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PORCH #1190 IS NOW CLOSED (3/23/20)

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Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Please go back to read all the posts on the last Porch, including some from GB, Granni and Rock. Then, step into this beautiful garden and join me for a lovely cup of tea.

My legacy of everything I touch turning to crap lives on. It's sad to be getting rid of all my little black dresses and party clothes. Well, I'm not so little anymore and don't go to parties so someone else might be able to use them. They are really good outfits and I hate to donate them to Goodwill. I may take them to the store here that buys things. Several were not worn. They have been hanging in my closet for a long time and may not be current enough for the store to want to buy them. It isn't a consignment store; they buy things outright. I have nothing to lose by checking.

I tore a triangular piece out of my forearm on the end of a closet shelf. Then, SV decided to reach out to tap me on the foot as I went by. It's a little thing he likes to do. Unfortunately, he managed to snag me with his claw and now I have a puncture wound on my foot. Good grief! I'm getting a bit pissy here. One thing has become crystal clear; I need to get back to working out and losing weight. A couple of years ago, I lost 30 pounds. I can do it again, I hope.

Rock, I just looked it up online and found that we have until July 15th to file and to pay any taxes we owe. I hope I didn't give out misinformation but I just looked it up. I hadn't heard that joke and laughed out loud. Thank God I didn't encounter anyone in Publix wearing only gloves and a mask. Yikes!

Granni, How wonderful that you got rain. Hope you and DH aren't overdoing it on the deck. I know how much work that is. I'm not up to those big projects anymore. Heck, I'm obviously not up to the small ones. :) It's hot here. Gonna be near 90 every day. No spring, just summer suddenly upon us. I wonder whether it would be difficult to get new A/C units right now. Probably not.

As always, keeping y'all, and our MIA's, in my prayers.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Folks

Thanks for starting a new thread, Mikie. The idea of a corona joke never entered my mind until
I saw a comment on the computer about some important person joking about the plague. I guess
it was fake news. Tried to nap this afternoon, but couldn't do it. Dunno what Gordon is doing.
Something useful I expect. Earlier he went down to a warehouse and bought a bag of apples
for 2 bucks.




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Mikie - what a lovely peaceful pathway in lush green surroundings...i love bricks..ive always hankered after a brick wall in a living room or kitchen. Nicely finished, of course. Is that a greenhouse at the end or a place to sit with glass panels?

Yes, its time to let go i guess of some stuff. i know i need to, i wouldve too except i get caught up in the myriad other chores which make up housekeeping.

Please look after those puncture wounds. Im so sorry to hear of your friend in New York. Absolutely not the best time to have to go to hospital and get daily care.

I felt so sad when i saw an overworked doc mother who put up a card on social media entreating people to stay in...she wrote .” .me and my DH both are doctors, parents of kids aged 7 and 2, attending to corona virus patients nonstop, with not enough masks, suits, supplies. Please try and help our kids not to get orphaned, do your bit by staying indoors. “You could feel her plight. What heroism. She has to work round the clock while fearing getting infected and dying leaving two young kids.

What must she think of people who still dont think this is serious & are chafing because they cant go to parties or the beach?

17 doctors are among the almost 6607 dead in Italy. They didnt say how many nurses or medical officers. But one can guess. 60,000 infected. i still feel like im dreaming.

GB - i think its the younger and middle aged persons who dont take calls to remain isolated seriously. In a way, i understand because at that age one feels invincible, strong and its difficult to suddenly socially distance for days at a time.

However, when youre told you could give the virus to someone elderly or with underlying issues, then it smacks of carelessness, selfishness too. They should educate themselves too...watch the news at least once, know the gravity, feel the angst the governing bodies are going through being responsible for so many people looking for support, answers.

This is where strength of character comes into play. My sons friend told him a week ago he was not going to meet others for a while now, this was when lock down wasnt even mandatory. He likely has been wielding responsibilities already or has elderly persons at home to be concerned about.

In our town, we have surplus of eggs and frozen meat products, fruits, because all the hotels and restaurants stopped buying suddenly. Other things however, might get rationed. Th3yve blocked the borders where trucks come in from India and Tibet border.

Granni - if it were not for our health issues and perennial lack of energy, this might have been a time to take out the old cookbooks and try different ways of cooking.
You could practise singing, i guess. How are your DDs and their families taking this enforced social distancing? i know one DGS with autism might feel it more. Or he might be better at dealing with it, i dont know.

How are your DDs kitties btw. They must be grown.

Barry - i always thought it would be nice to live in your parts of the woods. Now i think its even nicer. You dont have to worry as much about viruses flying through the air and landing near you. However, good to use hand sanitizers. I suppose its beautiful. March flowers poking up their heads and blooming. Happy birds trilling.

Our birds are happy here. It rained so theyre mucking about in the ground. ive seen several birds picking up twigs and flying off. Baby season not too far off. i saw 3 more butterflies yesterday. lol. yes, theyre sparse right now. I say hello to them just in case theyre an angel coming down to check on us.

