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PORCH 1219 IS NOW CLOSED (9/3/20)

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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Allergies are still bad. I need to go get more tissue. Hate to venture out but I really need to do it. Last evening, I watched one of the PBS Music of Our Lives concerts after I got in bed. This was the Magic Moments concert featuring pop music from the 50's. Y'all have probably seen it. They run it over and over during their fund raising season. I watch it whenever I can. There is something sooo comforting about that music. I was feeling thankful for all my blessings and having a nice soft bed, my Kindle, SV and the wonderful music. I said a prayer of thanksgiving and I felt God's love descend on me. It lasted a long time and I just relaxed and let it fill me with peaceful joy. What a blessing.

Willow, disconnected thoughts and whining describe all my posts. Disconnected thoughts are the only kind I have. I told my neighbor that my brain is like a pin ball machine. Oh, there I go whining again. :) So glad you got to see Bear and glad you can eat but I'm sorry it's still painful. Hope it feels better. Penny Marshall mentioned White Castle burgers in her memoir. Onion rings, mmmmm!

Sun, okay I know the guy you are talking about. I find his shelves a bit strange and have wondered about the clumping of books with the same color covers. Some of the shelves are lit and contain things I don't recognize. They are quite a bit in the background. He is so buttoned up in dress and manner. The other guy, Mark someone or other, is a slob in dress and grooming. I like them both. When they first started airing from their homes, Mark did his out of his office and it was a mess. They now use some kind of narrow walkway with shelves. Earlier, they broadcast from his living room with the dining room in the background. It's a lovely country look with antiques. His wife likely relegates his mess to his office.

I have two white bookshelf units in the front room that I used to use as an office. They were dirt cheap. I put them together and put a piece of white rope trim where they meet and put crown molding all around the top to make them look more finished and upscale. I have a flat light strip on top that works off of the switch inside the door to the room. That's the room that is a mess. If I ever get it cleaned out, I'll post a pic. I also love putting things together and would love to see the wire basket with the blue and white containers. Can you take a pic with the iPad and post it? When I put that angel in the entry, I grabbed a little ribbed whitewashed jar from the shelf behind my sofa and put a couple of stems of rust colored berries in it and added a white and brown ceramic pumpkin with metal leaves. I love the look of wire baskets and have one in the dining area. That was the extent of my creativity this week. I hope you stay cool; 110? Yikes!

Hope everyone else stays cool too and has a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Not sure if this pic will post.....I shrunk it down, sent it to me then captured it again. OK....looks like it’s here but blurry. Anyway, I love the look. I made the new tablecloth last week. The pic of the fruit I did years ago, oil on paper. I was into fruit with reflection on table.

I’ll be back later. Gotta do some things. OK....I’m back. I took a short quick walk down the street and back again. All in the shade but it’s already over 90. People are down at the tennis courts playing with masks on! How the heck can they function?

I’m planning on cleaning my studio today and rearranging. Not much fun but it has to be done now and then.


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Am reading through our posts, catching up. The news seems to be the weather, how hot it is. I sympathize with Barry, Gordon and Sun. oh and Willow. Our day was coudy, so it wasnt as hot as it couldve been. But i wouldve liked a good downpour. Really does wonders to freshen up things. And brings all the birds together to chirp more. They seem to put their heart into it when its cool, wet and fresh after a brisk downpour.

I guess in England they would do that when its bright and sunny after it stops raining.

Sun - your deco piece you put together is going with the lovely wrought iron chairs you have. Yes, i wish the pic was bigger. Didnt get a proper look at the vase and wire basket around it. Such a restful looking nook in your living room.

Mikie - i tried looking up David Brooks bookshelf but didnt get a whole lot. But it gave me an idea for when i get a bookshelf, i dont know when, life is at a standstill as of now with covid lockdown. They sell locally handmade paper with different prints and i thought maybe i could choose some prints i really like and cover some of my books. ive posted a sample of paper. i love your description of your self designed bookshelves. We have quite the creative group here, seems like.

With all the aches and pains and other things to be endured, i think we are allowed to whine a little.:) at least on the Porch we can be sure of an understanding mind and receiving a sympathetic ear. Due to everyone having first hand experience of similar woes.

Willow - oh dear, the heat affecting you too. Sorry, youre not feeling up to par. Glad to hear you could catch up with Bear in person. A few hours is also something. It must be fun to go for a road trip in Bears van/caravan.

