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PORCH 1218 IS NOW CLOSED (8/29/20)

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Good Wednesday morning...woke up around 5:30...I guess because I went to bed so early. Oh well, I had time to refill all the hummingbird feeders before the birds woke up, lol! And I just heard neighbor Mama kitty at the open window, so took out some of the "meat trimmings" I had cooked and saved, off the chicken and beef from yesterday. Haven't seen any kittens since last week...their, and Mama's backs were covered in some sort of grease or oil...like they had crawled underneath a piece of machinery or something. But the kittens are old enough to come and go as they please now, so I don't worry about them too much...

62 degrees, but an expected high of 87...only a 2% chance of rain, so I guess I'll wash and hang out a few loads of clothes, etc. This would be a good day to resume "clean up"...moving some things from the old house to make room for some piles of new shingles that have been sitting in the barn (that go on the house porch roof.) We are like a well oiled three ring circus around here, lol! Den got some new parts for his old Allis-Chalmers tractor and has it purring like a kitten again....needed something with a little more "oomph" to pick up stuff that the skid loader can't. The tractor was running, but not well...but Den didn't want to spend the money right now...I finally talked him into it. What is a farm, without a tractor, lol?!

I'm supposed to go get a massage tomorrow...two of the chiro staff give them right next door to the chiro office. Hate to take the time, but my chiro suggested it would be good to get a massage before my next treatment with him (next week.)

Today is "Take Two" for Amy's youngest kiddos. They were supposed to start school on Monday, but there was a water main break in or near the elementary school...so parents got a text that only the middle school and high school would get to go. Our little socialite, Miley, was very disappointed...she still took a "first day of school" picture with Keira, but had a scowl on her face, lol!

Keira said it was hard, wearing a mask all day, and even at volleyball practice. The younger students get off a little easier as they don't have to wear a mask in their classroom, just if they are out and about the school/playground. And they are having lunch and any "special" classes (art, library, etc.) in their classrooms (the teachers travel, instead of the kids.) The school system has it set up so parents/students can choose only online classes if they wish, and they can also quickly switch an individual room to "online" if necessary (any positive cases) instead of the whole building.

Gordon and Sun...I'm so sorry your dental experiences were not good. I have lots of fillings, and had to have a tooth pulled a couple years ago...I think I actually mourned a bit for my lost tooth. Lindsey had to have seven molars surgically removed last fall...I went down for a week to help take care of her, and help with the kids.

Granni, I sent you a couple emails last week...maybe it was right before your power outage? I'm so sorry about all the deaths/funerals. Hope hubby's second treatment goes well.

Mikie, so Wal Mart truly is a "one stop shop"? ;) Both of our girls do the "order online and pickup at the curb"...handy for Amy as she stops by after work. Both families live within minutes of their stores, but I don't know if I'd want to do that...by the time I drive clear to town, I kinda want to go in and pick out my own stuff, lol! I do order online to have delivered to my house...always have enough minimum order (I think it's $35 with WM?) to get free delivery, anyway.

Hi to Judy, Willow, Spring, Barry, Rock, Ellie...I'm sure I've missed someone...that's why I hesitate, lol!

Willow, what a neat story about your move...yes, I believe it was perfect timing.

Well, I hear my guy stirring, so I'll get off here and start some breakfast and get the "making noise" part of my day started, lol! Hope everyone is doing as well as can be...take care!


Hi, Julie,

Just had my shower so thought I'd drop in while my hair dries out a bit under the turban towel. I don't like to have to use the hot blow dryer too long on it; it damages the hair. Stomach has been upset since I got up. No wonder I'm not up doing a jig. Glad we both have nice days today but mine is a bit hotter than yours. Good to hear that Mama Kitty is still coming around. One of the kitties next door is antisocial so Teresa sent me a pic of him lounging on her lanai. His sister is very friendly and greets me when I go over.

Claudia orders all her Mom's urinary products online and they are so expensive that she always has at least $35 worth. I think she uses Amazon. I like to be able to order anything and not have to worry about having a minimum dollar amt. Got the fryer lid for DD's InstantPot on Amazon on sale. We talked about it one day and it was there the next. She and DSIL love it. When I use my Amazon credit card, I get 5 percent credit to use toward future purchases. It adds up. I usually use it when I want to get something nice for someone but don't want to spend a lot of money. I use my Costco credit card for everything else and the credit adds up fast for that too. I have my bonus check to use the next time I go there.

I went to Yahoo to read my email and it wanted me to sign in. It wouldn't take my password so had to have a code sent to my phone. There were several messages from Yahoo that my DSIL had changed my password. I knew that wasn't right and was worried that he was hacked and that all his contacts were hacked. I immediately changed my password and sent him an email. Turns out he got a new phone and Apple was helping him set it up. Must have been the Apple employee who did it. Whew!

Then, I went to listen to my voicemail on my phone and it wouldn't take my password code. Good grief! I hung up and tried again and it was fine. When these devices revolt, we are in trouble.

Hope you enjoy the day and get a lot done. I need to trim my hair at the bottom in the back, the most difficult area to do. If I can accomplish that, my day will have been well spent.

Love, Mikie


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I’m up but busy cleaning up ANTS again in the kitchen......grrrrrr. I put down food for clair and went to do my stretches. 30 min later they were everywhere, including stray ones on the walls and coming from a window in nearby FR. I definitely need to get to Lowe’s this morning for more ant traps. This is what happens when I have too much to do. I’ll be back later.