Rock - does Gordon make apple pies or apple sauce or do you eat of the fruit raw? Enterprising of him to hunt down places where they sell them. Do you have fruit trees in the garden. Ive seen mini orange shrubs which bear fruit. Little plants but laden with normal sized fruit. We dont have those.


i went out to get some groceries in. Our usual grocery stall owner temporarily shut up his shop about a few days ago because he doesnt want to put himself and family at risk, so i had to venture further. I saw lots of stray dogs, lounging around..they were being fed biscuits by a man and some young kids...then when i was returning, a butcher had placed a little pile of meat in front of each dog and they were eating busily.

The govt has ordered mandatory lockdown, except for essential services. I can still eat my milk and porridge for breakfast. i like to give my stomach a break sometimes from lentils and all the heavy stuff. Its a bit noisier in the neighbourhood as everyone stays home, but the cars are very few. What a departure from the non stop honking that is the norm!

One nice fall out of all this.

Stay safe, everyone.

God bless
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Got eight hours of sleep last night. I must have been really bushed. SV is nonstop whining when I'm not up and cleaning. He must sense tension just from all that is going on no matter how calm I try to be. I've decided to donate all the clothes to Goodwill instead of trying to sell them to the resale shop. They only want the very latest styles. They charge what they feel is 30 percent of the original price. They pay 30 percent of that. So, if a dress cost $90, it goes on the rack for $30 and they pay $10 for it. It's just not worth it. A lot of people shop at Goodwill. These are not always the down and out but people without a lot of money who can't afford expensive things. They will love being able to dress up for very little money. Goodwill does so much good to try to get people back on their feet to get jobs. It's not just in the stores but for any jobs. They have skills testing and classes. They hold a spot in my heart.

What I've learned about the virus is that the ones who go on to get really ill often feel fairly decent and then two weeks later, they get sicker and some die. That's what is scary. One scientist did the math and, based on the death rate, he can figure out how many people will need hospitalization in two weeks. We are woefully short on supplies. This won't be the last epidemic/pandemic and I hope we learn lessons from this so our response isn't repeated. Forty-three percent of people are saying this is affecting their emotional health. How can it not? More people are taking this seriously but we need everyone to to play a part.

Rock, your caps lock is on. That is why everything is in caps except the things you want in caps. If you set the text size when you start typing, it often switches back to the default when you start a new paragraph. It's a problem in the word processing here and not your computer. It's easier to just type the post, do CTL-A to highlight everything and then go pick out the type size for the whole shebang. Check your caps lock to be sure it isn't on. We love your posts and hate to see you leave. Come back soon...

Spring, my Dear Old Friend is in Chicago. Claudia and Nancy want to know where to send cards. I'm not even sure one can send cards to hospitals now. Things must be pretty dire for the docs to let family go in to see him. I think at this point, they will just make him comfortable. I believe he's 93 now. If it were me, that's all I would want done. I have a living will and have told my kids this. It was my Mom's greatest fear that they wouldn't let her go when it was her time. I also love the look of old brick outside and neater brick inside. I don't know what is at the end of the path. It's a mystery. Guess we can imagine all kinds of things. Maybe it's a little chapel. It touched my heart to read that people are feeding the dogs. Dogs on the streets here are picked up by animal services and taken to the pound. Two of DD's dogs were ones she personally picked up in Atlanta. A mockingbird was singing when I was out gardening yesterday. It was so lovely until a huge raven started cawing at me from atop a tree. Life goes on, I hope for all of us.

Gonna go read the paper as usual. Not much to read about except the virus. As always, stay safe, Dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie

Joe called to tell me Barb's old condo next door has a contract on it. He met the people he thinks bought it and said they seemed nice. I hope so. Just emailed our mgmt. co. to send the application and their background check to us as soon as possible. I know Barb's kids are anxious to close on the unit.

Was gonna shower and wash my hair but I got nauseated and my hips and legs are aching. I decided to soak in a hot but and rest. Don't have to go to the store tomorrow even though I'm out of berries. More important to stay home and take care of myself.

Hope all y'all are doing well.
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Hi Kids

Mikie, what do you mean 'My caps lock is on"? I'm not wearing a cap. Sorry you're out of berries. I always sample the ones at Food For Less. (The Produce man told it was OK to do so.) All their berries and fruit tastes like they were soaked in vinegar. Yuck!

I think you right on. Stay home and take care of yourself and SV. You see in the news some politician (from Texas maybe) wants old folks to kick the bucket so young people can survive? I kinda doubt he'll win a lot of good will from the voters with that plan.

Granni, your grand son must be a prince. Sounds like my kinda guy. Hope things are great in
the great state of Texas. My Aunt and Uncle used to live in Austin. We visited once. Toured the
Alamo. Could only stay one day. Would have liked a longer visit.

Spring, I don't know what Gordon did with the bag of apples. I used to love them. Every time a
new apple would come out I would try it.

