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PORCH # 1192 , 4 APRIL 2020 IS NOW CLOSED...

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Heres a new porch...its a summery house seeing as how its mostly hot now.


Howdy. A hot day. But tolerable in the early mornings and evenings. Gave the plants extra watering. Im sure they appreciate it.

i dont know exactly what the little house is..a childs play house, an elevated summer house, but my, its wonderful. However, I dont have the energy to go lifting pots anymore, so its nice if one has help.

MIKIE - that is scary about someone having the virus, just some houses down the lane. I read somewhere, someone asked the leader of Burundi, how come your country has no corona virus cases, he replied “its simple, we have no testing kits”.

Thats nice people are exercising. We did some today. The four of us. Very basic exercises for all the parts of the body. From the eyes, down to the toes.


i noticed the strays where i went for a little exercise today, that and veggies, milk....they look pretty well fed. I tossed them some bread wetted in milk which i carried but they sniffed it and begged for raw meat. Hmm, means they werent hungry.

im not hearing ambulance sirens these days. Thats so odd. We used to hear them all the time before lockdown. One good thing is the rate of road accidents has decreased due to lockdown. Another is the cleaner air. We got our national newspaper again and it had a photo of snowy mountains behind a monastery clicked recently in the city.

Usually, we only see the snowy Himalayas in winter...January. Quite an amazing thing! And yes, the air we breathe is much cleaner, come to think of it. With most factories, and traffic closed, no fumes belching into the air.
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Hi, Spring,

Thanks so much for opening up a new Porch. I probably should have when I posted my latest W&P. It's on Pg. 3 if anyone wants to read it. Nothing exciting. I love this enchanted little house. So pretty. Your exercise sounds great. About the only thing that I'm exercising is my fingers when I post or text. I did get some exercise when I waxed the car. Lot of people on TV showing how to stay in shape when no one can go to the gym.

Claudia sent a text asking if I like sardines. She said it was a clue and a game. I said I don't like them. Doh! She had left a tin of them in a bag at the front door. I apologized and said I would put them in my next bag of magazines to her. Not sure that many people like them but they are healthy to eat. She also put in a Lindt dark chocolate/orange candy bar and a small bag of flour. So sweet of her. I think I'll give her one of the bags of pistachios. She loves them too. That and the chocolate bunny I got for her will be perfect for Easter.

I heated my chicken soup and it is even more delicious today. The curry is stronger and is wonderful. I boiled some eggs to make egg salad for sandwiches. I'm eating better than when there is no pandemic. For fans of the Instant Pot, there is a new lid that retrofits it as an air fryer. It isn't cheap but what a great idea. Doubt I'll get one unless they are dirt cheap on the next Black Friday.

The little condo community where one person is infected isn't right next door but is just down the street. These little hoods are small up and down the roads. Some are really dense and others, like ours, are more spread out. There are only 167 units here. Some are townhouses in courtyards and some, like mine and Joe's, are one of eight condos in two-story buildings. There is something about our community that I can't explain but, as soon as we drove in here the first time, Mom and I knew this was where we wanted to live. Others here have said the same thing. Many of my friends here don't ever want to live anywhere else. It's not just the physical neighborhood, it's also the people here.

What the leader of Burundi said is funny but in a sad way. Our TV did a special segment on Burundi a while back. Saw a special on PBS about the Polio outbreaks every summer back in the 50's. I remember all our Moms' worrying about our going swimming and catching the Polio Virus. Thank God for the vaccine. I remember seeing pics of kids in those horrible old iron lung machines. Hope they hurry up and get a Corona Virus vaccine for everyone.

Thanks again for opening up a new Porch and thanks for this delicious little house.

Love, Mikie

OMG! Just made my egg salad and it is to die for. Don't know whether y'all know the secret to getting shells off of hard boilled eggs so will tell you my fool proof method. First, don't use fresh eggs you just bought. Eggs last a long time so if you have some at the expiration date, use those. Cover them in a pot with cold water. Put on the stove until the water boils and then turn off the burner, cover and leave on the stove for a while. Drain the water and put the pot in the sink. put ice cubes and cold water in the pot and let the eggs sit a while. Remove one egg at a time. Tap it all over gently but hard enough to cause the shell to crackle. Then massage the shell right off the egg. Easy peasy. All I put in the egg salad is the eggs, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard and curry powder. Like with the soup, it will only get better in the fridge. I love this on lightly toasted bread with some lettuce for sandwiches.
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Good afternoon awl,

