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Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Time for a new Porch. Actually past time but I guess it doesn't hurt for the Porches to get long. Please go back to read the final posts on the last Porch. We will soon be at 1,200. I thought it might be a nice break to take a walk through this virtual meadow with lovely flowering trees in spring. To me, the sunlight represents hope.

Wow! Lots to do today so will have to get into the shower and wash the mop. We had wild fires to the north of us and to the south. It's scary this time of year. We may get rain tomorrow and Sat. I hope so; we desperately need it.

Sun & Granni, it's not just clueless kids who are flaunting the rules to help stop the spreading of the virus, there are people all over congregating and not wearing masks. A restaurant in CO opened and no one was wearing masks and the place was packed wall to wall. The restaurant's owner lost his license. Protesters are demanding their 'Constitutional rights' to spread the pandemic while gathering without masks with some openly carrying assault weapons. It's crazy and stupid. When I look at the sacrifices that those who came before us made during WWI, WWII and The Great Depression, it is amazing to me that people are being so careless. I do understand the need to start opening our country up and it is heartbreaking to see all those who cannot work but those who are acting carelessly are just making it more difficult to open up and likely causing more infections and deaths. I'm totally disgusted. They are the ones making the news but I think the majority of people are caring and trying to be safe.

Granni, Claudia has RLS and I know her legs hurt if she sits or stands too long in one position. Yes, we seem to pick up more and more conditions as the years go by. I have picked up a major inflammatory condition every ten years--in 1990 it was CFIDS/ME from a mycoplasma infection; in 2000 it was FMS following an auto collision; and, in 2010 Sjogren's Syndrome showed up out of the blue. It's 2020 and I'm getting nervous. I hope to break the curse. I think I had this virus back in Jan. but it could have been the flu. My legs have hurt so bad ever since and I worry about some kind of condition that was spawned by whatever I had. I hope it's temporary. My legs hurt like that for months following the mycoplasma infection. The pain finally went away then but I was never the same again.

The book was about a man who shoved Jesus as He was walking with the cross at the crucifixion. He was cursed to never die and to have to stay no longer than three days in one place. He had to roam the Earth for 2,000 years. He met all kinds of people on his travels and influenced the great minds along the way as he tried to atone and have the curse lifted. Satan, in the persona of a young man, was always after him to go to the evil side. There was a showdown and it looked as though Satan might go to the side of good but he didn't. So, the story left me wondering. Not satisfying but likely the only way it could end. As I said, it was a weird story. Hope your legs feel better.

Sun, I can only imagine how hard it is to wait to find out what is going on with your bladder. You have been through so much. I hope and pray you can see the doc but maybe it would be better to wait a bit if the chance of getting the virus is more likely than the cancer's making another inroad. I can certainly see why this is so stressful. I think we will be wearing masks for a long time too. Even though we don't wear them for our own protection, a doc on TV said they do offer some protection to the wearer. The print on the ones I'm going to make are shades of blue like watercolor stripes so, at least, they will look chic. Always important. :)

Love, Mikie

Got the mop washed and blown dry. I put some oil on it and it's all shiny. My scalp has been sore--usually a symptom of the Whatever Virus. Feels so good to have clean hair. Gotta go style and spray it. It's a kinda dreary day today with breezes. Hope we get our rain tomorrow and Sat. I'm off to hunt for a bite of food. Hope all is going well for everyone.
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Mikie - lovely picture...burst of white light...purple flowers..beautiful..its jacarandah time here...something nice to look at against the backdrop of lockdown. shuttered shops, bare streets and traffic cops.

Always think of jacarandahs as elegant ladies..

They reinforced lockdown...not a shop open after two hours of opening. Some organisations organizing free meals for daily wagers who lost their jobs..

i dont think about the end of it because i dont think its coming too soon here..barring a miracle...they found one person at a health centre infected and sealed the building off.

The only thing saving everyone here is because everyone has an elderly parent/grandparent with them..(no old peoples homes here except those who are abandoned, they are taken care of by the state,)so no one wants to carry the virus home to family.

Some stores have put up makeshift barriers, a piece of rope strung across entrance or a table blocking the way..you tell the shopkeeper what you want and they bring it to you.

