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PORCH 1212 IS NOW CLOSED (7/30/20)

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Mikie, may you have shelter from the storms, whether they be hurricanes, Covid, and crazy politicians. Why didn't your DD SIP, by the way? That's one of the reasons the covid-19 is traveling around so easily....

Julie, a good way to get rid of poison oak or ivy is GOATS! And you can get more kids and goat's milk!
You are right, my dear, "I had a life, until....", and I miss what I could do then so much, but so it is. I have my birds and insects (and all other animals/plants) around me. So colours, birdsong, etc.etc. I consider to be my blessing.
Julie, how many cats ya got? Too many to count? I would think you have no mouse problems at all.... And, by the way, I worry about your neighbour's kids' cat/kittens. Hoping they are alright....

Hey Rock, here in the Emerald Triangle, aka, the Lost Coast, we read about small e-quakes all the time off of the coast a few miles. Never feel them. Waiting for the big one, but maybe tension is just being released.
The lady minister or whatever, tells us demons inseminate us with their sperm, and other crazy things. She should be thrown out of the Christian faith in any form, IMHP. She's nuts. Well, nuttier than I am anyway.

Yesterday we took Monty (feline) and Lenny (k-9) to the vet for their vaccinations, and to check out Lennies ear infection. No appointments, you just get there and wait in line in your car. They take the animal into the clinic, and you don't even get to talk to the vet. Vexatious. We got there 1/2 hour before they opened at 8:30. They close at 10 a.m. until they reopen in the afternoon for a few more hours. We were #5 in the queue. Then went to the store, and I stayed in the car with the pets, (Romeo went too, he loves toad trips.)
EVERYONE everywhere was wearing a face mask I am glad to say. People are taking all the precautions they can. AS THEY SHOULD!!!!

Over and out of nrg for the nonce.
Love to you Granni, Willow, Spring, Star, Duckie, and who did I forget? I can't think right now. Got whirly brain.



Hi, My Friends,

Since I last stopped in, I have done nothing. It's one of those days with absolutely no NRG. Have some pain in the kidney area and have been praying it's not the stones. They can become a life-threatening situation and I don't want to have to go to the ER. It's probably my back; I hope it is. Just been watching TV and playing Solitaire on the iPad.

Spring, the comet in the pix wasn't identified so I'm not sure. Evidently a meteor ball of fire has been streaking through the sky. Lots going on up there. The Perseid Meteor Shower is coming up soon. I've never watched it. Our traffic is way down from normal but rush hour is a bit noisy and busy for those who still work. Things are 'normal' for some, those who throw caution to the wind and continue to party. Most of us old folks are lying low for fear of getting sick. I hope we all stay well and can get back to normal soon. Melinda Gates has been investing in women and healthcare issues for a long time. They are sooo wealthy but she really is down to earth. He is the same way. Thank God for people like them with real values.

Barry, I wouldn't be going on a trip but my kids see things differently. They aren't being foolish but aren't as cautious as I. Flying on Southwest is relatively safe because they completely sanitize the planes and keep the middle seats empty. Everyone has to wear a mask. Andy stayed at his friends and then the three of them stayed at a house they rented in Maine. Again, I wouldn't be doing that right now but it's their lives. I don't give advice or meddle. I don't know about kicking that woman out of her religion but I do think she should be kicked out of being a licenses doctor. She's not the only one in that group. BTW, Frontline Doctors isn't a medical practice; it's a political group. Go figure! We can make appts. for our pets but they come out to the car to get them. Can't go in with them. SV's exam isn't until Nov. and I'm hoping things will improve before then but not holding my breath. Hope you, Richard and the beloved critters are all well.

Gotta go pee. Catch y'all later.

Love, Mikie

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Oh Mikie, your post reminded me that I was at Arlington too. I had forgotten, but I remembered seeing the grave of John F. Kennedy. It had not been completed. His coffin was lying on a patch of dirt with a small flame
nearbye. Today it looks like this. Not much of an improvement.

Well, the computer won't use a larger format, so I'll quit.