Gordon - your orchids will need more TLC now. i think orchids too arent too fond of hot weather. My SIL sent me some homegrown bittergourds which we fried. People sayit has medicinal values but it is an acquired taste. It is. i myself aquired it when i was well into my forties.

Granni - its been a hectic few days for you. With DHs procedure and the funerals. Make sure you rest. Nothing like stress to tire one more.

Barry - stay cool. somehow i feel it might be a few degrees cooler in the country than in the concrete jungle. i wear the thinnest cotton things i can find and sip on cold juice from the fridge. DD says thats unhealthy, all the sugar but with tropical summers such as ours, i indulge. yes, the fans go on all the time.

Julie - is it hot there? Den always seems on the move. Its nice to have extra space doesnt it? I suppose you need all those tractors with add ons, must be so expensive too.

Wind - yes, i remember those horrible hurricanes. What a trying time. When i was in New York, i went to the Church near Central Park. It was so peaceful in there, i could literally feel the silence and experience the holiness of the place. My heart was raw with pain because i had just gotten news of my brothers grave illness. But it helped immensely sitting there alone communicating my pain to God. The sharp edge of misery dissolved. And i felt better equipped to face the future. For a long time after that, i used to sit and try to recapture the peaceful feeling.

There were just a handful of other people in that massive church i guess that helped. Crowds bother me. i suck in their energy and get agitated.

Rock - how are you? Lockdown got extended yet again. Another week. im wondering how young ones are coping.

A picture of a purse made with local handmade paper.

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spring, i went to disburse some more tomatos this morning at the local dim sum place. there was a long line so i didn't stay to buy any goodies, maybe on monday. anyway, i left the lady the bag of tomatos and went down the street to another place and it too was busy with weekend customers so i went across the street to see what kind of veggies they might have. i found a small bitter melon which i like to eat and some baby bok choy. i usually stir fry the bitter melon with chicken and fermented black beans or i'd steam it with a little shrip paste, yummy. we also add it to soup as it's suppose to bring down fever or an overheated body temp. this means summer is here. i've always like the slightly bitter taste because it leave a refreshing taste in your mouth. it has a bit of quinine in it's makeup which i guess why it has that taste.

it was already in the 80s at 10 this morning and it's suppose to be 106 today and 108 tommorrow. yikes!!!!

battle grounds all,



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Hi Porchies,

Have been busy today washing and changing the bed to some new sheets..It ha been a real fun day - Ha! At least we have clean sheets..

DD#4 sent a text if we want to come to their house tomorrow. Not sure what time yet but anything I do not have to cook is a good time for me. With al the goings on this week funerals and rx DH is pooped and so am I so we will not go to the church tomorrow. If I sang I would have to get up early too. So far so good. They doesn't seem to be any side effects at leat not yet eother than erhaps a bit more tired, I hope it stays that way. He ha a pretty healty bladder and never ha to go to the bathroom to prr like me. I could never take those RX's as I could never hold it that long oit will all dribble out of me,

The funeral was nice as funerals go and the reception was good with some salads, froedchiken, ham other sides and desserts of course. After dessert the man who lost his wife and both of which were very Irish, had shots of irish whisky for all to give a toast to his dear departed wife. OMG, that stuff was strong and many of us were not able to drink much of it in the throw away shot glasses. It was a toast to his dear departed. DH and I tried to share a shot glass but neither of us could and we had to drive home also. Many agreed that stuff was way to strong for most of the people. Especially if we are all not used to drinking that stuff. A little wine or a margarita is enough for me and DH, and most of us older peeps.

Gordon - Can you imagine your heat way back when with long sleeves and heavy pants for men and ladies with long dresses , sleeves , bonnets, no a/c pr electricity for fans, just the type you used to fan yourself manually?? Not sure of our temperatures today probably in the 90's haven't looked yet.. OMG, I can't believe that it will only be about 87 degrees today. A cool front will be coming next week I know but not sure when Glad you and Rock have a window unit at least to help out in the oppressive heat.

WILLOW - How your jaw is feeling better now and not so sore. I know even when I have to keep my mouth open for along time esp with my Chronic myofascial pain. Glad you got to see Bear. I think that name is to cute even if he is grown up.

