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PORCH 1205 IS NOW CLOSED (6/23/2)

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Happy Tuesday, Dear Porchies,

Time for a new Porch. Today is Julie's birthday. If anyone is in touch with her, please wish her a happy birthday from us Porchies. Better yet, it would be nice to hear from her.

Please go back to read the last posts on 1204. There is a nice one from Granni. I'm up a bit later because I got lots of sleep last night. I get so tired that I can hardly stay awake these days. My DD called yesterday. I still haven't powered up the magic picture frame to see what she sent. It was so nice to chat with her. DGS and his pals are bored. He didn't get to go to camp this summer because of the virus. He couldn't get a job. This virus will be remembered as a major event in their lives. Well, it's a major even in all our lives but things that happen when we are young seem to remain imprinted on us. Who doesn't remember Sputnik and the worry that Russia was going to take over the world, ruling from space. Who doesn't remember drills at school in case there was an atom bomb dropped. So silly. We had more than 4,000 new cases of the virus here in one day over the weekend. At least, more people are wearing masks. I am at greater risk due to my blood type and medical conditions so am not taking any chances. I have been nowhere except Publix in weeks except for one doc appt. and one trip to Target when it was nearly empty. Oh well, I got no NRG to do anything anyway. :(

Granni, I'm glad everyone had such a good time at your BBQ. So glad your DD enjoyed seeing everyone. That has to be helpful to keeping her feeling better. Hamburgers, hot dogs and side dishes sound wonderful. Dessert doesn't sound bad either. I know you have to scramble before the cleaning lady comes but it must be nice to have a clean home. With just SV and me, the condo doesn't get too dirty but, if it weren't for Roomba, it would. His fur continues to come out in gobs. I brushed him and combed out the knots and ended up with a handful of fur. I always show him how much comes out. He seems to be interested in it. Yes, it's definitely A/C weather.

I'm outta here til later. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie - just saw your new porch while i was looking for a picture to post. Found this. i love greenery. Looks like a nice place to rest and contemplate on a hot day.

Heavy downpour just as DD hung out clothes to dry. Had to collect them back in. But its the norm nowadays..it showers on and off.

Rock has posted a nice post on the previous porch. Could you move that here?

Willow - so sorry to hear of the loss of the baby. I pray your DS and DDIL are blessed with a beautiful baby. Enjoy having your children around. I guess DS will soon be off.

Sun -years ago, a doggie i had once ate a pancake i left on my computer table. I took the rest of the pancake and marched down to the garden with all the dogs following and threw a piece of the pancake to all the other dogs except him. He was looking on morosely. my cousin who i wrote to about the incident said what i did was a class act.

I remember my sweet Tashi. He must be eating pancakes galore in heaven.

Mikie - i hope the tiredness wears off soon. No fun. Uneventful here. i went out but the increasing traffic and honking and noise got to me. I guess i belong to a nunnery after all. i did enjoy the cleaner air while it lasted.

Our dogs are shedding like crazy. That and the rain, its no fun cleaning our floors.

I think its smart of you not to go out. With the numbers rising, safest place is at home, in front of the telly, eating some feel good food. The numbers are rising in South Korea too and Beijing where they opened up. What a pain in the neck for authorities.

I see you came back with a card for Julie. Happy birthday, Julie. Hope you have a good day with lots of family around.

Granni - nice you went and had a nice get together. I havent met anyone. With health amenities the way it is, all the relatives are prefering to stay indoors and not congregate. My Chinese friend cloistered herself in her house just cooking, gardening for her family. DHs uncle, aunt and DD have not stepped out. Its going on three months.

Rock - i sincerely hope Jim did not talk Gordon into buying any more orchids. I read Gordon saying he wants to downsize. I wish i could send you our feral cats that hang around the butchers. They would pounce on the bits of turkey your kitty looked down at.

Barry - the icy tingling in legs is what i get in winter when i sit in one position for two long. Actually its improved much these past few years, used to be pretty painful i remember.

i was surfing channels and glimpsed a red crab on Animal Planet ..he was carrying away a lego piece scurrying over the stream bank with the lego held high over his body.. What do crabs want with that? Then they showed a racoon stealing a dish of food right from under the household cats nose and making a victory dance display holding the dish in its mouth and with its hands before disappearing into the bushes.

Hmmm. Sounds like Doofus and the racoon. Wonder whether they got filmed.

