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PORCH 1218 IS NOW CLOSED (8/29/20)

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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Found this beautiful sky angel and decided to post it for us. I never know what size these pics will be. Wish it were larger. Judy has posted an update about Patti. She also posted a beautiful prayer on the Spirituality Forum. I haven't heard any more about Barb. Grace is being transferred to a rehab facility closer to their home in WV. My neighbor and I think she will likely be having some occupational therapy.

I slept for eight hours straight last night. I really was exhausted. Still I got up at 4:00. I could have stayed in bed but got up to shake off the kinks in this tired old bod. SV is always ready to get up. It's his second favorite thing after going to bed. Claudia got the FJ question last night so we got our virtual chocolate. I was too tired to care.

I removed my toe nail polish and had a nice soak in the tub with peppermint oil. I trimmed my nails and sanded off callouses. I don't really have callouses but just a bit of dried skin on my heels. I have some extra strength skin cream I use. Think I might wait to polish them again and let the nails breathe. I got some Sally Hanson polish with argan oil and it has lasted such a loooong time. No chips!

I feel so bad for the people who are displaced from the storm. News showed some elderly people under some kind of shelter outside. They had no place to go and didn't know what was going to happen next. I don't even know whether they had water. Somehow, they had been evacuated but there didn't seem to be a plan for them. It's sooo hot. I hope and pray that they got to shelter. They were old but I could see the strength in their faces. One was pleading for help.

Julie, how is your SIL doing? Well, I hope.

Sun, how is your cousin doing after her hip replacement? Hope it went smoothly.

There isn't much more to tell. Joe called yesterday afternoon and we had a good laugh. That always helps. Hope all y'all have a good weekend and get some laughs.

Love, Mikie

This is the angel DD sent. The pic is upright on my phone but when it posts, it's on its side and I don't know how to fix it. So, if y'all are reading on a tablet, you can swivel it but not so much on any other computer. Sorry! She carries a little lantern in one hand but it was out charging in the sun when I took the pic. It turned on last night and threw off the prettiest light pattern on the floor.

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hi everyone, rock had his stitches removed yesterday morning. it went well and we scheduled a post-op visit with the dr in nov. he has to continue to apply vaseoline on the scar to help it heal.

i got a email from an old orchid friend that i have not seen in 12 years. i couldn't contact her as i didn't have an email address or the phone info. she was so involved with orchids that she went to 3 - 4 meeting a month. she even went to santa barbara to get donation for the various club's auctions. she now only have 3 plants left of her 500 plant collection. i will email her later to see what happened.

we are swamped with flies in the house and could only find one fly swatter. had to carry it from room to room like a gun fighter. i swear they are breeding somewhere in the house. had to make sure that i cleared the kitchen before i could even start cooking will have to go and get a couple of swatters this morning. maybe get something to catch them. like my friend jim is always saying, if it's isn't one thing, it's another.

that's all the update here.



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Good Day Everyone!

Welcome, Ellie! Hope you stay visiting the Porch where all us crazy sick people play and pray.

Mikie, Willow is in So Cal not Nor Cal! And as for hot weather, we're headed for 100 degrees next Tuesday. Unbearable!!!

Rock, I've never done You Tube --- I'll have to check it out. But I won't pay! I just got my last two Rosemary Rowe books from Amazon, so will be stuck in 194 a.d. for a while yet... Ricky got a whole bunch of videos and books at the library y-day. They hand them from the door to you, wrapped in paper...

Disaster! Our town pharmacy announced on Monday that they were closing down on Friday! Fortunately we heard about it in time to get our rx records transferred to a pharmacy 60 miles north, who will send them down to some pick up locations. A lot of peeps haven't even heard of this yet....

Prayers for Patti.

Granni, I always panic during blackouts. Strange, since some of my early English country homes didn't have electricity! VERY RURAL. We did have water though, of course. In the little village of Inkpen, two miles away, the old stone houses didn't have indoor toilets. Ah, country living!
So glad your blackout was of such short duration. We had one here for five days once. A lot of spoilage in the frig and freezer...

Julie, I always enjoy your posts. I'll be glad when you can grow veggies. Heck, I'm gonna TRY to do some more next year. By the way, I can't find any posts that are political, really, and have no idea what you called "Snarky" posts. Interesting word I've never heard. OH GOD, I hope it wasn't one of my posts! I'm trying to be as careful as possible not to offend any one....
I'm so glad the derrecho did you no harm. Are you getting rain from Laura?

Hair. I, personally in person, do not approve of hair colouring! SO THERE! Sorrry to offend anyone.
What's a Karen hairdo?