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Sun, what a horrible dental experience you had. Praying for your appt. tomorrow.
Mikie, loved your description of the light on the wet pine needles.
Thinking of everyone in those high temps. Take good care of yourself.
I have very low NRG today. Had a long phone call with my close childhood friend yesterday. The phone calls, or watching a movie knock me out for 3 days after.
So I'm just focusing on eating healthy, and reading a mystery by Sujata Massey, that takes place in Bombay in the 1920's. Going to sleep as much as I need to.


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Another two days of busyness is coming upon us. The two funerals seemed to be intertwined. Great, I just lost a couple paragraphs and am not going to repeat it all. There wa a change of plans for one of the deceased which in a way was good but we will not make the reception tomorrow for one of the deceased or the Rosary tomorrow night for the lady who was supposed to have everything done on Friday originally.. We cannot stay for the reception as SH will have had his Rx and to much happening after that with disinfecting the toilet etc and not sure how DH will feel. Something sure happened as the deceased wife of a prominent Knight was supposed to be buried and it was changed to cremation and with a change in Funeral home. I got so many emails and was getting all confused with all the different plans.getting different emails yesterday with plans for both the deceased. At least if all goes well we can go to the one complete funeral on Friday. We may have to even leave a little early to get to the dr's office on time. We hope to change clothes, stuff something down our throats for lunch and leave for the Rx.. Hope the first funeral tomorrow doesn't drag on to long. Was also asked to sing with the Resurrection Choir group but couldn't commit and may have to leave early. He was loved and did so much for the church and others. Enough about funerals for one day. I'm worn out!!

Nothing much else is new really.

SUN - I cannot imagine how much pain you had from that lady gluing your mouth shut. How long did it take unglue or give you make you chewing ability?? Sounds awful ! I think I may have some TMJ but I know I have Chronic Myofascial Pain. We have some dental insurance but it isn't the greatest but better than nothing. Speaking of dentist I have a perio cleaning the end of the month if I don't spike again and then talk about the options and cost of my broken tooth and then I have two spaces in my mouth, if I'm not able to get a crown. He wants to pull it. I already have one space right next door to it.

MIKIE - Ran to the store this morning with DH. He needed to get something and I needed some stuff for a 4 bean salad to bring on friday. However, I could not find the waxed beans so I will add more of the other stuff. it will be a 3 bean salad .. I like the recie cause it can make a lot and you can mix and match the veggies to what you like or have on hand. It is very simple and easy.

Hi to everyone. Need to do a few more thing around here.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Did get my hair trimmed and it looks okay. I haven't been eating right and it shows in my dry dead hair. Gotta get with the program. Nothing appeals to me. Whine, whine, whine!

Oh, Sun, not more ants. I hate them. The ant traps don't get rid of the sugar ants, also called, ghost ants. I have to call our pest guy for those. So far I've only found two ants and it was obvious that the poison was working on them. I just hope they made it back to the next to poison the rest. I hate killing anything but once they cross the threshold, the gloves come off. Good luck.

Judy, I'm so sorry the call wore you out. I know how horrible exhaustion is. I am better than I once was but I'm not getting much done right now. Washing my hair and giving it a bit of a trim did me in. Your book sounds interesting. I like novels set in historical times. Hope you can get some sleep.

Granni, good grief! What a tangle of services and arrangements. It's stressful just getting where you need to go and stressful because it deals with loss. I actually found a can of several types of beans for bean salad. Or, it is bean salad--can't remember. Thought I'd give it a try. I love beans. Mom made the best navy beans and ham hocks. Sending prayers you get through all this.

Did anyone watch Transplant, a new show on NBC, last night? There is no way I can stay awake for a show that comes on at 10:00 p.m. I'll have to stream it.

I had a Mandarin orange and don't want anything for dinner. I made a list of things I need to do so will start on it tomorrow. Nothing big, just little things like paying a bill and taking the car in for an oil change. Call my doc, etc. Hope everyone has a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hi All,

I got my tooth pulled yesterday. It was a back molar that broke below the gum line. I had a lot of pain on and off with that tooth. It would have cost too much to get a crown and I have a crown on the tooth next to it. I have at least 3 more molars with micro-fractures that will need crowns eventually. I won't miss a back tooth. It took longer to numb the tooth than it did to pull it. I was out in less than 1/2 an hour. I was able to go to the grocery store after to get items that WM was out of when we made our last order and stock up on ice cream and soup that I would need. The ice cream helps to numb my jaw very nicely. That was pretty much all I wanted to eat yesterday. Gray would get a tooth pulled and then go home and eat dinner then go to work the next day. I don't know how he could do it.

Kaiser sent out emails that they have the flu shots available now. We don't have to make an appt. just show up. So we may go tomorrow and see if it is too crowded. They have a small clinic in town at the Target. I need to stop and get Mom some sudafed anyway so I can get it at the same time and then go clean her apartment. I need to get her to get a HEPA air filter. If I don't come once a week to dust and vacuum she starts getting a sore throat. I can't always make it every week and when she had a housekeeper she didn't always make it every week either. I have an air filter in the bedroom and a larger one in the family room and it does make a difference. I only need it during high pollen season or when we had a dog that slept in the bedroom with us. Frankie our collie was in love with Gray and would sleep on his pillow next to Gray's side of the bed.

I've got to go. Gray wants to see the computer before he goes to bed.

Love to all,