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PORCH 1189 IS NOW CLOSED (3/18/20)

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What a torrential rain yesterday! Absolutely hammered down. Today is warm but they still show cloudy weather to come.

Rock - i dont think i could do a 2 am shift...i remember my air hostess cousin getting up at that time to get to work in Delhi india when i was visiting. Her mother used to stumble around getting things ready for her.

That brought a tear to my eye just now..i recall my mom and aunt, long gone now. All the cozy times we had all together.

Mikie - you know, the experts out there are emphasizing on the nature of the virus and asking people not to congregate, but if young people or old are ignoring the calls, be it on their heads...if they get sick, dont go to the hospitals and expect poor doctors and nurses to put their own lives at risk because of buffoons who wont listen.

Granni - thank goodness some people can still make money. im not sure what they will do here. Thousands left the city for the villages. daily wage labourers who live from month to month on their pay check. i hope they have food in their villages. Since work is stopping they cannot afford to stay in thdir rented rooms.


It was very quiet here. People are not coming out. They came out in the evening. To shop.

Theres very less traffic in the streets. i welcome that.
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Hi, Kids,

Spring, I worry too about the wage earners who rent. Congress is thinking about a bill to stop the debt for those with mortgages but it wouldn't help those who rent. It's really hard to come up with a bailout that helps everyone. I think streets here are much quieter and Snowbirds have left or are leaving. Even when night workers get used to the hours, it continues to take a toll on their health. I couldn't do it either. Glad you got rain. I wish we would but it will come sooner or later. I hope now that people will start to take this pandemic seriously. Be safe on your side of the world, your loved ones as well.

GB, too bad they couldn't deliver the eggs and TP. They should hold out some things for deliveries. If they did, it would lessen the number of people who have to go out. I don't understand the egg situation. They keep a long time in the fridge but not forever. Are people hoarding them? The chickens don't know about the virus and production/delivery problems. Doh! I'm finding little jobs that don't require a lot of me to fill up the hours of my incarceration. :) I just went out and cleaned off the balcony railings with a wipe. It won't kill the virus but did clean them up nice and shiny. The condo next door is for sale so the railings are a possible area to spread the virus. Think I heard that smooth shiny surfaces don't stay infected as long. Good for you for staying in. I hope and pray it keeps you from harm's way.

That is my prayer for all of us. It helps to have you all here as we navigate our way through this.

Love, Mikie

Just got a call from my Dear Old Friend's DDIL that he is in the hospital with lung cancer. Due to his age, surgery is not a consideration. They haven't been able to see him in the hospital due to the virus. The docs are telling them they can see him today after a family meeting. This doesn't sound good. She said she is hoping there is treatment to comfort him and buy time. They are such a nice family and this is so sad. She will keep me in the loop. Doubling up my prayers for them.
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Hi kids

My Minnesota brother sent a carona virus joke. Gordon said it was an old joke. He heard it yesterday.

"They said mask and gloves were enough to go to the grocery store. They lied. Everyone else had clothes on."

We went out for a walk yesterday. We walked South for half a block and then back home. Not
exactly what one would call a workout. When I was a teenage cave guide I went down and then
back up something like 200 and 70 steps. No problem then. Guides were paid minimum wage which was 75 cents an hour. About the only thing I spent money on was the movies so I
felt quite affluent.

Regarding the new tax filing. You still have to file by April 15th as usual but payment has been deferred to July 15th.

After providing some help, Gordon went off to see about a warehouse that sells some produce.
GB, well, I'm glad you got most of your groceries. I've never ordered anything from the net
except some records many years ago and a book now and then.

BTW Folks, I'm reading a reprint of a comic book. Several comic books actually. It's about
600 pages; couple inches thick and cost about 30 bucks. Good thing I saved all that money
from cave guiding.

Hugs, Rock


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Just popping in for a bit. Nothing to exciting happening here. Trying to dry out from the last few days of rain, including last night. The DH can start paining soe and maybe me too, not sure. Waiting right now for the cleaning ladies to come and do their magic. Everything smells so good after they leave after cleaning with Pine Sol.

.Eggs is one of the things we will need soon but we only eat them once a week. We only have a few left I am pretty s ure. In a pinch we can eat them for dinner too but have quite a bit of food in the freezer. They had better not turn off the electricity or something or we'll be sunk.

SPRING WATER - Hope that this virus comes to a hat soon here and in your country. It is so hard on the people everywhere trying to make a living . In the small villages it must be especially difficult where many probably have little to begin with.

MIKIE - I hope your headache is much better than it was and that SV is behaving himself. When the animals do not behave and you are feeling worse than usual it makes it especially difficult for you or the owners of animals. Just like misbehaving children.

BARRY - Hang in there I know what you mean about trying to keep busy with stuff not to tiring.

ROCK - I already heard that joke the other day. Keep reading those comic books. You sound like my son.

JULIE - Keep on hanging on and miss you on here but I know how busy you still are probably working on something for the house with Den.

Gotta run you all. Some things I need to do before those ladies get here. They just go do their thing and then I pay them and will go wash my hands and sanitize. Wish I had more of the sanitizer. Geez you can't find it anywhere hardly or the wipes.

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