Georgia (Ellie), so you, like me, are in northern Calif. Coastal or inland? I'm coastal, more or less, near Shelter Cove, but inland. HOT is the prediction for us! )

Spring, Sun, Rock, et al, LOVE to you ALL!:)
Tired now, over and over rover.
Barry (peeps used to call me Ching in college. I was involved with the I-Ching, and had a mandarin moustache...:cool::D)


Hello—Barry we are inland—north of Sacramento—I heard that we will be getting more high temperatures next week—ugh! Probably over 100–am already looking forward to winter. Rock—I hope you are feeling better.

Mikie—so sorry about Barb—hospice is such a great organisation—both of my parents were in hospice and they had wonderful care—I hope that Grace makes a full recovery—is difficult to see loved ones hurting.

I’m dyeing yarn today for a weaver in Southern California—using cochineal which is a dried bug that is found on cactus in Mexico and South America—makes a deep fuscha colour—

Take care—Ellie


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Another quick Hi to awl,

Earlier today on the computer I found an email from someone from our Kof C council and assembly that the man I think I mentioned the other day had passed away,. He was very almost indispensible at our church. We were also pretty good friends with them but just seemed to have problems finding the time plus all the stuff going on now with the virus, etc. He had wanted DH and some special people to be pall bearers. I sure hope we can go. Hope it is not on next Thursday when DH is supposed to have his 2nd RX. He has already missed one and don't want to miss another. It is so sad, he was so vibrant and such a hard worker. He always said the Rosary the night before burial at the funeral home of passed brothers and sisters. I feel so badly for him and his wife and family. All his ids were grown and this was his second wife. I think the first one passed away many years ago, So now we wait to find out all the details.

MIKIE - What a pretty fall angel ! I am looking at it on the computer so I can not look at it the way she should be, not on her side LOL That wa a lovely gift from your DD.. I need some help to do my nails so I will wait till I can go get a pedicure. I usually end up chopping up my nails when they get to long. Glad you got prettied up even though you really have no where to go of much consequence !

BARRY - Sorry to hear that your pharmacy has closed. So hard for people that live so far away from the pharmacy . Hope you and others have no problems in getting things straightened out with the new pharmacy wherever it may be. Glad you got your records anyway. That will be even harder for the people that do not even know about the closing and hope they get all their records transferred quickly . Try and stay cool !!! Yes, we had the problem you had a few years ago with Hurricane Ike. We were without electricity for about week or close to it. Threw away lots of food and HOT too eve though it was September !!

GORDON - Sorry you have been having such problems with the flies. I have no solutions except carry the fly swatter with you everywhere you go in the house ! Keep on hanging in there !

Hope all is well with everyone - SW, JULIE, SUN, WILLOW, ROCK et al plus all our may MIA's. Not doing much today just computer and washes ! I guess I should go fold some clothes !

Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Even after eight hours of sleep, I am still exhausted. Lay down and dozed for a while. I'm watching Gone With The Wind, likely the best movie ever made but that's subjective. I had heard they were going to remove some of the footage that romanticized the Old South and slavery. I think TCM wanted it left in for artistic reasons so the host introduced the movie beforehand explaining things. It is painful to see certain things in the light of current events. One thing it didn't romanticize is war. I remember how scary the scene was when they fled a burning Atlanta and that huge building that was on fire collapsed. Just the logistics of filming those epic scenes in 1939 without computer graphics must have been so challenging; however, they might have done something about Leslie Howard's English accent.

Gordon, Sun had those flies a while back. Can't remember what she did but I think they eventually went away. I'm glad we have pest service here and I can just call when we have a problem. My Dad was an expert fly swatter. He said flies take off backward so to hit toward the back of them. Glad your old friend got in contact with you.

Barry, thanks for clearing up my confusion about CA. I do the best I can but my poor old pea brain is exhausted too. You don't have to pay to join You Tube. I use it all the time for free. Sorry to hear about your pharmacy. Hope you can continue to get your meds without problems.

Ellie, so good to see you here. Thanks for your kind words for Barb and Grace. I'm glad your parents got such good care in Hospice. I hope you can stay cool. I don't know what I'd do without A/C. I'm so impressed that you use natural dyes for your yarn. I originally came from Boulder, CO and there are wonderful artists there--weavers, potters, woodworkers and painters. I really appreciate handmade things.

Granni, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. This seems to be a season of loss. I have to learn how to post my pics so they don't end up sideways. It's getting more and more difficult to do my own pedicure but I'll keep at it as long as I can. It's incentive to stay as flexible as possible.

Well, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a lovely Saturday evening.

Love, Mikie

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Hi gang...lazy day here...well, I'm just working in my own house instead of the old farmhouse. Not sure if I've mentioned that we are turning the old house into an outbuilding to store mowers, etc. But we have to get everything out, then use mold spray...have to do something, can't just let it sit forever. Even if we chose to burn it down, what a mess that would be to clean up, lol! But, I've already made it clear that only "outdoor" stuff will go in there...nothing that might end up in the new house.

