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PORCH 1220 IS NOW CLOSED (9/8/20)

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Hi All,

The smoke is not to bad at times, some blue sky and at others it is very gray and overcast looking. So far no raining ashes here. We had that once up north when we lived in Fairfield. A fire in Vacaville's Miller Canyon area caused it and it took over a year for the ashes to work their way out of the vents in the car. Every time we turned on the fan you could hear rattling in the vents from the ashes.

It is thankfully only 90 degrees today so I did a little work outside. Our air was forecast to be in the moderate range yesterday. I don't know what it was today. I should have checked before I went out to spray paint the roof on an old bird feeder the previous house owner left behind. The roof was a green that had that white ish look to it from being out in the sun so I sprayed it a bright cherry red. If I can get it looking nice enough I may put it in the front garden. We need to cut down the ornamental tree, it looks diseased and 1/2 dead it was trimmed badly a few years ago. I don't think it can be fixed so I hope Gray can cut it down this fall and then we can plant a fruit tree in its place. If I have to water it I want to be able to eat from it. I want to put some plants in the front this winter too, something that doesn't require a lot of work or trimming. I have a cute area for plants that I hope to someday cover over with flagstone for a front porch area. Most houses on this block have a front porch but this one doesn't. Gray said he would make one for me and I plan to hold him to it. The best view of the mountains is from the front so it would be nice to have a porch out there. He wants to put up an ornamental fence around the front of the house. I love the brick and iron fences that you see a lot out here in SoCal but I would settle for a white picket fence. But that is all in the future when I start drawing SS.

I spoke too soon about the B12 and sleep. I only got 3 hours the night before last and 5 last night. I hope I can find something that helps soon. I am really tired of feeling crummy all the time from lack of sleep. I felt a lot better in the Spring. I don't know what changed.

If someone asked me a question and I didn't answer- I am sorry. My head is swimming, has been for a few days. Monday I was dizzy and could hardly walk a straight line. I was just bumbling along bumping into walls all day. It is a lot better today but I am still having problems putting together an intelligible sentence and forget about spelling. There were squiggly red lines everywhere before proofreading.

Buddies fiance is back in the hospital. She fell again and had to have more surgery to fix the damage. I hope this time they keep her longer and do the in hospital rehab before they let her go home. They moved her to the rehab floor a few days ago. She is able to bend her knee and walk a little. She had a rod put in her femur and 2 pins in her hip about a month ago from another fall. She is only about 36 or 37 but a brittle diabetic with epilepsy and a brain tumor. She is our little miracle girl and a real fighter. Before all her problems with illness she was in NYC going to college taking theater classes with aspirations to be an actress and singer. We have talked on the phone and online, I am looking forward to meeting her in person someday.

The moringa tree I thought had died from the heat has perked up and grown two new branches. It is just a spindly thing about a foot tall so far. I kept watering it just in case and it has survived somehow so I am pretty happy about that. It is on the patio so it has some shade. I think it was also suffering from transplant shock. I put it in a larger pot. I would like to get a 1/2 oak barrel for it if I can keep it alive over the winter on the patio.

Well I am feeling woozy again so I think I will lie down.

Love to All,


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Mikie - where in the body do your bones ache? I remember seeing a lot of Nanie. I think she helped out with Rocks problem computer problems. I hope your migraine went away.

Barry - i was wondering about you and Sun, Rock/Gordon/Willow as regards the fires. Thank you for dropping in and updating. I hope the wildlife have enough water to drink. i think everyone has had enough of 2020. It looks like the beginning of the end. Which is a good thing. An end means a new beginning. Even if means being an atom flying around in space.

Sun - you have customers from far far away. Do your packages go from US across Atlantic and Middle East to China or the other way? Across PacificOcean and direct China? Just popped into my mind, i was imagining parcels journey. once we ordered books from US, Amazon..they got lost on arrival, they were my spiritual books which i cant buy here. Amazon sent new lot, after three weeks the old lot also arrived. We wrote to Amazon if we should send them back, they said keep them. So got $80. 00 free! i gave away some of the books to other healers.

