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PORCH 1210 IS NOW CLOSED (7/20/20)

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A quick HI again to awl,

Not much happening today really. DH got a call yesterday from the surgery center. The time is still set for 7:30 to be there but that is all the paperwork , payment up front and then getting him ready. Guessing he might go in to do the actual surgery about 9 or so but that is a guess. Things are probably going to be different than the other times due to the virus. Usually I go go in to see hi before surgery when he is all ready but who knows. Not sure if I or our SIL will be able to stay in the waiting room , maybe me but not sure of DSIL. He may have to go home and then come back, it is only about 20 minutes or a little more away from home.

ROCK - Thanks for the good wishes to DH. Just wondering how different Japanese is from Chinese since you said that Gordon is Chinese. I suspect he understand enough Japanese or similarities to his native tongue to watch and understand it. I had no idea that they even had a Japanese channel. I suppose they have almost every language now if you know where to find it. I watch so little TV now it doesn't make much difference. I just have a few that I watch. BTW, maybe Gordon could spare a little of his NRG to give to you. LOL Don't you wish !!

MIKIE - We have been watching that weather disturbance to and hope it doesn't become a hurricane and coe out way. As we know from HARVEY it doesn't even have to be a hurricane. It might have been one not sure if so it wa low grade but it just stayed in one place and didn't move. Yes, I thought tht was pretty funny to interject the peeing before you can go home from a cataract surgery, that of course you DO NOT have to do. When we had our babies way back when, you had to have a BM before they could discharge you from the hospital. Always something. Now of course you just have your baby and leave unless complications, maybe overnight if you are lucky or C Section.

I too am getting rid of a couple small boxes for donations on Friday. I thought it was this past friday and they sent me reminder. Well, I have the boxes and two stadium chairs to go also. We have so much and I have a lot of clothes I need to go through still.. I have to try on mostly the pants and some things I am uncertain about. Since I rarely go anywhere I wonder why I should keep anything but I need to keep some (dressier things). However some things esp going out of style. Don't want to go out and buy more stuff.

SPRING - It sounds like you got your good dose of rain. It sure can make it nice and muddy esp if you were planning to do anything outdoors.. Thanks for you sweet good wishes for DH. I know he is nervous about everything which is normal but he knows what is going to happen at least with the surgery. After that who knows, I know he is not so calm about. Will know more tomorrow. I think he goes back sometime next week for checkup and if all is well he is supposed to have his treatment. Will find out for sure probably tomorrow and then i will have to make an appointment.

SUN - Hope you feel a little better today and hope that your cysto and all go well that you don't need anything else but hope you get to feeling better soon. I know I have had enough problems with my probably IC, OAB, etc. etc. It can drive you nuts but I may not even get to the urologist again with everything else happening with us and around us. First things first as they say. Hope there is no more Ca in your future. Prayers your way !!

WILLOW - Hope all is well with you. Drop in when you can.

GB - Thinking about you and hope you have found a nice home you can move into soon, if you are not already moving.

JULIE - Keep on hanging in there busy lady !!! Hope your legs are feeling better. I know you don't just sit around all day but do a little at a time which is what you should. Just your washing would wear me out esp hanging everything on the line, even if I love the smell. To old and to much work.

BARRY -Hope you are feeling better and have a little more NRG !!

Love to everydobby, and any MIA's and peeps I may have forgotten !
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just got my nails cut and filed and a coat of dark maroon polish on my tootsies. I can't see so the paint job is a mess but it's easily fixed. Once it is fully dry, I can soak my feet in water and whatever is on the skin is easily removed. Hope these cataracts get 'ripe' soon, No one wants surgery but, when we need it, we are glad to have it available.

Willow, I hope there will be a procedure soon for the MD. Are the shots available for the type you have? That slowed down the progression for my neighbor. We have to keep close watch because of the high pressure in my eyes in case Glaucoma develops. Also, the doc keeps an eye on my retinas due to the retinitis pigmentosa that runs in my familiy. You're in my prayers. I ask St. Lucie for help too.

Granni, I sure hope DH's procedure goes well. Just having something like that scheduled and hanging over my head makes me want to get it over with. I was a hermit before the virus; now I'm worser. When I had second DD, they dropped my urine sample so I had to wait until I could go again. I had had a bit of blood in the urine so there was no way they were letting me go. I'm watching Dr. Oz and, while I consider him a bit of a quack, he sometimes has something interesting on. He had a doc on today who is researching spraying a type of insulin up the noses of Alzheimer's patients. It's not the same kind of insulin that diabetics inject. It shows good promise for dissolving the placque in the brain. I don't know whether it works for longtime patients with lots of the buildup.