Gee it is almost evening, or dinner time. Don't ask me what I did today, it wasn't much but this afternoon I was trying to make masks to wear when and if we go out. I ordered some good ones quite awhile ago but they are so back ordered who knows when we will get ours. DD ordered hers before we did and just heard thy are on the way and should be delivered soon. Not sure what that means. I know that others have priorities like hospitals, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't have much to work with. Two that I made for myself, as the material was so small we made of handkerchiefs I think. I found a bigger one like a western scarf but part of it was cut up to wear a different way so I had to tape it to make it square. Then work from there. There are lots of ways to make them and pretty easy with just large neckerchiefs or other square pieces of material. The others I made were made out of handkerchiefs that were a bit bigger than some . I need some more rubber bands to add to the ones already on there to extend it. They are not done great but better than nothing as they say. Won't be needing them unless we go to the dr or shop but DSIL has been doing most of that..

DH is calling me, it has been raining so no painting today. BTW, I love pistachios too and am eating some now.

LOVE to everydibby,


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Nice pic, Springwater. A bit on the dangerous side though. I wouldn't want to climb those stairs with no railings and flower pots to trip over. I just came in from taking care of kitty. Unlike your place, lots of sirens here. Have no idea why. There weren't any helicopters over head.

Hi Mikie, I read your page 3 post. I love pistachio nuts. You couldn't buy any in our little town, but
when my mother went to Rochester she often brought some home. Either that or donuts. Most
dime stores carried one or both back in them thar days. The lady next door made wonderful donuts,
but my mother never did.

I read the same advice on shelling hard boiled eggs many decades ago. Didn't work so hot when I
tried it. Well, I never did have much in the way of dexterity.

Granni, We have lots of face masks here. Gordon knows 3 or 4 people who make them. One is
a neighbor. He got some as gifts and him bought some. We used to wear them when we were kids and were pretending to be bank robbers.

He just got some instructions from his chiropractor about rules for visits during the plague period.
(We go to different chiros although we see the same medical doctor.)

Here's to better days ahead.

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Hi Folks

It's after 3 AM here in LA. I've gone to bed twice, and am still awake. Spent some time reading
and some time on You Tube. Didn't find any virus jokes, but did find some kinda funny comments. from folks who have been locked down:

"Our cat seems puzzled that we are not going work, but are staying home. Probably wonders why
we are hanging around his house. One guy said, "Now I know why dogs get so excited when you
take them out for a walk.

Stuff left in a market even after panic buying had stripped almost all the shelves: Pineapple pizza.
Seltzer water. unsalted potato chips, cinnamon raisin bagels, glutton free battered halibut, Corona
Beer, and lots of onions.

I looked up Minnesota and the plague: 22 deaths; 789 cases. Almost all in Hennepin County,
(Minneapolis). The county where I grew up has no cities. Just villages. It has only 9 cases. It all seems surreal.

Granni, how did you make out with your masks?

Well, maybe I'll go watch TV for a bit and then go back to bed.

Hugs, Rock
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Weatherman says we will get rain today so doubt I'll be finishing up the wax job on my car. Oh well, I'm flexible and can find something to do inside. When I waxed the hood, I saw a couple of tiny scratches and, at first, couldn't figure it out. Then, it all came back to me. They are from the tree that fell on it during Hurricane Irma. I was so lucky. Even though the tree was on the hood, the majority of the weight was on a branch of a larger tree that was between the felled tree and my car. Joe was able to lift it up while I backed out and parked in another spot. His A/C unit didn't fare so well but insurance replaced it. We were very lucky especially when our friend and neighbor offered us his townhouse to use until utilities were restored. In some ways, this virus is like that hurricane. We felt like sitting ducks waiting for the storm to hit just as we are now staying home and are waiting for the brunt of the pandemic to hit us. We will get through this too.

Granni, people are improvising and using all kinds of things for masks. They showed how to make one out of a bandanna and two rubber bands. I have an old one I use when sanding things so I don't inhale the dust. It's pretty hardy so I can wear it to the store. I also have a box of gloves. If I didn't have the mask, I'd cut up an old tee shirt and make a mask out of two layers of it. Yes, I think all deliveries are late. I hope you get yours.