SUN - Thanks again for the tip. I had already read about all that before hand also. I know this ca loves to come back at any time any place. Only 4 more to go and then within the next 2 years he will probably have some more 5 rx's but he probably doesn't know that yet. He is one that needs to go slowly and gets upset easily, esp about medical stuff. I try and keep him on an even keel if you know what I mean. Sometimes it is not to easy. LOL.. Probably the doc will mention it after his last treatment, How long was it after your last treatment before you were checked again?

MIKIE - Glad you have a bit more nrg and getting a few things done. Don't as me to to try and cover any of my books. To much trouble and I am not that artistic, When you mentioned covering books I remembered in grade school we used brown paper to cover our books. Now many could care less.

SPRING - I was typing and somehow missed your post. That picture of the purse made of paper is gorgeous. Sorry I can't stay. I need to get off here and do a few other things,

HI and hugz all including BARRY, JULIE, SPRING, and anyone else I may have missed.

Have a great rest of the weekend !
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

I've been running a really low-grade temp and I have some symptoms so know I have some kind of bug. All my vitals are good and I'm not coughing or having trouble breathing. I do have a headache. Been praying this it isn't something serious like Covid. My trip to the Burger King drive thru yesterday was the first human contact I've had in more than a week so don't know where I could have caught this. It definitely isn't another wave of the virus I had in Jan. This feels different. Been a bit nauseated but otherwise, things feel quite mild. I took a soak and then a nap. That helped. I'm even doing a few things around here.

Sun, I love the way everything looks. I especially love that painting and the way it's oriented lengthwise. It all goes together perfectly. It's fun to place different things and end up with perfect balance and combination of elements. I love to walk through here and notice the angles and trim. Somehow it's perfect for me, even the little details. I think it's good to be sensitive to one's surroundings. Glad you were able to walk before it got too hot. We will get a cold spell this week with temps only about 90. I think it's gonna be a rainy Labor Day.

Spring, how nice to see you here. Glad you got some refreshing rain but I'm sorry for the extension of the lockdown. Still, it may keep the virus from spreading. I hope we never go through something like this again. I'm not sure we learned anything about how to handle a pandemic here. It's been chaos. I feel so bad for people who have lost jobs or gone out of business. I love that paper and handmade paper is so nice with it's texture. The books I saw on one TV show were all covered in white on white book shelves--too stark for me. On my bookshelves, I have grouped books together by theme or type. Then, I try to arrange them with something else on the shelves like the pics I mentioned or a knick knack. On roomrater, they don't like books lying flat on shelves but I do that and like the look. What can I say? I'm just a rebel. I'm glad you got help from God when your brother was so ill. I don't know how people get through life without some kind of faith to carry them through.

Gordon, it is so kind of you to share the bounty. I feel for all of you living in such heat. It's been 95 here but I stay inside most of the time in the A/C. Stay cool.

Granni, I mourn for the sheets I got after Hurricane Irma. They were so pretty and I got them half price at Bealls. Unfortunately, they have faded. They match the shades of blue I have in my bedroom. They have sheets on sale all the time but I haven't found any I like as much as these. I still have some solid blue sheets I got at Costco a couple of years ago so don't need to run out to buy more. Mom's side of the family is Irish and the other side is German. Drinking has always been a big part of dealing with death. We don't wait for the funeral though; the drinking starts at the house of the departed and everyone tells stores to make everyone laugh, like a good old Irish wake. Last one was for my Dad. My uncle, the patriarch of the family had us in stitches the night before the service. I was glad because the next day was so sad. I hope this is the end of the losses for you.

PBS is honoring all those in WWII. There is a show on now about Jimmy Doolittle's Raiders. In WWII, China worked with us against the Japanese. Now, Japan is our ally and China is the 'bad guys.' How ridiculous is war? We do business with Viet Nam. Russia fought the Germans in WWII and now they are also the 'bad guys.' We went to war in Korea and now we buy their cars. Why don't we learn to just get along and trade with each other in the first place? What a concept! It'll never work; it makes too much sense. We send our bravest to fight and possibly die. We can never thank them enough for their sacrifice and that of their loved ones.