Take care, everyone

God bless

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Hi Kids. Despite plagues and wars and spilled soup, life goes on pretty much as usual.
Jim wasn't here today, but he seemed to call every half hour. All because one of the orchid club
members was having a sale. Jim didn't go, but he might as well have. Seems like every half hour
he called to tell Gordon what was going on. Jim is a character and the lady having the sale is too.
I don't think either one of them could organize a game of jacks. Gordon was smart not to go.
(How could Jim tell Gordon what was going on? Not sure, but Gordon suspects he made several
trip to the sale and got the rest of the inforfrom the phone.

Granni, glad to hear you had a nice father's day. Sun, I can't imagine a cat eating potatoes. It's
akin to a buffalo eating a fish. I cleaned out the fridge yesterday. Gave the cat a couple pieces of
turkey. She didn't eat em.

Willow, How did Bear get the nickname Bear? Because he's big, fierce, likes honey? What sort of
job would he like to get.

Sun, yes, it's too bad it's gotten so difficult to post a picture here. Used to be easy peasy.
I suppose it wouldn't be good idea to take Clair to visit Svlvester. The two of them would probably
overpower you and Mikie.

Milie, I bet if I tried to give our feline a bath there would be a fierce battle in the back yard. I must
say she's doing her best to cope with the new arrangements here.

Spring, we have lots of rules to compete with the wicked virus, but generally it appears that no
one bothers to enforce them.

Gordon picked up some pills for me at the drug store. I think it was two days before I took any.
Even it took Gordon to remind me.

Hi Barry, Regards to Richard
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Hi, Kids,

Just read the paper. I went out earlier to water the poor geranium. It's easy to forget and it needs to be watered daily. I told Claudia she can have some of the ferns that have overgrown our stairwell gardens. She doesn't get moving as early as I in the mornings and I may go down and just pull them out and put them in a bucket for her to take home. I don't want to be working in the hot sun. One of the dwarf ixoras in the little hedge out front looks anemic. I tool some Miracle Gro and poured it into the ground under that one plant. The rest are going crazy with beautiful orange blooms. Speaking of going crazy--my Christmas cactus is growing so fast. I need to repot it. It likes the lanai.

Spring, thanks for posting that beautiful green scene. I love it. Have you ever left the wash out in the rain and let it dry after the rain stops. It's Mother Nature's fabric softener. Unfortunately, if the air is dirty, the rain will be dirty too. So sad what we have done to the planet. I loved it in Europe where there was no need for a car. There was public transportation everywhere. Kinda like NYC. Thanks for your kinds words. These flares always eventually clear up. When I'm like this, noise bothers me too. Same for movement and bright lights. Sensory overload. I'm laughing thinking about the victorious crab with his Lego block. Also about your dear doggie with his pancake. So glad God gave us critters.

Rock, I'm laughing about Jim's and the woman's inability to organize anything. Sounds like ADD. With ADD, everything is as important as everything else so those who suffer from it get distracted and go from one thing to another. I have it and have to be careful to focus. Not always successful. SV has riced potatoes in his wet chicken stew food. Carrots too. It smells delicious. I could probably safely eat it. I can't afford it; it's more expensive than my food. The only problem I have posting pics stems from the iPad and not the website here. I have to use the iPad because that's where my pics reside, there and on my iPhone. Apple just announced big upgrades for it's products. The watch will be able to tell when you wash your hands. Good grief! Glad you have such a discerning kitty. That means you are of high quality to earn her love but, of course, we already knew that.

Barry, oh, Brother, where art thou? Hope you are feeling better.

I'm off to so something. Don't know what.

Love, Mikie
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Help! We are having a very hot spell. I don't deal with heat very well, and it's supposed to be around 100 through Friday....
Last night was so warm that we sat out in the dark with the dogs, drinking a glass of iced white wine and smoking a joint, for an hour or two. Relaxation.....

Still no NRG. I read the news in the morning and am sickened by all the misery, poverty, homelessness, and illness in the world. 100 degrees in Siberia y-day!

Mikie, I feel for your tiredness. Yeah, I remember the school drills for a nuclear attack. Get under your desk, bend over, and kiss your *** goodbye!
I see there is a surge in Florida and Texas in the Covid-19 cases. So scary! Stay safe my sister...