Rock, one of the nicest things about sheltering in place is that it's so quiet here. My neighbor who went running said it was such a peaceful run. There are still people going to and coming from work so I hear traffic twice a day for short periods. I'm happy for those who still have jobs and also happy for those, like DD, who can work from home. DSIL posted a pic of the dinner he fixed for them. He is using his time home to learn to cook (it's the other DSIL who was a chef). DD is slammed with telemedicine patients. Before the pandemic, she had been planning to set up her practice part time. So much for plans.

When I was a yute, they sold pistachios at the dime store. The shells were dyed red for some reason. I remember my hands' being red after shelling a few of them. I buy them shelled now. They taste so rich that just a few satisfy my craving for them. Same with Claudia. These large bags will keep us for quite a while. We both love them on ice cream. I think the secret of the hard boiled eggs is gently cracking the shells all over and then just as gently massaging the shells off. Perhaps the eggs you were using were too fresh. Glad you have Miss Kitty and I have SV. They give us a sense of normalcy in a time that definitely isn't normal. I was just thinking that this would be a good time to rob a bank. Everyone is wearing masks. Thanks for the smiles. I enjoyed the comments too.

The Late Show, being broadcast from Stephen Colbert's home office, had a segment designed by the staff. It was how to turn your home into a tropical vacation destination. I laughed out loud when they showed a guy standing in a cat's litter box. The narrator said, "Don't forget to visit Cat Turd Beach."

It doesn't feel too humid out but the weather woman says that by 10, there will be rain. We need rain desperately so I'll be glad if we get lotsa rain. News is showing a man at a W*M handing out envelopes with letters and $50 to young families. Lots of good things going on with people helping each other. Oh, now, the weather woman is showing the radar map and it appears the rain will all be north of us. I may get the wax job finished after all. The top of my car is the shiniest part but I still need to feed the clear coat.

OK, Kids, I'm off to read the real newspaper while I still can. Target sent an email that they will no longer print their ads as inserts for the papers. That's fine with me. I only look at a few of those. It's just as easy to read them online. I love the idea of saving paper. I recycle mine but know there is likely a lot of it in landfills. At least, it biodegrades. Hope all y'all have a day that brings you joy.

Love, Mikie


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was watching India news..the Prime Minister had requested all citizens to put off their electric lights at 9pm today, light lamps or candles for nine minutes to show solidarity against coronavirus.

The people complied. Its supposed to be astrologically determined, because the planets are malefic during this time. And the focusing of lamps during this specific period is supposed to ward off negative energy that us the virus.

A lot of Indians living in Nepal complied.

Mikie - when i hadnt turned vegetarian, i used to love tinned fish of any kind...tuna, sardines anything. for that matter i loved tinned ham, chicken.

What a nice present you got from Claudia..mmm lindt chocolate...

i like pistachios too, they taste great in chicken dishes.

Rock - i saw a picture of three dogs looking very puzzled and thinking, "why are ALL our masters wearing muzzles these days.?"

Granni - thats handy, making your own masks...here its mandatory for everyone to wear masks when outside..


spent today cleaning. Our kitchen got a good deep clean...we threw out lots of old bottles, jams n tealeaves, mayonnaise etc which were just expired or nearing expiry date.

The garbage bags are so full. how do we collect so much stuff?

I washed the dogs bedding...it took lots of very hot water..its shedding time and a nightmare.

dinner was egg curry and eggplant and potato curry with rice.
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R just returned from a quick town trip; groceries, post office. He wore a bandana for a mask. Got everything on the list. Nothing sold out --- except the Petite Ecolier cookies.:eek: LOL!

I am so worn out with everything: politics, religions, billionaires, and on and on. I'm feeling very bitter now. Hopefully better later.:rolleyes:

Sardines: I love them. Also kippered herring, etc., etc. Also love pistachios -- wish they weren't so expensive... and like Mikie, I remember when they had the red colouring.

Spring, yes it's shedding time here, and the dogs leave dust/hair balls all over. I'm used to it. Clean a little bit at a time.

Birds everywhere. a hen turkey ran/waddled down the driveway yesterday. We've been seeing LOTS of them and hearing them. I think it is nesting season now. The warblers are back, and I saw a hummer y-day.

Rock, YES, Donna Leon is a really enjoyable. I've read most of her books. I also love Andrea Camilleri, a major Italian, and very well known, author. His Inspector Montalbano series is 25 novels, set in Sicily. Really, a must read! I haven't read his last two yet and MUST get them!