Hi, Rock,

I tried to go in and enlarge your pic but it didn't work for me either. Ratbane as you say. That was the only time I've been to D.C. but it's amazing to see. Of course I had to see the Air & Space Museum in the Smithsonian. I toured the White House with a small group. A nice lady and I started to talk to one another so we buddied up and took each other's pictures. It was a business trip for my ex so I had all day long to sight see. We wanted to be sure to see the Lincoln Monument and we stood next to the statue of Lincoln. I think for any of us who were young and inspired by JFK, it's hard to see his grave and the flame. Assassinations are horible and traumatic events. Then it was followed by RFK and MLK. And people think times are violent now. I hope we never go through that again.

We are getting a bit of wind but nothing too exciting. Roomba has finished the vacuuming. I have a headache and had an occular migraine. Everything aches. Don't know what is going on but it could just be a flare. Might be caused by the storm's being so near. Changing weather can do that. It'll be an early night tonight. Both SV and I will like that. It's our favorite thing.

Hope you guys have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hi gang...woke to a "4 alarm cold coffee requiring itch" this morning, lol! So, I got in the shower with the jar of coffee and splashed myself with it...helped a lot.

Barry, we used to have Nubian goats, but I didn't think about them eating poison ivy. We gave Amy their milk when she weaned herself from nursing, because she couldn't handle the regular formula.

How many cats do we have? Well, the 4 toms...Squirrely Dude is a pretty and friendly, but skittish yellow and white, then there's a short haired all white one who seems to always know when it's suppertime (he belongs to the neighbor kids' grandpa and grandpa, who live just down the road from them and the kids say is the father of the kittens in question), and The Thug (a black/gray tiger stripe, who picks on Squirrely all the time), and two orange tiger striped. Wait, I guess that's five Toms, lol!

Then there is the long haired white female, who actually belongs to our Amish neighbor, Lorene...this is an older cat who comes and goes between our farms. Two really pretty
calicoes, a "not so pretty" calico ;) who has two kittens (one looks like The Thug, the other one is black with four white feet), a pretty black and white (who injured her foot somehow, but is doing much better), a really pretty tawny ? colored female (Keira's favorite, very playful and sleeps on Oreo's cushion when Oreo is inside for the night), and of course, our Peace Sign...who comes in and out as she pleases and who bumps the back of my leg or my hand if I'm on the computer...a sign she wants an extra treat in her bowl of kibble, lol!

I'm sure there are others, and sometimes they seem to come and go, but those are the main ones who come out of hiding every night at suppertime. Gray Mama Kitty was here this afternoon when we got back from the memorial service, so I fixed her a protein packed meal and "stood guard" again while she ate.

I say "come out of hiding", but really they're all in different places in the yard all day long. "Tawny" has learned that Oreo apparently can't see her very well (just the right shade of beige/tan/whatever) so she just makes herself as flat as possible (in the yard, driveway, anywhere) and Oreo runs right by, or sometimes right over her, lol! It's just a game to all of them (dog and cats), I think. I don't know that she would ever hurt any of them, but it gives her a wee bit of exercise ;)

Den went along with me to the service...we counted mileage, it was only 11 miles away in the country. I had only met one daughter and one granddaughter (Den knows the great-grandson, but he wasn't there.) But as soon as we arrived, the ones who knew us, had to take us around to the rest of the family and be introduced and thanked for all we/I have done to get word to them, etc. The man died July 4 and I really wonder how long it would have taken his family to find out, if one of sis's neighbors hadn't let me know and I passed it along to his family.

I counted at least 50 people...family, friends, people he had grown up with and worked at various jobs with. So obvious that he was very well loved and from the stories they told during the service, they had been very close until sis came along and "stole him". When they first met, he was in the early stages of dementia, but sis told him he didn't have anything wrong and didn't need to be on any medication...from then on, it was easy for her to "be in control." The family even tried to get him help, but by then, sis had become POA and beneficiary, etc. and shut the family out completely. She didn't show up this afternoon, so it was very pleasant and peaceful. A neighbor who had gone to this morning's "secret" burial graveside service texted me afterwards and said there were only a few Amish (he and sis were taxi drivers for them), sis's daughter (who will inherit her mom's entire estate because she pretends to "be on sis's side in everything), and a couple of other neighbors.

Doesn't this all sound like something out of a movie or novel? How do people even act like this in real life, when there are so many other things going on?

Editting now, as I thought I'd better post my ramblings before I lost them...

Anyway, that's all we got done today, but we were both worn out. We didn't stay for the luncheon...came home and had sandwiches, then it was naptime.