Mikie - sounds like masks are the next fashion must have. Do i hear Calvin Klein, rushing to get their summer line ready? i like chic accessories. i actually like hiding behind my mask, which at the moment is a soothing powder blue in a soft material. If you gonna wear it all the time might as well, be something you like.

Sun - honestly, only the people themselves can protect themselves against this pandemic. No government, no doctor, no priest. the information the govt has is what rhe public have.

its a highly contagious, unpredictable virus you can die from and the hospitals do not have a cure yet..there is no adequate testing and no way of knowing if the person next to you has it...if you get it you cant guarantee your hospital can provide adequate care.

Now, people just need to decide if they want to take the precautions available and stay protected to the extent posxible or want to do what they want, and whatever will be, will be.

Its apparent govt leaders are as frightened and as clueless as anyone else...and that theyre only coping in their individual ways with what this virus throws up as time goes on.

I really wish everyone would have enough to live on until this pandemic disapears...we can learn to stop hurrying, just slow down, go back to living more simply but we do need to live. i dont think anyone died from not going out. Its calling for people to adapt. For some its easier.

My DH was saying his friends. are
fed up.

i hope Rock n Gordons computdr gets fixed soon. Miss them.
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Good afternoon Dear Ones,

SPRING - You are right it is up to each individual and we cannot make anyone do so but closing up forever or for the forseeable future I do not think is the answer and causes other big problems, as you I am surely know. Lots of homeless and people needing stuff, losing their jobs, etc.. So far we are lucky but fear can make people do all sorts of things. Have to keep our heads on straight and try not to panic about things More testing is also not the problem I think, as the more you test the more you find and they will never let anyone out of their homes and all our societies will go out.

MIKIE - Thanks for the new Porch. Will try ad get back later. DH needs me to do something on the computer so I have to get off now. Will try and get back later. Glad you got your hair done today. That is always a big mess for e to do and I need a cut and color too. I made an appoitnemtn for about 1 wk and 1/2 or so.

Love to all,
Granni :).


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Mikie: A most inviting picture you posted. Looks like heaven in my opinion. I’ve cut my own hair forever, since my boys were young and I gave them and my DH haircuts, so I learned on their hair and started to do mine since I didn’t like the way others were cutting. And when my mom was still alive I would cut her’s also. I have two mirrors that I can adjust in my bathroom to see the back sides. Easy peasy when you know how to angle the hair and cut. And I’ve always colored my hair, since I was about 19, so that’s a long time.

Sometimes my hair hurts....does that make sense? It’s like the angle of how it is some days. I think I read somewhere it’s associated with FM. Of course we get pain everywhere!!!!!

spring: If everyone would just wear a mask wherever they go and try to keep their distance we could all live with this. As to the testing, my opinion is it’s the ones working at crucial places like meat packing plants, etc. that need to get the testing first before everyone else. And if our elected officials would also wear masks a lot of this fighting would be a lot less. Arrogant is all I can say.

another sleepless night. Up and down all night long.


Hi, Kids,

Just waiting to go get my neighbor in another hour. I had thought I might stop at Publix on the way home but don't think I will. It's later in the day and, unless they have been stocking all day, things are likely to be picked over. Hate to go tomorrow if it's raining but that is better than today. I think just doing my hair wore me out. That's the other thing--ever since that flu in Jan., I have been even more exhaustigated than usual. Grace is the same. The swelling and redness on Grace's legs looked just like the skin on those babies who had the bad inflammatory reaction. I just have to do what I can and not worry about the rest. Fortunately there is nothing on a deadline except my annuity and that's not until June 15. BTW, I read an article that stated that vitamin D seems to help with the virus symptoms. People deficient in it had much more severe symptoms. That is true of all viruses. I take extra vitamin D for my osteopenia so that may have helped.

Spring, Some experts are saying testing is vital but, if a person tests neg. one day and pos. the next, wouldn't workers have to test every day? One expert said it is too late to trace those who have it to see whom they may have infected. I think early on these things might have been more effective but it may be too late now. A doctor flying home after volunteering in a hot spot got sick and he thinks it was through his eyes on the plane. He had a mask and gloves but no goggles. The plane was packed full which IMHO is just asking for trouble. I think we will have to allow people to go back to work; they can't stay home forever but I think they will have to follow the guidelines. For people like me who are vulnerable, I think they will have to stay home. That's my plan. I will go out if I need to but it has to be a necessary trip. The idiots have just set things back by congregating and not wearing masks.