The Japanese news we get here is in English. Same for the German news and French news. They are made for English-speaking countries. News at noon showed that depression headed for the Gulf. Yes, the worst storms are the ones that get stuck over the warm Gulf and generate more rain. It often isn't the wind that causes the damage; it's the storm surge and rain. I'm so close to the Gulf and the river that surge is a worry. I'll keep up the prayers.

Sun, I hope you are feeling better. You're in my prayers too. Keep us in the loop.

Barry, hope you have more NRG and that you, Richard and the critters are all well.

Spring, it must feel good to have the rogue bushes cut down to size. Hope the rain goes away and things dry up.

Star, hope all is well with you.

Julie, hope you and Den are taking some time to relax.

Rock, I hope you had a nice nap.

Gordon, you are a whirlwind of activity. Good for you.

OK, Kids, I need to eat so will bid y'all adieu for now.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Y'all.
This covid thing has me down in the dumps. I sure hope a vaccine is developed soon..... I guess Florida, Texas, Ariz., and California are the worst hit states. It's really bad in SoCal, but not so much in NorCal where I live.

Julie, I hope the kittens are alright --- I think about them everyday (OCD) and hope the kids aren't just using them as "toys".:eek: So good of you to help your Amish neighbours when they need/want it. Do they return the favours???? I hope they give you produce, jams, jellies, etc....
Julie, I'm with you, I can't remember what was on the last porch either, and too tired to have three tabs open! HEY, what would happen if you didn't mow the meadow? Just curious.

My stepfather (94) had his hip replacement on monday, and they may let him out of the hospital today, depending on how he is feeling. I'll call step-bro later and find out. Step-bro had breast cancer surgery last year.... he refuses chemo now though...:rolleyes:

Gordon, sorry about your dental problems! I've about given up, I've so much to catch up on. The extraction I had last week has given me little pain.

Rock, our libraries here are open for outdoors requests. Does that make sense? You make the request on the 'puter, and when it comes in they call you. R picked up a stack of dvds and a couple of books t'other day. We get a lot of books from Amazon, Alibris, etc.

Spring, I have been most concerned about you because of all the flooding in Assam and Nepal. Spring, no rain here for a few months....none expected until maybe September, when our wet season begins. But who knows with all this climate change? So be's it....
Hey Spring, I think Nepal did better with the pandemic response than the USA did, or the UK, and so many other places..... I hope a vaccine is developed soon....

The weather has been hot here. 99 degrees t'other day! We don't have AC, most folks around here seldom need one. We just suffer it out....country living.

The jay birds built a nest in a thick vine on the side of the house. The chicks hatched, fledged, and flew. I would sometimes go and make little bird noises near them when they were in the nest. So cute, their little gaping maws sticking up in the nest.
Swallowtail butterflies everywhere, both the Tiger and the Pale species. Alas, no Monarchs...

Ok chaps, it's R&R for me now.
Love you All,

Sun, I hope all goes well with your upcoming c-scopy! Don't worry my dear. Of course it must have been anxiety-provoking with your water problems, and range-hood, etc. I know it would be for me. I'm worried about the lack of rain this winter; we only got about 30 instead of the usual 60 plus inches. The creek is barely running, the spring is slowing down. We get our water from a well near the spring...

Granni, best wishes for you DH's procedure. I bet he is worried, huh? Men always are...lol.



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Spring: I’ve been reading about the flooding and what you said also. Why can’t things be shared equally.....like Barry said, their water table is very low.

Barry: I believe last summer or the one previous you guys had to buy water because you were low? Don’t worry?????? I’m the queen of worry, started when I was around 10, so I’ve had a lot of practice over the years. I have to remind myself that God has a plan for me, I may not like his choices, but he knows what’s best down the road. Got a call from City of Hope today.....cancelled for tomorrow due to doctor’s emergencies, so they will set up a time next week. I told her I’m flexible.....should I have said I have no LIFE? Your stepdad amazes me.

Granni: praying for the best outcome for your DH tomorrow. I believe you said that there was just a small growth so since he’s gone thru this twice before he’ll do fine. I’m surprised its done in a surgery center. And.....you have to pay upfront too? Guess it must be how it’s done. First time I was sent to a fancy chi chi hospital that looked like a hotel, really first rate. Second and third time in a small local hospital which shares the parking lot with City of Hope. I hope they will start him on the chemo tomorrow so they can see how he does.

Mikie: I was just reading about the pulse ox.....I guess just another name from oxymeter. And apparently you take it opposite from your dominate one. Thank you for your prayers. I have too many worrisome things going on.