Spring, I'm so glad you mentioned about the spirits...I had never heard of them (those terms) so looked them up. I think what many people in the Western world don't realize is that indeed our fight is not with "flesh and blood...but rather against the spiritual forces of evil..." paraphrasing Ephesians 6:12 in my Bible. Den and I encountered some of this firsthand in Belize...we prayed for and fought for many peoples' lives and souls on our mission trips. I could tell many stories that would make people think we were absolutely crazy.

Anyway, I need to find something to fix for supper. Den and I are neither one used to having a day off, lol...but we didn't want to get any sweaty/greasy projects going and have to quit in the middle to leave for the service, so we are both wandering about kinda "lost", haha! But he's settled on a project in the shop and I need to get busy in the kitchen.

Rock, I forgot to thank you for the pic...I was only five years old when JFK died, but I remember seeing about it on TV.
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Got lotsa sleep last night but woke with a headache and stuffed up sinuses. Just used the NasaCort spray and took some Acetaminophen. The swelling is gone in my ankles but it seems to creep back in as the day goes on. Not much but enough that I can see it. So far, the storm has been a big nothing. No news on yet so don't know where the storm is in relation to us. Last evening, a couple of outer bands brought some wind. There must be disturbance in the air because my antenna is getting interference and I've been streaming TV. OK, here we go, an update on the hurricane. It is now directly opposite us on the East Coast. There is dry air here that is pushing against it so I don't think we will get anything.

Spring, I think you added to your post when I responded to you. The UFO was photographed by some Navy pilots and the news didn't say where they were flying. We have had so many sighted with no explanation from scientists and the govt. I believe we are not alone and that it's entirely possible that we are visited by beings from other galaxies. I also believe in good spirits and evil. We lived in a house with things going on that, while not exactly evil, were disturbing. Our family seems to be sensitive and able to detect some things. We have 'seen' things that were to occur later. There is a shadowy being in DD's house in CO. We have all seen it. It carries nothing bad but just seems to like to hang around.

That woman doctor is entitled to her own beliefs but she is claiming to cure Covid-19 with a drug that has been shown in controlled medical studies to be ineffective in treating it and can have dangerous side effects. It is entirely possible that she has patients who have survived the virus but she can't credibly claim she has the cure. Before the studies, there was such a run on that drug that it wasn't available to treat Lupus and other diseases. The group of docs is a political PAC with an agenda. I don't think any of these docs specializes in infectious diseases. I totally believe in using spirit to help with healing. I ask for healing light to help me with physical healing and for my own spiritual needs. If people want to seek spiritual healing through healers, I'm all for that but it's dangerous for doctors to make claims about having a cure with a drug that doesn't work and could be dangerous. Despite scientific studies that show it doesn't work, there are still people who believe it does just because someone says it does. Just wanted you to know that my problem with this doc is based on the drug she is touting and the fact that she is representing herself as having a cure while not mentioning her political agenda. I wouldn't want to offend anyone based on spiritual beliefs.

Julie, so glad you got to go to the service and all went well. It's nice you and Den got to meet the family of the poor man who passed. It must be hard for them to know what went on before he died. You have quite the kitty community. Reminds me of a short feature on PBS. It's called, Cats Cradle, and it's a husband and wife who take in old kitties that others can no longer care for. I have watched it over and over. There is one cat that looks just like Tweety and SV got all excited when he watched it. He ran right up to the TV thinking it was his sister. Made me sad. He misses her and still catterwauls for her to come out and play in the morning. That's interesting about what you encountered on your mission trips. The Catholic Church has exorcism because it recognizes that evil exists. I pray for protection from it for me and my loved ones. It was because of Spring that I ask Zedkiels the Archangel to protect me with his purple light.

OK, Kids, gonna go read the real paper. Weatherman standing out on the beach in Miami showed the waves coming ashore. Wind is sustained at about 30 mph. That's in the tropical storm range. Most of the action is happening out in the Atlantic to the east of the eye of the storm so I doubt we will be getting anything here. Prayers answered. Hope all y'all have a good day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids, Mikie, our weatherman was talking about your storm when I turned on the TV. He did not
indicate that it was anything to worry about. Springwater, Yes, Henry has been going to work at 2 AM
for the last couple years. He has worked at Whole Foods for many years. Don't know how many.
Starting this week he's going in later and will stay longer. Just think. Executives spend hours debating
these management decisions.