Tired, tired, tired.....
Love to all,


Hi, Kids,

DD just called. One silver lining of this sheltering in place is that DGS's grades have gone from very poor to A's. It's a phenomenon with all the kids evidently. Stuck at home, they are studying and focusing to get their work done because there aren't all the other things jockeying for their attention. DD talked to one of his teachers and she said no one can figure out how to keep them focused once this is over with. DD said the Millennials are calling the virus the Boomer Remover. As though things aren't divided enough as it is, now the oldsters and youngsters are at odds. Well, it's always been that way but things seem more overt these days with social media.

No rain here and we may not get any. The story changes hourly. It's just gray and dreary to match my mood. I feel antsy today and at odds with everything. I'm not usually like that. Yesterday, I felt in sync with all the Universe. Today, I have a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes and am too tired to care about doing anything. I think this is physical and not mental or emotional. Tonight at 9:00, there is a new series on PBS--World On Fire. It's about WWII. Gonna be sure to watch it. I missed their show on how Cuba may have the cure for cancer. I can watch it on my computer.

My pistachios from Amazon just arrived. Alexa let me know. They weren't supposed to get here before Tues. The bags are huge--24 oz. What a perfect gift for Claudia who is so generous. She will love them.

Spring, I wonder whether astrology is the reason I feel so unsettled today. Tuesday is the full moon so by tomorrow, I should be on the upswing. It is a super moon called the pink moon. I had half of a egg salad curry sandwich for lunch. It's sooo good, even better today. I may have to freeze the rest of the chicken curry soup. With just me, home made food goes a long way. The Empire State Building in NYC had been making the tower light up like ambulances with red and white lights. Now, it is red that pulses like a heartbeat. It goes dark from time to time to honor those who have lost their lives. I love the spirit of New Yorkers. Laughing about the humans' wearing the muzzles.

Barry, so good to see you here. Wish I did like sardines because they are so healthy. Glad Richard was able to get almost everything you guys need. We have wild turkeys here but they don't appear to have enough meat on them to be good to eat. I likes me my Butterballs. The only Wild Turkey I want is the kind I can drink. I'm sick and tired of everything too and am just distracting myself as best I can. TV is great for that. I can also read. Just got my free book of the month from Amazon. Another thriller. SV is shedding too. He doesn't shed per se but throws the soft under coat like a Chow Chow. I find big chunks of it on the floor as though he's losing his stuffing. Feel better.

I continue to keep all of us in my prayers and I ask that we and our loved ones stay safe and well. For some reason, a cup of tea sounds good. Think I'll drink some Constant Comment. I had a cup of the hibiscus tea the other day. Perhaps it will soothe my sore throat.

Love, Mikie


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MIKIE - The mask that you were talking about with a bandana is the one that I made . I will give that to DH as the other two were made with much smaller pieces of material and I will probably will stuck with them. Hope the ones we ordered coe soon since I have no other stuff and bandanas either. THat cup of tea sounds good but I am to lazy to get up and fix it. I have some old Hibiscus tea which I may try one morning instead of my usual Green Teen decaff. Hope your sore ethroat leave you soon !!

Glad you got your pistachios early for Claudia. We get ours from Sams Club and are usually very expensive elsewhere but a bit better at Sams. They come in much bigger bags which is great. I love them too in fact I may go get some now, even though I do not feel like it. I remember in NY growing up I used to get them in those little machines tht you put coins in or very small bags and were covered with a red dye that came off in your hands. We watched Mass on our computer with streaming this morning and had lunch , I did a wash and then took a walk for a short while outside. It is not warm or very sunny today but better than it was early this morning or yesterday. Yes and it is very damp and soon will be very hot !! How nice of Claudia bringing you chocolates. I love them too !!! Esp the dark kind and it is healthier too and less sugar.

SPRING WATER - Yesterday it was suggested ( not mandatory yet)that everyone wear a mask when outside and close to people in stores, etc. I ordered two masks a long time ago and they are still not here yet but I do understand why. People around here esp those who think they might need it but in those areas most compromised with the disease are wearing them and older people. I don;t have to be anywhere really for some time but thought I might be a good idea to try making a couple since who knows when we will get the ones ordered.