Spring, the doggie pancake tale made me laugh! Tashi is a nice name. The neuropathy I have is exacerbated by any sudden change of temperature, like getting into bed. I have to wear sweat pants to sleep in, and warm socks, even during hot weather.... Go figure.

Sun, so you have been having fun with Clair eh? Or is it vice versa? Cats LOVE butter. Did she eat the taters too? Our two cats love to eat and sleep, and catch a mouse once and a while, but they seldom eat them.... they are gifted to the ravens. Monty and Sylvie are obese. Or very fat. Should I stop feeding them? Then they try to eat the dry dog food by scratching at the bag -- but they fail, thank the dogs.

Rock/Gordon, are you keeping busy? I know you are, Gordon, with your orchids! What is your favorite genus, eh? Inquiring minds, and all that.
Rock, what are you reading now? I'm still in 197 A.D. I should be out of it today....and then to the 1300's to a book by? that Richard read and liked. Can't remember, and too lazy to look. I'll tell ya later. You have probably already read it....

Well, time to eat a yoghurt for lunch. I like the Chobani brand. Then I'm going to R&R (rest and read, NOT rock and roll), have a brief nap until Ricardo rouses me from my coma, and tea time it is at 4.

Love to All, including Granni, Willow, and Julie, and....?


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Hi Awl,

Just popping in for a short bit. Went with DD closeby to eat at a very small place for her birthday that was on the 9th. When we went in no one was there as it was early. We were the first ones and we sat over at a table for 2 away from the other empty tables. By the time we left a lot more people came in. The people that own it were very clean and all wore masks and gave us paper menus to keep of throw away,

Sorry got to go right now DH needs the computer. Hopefully ore later or tomorrow. Good lunch !



Hi, Kids,

Well, another day of no activity. I get up, feel half-way decent and then, the exhaustion just overtakes me. I fixed a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for lunch. It doesn't taste them same. Very bland. My taster is off and that may have something to do with it. Still, it seems things I used to like just don't taste as good. Same thing happened with KFC and Domino Pizza. It's not quite 4:00 in the afternoon and I've already brushed my teeth for the night and used my Water Pik. I don't eat an evening meal. Because of that, I wake up famished and eat my main meal at lunch.

Barry, yes it's very disheartening to see everything going on in the world. Things are bad enough here and we have it good relatively speaking to so many other areas of the world. I'm laughing about the bomb drills. I don't think I remember the nuns' telling us to kiss our asses goodbye. Thanks for the laugh. That 10 degree temp is in the Arctic Circle. Just watched a special on PBS about water and it's scary what will happen if the Amazon Rain Forest continues to be burned. We are hell bent on destroying the planet. Enjoy your book and your rest.

Granni, glad you had a good lunch and got to go out. Because my taster is off, I don't have much desire to eat out or even get take out. As it is, food is going to waste here and I hate that. I don't even know what to buy at the store anymore. It's so nice you and DD got to have lunch together.

I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Y'all,

I'm back !!! DH is done with what he had to do . I texted Julie and told her that we all wished her a Happy BIrthday. Not sure if she is home or in Tennessee. I have never seen a gal who loves to drive like she does all over the place but then then again you really need to like driving living in the country like she does. This is bad enough were we live. It used to be country but our main road has gotten very built up. What used to be a 2 lane road is 3 lanes both ways and they speed like crazy. Supposed to be 55 but forget that. I have to work at it staying close to 60. The police are really out on our used to be lazy road now turned speedway !! People change lanes, dont signal sometimes, and speed etc, etc.

We had a great lunch. We started off with crab, cheese appetizers, that were fried but we only had three each. They were hot and delicious. Then we had shrimp and grits which was yummy and shared a pecan cobbler, tastes like pecan pie but not as heavy with no little crust and some ice cream on top. I am so full and would be happy not to eat any more today. We were good and did not have a glass of wine which we sometimes do but it was 11 a.m. and I wasn't in the mood and with all we ordered it was cheaper on the bill too. Wish I didn't have to fix dinner. I won't eat to much, for sure.

MIKIE - Sorry that you don;t have lost your appetite. That is no fun and esp when you enjoy eating like I do. Luckily I do not have a weight problem. If anything I have a to watch I don't lose to much. Just have to watch my tummy which has a lot of gas, drives me nuts. Hope you get your tastebuds back. That's a bummer and it is not to good for your health if you don't eat well and certainly not conducive to enjoying eating.

