal rescue show and has the best critters on it. The woman, Hope, lives in a rural area and she and her helpers rescue wild animals. They save so many. Gonna get going. I need to update Tracy on the condo situation. Hope all y'all are having a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Folks

Just looked at the TV. Nothing on worth watching. It's amazing. They have shows from the 50s
and 60s. Well, I didn't watch them back then. Certainly wouldn't now. Gordon is busy knitting
stocking caps for some of his younger relatives who are coming to visit. He bought a skein of
bright colors. Very cheerful.

Good idea, Spring. Do you have the tuna brand that advertises itself as "Chicken of the sea"?
Dad could tell the kids from now on he'll buy chicken. I haven't had a pizza in a coon's age.
You got a bag of concrete in the garage? We got one in a bathroom.

Was just out feeding and petting the cat. We have a clump of narcissus in bloom. Also an
orchid. I think it's a dendrobium. The flower is two toned. A rusty red and a clear yellow.
Gordon doesn't know the name. I think a club member gave it to him, but she didn't know
the name either.

Mikie, whose middle name should be Chaos? Your ex or the dog? My ex was a wonderful
person. Never gave me any trouble after we split up. Hope you are feeling a lot better than
you did yesterday. It just gets so discouraging being sick all the time.

Barry, hope you got some rest. I think most of us are so tired most of the time that it's hard
to deal with problems.

Granni, hope you had a nice Mexican dinner. I haven't been to a Mexican place for yonks.
I think the last time the restaurant was so dark I lost my sun glasses. Ai yi yi!

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Sat outside with Tracy and we talked about the condo situation. The contractor didn't work yesterday and there has been no communication. The ball is in the owners' court and, until they get the engineer's report, they can't tear down the walls. Good grief! Tempest in a teapot. It was so nice out and I enjoyed talking to Tracy. She is younger and still working so I don't get to see much of her. I keep praying for those people and ask God to soften their angry hearts.

I went out and swept the filthy tiles on the lanai. The dirt that accumulates on them is jet black and I think it's likely from car fumes way out on the main road that runs along the other side of Joe's bldg. Then, I got my power floor scrubber out and washed the floor. My lanai is small so I have to move furniture around to clean the floor. It looks sooo nice now but I didn't start on the furniture to try to breathe new life into the metal parts and I didn't clean the glass in the sliding doors. I hope the Rustoleum restorer does the trick on the furniture. I just have to do a bit at a time but, if the NRG holds up, I eventually get things done. The lanai looks beautiful all shiny and clean. I added a teal ceramic lantern to the table out there and a throw pillow in the same color. It wasn't so hot out that I even broke a sweat. It would have been a good day to wax the car too. Decisions! Decisions!

I tried to come here and nothing would load. There was a wi-fi signal but it was weak. HULU wouldn't load on the TV. I pulled the power and rebooted my modem and router and, Voila!, working like a dream. The old pull-the-power trick is the best thing to try first. Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow and I swear it's starting early.

Rock, a lot of the time, I have nothing to watch on TV even with Prime and HULU. I hate movies from the 70's. I like the old ones from the WWII era and ones from the 50's. Seems a lot of the original content on Prime and HULU is aimed at teenagers and young 20 year olds. Their issues have no meaning in my life. Been watching The Bone Collector on TV. It's a takeoff of the movie. Pretty good show. It was creeping Claudia and Nancy out. Criminal Minds is like that too. My ex is a chaotic person. The only problem he causes me is that he claims to still love me and wants to come down here. Good grief! Other than that, we have a decent relationship for the sake of the kids. He's a troubled soul. I wish him no harm but don't want to be around him. Glad your ex and you had a good relationship. My ex has some good qualities but he drives everyone nuts, including his now wife. I'm a happy camper down here away from the madness. Last time I knitted was when Barb and I were getting over colds and we were bored. Michael's had a sale on yarn so we got some and patterns for the hot pads that look like slices of citrus. They are sooo cute. Never tried hats. I learned to crochet but haven't done that in yonks, as you and Barry say. Sending good vibes to you, Gordon and Miss Kitty.

Sending good wishes for a wonderful evening for everydobby. I'm gonna be watching the Sievers murder case on 48 Hours unless I fall asleep. If I do, I'll have to watch it On Demand tomorrow.

Love, Mikie


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Spring: Your kids are such a good help with vistors, parties, etc. did this guest spend the night or just a short visit? Funny about your DS capturing your dog. Naw....he won’t remember. About the cement, etc. do you have someplace where you can post a free ad? That will get rid of it. Or sell it really cheap. So your DD and friends liked the movie? I might be tempted when I want to read subtitles.

Rock: And why do you have a bag of cement in the bathroom? If you’re not going to use it put a FREE ad on a local recycle. Someone will snatch it up pronto.