BARRY - Sorry you are feeling blue. Not to hard right now with all this going on but chin up kiddo, as my mom used to say!! My DH likes sardines too but not so I but I do like herring which we do not have often, esp pickled in onion and sour cream or pickled with onion and not sure what is inthe marinade they small in small jars. I love them when you can find them in Sams which is not often. We used to eat them for good luck on New Years Eve and here it is black eyed peas maybe with greens We used to eat them a lot around Christmas and New Years Time but not a cheap treat for sure.

ROCK, SUN, JULIE, STAR, Miss you all and hope you come back soon. May not be here tomorrw if the weather is good. I may be outside painting some on the posts as I don't have to worry about sinking in the mud from the last couple days. I will be on the deck painting but then have to be real careful that I do not get white paint all over DH's brown paint on the flooring. YIKES!! That is surly an accident waiting to be happening there.

Love to awl,
Granni ;)


Hi, Kids,

Joe just called and we had a really nice conversation and laughed. It's good to have some humor now. I called my Mom's old friend down the street to make sure she is okay and offer to get anything she might need. She is in her 90's now. Her kids take good care of her so I wasn't worried. She was so happy that I called. We always tell one another that we love each other. She is one of the sweetest people I know.

I watched the Queen's message. It was so nice. The Brits aren't as emotional as we are but I could feel the warmth in her message and delivery. It made me feel better. Boris Johnson has been sick with the virus for ten days and he was just admitted to the hospital. There is a big streaming concert for America on tonight. I don't know whether I can watch without crying. Gonna switch to PBS at 9:00 so I can see the new series.

Granni, I think wearing the masks is a good idea since asymptomatic people can infect others. This virus is so strange and contagious. DD in CO called and she in on an inhaler for her bronchitis. They will only do steroids as a last ditch treatment because it lowers immunity. Her college class is online too. The teacher is very disorganized and it drives her nuts. I texted my neighbor because her car is here but I haven't seen hide nor hair of her all this time. She works for the school district and is at home working online too. She finally texted to let me know she is OK. Joe's been watching her condo to make sure her lights go on. We really look out for one another here. I was so tired this morning that I forgot to switch to the Mass. I feel lousy. When I paint, I'm an accident waiting to happen. I always start at the top and work my way down using plenty of drop cloths to catch the drips. Even using a roller throws out tiny splatters. One of the blessings of condo living is that all of the exterior painting is done for us. I'm hopeless at painting. Good luck.

I'm feeling a bit more settled down this evening. Don't know what made me feel so antsy. I've taken several things for my headache and sore throat. Hope I feel better tomorrow and am up to finishing off the car. It's not the end of the world if it never gets done. BTW, I looked up the best cars to keep for years. The Highlander was one of them with testimonials from people having 150,000 to 300,000 miles on them. Mine only has 42,000 miles so I should be good to go at the rate I drive now. Lots of people wrote that their Highlanders were the best cars they have ever owned. That's how my ex and I both feel about ours. I just hope no one runs into me and that I can keep mine looking decent. I think it's a Volvo that holds the world's record with 3 million miles on it. It's a 1966 1800S.


OK, I'm off to watch the national/world news. None of it is good but they always end with something to feel good about. Have a safe and healthy evening.

Love, Mikie



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Nothing much to post about. DD and DSIL texted last evening. He is flying mostly empty planes and only taking day trips to avoid staying in hotels. Tomorrow is his birthday. At our airport, 3,500 rental cars burned in a huge fire after they were parked on dry grass. DD called it a car-b-que. I told her that when the power goes out down here, we bring in the planes with smoke signals. DSIL said he is running out of mundane tasks around the house. They just finished their basement and he put in all the quarter round molding on the baseboards. I think a lot of jobs like that are being done by those of us who also serve by staying home.

I watched World On Fire last night on PBS. I think it's a pretty good show. There are limited episodes. Windemere Children followed it. It's about the children survivors of concentration camps of WWII. There is renewed interest in that era. I have always been interested in it. I get five PBS stations with my antenna. One always has Broadway shows or operas on Sunday nights. Last night it was 42nd Street. I watched the first hour. It was wonderful but I wanted to watch the other show. The tap dancing was amazing.

This is something run in the Dear Annie column in today's paper:

Here is a beautiful poem by Kitty O’ Meara, who has a lovely take on our dealing with, and eventual recovery from, the COVID-19 pandemic:

“And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.
And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made
new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.”