My DSIL posted on FB that he thinks we may slow down and stop being so materialistic after this. Probably some will. I'm laughing about Calvin Klein designer masks. They ought to be featured at Fashion Week in NYC and sold to raise $$$ for those in need. All designers could produce them. I've seen a couple of nice looking men about my age at Publix sporting some very nice looking printed masks. I'll bet their wives made them. Etsy was advertising hand made masks.

Granni, I'd love to have someone else do my hair but I got used to doing it myself when I was too sick to go out to get it trimmed. Coloring is so easy now that I don't mind doing it myself. I've found the right length so that I can trim it myself and it doesn't look too bad. Heck, even before sheltering at home, I didn't go out much. Of course, for four months I haven't felt well so who knows? Maybe if I can get to feeling a bit better, I may want to go out and kick up my heels. Stop back in when you can.

Spring, I have the same kind of setup in my bathroom. I can cut the back because it isn't super short. When I wore it shorter, I had to have a pro cut it. Yes, it makes perfect sense that your hair hurts. I have the same thing. I think it's really my scalp. When the WV reactivates, that is one of the earliest signs I get. I got the same feeling when I looked at that pic. I think it may have been Photoshopped for the burst of light but I don't care; I just love the effect. Sorry you aren't sleeping well. I also read an article that it's common now. Even for those of us coping well, there is underlying stress that interferes with sleep. Hope you feel batter.

I'm all ready to go. All I need is some moisturizer, eyebrow pencil and my mascara. The mask hides everything else. Good thing because I look really pasty and tired. I went out earlier to water the big orange geranium and sweep up the dead love bugs that made love until they dropped. What a way to go! Hope they don't get on the car grille as I drive. Their tiny bodies eat off the paint.

Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: Out for a walk today and saw these two bugs connected....so came home and did a search....yep, love bug. Didn’t mention California so I guess they’ve migrated here. I think one of the strangest insect happenings was when I came across a large female praying mantis, killing the smaller male. I kept going out to check....she slowly ate his head off!

I took an hr nap and now I’m going back to working on these masks, assembly line. I think the hardest part is the cutting. I printed off more copies of the pattern, simplified it, and going to cut into a lighter color old sheet. Got a box from my DD yesterday....10 lbs. of sheets. Yikes. Don’t think I’m that dedicated. I read that the mayor of Los Angeles thinks masks will be required thru July.


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Hi Kids

As you know, Gordon and I live in a modern house. "Modern" meaning "It has appliances. You
wouldn't have known it for the past week though. Nothing in the place worked except the toilet.
Computer, phone, TV (sometimes) and something else ,I can't remember. all on the fritz.

Today we had 3 repairmen, one repair lady, and a Geek squad here. Thus far things seem to be
working. Wouldn't surprise me if a van showed up with a guy yelling, "Wait. We forgot Charlie."

The head of the Geek squad looked older than I. I wonder when he started working with machines
that looked older than he did.

Sun, I'm sure you can churn out dozens of masks if you want. Wish I had agile fingers and good

There's a giant jar of nuts on the living room table. I wouldn't mind crunching on a nut or two. I
asked Gordon what they were for, but he wouldn't tell me. I know they are not for the orchid club
meeting. The orchid club has not met for months. The orchid club may well disappear altogether.

Watched the Ritzz brothers on Youtube today. They are so silly. Make me laugh every time.

Hugs, kids.

Another great pic, Mikie Reminds me of a grade school teacher we had who kept a large box full
of photos and Life Magazine covers. Whatever the season, she had a suitable picture for the
bulletin board.

Ha det bra as the Norskies say.


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well, as you can see we got the computer fixed by the geek squad. the guy was very knowledgeagle and has been with the best buy for 16 yrs. it seems we might have signed onto microsoft somehow and this was preventing us to access our email/internet. he has altered the situation where we don't have to give a password and will go directly into the email/internet login. with the stay@home when i don't have the computer the day got soooo long. can't sleep/read all day. i did manage to repot a couple of orchids that were overgrown.

got a call from my cousin amy regarding repotting some of her orchids. gave her basic instructions and assured her that cymbidiums were hardy and not to be afraid to try. don't know where she'll find the supplies for the job. will check up one her in a day or two.

all for now,



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Rock /Gordon - so nice to hear from you. It sounded like a SWAT team descended on you all. Lucky man, that older person who is going out fixing things. Other than the know how, one would have to have the energy. im always envious of people who have energy.