I texted Julie and told her Happy Birthday from me and everyone on the Porch. She has been so busy. Also remember, one of her SIL's is a police officer and everyone is under stress with this defunding police and BLM and all that crap! Hoping she will come back sooner rather than later for a bit. Not sure if she was home with or without all the kids or what, she didn't say.

Hugz to everydobby inc ROCK/GORDON, BARRY, SPRING, SUN, WILLOW, et al,

Granni :)


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Hi All,
Thank you every one for the well wishes over the baby. Kay is doing very well now that Bear is home again.
The kids are still here for a few more days. Bear is taking a nap and Kay is doing her cross stitching. She is really good at it and has done a few commissions. They go home on Friday, Kay has a few massage clients left and they are throwing her a birthday party on Saturday. She is a licensed massage therapist.

Rock- Bear got his nickname when he was a baby. He carried a teddy bear around by the ribbon around the bears neck. He had a little one when he was tiny but graduated to one almost as big as he was by the time he was a year old. Buddy was originally Fuzzy Buddy because he had no hair like the poem Fuzzy Wuzzy. His dad Gray just started calling him Fuzzy Buddy from that.

Bear has applied at a truck driving place that does on the job training. Gray drove double tankers for over 20 years. You can earn a decent wage and be home every night doing that but you work weekends and holidays.

Buddy has found out that he may soon be out of a job too. The company is doing very well but the owner was an old man and he died a few weeks ago. His children have no interest in the company. They don't know yet if the company will be sold or shut down. If it is sold they may fire everyone and hire people for minimum wage, he makes a decent wage and has benefits that he wants to keep. If the shut it down they will all be out of jobs. It seems like trouble comes in bunches. We are all trying to maintain a positive outlook.

Mom is doing well. She is social distancing from the kids so we will go over there tonight after our bbq and sit on her patio and talk through the window on the phone so we can at least see each other. At her age and with being so frail, they don't know if they will be able to see her again so every chance to visit counts.

Mikie- hope you feel better soon. Have you had a chance to walk in the pool lately? or do you take it easy during flares? I went in a grocery store for the first time since March today. It wasn't too bad. Cases are picking up here too although not as bad as in Florida. Our Governer mandated that everyone must wear a mask in public spaces. It was about time. But now you see too many people wearing them but their nose isn't covered. What's the point.

Granni- It sounds like you had a very nice BBQ. We had one to but there was left over meat so we are having another one tonight to cook the rest of the burgers. Glad that DCD was able to be there and had a good time. My sister gets so paranoid by stress and the flight here is very hard on her. You can't reason with her about her delusions so we have stopped trying. I hope she doesn't try to make the trip again. Her husband needs her and it is so hard on her to travel as well as hard on us.

Barry- it is hot here too but only in the 90's. But hot enough to stay inside in the afternoon and only go out to water. Beans are finally coming up and there are a few strawberries.

Sun- I never had a cat eat my mashed potatoes but my ice cream seemed to be a regular thing for them to steal. I had one cat that liked Nacho Cheese Doritos too. We went up to Idylwild on Sunday. We hadn't been there in a least 20 years. It was not at all like I remembered. There are a lot of cute little gift shops now.

Spring- I used to love hanging clothes out on a line. Would like to get a new clothes line but the yard here is so tiny I don't know where I would put it. It would save me $30 a month in electricity to hang clothes on the line in the summer when the kids were little. I had one boy that was a bed wetter until he was 12 so I had 7 loads of laundry a week just from that. At least 20 loads a week with everything. It was still my favorite chore along with ironing.

Julie- Happy Birthday

Love to All and anyone I missed.


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hey barry, i'm not doing much with the orchids this year. just don't feel up to things. course i'll repott those that have overgrown and leaning out of their pot, rooting hang all over the place. my favorite are the vanda. straight upright spikes with large bright color flowers. they must be large - why wait all year for orchids to bloom with small flowers?. their flowers last a long time as compared with the catts - 3 -4 days. i have a orange/tan with spots in full bloom now. fellow vanda lover, lucy, just got one that's tangerine in color. great color but smallish flower. i sure she paid a good price from the vendor she ordered from but like she said, she's treating herself. i would like to get a large vanda with white flowers. haven't seen one yet.