Gordon left to mail something. It's either about the census or income tax. I haven't paid income tax
since I retired in 2005. Gordon might have. One of his savings account sometimes produces
some income.

I hear noises. Someone is breaking into the back porch or Gordon is back. Hugs. Rock
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Hi Gang. Cannot post today but will try tomorrow...




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i tried to upload this pretty picture of wisteria and my whole post i wrote got deleted!

Gist was...2nd day of lockdown. Yesterday, streets were deserted. the afternoon sun baking the main road outside our house and not a soul, not a vehicle. It seemed surreal.

DD commented on how clean the air was comparatively, ....yes. No vehicles to blast fumes, the factories shut. No people to litter. It did rain two days. That helped.

I ventured out this morning to try n find milk, the govt is not sure how to enforce lockdown at the same time still ensuring people get supplies, the stray shops open said the factory has closed for a week.

A lady who i know by sight showed me a video of law breaking loiterers in downtown Kathmandu who were being punished by police by being made to do stand up sit downs holding their ears in the middle of the road....young men.

Just then a siren went off and the lady told me to go back home. i took her advice, no way do i want a video of me doing sit down stand ups in the middle of the road presided over by policemen, being seen by my kids. Or the general public. That would be awfully humiliating.:eek:

i managed to get some more veggies and snacks...boy, this is gonna be a long 5 days.

Barry - hang in there. That was a nice way to spend your day. You cant be responsible for what others do or what goes on. You can only take care of you. We would all like some things differently.

Mikie - im sorry for your bout of achiness, nausea. When the new people buy Barbs condomunium, do they buy in 8nstalments or pay the full price?
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Good Hump Day Morning,

Slept long and well again but woke up with a stuffed up head and a headache. Jaw hurts so likely clenched my teeth or just tightened the muscles. A hot shower will help. I am laughing. Despite my proof reading before posting, I wrote that I had a soak in a hot but. Well, my butt probably was hot when I got out of the tub. Again, gonna join DAM, Mothers Against Dyslexia.

My coffee maker had the message that I needed to descale it. That involves running hot water and vinegar through it several times. Once descaled, the message is supposed to go away. I ran three cycles of it and the message is still there. I was going to use the brand new one I got on clearance; I have always had two and use the extra while I descale the other. Descaling takes time. The brand new one won't work. I have had it a year or two in the box so don't know whether I even registered it or what it will take to get it fixed. I have to call C/S. I went ahead and used the old one for my coffee this morning. I got no coffee yesterday morning but can't do that again today. Ratbane, as Rock says!

Rock, I'm laughing at your witty remark about the caps lock. Does your cap cover you locks? The store may spray the berries with diluted vinegar to prolong their shelf life. You can spray them with diluted oxygen peroxide too. I still have a few hardy blackberries; I'll have to check to see whether they are still good. Crises like this one often bring out the best, and the worst, in people. Back in the 70's, Colorado had a governor, Richard Lamm, who said old people had a duty to die when they got sick. He was called the Gloom and Doom Governor. Amazingly, no matter what some of these politicians say, their supporters just keep on supporting them. When Mom and I moved down here, we had a couple of extra days before the moving van arrived. We stopped in San Antonio and stayed at a Riverwalk hotel right on the water. We drank Margaritas in a big Mexican restaurant. The Margaritas were BIG too.

Before leaving, we toured the Alamo. Our favorite saint is Saint Anthony and there is a big statue of him along the Riverwalk. We rode in one of the little boats and saw where the first Mass was said. Lots of people get married at that spot. It was my favorite part of the trip. We stopped to have lunch with DSIL's Mom in Houston before heading to New Orleans. A psychic told me that the move, and the drive, was divinely guided and divinely guarded and it certainly felt that way. I haven't had to pay or file income taxes in years but last year, due to the new tax laws, I had to file. Still don't have to pay. What a waste of IRS work hours and taxpayer dollars. Stay safe and well in your cozy little home with Gordon, Henry and Miss Kitty.

Barry, escapism is a time honored way to rest and heal. There isn't much we can do about the pathetic response to this crisis so escaping, meditating, praying and keeping our minds off of it is probably the healthiest way to get through each day. Being in nature helps a lot even if it is only looking out at our pond for me. Rest up, dear friend, and continue to escape in the most wonderful ways possible. I watch the news enough to be informed, usually on PBS, but I don't watch the daily briefings. I listen to the experts and scientists. The vote for the new relief package is set for today. Due to negotiations, it is no longer a big no-strings-attached giveaway to big corporations. It should help bail out working people who are in dire straits right now. The stock market jumped on the news that a deal was nigh. We still have to be vigilant to stay inside and not jump the gun, which could start a whole new round of infections. I think we just have to play it day by day.

