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PORCH 1219 IS NOW CLOSED (9/3/20)

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Judy: Can’t help you there but I did find this site for reading up on latex mattresses. Perhaps you’ve read it already. The person I knew who had MCS would tell me that she washed her bedding in organic low suds detergent then rinsed twice and sometimes more than that, otherwise she could tell if there was still detergent in it because her nose would start running immediately and her skin burn. Do you also go thru that?

Just got back from a short walk around the park and tennis courts. People out there already with their masks on. I absolutely cannot wear a mask while walking but if I come across someone both of us move away from each other. There is a fire about 10 miles from me and the sky looked awful last night. This morning it’s grey looking from the smoke but still very hot already.



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hello everyone, here is the heat damages around the garden. some of the long beans vines were dried but the beans were not affected and they continue to bloom with the last of the season. i've enjoyed about 2 lbs this summer. they are so much more sweeter than any from the grocery stores. the camellia suffered the most. most of the new growth were fried and are brown. this is a sun camellia and it's in the full sun - poor thing. i watered all of the orchids yesterday morning and they all seem to have made it thru. haven't had a chance to go thru the whole garden but hope there was not too much damage. it's suppose to be cooler today, 93, but still very hot.

i only took 3 showers yesterday. thank goodness it was a dry heat otherwise..... read most of the day in the bedroom.

now, mikie, i'm still confused about the cloud and how to access any books from there. on the homepage, where the books are shown - new items, i can choose to 'remove from home' or 'remove from device'. i've been using remove from home when i've finished reading it. then i also remove same from the library webpage. what does remove from device? does this send it into the cloud? i don't see anything on the top that would indicate getting books back from the cloud. when i swipe the page i get 'from your books library'. it shows all the same listed on the new items. is this the 'cloud' area where i go? sorry to bother you with this and that i'm unable to understand. i want to purchase ebooks but need to figure this out before i do. any help would be most appreciated.

hope everyone stays cool,

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Hi, Kids,

Sun, it's always so kind of you to post the research articles/info you find. I really appreciate it. I'm sure everyone else does too.

Gordon, it's possible that your newer Kindle displays different screens than mine. On my home page, there are a bunch of things listed at the top of the page. One of those is books. If I tap that, I can choose the device or the cloud. I prefer to keep as few books in the device as possible so send the books to the cloud when I'm done by clicking on 'Remove From Device.' Other than that, I'm not sure. Because I don't borrow books from the library, I'm not sure how that works. Also, our library may use a different app; I'll find out when I go there. I wish I could help. Most of what I've learned is trial and error. I have a help manual that I downloaded way back when. Good news is that I've never lost a book. Good luck.

Love, Mikie

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Horrible heat. 110 yesterday. I won't tell you what i was wearing!

Governor of state declared again a state of emergency. Should cool down into the 90's in a few days.

Gordon, I hope your orchids didn't get fried. Poor camellia....
Hopefully your toms and beans and whatever other edibles came through ok. You don't like tomatoes eh? Because of the seeds? How very strange! I hope that Rock likes them. I am worn out from watering!

Clutter. I am the King of Clutter! Books, books, books everywhere. One wall of the bedroom is all books. In the living room, The book cabinet (I painted it bright red) is full and overflowing.... The dining table is piled with books...
And, to boot, I have little collectibles everywhere. Caithness paperweights, (numbered and signed...and bloody expensive), glass vases, terra cotta frogs, ivory spiders, and, and.... too tired to go on.

The windows need washing. The blackberries need to be cut. The floor needs to be vacuumed. Cobwebs. I am very fond of spiders. They catch flies, mosquitoes, ants, etc. I welcome them, and am always having to rescue them from the sink.

Granni, good of you to keep DH on an "even keel"! Men are so strange about seeing doctors sometimes. Timid. My stepfather of 94 yrs. had hip replacement surgery last month, and is happy and mobile now! I haven't seen him in years, but talk to him on the phone every week. He lives in Nipomo, near Santa Maria, Ca.

Spring, this is the time of year when most birds here are pretty quiet. They have raised their broods and are busy looking for food. Hummingbirds everywhere whizzing around, wrens in the very early morning singing, the raucus Stellar's Jays that nested in the vines on the wall of the house are always screeching though, as are the ravens. Soon the migrants will be heading south for the winter. I am an avid bird-watcher....

Willow: stay cool! Good of you to be able to see Bear. Has he any special interests? I hope your gardens flourish, come the fall. I want to grow more edibles next year. It's Sept. and my first Black Krim tomato is just beginning to colour. A really big tomato!

Sun! 113 on saturday! What did you get y-day, the super hot day? I covered my coveted tomato with shade cloth so that I wouldn't have to have sun-fried green tomatoes....

I'm hunt and pecked out. Slow typist, me.

I had something to ask Julie, but I dun forgot it...:rolleyes:

Love, Peace and Blessings to All.

Barry no-pants.


