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PORCH 1206 IS NOW CLOSED (6/29/20)

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Hi, Kids,

The last Porch is getting loooong so thought I'd start a new one. Please go back to read the last posts. This pic cracked me up so decided to share it. I had to take my garbage down to the dumpster so got hot all over again. It's humid out and 86 now so it feels HOT!! I had to put two envelopes that were delivered to my box in error--again--in the outgoing mail! Doh! The ability to read and sort should really be a qualification of the USPS. Our regular mail lady is great but when she has a day off, everyone gets everyone else's mail. Gonna go have lunch. Ooh, just saw we had more posts on the last Porch so read them and added my responses here.

Julie, so good to hear from you. Wow! you guys really have been busy. So nice to have all the kiddies there. It touched my heart just reading about Den with a lap full of Treasures. I've said it before but those kids will have these beautiful memories all their lives and so will you. The son in my daycare family, who was like a brother to me, had Erector sets and was always building things with them. He built motorized things like Ferris Wheels. I adored him. What I have found over the years is that when people in a doctor's office are kind, it's because the doc is kind as well. I just read that The Iowa State Fair has been cancelled. I don't know whether you go but it's so sad because I know so many people enjoy it so much. Take care and be careful driving. I used to drive to Atlanta and it's about a nine hour drive. I like road trips but don't think I could do it now. Heck, I pray before I head out to the store two blocks away. :)

Spring, those flowers are gorgeous! The fuchsia is beautiful but the big white one is sooo unique. Thank you so much for posting them. I wish I were more handy but I've always paid attention to my ex and professionals and picked up a few things. I try to save our building $$ too. In this case, people really ought to have their own A/C units serviced which includes sucking out the drains but they are in the walls and the last thing we want is water leaking into the walls of the bldg. I do mine so might as well do the others. The worst part is hauling my Shop Vac out there with the extension cord. I adapted my vac so it works for doing it. Thank you for your kind words about FL. The beaches are beautiful and I really should go but not until the virus risk is over. I haven't even been going to the pool which is right next door. I've been doing my best impression of a couch potato. Think I've got it down pat; practice makes perfect. I was hoping those locusts weren't where you are. Nepal is so beautiful too in a totally different way than FL. I love mountains and miss CO. Stay safe.

Love, Mikie
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Another night of not sleeping. Sooo tired. I'll stop in later. I did read because I am having a hard time putting down the psychological thriller. It's like Rear Window. There are twists and surprises, as told by the heroine. I'm right up to the climax but finally put it down and was able to sleep another couple of hours. I got about four and one half hours of sleep. At least, the pool had no midnight visitors.

OK, had my coffee and am somewhat alert. This not sleeping sucks. We all got the FJ question last evening so triple virtual chocolate. My A/C ran nonstop and around 4:00 in the afternoon, it couldn't lower the temp in here to the 77 I set it to. It was 79 for a while. I put in a new filter and it dropped to 78. Later, it did drop to 77. I think I had this same problem during a heat wave before. My unit is at least 12 years old so it isn't like a new one. It's only a matter of time before I have to replace it. It was 81 degrees when I got up today. There is an Omega Block over the south and central states and that is causing the heat. The jet stream forms a shape like an Omega. So now, we have Saharan dust and 95 degree heat that feels like 110 in the afternoons. Nancy in Michigan is complaining about 88 degrees. I'd swap.

News had an item about a wildfire in CO. I texted DD and she said she didn't know if it were close to them. Doh! It wasn't far, to the ENE of where they live. It was burning right next to the neighborhood where my ex lives. Fortunately, it was quickly brought under control but not before 1,000 people had to evacuate their homes. They live next to the foothills of the Rockies but it's prairie and dry as a bone.

Another reason I love Amazon--they own the website Twitch and have removed accounts that promote hate speech. FB and Twitter only flag hateful posts.

Rock and Gordon, you probably know by now that Whole Foods' house brand of water, Starkey Springs, has tested high for arsenic. Drinking a little won't kill ya but drinking it all the time isn't recommended. Perhaps the arsenic would kill the virus. Only problem is that it might kill the person. Yikes! I just read that the virus can cause not only blood clots in the brain but can also leave patients with psychoses. Evidently this isn't uncommon with some viruses. Perhaps this will become a new plea in court--"Your Honor, the virus made me do it." Hope you three men are staying safe.