I came across a Dave Berry site. Here is some news. The LAPD pursued a stolen hearse. It crashed
on the freeway. The coffin and body were inside, but undamaged. Air New Zealand is testing bunk
beds for their economy flights.

Mom races to school. Gets there on time, but the kids were left behind. The squirrels are attacking
law enforcement with turkeys. Fort Myers hospital worker is accused of sucking on patient toes. A
dozen people were injured at the exploading people festival.

America is reportedly losing the toilet race. We are now number 2.

ACK! Computer is acting up. Hugs to Granni, Berry, Julie, Sunflower, Springwater, and more
if there are any more.


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Greetings awl,

I had some problems with trying to post on PH. I couldn't post anything like everything wal locked but I could type a message off PH. I send a message to JULIE since I couldn't get through to anyone. Then I got a bright idea and I rebooted the computer. Yay, it worked !

MIKIE - My Losartan is 100 mg and the diuretic that comes in the pill is HCTZ 12.5 mg. I still had some of them so she gave me some extra HCTZ to make it 25 mg. If you are having a little foot welling you might want to try the 12.5 with your dosage, eeeeemaybe first try it separately and see if it works. If it does the get the Losartan with the HCTZ. Hope that answers your question. Hope you do not get much of the storm. Of course a little rain would be great !

Gotta run but LOVE to everyone. More later, now that I actually can post. That was weird what happened to my computer keys and also the home page on PH. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone. After rebooting the right page came up.

SUN - So sorry you have had such cramps . Do you have any idea of the cause?

Hugz to awl,


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That was great !!?? I just got here and wanted to check out if anyone was on the Porch and if MIKIE still had her electricity. The screen I was on wasn't letting me type again, However I checked reply and my post from last night came on. Guess I am moving to fast and not everything is getting done correctly. OH well, so what else is new.

Went to church in our study again and that is about the only thing I have accomplished this morning. This afternoon so far I finished up the dishes and stuff in the sink and got steaks marinading and fixed some sweet potatoes to bake. That's it for the day except for cooking the dinner but without rain today DH gets to do the steaks outside.

MIKIE - Hope all is well with you and that your the storm has caused any problems for you, If we do not hear from you we know your electricity is out. Hang in the dear friend.

JULIE - Glad you got to go to the memorial service and that Sis wasn't there to cause problem. Wonder if anyone will go to her funeral after all the bad things she has done to them. Guessing Dennis might be forced to go since she is his sister. He'll have to make that decision. He;s such a sweetheart though , you too!

ROCK - Glad to hear you are still perking along. Sounds like me . I love your funny antidotes and tidbits of information !!:D Wow, I sure would hate to work anywhere at 2 a.m.. The only thing maybe good about it is less traffic.

I still have stuff to do here on the computer so I had better scoot and maybe check in again later, if I get the chance.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)
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Hi, Kids,

Just came in from cleaning the balcony and bringing the chairs back up. Act of futility but, had the storm moved over this way, it might have saved the day. Last thing we need is airborne chairs. I put the new cushions on the wrought iron chairs and they look nice. This winter, I'm gonna have to hit them with some black Rustoleum spray paint. One upstairs neighbor never cleans in front of her door. It's filthy. I cleaned our end and all the way across the middle but I refuse to clean in front of her door. She appears to be personally clean but I don't know how she can stand to come home to her filthy front door. I made five trips up and down and didn't get winded. Something to report to my doc. Won't wash the mop today because it's humid out and I got a bit sweaty out there. As Scarlett always says, "Tomorrow is another day." It's my personal motto.

Claudia came over and we had a nice long chat. She is busy every hour of the night and day so I don't see that much of her. Oh to have that kind of NRG. We text back and forth to keep in touch but a personal chat is sooo nice and overdue. I've been doing a bunch of little things in here that need to be done. It's often the little things that can make clutter.

The astronauts have landed and are being towed in the water. We have returned to this simpler method that we used in the beginning. They are now inspecting the cone aboard a boat. The cone resembles the nose of a 747 sitting on end. My headache is back so am going to take another Tylenol. Will only use saline spray instead of NasaCort. Eye doc doesn't want me to use them too much because they can cause glaucome and the pressure in my eyes is usually high. The last time they were checked it was normal.