It could also be he looks older than he is. i notice smokers, heavy drinkers look older than their age. My mum looked really old..she smoked throughout her life.

Thats nice cousin Amy is busy wigh her orchids. i saw some very attractive ones, tall, white with brown flecks in some peoples terraces on my way to the shops. i actually tbought a row of ten of them must be artificial flowers until i saw the same orchif bloomjng in a pot in another persons terrace!

Theyve finished blooming and hv been taken away. But how lovely are flowers, the joy they give the owners and passersby.

Mikie - that book sounds really interesting. i wish they didnt leave the ending ambiguous. i like endings to be tied up neatly and yes, on a positive note.

If this lockdown continues i may have tocapitulate and get a kindle.

My friend shares her usa friends kindle or something like that...but the books are only on esoteric subjects related to Pranic Healing. i think she.pays him to pay for the books because one of the teachings is you may not steal and pirated books n cds are considered stealing.

Granni - these are testing times for so many. All around the world. And some of us already with enough on our plates. With dependants to look after. Neither my DBs widow nor DB work. My DDs American friend from. college got laid off..she was a Bar Manager in NY and had to file for unemployment. DD unused to such news was stressing.

How did the neighbours doc trip go?

Sun - i wouldnt have the stomach to look at a praying mantis that close. its such a good thing you do with the masks. i wish i had your dexterity.


I just came back from two trips ..once very early to give some money to my DB and widowed SIL. He met me half way since we were both walking.

i forgot to take an umbrella, it had rained in the night but luck was on my side, i had returned, stepped inside my door and it rained. Tho not for very long.

Took me an hour to n fro. A little later and cops will be holding out their dog catchers.

i came back and went agn and was able to get fresh produce, wipes, garbage bags..fresh fruit.

There were other things i needed but the bags got too heavy..its 15 mins one way. Im guessing i got my days exercise.

The papers today quoted the govt as saying given our infrastructure, testing and social distancing are the only ways open to us. so many people came from outside to test because their landlords workplaces neighbours pressured them. But the govt has said health workwrs will get first preference.

Hey to Barry, Willow and others..

God Bless
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Good Friday Morning, Dear Porchies,

I finally got a boatload of sleep. I fell into bed early in the evening and went into a coma-like sleep. Slept through Jeopardy. Good thing Nancy and Claudia know that happens now and then. I'll shoot them a text to let them know I'm still kicking. Jeopardy is showing reruns of the Greatest of All Time Championship. I don't know why they don't rearrange the studio for social distancing and tape the shows without an audience. SV climbed on top of me during the night yowling in distress. He had thrown up a hair tube and wanted me to clean it up. He is very fastidious about things like that. I flushed the tube but there is a little bit of liquid on the rug and this morning, he gave me a look and said quite a bit about my not having cleaned that up yet. Bossy little beastie!

I took my neighbor to her appt. I don't know what medical procedure she was having but she wasn't nervous. Hope all went well. Her friend, who is still working, was going to pick her up. I said a little prayer that she would be okay. A friend of hers had made a mask that was a print of little pink flamingos on a white background. Sooo cute. Glad I got that new battery. Now I have to reset the radio buttons. That won't be difficult because I can only stand two stations; one is oldies from the 80's and the other is easy listening. I truly am an old fogey.

Sun, I didn't realize that CA has love bugs too. There were tons of dead ones inside my storm door when I went out to sweep. I'm creeped out by the praying mantis that was chomping down on her mate's head. Yikes! Now I can't unsee it in my mind's eye. I was just wondering why there is so much violence and pain in the animal kingdom. I see the beautiful birds eating fish and I feel bad for the fish. Some are swallowed whole but ospreys hold the fish in their talons and tear them apart with their beaks. The fish writhe in agony before dying. SV likes to watch nature shows on PBS at bedtime and they are full of violent animal deaths. Do you have enough elastic for the masks? The bottom sheet I'm using has elastic all the way around so I'm lucky there. A friend of Joe's made him a mask but the elastic is a bit too wide and it makes his ears stand out. I gave him one of the ones my DD sent to me. After I make mine from the sheet, I'll give him another. I have electric scissors but have no idea whether they still work. They are old but they really make cutting fabric go fast. Did the doc change your next appt. or are you still going in?