Spring, what a beautiful picture; thanks for sharing it with us. Who wouldn't want to be there right now? Wisteria looks like something one would find in Heaven. Many flowers do. Many who have returned from a NDE say the flowers there are beyond anything we have here. As Fanny Flagg's book read, "Can't Hardly Wait To Get To Heaven." If I leave my post, I always highlight it and copy it just in case. I do it several time as I go along too. Can't depend on auto save here. The roadside callisethics (know I misspelled that but can't find it online) seem to be a creative way to handle looters cause right now, you can't throw them in jail where they will get sick. Yes, I certainly wouldn't want a video of my trying to comply posted online. Better to stay home. On the other hand, kids today might want to be infamous by being online. Some teenagers took videos of themselves coughing on veggies in a store. The store had to throw it all out. Stupid young kids today crave attention and will do the most inane things to get noticed. They just don't get it. They think nothing can happen to them. Wait til grandma dies because of someone else's stupidity. Then maybe they will get it.

The majority of condos bought here for part-time use are usually bought with cash from the sale of big homes elsewhere. People often downsize up north to a condo and buy another one here. If they have to get mortgages, it can slow the process if they haven't already gotten approval. People can get pre-approved, subject to appraisals of the property. Anyone buying or renting here has to fill out an application and agree to a background check. Then, the board of that assn. has to give it the okay. One silver lining in this whole virus mess is that it has become obvious, even to the worst climate deniers, that the air is cleaner when we all aren't out driving. Doh!!! Hope you can enjoy the cleaner air and go outside. I may try to take a little walk in the hood. As with all of us, stay safe and well--your lovely family and friends too.

Been praying for all of us and my Dear Old Friend and his family. He will likely be getting palliative (again can't spell) care to make him comfortable. My pea brain is too tired to spell; heck, it's too tired to type this morning. Whine, whine, whine! Everyone, do the best y'all can to find some peace and comfort and be strong and fierce in the face of adversity. This too shall pass.

Love, Mikie

USAToday has a list of museums that offer virtual tours. You can check it out on their website or go to your favorite museum to see whether it is offering the tours. Yet another way to distract ourselves and maybe get a bit of culchah.

The kids at the end of the bldg. are home. I had taken in a FedX packet for them. It sat inside for a week so any virus the FedX guy might have had is likely gone. I put on disposable gloves and put it on their window sill. She can removed the contents and wash her hands. They appreciate the precautions. I read in the paper that there are still traces of the virus 17 days after the last passengers left the cruise ship so I guess the extra precautions are warranted. I have wiped down my door handles and wash my hands when I come inside.

I'm off to the shower. Love standing under the hot water.

I conditioned my hair in the shower and it looks so good. I blew it dry and then had a bowl of cereal with the last of the blackberries. Sometimes, a bowl of cereal tastes sooo good. Joe called just to keep in touch. There is nothing happening around here. That's good. Don't know when I'll go to the store. My milk won't hold out forever and I can pick up more berries.

Read a good article in USAToday. Seems the experts have been warning us about our lack of ability to confront a pandemic for 20 years. There have been commissions formed and plans made but, for one reason or another, no one has come up with a plan and no one has moved to put it into practice. Our convoluted and huge bureaucracy is one problem. Authoritarian governments like China are better able to respond. Their tactics won't work here but we are studying them in an effort to learn. Perhaps, if nothing else, this will wake us up. This won't be the last epidemic or pandemic.

This will be the last on this W&P post. If I have more to tell, and you know I will, I'll start a new one. Maybe some of our other Porchies will come along and drop in.
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I saw on tv that the govt there wants to resume normal life and let people go about by Easter. 15 days away.

This pandemic raging in China, Europe, Asia and the Americas for four months now and resurfacing in HongKong, Singapore is suddenly going to go away because the economy cant take it? What is the thinking? im sure America wont starve if they wait for the virus to die down properly. Look at the poor in Asia and Africa. But the implications of letting infected people go their normal way each infecting couple of others just boggles the mind! It does.

My DH had a brush with the law today. I told him there were scores of policemen but he slipped out in his car to ‘get a book from office’, was stopped half way there, his car was taken, and he walked back home.

Then he went to get his car in the evening to the station, and had to sign a piece of paper which read ‘ i put my fellow countrymen in danger’. My DD and DS split their sides laughing. Well, he got his todays quota of exercise, at any rate.

He said even while he was there the police were bringing in scores of offenders, who defied the lockdown. Mostly riders of two wheelers, but cars too.

I watched a little of Cake Boss on tv. Im not a big fan but my DD watches. The owner of the Cake Boss chain is so charismatic. Italian American who did well. Lovely wife. Nice family. Nice staff. He was making a cake for his personal assistants wedding.

And he was making it himself. Personally, i did not like his decorations. Theyre too flashy for my taste. But his P A had made known her preferences, she wanted subtle, so he made a creamy off white cake with many pearl beadings..of course edible. i thought it was too plain. It took him two days to complete and his hand was sore.