I hope everyone is staying safe. I'm starting to believe that just being deluged by Corona Virus news may cause psychoses!

Love, Mikie
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Hope to get back after on. Have to get outside to work in the heat but not for long. When DH gets back form his meeting we will go off to the store for more food - such fun !! Sorry I can't stay ! It is hot here too, MIKIE. Congrats on the getting your questions right. Off to work !!

JULIE - Happy real; birthday, again !!

Hope all are well!

The big news, but not really good. We went to the urologist and as suspected he found those little guys back, a few very tiny ones. He will go in mid month or towards the end to have removed and then will have the BCG therapy afterwards not sure when, if at same time as surgery or afterwards. Dr. did not talk about that yet, Next monday he will go for a CT scan jut to make sure there is no blockages.

SUN - What stage was your ca before your surgery and RX? Did you also have radiation?

Gotta run !



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Granni: sorry to read this but actually not unexpected. My doc told me this is the type that keeps reoccurring. I did not have radiation. They put the chemo directly into the bladder, probably right at the time of surgery and then six more times, once a week. The BCG was not available for me at the time I started....a world wide shortage so it was being rationed out to the worst cases. So I got mitomycin. My doc told me when I saw her in january and then started again on the mitomycin, that people react differently to each one. Said that the BCG could make me sick, but I wouldn’t have the continual bladder infection side effects. I decided to continue with the same since I knew I could handle it. But it was the continual getting up for the bathroom for months and terrible lack of sleep that was so hard. Don’t know the stage. I have a friend whose DH had this over 10 years ago.....once a week for 6 times then wait 3 mos. then do it again for the entire year. Then they keep doing checks until no more shows up.

Mikie: totally understand about lack of sleep!!!!!

sigh: got a call from the appliance place and apparently there’s a go around with the manufacturer and appliance center as to WHO will foot the bill. Typical manufacturer, trying to get out of their warranty. So I have a new hood, but the lights weren’t hooked up with the wiring so can’t use it yet. I’m thinking the hood needs to come down, fixed then reinstalled....but who is going to pay for that work.

It’s very overcast today, looks like some rain. My table is covered again with etsy stuff to get listed. It’s never ending, but I’m trying to get thru cleaning things out. Don’t want to leave my family with unorganized mess for when I die.


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, stayin' in the A/C. Overall, groceries have gone up significantly since last week. T-Bone steaks are on sale and they were $19-28. Doh!! I got two pork chops for $7 and change. As much as I love steak, it won't be on my plate at these prices. I got my hot spicy turkey breast and had a sandwich. Publix bakery French hamburger buns were on sale so I got some poppy seed ones. Still, they were fifty cents more than the last time they were on sale. I'll be eating salads because the green mix were on BOGO and I have tomatoes from the church care box. I can manage to eat reasonably by shopping carefully.

I got an A/C filter, some batteries for the Roomba virtual walls and kitty litter. None of these were on sale. Trips to the store are costing more overall because I'll pay more for things like this rather than go to other stores. Each trip is an exposure risk. Our state is on fire with the virus so I'm taking no chances. Joe and my ex both called me while I was in the store. Ex said the fire came within a mile of his house. He was all wound up talking a mile a minute.

Gotta tell y'all about something funny. There is a huge condo/townhouse retirement village in the middle of the state. It's called, The Village. It's all old people but it is the location of the biggest numbers of STD's in the nation. I'm thinking Viagra is a big seller there. There is video of confrontations between two groups over politics. One old lady was screaming nonstop at others, dropping the F-bomb. It was hysterical. Some people posted and one said, "Wow, that is a nasty place." Another retorted, "That's not the only reason it's nasty." Can't make this stuff up.

Julie, yes, Happy Birthday. The silver lining of my mistake is that we can wish you well twice! I know you are having a good time with the kids.

Granni, that Omega Block is keeping the hot air over TX as well as FL and everything in between. I don't think I can work outside even in the mornings with its getting hot so early. In fact it never cools down much at night. Our usual night temps are 74-76 not 80. My sweet new neighbor went out and gave the bushes a trim. I'm sooo happy to have them next door. I'll continue to keep DH in my prayers, also DD and you. Are you still thinking about seeing a neurologist?