Here are some fun daily quarantine questions you can ask yourself:
1. What am I grateful for today?
2. Who am I checking in on and interacting with today?
3. What beauty or art and I creating or appreciating today?
4. How am I moving my body today for exercise?
5. Have I been outside in nature yet today?

6. What expectations of normal am I letting go of today, and what am I doing instead?

OK, I'm off to read the rest of the paper. Hope y'all have the best start to the week as is possible under the circumstances.

Love, Mikie
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Its evening...its not as cool as evenings are...definitely the temperatures are on the rise..we were advised not to eat ice cream or any frozen stuff..to avoid respiratory problems..but i let myself sip some cold Alphonso mango juice..not that im drinking any less tea.

The DH has been binge watching movies on the computer. We get to stream. Indian movies. He is bingeing on tea as well, like me.

i watched a ghost/horror comedy film on tv that was so bad it had me in splits. And had me glued to the end. It had some scary moments and a little boy of a family of four and two thugs die in a big mansion the family go to to look over, then it got depressing for me, however, the young girl who becomes possessed wakes up and its a dream.

But all the new people, (three thugs, a drunk, a little child saint) she encounters in the dream is there in her real life...even the thugs and her little brother are alive and well, the drunk is a servant in her house, and child saint is her brothers school mate..one of three thugs is her beau in the world she wakes up to, so its open ended..sort of make what you will of it...

i think the director himself lost track of what he was making in the end and threw up his hands and decided to make all the dead people alive so people wouldnt be too depressed.

i managed to get some groceries on my walk, and saw two young men herded into a deserted vegetable stall market enclosure...two policemen with those strange contraptions, (theyre NOT dog catchers, they have clamps of steel, not nooses, i saw them up close,)were guarding them at 5he entrance...they were waiting for back up, lockdown offenders are being taken into custody in their hundreds, kept for a few hours.

I quickened my pace and hurried home using little quiet alleys i knew. Who would have imagined it would be risky to go shopping? Well, as long as the very poor are getting fed, im ok with it.

They had a picture in todays paper of people in need lining up for a free meal being served by a community of Indians settled in Nepal. It was in a temple quarter. The migrant workers and daily wagers are so affected by this going into 3rd week of lockdown. As it is, they were living from day to day. All of them had masks on and were standing in neat lines and maintaining distance of six feet apart. There were security police to manage them.

I saw in France a volunteer team who go out in a van and look for refugees who dont have shelter, they arrange makeshift accomodation for them in churches, schools etc..feed them food bags they collect from takeaway restaurants, the left overs, and give them masks. This for the duration of the covid 19 because theyre at risk. Its families with kids from Syria, Afghan youngsters..the like.

The government itself is too burdened trying to manage the covid 19.
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Mikie - i loved the poem you posted. For me, it made sense, every word.

i think the planets do influence peoples moods. Theres so much extensive study, the Ancients knew what they were talking about. Im sure 5he secret of how Stonehenge was made or Machu Pichu is out there waiting to be discovered.

i hope you feel normal soon. Its a horrible feeling to feel antsy, PMS - sy.

Here, most elders and even lots of youngsters make it a point to visit the temple on Full Moon Days. And holy days. Only this time, they will chant their prayers, light butter lamps and meditate at home.

3000 cars! Whose were they? Car-b-que. lol. Thats was witty.


Barry - happy to see your post. Happy to know R got all the things on the list. Relief.


Granni - nice to read your doings as well. You seem to have had a productive day. I think we really need to take walks if its not risky. Probably not an option for Mikie, right now. I see people exercising on their terraces when i go out to shop. Ocassionally a jogger but theyre discouraged.


Rock - how are you doing?

God bless
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Hi, Spring,

So good to see you here. I loved that poem too. I decided to also post the questions that Annie included. DD and I were just talking about whether the world will use this opportunity to move forward in better ways once this crisis passes. Both DD and DSIL seemed taken with that big car fire. It was amazing to see on TV. It was a huge fire and they were lucky to get it under control but, like with so many things, it kind of took a back seat to what is happening with the virus. Think DSIL was interested because he has flown into our airport over the years. He is flying mostly empty planes and said he probably hasn't flown more than 20 people in the last month. Because of the time difference, I will wait a couple of hours to send him a Happy Birthday text. My old neighbor, Frank, has a birthday today too so will be texting him. I think he and Ilona decided to stay in TX rather than return to Boston during this time. Their kids felt better about having them there.