Barry - cant you smoke the ants out? it seems like bittergourd and bitter melons ares same things. i would like to try your style of cooking it. i have never heard of gender reveal party. Yes, i thought the same thing you thought.

Rock - what a funny name for a song. It brought to mind some other funny names. We had a Human Fit Tailors. And a restaurant, Don’t Pass Me By. I have never heard of gender reveal party. Yes, i also thought it was what you thought it was. Having to do with grown ups. Im guessing those particular partygoers will never forget that party. i hope the expecting mum was okay. Too much excitement for a fetus.

Willow - love going through your posts. love the places you describe and your daily potterings. Seems like your sweet DDIL to be took on a lot when she came into the world. What a brave person she is. im sure she will love you and Gray when you meet. Even more than she does now. I was smiling at your DMs photo with her hair cut. She looked very pleased with it.

Wind, Granni, Julie, Ellie - hello.

God bless
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Spring: good to see you again. Yes, I think we all want 2020 to end and pray for a better year, though I doubt it unless covid disappears.

I made another mask today.....still tweaking until I’m satisfied. I have to use a mask that has room away from my nose and mouth, so this time I used two layers of the heavy stiffening fabric that’s use in making drapes. Elastic is still hard to come by but a friend told me the other day they keep it at the cutting counter and only allow a certain amount to be bought. So I got some today along with a more firm 100% cotton fabric. OK....you ladies are going to laugh but I have cut up a padded bra, recut it and worked it into a mask! LOL. Obviously it holds it shape!!!!!

As to the package, I’m just assuming it goes the most direct route...across the Pacific. I’ve sold before to China, Japan, Israel, Italy, England, Australia.....the worst was to Russia. That was a 3 month nightmare. Once it worked it’s way there.....a big package of antique clothes....the buyer refused it because she was going to be charged an additional fee. So it worked it’s way back to me...getting stuck for over 6 weeks in our postal system, going from post office to post office, from state to state. Finally I received it back, and notified the buyer. She said she had a friend in the US so asked me now to send to this friend. Of course she was the one paying all the shipping, but I don’t like any problems and want things to go smoothly.

You were lucky to get the books and free ones to boot. This one going to China should take only 10 days to 2 weeks to get there. Selling to United Kingdom is a breeze now. There is a shipping company that contracts with Etsy, and there is tracking all the way to the buyer’s door. Most of the time you never know. I usually go to the PO and have the stamped customs paperwork so I can prove I sent it. After that....who knows if it will show up or not.

When I was out and about today the ash coming down looked like it was snowing! It’s been soooo hot, but thankfully today was really nice except for the ash and the ugly sky. I live near the foothills and there has been a mama bear with her two cubs coming down and getting into peoples swimming pools. The neighbors posted the cutest pictures.


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hello everyone. i went to the dentist today for my filling. the temp fell off after two days and i did managed to put it back in but it still kept falling off so i just left it off. dentist was not pleased. said the crown might not fit as the other teeth moves. she was able to get it to fit so that's done. i also had two deep cavity filled but i was told if anything else happens to them i would need root canal on both. bother. will investigate getting a estimate on having a previous root canal 'cleaned' by an specialist and hope it doesn't have to be done.

ants. the product i got was terro and the ants loved eating it. they swarmed all around it and told all of their sisters. wiped them up with a wet rag several time and took things out. i was going to spray the cabinet when i got home from the dentist. guess what, they all vanished. don't know if it was the terro finally working or my use of the atomic waste. ferro is awfully sticky and a mess to clean up. hope they won't reappear tomorrow morning.

we live far enough away from the fire in the mountian and not much affected by the smoke though i did get ash on the car. hope all who are closer to the fires will be save.

will get the five books we put on hold from the library tomorrow. i ordered another u/v lighting device from qvc yesterday. will put the books and other things into it to sanitize them. being anal about things but these are the times.

still working on repotting the orchids. i should have finished by june but, oh well.

that's it for now,



Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Only got about four hours of sleep last night. Good grief! I go for a while sleeping seven hours a night and then this happens. PBS had a couple of great NOVA episodes on last night and I watched til 11:00. I think the stimulation and TV screen probably did me in although I often fall asleep early with the TV on. That usually happens when the shows aren't that good. Last night, it was all about gene editing. I understand the basics of CRISPR (the method of editing genetic material) but they went through it so fast. Poor pea brain had a difficult time keeping up.