i know i'm not going to the orchid yard sale this weekend. it's in covina - not far but who needs to face a crowd just for plants. not safe for me. i told jim that even if we had our annual auction this year i wasn't going to attend. same reasons.

cherry tomatoes are all coming in a rush. gave some to marina when she brought some more books. rock is still enjoying eating them but not so much by the end of the season. we got a volunteer upright tomato in the yard. enclosed it in a tomato cage and notice it has flowers so the fruit so follow soon. cleared the yard of a patch of the succulents as they got very leggy. i thought of planting two bulb of that boring, common plant, lily of the nile along the isle. we'll see.

all for now,



Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

Just another day on the Groundhog Day Ranch. Claudia is coming over this morning to borrow our shovel. She is planting some free spider ferns from Jeff (the cats' baby daddy) to fill in the bald areas in her garden. I will donate some of our ferns as well. She has enough to do planting the spiders so am in no hurry to pull out our ferns to give to her. These two plants are pests and I warned her about their tendency to take over everything. None of us, including the contestants, got the FJ question last night. Bummer! No virtual chocolate.

FL, TX and AZ are in another huge upswing in Corona Virus infections and hospitals are again filled to the brim with patients needing ICU beds. Our governor refuses to mandate masks and the counties have been slow and are still "thinking about it." Duh! In the meantime, people are crowded in bars and at political rallies. This is madness. The EU is thinking of barring people from the U.S. from entering their countries because we have so horribly mishandled the pandemic and are a menace to other countries. One man interviewed on TV said he is making a statement by not wearing a mask because if the government can tell you you have to wear one, what other rights will they take away. OMG! Stupidity on two legs. On the one hand, everyone wants things to open up and get back to normal. On the other hand, we are doing nothing to stop the pandemic so we can get back to normal. It's truly madness. When did things go so horribly off the rails?

Granni, that meal sounds Southern delicious. I love grits but I like them for breakfast. When I stayed with Richard, he got up and cooked them for me every morning. Waffle House used to make the best grits. Haven't eaten there in ages. Thanks for texting Julie. I hope she had a nice birthday.

Willow, I hope Kay has a nice birthday on Sat. Another Cancer among us. Bear, Fuzzy Buddy and Ziggy--what cute nick names. Our family loves nick names too. Glad you get to at least see your Mom. I went over to the pool to walk one day and was in so much pain the next that I haven't been back. It's just too much when I'm flaring like this. I once had a clothesline that hung on a wall like a long box. There was a handle and it pulled out and hooked up on the other side of the yard. It was so nice to be able to put it away when not in use. I think there were four lines. We can't hang anything out here even on our lanais. I don't do much laundry so it's no problem. My super efficient washer spins most of the water out of my clothes so it takes no time to dry them. Keeping Bear in my prayers that he can find a good job he likes.

Gordon, I had a couple of beautiful Vandas with large pink blooms. I think you are wise not to expose yourself to other people right now. I just read that sentence and laughed. You know what I mean. Expose yourself to the virus. Glad you are enjoying the tomatoes.

Gonna go read the paper online. Hope springs eternal that I'll have the NRG to do something. One of these days, I will. Hope everyone has the best possible day.

Love, Mikie
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I’m sitting here waiting for my handyman to arrive, so don’t know how long I’ll be here. I always seem to be in a rush to get things done.

Gordon: Lucky neighbor who gets to pick your tomatoes. Of course lucky you guys for the brand new books she delivers. So.....have you found any books she’s reviewed that are worth the $?

Mikie: what kinda ferns do you have....sword ferns? I know that they tend to take over as does the spider plants. I used to have my atrium filled with the spiders...but....it’s a great place for critters like rats to hide in as is ivy.

Granni: Grits! Hadn’t tasted them before the So. Carolina trip a few years ago. I think it’s an acquired taste, mushy. My SIL though became a shrimp and grits aficionado while on the trip. Honestly, every restaurant we went to that’s what he ordered.

Willow: I don’t think I’ve ever been to Idylwild other than to go for day fishing once and that was over 30 years ago.


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Good morning awl,

I actually got to the 2 washes I did yesterday into the drier and some folded and put away. DH needed the computer so couldnpt do to much except tried to look some neurologists in the area I might try. My dermatologist nurse called this morning and will be calling back again after I talked to her the first time. She mentioned a neurologist which I was already thinking about checking.