Rock, ever since the storm was off the Bahamas, the weathermen were telling us it was likely nothing to worry about but they said the same thing about the two storms that were so scary and destructive here. They have gotten much better at forecasting the paths but those storms can switch direction in a heartbeat. I take nothing for granted. Too bad your computer was acting up. You were on a strong roll there.

Granni, ah, the old high-tech reboot. It often fixes whatever problem you have. If nothing else works, I always do it. Then I pray and hope for the best. Usually works. Thanks so much for the info on the HCTZ. Yes, a bit of rain would be great but weatherman says we are likely to only get a bit or none. The chances go up for the rest of the week tomorrow. Thanks for your sweet good wishes. Glad you got the computer working again. BTW, I love eating at Longhorn Steak House. They have a delicious spicy rub for their steaks. I found the recipe online and it is sooo good.

Willow, I thought about you when I read the paper today. Dame Judith Dench has MD. She is one of my favorite English actresses. I'm hoping research will find a cure for it. I thought about your DH when I saw an ad for a Bel Air Chevy model car Christmas tree. It's sold through The Bradford Exchange. It's a foot tall and looks like the ones people make in ceramics classes but with model cars added. Back in the day, my ex and I were Chevy People. He had a 1958 Chevy Impala convertible when I met him. It was white with a red leather interior and was beautiful. I'll see whether I can find a pic of the tree or a link to a website. No luck copying image but here is the link:

Julie, I also have the Hobbit Habit. I get up so early that I have to have my second breakfast or brunch as SV and I call it. That's when he gets his wet food. After that, I only have one more meal early in the afternoon. Wonder wheather Ancestry checks for Hobbit DNA. I know that some of those tests look for and report Neanderthal DNA. About six percent of the population has it. Researchers tested some of them and found no differences between them and people with 100 percent homosapien DNA.

I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. I'm glad I went out and got the chairs brought back upstairs. I think Teresa next door cleaned out there this last week so it wasn't too dirty. I had swept the eaves so they were pretty good too. Glad the dirty neighbor doesn't live right next door. If I don't get back, y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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MIKIE - Glad you did get any of the hurricane or whatever it is called now. Sorry you didn't get any rain from it. I know what you mean. We need rain also . We were supposed to grill steaks outside this evening, in a short while but rain is not promised. So we will be doing it inside in the broiler. It is thundering and very dark and making noises out there BUT that doesn't mean it is going to rain.here. That happens quite often for some reason when predicting rain here. When it is raining then you know it is going to rain.

Bye for now hopefully, I will be back tomorrow.



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Started Friday night,

Hi All,

It was a really hot day today. It got up to 110. I think it will be a degree cooler tomorrow and then go down to 99 by Sunday. The days are really hot but the evenings are really pleasant.

I have been watching these weird shows, 4400 on Netflix and Roswell. I like SciFi but DH not so much. I am really tired of the medical or cop shows and romances are the same old formula so SciFi is something different.

We picked up our groceries today at WalMart and then got the rest, things WallyWorld was out of from Instacart at Staters. It is also a way to get around the limits. You can tell them you are shopping for an extra person but they still won't let you go over the limits so I have to buy from 2 stores to get around the rules. As usual I didn't remember everything. I forgot the wine and distilled water. Gray was looking for the thing you open the wine with, I got rid of it when we moved. Oh well, most of the wine we buy is twist top. He used to just have a little port in the evening but there is no Trader's Joe in town so he switched to a concord grape wine or blackberry wine that we get at WalMart.

Had a really bad headache yesterday that nothing worked for. I tried the peppermint oil several years ago. The book I read somewhere said to put it on the forehead. It didn't do anything for me so I didn't try again, I will have to try it on my neck when I get a headache from muscle tension on the back of my neck.

I didn't sleep well enough last night, about 3 hours and Gray woke up about once per hour so we were both pretty tired tonight so we stopped at Carls Jr. on the way home from dropping Moms groceries off. I got a Beyond Cheese burger with bbq sauce. It was so good. I had a lot of coupons that expire tomorrow. We drove a few blocks down the street to a better neighborhood and pulled over into a restaurant parking lot to eat. They were bbqing outside. All the patrons had on masks but not one of the staff was wearing one. Not the cook or either of the wait people. If I saw that and I was planning on eating there I would leave. Last week when I took Mom to the lab for her routine blood test a woman was standing so close to me in line I could practically feel her breathing on my neck. I had to turn around and say, "6 feet please", she was embarrassed that she forgot. I saw a cute tee shirt on the internet that said "Lamastay six feet away." It had a picture of a llama on it. I thought it was so cute.
Saturday morning-