Good to see Ellie again. Sorry for all of you with the extreme high temps...we Midwesterners think it's too hot if it hits 90 degrees, lol! It's 81 right now (mid-afternoon) but our low is to be 55 tonight...but we brace ourselves for the winter below zero temps..

When I made baskets, I dyed my reed with natural colors...purple from grapes, dark brown from walnuts, etc. I'll bet your things are really pretty.

Mikie, sorry for the fatigue. What a pretty angel that your kids sent. I'm not ready to put out any fall things yet, but it is constantly in the back of my mind that we don't have a lot of summer left...

Granni, very sad about the man who died. I hope it works out that you guys can go to the service.

Rock/Gordon, sorry about the flies...we have a battery operated fly swatter that zaps them. Oreo takes off if she even hears me reach under the island where I have it stored...it works for those pesky gnats and sometimes the flies (but hard to swing and hit at just the right spot.) I use the regular fly swatters and the zapper both.

Barry, no worries...it wasn't you. The word I used just means "snide, rude, etc."...I just feel some comments are better off left to other sites, not a support board. I'm probably the only "vocal" one, but I get private messages from people who feel the same way. You would love the color of my hair right now...I call it pandemic
platinum. When the hair salons were closed due to Covid, I decided to just quit coloring altogether.

Had a nice compliment from the hairdresser wife of one of Lindsey's friends...we ran into them at a store and she commented how pretty my hair color was. It still has a ways to grow out, but the dyed part has faded in the sun and the new growth is a really shiny almost white. I love it and so does Den...the only person who has mixed feelings is Grandson Isaiah, who said he liked "Blonde Grandma's hair" better than White Grandma's hair". But, to be fair, it was a shock to the Tennessee kiddos as we had gone 7 months without seeing each other in person.

Glad you were able to get prescriptions transferred...what a hassle!

I'd better get off here and get back to work...something exciting like folding laundry. Bought Den 6 new pairs of briefs...he needed some as they do wear out eventually, lol. He was glad cause he said he likes to coordinate the color of briefs with the color of his t-shirts...I said, "Just who is actually going to be seeing if they match or not", lolol! But he likes to color coordinate his shirts and shades of his jeans, hat, etc. when we go out...guess it's from both of his daughters being very picky about colors and getting after him when they lived at home. Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning, true ;)

My Texas brother has only texted once since he got his wife home from the hospital on Wednesday...I know they are busy, trying to get situated, so I hadn't called...but was glad to hear from him. Her brain surgery to remove the tumor left her pretty affected...Brother says it's like someone who has had a stroke. They have a nurse come in once a week, and physical/occupational therapists three times a week. We're hoping DSIL can regain much of what she has lost...I'm not sure what they are going to do about the lung cancer that has spread...one step at a time, I guess.

Take care, everyone...I'm off to fix some supper.


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Hi All,

It is finally under 100 degrees today and will be for a few days before going back up. It is still to hot at night though to turn off the air and open the windows. I will be looking forward to September to see what the weather will be like here. When we moved here last November it was in the 90's but by the end of the month was much colder, in the 50's.

Barry is right Mikie, I am in SoCal now but i was in Northern CA for 38 years. At times I really miss it, I have to remind myself all the time why I wanted to leave so badly. Mainly where we were was very windy with cold blowing in from the ocean through the bay and then down through the Sacramento River Delta. The days would be nice in the summer but then the wind would start up around 3 pm and it would go to an average temp of 55 at night. With the winds it was unbearable to sit out on a patio except during heat waves which weren't all that often, all the rain and gloom in the winter, I also wanted to be closer to Mom, we needed a garage and housing in that area is getting so expensive even though Solano county is the poorest county in the bay we couldn't afford a house with a 3 car garage there. But most of my life was spent there so I miss some things about it. The springs are so pretty with all the flowers. I miss being close to Napa. They had a place I liked to eat at called The Oxbow Market where they had a gluten free restaurant. (We lived in Napa for the first 5 years in a small flat in the old town a couple of blocks from the library. It was the happiest time of my life.) There was a place in Sacramento that had an awesome patio basically a cement pad under a canopy of trees with lights strung through the branches. They sold ethnic food from all over the world. I got a South American black bean soup and a Nigerian veggie burger. I miss the Athenian Grill which was on the waterfront across the slough from the yacht club at the marina. We would sit outside on the patio to eat. I miss those things and I thought the first few years here we would be exploring and finding new favorites. We only had time before the pandemic to find one cute little restaurant in Temecula that has a patio and reminds me a little of the Oxbow in Napa. I have found several places I want to try in San Diego when this is all over. If I can't go out now, I can at least find places to try on the Internet. I need to keep up my driving though. If Gray does all the driving I start forgetting how.