I believe that genetic editing holds the brightest hope for curing what ails us. A young boy was cured of cycle cell anemia. The reason the peptide/amino acid injections work is because they produce the proteins that our genes won't produce. Unfortunately after showing great promise in my case, the effects didn't last but I am better than before I took them. I had three weeks of feeling great about a year ago and realized that there is a switch in our genes that turns on and off and that we still have the ability to be well. Some genetic abnormalities have been found in CFIDS/ME and if CRISPR could help, it might be a cure. There are so many really horrible conditions, including cancer, that scientists will be looking to curing so I imagine we are further down the priority list.

My ocular migraine didn't last long. I don't get headaches with it. It's just zig zaggy psychodelic patterns that are lit up in my field of vision. They would be really scary had I not known what they are. My eye doc gets them too and we regale each other with descriptions of our free art shows. I guess some people do get headaches and I feel lucky I don't other than the ones that came with that flu I had and sinus headaches. I also get headaches and sore spots in my scalps when the Whatever Virus reactivates.

Granni, most of my body pain is in my hips and legs. It isn't like my injured knee or back pain that hurts in specific areas. It's more of an all over pain. Sometimes it feels like muscle pain but sometimes, it feels deep into my bones. There's hardly a day that goes by that I don't have pain at some level but I've learned to live with it most of the time. The rest of the time, I take NSAIDS and soak in the tub. I'm sure you are like me, just trying to keep going as best you can. Do you think we will live long enough to see a cure? I hope so.

Willow, your description of the ash in the car vents brings back memories of Mt. St. Helen's when it erupted. The winds brought the ash all the way to CO but it wasn't as bad as closer to the mountain. I remember the ash in the vents and all over the outside of the car. I know how you feel when you don't get enough sleep. I hope we both get better sleep tonight. Praying for Buddie's finacee. She has been through so much in her young life.

Sun, I'm laughing about the bra mask. Is it an underwire? I remember when masks were so hard to come by and several people were wearing their underwear for masks. Guess it wouldn't work with thongs. In both cases there would be cheeks hanging out.

Spring, my aches are almost always in my hips and legs. My hips started hurting in my 20's but I didn't get sick until much later. Omens of things to come? I agree when I see people with such tragedy to deal with. They are my heroes because I think they signed up for their Earthly lives in order to grow in spirit or help another to do the same. The other evening when I had that prolonged spiritual experience of peace, I also had the feeling that everything was okay, even with all the suffering. It was amazing. When I'm worried or upset, I remember Scripture where it says, "Be still and know that I am God." I did that three years ago today when Hurricane Irma, at the time a Category 5 storm, was bearing down on us and we were warned there would be a 26 foot surge, flooding our area. I immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Gordon, I am so sorry for all the dental work you are having to have done. I just read that dentists are seeing a lot of cracked teeth. People are gritting and grinding their teeth due to worry over social unrest, politics and the virus. I have a chipped crown but so far, it is holding up. I just have to ensure that no food gets into the chipped area. The ants at the Terro Traps should be left so that they take the poison back to the nest. Our pest guy says leave everything undisturbed for two weeks. If they are sugar ants, they will die near the traps but not make it back to the nest. I have never seen what they use at the store for these tiny ants but we can call them any time and they will come inside for free and put down the gel for sugar ants. Good luck with your teeth and the ants.

There is a cap of clouds over the center of the sky but the area around the edges is clear. I looked out and the clouds were a beautiful copper color. So pretty. We are sposda get rain this afternoon so need to go to Publix and Target early. Maybe Costco. I might be in the market for a roasted chicken.