I decided to skip the ghost/mystery book and start the one about nurses who were stationed in Hawaii with the military just before and after Pearl Harbor. I just started it so don't know whether it's good or not. I watched a thriller with Ray Liotta and it had more twists than Lombard Street in San Francisco. I'm having a difficult time reading because my eyes water and have a film on them due to the Sjogren's. I went in to put some eye drops in them and mistakenly put some ear wax removal drops in instead. Yikes! How that burned. I immediately rinsed out my eye with cold water. It'll be okay. Certainly cleared up the film.

I hope all y'all are feeling better than I and having a good weekend. I am a bit better and think I'll do a bit of laundry and clean the floor in SV's and my bathroom. So kind of him to let me use it too.

Love, Mikie


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mikie, hope what you have is not serious and you recover soon. i have avoided most places for take out but go to the chinese deli for their prepared food and dim sums.

now, i know you can buy ebooks from amazon for our kindle. how are they delivered? i think i accidentally touched a advert for a book and somehow it was charged to my account and the book appeared on the kindle automatically. is this how it's done?

about the storage of these books. i know how to 'remove' books that i've checked out from the library once i've finished reading it. it disappear and the library record is cleared. later i get a notice from amazon that the lending period has expired and it's placed back into their stock. two separate transaction for the same book.

now with books i buy, do i also 'remove' books from the kindle the same way? i know it goes into the 'cloud' storage. how do i now access books i've stored? is there a separate app i have to download? how long can i store the books on the cloud and is there a cost?

i'm about to take my first shower for the day with this heat and hope to cool down.

all for now,



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Mikie: you NOTICED that the metal box on the table echoed the lengthwise painting. I also am very sensitive to shapes of furniture, paintings, decorations, etc. I used to love lots of clutter but as I’ve gotten older I seem to want areas of calm and peace.

Hope you’re not coming down with something. Couldn’t be covid since you’re staying away from people. Hope you feel better.

Spring: nice to see you posting. You’re lucky that your DD likes to cook! Hey, whatever drink cools you down. I perk more coffee than I need in the morning and put it in the frig. I love ice coffee with a little cream. And I try to have a glass on the counter of water with lemon. Interesting purse. I wonder if the paper has been treated before making it into a purse....making it waterproof?

Gordon: I just checked....it’s 113 here which means that Willow is around 120. I went out a little bit ago to move a soaker hose and the air felt like I was in a hot oven.


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Slept eight hours last night and am feeling better. So far, the symptoms of what I have are mild (knocking on wood). I think it's just some kind of bug I picked up somewhere. Still can't figure out where I could pick up anything when I stay inside like a hermit. I get my mail and open the bills. I let everything sit three days before handling it again. I wash my hands carefully and use hand sanitizer after handling it. Didn't want much to eat yesterday. If my appetite is better today, I'm going to bake some beans with the uncured bacon I have. It is sooo good. It was on sale at Publix--20 ounces for $7. Good deal and it's healthier or, likely more accurate, less unhealthy. I hope there is bacon in Heaven. Gonna use my InstantPot with the new lid to bake the beans. No need to heat up the big oven.

Gordon, thanks for your sweet kind words. The experts say it is very unlikely one will get the virus from prepared food if the restaurants follow CDC guidelines. They are very careful at Burger King. When you are on the Home Page of the Kindle, you can tap on 'Books' at the top of the page. It will give you a choice of Device or Cloud. In either venue, you tap on any book you want to read. I'm laughing about inadvertently buying a book and having it appear. I did that too. I think each library application is unique so don't know why you got a message from Amazon when the lending period was up even after you had sent it back. Could be that the library app uses Amazon info and vice-versa. I have not used our library's lending app for the Kindle.

When you buy books with a click, look below the click bar and there is a place to tell Amazon where to deliver your book. I have two Kindles so I select my second Kindle. I can also choose the cloud and retrieve it later. Whichever you choose, the book downloads like magic. Easy peasy. No extra apps to download. Whenever you want to read a book stored on the device or in the cloud, simply tap on that book. When you want to send a book in the device to the cloud, put your finger on the book and tap on 'Remove From Device'. You won't lose any books you buy; they will either be in the cloud or on the device. Good luck. Soon it will all be second nature.