Hi Granni- It is my wash day too. We dropped off Moms groceries and brought home her laundry yesterday. I want to have it done so I can take it to her house Sunday when I pick her up for dinner at my house. I found some frozen Sweet and Sour Chicken for Mom and I and White Castle sliders for Gray. I don't want anything complicated. So this was easy. So glad the hurricane missed you and Mikie. DCD came out okay too? I don't remember if you got a lot of rain and flooding or not. My memory, not so good anymore.

Hi Barry- 60 miles to pick up prescriptions, that's quite a drive, so glad they have closer pick up areas. I get mine by mail if I can but sometimes have to drive about 30 miles on back country roads. We don't much care for the freeways down here they are to congested. With the mail system all messed up now I will see if I can continue to get them that way. Hemet is all spread out with a few fields of cows right behind some subdivisions. Some evenings there is a distinct smell of manure over the neighborhood which leaves me wondering if it is from the field of cows a few miles away or the animal sanctuary a few blocks away. Either way it doesn't bother me as it only lasts for a few hours.

Spring- Your compound must be lovely. Has it started your rainy season yet? It gets really pretty and green here during ours. I like to use my imagination and try to picture where everyone lives. I have a lot of flowers and fruit trees and birds for you. Redwoods and lots of other trees for Barry. Tall corn for Julie and a pond with a fountain with SV baking on the lanai for Mikie. For Granni I have a deck where she and DH are working together or DH sitting in a chair in a living room reading.

I love flowers but I am not used to this new climate and have managed to kill most of my plants this year. My moringa trees aren't going to make it so I will try again when this heat wave is over. Maybe in September.

Hi to all I missed.

Love to everyone,

When we can start exploring again this is the first place I want to see.

When we went to Alaska to visit Bear, (he was in Fairbanks in the Air Force), I spent months on the computer looking up things to do. We landed in Anchorage and spent two or three days, while there we went on a three hour cruise with a gourmet dinner on Prince William Sound and saw glaciers and wildlife. Then we stopped at Denali for two nights and took a 5 hour bus ride into the park. After that we went up to Fairbanks. We went on another cruise on the river there and saw a lady who had a sled dog team practice her team by having them pull a tractor. I had a few other ideas for things to do while in Fairbanks but Gray was sick and I was in a lot of pain from walking everywhere so we took it easy. We took Mom with us and she loved it. We stayed at Bed and Breakfasts the whole way. It was the trip of a life time. So now I am exploring the area online and will put together a lot of little trips for us. This is just one of the places that I want to see.


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Am hoping for a bit more NRG today. I just realized that I took my night time meds instead of my daytime ones. They are the same except for the Losartan which I take before bed. I might get a bit sleepy. So much for more NRG. Good grief! We are again inundated with the blue/green algae which is actually a harmful bacterium. People living next to the canals and ponds get sick with breathing problems. Experts tell us we are in for Red Tide soon. It's harmful too and causes breathing problems. I usually start coughing when it's here. Good news is that our county spent lots of money to add security to our elections. FL was hacked in 2016 but fortunately, it doesn't appear that the hackers were able to change votes. Other good news in the paper is that our hospitals stopped using hydroxychloroquine early on when it started causing heart and liver problems. That eased the pressure on the supply allowing it to be used for Lupus and other conditions. I'm desperate for good news and will take any I can get.

Sad news that Chadwick Boseman died so young of colon cancer. The age of screening has been reduced from 50 to 45 but I think people in high risk groups and people of color need to get screened earlier, maybe at age 40. I got my first screening before I was 50 because of my bilogical father's having died of it. Please, everyone, get it checked out if you have any symptoms at all or are at the age where it is recommended.

Julie, is the mold spray something commercial or something you are able to mix up yourself? We have horrible mold problems down here and that is why I'm concerned about the water leak we had. I had a zapper that looked just like a tennis racket. It had batteries in the handle and all I had to do was swing it at insects. The strings would zap 'em dead. More fun than using a swatter. Unfortunately, it quit working. I worked with a Latina woman who was gorgeous with her rich colored skin and raven black hair. She was off for a while and, when she came back to work, her hair was white. She was even more beautiful and striking looking. The white hair made her skin even more stunning. My own hair is white in patches with an ugly mix of steel gray and mousy brown in others. If I didn't color it, it would appear I had a serious case of mange. Hope your DSIL does well in rehab.

Willow, I picture you also. I love CA and I'm sure you will find some lovely places to visit and eat. It will give you something to look forward to when this is all over. Heck, I forget how to drive in between my weekly visits to the Publix two blocks away. :) My memory is awful but I blame it on the exhaustion from that virus. I have times when my pea brain seems to work better so I hope all is not lost. Yes, Granni and I were lucky to have had the storm miss us but the destruction is awful where it hit. It will take weeks to get the power back on and it's stiflingly hot. Poor people. It took twelve days to get our power back on after Irma. Joe and I were invited to stay at a friend's townhouse right across the street from me. They are on a separate grid that is a priority because of the hospital down the road and their power always comes on first. The A/C was like heaven. I visited San Diego several times, once as a family and once with my ex. We loved eating Mexican food in Old Town. Never been to Alaska but everyone who has taken a cruise there has loved it.