Whatever all y'all decide to do, I hope you have a good day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - i missed the part about your beautiful spiritual experience. How wonderful you got it, and in these restless times. I got the book Stillness by Eckhart Tolle but havent started it.

Sun - hahahaha. Bra scrap mask.


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, broker than broke; I got some TP and some Diet Coke.

I got so little sleep last night but I've had NRG all morning. Hope it lasts. I was walking to my car at Publix, thanking God for this surge and asking if I might have another miracle--no pain. My back was killing me at the time. It's better now that I am home. I went to Target first and got TP, paper towels and some tissues. I always buy those big bulk packages. I already had big packages here that I am about ready to open. Again, not hoarding but heeding the newscasters that we could face another shortage if things get shut down with the regular flu along with another big outbreak of the Covid. I'm glad they have warned us but I fear that is a causal factor and I don't want to be part of the problem. On the other hand, I don't want to run out of paper goods. I got a few other personal care items while I was there.

Not many shopping at Publix and they have removed the one-way signs on the aisles. I got some more personal care things and a couple of books of challenging Xword puzzles to keep me from losing my mind if it's not too late. Just found out that the PBS shows I love, like Nova, are available on Amazon Prime. I think those shows help my poor old pea brain too.

Spring, I love Eckhart Tolle. Have you read any of his other books? I may still have one around here. I could stand to read it again. Yes, I am so grateful that in times of stress, God has always come through for me. Being anchored in Spirit is so important. I am truly blessed. I used to like Deepak Chopra but his latest specials on PBS have been different and he really doesn't click with my anymore. I think he still believes the same things but the presentation and narrative have changed. I always loved Wayne Dyer but he died and they don't rerun his programs. Let me know how you like the book.

OK, kids, had my spicy turkey sandwich so am ready for a bit of chocolate to complete my satisfaction. Guess The Stones never tried chocolate but they tried everything else. :) I hope everyone is having a stellar day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Folks, Been watching animal videos on You tube. Went downstairs and fed our animal. She looks
to be in excellent shape. Keeps her fur immaculate. Gordon is leaving in a few minutes to visit the
outside of the library. Not allowed to go in the building. The books are on tables or just on the
ground if there aren't enough tables. We reportedly have 11 books waiting.

A turkey sandwich sounds good, Mikie. Haven't had one in yonks, but did just consume two
Hershey Kisses. Don't think I'd want any spices on my sandwhich though. Gordon is just leaving. I asked him if he had anything to post. He said tell folks he just got done sanitizing
and there were no ants in sight. Too bad one can't see the carona virus as easily. Remember the
old days? You never heard the word carona unless folks were talking about the eye,a cigar, or an

Sun, I think it's amazing that even with your medical problems you still have energy and determination
to carry on your buying and selling. Getting out of bed is difficult for me.



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Rock: don’t know about energy but I do have determination. I’m my worst task master....slave driver. But then if I didn’t, things wouldn’t get done. I get up in the morning and head for coffee. That helps give me some energy. Then I think about what NEEDS to be done and what I feel like doing. Some days it’s a giant push, waiting until NAP time. I sold something on etsy last night so needed to get it packaged and ready for the mail lady to pick up. I‘m actually very grateful that I bought all that STUFF years ago because it gives me a purpose. I plan on selling out everything so when I’m no longer, my kids won’t have to deal with STUFF.

So.....today after the mail was picked up, had to hit the market. I’m going to make quiche tonight, using up milk before it spoils and some cheese that’s been around. And I found a package of bacon that needs to be cooked too and added to the quiche. Then I found some packages of spinach I had frozen when all this covid started so that will go into the quiche also.

My DS emailed this morning, saying they could come over on saturday. I hope the weather is going to be clear and nice so they can play in the pool. The air quality is still BAD here, and I’m wearing a mask while outside. The pool was covered with ash again as was the patio, so first thing I hosed everything down, including the top of the pool so it would force the ash to fall to the bottom.