Spring, that is so nice of you to give money to family members. Glad you didn't get rained on. It's all gray outside and I'm not sure when our rain is sposda start today. It wouldn't be stealing if both Kindles are registered to the same acct. Books can be shared by all the Kindles associated to an acct. Barb's DD buys books and, because Barb's Kindle is registered to the DD's acct., they just show up on Barb's Kindle like magic. It's kinda like if I buy a book and share it with someone. On the other hand, perhaps the friend wouldn't buy those kinds of books so she pays for them. The story did end on a semi-positive note because Satan started to go to the good side and really struggled. The man saw him in the body of a bum at the end and there was some light emitting from him as though he hadn't rejected goodness altogether. I guess I'm sposda believe goodness will win out. I believe that anyway so I choose to think Satan will repent. I have a little shopping cart that I can pull along and it would be perfect for walking to the store. Is there anything like that available for you? Back in the old days when there were little neighborhood stores, old ladies would walk to them pulling their carts.

Rock & Gordon, it seems as though when one thing goes in the house, two or three other problems rear their ugly heads. I'm glad the guy fixed the computer. I wonder whether it did an automatic update and messed things up. All my electronics do automatic updates and often afterward, I have to reset things. I'm laughing at what Spring said because I can envision a SWAT team of repairpeople descending upon your house. Did they repel down lines from a hovering helicopter? Did they break down the door and yell, "Step away from the TV"? Funny you mention the teacher with her Look Magazine photos. I was just thinking at how things have changed and how teachers had to use pictures instead of what we now access on our computers. The newspeople are working at home but the technicians can put in any background they want. Some are not using the backdrops and we get to see their living rooms and dens. There is a website where you can rate each one's room. I think it's called Roomrater. Are we bored or what? Hope nothing else breaks down, especially the toilet. I'm glad I have two of them and know how to repair them.

Gonna go read the miserable news. This Sunday, the real paper will have a whole bunch of crossword puzzles and other word and number games to help us stay hunkered down. Can't wait. Hope all y'all have a safe and happy windup to the week.

Love, Mikie

It doesn't take much to excite me--the weather is back on my watch. Quite a while ago, it updated and I lost the temperature in one corner. I went online and it seems everyone else did too. I tried everything but to no avail. The watch just updated and I went in and tried with a new weather app. It didn't work for a couple of days but just now, Voila! Not only does it give the temp but there is a tiny icon to show raindrops, sun, etc. Seems like a small thing but I use that and the heart rate all the time. Something works! Yea!
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Hello, Kids

I have exciting news, fresh from the TV station. There was an earthquake a few minutes ago. Of course we'll have to wait a while to find out where, how big, etc. Also there will be a flyover this morning. Nobody said what or why. Well, the news people aren't really awake yet.

Got an e mail yesterday from an old friend. It's the second time he's sent it. Well, he's also 80
Our combined IQ is about that of a goldfish. Not sure where he lives anymore. Calif. or MN. I

You got a boatload of sleep, Mikie? Musta been sailing with Wynk, Blklin and Nod. Used to have a
book of their verses by


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Good morning awl,

ROCK - Sorry to hear about the earthquake and hope there was little damage and injury or deaths in that area. Glad to see you here on the POrch today sounding rather chipper. Miss you when you are not there, not that I am always there either so do not feel bad.

MIKIE- Glad you got a bunch of good sleep. I really need that myself although this am. at 8, DH came in and I didnt want to open my eyes. Sorry to hear that SV threw up the hair ball but guess he is OK . That just means he is one clean kitty. LOL Funny that he sees to be a picky kitty that likes his space clean and picked up with no stains on the rug from HIM. LOL

SPRING - Wonderful that you help out your family monetarily especially when it is really needed in this hard time. We also have been helping our DCG trying to be less confused and so far is doing pretty well. We just sent her some money the other day which is in the mail. She says that she feels better and got her unemployment today or yesterday. Most will go to rent I suspect. I know she was nervous about that since she was homeless for some time, not a very good experience for sure even with her mixed up mind. Hope all goes well with her going back to work in another week.

