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PORCH 1210 IS NOW CLOSED (7/20/20)

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Willow: I did search on the CD. Here’s the info. I see some for sale on ebay. And I believe it is used in spas also.

Maybe you could find a link where the songs could be listened to before you decide to purchase.

I started this hours ago, had to leave to meet some artist friends in a local park to paint or basically gab. So good to get together, although we sit far enough apart so we don’t have to wear masks.

The cysto showed no new cancer growth which is wonderful but it doesn’t explain why I’ve got cramping. I’m at the point in my life that I don’t want anymore doctors or tests though. So don’t know what I’m going to do. One of the ladies I met had to leave early for an MRI on her pelvic area.....hmm?


Hi, Sun,

Just dropped in and saw your post to Willow. I'm glad to hear you have no new cancer growth. I hope your cramping goes away.

Love, Mikie


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SUN - So glad that you do not have anymore growths in the your bladder. However, I understand what you mean about being sick and tired of tests and treatments. You can probably just tell them you have decided that you do not want anymore. I suppose they have to respect your wishes. I am sick everything to but not sure I am at the point yet. DH is the one who would say I have had it , no more. If I can afford the treatment ad I I still have insurance I'll go for the cure, IF there is one !. However, that might also depend on the day and how I feel. :)!! I do hope that those cramps go away that you were having. Did the dr give you an idea of what that might be from?

MIKIE - Sorry for your high HR. Mine is always hi too . That is probably part of the reason I am on the Verapamil ER 240 - high dosage also for b/p, along with the Losartan 100 mg.. I have been on it for years. My HR is usually in the 90s but sometimes in the 80's. It has been in 100's but not often. What wa the name of the med he put you on? Hope it helps. You can PM me if you want. The drug is not cheap but I get it pretty good price mail order with our insurance Without insurance it is not cheap, I believe. Little by little I am trying to get off my expensive meds in case we lose our insurance The only other one is the Metribig or something like that. I can get it for $100 for 3 months but that is still expensive for us so I rarely use it and use the Darifenacen which is very cheap.. Without insurance some of this stuff is $300+ for a 3 months supply- not for me. Good luck with the new drug and hope it helps and is not to pricey. I know you have the prescription medicare (Advantage is it)?I think you said before.

WILLOW - Hope that bladder RX helps you. What is it called? This urinary stuff is major pain esp when you add it to all the other stuff a lot of us have. Yes, hopefully the covid 19 disappears soon so everyone can get on with life and you can get your mom's housekeeper back. That has to be very tiring for you and your mom. How old is she? Can she do any light housework herself? My mom was such a worker and did almost everything herself cause she never had the $. She passed when she was 93 but kept breaking her hip - 2x, the last time took everything from her, including her will to continue on. Enjoy your mom as much as you can.




Hi, Granni,

I have already decided there will be no chemo or radiation should I get cancer. Would do surgery if possible. Heart attacks are the bane of our family. Medicare Advantage Plans aren't available everywhere, depends on the county in which one lives. They take the place of Part A, Part B and Part D (Rx). They are totally different from supplements and offer way more benefits with no deductible and none of the 80/20 business. I pay nothing when I see my PCP and it's $20 or $25 when I see a specialist. My co-pays for Rx are zero through mail order for Tier I and Tier II meds. I'm lucky in that I have no expensive meds. There is no premium for the plan I'm on. I've saved a lot of money over the years. No one plan is right for everyone and each must be evaluated. Joe and I see the same docs but he has a deductible and pays about $2,400 a year in premiums. His son wants him to get on an Advantage Plan but he hasn't. He keeps asking me about mine and saying he should get on it. In ten years, he will have spent about $24,000 in premiums. But, I digress...

My HR is usually in the 70's when I up but not active. My resting rate is in the 50's or 60's. This high rate is an anomaly. Still, because it shows up a couple of times a year and I've had some shortness of breath, the doc wants to see whether I'd do better on the generic for Cardezem EX 240 mgs. My BP is almost always perfect and my EKG was fine so I'm hesitant to want to upset everything with a new med. He assured me that, if I have problems, I can go back to what I'm doing and we can try something else later. I just got all my meds refilled for 90 days.

Hope DH continues to do well and that you both stay safe from the storm.

Love, Mikie