Things in the news last night and today are making me angry. I’ll just leave it at that.


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Just six hours of sleep last night and woke with a stuffed up nose. It's always something every day. Whine, whine, whine! SV wasn't interested in his early treats and he just threw up on the carpet. Poor kitty. Today, I'm just going to do a few things I've been putting off--making doctor appts. and things like that. I need to get the car in for an oil change so will call the mechanic.

Rock, I'm glad the ants are gone. Also glad Miss Kitty is in such fine fettle. The turkey in my sandwich is the hot spicy one I get from the Publix deli. I am addicted to it. Sooo good. I grew up on bland Mid-Western food--good, nourishing and tasty but it lacked spiciness. In my old age, I am liking the taste of hot peppers. Not a lot, just enough to add some zing to my food. Enjoy the books.

Sun, I am also impressed with what all you manage to do despite feeling lousy a lot of the time. Everything you put in your quiche is what I always put in mine. I haven't made one in ages. I think it's something that would be perfect to fix in the InstantPot. Hope the weather is nice tomorrow. We are getting rain every day for the foreseeable future. Well, we need it heading into our dry season. I have also found the news very disturbing and more disturbing news is coming out of the woodwork from many sources. Am responding to your post on the other forum about copper. I love it too when it develops a patina and turns green. Richard gave me a beautiful sunburst that I have on the lanai wall. It was handmade out of copper by a local artist. He also gave me a turtle for the garden out front. I painted it to look like copper that had aged. In Feng Shui, turtles are creatures that guard the home. I love the idea of the barrel staves.

Gonna go read the paper for even more bad news. Alas, it's the world we live in now. Hope we all get through it and life can get back to normal. Good news is that there was football last night. I started to watch but it was too stimulating and I needed to get to sleep. Hope we all have a good windup to the week today.

Love, Mikie

Woo Hoo! My doc is sending the two scrips for my old BP meds so I can get refills. It only took four phone calls to finally get it all straightened out. This is why I've been putting off calling. I am so tired, I'm nodding off in the middle of the day. I am definitely going to have a nap. Couldn't do it until the final call came in from his office. They evidently lost the letter and journal I had sent. I don't blame the USPS for it; his office isn't the most efficient place.
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Hi All,

Temperature wise it is really nice out but there is a smoke advisory to stay indoors with windows closed. I noticed yesterday a fine layer of ash on the bird feeder roof that I had left outside for the paint to dry. Fortunately it wiped off and wasn't embedded in the paint.

I feel great today. Amazing what 8 hours of sleep will do for the mood.

Nothing but bad news on the tube today. Not worth watching. I mostly turn it on for the noise and then read. I am reading a cozy mystery that I got from Book Bub. I have read 3 others in the series. They are good although not my favorites but definitely worth reading. I don't imagine the author would like that for a book review.

I need to go to Moms to clean and drop off her groceries. InstaCart delivered them yesterday but she didn't feel well and asked us to bring them over today which was fine with me as I didn't feel good either. I talked to her health plan people yesterday and may be able to get her some money refunded for treatments she has had. She should not have been billed by the hospital more than $90, her copay, but she has had about $2000 in bills. She has paid only $128 so I need to call them and see if she can get some or all of that money back. She also paid $500 for her dental deep cleaning and should have paid $0. I want to go over her optical bill as well. Scan is supposed to cover a lot more than Kaiser and have lower or no co pays but the paper work is confusing for someone elderly. One thing I like about them is you can get rides to appts up to 24 per year up to 75 miles. That will work well for Gray and I in our later years if we decide to go with their plan.

Does anyone know what works to get rid of spiders. I found a black widow in the master bath and 2 more outside. I killed the one in the house but ignored the 2 outside. I figured by the time I found something to squish it with it would be gone anyway. It was night time so if it had crawled away I wouldn't be able to see where it went, by the next morning I had forgotton all about them. There are supposed to be scorpions but I have never seen one here. I saw a small one in Georgia years ago in Buddies garage. He said their sting would hurt but wasn't harmful. I don't know if that is the case of the ones out here. Up North rattle snakes would crawl out of the hills in the Spring but I don't know if they have any here. I should find out. With the empty field across the street and a lot of vacant land nearby there could be a lot of pests about.