I just got a loving text from Barb's DD that she passed away early this morning. She said she told her Mom that her Dad was waiting for her with her glass of wine. I've missed Barb ever since she moved up to the Boston area to assisted living. I just called Joe to let him know. He lost his wife to cancer and he knows the sorrow of loss and the small comfort it is to know someone is finally at peace and out of pain. I pray Patti is getting what she needs for her pain. Thank you all for your prayers for Barb.

Gonna go read the rest of the fat Sunday paper and do the puzzles. I need to get into the tub to get the argan oil off my toe nails so I can throw a paint job on them. I hope everyone is having a great windup to the weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Good Sunday morning...feeling a bit "punk" today, but better than I did last night. Didn't have a fever, but several other flu-like symptoms. Den thinks it's from working in the old house, but it could also be some sort of bug...at any rate, we're staying home today...we have no problem quarantining ourselves on the farm, just like we've been doing most of this year, lol! Only laughing because it's all just so bizarre...

Willow, as I was reading your post about deciding to move and all the emotions tied to relocating closer to your mom, etc. it just touched my heart. Mom relocated first? And you stayed in the area where you grew up? I've never been to California...have always had this misconception that it is just always "perfect" weather there and never gets cold, lol! I've lived in Iowa my whole life and have experienced all the different degrees of the seasons...somehow, that first frost and snowfall in the winter still seems to catch many of us off guard, lol! It wasn't until Den and I started doing mission work in Belize that I realized how extremely different climates could be in different places...reading about it or seeing things on the internet or TV are one thing, but actually experiencing it is something else. Your trip to Alaska sounds like so much fun. My aunt and uncle took an Alaskan cruise last year...once in a lifetime experience, for sure.

I hope you do get to do your exploring soon...I keep telling myself that once we get this place straightened up, we'll feel like getting out and doing more things. I just got used to "staying put" (except for going to visit our Tennessee Treasures) when we needed to be here to take care of parents, but now we have no excuse, lol!

Mikie, I'm so sorry to hear about Barb...but glad she is no longer suffering in any way. Very sweet of her DD to let you know. Their are lots of mold removers, but we settled on a product called Concrobium. We buy it in gallon jugs and pour it into spray bottles. If there's something we want to save, we spray it with the Concrobium and leave it out in the sun for hours or even days (the product is supposed to "encapsulate" the mold spores and kill them, so just spraying might be enough, but I'm pretty paranoid, so...) I only try to save the non-porous items like glass or metal...not the plastic, fabric, wood, etc. Hard to let things go, but not worth spreading mold to other buildings, etc.

Once we get everything we can out of the old house, we'll rent or buy a "cold fogger" and use it to fog the whole area with the Concrobium...may have to do it more than once...

Den's needing some "executive decisions" made, so I'd better just say a quick "Hi" to everyone and get off the computer. Hope everyone's doing as well as possible.


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I’m up early, one of those getting up every 2 hrs. so I’m on the computer.

Barry: OMG, how awful that your pharmacy is closing. 60 miles is a long way. You could order your RX thru mail order but we’ve been reading about the post office problems and how people are having trouble getting mail. I looked up where you live.....lucky you. How far away from the coast do you live?

Gordon: I had FLIES for 3 weeks and would kill 6-10 every day or more. But they were different from the regular ones that fly around. After researching, I found out they were “attic flies” which is more common than I had thought, occurring all over the US. In august or thereabouts, these larger flies cling to the outside walls of a house, find their way into the attic and winter. Then in the spring they come out. At this time of the year you’ve probably got the regular house flies, coming in from some open door or maybe a screen has come off a window?

Willow: eventually, hopefully things will be safe for you to go exploring. As to my house, I live in a “glass house” a mid century modern type. I fell in love with the house as soon as a I saw it because of all the sliding doors and large glass windows everywhere. I have 9 sliding doors in the house. Freezing when we first moved in right after christmas. My oldest would sit at the dining table wearing a snow hat and a coat....he suffered from raynauds at that time. WE eventually slowly replaced all the glass with the double paned ones. very expensive but worth it. The east side is basically all glass and sliders with two walls dividing it, one with the FR and LR and then the second one between the LR and the MB. It looks out onto the pool and my tiny garden, mainly patio with agave and other succulents on the walled area. I learned a long time ago to do pot gardening. Years ago I slowly began removing a bit of the front lawn, and then when my youngest DS was still in HS he helped me remove it all. I made a higgle de piggleD type of brick pathway in my front garden, getting used bricks from people giving them away. Did it all myself as I went. Used to have a large cut flower garden in front but when a large pine tree had to be removed that was the end of any shade. Cried for a couple of days then decided to go succulents. Change is good, that’s life.