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Hi All,

It has been a warm weekend so far. Saturday that was forecast to be 117 turned out to be only 107. Clouds popped up in the afternoon and I think that helped keep the temps down. Still too hot to do anything outside. Sunday it got up to 110 so again didn't reach the forecasted 117. So far today it hasn't reached 100 yet. The sky in the east is very smoky from the fire in Yukipa (don't remember how to spell that.)

We had a nice fast food like dinner at home with the White Castle sliders and onion rings, with blueberry pie for dessert. Then I washed, conditioned and trimmed Mom's hair and then blow dried and used the curling iron. She looked really cute when it was done. I was happy with the results and so was she. I will probably have to redo the bangs though.
Mom Sept 2020.jpg
Thanks Sun and Mikie, your encouragement gave me the courage to attempt trimming her hair. I had a small bottle of Its a 10 leave in conditioner and she liked how soft it made her hair. I hesitate to use regular conditioners on her hair as she has lost a lot of her hair, on top of her head it is very thin. With the leave in conditioner it is easier to put on the length of her hair and stay away from the scalp. I love her color. It is very white next to her face and shows just a little of the brown in back.

Bear was back in SoCal for a few hours this morning but we didn't get to go see him. He heads back to Salt Lake this afternoon. It is a 12 hour drive by car, but with trucks slower speed limit in CA it will probably take him 2 days.

Slept really well last night. I remembered from before that if I took vit. B 12 that I didn't sleep so I took it out and added a melatonin and so far so good. I don't feel any better but maybe it will take a few days.

Love to all,
OH, Barry, Black Krims are one of my favorites. I couldn't find one this year so had to settle for a Purple Cherokee. No toms from it yet. They didn't do well in the cloth bags. Next year they all go in the ground.

Bear likes to remodel his house and make air plane models. He works long hours so doesn't have time for hobbies right now. He put in a gorgeous family room in the basement of his house and made Kay a very nice raised bed garden. She had been wanting one for years.
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Hi, Kids,

Felt a bit tired and shaky today so decided to have myself a holiday. No labor for me. I felt bad. I pulled a couple of weeds outside behind our hedge and there was a pineapple top just sitting there on the mulch. It was pretty dried out so I picked it up and threw it in my trash along with the weeds. Teresa next door was going to pot it and try to grow a pineapple. I apologized and she said she would just eat another one and grow it. From everything I hear, they are slow and it takes forever to grow another pineapple. Oh well, when people first move to FL, they sometimes want to try to grow things.

Willow, so glad you liked the It's a 10 and that your Mom's hair came out so well. I think it's the best product for fine hair and/or hair that has a mind of its own. Mine fits both categories. I always figured that if I went at it slowly, not taking off too much at a time, I couldn't do too much damage to my coif. Besides, where am I gonna go that it matters? Paradoxically, I sleep better with B12 but I have to use liquid from a dropper because the sublingual tabs I always used contain stearic acid. Loved my fast food this week. Sometimes, ya just gotta do it.

Barry, wow, you have a lot of collectibles. I no longer want books unless they are ones that I like to keep around for the art, photographs or recipes. Even recipes are available online. I have one small bookcase in the extra room and I'm gonna go through it to see if there are some books I want to donate. Same for the big bookshelves in the front room. With Kindles, it seems a waste to have books around unless they are special. JMHO. I know there are many who like to hold a real book to read. Glad to see you had dropped in.

We are getting dark clouds for the promised afternoon showers. Don't know whether any will fall right here but I hope it does. Sent an email to mgmt. that the landscapers need to repair our sod in front of the bldg. where they plowed through it on the heavy riding mower and left ruts. Idiots! There was standing water out there at the time. Also told mgmt. that Claudia and I need repairs to the soffits under the eaves on our bldgs. We figured if there were two jobs for the handyman, he might be inclined to show up. There is enough room for a critter to get into our attic area.

Hope all y'all have a restful, peaceful evening.

Love, Mikie
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Willow: you did a good job on mom! Easy peasy.....right? I’m surprised you were lower in temps than here.

Barry: I’ll have to look up those paperweights......spell check won’t let me write it though.

it was again 113 although some on next door .com said it got up to 116 where they live. Either way, HOT. Do you have all your nick nacks out where they get dusty? Ever watch the sun shafts filtering thru a room full of flying dust? No wonder I cough all the time. I kill every spider that ventures into my house. If I get bit, I get a huge hot, red, itchy spot for about 3 days until the poison leaves. Once got bit on my arm, it was swollen a lot, so went to ER, where they poked and dug, and said....spider bite. DUH. Had to put on hot compresses for a couple of days to draw the poison.

I used to have a big collection of cook books, but gave most of them away to a little thrift store a few years ago. I really love looking thru a beautiful cook book, just don’t want as many anymore since I don’t do much cooking aside from stir fry.

I was out watering this morning and saw ash raining down on the patio. So I came in. The air is an ugly yellow brown.