Nothing much new here I am concerned though about Windblade and Barry in Northern CA. The fires and air quality is so bad up there.

Love to All,

So glad Mikie that you got your prescriptions. That must be a load off your mind.


Hi, Kids,

The Porch is slooow today. I just woke from a two-hour nap. My allergies are killing me and the Sjogren's has flared up. No wonder I'm exhausted. Not sleeping through the night isn't helping either. The afternoon showers are here but it hasn't started to sprinkle yet. Just lots of dark clouds and rolling thunder.

Willow, when I was an insurance agent, I always told my clients not to pay bills until they got the explanation of benefits from the inc. co. Those always spelled out everything and gave the balance that was the patient's responsibility. The providers have to adjust their bills accordingly. Hospitals and ambulance providers always billed early to try to get people to pay. Then they didn't want to reimburse the money. It's called, balance billing, and it's not legal for them to do. I had to make a complaint to Medicare for one provider. Reporting them to MC scares them. Older people don't like to owe money and will often pay. Providers take advantage of that.

Glad the ash didn't stick in the paint. I am worried about everyone in CA if not for the fires, for the ash in the air. So hard on breathing. I also have the TV on all day. I was a latch key kid and the TV was my babysitter when I was growing up. I don't wipe down my groceries. Scientists have said we don't need to but I leave anything that doesn't need refrigeration in the bags for at least 24 hours. Same with my mail. Of course, I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer after handling anything. I cleaned out a closet and found two containers of Clorox wipes. I don't use them all that much because I don't go anywhere or put things on the counter tops. It's just the cat and me living here. He never gets up on things except sofas and the bed.

Our first house was built on an old apple orchard and there were black widow spiders. We just killed them when we found them. They would build nests in dark closets. There were rattle snakes but not near the house. They always gave warnings. Neighbor was bit by a brown recluse spider across the street here and she almost died. We have our bldg. sprayed all around the outside and we seldom see arachnids and insects--just sugar ants. GRRR! :mad:

Hope you and all our Porchies have a nice evening.

Love, Mikie


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HI Y'all, better late than never !!

Busy today and now I am pooped. I worked some outside and did a wash that is sitting and waiting for me to fold and put away. May sit there till tomorrow. Have to so dome more putting DH's pills in his boxes. Aso need to wash the old mop tonight. I have been putting it out and putting it out. Spiders in the house, Willow??? Not good at least for me. They had better be very tiny ones and not big boys or girls.

MIKIE - Glad you got the script for your old meds. Were they they ones for your b/p? Many times the old standbys are much better than the new ones with less side effects and do the job. I had a big mess with my Synthroid this months and will probably go back to the old generic forms again. My insurance was paying for it or a lot of the cost of the drug and now is back to not paying . When you have more than a couple drugs each month or 3 most people like me cannot afford to pay $100 for 3 months. . This time it was not just that problem but part of it.

WILLOW - I hope you can get your mom's meds and procedures straightened out. I know what a pain in the neck that is. How old is your mom. Hope you don't find to many more big bug esp IN your house.. Hope you and your mom both start feeling better.

SUN - Hope those fires start dwindling out soon. So awful to see and close enough to you to get the awful ash. Hope your DS gets to come over and the weather and ash is good that you can enjoy the outside and pool. Good for you at having so much determination and drive. Not sure how much I have lately. Now my head and neck is killing me and still have to fix dinner. DH had a very early appt for his RX yesterday morning as the NP had to take the afternoon off for her teeth. So far he has no side effects. Hope he continues to do well or will have little or none. Three more to go !! After your Rx's how long did you have to go before back to the dr for a checkup? 6 mo is my guess!

JULIE - Hang in there with all the cleaning up you have to do on the farm and all its many spaces and buildings.. I know it is not fun but something you have to do !!