I made Nasi Goreng for lunch. Its just frying onions, garlic, green peppers, tomatoes in olive oil, 5hen adding cooked rice, and soya sauce, vingar, salt, sugar. i like it. Its a departure from normal boiled plain rice.

And i also boiled green beans, and made a curry with potatoes.

DD made chicken drumsticks in the evening in the air fryer, they had been marinating in their spices overnight so tasted good. She also made yellow lentils.

And we had some very sweet pomegranates. So juicy, the bowl of pomegranate seeds just filled with juice because the pods were so heavy. Gave the juice to DH who doesnt have the strongest teeth.

The DS was able to scavenge & get two litres of milk yesterday, so i could have my porridge, this morning.


Mikie - yes, sometimes cereal tastes so good. I think its a comforting sort of food. Like chicken soup when one has a cold. Or bacon and eggs with toast. For me, potatoes. In any form.

Muesli with milk is a big favourite of my DH.

Im so glad to hear they got the stimulus package off the ground. And that they did adapt it to also suit the majority of people, workers needs better.

I would hate descaling anything. What a chore. its like oven cleaning. i hate getting off all the gooey sticky stuff after cooking meat in it. i do hanker after a crockpot. Theres times i like to just attend toother things while food cooks without my having to keep checking.

Rock - i love raspberries but one doesnt get them here. i dont know why. Wrong climate? Love their colour too. Me and a school mate would go picking them off bushes.

The secret to enjoying apples is eating them fresh. The crunch. The juice. i had some a few days ago. You could tell they were very fresh. Very hard exterior. i got lucky at the supermarket. They dont always get in fresh stuff which tastes great.

Found a pic of a very delicious looking bowl of cereal.
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Hi, Spring,

None of the docs and scientists is recommending we reopen by Easter. I think it's just wishful thinking and trying to offer some good news. The stock market always goes up with good news. Our is going up but it's because of the new bill that will help save the economy. The fastest way to get the economy up and running is to stop the infection rate and get a vaccine. I'm laughing about DH's brush with the law but I doubt he found it funny. At least, he isn't in the street doing exercises.

I love cooking shows, including The Great British Baking Show. Some like to watch the guys who paint on PBS. It's relaxing. There is a show, I think it's You Gotta Eat Here. The guy finds little eateries that serve huge sandwiches and breakfasts. It makes me drool to watch. That's a good thing for someone with dry mouth from Sjogren's. I also like to cook in something that I don't have to watch. The Instant Pot allows me to do that. I can use it as a slow cooker but it doesn't air fry. The Foodie Ninja Pot does that but it's twice the cost. Of course, if one buys the Instant Pot and an air fryer, one spends that much anyway.

Your food always sounds so good. Descaling isn't too labor intensive. All I do is load the water bin with vinegar and water and run it through the cycles. It just means constantly emptying the cup that catches it. It must have too much built up mineral deposit to come clean with the normal procedure. We have very hard water here and I fill it with filtered water from the fridge. It must not remove the minerals. On the other hand, it's good to get minerals in one's drinking water. To clean my oven, I am to pour water in the bottom well and heat it up so the steam cleans. I haven't had to do it yet because i use the microwave and Instant Pot for most things. I got a two pound bag of little snack size apples at Publix. They are the Honeycrisp which are expensive. Normally, I wouldn't pay that much but I love having little apples to snack on with a slab of cheese.

Just watched a new show on NBC that follows This Is Us. It's Council of Dads and I knew it would be another tear jerker. I think it'll be good escape TV. With all this crisis news, escape TV is just what I need. I keep you in my prayers and am glad DH didn't end up in the slammer.

Love, Mikie


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Hello, friends, Well, I've only typed a few words. Had trouble with all of them. Was just reading
the news. Turns out you don't need to buy a flame thrower to disinfect your house. Bleach will

Gordon just left. He said he was going to his friend's drugstore for the last time. David just sold the place. Business declined because the hospital about a block away went out of business. David also owns a drug store on the next block. I guess he's selling that too. Gordon told me but I can't remember nutin' these days.

Spring, I agree about potatoes and raspberries being wonderful. Is that oatmeal in the cereal
bowl? Few things more tasteless and boring than oatmeal. It look nice though.

Gordon has to see the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. He went to the new building today to make an
appointment. Some guy in a mask came running down the steps yelling, "You Can't go in."
Gordon said, "I know. I know." But he was not able to make an appointment. They have extended the time to renew by two months as of this morning.

Usually in LA if you call any of the many Dept. offices you get a recording. It tells you everyone
is busy. If you hold on, they will give you a date to call again. After holding on for sufficient
time to bake a batch of cookies a voice will tell you, "July 25, between 3:15 and 3:40."

Gonna go lie down. Happy afternoon, Kids. Rock
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These cats give supermodels a run for their money...such attitude.

Mikie - i wish i had that sort of self cleaning with steam oven. Mine is ancient. Spray cleaner, leave on, rub rub rub. Takes a lot out of one. I never heard of Ninja Foodie Pot...thats a funny name for cookware...