Gordon, I feel for you, all your dental troubles. I hope you get it all settled without much suffering, mental or financially.

Rock: have you guys started ordering from the library? Not to worry about getting a book someone has had that was sick because the books are in quarantine for 5 days before they’re even checked in. I had a whole slew of DVDs I had returned but said I was late, so I called and she explained it to me.

I’ve been busy working my way thru WC paintings, which to mat and which to paint over. Yesterday I had a lot of trouble trying to order some mats online so I called. But was told they don’t take over the phone orders, I explained what was happening with their system, so the girl asked her supervisor who said I could order over the phone just ONCE, so I ended up ordering two different sizes. When you order 50 or more the mat, backing and sleeve comes out to only around $2.40 each.....a giant savings over what a place like Michaels would charge. So I should be getting this huge, heavy box in a couple of days. Last time I ordered the box was so heavy I had to open it at the door and take things out in sections.


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Hi All,

Not anything new here. Haven't felt well in ages. So, so tired and tired of being tired.

I am looking forward to this whole covid thing being over so I can hire back Moms housekeeper. I enjoy doing the laundry but Lisa can have the rest back once this is over. Gray and I are taking care of 2 places.

I plan on keeping instacart and still doing only pick ups at WalMart, grocery shopping is a huge energy suck too. Right now I would like to just lay down and sleep for a week.

I will probably feel better once I get the bladder treatment on the 4th. The will be teaching me how to do it for myself so we don't have to go in to Riverside every time. My bladder pain has kept me awake or woken me up the last few weeks almost every night.

Mikie- From what I understand about the MD there are two types, Wet and Dry. The Wet kind is more serious and causes total blindness. It is also the kind that you can do the shots and surgery for. The less serious kind causes central blindness but leaves some peripheral vision but no treatment except for taking the AREDS vitamins which doesn't prevent it but can help delay it. I can't take the AREDS so I am taking the vitamins individually with no guarantee or study that confirms that it works that way. I won't be able to drive but probably wouldn't be able to by then anyway because of brain fog and neuropathy. I don't drive far when I drive now. My BIL has glaucoma in one eye and is blind in that eye. He has a big port wine stain around that eye and that sometimes causes glaucoma. He is a menace on the road. I wouldn't get in a car if he was driving. My sister takes the dial a ride bus to the grocery store but her dr. is too far away for it. That is what I plan to do if Gray gets to the point where he can't drive anymore.

Well I think I will start getting ready for bed. Today was a busy day.

Hi to all, Barry, Rock, Gordon, Grannni, Julie, Spring, Sun and anyone else.

Love Willow


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Hi Friends, Went to bed, but woke up after a short snooze. "Peaches" was a typo, Mikie. Or did I already post that? Don't know what I'm doing anymore. Tired of living. Not really any news except for Henry. As I've posted a hundred times he does almost nothing around the house. A few months ago Gordon told him to take the 3 trash buckets out to the street on trash day. And after the trash truck has picked up the trash, bring the buckets inside our gate. Yesterday he didn't do any of that. So Gordon and I did. After that Gordon went in the house and I fed the kitty.

But then I couldn't get back in the house because the back door weren't shut properly. So I banged the screen door back and forth till Gordon came and let me in. Except when I pulled on the porcelain door knob it fell on the floor. *$@+#!! The charm of 100 year old houses and 50 ish brothers in law.

Willow, I looked up instant cart. Turns out I had looked it up yesterday, but forgot. So it's a
personal shopper rather than an actual cart, right?

Well, I'm falling asleep. Hugs, Kids, Rock


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Slept in a bit this morning. I really do have to shower and do my hair today. Tomorrow is my six-month checkup. It always goes the same way. I get my scripts and leave having made another appt. in six months. My life truly is a parody of the Groundhog Day movie. If I feel up to it, gonna go to the thrift shop and bank. If not, tomorrow is another day.

Barry, hope both your stepdad and stepbro are doing okay.

Sun, you can probably download the free Calm App for the iPad. The falling rain and water lapping the shore are very relaxing. It might help with the worrying. I'll keep up the prayers.

Willow, I will keep praying for you too. So many of my friends have issues with their eyes and vision that it's a daily prayer for me. I figure if I can't drive at some point, I'll just take Uber or Lyft like my DSIL's Mom does. You are like me in having a Plan B in mind. It helps with stress to know we can keep going. I hope your vitamins work. I had to stop taking the ones for my kidneys because they had stearic acid and it can have severe neurological affects. Took forever to figure it out. Publix is only a couple of blocks up the main road from me so I could walk if I took my old lady shopping cart. Instacart doesn't deliver from that store and they don't guarantee they will get the groceries at the prices advertised. I did use Shipt from Target and they are great. I don't usually shop at Wal*Mart because Publix is so handy and they have good sales and BOGO's. You must be beat taking care of youselves and Mom too. God bless you for being so good to her.