Thinking about everydobby. I need to go get lunch started . May be back later if I can. It rained some last night and may rain some this afternoon. Tomorrow is a good beet for rain as well as Sunda. We are going back to church Sunday and DH is helping as usual but little choir. DH will be taking temps which should be interesting of the others going to be helping out. Others probably will be taking temps of those coming into church . Lots of rules and have to be there very early for Mass. Since I go with him I will probably have to wait in the car for 20 minutes as he has to be there 1 hr and 20 minutes before, I guess they will change some of these rules if they find not so much time is needed but esp since this is the first Sunday they will be open. They are going by the alphabet and half go this week and the other next week unless you are a minister and are needed. Full choir is not needed yet.

Love to awl inc all those not mentioned today,
Granni :)


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Hi All.

Gordon, I had the same problem with my computer. Some nonsense about Microsoft Edge-- which I don't use. Anyways, lost all my tabs, bookmarks, passwords, etc., and have been resetting them this a.m. Still not finished. :eek: Wipe out!

Spring, you have a very good lockdown in Nepal. Here, in the States, everything is in chaos. Some states are opening, some not. Govt. is completely out of wack re the pandemic.
By the way, I LOVE praying mantids. So beautiful...

Mikie, you only listen to two radio stations? Oldies from the '80s? R listens to oldies from the '60's. I guess he is more of an old fogey than you, eh wot?:D In the morning, after the weather channel and part of an Antiques Roadshow (American) we switch back and forth between our three classical stations. R doesn't care for the opera station..;) but I don't mind. After tea time at 4pm, we listen to whatever, and watch a movie. And so it goes.

Granni, I'm so glad you were able to help your DCG. She is blessed, as are you. I imagine, well I KNOW that these are hard times for all. Let us all pray for the World.

Well, I'm done in by the computer. Thanks to my "geek squad" (Richard) it was fixed. Now I have to fix myself!

Someone in a post mentioned peripheral neuropathy -- i don't remember who, but maybe Granni --. Well. I have it in my legs -- I described the feeling as icy/hot needles and tingling. I take gabapentin for it. Small fibre neuropathy. Idiopathic... in other words they don't know the cause.... (could be alcoholic -NO, leprosy,- NO, Lyme -- maybe.) I've had four tick bites this spring. I've had lots of tick bites out here in the woods for 40 yrs. I had a bulls-eye rash, but thought nothing of it at the time -- I knew naught about Lyme disease at the time though, so a doc didn't get to see it....
Bye for now,
Pray for my computer,
Love and Peace to All.
Barry, non-geek.
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Just popping in again for a few minutes!

MIKIE- I know it is not just the kids who don't use their heads or are just doing what they feel like at the minute.

BARRY - Good luck with your dr appt. and with ours too. Hope all goes well with it and you get what you need and don't have to go back for awhile.

Hope everydobby has a nice peaceful weekend.

Thinking of JULIE, SUN, STAR, WILLOW as well as our usual peeps !! No great plans for us for sure. We may be rained out for doing much stuff outside.

Granni :)


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Rock: I think the earthquake was in Nevada....a 6.4. Along the area that scientists study for “the big one”. Are you enjoying your kindle now?

Barry: Honestly I enjoy watching the praying mantis......they will watch you, turn their heads to face you. Probably would make a good pet if you had nothing else, just have lots of greenery for them to hide in. Years ago I was always finding little baby praying mantis in my garden unexpectedly.

Mikie: I went to the Dollar Store yesterday and bought 4 packs of those covered hair bands, just the right size for around the ears. What kind of mask did you make? The accordion one or the duck bill one? I’ve made both, but after changing up the duck bill one I find it goes faster. And I just got back from getting my 10” heavy duty scissors sharpened. They do cut 4 layers of sheeting together but I figured if they were sharpened it might go easier. This was a great find years ago at a junk shop....$5. These are the only ones able to cut heavy upholstery fabric. It’s a real weapon though


Hi, Kids,

Decided to drop in and am delighted to see so many posts. I've been doing dribs and drabs of chores. I did two loads of laundry and ran a cycle in the DW with cleaner. I should do that more often considering our hard water. I cleaned up the spots from SV's early morning hair tube excitement. Funny, but he and Nancy's old cat both throw up tubes instead of hair balls. Both long haired cats and that may be why. I've looked over my annuity stuff and think I know what I need to do. I'll call customer service and the agent they assigned to get a bit of help but the paperwork looks pretty straight forward. Laundered the sheet I'm using for the face masks. It was clean but SV decided to take a nap on it. Of course, I'll launder the masks when they are done. Got lots of elastic from the sheet.