Mikie: so sorry to read about Barb....she went very quickly which is a blessing.

I’ve been to Alaska on a cruise about 5 years ago. Very beautiful state. I think the adventure that stands out the most for me is the open cockpit plane ride my DGS, SIL and SILs father also went on. An old 1940s plane, seated 10 people. I got to sit up with the pilot, as he flew us over the glaciers. We even landed on one glacier for about 10 min. so we could see really up close. My DD was really scared for us to go....but I’m an adventurer at times, and loved every minute of it. My DGS began throwing up...good thing I had a baggy in my purse. Not all safe though, two days later one of the planes crashed, killing all aboard.

I had something out of the ordinary happen last evening. I was in the kitchen talking to my DS on the phone when all of a sudden I saw a female mallard duck, wandering around my atrium which is between the kitchen and the garage. She got into a corner, behind a potted plant, then couldn’t figure out where to go. Must have been there about 5 min. I thought they settle down come evening time? There are several pairs that live around the area. Several times there have been pairs in my pool. I thought it was so cute until my pool man told me that the Poop is BAD for the pump and to float some things on the water to scare them away.

It was tolerable yesterday temperature wise, but it’s supposed to get to 100 by saturday. Ugh....I hate summer.


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Hi everyone,

SUN, I replied to your post on the Patti thread. Did the mallard duck stay in your plant room?

MIKIE, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, Barb. So very sad. Had you known her for a long time? I also was shocked and saddened by the news of Chadwick Boseman. I think of him as T'Challa in The Black Panther, a landmark movie for black culture. There are a lot of people grieving for him today. I listened to his Graduation speech at Howard University this morning. He was a rare, beautiful man.

SPRING, thank you for your prayers! I was wondering if you can't visit the Stupas for prayer, do you go into your meditation room?

Thinking of everyone in California - can't believe how high the temps are ! Be careful to stay hydrated.


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mikie, i've been to the old town mexican restaruant a couple of time in san diego. it's THE best. women in the front hand making tortilla, margaritas and good food. we always stop there on the way home from bridge tournaments in san digeo. also had a german apple pancake at a place across highway 8. i could have eaten 2 and they were big too, apples and cinnamon, yum. we also stopped at the large field and bought iceland poppies. a spectacular sight with all those colors for miles. we also got lost once and wound up at the marine base.

we're still picking tomatos. going to see if the neighbor will take them off my hand. i used some yesterday night and made tomato beef. now i remember one of the reason i don't like tomato - too many seeds. if i wanted seeds i would take sunflower seeds.

i hear the wash has finished so i'll go and put them into the dryer.

later all,



Hi, Kids,

Got my hot soak in the tub with the peppermint oil. I still have to do my nails. I put on a sports bra and am not sure I can bend over with it on. It's a bit small. It is not only smashing the girls but is exacerbating my Michelin Man fat roll around the middle. Lordy, it's time to work out. Or find a Spanx complete body suit.

I had just gotten started on my puzzles and had texts and phone calls from all over. Dennis called me and must have talked 45 minutes, a lot for a man. I think he's talking to help cope with what has happened to Grace. He's not going to tell her about Barb because she's been a bit depressed. No wonder. She's had brain trauma and surgery and is looking forward to weeks of rehab. Doc said she will likely lose the short-term memory problem. Dennis will have tests this week and, if his heart is okay, he will have gallbladder surgery the following week.

A old neighbor texted and we were remembering Barb and thinking she is Home now with Paul. She had a heart attack some years ago and her heart had stopped. Paul came to get her then and she refused to go with him. Then they zapped her back to life. We smiled thinking about that.

Been on the phone with another neighbor. We are both in the communications chain trying to let people know about Barb and Grace.

Julie, thanks for the info on the chemical. In a humid clime like ours, the mold spores are always in the air. All it takes is lack of air movement and some extra water and there will be an outbreak. News had a woman who was in a nursing facility. The mold started growing on the back of her door and took over her room. They had to move her and are treating the whole thing. Yikes! I got my Mold For Dummies education from our country mold expert after Hurricane Charley fourteen years ago. Hope you can get control over it once and for all. Nasty stuff! Thanks for your mentioning what a blessing it was that Barb passed quickly. It does give everyone comfort.

Sun, thanks for the kind words about Barb. Your home sounds so lovely. No wonder you fell in love with it. Mom and I fell in love with this little community the minute the realtor drove in. I love my condo but wish it had more storage and counter tops in the kitchen. Don't know why; I'm cooking less and less and the InstantPot is like a one-man band except it's a one-pot cooking machine. Well, maybe next time I organize and downsize my things, I'll cull through everything and throw half of it away. Yeah, ducks are messy critters. I love looking at them in our pond and the pond at Publix but don't want them hanging around. We've only had one in the pool a single time I can remember. Stay cool; same for all y'all in this horrible heat.