Rock - good to know we dont need flame throwers, dont have enough water here to put out fires which might result.

Also that you all neednt worry about a fine for late renewal of licesnse.

Its like the headline of todays paper here said “our daily wage workers say theyre more in danger of starving to death than coronavirus.” No one ever faced a lockdown like this, so theyre jittery about supplies.

By the way, the dailies we get have all reduced their pages to four. From the normal 16. Adapting, adjusting. As must we all to the new circumstances.

The police in Peru were out in trucks feeding the strays during lockdown. Trucks of milk, dog food, distributed. Happy dogs. Smiling up at their saviours.

I hope Granni is well.

God bless
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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

I'm getting cabin fever. I'll go for a short walk or, at least, sit out to have another cup of coffee on the balcony. Got an address that my friends and I can send cards to for his DDIL to take to read to DOF. She wants to put him on speaker phone so I can talk to him when he feels up to it. I hardly know what to say. I will send a card too. Don't know what the prognosis is for how long he has. Fortunately, his family is wonderful and so good to him.

Trees are still pollinating but the grass has stopped. That helps my allergies. Still, I have a cough and my breathing isn't the best. I have no temp and that seems to be the hallmark of the Corona Virus. Grace and I had that other virus several months ago before the CV. Neither of us has been the same since. I'm worried that may put us in danger if we get exposed to the CV.

Rock, that's sad when businesses close or get sold after you have been going there and made friends. Ironic that a hospital closed just when we need more hospital beds. We had another death here at a different hospital. I'm smack dab in the middle between two big hospitals and both are pretty close. One of them has a glass elevator and a grand piano in the lobby. It's all open and there is usually someone playing the piano during visiting hours. Very swanky. It's at this one that the latest victim of the virus died. What a time to have to renew a drivers license. I renewed mine online last time but will likely have to go in person the next time. Hope you got some good sleep.

Spring, I'll check out the video. It looks sooo cute. I need to smile and laugh. I don't know that any place here is on total lockdown. I think even where there are shelter in place orders, people can leave to get groceries and seek medical attention. I keep putting off going to Publix but will have to at some point. Our food supply isn't in danger but people are hoarding and going out to shop when they should be staying home. The stores cannot keep the shelves stocked. It's insanity. I'm glad someone is taking care of the animals. Poor things. They depend on us. Thanks for posting the runway kitties.

A slight glimmer in my otherwise uneventful life is that I got the FJ question last night. The category was alliterative legislation. The answer was the Lend Lease Act of 1941. Think I'll take some of the clothes down to my car to get them out of the bedroom and living room. I've made the emotional break from attachment to them. The Today Show featured buying clothing at thrift shops and they showed a really cute outfit from Goodwill. It is a great place to shop.

I'll stop back in later. Hope all y'all have a good day and that you stay well. Keeping everydobby in my prayers including our MIA's.

Love, Mikie

Just heard that people on SS will receive the govt. check if they qualify, based on total income. The 2019 tax filing will determine eligibility or the 2018 for those who have not yet filed for last year. There is no paperwork or application. It is automatic. Heard this on NBC so have high confidence it is correct.

Home again, home again...huff 'n puff. Actually I wasn't as out of breath as I feared I might be considering that my allergies and the flu lite left me with tight breathing. On the other hand, I did walk slowly around the block. No sense going crazy my first time out. Ran into a couple of neighbors so got my daily dose of socializing. One's DGS is sick and running a fever but the test has taken forever and they still don't know whether he has CV. Poor little kid is only 11.

Read that, following a Corona Virus Party in Kentucky, a bunch of 20 year olds are now infected. They just don't get it.

I'm sweating but it's sooo humid out. My neighbor said we can 'drink the air.'

I ordered two big boxes of coffee from Costco. By ordering two, I got two-day free shipping. Just hope it gets here. SV's vet sent an email that their shipments of pet food are behind with some companies. They suggested not waiting til the last minute to reorder. That will probably be the next thing people hoard. SV has enough for a few weeks so I have time to reorder for him. I was afraid this might happen so restocked his food and treats a while back but didn't go crazy ordering more than we need.

BTW, wipe down your credit cards when you get home from shopping. The cc machines are probably loaded with all kinds of germs.

DD just texted me. Denver is on lockdown. DSIL, who rebels against authority, drove in to the office. No one else is there; he is a sales mgr. The rest are working from home. Hope he doesn't get a big fine but that may be what it takes for people to comply. DD is swamped with patients online. This must be really hard for people with emotional and mental conditions. I'm so glad she can work from home and also provide care for others. Don't know how DSIL, who is a pilot, is being affected.
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Hi Kids

Mikie, You're right. Those kids at the Kentucky virus party didn't get it but now they got it.
Today's kids are so smart about computers and phones, but they seem to be seriously lacking
in some other depts. Common sense for one. That is so sad about the 11 year old.