Sun, the strange thing about the recent onset of insomnia is that I feel pretty chipper until it hits me and I have to rest. What a cluster fuss with that hood. My microwave has a built-in hood underneath it; it hangs on the wall over the range. It isn't vented to the outside but does run the air through a filter. Our kitchens are so small that not having it on the counter is a real plus. If I were to die today, my poor kids would have a mess to deal with. I started the sorting months ago before the virus. I still have things to donate but I have to take it one day at a time. A trip to the store is a major ordeal for me so I'll likely not do much else today, especially with lack of sleep. I do want to finish the book. Good luck with the Etsy.

One of the reasons I'm so tired is that I did the self-check out at Publix. The other lines were long and the self-check out doesn't have people around. I got all the way to the car before realizing I forgot to scan the litter underneath the cart. So, back I went. The sweet young woman scanned it for me because it's heavy. So nice. I did something to mess up my knee so that extra walking was not welcome!

I got the candy for the little boys. I'll fill up their little plastic pails. Candy was on BOGO, thank God! We still don't have fireworks going off but I read sales of them are way up in the country. Hope all y'all are staying safe, well and cool!

Love, Mikie


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Mikie; is it The Village where there’s a giant political fight going on? STD? HA.......probably mainly the men.

This is the second day I’ve been able to go for a slow walk. Now I really LOOK like an old lady. It’s been 7 weeks since my foot started screaming, but thankfully the swelling is almost down, just need to build up energy from all the weeks of no exercise. Even my legs and hips are screaming when I walk.

Have you heard about calling a white woman “karen”? One woman last week brought it up on next door.com and others were saying their name was Karen and it was an insult. So I did a search on the internet about it. Don’t know when or how it started but calling someone Karen means they are an old white lady who is screaming about something. I don’t go to FB so wouldn’t know about all of these latest derogatory names. In the last 3 1/2 years we’ve become a nation of insulting others.


Hi, Sun,

Yep, one and the same. Guess politics and sex are the main activities there. This was a confrontation between two different groups. Some were interviewed in the 2016 election and they were nasty and mean back then. Some of the online posts are equally ramped up and nasty. People wish the virus on one another and one guy wished another would get a flesh eating disease. Good grief! Some posts are creative and really funny.

Glad your foot is better. Did you injure it? Do you know how? My left knee is killing me for no apparent reason other than the walk in the pool. I hate not being more active but can't help it. My sciatica is acting up too. Squatting to get to the A/C overflow drains didn't help matters.

Yes, evidently the name, Karen, has become a name for any privileged white woman who makes scenes in public. I've heard couples referred to as 'Ken and Karen.' I don't know how it got started.

I'm doing the Xword puzzle in our little local newspaper and it's always a good one. I'll bid you and all our Dear Porchies adieu.

Love, Mikie

Some sad news: Carl Reiner passed away at age 98 yesterday. The tributes and condolences are pouring in. He was so beloved in Hollywood. Mel Brooks was his best friend. Where you saw one, you usually saw the other. Normal Lear was often in the mix. DSIL posted a tribute to him on FB because he knew him as his Uncle Dickie was another member of their group. The greats are starting to go Home.
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Hi Kids, We are waiting for Gordon's sister Nancy to show up. She is, as usual, on a different time
schedule than the rest of California. Gordon asked me to pick some tomatoes for her. I went out
and picked 40 for her. That's pretty good as our plot is about the size of a small bathroom or a
good sized closet.

Gordon went to the DMV today. Dunno what he did there, but he took various papers with him
and came back reporting that everything had been taken care of in a short time. An unusual report
for anything that involves the DMV.

Mikie, Yes, Carl Reiner is gone. My mother loved the early TV shows with Carl and the rest of the
gang. Can't remember their names. Imogene Coca was one of them. Gordon just walked into the
room. Picked up his glasses, said, "Your Discover card won't take." Don't know, oh, he just returned.
I asked him what he was talking about. He tried to charge my medicine at the old pharmacy. It
wouldn't work. Well, that's because David the pharmacist has various changes going on. His
place has been difficult to work with since the hospital closed. New staff, new procedures, etc.