Rock, I think if you and Gordon want Henry to do anything around the house, he must be told in detail every time what he needs to do. Geez, he must be a real joy to live with--NOT! I think your typo was just peachy. Mine are usually the pits. Hundred year old houses may have problems but that is what people say is part of their charm. Heck, our 27 year old bldg. has it's problems from time to time. If you want to go high tech, you can get a smart phone and a smart lock so you can open the door with your phone. Don't know what happens if the battery is dead. I send my best to you and Gordon and SV sends his best to Miss Kitty.

Hope everyone has a great day, as great as is possible under these challenging conditions.

Love, Mikie


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To friends who are trying to help me with the library. Thanks for the good intentions. Hasn't worked for me. When I
click on a book I want to take out nothing happens. I guess I'll have to sit down with Gordoni. He tried to show me
before, but evidently it didn't take. It's hard to learn thing anything new when you've got Alz.

Mikie, that was nice of SV to send a message to Kitty. I bet you suggested it.

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Willow: yes, taking care of two houses can be a real drag on energy but good thing you’ve got your DH to help take off the load. I lived most of last year during the chemo treatments and each one of the 17 I had meant bad bladder pain and urgency. I figured up that it was about 1/3 of my entire year. So yes, I can greatly sympathize with you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.....I think.

Rock: I see you just posted about the library. Why not just write down what you want to read on a big list and give to Gordon to order for you. Sit at your computer with a pen and pencil right now that you’ve just read that.......don’t put it off, just get up and do it while you think of it.

My brain gets so distracted too....for me I have to have “tunnel vision” otherwise I find I’ve got at least 4 projects going at the same time. If I’m folding laundry and take some things to the BR, then suddenly I’m cleaning something out of a closet for an hr. then when I go back to the kitchen I see the laundry on the table unfinished, but at that point I might look outside and see a plant clipping on the ground I cut from yesterday untouched. So then I head outdoors, just to stick into the ground, and before I know it I’ve spent over an hr. in the garden. When I come in now I find the laundry still sitting unfolded, take it to the BR and there is an unfinished closet clean out, all on the floor. %$#@$%^

And I’m sooooo stupid with the regular computer, in fact, once I got the ipad and learned how to use it I rarely if ever even turn on the other one.

Mikie: I have some CDs of water sounds, etc. Tried them, don’t like them. But I do have a favorite I got by accident from Target....you know those for relaxation, etc. that is at the end of one aisle. You hit the button and listen for a minute or two. This one favorite starts out with the sound of birds, then a good relaxing slow beat with guitar music and other instruments. I’ve imagined I’m up in Yellowstone, riding on a slow moving horse. With other songs on it, I’ve imagined myself in various situations on a ranch. So strange because I haven’t spent much time around horses. It’s such a wonderful CD, I would be LOST if something happened to it. My brain has created a “movie” from listening to the various songs, and it relaxes me.

I worked mostly on my WC paintings yesterday but did put in some time in the evening copying one of my stories. I looked up, I have over 7,000 words already on it, so I guess it’s a novelette......read that yesterday about the length of stories, and what constitutes a short. Don’t know what I will do with them when I’m finished, if I ever do. I joined a writer’s online group yesterday, apparently for how to get something published, etc. so at least I will have a goal.

I’m up early.....really bad neck pain and a headache, so stumbled out to the kitchen to reheat left over coffee. I usually have this in the mornings, but not quite as bad. Must have done something yesterday to do a number on me. It looks dark and overcast, so perhaps it will be cooler today. I hope......I used to love summer and the heat....now hate it.
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Hi, Kids,

Got my shower and dried my hair. Just waiting to be styled and sprayed. Removed the excess nail polish I got on my toes. Looks pretty good. Still needs a clear coat. I like to look halfway groomed when I go out but it's more important when seeing the doc. I honestly don't care what I look like any more when I'm around here. I think it's because of the hibernating inside. When people who were always well groomed start to look unkempt, it's a red flag for docs. Don't want to have to take a cognitive test; I'd likely flunk. I'm sooo tired my poor pea brain isn't working. I still have to pick out something to wear that's comfortable and looks decent for tomorrow.