You got "Lend Lease act"! Wow! I have no recollection of ever hearing about it. Of course I
was only age one at the time. Something about WWII? Something we did for Britian?

Thanks for the video, Spring. How do you know what is going on in Peru? Did Peru
move to your neighborhood because of the plague?

I am feeling pretty good today. The only thing that hurts is one finger. I wish all of you were
feeling good too.



Hi, Rock,

The frontal lobe that controls impulse and decision making doesn't develop until into the 20's. It's later in boys than girls. Someone in the family told the little grandson of my neighbor that he could die. So now, he's sick and worried. Leading up to WWII, the USA was very isolationist until we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. FDR wanted to help before that but couldn't get congressional backing. He came up with the Lend Lease Act to be able to help Britain without our getting into the war itself. I always enjoyed history of the WWII era. Love the old B&W movies from that time too. I learned about the LL Act through reading and specials on PBS. No learning is for naught even if it's just to answer a FJ question.

I'm glad you are feeling better today. One finger, depending on the finger in question, could be a problem in communicating. I'm better today and I think it's due to stopping my Pepcid and Acyclovir. Stupid stearate acid! Hope you continue to feel well.

Love, Mikie
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HI You all but can't stay. Need to go and start the painting of the railings on the patio. I will have white paint all over me, probably like Lucy Ricardo.

MIKIE - At least we can take a short walk or go to the grocery store although with some stores lacking some things and crazy people it is best if possible for older people like us to stay home and order it to be delivered or have others shop for us. SAMS I heard may be having some ddays open early for Sr's.

ROCK - You are right about the kids lacking something today, not sure what- maybe some discipline for some of them.

SPRING WATER - This stimulus is to try and help the hard working people put out of work or either cutting back their hrs a lot like two of my daughters. I have to talk to my one DCD and see if she still has a job. She now has an apt and has to pay rent . Hope she doesn't end up back on the street again. Worry worry worry when you have kids no matter how old and gkids too. So sorry your DH got detained by the police for going to get a book from his office and had to walk home. We haven't gotten that bad yet here I do not think. There might be some heavier restrictions in some areas.

BARRY - Hang in there ! Things don;t always go the way we want, believe me I know about that !! Hope you feel better soon.

Gotta run everydobby ! The painting awaits - UGH !!

Love to all,


Hi, Granni,

Sorry you are having to paint. UGH! is right! Seems as though your weather has been good. Forecasters are saying the South will have unusually high temps this spring and summer. I hate that because it increases the chance for more, and more powerful, hurricanes. I will go to Publix because I'll run out of milk and berries are so reasonable right now. I live on berries. Yes, we are lucky in that we can go out and walk around. I enjoy seeing my neighbors too. We live in little communities close to others down here because we enjoy knowing our neighbors. All we have to do is go outside and we will see smiling faces everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. Still, a few rotten apples don't spoil it for the rest of us. We love all our neighbors and leave the mean ones alone.

Yes, we always worry about our children. Mine are all whining. Gee, I wonder where they got that. :) Only one not whining is DD who is busy seeing patients online. Don't think she has time to whine. That's more the other DD's thing. I always pray for all of us and our loved ones. I have never stopped praying for your DD that she stays on her meds and continues to do so well. Her recovery has been amazing and I pray it continues.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids.
Woke up this morning and was so cold when I got up that I had the shakes. Our thermostat isn't working on the heater.:mad: It has to be turned on manually. Popped back to bed and my legs and feet had horrible neuropathy. Got up and shivered while I dressed. I wear socks, sweatpants and t-shirt to bed.....I should be warm!

Mikie, so you're a berry-lover. Me tOO! Usually blueberries when they are cheap enough, otherwise any kind will do. If nothing fresh, then raisins....(a dried grape; a grape is a berry). I always have a large breakfast -- shredded wheat with bran, berries/raisins, walnuts, banana, milk, microwave for two minutes. The bananas turn greyish sometimes but are awfully sweet.

Spring, what an ordeal for your husband! Did he have to pay a fine, other then the document saying he was non-compliant with the lock-down? I can imagine your kids laughing!

Hey Rock, sorry about your finger hurting..... hope it doesn't spread like the dreaded Covid-19! How is G doing? How are your tomatoes? Any more veggies? I am thinking of the Victory Gardens in and after WW2, when everyone was growing food in their back yards in Britain.

Granni, yes the lay-offs and cutting of hours are being very disruptive. I pray that all works out for your DDs. And for you and DH too, of course! I'll bet you'll be glad when the painting is over, or is there another chore or project lined up?

The sun is shining now, but still chilly. I walked down into the woodland garden and saw lots of hellebores in bloom. They seem to be spreading very nicely; I was quite surprised (and pleased.). I looked at the old camellias that were in bloom, picked a "Pink Perfection" to float in a bowl. I MUST have flowers in the house!

Worn out. Tired. Depressed. No family other than my stepfather.... Whine, whine, whine, as says Mikie....