MIKIE - Hope you find some NRG if you do please save a little for me.:D

SUN and MIKIE- Grits is sort of like cream of wheat but it is a bigger grain. By itself it doesn't have that much flavor and I really do not like hot cereal that mom used to try and make me eat, like oatmeal too. It also just gets worse as it sits out and gets cold. Mom used to add butter and sometimes brown sugar, probably you would like it, but so early in the a.m. Just can't do it. That is one of the few things I am not excited to eat (hot ereal). it picks up on whatever you add to it. The shrimp and grits usually has a cajun flair with andoulle (sp)sausage, sometimes bacon and lots of seasoning and of course the cheese. DH loves it for breakfast but I haven't been making it, mostly toast with the right kind of grains and sprouts in it. When I used to make it for breakfast I ate a little but DH ate most of

WILLOW - Glad your mom is doing well and doing her social distancing !! I know it is very hard. This BBQ is the first thing we have done for months and we are missing everyone;s graduation. One is this week from HS. It is outside I believe but it is at night and out of town and we would have to have a place to stay overnight and just to much risk for us old people. The college grads at least the one that graduated in ay will have their graduation in August but I think they are hold sometime of a get together for him somewhere in Houston so we and other grandparents an come. Hopefully that will work out. it is sad missing the graduations we had counted on going until this COVID 19 stuff. Hope Kays had a nice birthday !!!

GORDON/ROCK - Those tomatoes sound great. My SIL have had some problems with squirrels and birds and he had to keep putting more and more chicken wire , etc, around it. Got some good tomatoes from him but the last few had all these little spots on the skin, greyish black. Wondering if the are a rot or something. To eat around that would be hard. We have a good one and a couple of squirrly ones. Not sure if we will eat them or not. Hope you are enjoying yours !!

Thinking of everydobby ! Need to start lunch ! Will probably be going to a Visitiation and Rosary tonight if it isn't pouring tonight. The funeral is tomorrow for a lady whose husband wa in the K of C and she was battling brain cancer for at least 3 years. So very sad and they were both very active.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Granni: those black spots have a lot to do with the evenness of the watering. Or they could have a blight....so many things that can happen when we try to grow veggies. The cherry tomatoes I have in my green house are producing but I think in that they are in large container they would probably do better in the ground. And did you know that you can peel tomatoes or any other soft fruit to remove the skin by dumping them into boiling water for about a min. then into cold water. The skin then comes right off.

I’ve made cheesy grits in the past and they are good. When the grits get cold and set up in a pan, they can then be cut into squares and fried. I know there are recipes for doing this.

My handyman is still working on installing the hood. The LED lights aren’t working so I called the company. He’s now discovered the lights weren’t plugged into the unit so he’s struggling to get up in the guts of it. I didn’t plan on him being here the entire day but it looks that way since he still has the screen door to hang and my two water heaters need to be drained and refilled.

I’m back. I told him not to bother about trying to get it working. I called the maker and have an appt for an appliance tech to come tuesday and fix it. Figure it’s the company’s fault and they should have to pay for the work, not me.

My kitchen table is covered with etsy stuff to list. Actually the entire kitchen is a mess. I don’t bother until he’s left and I get a nap in.
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Yes, I know about that and would be good for sauce or cooking. Not sure how it will hold together in a salad .I've seen the recipes for fried grits but never have ad the NRG or time to fool with doing that.

Just was popping in for a minute since I saw you answering. Have fun elling your Etsy stuff ! You are more energetic than I but then I have little to sell and you are more creative !!

Gotta run. May be back tomorrow.

Granni :)


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well, i'm back from the dentist. left here @ 9:30 for a 10:30 appt. - the 101 had a sigalert and traffic as backed up. got off and went on the street 3 miles to get on the vermont on-ramp. called the dentist and told her about the situation and that i might be late. mad rush, fast driving. i hate to be late for appts. as i was turning into her driveway i got a call from her and told her i'd be right in.

i was getting a 3 tooth bridge as one front tooth cracked. i didn't get out until 2:30. i was starved. go back in 3 weeks to get the permanet one (i have a temp now).

i hate going to the dentist. they always find something they can do and i usually it involves getting one of those painful shots in the back of the jaw..............owwwww. i always climb up the seat it's so painful.

all for now



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Hope things are fine on the farm. And happy birthday! Hope you and Den and the kids and
Oreo and peace sign and everydobby are just wonderful and far away from the corona virus.