Judy, thanks for your kindness about Barb. They lived here when I moved in 23 years ago. She and Paul were like a sister and brother. Both loved to have cocktails/wine in the early evening. Or earlier as in, it's five o'clock somewhere. It wasn't just them. People all over in here did that. We had some really good times. I'm a DIYer and Paul helped we with so much advice. He was a contractor before they retired. From everything on the news, it's clear that Chadwick Boseman was a hero in real life too. I don't know how people can go through chemo and other treatments and continue to work. Gwen Ifell did that on PBS News and Alex Trebek has been doing that on Jeopardy. I take to my bed and whine over every little thing. It's how I cope. Our Porchies have been wonderful friends for allowing me to whine here.

Gordon, if there's a good Mexican restaurant in a town, I'll find it. We ate outside in SD and the air was so nice. There were festive lights and Mexican music. We used to have a Mexican restaurant in Denver. It was on a hill and overlooked the whole city. One of my favorite places to eat. We had a trick for finding any kind of good restaurants when we were on the road. We searched the parking lots for pickup trucks. If the locals were eating there, the food was good. The poppies sound beautiful. I haven't been buying tomatoes. If they aren't home grown, they have no flavor. The vine tomatoes are better but are usually expensive. Tomatoes aren't that healthy anyway unless they are cooked.

OK, gonna get going. The day is half gone but it really doesn't matter. As my heroine, Scarlett, said, "I'll think about that tomorrow."

Love, Mikie

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Hello Everyone

I looked up today at the sky this evening and it was a round yellow moon only a little hazy being lightly covered with wisps of damp monsoon clouds.

Full Moon soon. I dont know how the days flew by. One day melting into the next, each day only a little different from another. Separated only by the kind of chores undertaken. Today my DD cooked oyster mushrooms, mustard greens in veg soup and black lentils, i was glad to get respite from cooking. It gets very hot in the kitchen.

Mikie - what a lovely present from your DDs. She looks so elegant and little critters at her feet. our Pranic Healers use angel figurines a lot. We ask for their protection and guidance.

Sorry Barb has left and gone to the other side but i do believe its a better place she has gone to. What a feisty lady she was! Im sure she will make her presence felt there too. She might ask for just the right harp music to be played while she has her wine with dear Paul.

Like you, i believe Heaven is beautiful and vast and there is only love. What more could anyone want? Yes, ive seen Avatar in 3D. Oh to be able to fly like those winged creatures. My favourite part in Harry Potter was him flying across the lake on the dragon.

Judy - yes, Sun, Wind, Spring and that dear lovely lady Rain. I hope her heart has healed over her dear brothers passing. She cared so much about Mother Earth.

A beautiful lady called Cindy too. Gorgeous DDs she had. And i forget the name but someone who had many hens. I remember them fondly.

That was strange about what you had. feeling like going down steep stairs. But nothing surprises me anymore. So much we havent experienced. So much out there. So much we cant explain.

We are in lockdown so cant go out to the stupa. Police are stationed there to dissuade crowds. But i have my routine of prayer which i do everyday.

Sun - what a wonderful adventure, that glacier trip from an airplane! About twenty years ago i had the good fortune to be invited to a helicopter ride for 4 by my DHs client and his wife. Four of us flown to the foothills where the Himalayas start. Craggy rocks. And snow. Birds eye view from not so high up. Quite the unusual experience. How lucky are the eagles, who get to experience this without paying. heh heh.

Your home and garden sound so lovely. You put so much of yourself into them.

Rock - im relieved for you you have done with your doc appointment for now. I thought the scenery in GWTW was breathtaking. I loved Olivia De Havilland. Although Vivienne Leigh was wonderful too.

Gordon - i feel for you with the heat. We dont seem to be having flies for now. The rain i guess. I once broke our big window glass pane by banging on it to squash a big sinister fly. It just cracked. I remember my DHs open mouth as he gaped at the cracked glass after the ominous cracking sound.

Julie - i guess quarantine wouldnt seem any different for you and Den out there in the country. Plenty to do and plenty of company with the wildlife.
The new project of utilising the old house is going to take up a lot of your time i guess. perfect for lockdown.

Barry - my friend said she tried iching once, learning it and then she lost interest. You lived in a house in England without built in electricity? How exciting. Ive always loved those stone cottages and thatched roofs. Oil Lanterns. In India, power outages were common, and we used to use kerosene burners with wicks. Our nostrils would get filled with soot.

Willow - your Alaska trip sounded so lovely. The little eateries. Bed and breakfasts and little adventures along the way. Perfect trip.

I would have loved your place up at NCal. I love winds. The harder the better. Lol. Kidding. I know these bones could not stand it now. No matter i love gusty winds.