Mikie: I think your new neighbors.....with him being an attorney and a mayor.......are going to be a royal pain......I would say a prayer for them selling! LOL. And what was the movie your friend wanted to share with you?

Barry: Here’s something for you to watch....rock also. What a wonderful garden this is.

two days and the usual misery, so I won’t go into it. Went to bed last night at 9 PM. That was the longest I could hold out because of lack of sleep on thursday night. So woke at 4 a.m......of course......did some things in the kitchen until I felt I could sleep a little more. Think it’s going to be another early night.

My oldest DGD called yesterday, wanted to come over but I told her chemo misery.....I always feel guilty. She’s off for 4 days from school so I know she hoped we could go out for lunch and shopping but I just couldn’t manage that. I pushed myself out to my Friday art group for about an hr. which I had missed lately....so good to spend the time chatting with other senior citizens......I can’t tell you how I need this since I live alone. When I came home there was a bouquet of flowers at my front door from my DD family.

I watched an awful movie on thursday night.....trying to forget how I felt. It had two thumbs up from Ebert and Roper so I figured it had to be good. I was so annoyed when I got done that I was going to send them an email. But after mentioning it to people at my art group yesterday... gonna forget that. Apparently Ebert was the one who went thru that awful jaw surgery from cancer and still died. And speaking of jaws.....one of my art friends underwent hospital testing on thursday for possible cancer on her tongue and throat. OMG...I pray for her.


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

SV and I lay in bed til 5:30 and he was content to lie next to me as long as I wanted. I woke with my right lung hurting so bad. I had finished my prayers and asked for the pain to go away. Almost immediately, I could see light radiating behind my closed eyelids. The light came in pulses and it was a sparkling gold color. It seemed to be pulling the pain from my chest. Have never felt such healing in my life. Last night, I had to take DayQuil because my throat was sore and my head all stuffed. Guess it decided to move into my chest. This crud keeps returning with stomach and cold-like issues. Good grief!

Good news--the antenna is evidently completely installed and working great. I am getting the most beautiful super sharp HD reception in the living room. I can't bring in ABC in the bedroom and CBS has interference. I get NBC fine on both sets. I don't know whether it has more to do with the placement of the antennas or the fact that they are slightly different. In any case, I can stream ABC and CBS in the bedroom if there is something I want to watch. Reception is as good on all three TV sets. I fell asleep last night as I was watching the murder case. I'll finish watching it today On Demand. I was watching it in the news and on Court TV while it all unfolded so there is nothing new to see.

Sun, that is an amazing garden. Succulents are great in desert conditions and where one wants to conserve water. They come in so many varieties. Some are weird and so many are beautiful. I am so sorry you weren't up to going out to eat and shop with DGD. That was nice of them to bring flowers. I am glad you got to go out to your group. I know they mean so much to you. It is so easy to become isolated when we don't feel well. Fortunately for me, all I have to do is walk outside and I run into friends and neighbors I can chat with. I have Joe who calls me every week several times and Nancy and Claudia who text with me every week night. I don't need a lot of human contact but we all need some. Our luncheon this week will be fun. I also love coming here to find out what our Dear Porchies are up to. I can't remember the name of that movie but it's about the women at NASA who were so important to our space program. It has gotten rave reviews. It may be Hidden Figures. I did pray for the new owners but I asked God to replace the anger in their hearts with love and kindness. We'll see. Angry people are troubled people. Hope you are feeling better and stronger all the time.

Still waiting for the paper to arrive. Oh, I just heard it hit. A big newspaper conglomerate has filed for bankruptcy. I hate to think of a world without real newspapers, at least on Sundays. It's my weekly treat. I like being able to read it online the rest of the week. No paper to recycle. Gonna go read and enjoy the puzzles. Everything is working (knocking on wood) and life is good. Hope all y'all have a wonderful wrap up to the weekend. Tomorrow is Presidents Day so I guess the weekend will spill over to tomorrow. For most of us, that doesn't really matter much. I actually like regular week days better. The working stiffs are off the roads after the get to work. Add them to the Snowbirds we have here now and weekends and holidays are brutal in traffic.

I'm off to read the paper. Have a great day.

Love, Mikie

I bragged too soon about how well things are going. I opened the kit from Amazon to restore the metal parts of my outdoor furniture and the bottle had split open and the solution was all dried out. It's not eligible to return so I contacted them through chat and they immediately put through a refund to my credit card. Wal*Mart and Ace Hardware sell the kits so think I'll get one locally. It's dreary outside and getting humid. Maybe I'll take the day to rest or do something inside. I hope Heaven is a place full of love, good food, drink, all our dear friends, and nothing can go wrong. Heck, we can love one another, fix good food and drink and enjoy our friends. The only variable outside our control is all the stuff that goes wrong.
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