Mom and I saw the Dentist last week. She for xrays and cleaning, she needs to go back for 4 fillings. They did a deep cleaning on her. And I got xrays and spoke to Dentist about either an extraction or a crown on a back molar that broke in January. I have been keeping it very clean with a water pick but it broke beneath the gum line and the gum is growing up around it. The extraction would be oral surgery and my share would be $160. The crown would be complicated by the fact they would have to build up the root possibly with a bone graft or whatever and my share could cost $1400. Or the third option is pull the tooth and get a bone graft to the jaw so that it stays in good shape so if at a later date I want an implant there would be enough bone there to do one. Most of my molars have micro cracks from the fillings being too large. This is the second one to break. I am thinking just the extraction for $160. I am a whoss and don't want to go through the pain of a bone graft. I also don't know how to spell whoos. My mouth and jaw are small and they couldn't get the thing they put in your mouth to do the xrays so had to use a smaller one and modify how they did it. I still could hardly breath with one of the xrays. It is so cool that you can see the picture of your teeth in color while she explains everything. A dentist I had as a child was arrested for filling healthy teeth, I wonder how many of my molars even needed filling. The Mothers got suspicious when they started talking in the waiting room and every child needed 2 fillings every year. A dentist I took Bear to once got arrested for double billing the insurance company. I am in shock of the prices for dental procedures now. I guess with all the new technology comes bigger prices.

I got 7 hours of sleep last night but I don't feel any better. I guess it would take more than 1 night of good sleep to make a difference. I miss taking Ambien, I felt a lot better but Docs won't prescribe it for daily use anymore.

Mikie- I hope that storm misses you and SV.

Got to tired to finish
Sunday Afternoon

Mom is here for dinner, we will take her home later and clean her apartment. She brought a DVD she wanted to see, she doesn't remember how to use hers. Between the conspiracy theories and other differences of religious beliefs I am having a hard time not turning it off. When her head starts nodding I may fast forward it a bit.

I feel a lot better today after 2 nights in a row with over 8 hours of sleep. I was even able to wash the kitchen/family room floor myself. Clean the bathroom and kitchen, dust etc before putting a pork roast in the oven and going to get Mom. Tomorrow will be busy, taking Mom to get her glasses and going to the DMV to change the address on the Mustang. Apparently when we changed all the other cars we forgot the Mustang. I tried 3 times to do it online but as is typical with CA their computer system didn't work and it didn't go through so we will need to go in. It takes months to get an appt so won't even try there. The out of town DMV is better than the one here, it is only 20 miles away so it is worth it to have a much shorter wait. We went there to get our Real ID and it took less than an hour and since we somehow managed to have all the paperwork and more than we needed, we were able to get through that in one visit. We were dreading it but got that done in Jan. before this whole COVID mess when Gray needed to renew his license anyway.

I haven't kept up as much as I should have on the board, I was so exhausted I started feeling a little blue and as usual once I got some good rest my mood improved.

Hello to everyone, I will catch up on posts during the week. I have an appt for a procedure Tuesday and will spend several days resting and recovering and hopefully catch up on everything then.

Love to you all,



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Seven plus hours of sleep last night. We got no or little rain from the storm. Gonna be really hot all week. The least Mother Nature could do is send a bit of rain to cool us down. She is neglecting her children. Joe called last evening. Nothing much new going on in the hood. A condo down the street from him sold for about $10,000 more than it would have a couple of months ago. It's the same floor plan as his but fronts on the busy street that runs by the side of our property. Also it's on the ground floor. Upstairs units sell for more. I'm glad to see that values are holding in here.

There is a full moon tonight. I hope it's clear enough to see it. It's called a Sturgeon Moon. Loves me my full moons. It's already humid outside. SV is out on the lanai eating ants. Silly little kitty.

Granni, I'm laughing about knowing it's gonna rain when it's raining. We also get the dark clouds that tease us and then no rain. I grill everything inside on my little electric Cuisinart grill. We can't have gas grills here. I got some rub from Omaha Steaks for the steaks but it's no as good as the Longhorn rub. Hope we both get some nice rain showers.