Oh, Sid Ceasar. He had a couple shows in the early days of TV. They were wonderful. Creative.
Hilarious. Sid could fake any language so some of the skits were done in a imitation languange .
You might be able to find some of the old shows on You Tube. That's the second or 3rd time I've
added "You Tube" to that sentence.

Sun, hope your foot is better. I want to be able to think of you dancing in your garden.

Granni, shopping for food could be fun. But not today with all the restrictions and lines to
stand in and shortages.

Don't know if I posted this before or not. Kitty has wanderlust. Lately she's been disappearing
in the late afternoon. Sometimes she's still gone when it time for us to go to bed. And those
terrible snarls she used to have are back. Can't imagine why. Because she meets us with wild

Hope everybody has a nice something or other. Ta ta.

No news except we now have wild life in the kitchen. Earlier tonight I walked into the dark
kitchen, turned on the light and found a big, black beetle on the kitchen floor. That's 2 nights
in a row. Two nights is two many. Gordon said he would get some poison. I dunno if they
make beetle poison. When I was a kid there was a silly song called bettlebom. I think maybe
Spike Jones and his comic band played it. I have seen some Spike Jones stuff on You tube.
Never know if your favorites will still be there. Saw a great duet with Gale Storm and Bert Parks
yesterday. (Dunno if that's the right spelling for Burt or not.)

Mikie, I remember the really old man from some TV show. I think I was too young too appreciate
it. I thought it was boring. OK hugs all. Rock
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Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

It's 79 degrees out at 5:30 in the morning. Gonna be another hot one. We got a wee bit of rain yesterday afternoon so it didn't quite get to 95. The A/C was able to keep up. It's already running now. My ex told me he can no longer handle heat so is staying put in CO. It does get hot there now and then but it cools down at night. It was hot when I visited in Aug. One of those huge helicopters that dumps water on wildfires flew right over his house very low and he was like a little boy, all excited to have seen it up close.

I slept ten hours last night. I seem to be in an every-other-night pattern of insomnia/sleep. I slept through the FJ question. Doh! Today is the 23rd anniversary of Mom's and my moving to FL. She would only live another five years but they were great years and she loved it here. I got DGS's birthday card and check in the mail and put my recyclables in the bin. Just walking that far made me sweat. The humidity is awful. We will have three or four months of this before our beautiful winter weather blows in on the breezes.

The virus may be out of control. Dr. Fauci says we could have 100,000 new cases a day if we don't take necessary steps. We really need to get our act together if we are gonna curb the virus and save our economy because one depends on the other. TV interviewed a young man at the beach. He said he was worried but wasn't wearing a mask because it just seems unreal. Huh? At least, more people are wearing them in the store. As Tom Hanks says--there are three things we can do: Wear masks, keep our distance and wash our hands. Not much of a sacrifice to help slow or stop the spread of the virus.

Rock, I'm glad Gordon was able to get his Real ID license. That it happened fast is just icing on the bureaucratic cake. You can call the credit card co. and they will straighten out the problem with your card. Sounds as though it's the pharmacy but it doesn't hurt to check it out. I'm so impressed with 40 tomatoes. That's quite a crop. What will Nancy do with all of them? Yes, Sid Caesar had a wonderful show. I think it was called, Your Show of Shows but I'd have to check to be sure. Can't remember if it was he who did the 2,000 Year Old Man shtick with Carl Reiner or whether it was Mel Brooks. It was so funny. Oh, it was Mel Brooks. Imogene Coca was a member of the group.

Spring, I downloaded an app to identify plants but haven't used it yet. I also downloaded an app that identifies fish and lets one know whether it is legal to keep in FL. Don't know whether I'll be able to use it but if I go fishing with Joe or Andy, I might. Just think it's cool.

Carl Reiner has worked with so many newer comics and actors and they all had wonderful things to say about him. All of them could improvise and go on and on with hilarious skits. Think I mentioned that my kids sat with Mel Brooks at a wedding reception and he kept them entertained the whole time just improvising with jokes. Rob Reiner has followed in his Dad's footsteps. Thing is that all these people were kind and loving and had huge groups of friends. Don't think any of them ever made a sex tape or had a scandal. Ah, the good old days.