Ellie - we used to have a member called Goatwoman. she used to knit shawls.
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A short pop-in.
Ellie, where do you get your cochineal from? Import from Mexico?

Gordon: flies stick to flypaper. I don't get many flies anymore; I don't kill spiders so they eat the flies. Easy-peasey, or crazy-daisy if you prefer....

Julie, bravo! let your hair shine naturally. I'm sure it's lovely. Glad that Den thinks so too!

Willow, wow! Moringa trees.... I wish I could grow some. Have you eaten them before? Did ya grow them from seed, or buy from nursery? I've never seen one before, but I would love to try one.... but probably too cool here. YES, Willow, plant them after the first rains in the fall. Good luck!
I've been through Hemet once, but don't remember it. I was on one of my desert trips, Anza Borrego I think. My favourite desert trips were to Death Valley.... Ubehebe Crater, Devil's golf Course, and of course the dunes and canyons. I didn't go to Scotty's Castle. More interested in the nature. And I saw the endangered pupfish!

Sun, I got the RX problem worked out (just in time) and a pharmacy up north will send them to be picked up at our local clinic, thank the dogs.
Sun, we live about 15-20 miles from Shelter Cove. A long, winding road with steep drop-offs. The King's Range is between us and Shelter Cove, so we don't get much ocean breeze. We are supposed to reach 100 degrees on Tuesday....Aaaaaak --- too damn hot!

Judy, did you get any rain from Laura? I want some; the well is beginning to run dry.

My pen is out of ink, so must say hello to All, and Peace and Love,



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Spent a long time reading so not much time for posting.

MIKIE -So sorry to hear about Barb passing away but I guess it is just as well for her not to be suffering any longer. It is also hard on the family too to see their loved one suffer. That was nice of her DD to let you know so you could pass on the word to others who knew her too. Geez, lately it seems like we have been having so many of our friends passing away and suffering all kinds of illnesses. I would like to forget some of this really quickly but very hard to do. The man who just passed had pancreatic cancer which spread everywhere. Hope we an make the funeral but if it is on the day of DH's Rx he had better go to that as he already missed #2 due to no electricity in the Dr's office. We should be able to go the wake or visitation though sine it is at night, evening time.

WILLOW - Thar Alaska trip some great. We went years ago and had so much fun when we went. So beautiful there with lots to see and do. It is wonderful that you got to move so you were so much closer to your mom. It wa so hard for me that we lived in different states in her later years esp after falling 2x and breaking her hip 2x. The 2nd time did her in but thank God for my DB who waw thee for her at that time. It is wonderful you can be such a big help to her. I still feel guilty about that but ot much I could do.

SPRING - I believe Ellie is that lady who used to crochet or knit shawls.. So neat she came back for a visit after Patti passing. I do not remember if it was you or Willow who asked about if the hurricane bothered us any. No it didn't just the brownouts later on. Some people are really suffering through all this esp in the heat with no a/c .

JULIE - YOu wear me out girl., both you and Den even though you may not be spring chickens as they call it but you are a lot younger than I, Rock and some others on here. Take it easy when you can, both of you so you don't get sick.

I have only been to Ca one time for a reunion. It certainly was lovely weather then, the only reunions I have ever gone to were for my nursing class.

HI also to SUN, BARRY, ROCK, GORDON and anybody else I have forgotten plus MIA's .



Hello—Mikie I’m so sorry about Barb—a sad thing about getting older is that we start losing so many loved ones. Sending you a hug.

Barry I order the natural dyes through a weaving store—my yarn turned out a lovely fuschia colour from the cochineal—I’m going to get some boxwood extract to make purple—avocado stones make a pink—I use Tumeric for yellow and indigo for various shades of blue and green. I started this when the lockdown started back in March.

Take care—Ellie


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Ellie and Barry: I HAD to look up cochineal to see what it was. Big surprise.....bugs! This is a most interesting history on cochineal for those interested in learning about it. I’m an artist so everything about color interests me. I have lots of boxwood bushes so will have to research that next.



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Granni - i did think what a co incidence that the other lady too was named Georgia. i meant to say sorry for the loss of you and your DH dear friend, who wanted DH to be one of the pall bearers. It was very late when i was typing that last post and i must have just zoned out. Sorry. i did wake up in the middle of night or rather wee hours and think, eh, did i address Grannis post, then i promptly fell back asleep. Not been at my sharpest, DDs close friend just lost a parent to cancer and it cast a pall of gloom over us all.

im very pleased to hear the storm didnt affect you all there.

Ellie - when i heard cochineal i thought ears. Lol. i dont know what it means. must look it up if theres something similar. How interesting about the natural dyes you make from natural resources. Last year we had a turmeric plant in our garden, id never seen a turmeric root, but i couldnt keep up and i think it gone. id hired a manto raze the undergrowth.

God bless
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