Willow, didn't realize how hot it gets there. Yikes! You guys have been really busy. It's so sweet all the things you do for your Mom. I am so sorry about your teeth. The dentist put in big fillings when I was a kid and my molars all broke. They are all crowned. I use a WaterPik to make sure the margins at the bottom of the crowns are clean. I also use it to massage my gums. It stirs up blood circulation to them to keep them healthy. Good luck with your procedure tomorrow. Check out the model car Christmas tree. It might not be anything you want to buy but it's interesting to see.

OK, Kiddies, that's all she wrote. Hope all y'all have a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie


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Top of the mornin' to ya, Folks. See the racoon below? My attempt to post a pic of a Nubian Goat.
Anyhoo they look pretty much like other goats but they have floppy ears kinda like a cocker spanial.
Is that right, Julie? How did you find out about coffee and it's medicinal properties? By fortuitous accident. Old familly remedy?

Mikie, Are you sure about a sturgeon moon? Sounds fishy to me. SV is eating ants? Maybe I could
borrow him. We've got quit a few here. Our black and white cat pays no attention to them.

Willow, have you heard this old verse by Ogden Nash? A one L lama, he's a priest. A 2 L
llama, he's a beast, And I will bet a silk pajama, there isn't any 3 L Lama. Did you ever hear the
old verse "Icebreaker"? "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." Many years ago I searched the
net. Some said it was written by Ogden. Some said Dorothy Parker. I still don't know.

Springwater, I think you are right about my cousin. He didn't want to live with various pieces of
him chopped off. I wouldn't either. Henry has a new time to go to work. Went about 20 minutes ago.

Sun, Bob dylan is now out of date. The times aren't changing anymore.




Hi, Kids,

Just woke from an hour nap. I had taken a bath and sat down in my robe on the sofa. Decided to do a bit of a Xword puzzle and sat in a lounging position against the arm and a pillow. I got so tired I didn't think my eyes would stay open so I closed them. I dreamed that I was so tired I was about to die. The sensation was so peaceful and real that I was surprised to actually wake up. I had had a bad allergic reaction to a scent earlier and had taken a pill but those pills don't usually make me sleepy. I'm still extremely tired and may have to go back to sleep. Good grief! It's a beautiful day outside.

Rock, you have certainly been on a roll lately. Love it when you post funny things. Too bad you told me that wasn't a goat because I would have believed it was. I'm not sure SV means to eat the ants. He sees them move and runs over and sticks his nose on them. Then, the ants are stuck on his nose and he has to lick them off. DD's puppy used to lick them up wholesale. We swore she was a crossbreed between a chow and an anteater. She would stomp on the ants and lick them off her paws. Evidently, American Indians named full moons based on local events. This full moon coincided with a plethora of sturgeon in the lake. Speaking of American Indians--saw on TV where one tribe has been keeping their old ways alive and they are depending on their shaman to help people with the PTSD after having the Covid virus. It has hit the Indians harder than any other racial group in the country. First, I'm glad they are keeping their ethnic traditions alive and second, I'm glad it is helpful for them for recovery. I am sad, however, to see the horrible conditions so many live in due to poverty. Too bad Miss Kitty and SV can't get together for a play date. They could eat ants and just enjoy one another's company.

I need a big swig of water. I think my allergies are triggering my Sjogren's and that's likely why I'm so tired I'm ready to fall over. I started a book about a quantum physicist and his wife so maybe I can read a bit. This should be different from the usual mystery or romance stories. I'm so old that most of the time, I get deja vu when I read because the stories have pretty much already been written.

Thinking about everyone and sending love, hugs and prayers.

Love, Mikie



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Greetings to awl this afternoon,

DH and I went to two stores this morning and then I came home and proceeded to have to rewrap the chicken that comes in a big pkg. at Sams Club, to freeze.. It is a good buy but is also a big pain for me.

WILLOW it seems like you and I have a lot of the same problems, urinary as well as dental, etc. I will have to find out about the options for my tooth may be the same as yours or pretty close. It may be dental surgery but not sure what else if there is a possibility for a cap or not. After they do that I should also get bridge to attach to it . The broken tooth is right next to one already lost.. Still taking abx fo a slight UTI. Is it hard for you/me sometimes to figure out if it is IC or a UTI? When it isn't one thing it is another around here. So nice to see you here today.