Rock, no, it was SV's idea to say hi to Miss Kitty. He's a very smart and friendly little guy. He was glued to the TV last night after FJ. It was a PBS nature show where they put cameras on wild animals. The first were the meercats that he loves. They live in connected tunnels underground. One gave birth and, with the use of infrared, the babies were shown nursing. They called them, pups. Shouldn't they be called kittens? I protest! Sun has a good idea; why not write down the names of the books and let Gordoni do the rest? I would love to order a pizza from Puzza Hut but have never been able to get the app to work online. A guy from PH led me though it online once but I can't get it to work on my own. Ratbane, as you would say.

Sun, DD said that the pulse-ox gizmos can be used for biofeedback to lower heart rate. When I had my cardio workup with the stress test, they said learning to do that is good. I am also sooo easily distracted when on task to do things around here. I have to really focus to get something done from start to finish. I did get the freezer and refrigerator cleaned out but I had to keep myself on track. Funny how you have your own story inspired by the music. I 'see' classical music as colors and shapes that move with the tempo. When I used to go to live concerts, the music would rush at me like waves. I think whatever calms us is a good thing. I'm still going back to sleep with my strange little word games. Hope your neck and head pain gets better.

Think I'll make some seafood pasta, comfort food. I found another whole bag of shrimp when I cleaned out the freezer and I need to use it. Hope everyone is have a good day.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: I didn’t realize that with the oxymeter but apparently I have been using it from time to time to do biofeedback. I sit with it on, check it, then do some slow deep breathing, then keep checking sporadically to make sure my HR is going down and oxygen level where it should be. I’m assuming that’s biofeedback?

My doc just called. She got things changed so I will have the check this afternoon. Hoping for a negative check. An old HS friend called last night, her DH is the one who had bladder cancer over 10 years ago. I didn’t want to talk last night....she kinda sucks up any good vibes with her myriad of troubles. Guess I’ll call back in a few days or so when I’m in a better frame of mind. I could just hear it in her voice? Don’t want to surround myself with negativity.


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Hi Kids, I just read that Lane Bryant has filed for bankruptcy. I'm going to tell Gordon to pass that
on to Jim, who is pretty skinny. "Tell Jim now he won't have any place to shop." I can't tell Gordon
now. He is outside washing his car.

Sun, your idea is brilliant. I tell Gordon what books I want and he can then take over. He likes to be
in charge anyway.

Saw two little kids dancing on You tube. I think they are around age 6. You might want to take a
look. Their names are Yasha and Daniela.

GORDON STOPPED BY TO IMPROVE MY POST: hi all, just washed the car. hasn't been done since march. what was a grey car turned into the color of dirt. will water the bamboo and tomato later and maybe some other yard work. it's cool today so will see what i can get done.

later all,

Rock and gordon


Hi, Kids,

Good grief, the virus is going wild. More and more, people are coming around to the idea of wearing masks but by now, it's a bit like closing the barn door...I am praying for us all. Off my feedbag again so didn't make the pasta. Had some juice and toast. Good news is that my hair came out great. Should look okay tomorrow. I'm so tired I could fall over. My salivary glands are killing me. No wonder I'm tired; my Sjogren's is acting up.

Sun, yes that is how biofeedback works. You can slow your HR by taking a nice deep breath and holding it for just a second before exhaling. Glad you are getting the checkup this afternoon. Let us know how it turns out. Fingers crossed and prayers going up.

Rock and Gordon. My car is filthy. Gonna fill it up one of these days and run it through the car wash. On my To-Do list. Good luck with the books. Lordy, I don't know what I'd do without books. For me, cats and books are what make for a cozy home. I got the FJ question last night. That's always a plus.

Been raining for hours now. It isn't a gully washer but it's a decent rain and will help a lot.

Hate to have to go to the medical bldg. tomorrow because there is a lab there. Sick people going in and out in droves. Gonna take plenty of hand sanitizer and wear two masks. Hell, I'd wear a haz-mat suit if I had one. Watched that movie with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks about the Washington Post's decision to print the Pentagon Papers. Seems to me it fell short of building the tension that had to have been present at that time but it was still a good diversion. Earlier I went to the mailbox for the last Rx. Don't know why it wasn't sent with the other three.

Gonna go and settle in for the evening. Gonna watch some news and do a Xword puzzle. Maybe I'll read some of the stupid murder mystery on my Kindle. Hope everyone has a really lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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SUN - Good luck with your check this afternoon. Hope for good news !!! I don't blame you for not wanting to hear any of someones bad or negative news. There is enough bad stuff happening not to speak of your situation. I feel the same way.