Gonna go read the paper. I hope everyone has a good day and stays safe.

Love, Mikie

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Mikie: good ol days.....not really. I didn’t know Bob Hope had a “casting couch”. Apparently it was well known in the industry. And we all thought he was one of the good ones. They work hard on keeping up the image they’ve cultivated, but with the internet you can read almost anything.

I’m back to using my cane in the mornings and evenings. *&^%$#@ I’ve been doing lots of reading up on bad ankles too, and exercises to do to strengthen them. I remember even as a kid I was always spraining an ankle, and when I took up ice skating had to have special inserts to hold my ankles straight. I’m thinking arthritis has also crept into my feet along with everywhere else.


Hi, Sun,

I have posted here that The Good Old Days weren't all that good but I think Carl Reiner and his group are/were good people. So many have said that in their tributes to him, his work and his life. DSIL and his family knew him and admired him. Yes, many celebs have their secrets and dark sides. I never cared for Bob Hope. A friend of a friend had to take a document to him to sign and he treated her horribly. Bill Cosby was known as someone who helped and gave breaks to young actors and actresses; little did we know. Yikes! I was thinking more about the Golden Age of TV Comedy and lack of sex tapes when I posted that. Jackie Gleason is supposed to have had a casting couch to which he invited his cronies. Ewww!

I'm sorry you ankle is giving you such fits. I've given up on doing anything around here because my knee is screaming in pain. I have Aspercreme and the heating pad on it and I've taken some ibuprophen. I unloaded the DW and cooked a couple of pork chops but I burned myself and kept injuring myself so I decided to just stop. The knee pain has caused my FMS to be full-on sensitive and painful so that every little bump is agonizing. It's depressing. I feel as though I may never get anything done again. If anything happens to me, the news will read, "She died inside the hovel she shared with her cat."

I do hope we both feel better. Constant pain is awful and it's dangerous for us with knees and ankles we can't depend on. Not sleeping doesn't help either.

Love, Mikie



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Hi E-one,
Too tired from setting up my new computer. Fighting with machines
is not my cup of tea. As you can see....! And it has been a real battle. I've been following you guys on R's computer...

Best wishes to all,
love and PEACE to ALL,


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Hi all,

It is going to be a lovely day here. The kids went back home to Utah on Friday. Kay had two massages scheduled with some older clients that she has been massaging for years. They were going to make her a special dinner for her birthday.

I wanted to isolate for 5 more days but Mom needed me to take her to an eye appt. She needs new glasses badly. She hasn't gotten new glasses in over 2 years and needed a change especially for reading. The clinic wasn't too crowded when we got there but while we were in for her to get the exam the office filled up. We were really glad to get out of there. Mom tried on over 10 pairs before the optition(sp) realized she needed petite frames. She has a long thin face. When I got new glasses last year I had a hard time finding frames small enough and had to settle on a pair that is a little too wide for my face. I still liked my old frames but they were showing their age. I will be stuck with these frames until I am old enough for Medicare in 1 1/2 years. I don't have optical insurance. I am on Obamacare for now. It is really expensive but I am grateful to have it. Without Obamacare Gray would have had to work until he was 78 and he is just not up to it. I looked into insurance before Obamacare was passed and I couldn't have gotten insurance at any price and the insurance for those with chronic illness would have been almost 1/3 of our income and had a waiting list. It isn't perfect but it enabled Gray to retire at 74 instead of keeping going until he was 78. He was lifting heavy hoses that weighed 75-100 lbs but it was the stress of the job that was getting to him. His blood pressure was going up, now it is normal. The only change is retirement and getting back on the day shift.

California is slowing down on reopening. And with the new mandate I am seeing more people wearing masks. I am protecting Mom as much as I can but there are some things she has to go out for or I have to go out to get for her and we rely on others taking the necessary precautions to protect us when we absolutely must go out.