MIKIE - I'm grinning at the idea of Miss Kitty and SV having a play date together. That would be interesting to see !! Sorry the Sjogrens and that scent from something made you so tired. Hope you get over it soon. How much peppermint oil do you sometimes put in the bath? Can u use to much on your neck area. Maybe I need to take a bath in it. I actually ordered some the other day and hope it does something g for me. Hope when I use it I won't be smelling like a peppermint stick and I do love mint.

DD#4 is going for a colonoscopy on Friday and I m guessing an endoscopy like I had years ago. Sounds like GERD . She sounds like it is really getting to her.

Sorry but I have to run. DH needs the computer soon and I have more to do. More later on !! Sorry I could address you all separately,

Love to everydobby,,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just woke from another hour's nap. This is definitely Sjogren's. My tongue suddenly dried up and felt like a dry shag rug. AACCKK!! There is nothing I can do except sleep when it gets like this. What a revoltin' development this is, as Chester A. Riley would say. Glad I have no appointments today. I'm getting my teeth cleaned on Thursday. I did pay my two credit card bills. I still have a credit on my Target acct. from returning the coffee machine that didn't work.

Granni, I only need two drops of the oil in my bath. It is so refreshing. I have never put it on my body directly. I think people mix it with another oil when they do that. It's pretty strong. I put drops of it near SV's wet food dish to keep the ants away. Sugar ants are blind and follow pheromones from the other ants to find their way. The peppermint burns them so they won't go near it. Hope things go well for DD. I now take Pepcid for my acid reflux and it works better than the ranitadine ever did. I also hope the ABX help you with the IC or infection, whatever it is.

Alrighty, I'm off to likely sleep some more. Hope all is going well for everyone.

Love, Mikie


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Up early so will stop back in later. Hope everyone is safe and well.

Sun, worried about you. You haven't been to the Porch lately.

Love, Mikie
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Greetings this almost afternoon to ALL,

MIKIE - I just got a message from my PA or NP that the culture was positive so to keep taking the Bactrim. She didn't mention my taking 1/2 at night. So I sent her back a message. Who knows by the time she answers me I may be done with the meds. She is usually pretty prompt. I sent her the first message on Sunday so she would be sure to see it o MOnday. However, I am guessing she was pretty busy yesterday. I slept fair but better than I did the first night on it. This will be short as DH should be coming home soon from his meeting. They are a small group of men - 7 if they all attend, which is rare..

I have to do a bit more research but I think this peppermint oil is already mixed with another oil. I read that someplace . It was the NOW brand but was pretty cheap for a 2 oz bottle. I would think the more expensive brands would have to be mixed with the carrier oil.

What a sleepy porch today. I cannot believe that it is only me and MIKIE. I rarely get on this early but DH is gone so I figured that I had been go check the PORCH mow. DH may have it a lot of the afternoon.

SUN - Missing you and hope the cramps haven;t gotten the best of you. You sound like me and others around here, you take care of one problem hopefully and another 2 or 3 pop up. Hang in there sweetie !!

We heard a couple of days ago that a dear lady we now from the K of C was finally going home to hospice care. She had awful heart problems and they did some kind of special surgery which they weren't sure she would survive or if it would work. I guess it didn't. She is refusing any other treatments. Not sure they have anything else to help here though at this point. She may be about my age or a little older maybe cause her DH is the same age as my DH. I wrote out a card for her, a get well card and tried not to drag her down any more. so kept it short and sweet. It was a difficult card to write. It must also be so hard for her family !! One son, working in London also came home to see her. Not sure how long she will last and if she is still taking regular heart meds or not, I would guess so but do not know for sure,

Thinking of everydobby. Hope I can check back later to see if anyone else has popped in.

Granni :)


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Hi Kids, I finished re-reading another Lucia book. One I've owned for many decades. I used to have
all of them, but with our moving around some got donated or lost. Our library should have all of them, but it doesn't. At least 4 authors have written these books, all using the same setting and

Went out and fed the kitty. About the only time I go outside. I am having Chicken salad ala Gordoni
for breakfast.

Granni, I don't remember hearing about peppermint oil before. Is it good for muscle aches?

I am having a couple goldfish for desert. Not the goldfish plant, but the crackers. They are very
tasty, so they probably are not good for us.

Mikie, you must have great eyesight if you can see the tiny white canes the sugar ants carry.
There's an article in the news about getting rid of ants. I think it recommends a flame thrower.

That's all the news. Guess I'll go look at You Tube.