Normally you can go into a nce waiting room with drinks and snacks and they call the person that needs to go in and they do to do all the preop stuff. When they are ready for surgery they call the spouse or whoever they came with if they want to come to chat a bit maybe even with the surgeon, before the surgery and a kiss goodbye when they are ready to push him into surgery. Then you go back to the nice waiting room till they tell you he is done and you can go see him. Then when he is ready and has gone to the bathroom since he has no catheter ( YAY) he needed to pee before .

However, these are not normal times. I went with him as usual with DSIL. DSIL went outside and waited for y call (text). No one is now allowed in with the patient and of course all had masks on. DH went in to finish what he needed to and go into pre op. I went downstairs and stayed by myself in the freezing lobby and phone but didn't do much on the phone as I wanted to conserve my charge on the phone and it goes down fast. Probably should have bought a book. Had to be there at 6:30 in the a.m. which was bad but since we had n early time we got home earlier. This time we got home before 10:00. The Dr called me when he was done and gave instructions to make an appt for 2 weeks and then we would talk about and make a date for treatment. Then the nurse called me and told me he wa doing good and told me about when he would be ready so I could get DSIL. It worked out good but was very boring i the lobby with nothing to see or do except my phone. Lots of people were there to pick up their spouses or whoever from cataract surgery. Some people waited there and others not. Most of the surgeries do not tae very long about 30 minutes or so and maybe a bit more for others.

Well enough of my exciting day but DH is fine and the big secret was finally getting DH to force a lot of fluids. When I used t tell him to drink a lot after surgery he would take a couple of sips that won't do it. They also gave him a lot of IV fluids plus all that he drank. Luckily he did so, so no catheter had to be placed.

MIKIE - How do you make your seafood pasta. I love that to but am curious what you use. It is really best to use uncooked shrimp but most of the time I have cooked that are frozen so I just add them at the very last with spaghetti or whatever kind of noodles and butter, EVOO, spices and throw them together with some parm cheese if I have it. What did you you use and different spices. I had a very different recipe from long ago using uncooked frozen shrimp and different spices, oregano, garlic and maybe some other stuff. Delicious too. I could live on pasta but not that great all the time. I use the GF pasta mostly, Pasta and pizza are my very favs. Unfortunately we had that the other day and have to do something with leftover chicken tonight - more stir fry.

WILLOW - So sorry to hear about your urinary pain. Is it a sharp or dull pain. Mine is kind of like a stinging that goes away when I empty my bladder. That drives me nuts too up every couple hours to pee - grrr !! Yes, taking care of two houses is very hard. Don't know how you do it but I'm sure you are younger than I. Almost everyone on here is except maybe ROCK. Hope you can go back with your house keeper, cleaning lady, so you don;t have to do both houses. How far do you have to travel to get your treatments? YOu mom is so lucky to have you close by. I never could help me mom as were in different states and luckily my brother was there and so helpful and wonderful to her. Good luck with your treatments. Hope it helps a lot !

Hi's and Hugz to everydobby else I didn't mention by name! JULIE, SW, BARRY, ROCK/GORDON and any lost MIA's,



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Hi Kids

Alert to Mikie. Just came from Youtube. They have at least 8 videos titled Idiots in cars. So of course I thought of you. Granni, Glad to hear DH is OK. He's lucky to have a nurse at home. I wouldn't want to be a surgeon. Too bloody for me.

I think Henry just went to work. Well, there was something large moving about in the hall. It went

Going back to bed. Hugs. Rock


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

I don't know what is putting out pollen or other allergens but my allergies are awful. Stuffed up nose, headache and inflammation in my chest. I am amply endowed and even the 'girls' are tender. TMI? Sorry. Just watching the news and reading the paper online. I'll be glad to get the doc visit over with. Not much I have to do to get ready. I have a comfortable outfit picked out.

Not only is the rate of infections up drastically here but so is the rate of deaths. It all seems so unreal but it isn't unreal for the poor families of those who pass without loved ones around. Cuomo tried to warn us we would be the next NY if we didn't take precautions and sure enough, we are. There is nothing to do except to wear a mask and pray and that's what I'm doing. People from up north are buying up houses and condos like crazy here and there is a lack of homes for sale. Guess there is a silver lining for some.

Granni, glad all went well for DH's procedure. My old iPhone started losing its charge and it accelerated to the point I got a new one. That was a year ago. It's a pain when phones won't keep a charge. Publix sells small frozen scallops in garlic butter sauce and they often have them on BOGO. I cook them in my fry pan and add some bottled Alfredo sauce. I cook the frozen shrimp by themselves and add them to the mix. I serve over penne pasta with a dollop of pesto. I like to make my own but I have some bottled. I'm just too tired to cook anything involved. The scallops and sauce have enough seasoning that I don't have to add anything. Glad you have such a nice DSIL to take you to the appt. Let us know how DH is doing.