I'm so glad someone is watching out for the poor in your country. I know services are trying to take care of the homeless here. I think our morning and evening temps will hold for a bit. I don't know about the rains. They usually start with a sputter before the rainy season gets going in earnest. Everything is so dry here. That's why the fire spread so fast when the cars burned. I remember a fire at a garage that fixed fancy foreign sports cars when I was a yute. It got so hot that some of the fiberglass bodies started to melt and slide off the frames. The cars looked so grotesque. Funny how some things leave impressions like that.

I am exhausted and fell back asleep on the sofa after I posted here. The antsy feeling is gone, thank God. I hate feeling like that. Could be too much caffeine. I'm laughing about PMSing. That ship sailed long ago but I do remember the feeling. Taking walks is an option but, when it's so humid out, it isn't very pleasant to exercise outside. I need to take my recycle stuff and garbage down so will have to go out. I should jump into the shower but don't think I'm up to dealing with my hair.

Despite the most dire news, the stock market is jumping. It goes up and down on the flimsiest of rumors. It's crazy. I don't understand how you are expected to get food and other necessary things if you can't go out. Please be very careful.

Love, Mikie

Just got back from the dumpster and mailbox. I can barely breathe. I'm just out of breath. I suppose it's possible I could have the virus but I don't think so. I think that earlier virus left my breathing compromised. That is what happened with DD in CO. I am not running a temp. It really is humid out so won't even try to wax the top of the car. It may not get done. Our sweet mail lady said she is managing to stay well. I'm so glad because she is such a nice and helpful person. Idiots are still putting their recycle stuff in plastic bags which will be removed and dumped. They go to all that trouble for naught. My hair will go another day so will just rest today and possible get some little things done inside.
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Mikie - you used to suffer bouts of breathlessness from quite a while back...i dont think you will get the virus if you follow all the rules and stay confined and pray. There are no young people going in and coming out of your home either to pose a risk.

I think i had most of the answers to those questions in the questionnaire by Kitty O’Meara. except the last one. I have to ponder that.

I saw the news about the fire at Florida airport but only a printed line below the video news of the pandemic. No visuals.

The police are getting stricter here.They patrol up and down early morning and toot their sirens...to warn stores to close...vegetable sellers have taken to going into little bylanes and secluded corners, selling their wares from sacks...

Yesterday i had some meat which was defrosted for dinner, and took some innards when i nipped out in the evening to see if any shops were open, they werent, but the stray dogs were enjoying the empty streets and cool night air and when i threw them the meat, a lone cyclist went whizzing by and all the dogs loped after him, tails wagging, tongues hanging out, revelling in something to chase, ignoring the scraps completely.

So much for starving dogs! I was smiling on the way back. The humans might be feeling down during this time, not them.

i saw this post on the net and thought to copy it here. i thought it was funny.:DD01608C9-58AB-4244-9216-B38F314EBF4C.jpeg

We had chicken drumsticks cooked in the air fryer for dinner, with some broccoli and black lentils.

i soaked the whole garden area yesterday and watched the birds come down and play in the water. Lots more butterflies now, they seem to be sucking something from the clover or another weed. A few other kinds of butterflies, black with indigo, yellow, violet, tiger stripe, and little white ones which move very fast in and out among the foliage.
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

What a night. I guess my body decided to finally catch up on my sleep. I fell asleep last evening at 5:30 and woke at 7:30 in time to play FJ which, BTW, I was able to answer along with Claudia. Then I fell asleep about 9:00 until 4:30 this morning. My sleep was very deep with lots of dreams, several of which I remember. In one dream, I was having dinner with a friend/neighbor who passed away. SV is lying next to me on the sofa. I just pulled out a big clump of fur on his ruff that had been loose. His ruff, that looks more like a big bib, grows in the fall and thins out in the spring.

Spring, are there larger stores open for getting groceries? How is anyone expected to be able to get food? Good grief! I'm not going out until I absolutely have to. Yes, I got the 'flu lite' back in Dec. I've been having trouble catching my breath off and on since, expecially if I exert myself. Seems as though I've had symptoms of one kind or another ever since, some of them allergies. It's reassuring that the critters are enjoying their lives during this time. I got a big chuckle over the goats in Wales out in the street. I enjoy going out to see and hear the birds. Unfortunately, we now have ravens and, although they are beautiful, they have ugly voices. They sit in the tops of the trees and scream at anyone who is out. Thanks for the funny quote. It's important to laugh and smile.