Thinking about you all especially those on the west coast having to deal with those awful fires.

BG - Thinking of you if you are reading. Missing hearing from you and hope you found a nice home.

HI akso to Gordon/ROCK and BARRY !

Lobe to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Granni: Unless your DH doc does it differently, it should be every 3 mos. for another cystoscope and then another round. If nothing show up on the cystocope then he may just get 3 off and on for a year. Have you tried using the straight peppermint oil on your neck yet? I’ve pretty much figured out for me, that if I hold my head in one position for too long, like looking down to paint or when I’m copying my writing, then that night I’ve got a lot more pain. And I also rub my neck, both sides and the trapezius muscles, and I will probably find a trigger point that’s causing the problem.

Willow: I think Windblade lives in NJ if I’m not mistaken. The air down here is very bad, and of course I’m coughing more. A friend called this morning and she started to cough too before she could get anything out. I told her she must wear a mask outdoors even if she just goes to dump the trash. Everyone is staying indoors. Yesterday I dug out an air purifier I hadn’t used in ages and plugged it in my BR. At first the air showed pink (dirty) but after running it a few minutes it cleared to OK.

Willow: I have used a mixture of water 2/3 and 1/3 white vinegar along with a little Dawn and about 12 drops of Neem oil. Put it in a quart spray bottle. I buy it at Sprouts. The garden center is very expensive for the same oil. I’ve sprayed this on a black widow I saw at night....and after about 5 min. it started to die so I know it works. I just didn’t trust myself to kill it by squashing it at night. Last night I sprayed on ants that were crawling on the laundry room ceiling.

I was watching the news last night and heard that the mayor of Portland, oregon put people on notice of possible evacuation. So called my DS right away. There’s big fires south of the city which came together and approaching the southern end. He’s on the north end of the city. He said it’s all the forest areas that are burning. A lake/town he went fishing to weekly has all burnt. Over 1/2 million people are evacuated in Oregon.

Mikie and Gordon and Rock: the ants have come back with an vengeance in my kitchen. They were all over my washer and floor. So I vacuumed then put down another ant trap.....100s covering it within 15 min. and I saw they were coming from under a baseboard.

Today no determination whatsoever!


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Hi everyone. Willow and Sun, yes I am in NJ. I have been watching the news also about Oregon and CA fires. Don't even have words to express about it. So shocking. Praying for everyone.

Rock put a fun post on my 'Patti' thread. I was wondering if someone could put it here, or maybe start a new thread with it.
He has the fun idea of starting a story, and everyone adding on to it, like Sun has done. I think a separate thread of it's own would be easiest to read. Keeping it all together. Rock started the story.

Willow, I buy books from Bookbub also. I built up an e-library with their good sales.


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Wind - im glad you were able to fix the snag and able to post here. Read yours and Mikie, Suns posts on the other thread. i would like to order e books but i have sensitivity to EMF from computers. I bought a book at Barnes n Nobles, N.Y. in 2012 and very happy i picked it. Its one of those feel good slice of life books set in 1960s thereabouts of life in a little English village. Just the thing to get ones mind off covid, fires, refugee camps et al. Its the type of book you can just open any chapter and read.

Sun, Rock, Barry - i saw the weird yellow light caused by fires on tv last night. We had that once here, i took photos too. Wasnt caused by fires though. I pray you all stay safe. And fires die down.

Rock - i was going to ask about Miss Kitty. Good to hear she is doing well and feels upto grooming herself. Which is more than can be said for myself.

Willow - so nice to hear you feel a tad better. Snakes scare me like nothing else. We had some last year. Being a Buddhist by birth, i forbade the men who were working here to kill them. They were clearing the undergrowth. This monsoon, the snakes did not make an appearance. Maybe there were not enough rats or frogs to hunt. Our dogs make short shrift of any rats. They kill voles too unfortunately.

Granni - good to know your DH is doing all right after those procedures. When is the wedding ofyour DGD? Are you going?