Rock, I see you're up early. So when you see idiots in cars, you think of me. How flattering. No, I know you are thinking of how we both love that line and cartoon. Laughing about Henry's lurking in the hall, at least we hope it was Henry. Maybe your old house is haunted. Yikes! Go back to bed and cover your head.

OK kids, I'm outta here. I'll check back in later. Hope all y'all have a good day.

Love, Mikie



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I thought I posted this last night, this was written yesterday afternoon/evening.

Hi to All, Not quite as tired today. I got 6 hrs sleep but not all at one time. More like a 3 hour nap, awake for 4 hrs and then another 3 hour nap. I sleep well about 2 times a week. Not enough to help me feel good but enough to keep me from going crazy. Usually I have a mellow tired but today it is a cranky, irritable tired. I don't want to inflict that on anyone so I am trying to keep it to myself.

Gray found another gopher hole so we are right back where we were. One in the front yard and one in the veggie patch. Gray is almost done putting gopher wire down in the veggie patch so they won't be able to nibble on the roots of my plants. While digging he hit a water line for the sprinkler so will have to stop the digging to let the garden dry out and make the repair so that will put him behind a day or so. He wants to get it done before the next heat wave next week. We will put new plants in the rest of the yard in gopher cages. I have my strawberries in a little kids swimming pool to protect them.

Rock- Yes, Instacart is like a personal shopper. I go on the app and click on the store I want shopped and then put in what I want and how many and then it is delivered to my door usually within 2 hours. They don't always have what I want stocked so I can put in if I want the item replaced with something else or deleted from my order if it can't be replaced with something else. I like it better than WalMarts pick up. They do several stores like Staters, Sprouts, Target, Smart and Final, Aldi and a few others. WalMart is too often out of stock on several items that I want and I can't pick what I want as replacements I just have to go with what they replace it with or refuse all replacements.

Granni- The pain in my bladder is often a burning pain that only goes away if you pee. Even if it only a teaspoonful. The baking soda in water helps when it is really bad but it is a diuretic so I don't take it at night. I take Tums at night along with pyridum to help with pain and urgency at night and the baking soda if it is bad enough during the day.

Sun- I cant even imagine what you have gone through the last few years with your bladder. Hopefully it will get better for both of us and Granni too. Do you know the name of your calming CD. It sounds really nice, I'd like to check it out. I have one called Lake Suites that I bought at a day spa when I went several years ago. I had my atlas adjusted and you are supposed to get your neck massaged 10 days later and again a week after that. It didn't help my neck pain so I never went back. (The adjustment not the massage, the massage was great but very expensive.) How did your check up go?

Mikie- I can't take steric acid either but not for neurological reasons, acid is a bladder trigger so I am careful not to take vitamins or meds with that ingredient. I am okay with magnesium sterate though. I think they are anti caking ingredients. My car needs to be washed too. In CA we get almost all of our rain between Nov-April, by mid summer everything is getting very dusty. By the end of August even the trees are looking dirty, like they could use a good rinse. I like an occasional rain just not how it was in MI where it rained every weekend the year we moved. That was in 1981.

Well it is time to get busy again.

Love to all, Willow


Hi, Kids,

Just had lunch. I stopped at Publix on the way home from the doc. I'm not happy about the doc visit. My pulse was 100. I had told him about my occasional shortness of breath since having had that virus in Jan. He wants to change my BP med. The Rx he wrote is for an extended-release type and Publix pharmacy doesn't have it. It would have to be ordered. If I can't find it locally, I may have to order it from my ins. mail order plan. This is already a pain. He looked at my throat and up my nose and said I have a cold. I copped to allergies but not a cold. If I do have a cold, I'm thinking that might cause the tachycardia. In any case, I'm gonna rest and try to get the HR down. His wife had that flu and was tested but it wasn't Covid. He said even a cold or virus can damage the heart. Yikes!

Publix finally has mandated masks. I was waiting at the deli and a woman about my age came up wearing her mask below her nose and crowded in right next to me. I asked her to please keep her distance and mentioned that her nose wasn't covered. She seemed surprised and immediately pulled the mask up and backed off. I thanked her. If it were somewhere where I could move, I would not have said anything but the deli lady was almost through with my order and I had to wait.

Thank God momentum is finally on the side of mask wearers. My doc and I were talking about the woman over in the Cape at the city council meeting who spoke out against masks. She said it's an attempt by the deep state to control her and the mask is just the symbol of control. He and his wife saw that on the news too and were laughing. You can't make this stuff up.