I haven't done much of anything today. No energy. Mostly I just nap and read a little.

Gave the kitty some white milk again. Second try. She just ignores it.

Good thing I have a few books that I like to re-read. TV is just the same thing day after day.
Even the news is constantly recycled. If there was a mistake in the first attempt, it is not fixed.
People who take no pride in their work.

Granni, in previous years we have had a few tomatoes eaten by slugs or snails. No problems this
year. I remember previously the tomatoes had better flavor, but maybe that's just 'cause I'm in an
ornery mood. This is the smallest crop. Don't know why. Plenty for me though. Gordon no

Granni, I spent some weeks at adjusting school in Atlanta about a hundred years or so ago. No
matter the time of day or what you ordered, every meal in a restaurant came with grits. Far as I
was concerned they could have served sand.

Willow, My mom had two babies when I was a teen back in Minnesota. The laundry was no problem
in summer, but in winter it was fierce. When my wife and I a had baby I taught her how to fix
bottles and change diapers.

Pecan pie, haven't had same for decades. We had several great pie makers in our little town.
One made all the pies for my Dad's restaurant. When I was a kid I never understood how they got
the pie to hang upside down.

If life were a comicbook, ah well, I'm getting confusiated again. Guess I'll see you guys tomorow.




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Hi Porch friends and family! I'm sorry to have been MIA lately...so much "wild and craziness" going on...mostly good...Den and I have been in a pretty worn out state the past couple months, but it has been worth it.

Worked in the yard as soon as the weather allowed...after working hard inside all winter. Had to cancel our Easter Tennessee trip due to the virus...so we and kiddos were bummed, of course. Den kept busy building a play fort for the grands (built it in the shop on skids, then pulled it out to put the upper sides on...then pulled it to the play area.) He also made a zip line, rock wall/rope ladder, "surfer" swing and saucer swing (hanging from a big tree) and hung up a Ninja/slacker line (you "tightrope" walk across the bottom line while holding onto the upper one.) There are two swings on an arm on one side of the fort and trapeze bar/rings on the other side. The lower level of the fort has enough head room to hang a porch swing so adults can sit out there and supervise.

Just tried to copy a pic, but can't get it resized small enough...sorry.

Keira and I drove to Tennessee on June 10, then drove back the 12th with Liora (twin Isaiah was supposed to come also, for their "time alone at Grandma and Grandpa's", but he was having some respiratory issues...happens sometimes with him (allergies or ?) The rest of the Tennessee bunch drove up on the 17th and were here for a week (left yesterday) but left Lorraine for her "alone" time on the farm. I'll take her home sometime next week. We're still gonna try to get Isaiah's time alone worked in sometime this fall...Josiah is a little young yet.

Pretty chaotic week with all the kids here (Amy's family, too)...we celebrated Father's Day and the twins' 8th birthday on the 21st (actually celebrated all the Tennessee kiddos' birthdays, as Lorraine's is July 8 and Josiah's is August 2, but we probably won't see them on their actual birthday.) Den and I had our 45th wedding anniversary June 7 so the kids had a gift for us (Amy went online and found and had printed, the "night sky" over my hometown (where we were married) on June 7, 1975...had Den make a 16" X 20" frame, but didn't tell him what it was for...just what size, lol!) I thought it was really a cool, unique idea for a gift.

My birthday is actually next Tuesday (June 30)...thank you for the birthday wishes. I'll be 62 (gasp!) Decided to go ahead and sign up for Social Security...does that make me "officially getting old", lol?

Anyway, that's what's been going on. I worked so hard physically, before all the "family time"...glad to get a good start on yard work, etc...did try to pace myself a few days before the first trip to Tennessee. After I get back from taking Lorraine home, it will be time to get back to work...still have a lot to do to catch up with work we chose to "let go" in order to take care of parents, new grandbabies, etc.

I do think of everyone and hope all is as well as can be...I'll try to get back more often when things calm down a bit.

Take care!


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Slept well last night. Claudia came over for coffee yesterday morning and we sat out on the balcony. She loves SV so much. He's always shy around other people but then warms up and shows off. I think he associates Claudia with my going away and it makes him a bit nervous. He climbed on top of me in bed this morning and purred. There are few pleasures in life that can top a purring cat lying on top of me. Claudia had a phone call last night but Nancy and I got the FJ question. Claudia would have gotten it too. The shows are reruns but none of us can remember the answers from the first run shows so it's still exciting. Joe called because his A/C wasn't cooling. It's only a few years old so it should work well. He had the filter in backwards. As soon as he flipped it, it started cooling again. It's 80 degrees out already and will climb into the mid-90's by this afternoon. The A/C is running nonstop. It actually feels cold in here.