Even with good sleep, I'm exhausted and am not thinking too well. I must have gotten too much of the stearic acid because I'm jumpy. Gonna stop the Acyclovir for a bit. I think there is a tipping point. Also, it seems to be cumulative. I'll bet there are others who have been diagnosed with dementia and are sensitive to this horrid ingredient. It suits me to do small tasks when I'm feeling like this. I loaded my pill boxes and cleaned out the little storage bin where I keep my meds. Need to clean off the shelves in the kitchen where I keep the OTC stuff I use now and then. Just doing small stuff that I've put off.

Rock, the EQ was in NV and was a 4.7 according to news accounts online. The flyovers lately have been to salute first responders and healthcare workers taking care of virus patients. Of course, it could be for some other reason. Those formations are something to see. I saw them in an airshow many moons ago. Yes, I got a boatload of sleep; I wanted to ketch some Zzzz's. Thought I yacht to do it. Your neighbor sounds interesting.

Granni, you are right; it isn't just the kids showing bad judgement. Wisc. opened up bars and the news is full of grown men and women sitting wall to wall drinking and celebrating and wearing no masks. I do think it's time to open up in areas where the numbers of infections aren't raging and businesses can do so following the CDC guidelines. I believe people should have to wear masks except in bars and restaurants when they drink and eat. All servers should have to wear them. We can't stop all infections but I believe we ought to use common sense. I think us older people are the ones staying home and taking as few risks as possible. Is you DH gonna use one of those radar gun like thermometers? That looks like fun. Fast too. Glad your DD got her unemployment check.

Barry, I only listen to two stations in the car. When a new battery is installed, all the presets are wiped out. We lost our classical station and most of what is left is hip-hop/rap, country western or new pop music. I just don't care for much of anything in the last ten years or so. At home, I can ask Alexa to play most anything and be specific as to artist, album, or song or just by genre. If I ask her to play it through the TV, the speakers are good. I still believe that when Microsoft updates, it messes a lot of things up. My Chrome needs to update but it's usually okay. Apple updates the iPad, phone and watch all the time, mostly to fix what they screwed up last time. Glad you have your own in-house Geek.

Sun, I'm making the pleated ones. There is no hurry because I have the ones DD sent and I hardly go out. Just thought maybe I'd make up kits. Smart that you're using the hair bands. I would too except this sheet has everything I need. I don't know what happened to my sewing shears. I have a pair of kitchen scissors that seem to cut okay. Still gonna get out the electric scissors and give them a try. So those shears are a real weapon? Do you have a permit for them? :)

Didn't feel up to going to Publix today but I can probably go another couple of days without shopping. Don't have much appetite anyway. We didn't get much rain out of the deal today. There are still wild fires inland 40 miles south of us. I need to check out Goodwill hours for taking my donations. Lots of little projects going on in here.

Have a nice evening, everyone.

Love, Mikie
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barry, we used the geek squad from best buy. the repairman was very knowledgeable and was done in 45 minutes. well worth the time/money spent. he was able to disengage what every was created in mircosoft web, took out one of the anti virus program i had installed. he said you only need one. anymore and the two system fight each other. he also clean up 'stuff'. if i need this service again i can request this repairman.

beans and squash have done nothing. will soak new beans tonight and try again and give up on the squash. tomatoes are breeding but this year there seems to be lots of bugs and they're eating them.

will call cousin amy tomorrow and see how the repotting is going for her. she doesn't have much of a green thumb. she stated that the cymbidiums were from her mother - i told her she got them from me when i repotted. she wondered if i had any other color she might have. told her i've moved on from cymbidium as they get too large.

all for now,



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Gordon: Did you get a one time visit from geek squad or pay for the year? When I bought my new ipad in november I KNEW I couldn’t do it myself so I paid for a year. Great investment since I could call them anytime with problems and they would walk me thru. And I think I took my new ipad an additional 3 times for help. I also had the geek squad come out and install my printer when I bought it a month later. So if you’re thinking about having them out again they might apply what you already paid for the one visit toward a yearly charge Which I think was around $100.

Mikie; no, don’t have a concealed weapon license for my scissors. But I always think I could kill an intruder with them.