Sun, Cancer Signs usually like a bit of clutter and a house that looks comfortable and lived in. I could never live in a severely stark modern home. Mid-century modern is fine because it is usually warm. I confine my clutter to small areas, the top of a side table or the shelf behind my sofa. I have a parson's table along the wall at the end of my dining room table and it isn't cluttered. There are two paintings I started on the wall and only a wire basket, a small lamp and a square glass jar with stones and bare shrub limbs in it. It's one of my favorite little areas in the condo. You might like looking at Feng Shui. It is a balance of energies in the home. Hard, shiny surfaces give off a lot of energy. Soft fabrics and low furniture slow down energy. You can Feng Shui a whole home or each room singly. People comment on the feeling of peace and comfort in here but say they can't exactly put their finger on it.

I use those little cubes of tissues because space is always at a premium in here. I have permanent tissue boxes to cover them so it really doesn't matter the print on the outside of the cardboard boxes they come in. I haven't been able to find a cover for the box on my coffee table in the living room. I have had a couple of the cardboard boxes that are perfect so have saved them. I need to go to Michael's to see whether they have some spray or liquid I can put on the cardboard to stiffen it and protect it. Hope you can stay cool.

Everyone, I hope all y'all have a safe holiday weekend and that you stay well. Teresa texted me yesterday that she has my mail. Must have been our mail lady's day off. I'm gonna tell her that it is customary here that if she gets one of my bills that she should pay it. I didn't see the text until later yesterday so will go get it today. Our temps will start to drop a bit down to around 90 today and our afternoon showers will show up every day. There are a couple of tropical waves out in the Atlantic that the weather people are watching. We are at our peak for hurricanes right now. I hope everyone out West stays cool. Take your pants off, people, and turn on the fan or A/C. Barry, we will always remember your helpful household hint.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

I'm not posting because I don't have the energy to do it. I spend most of my time in bed. Sleeping or reading. Mostly old books I've read before. It's hard to get new ones from the library now. I'm reading one now where one of the authors is Bill Clinton. Title is The President's plane is missing. Pretty good story so far.

Your front door is beautiful, Mikie. Hugs to everybody.



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Barry: are you a practicing nudist or did you really mean to get down to wearing shorts? Sorry....you’re not going to live this one down. LOL thanks for the good laugh though.

Mikie: lucky you, getting all that sleep. It’s been a round of sleeping 2 hr shifts for me. The AC ran off and on all night and at 7:30 this morning it was 85 degrees. Every time it goes on I pray that I continue to have electricity. There are sections of my neighborhood who have had blackouts.

I have a book on feng shui around here someplace. If ONLY I could keep my stack of things to list on etsy off my dining table. Yesterday I worked in my studio. It’s slow going though.

Rock: I’ve been meaning to get that book by Clinton from the library.

first time in 3 years that I’m finally getting a crop of figs....yea! The fig beetles and the rats and squirrels haven’t put the word out yet about them. I ate 3 for breakfast...OMG, so sweet.


Hi, Kids,

Swept off the balcony in front of my door. Teresa keeps her side clean. We often clean each other's side when it needs it. She and I joke about wearing pants. Don't know whether or not I mentioned it here but I often still have one my tee shirt and underwear that I've slept in under my robe. If Joe wants me to come down to look at something, I tell him I have to put on my pants first. He tells me I never have to put on pants for him. It's a joke between us. I needed to go over to Teresa's next door and I texted to see whether it was a good time. She texted back just to give her a couple of minutes to put her pants on.

Barry, your comments has made me think of it. I guess it's more common than I thought to go without pants. Seriously, a couple of times I have checked before I go into Publix to ensure I remembered to put them on before I left. I'm that forgetful.

Rock, I am so sorry you are going through an exhaustion flare. I've been there so totally get it. I'm glad you can read. Rest up, my friend. Thanks for you sweet comment.

Sun, I saw where there may be some blackouts in CA and I thought of all of you. Today will be almost 100 degrees in Denver and tomorrow, it is supposed to snow there, courtesy of a big polar front riding down on the Jet Stream. Crazy! I sometimes only get two hours of sleep at a time but I usually go back to sleep for the next two-hour round. Once in a blue moon, I can't get back to sleep and read til I can. I have made a tiny bit of progress cleaning and organizing my shelves in that front room. It's slow going. Publix had fresh figs on BOGO but I didn't make it over and they went off sale. That's how I knew it had been longer than a week since I had been out.