Off to take a nap,

Love to all the porchies. Willow


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yesterday was eventful. i was able to finally get my real id license. it didn't take too long, about an hour. i didn't say it was without incident but i got thru it. decided to treat myself and got some chinese cooked food and a small amount of dim sum for lunch/dinner. gave colander full of cherry tomatoes to my sister and a friend who now works for cvs. both said they were very good/sweet tasting. we should have more in a couple of days to pick.

had trouble with a credit card while paying for some meds. called the credit company and was told that the card had only a $800 credit line. was approved for more over the phone.

the visit to the dentist did not turn out well. could not get a new crown as a cavity was discovered (as usual) and had gone below the gum line, not only that but the same thing happened to the crown next to it. i need to get oral surgery before any work can be done. THE GOOD WITH THE BAD.

the city library called to say they are open for curbside delivery of books that we put on hold. as much and we hate to, we decided to wait awhile before getting any hard copy books. i checked their website and found that we can also check out ebooks to read on our computer, not kindle. will call and see what infor i can get and if they can teach me howto go about it.

all for now



Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

I'm up but not bright eyed and bushy tailed. Even my bushy tailed little friend isn't all that frisky this morning. I got seven hours of sleep so am thankful for that. I was so exhausted and on edge from the pain in my knee last night that I dropped right off after FJ which, BTW, Claudia and I both got the answer to. I wasn't up to texting after that and Claudia had something she had to go do. I think we are all just tired and lacking enthusiasm with everything that is going on. Nancy is complaining about the few days of heat and humidity in MI but she doesn't get any sympathy from us.

Barry, I'm glad you got your new computer but I'm sorry it was so exhausting setting it up. Dealing with tech is always exhausting for me too. Hope to see you back here soon and am praying for some NRG for you.

Willow, hope the kids got home okay and that Kay had a nice celebration for her birthday. I had to go to my eye appt. but they met me at the door and took my temp and they gave me some hand sanitizer to rub on. I had to wear a mask. There was only one other person waiting and we were about 12 feet apart. All the staff and the doc wore masks. They didn't even take my credit card. They said if there was a co-pay, they would bill me. I see the eye doc twice a year, once for my eye exam and the other for tests related to the high pressure in my eyes. One visit has a co-pay and the other doesn't. You are so sweet and take such good care of your Mom. On the 11th, it will be 18 years since my Mom has passed. I miss her so much.

It's so hard to afford insurance between retirement and Medicare for the main insured and the dependent. I think Julie was mentioning that. It took three years for my disability to make its way through the courts and I darn near went bankrupt paying for my insurance. It takes 24 months from the date of the disability to qualify for Medicare. I wonder what they think a person is to do during that time, especially since people with disabilities need to see docs. Like you, I was just thankful to have insurance. Yes, we have to depend on the kindness of others, as the famous line goes, down here too. Fortunately, this explosion of positive virus cases has the silver lining of getting more, but not all, people to start wearing masks. When I think about buying something that isn't at the grocery store, I ask myself whether it's worth dying for. Hope you all stay safe and well.

Gordon, I'm happy for the good news that you got the new license but am so sorry to hear about the dental work. I had to have gum surgery because of a bad filling done by the ins. co. dentist. I went back to my old dentist for the surgery. Then, a crown broke and I had to get it redone. Geez, all I want is for my teeth to last for the duration, my car too. I have a chip in another crown but am not getting it replaced unless it cracks. Glad you got the credit card SNAFU straightened out. The tomatoes I got in the care package have no taste. I read something about libraries' quarantining their books before re-lending them. Seems the virus can't live very long on them. I personally prefer reading on my Kindle so I can enlarge the print. Our library has large print books but the Kindle is just easier for me. As with all our Dear Porchies, I hope you gents stay safe.

Spring, haven't seen you here for a bit. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Today is DGS's 15th birthday. He will be going to pick up the booklet so he can pass the exam to get his learners permit. Don't think he can actually get his license until he is 16. That's when the parents' real worrying starts. According to DD, the good driving gene seems to have skipped him. The good flying gene seems to have skipped me but that just means working harder. He'll get there. I'm laughing thinking about my Mom. She would come home with a new dent or scrape and I'd ask her how that happened. She would say, "I don't know." Doh!

Gonna go read the paper just because I'm a glutton for punishment. I spent some time giving SV a lot of love to help balance things out. The love of a sweet cat is an antidote for many things. Sending my love to all our Porchies and my prayers that everyone stay safe and well.