I'm off to read the virtual paper. Hope everydobby is safe and well.

Love, Mikie

After I posted this, I went out to see the full moon setting over the townhouses and palm trees across the street. It was too cloudy last evening to see it rise. Tonight should be better for viewing. Gonna be hot today, into the low 90's. AACCKK! I need to get in the shower to wash my hair.

I've been letting nonperishables and shopping bags sit out until they are free from any virus. I finally opened the coffee I had delivered. Feels good to stock up the cupboard with it. I ordered a little metal drawer that sits under the coffee machine. I've hesitated getting one before this because they were so ugly. I was reading about descaling the machines and ran into an ad for the drawer on Amazon. This drawer is so cute and the coffee cup decor matches other things I have in the kitchen. Can't wait for it to come. Because the rewards with the Amazon Prime credit card are so good, I already have more than $40 in credit on Amazon. Woo Hoo!

Just got the application and background check documents from our mgmt. co. for the new buyers next door. I okay'ed it and let mgmt. know. Also texted Barb's DD to let her know. I've been doing everything I can to smooth out the sale during this difficult time. Joe is pretty sure these are the people he met when they viewed the condo and he said they seemed nice. From his lips to God's ear.
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Hi Gang.
I just came in from the yard, pulling up dead stems & weeds. I bopped out, and then popped in after 20 mins. Pooped out. So be it.

Mikie, I didn't know you were into astrology! I ALWAYS ask people what their signs are and then I tell them I don't believe in it myself! Which I don't. But hey, I'm a Leo, as were my mum and dad!
Maybe your antsy feelings come from the coffee you drink.... I stick to teas, as coffee make me queasy.
Gonna watch World on Fire Tonight.

Granni, pickled herring; YUM! I must get some. It's been a long time....
Do you grow anytthing in your yard,or whatever? Yesterday I picked a lot of upland cress that had seeded itself in the front yard. Steamed it; delicious. Missing the black-eyed peas though,;).

Spring, I think Stonehenge lines up with the summer solstice. Not sure. I've been there, had a picnic leaning up against one of the stones. Then went to Salisbury Cathedral. Very nice.

We need more rain here in Northern California; very dry winter. Afraid of summer fire season.

Gotta run, someones needs to talk to me on the 'phone.

Later, Love and Peace,


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Barry - i believe in astrology..both my DH and Chinese friend are Leos and they are of same temperament.

i also believe in the Chinese zodiac..they base it on the year one is born.2020 is year of the Rat.

Mikie - i saw the moon..big round, pinky orange. i saw something else too...a bright star...it wasnt a plane, it moved so slowly..it wasnt a normal star..it was too big and bright...my friend said it might be a meteor.

lets see if they mention it in the papers. i love the night sky...fascinating.

I see Boris Johnson is in the hospital..seems to have got it worse than Prince Charles. i found the Queen so elegant in her green dress and jewellery when she came on tv.

i got spinach today so i made a very easy dish..just boiled with onions, tomstoes and poured in some soup. The DD made chicken curry, the price of chicken has dropped 25 percent so have eggs.

But other things are expensive. Fruits.
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Hi Kids

Springwater, you thought that bank balance joke was funny? So did I. In answer to your question, I am fine except for a brief earache I had yesterday. I looked on the net for a home made remedy. Found
a site that said "Eat onions and garlic". Not exactly what I had in mind. More helpful was the tip to
"apply gentle massage". Anyhoo it's all gone today. Last night Kitty came in the back porch to
get out of the rain. She gave her best attempt at a purr yet.

Why are the cops after the vegetable sellers?

That car Ba Que joke is very clever. But why burn cars? Was it in this country? Here you just
call a scrap dealer and he comes and tows it away. Will also pay you a couple hundred dollars.

Barry, I've read 4-5 books by Andre Camilleri. Most recently, last year. But I don't have much to
read now. The library is shut down or doesn't have anything I want. It seems to be more focused
on getting rid of books rather than getting new one.

Granni, are you still struggling with masks? Gordon bought 40 from one gal he knows. I
haven't even tried one on yet. I think it would be easier to just pull a large water bottle over
the head. Makes for water cooler humor. Think I'll go finish my nap.

Hugs, Rock