Willow, I'm sorry for all the trouble with the gopher. My friend, Nancy, had similar problems with a mole. It kept moving from one yard to another. Reminded me of Caddyshack. Glad you got some sleep. Not sleeping well is one of our worst problems. I get pissy when I'm super tired. My research pointed to magnesium stearate and veggie stearate as both being forms of stearic acid. Same thing by another name. It may be in smaller amounts in one product than another. Neurological side effects appear to accumulate over time and exposure. Nasty stuff and shouldn't be in our supps and meds. I'm sorry you have such bad bladder symptoms and I hope you can find relief. Good luck with Mr. Gopher.
Just checked my pulse and it's 110 and I'm just sitting still. Gonna get off of here and try to bring it down. Hope all y'all are having a good one.

Love, Mikie
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Granni - very pleased to hear DHs procedure is over and went well. Relief for all.

Willow - also good to know you are feeling a little more energetic. Smart of DH to try and finish outsidework before the heat catches up.

Rock and Gordon - so cute to see you and Gordon posting together. Im smiling. That was a naughty tongue in cheek about being reminded about Mikie when seeing those utubes. I was imagining Mikie reading and mock rapping your knuckles.

The kids are doing their thing. The DS still walks to office and back when she can. The DS is busy with some stuff he is working on. He is out of the house mostly, since the govt has allowed normal traffic to resume. Both of them visited a cousins a little ways out of town proper. Some other cousins were sleeping over, but DS and DD decined that and just visited for a few hours. I cooked them some indian savoury dish to take over. They said they were fed chicken dumplings. And that everyone loved the dessert i cooked.

Mikie - this Sjogrens seems to be the pits. The mom of a friend of DS used to have it. But i never knew the symptoms. Its worrying to get even a cold when theres covid rampaging around so i know how you felt. Anyways im glad you saw the doc. i hope you will get the meds he prescribed soon.

ive not watched the news for two days. Just got busy around the house. I did catch glimpses when DH turned the telly on and saw the covid news. Yes, Florida is really in it. Im just remembering all the crowded beaches and gatherings some weeks ago. Sooooo frustrating, uuufffff! Stay safe.

Julie, Sun, Barry - hello..

Had an electrician over because some lights werent working. Wires are so complicated because theres inverter ones and solar. When theres a big downpour, the lights go off for a few minutes. Maybe 5he surge in the electricity when com8ng back on.

It was my friends birthday. I had bought her present but could not go over to give it. i aint riding in cabs with covid around and both kids were busy. Wished her overthe phone. She said they were ordering take out from a Turkish restaurant. She aint going out either, lockdown being lifted or not.

God bless
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Hi, Kids,

HR has come down a bit. I don't know why it does this from time to time. If I do have a cold, that could splain it. I think doc just doesn't want to take any chances. He says if I don't do well on the new med, there are other things we can do. He is a really smart guy so I'll give it a try. I'll go to Costco or Target on Mon. to see whether they have the drug. Won't go there on the weekends. If I end up taking it, it won't cost anything because I can order it through ins. co. mail order. I'm just old and hate change.

Spring, glad you aren't taking any chances. Me either. Rock and I both love Gary Larson who had a single-panel comic strip, The Far Side. One unforgettable one was captioned, Ship of Fools. Car of Idiots. The drawing was a car with a bunch of idiotic looking people riding in it. My kids loved that. A lot of his cartoons had cats as subjects. One showed a cat from the back and the title was, How To Tell Your Cat From A Meatloaf. This guy is so bizzarre and off the wall that he must be a genius. We have been talking about the car of idiots here for a long time. When I see it, I think of Rock. I think DD still has a couple of old Larson books.

The worst part of Sjogren's is the exhaustion when it flares. Dry eyes and dry mouth aren't pleasant but I can live with that. Tender lymph nodes are a problem too but not like the fall-down extreme exhaustion. I wish they would find cures for all these things that ail us. Every one of us here is smart and think what we could do if pain and fatigue weren't in our lives. You're right--one hates to get anything anymore. Doc said a cold can damage the heart. Yikes! Everyone here handles things so well. We have been through years of illness and we know how to keep going. We have to be tough.

We got a lot of good rain yesterday and may get more this evening. I haven't seen where that storm is right now but it's sposda be headed for TX. I hope Granni is not in its path. The storms are rolling off Africa's West Coast now, one after another. We wait here like sitting ducks hoping to dodge them.

Once again, I'm outta here. Sending love, hugs and prayers.

Love, Mikie
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