Our cases of infection continue to skyrocket. A 17 year old HS girl died from the virus. I don't know whether she had any underlying conditions or not. So sad for her family. About half of the states are getting a new spike in infections. It's scary for those of us at higher risk. Claudia still can't see her Mom. She gets reports from the staff and they tell her that her Mom has stopped talking. I know this is so hard for her. It's hard when she can see her but this is agonizing.

Sun, I don't know the name of the ferns I have but they look like the typical ferns one might have on a porch or inside. I know there are different kinds but these just look like normal ferns to me. One thing I don't like is that some of them have a rust color on the fronds. Don't know why. That's too bad about the hood. What a pain! I hope the tech can get it working and your handy guy can come to hang the door. I once mentioned to my neighbor about draining our water heaters and he said that's how rust gets into them. As long as they are full of water, there's no air but, as soon as they are drained, the air gets in and rusts the insides. Makes sense to me. Our water heaters have lasted a long time. I shouldn't say that because the gods wait for us to say such things and then there is trouble. Good luck.

Granni, I don't think any cooked cereal is good without other ingredients. I love most anything with Andouille sausage. I used to make cream of rice for breakfast when the kids were little on cold CO mornings. I think we put some butter and brown sugar on it. I love thinking of those days. I think our lives are made up of little moments filled with love and fun. Maybe the secret to a happy life is making sure we have lots of those moments. It's nice to have them to remember when life throws us curves. So sad about the lady with brain cancer. I am feeling better today so, if I find some spare NRG, I'll send it your way.

Gordon, I'm so sorry for all the painful dental work. The real pain is in the pocketbook. One of my molars on the bottom got a chip in it. I'm not getting it replaced and I'm very careful to make sure food doesn't get into the chip and sit there. It's a good thing you know your way around. I always leave early because, even in a small town, traffic can back up. I hate the stress of having to hurry on the road. I am especially concerned about someone's hitting my old car. A scratch on the bumper would total it out. I hope your temp goes back down. Stay safe.

Rock, your days sound like mine. PBS has some good programs but a lot of them I don't care for. I grew up with the struggle for civil rights and it continues today. I've lived it and just don't care about watching hours and hours of video on the subject. I passionately hope the day will come when everyone shares in what our country offers and that we learn to care for our brothers and sisters all over the world. Guess I'm looking more for science and nature programs or entertainment all to get my mind off of being exhausted and in pain. Same for reading. Been going through one book after another lately. It's great you have a friend who brings you books.

Julie, I'm so sorry I jumped the gun on your birthday. Either I never had it right or made an error when filling out my calendar this year. I had to take my SS early in the form of disability. Wish I could have continued working to draw it at the usual time. Just glad I have it. Good grief! You guys could open your own amusement park for kids. What a wonderful thing! Glad you have had them there even though your trip to TN didn't happen. I've never lived through anything like this pandemic. Even my Mom was a little girl when the last one happened and they lived out on a farm then so they were kind of removed from it. I've gone nowhere but Publix once a week for months except for my eye exam. I had hoped to get a lot done around here but the bod isn't cooperating. Oh well, I'm just thankful I can rest, read and watch TV. The kids must be quite grown up now. Hope you can stop in more often.

It is a beautiful peaceful morning here. I'm so lucky to have such a pretty little lanai that looks out on the pond. SV is stretched out on his throw rug out there. He looks like a long river barge. I, on the other hand, look like a sack of potatoes. Got to get more active. I think I can, I think I can...

Hope all y'all have a happy peaceful day.

Love, Mikie

I may have just had an Aha Moment--I told y'all that I get up feeling well but they I just hit the wall. it may be because I'm taking my full daytime dose of my BP med. For a long time, I cut the daytime dose in half and my BP was in the teens over the 70's, perfect. I just took it when I was active and it was 115/64. That's good but pretty low for an active reading. I'm going back to half a dose to see whether that solves the problem. My doc knows I do this and he's OK with it. Fatigue is one of the main complaints from those taking BP meds.
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