Gonna go pay a couple of bills. There--paid all in less than five minutes. Safer and quicker than USPS. Claudia came over for a bit and it was nice to have a chat. I like to text but I can't possibly have a full conversation through texting. SV came out to pay his respects and went back to sleep. Hope all y'all are having a nice Sunday. It sprinkled here for a bit, enough to spoil the pool for some people over there. We will still take all the rain we can get to fill the aquafers. I hate droughts.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: I have most of my bills setup to pay automatically, like gas, water, electricity. Once a month I transfer $ from my checking to pay my visa bill. The only checks I write are for the pool guy and gardener

Is Claudia still face timing with her mother? I talked to my MIL who is turning 95 in November. She’s in a rehab place, just got out of the quarantine for when she first arrived, then a worker got covid so everyone had to get tested and in quarantine again. She told me her family brought her recliner to the room so she can sleep or read in it.

I got an email from my cousin who is turning 80 in november. She had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago and she said she’s doing pretty good, just takes tylenol for the pain. Did say she can’t bend or twist so having to use a grabber but finding it hard with arthritis in her hands. She’s got a great sense of humor and laughs about it. Probably because she can now walk without limping and the pain has greatly diminished so things are improving for her.

I have a friend who used to live in colorado and she told me that some days she could send the kids to school in shorts and by afternoon there was a snowstorm. Unbelievable.

Rock and Gordon: someone sent this link to me today regarding a truckload of mail being dumped. And....last week I tried to talk to my mail carrier about any problems with the post office and she refused....saying they all had been told not to discuss any changes, etc. at the post office. Hmmmmmmm?

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Hi, Sun,

Wow, MIL 95. It's so sad they had to go back in quarantine. Glad she, at least, got the recliner. Also glad the cousin's hip replacement went well. I can identify with the arthritis in the hands. Good thing she has a great sense of humor. I've found we need it as we age. My condo fees and electricity come out of my checking acct. automatically. The rest go on credit cards and I pay them at the end of the month electronically. It's just so easy for me. I imagine Claudia is still Face Timing with her DM. I think the aides there make the calls. I'm so glad that her DM is responding to singing and speaking German.
I'll read the article about the USPS. There was a letter in the paper from a man who told how long it took to send a card to his nephew. The one he sent to the other one some time ago still hasn't been received. I do find what is happening at the USPS very disturbing and scary.

I did some cleaning in my bathroom. I cleaned out the shower door track and cleaned the door. I spray my hair standing in front of it and it had made a glaze on the door and dust was sticking to it. I had to use a magic sponge and put some elbow grease into it. From now on, I'll hang my towel on the door to catch the stray spray.

Gonna go read the article. Thanks again.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Awl,

Had a rather quiet day except we went over to the other DD's house that moved her a couple years ago. Her DH made greek food with chicken, rice, inc appetizers. I forget the names of stuff but all was delicious and brought some home for tomorrow. He is a good cook and I think my DD is intimidated and doesn't like to cook or is afraid to. So they take a lot out to when DH doesn't feel like cooing.We just got home about 5 pm and will just rest now and get ready for bed after awhile. Tomorrow will be another quiet day. Won't be doing much tomorrow at all. Did some wah today but I'm sure I will have some more tomorrow.

SUN - Sorry your MIL had to go back into quarantine, not much fun I know especially if you cannot see anyone else. Glad she at least has her recliner so she an sleep, read or be comfy doing whatever she wants to do. That is so hard on everyone especially for the more elderly, and when cut off from family.

MIKIE - You have been such a busy beaver, ever with. feeling awful. I do understand a sno one else is going to do the stuff that needs to get done esp if you are alone. DH has his chores and I have mine, kind of the way it almost always has been. Sometimes we do have to help each other, too.

Hope everydobby has a nice quiet or fun Labor Day. We will not be doing anything fun tomorrow. DH will do hi errands bank and store and I will do my washing and stuff in the house. NOthing interesting or exciting to do this weekend but we did go to the other DD's house and had a nice lunch which wa a nice change.

Thinking of you all and hope everyone is doing well or as well as can be expected.. HUGZ to ROCK/GORDON, SPRING, BARRY, JULIE, WILLOW, and everyone else I have forgotten at the moment.

BTW, DGD, my DD, the other grandma and maybe her father's aunt went looking for bridal gowns and also looking for wedding venues. She found the dress, they sent me a picture and it is gorgeous like she is. They are deciding on the wedding venues now there are two in the running, I believe. They are in the Tx Hill country . It is so pretty there.