Love, Mikie

I told y'all more are wearing masks. This is one of the two lions guarding the entrance to the NYC Library. Both are sporting the masks. I went inside the library when I visited the city. It's amazing.


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Well, for gosh sakes! Looks like I posted just above. Yes, we've been reading those kindle slates,
but I am not fond of them. The ones I'm using are always going off on a tangent of their own.
They work better for Gordon. All the stuff in this house works better for Gordon. And the computer has a new trick. It keeps disabling the sound. Gordon can fix it. I just sit here and call for help.

Mikie, I don't know what Nancy will do with forty tomatoes. Quite likely she'll forget them in the
car or the trunk. She's a very sweet person. Usually brings us some kind of treat when she comes
to visit. Doesn't always remember to actually give it to us.

I just discovered that Vera Lynn died. She was 102. England's singing sweetheart during WWII.
Remember when the Beetles were the most celebrated music group in the world? Some of Vera's
old recordings were released in England. They outsold the Beetles! Several videos of her on You
know where. She not only had a great voice, it lasted like the cliffs of Dover. I was glad to see that
she eventually became a multimillionaire. As I may have said once or a dozen times, with Social
Security I have enough money to buy anything I want.

Willow, is your DH Gray? Named after anybody? I never knew a Gray, but in my home town the
pool hall was owned by a guy called Red. He didn't have red hair. Well, maybe he did when he
was a yute. Glad you found some glasses for Mom. Nowadays I just get by with glasses from
the 99 cent store. They work fine.

Barry, sorry you are having computer problems. Ours has been working pretty well lately. Shhh.
I don't want the darn thing to hear me. Do you have plenty to read? I've got some old books
I found in a storage box. Been rereading them. I told Gordon. He looked on the net. Said you
want another book by So and So. I said Yeah. He said the price is ten thousand dollars. I'm
still thinking about it.

Sun, hope the doc or exercise or something will help your foot problems. My mother used to say
people who want dainty feet are silly. You need good sturdy feet and legs that will do their
job without falling apart.

Granni, hope your weather cools off a bit. We're having nice weather here. Maybe we'd be safer
if we had a blizzard. At least people would stay in their house and stop spreading germs.

OK, going back to bed. Hugs to everydobby. Rock


Hi, Rock,

I posted about Vera Lynn when she died and also posted two videos--one, We'll Meet Again and the other, White Cliffs of Dover. If you click on the Home Page (upper left side in the strip at the top of this screen), click on Porch 1204 (listed under Latest Posts on the right hand side of the Home Page) and go to Page 2. You will see the videos. Ask Gordon for help if you can't find it. My directions may not be clear.

You had mentioned that Miss Kitty makes a growling noise and has wanderlust. If she hasn't been spayed, she may be in heat. You could end up with a bunch of kitties. On the other hand, if Miss Kitty is really a neutered Mister Kitty, he may be caterwalling for company. My feet are anything but dainty. They are long and skinny. I have a difficult time finding shoes that don't flap up and down at the heel. That is one reason I loves me my flip flops that don't flap.

Hope you are enjoying dreamland.

Love, Mikie


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Rock - your mums comment about feet cracked me up, i wonder what she wouldhave thought the about the feet binding that the Chinese in olden times to get small feet.

Mikie - everything is okay here. Its just the heat and humidity that throws a pall over everything..rain isnt bad except when it pours just as one is about to step out on an errand. theyre still being wary about restaurants, i could see some open but not many want to risk going into one.

The cinemas are closed and cabs are few. Noone wants to go out unless absolutely necessary. i dont want to walk too far into town in this weather so not too much happening around here. The DD and i donated to a charity doing hands on work to look after covid 19 affected families. Affected in the sense, they dont have money because no work. i had some extra money, maybe money saved from not going out for three months, and i and DD donated $400.00. 200 each. and DD donated an extra $150.00 to the Animal Welfare House. I wish we could do it every month. Anyways, maybe after a few months.
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ok..i just got logged out and hadto log back in...luck8ly i had saved the post

Rock - your mums comment about feet cracked me up, i wonder what she wouldhave thought the about the feet binding that the Chinese in olden times to get small feet. Vera was wonderful.