Love to All in these parlous times,


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Hello Dolly, It's so nice to have you back where you belong.

Just watched a Bette Davis movie from 1952. Sterling Hayden played the male lead. Title was "The Star". (Not hard to guess who had been the star.)
So Bette played a movie actress who had been a star, but was now old and no longer wanted. The
only problem was that she looked just as she had for the previous few decades. Sterling Hayden was the co star. I'd give it a B. But the strangest thing happened. The movie was on the movie channel and it didn't end until 17 minutes after the scheduled time. "In my day they had timepieces."

It's sunny here. Supposed to hit the 80s by weeks end. I have cuddled and fed kitty twice. Gordoni
made broccoli soup again. Put some milk in it. Very tasty. ( He won't eat it. No likee broccoli.)

Granni, you're right about Lucy. Some years back when we still had dogs I used to make mental
lists while walking them. When it came to Lucy episodes almost every one was a gem. "Remember
the time she.....? "BTW, I can tell you how to avoid getting white paint all over you. Use a different

Mikie, your communicating comment is outrageous. I am going to file a complaint as soon as I
can find out where to file it. BTW did you get your old clothes to the Good Will.? I looked 'em
up one time. I think I read that it is not a charity because it trains potential workers or something
like that. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

With help from Gordoni I ordered some books from Amazon this morning. One is by the guy
who wrote the new book using the characters of E. F. Benson. All this time I thought his
first name was gus. Turns out it's Guy. Well, that sounds more English. I ordered 5 books.
Sometimes the shipping is more than the cost of the book. I think the books cost $22 and the
shipping added $10. (One of the books was free.) All you have to do to take advantage of
this wonderful offer is to buy a book every week until you die or move to a country where
some sort of plague is a regular event.

OK, it's nap time here at the ranch. I hope you all win the prize for the best costume. Rock
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Hi, Kids,

DOF's DDIL called and put the phone on speaker. My DOF fades in and out. I told him no one is calling me with dirty stories and that got a laugh from him. His DDIL was so glad to see him laugh. I thought he was in a hospital but he's in the same facility, just in a different wing. They brought his comforter to help him feel at home. I'm glad he's getting such good care but it's hard. So glad I got to tell him I love him.

Talked to DD and we joked about her whining. It's hard for parents of kids at home. DGS and his pals eat at a little restaurant next to his school. It is open for take out. A man and his wife run it and they love the kids. DD was going to call all of DGS's friends and take their orders for lunch. Then they were going to pick it up and deliver it to the kids. DD wants to help support their business. She is a very kind and loving person. A friend of hers from TX broke both femurs skiing and is in a hospital in SW CO. She is not an advanced skier. She must have osteoporsis to have done that. Both were bad breaks, one displaced. The neighbor across the street just got taken off a ventilator in the hospital. We came to the conclusion we are very lucky. I hope our luck holds out.

We have now surpassed Italy in confirmed cases of this virus. Doctors in NY are begging and pleading for help and supplies. Seeing it is like watching a contagion movie. They have makeshift coroner tents and morgues. I pray for them every time I see it on TV or think of it. One doc said his hospital bought masks that were fakes and the FDA certification was forged. Using them would expose the health workers to the virus. I don't understand how any human being could do something like that to make money. It's horrific.

Barry, sounds as though we are sympatico when it comes to berries. They are so tasty and healthy. You really eat good breakfasts. When I get cold like that, I have to get into a hot tub to warm up. I wear socks to bed when I'm cold. With the weather we are having, I don't think it's gonna be a problem for me. I once told my Mom that I knew WWII was a really hard time to live through and I asked her whether it was also an exciting and romantic time. She said it was. Everyone seemed to pull together for the greater good. We could use some of that. I love the idea of victory gardens. Prayers for you and Richard. I hope your depression is better. Hard not to get depressed right now.

Rock, I'm not nearly as active as usual, which isn't that active, and SV is so whiny and needy. It's all I can do to figure out what he wants. He cries and goes to the coffee table, sits up and taps his paw several times to get my attention. Last time, it was a drink of water out of his glass goblet. He has bowls of water but prefers drinking like Mom. I didn't even get my clothes down to the car. I got instantly totally exhausted and my mouth instantly dried up. That's courtesy of the Sjogren's. Then, the joint pain. I did manage to take my recyclables down to the dumpster and got my mail before everything went to hell in a handbasket. I have a lot more to go through in my closet before I take things to Goodwill. If they close, I'll have to drive around with the car full of clothes. I can't afford to buy books on Amazon but the ones for the Kindle are often cheap or free with my Prime subscription. On the rare occasion I actually buy a real book, it's discounted. I'm reading a gory detective novel right now with the usual characters. Not great literature but it keeps my mind off things that depress me.

I'm not hungry. Flares do that to me. Don't know when I'll venture out to Publix again. I really hate exposing myself to this virus. I could have my groceries delivered. We'll see. In the meantime, take care and be safe, all our beloved Porchies.

Love, Mikie