Gotta run for now !

Love to everyone,


Hi, Granni,

Just making one last stop. I usually watch Father Brown on PBS but all their scheduling is off so am watching 60 Minutes. It's always interesting and I usually stream it the next day. I'll be turning in early. My temp is back to normal and I feel better so might as well do a few things. My ex and I often switched things off when the kids were little. He would cook and I would do some kind of chore around the house requiring tools. We worked together on the house addition. Both girls grew up so handy that it makes me proud. I never minded housework too much and enjoyed making a comfortable home. Now, I have to do it all so I have to prioritize now that NRG is so scarce.

I'm glad you had such a nice meal at DD's and DSIL's. Love a man who cooks. Most men I have dated cooked because they had to learn how or starve. Both of my DSIL's cook and are good cooks. It's nice you and DH help each other out. How exciting that you will have a wedding coming up. Will it be a big wedding? Do you have a dress? Finding dresses for mothers of the couple and the grandmothers can be really hard. When will it be? Don't remember your mentioning it before now but then, my pea brain is a sieve.

I'm gonna rest tomorrow too except for poking around and doing a few things. I want to cook a bit for myself. I need to go to the store but will wait til Tues. Fewer people shopping. Enjoy your evening.

Hope everyone has a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Gordon: yes, it is brutal. But I still remember a terrible heat wave like this back around 1955. My dad went out and bought a window AC and installed it in our dining area. I was 10 at the time. OMG....that’s where we all gathered all day long to suck up the cold air which felt like heaven. When it was bedtime, the BR was sooooo hot. I would wet a washcloth and even a towel and cover myself with it, while I lay on the bed, trying to sleep a little. I’m so grateful to have AC in the house now.

And can someone please explain how people can dress like it’s winter with long pants on and a sweatshirt with a mask. Saw one person at the grocery store today.

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Good Labor Day Morning, Kids,

OMG! I feel so bad for everyone living in the terrible heat. I pray this breaks and you all get some relief. One year we drove to CA with the kids and it was so hot when we came home. Think I mentioned the thermometer on the outside of the motel in St. George, UT read 135 degrees. We got into the pool and then went to our air conditioned room. We have lucked out so far this year here with only a few days hotter than 91 or 92. I think 95 was the hottest. You know it's hot when SW FL is cooler than where you are. I don't know how people stood it down here in the heat and humidity before A/C and before mosquito spraying.

Gordon, perhaps that's why they call it DEATH Valley. Stay cool. If you have fans, place large flat containers of ice water in front of them--my Mom's idea of early A/C. Mom would also run cold water on her wrists and that helps to cool the whole body.

Sun, I've seen homeless and elderly people dressing like that. I would die. I wear as little as possible inside and only put on my pants when I go out. :) Sometimes, the A/C gets it so cold in here I wear my robe. I only keep it at 77 but, when it runs for hours to keep up, it feels too cold. When I was a kid, my best friend's parents bought a window A/C for the living room. We kids would sit in front of it watching the old B&W TV. I remember watching The Lone Ranger.

Got up feeling a bit achy and tired but nothing serious. Think I'll take a box down to the car for Goodwill. I need to get back to working on the walk-in closet. I finished my laundry last evening. Night before last, Roomba had cleaned all the rooms except the bedroom. I decided to let it clean in the bedroom while SV and I were in bed. It doesn't take long in there. SV hates Roomba and will stare it down and dare it to hit him. Bedtime is our special time when we watch TV together and he sometimes gets up on top of me and purrs. I turned Roomba on and he glared at it. As I walked past him, he was already up on the bed, to get into bed myself, he hit me hard twice with his paw. He didn't have his claws out and it didn't hurt but he was making his point. He's only done that once before when he fell off a pillow on the bed and I laughed at him.

Gonna go drink my coffee. I pray for cooler temps for everyone in the heat wave.

Love, Mikie


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Hi everyone, hope you're all doing okay. I'm trying to find a mattress online for Labor Day Sale. Does anyone have a latex mattress or a couch, maybe? The one I'm looking at is organic latex,not chemicals. But I have no idea what the texture might feel like.I need it to be chemical free cause of MCS. This one is between medium and medium firm. Organic materials are so expensive. I don't want to make a wrong choice. I'm reading reviews and trying to imagine what latex would feel like.
Blessings to everyone, Judy.