Gordon - im glad you got your real ID. You got d8msums. i made my mushrooom dumplings the other day. Because i found the ready made flat coverings to buy. i think they were made of arrowroot and not flour. They became transparent and tasted a little fermented.

Granni - sorry to hear about DH having to go again to treat the bladder. i pray it goes smooth.

Sun - i hope your feet start feelingbetter soon..you and Mikie both. Doesnt Claire caterwaul? i find it very disturb8ng when they go 8nto 5hat phase. my computer is acting up.

Mikie - your opening picture for some reason reminded me of this picture of Indian women 8n Jaipur. Theyhaveto cover up.

everything is okay here. Its just the heat and humidity that throws a pall over everything..rain isnt bad except when it pours just as one is about to step out on an errand. theyre still being wary about restaurants, i could see some open but not many want to risk going into one.

The cinemas are closed and cabs are few. Noone wants to go out unless absolutely necessary. i dont want to walk too far into town in this weather so not too much happening around here. The DD and i donated to a charity doing hands on work to look after covid 19 affected families at the border ofthe country. Affected in the sense, they dont have money because no work. i had some extra money, maybe money saved from not going out for three months, and i and DD donated $400.00. 200 each. and DD donated an extra $150.00 to the Animal Welfare House. I wish we could do it every month. Anyways, maybe after a few months.

We dont trust the govt so DD had to do some research and then found this foreigner run charity. Then they said no cash, but kind. Food, bottled water. Then they told us a remittance service where we could give the money to buy stuff. We donthave that but discovered a staff at the office does so made him dothe transaction using his card.

We used to tithe monthly about $30 between DD and me to the Pranic Healing centre. Because its recommended for feeding programmes etc but the energy of5he place got a little weird so we just do our meditations on our own and stopped going.

Anyways now, they dont have congregations in view of covid. They do live zoom meditations and talks.

Barry - yes. The news is just depressing. Sometimes i feel like Im dreaming a bad dream. i look at the newscasters and some of them look very down. we have a travel channel and i try and watch those, even though they might be doing re runs.

I wish they would show Newhart. Bob Newheart?

I bought icecream today..a little something to counteract the icky hot humid feel8ng. And its rain8ng now. So life just got a wee bit better around here.

My appetite is a little blunted. Im astonished. i usually love eating. I made a cottage cheese dish with a recipe from the net...had spr8ng onions in it and about a dozen o5her condiments but it tasted fabulous.A69A861D-1EE3-409F-AEEA-D6004F5BDA67.jpeg
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Hi to awl,

Need to go fix lunch but I have been so busy doing stuff around the house plus cutting up a huge batch of strawberries DH got from SAMS. We usually have blueberries but guess they have gone out of season. I do love strawberries and are good in cereal or my smoothies in the morning. Also did a wash or started one, and then rewrote my freezer list so as to hopefully be able to dine what we have in our little side by side refrig freezer. That is such a pain and DH is mr organization so I am redoing the first list I made some time ago. Couldn't read it with all the scribbling on there. Also rewrapped some fish we bought. DH loves to buy the food in bulk or with best price but I am the one who has to rewrap everything. If it were me I would buy the frozen already done which costs more.

MIKIE - Glad you got a good nights sleep. Mine was OK I guess with getting up every 2-3 hrs to go to the potty, that has gotten very OLD!. Just dragging the old bod around. Nothing interesting or exciting and I can do without any excitement for sure.

SPRING - Thank you for your prayers and kind words about DH. Trying to keep his spirits up about the treatment . He is used to the surgery but having it come back every 6 months is not good. I know he will not be thrilled to know he will likely have more than one treatment. How hot is your area getting? I think towards the end of the day, not evening is it is feeling like 105 or so even if the temp is in the hi to mid 90"s. Haven't checked lately. Do usually wear western clothes (not Cowboy wear :D) or sometimes do you wear your tradition garb? Some of it is very colorful and pretty.

We will probably have a quiet 4th, maybe over to DD's if DSIL feels like cooking. If not we will just eat at home and watch some fireworks and music on TV. Nothing thrilling here.

Hi and HUGZ to everyone, including all our MIA's and ROCK/GORDON, WILLOW, SUN, JULIE, BARRY, et al!!. Need to fix lunch!

Love to awl,