Mikie - quiche sounds like a healthy food to have. i once made a cauliflower with cheese in the oven. It was very good. But heavy. Good for winter. Our lockdown is ended. For now. But they are still controlling amount of traffic. I dont know how people from far off places commute to work.

i made some sesame chicken for friends of DS. He took it in a container. It used to be so popular with my kids friends. But havent cooked for them in the longest time.

A friend of my DS, her mom had Sjogrens. Though at that time i didnt know what it was. A college friend of my DD’s, her mom had CFS. they seem to be common illnesses. Sjogrens is definitely stress related.
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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Finally got good sleep last night even after my two-hour nap yesterday. Found out my friend Nancy in MI feels lucky to even get six hours of sleep. This is something new for her and she doesn't know why. SV threw up yesterday and slept all day long inside except for the short grooming we did on his undercarriage. I got the Hot Shot out and spot cleaned the carpet. Also cleaned an old spot that didn't come clean from the last round of vomiting. I really need to get the carpet shampooer out and clean traffic areas but it's gonna have to wait. It isn't so dirty that it has to be done asap.

We will be getting a lot of rain this weekend from that storm that is traveling across the state. Then, it will go into the Gulf where it will likely travel to LA near NO. It will gather strength from the warm Gulf water. I am so saddened by the wild fires out West. Scientists have been telling us for years that climate change/global warming would produce severe drought- and weather-related catasrophies in nature but barely anyone was listening. The oil and gas industry lobbyists were busy buying off Washington. Even if we do our part, India and China continue to belch out smog from industrial burning of coal. This is a global problem and as such, the whole world needs to come together to stop it and offer better solutions to these countries. There will soon come a point of no return. I believe we are technically able to find new energy sources that don't pollute to add to the ones we already have. This is a tragedy and a wake-up call. The good news is that new energy technologies produce jobs.

Granni, why is it that I hate sitting down and doing my pill boxes and getting into the shower to wash my hair? I don't mind doing laundry or loading and unloading the DW. I hate having to do things like I did yesterday to get my meds straightened out. It took four phone calls before it was accomplished. Last time I saw my GP, I had tachycardia because my knee was killing me, I didn't feel well otherwise, I didn't want to go to the doctor and the news that morning upset me. No wonder my heart was beating at 100 bpm. He was worried about heart damage from that flu I had in Jan. that never seemed to go away. He did an EKG that was fine. I do EKG's on my watch and they are always fine. He wanted me to try a new med which caused my feet and ankles to swell and it gave me a headache. I went back to my old meds and kept a journal. My vitals were perfect. I sent a note to him along with the journal and never heard back; no one could find it at the office. I need new scrips for the losartan and clonidine to get them through mail order. I was afraid he would want to keep trying new things. Nurse said he would write the scrips for my old drugs and put them in the mail. Phew! Now, if USPS only delivers them. Got a neighbor's bill in my box the other day. Doh!! Hope you can rest from all the work.

Sun, my skin is crawling just thinking about those ants. Are they regular size ants or the tiny, tiny sugar ants? If regular, the Terro Traps should kill them if left long enough for them to take the poison back to the nest. You can open one and put some of the gel along the baseboard where they are coming in. I hope you can get rid of them. One time in CO, I found a black widow spider in her web. The male was dead and she had been feasting on his body. Sooo creepy! I am praying for everyone in harm's way in those fires, including your DS. Claudia has a DS living in OR too. She also has a DD in Oakland. The early snow in CO has helped with the fires there. Not that long ago, there was one within a mile of my ex's house and very close to DD and DSIL who live not far from him. This winter is supposed to bring more snow and I hope it ends the drought. I am so thankful for the rain we have been getting to refill our aquafers. I read that big storms like hurricanes help to dissipate warmth from the Earth and cool things off. That is why the storms are so much bigger now as the Earth's temp rises. You work so hard even when you don't feel well. Can you do something that is fun? I hope so.

Judy, I am also praying for everyone. The ProHealth headquarters is near the area that burned before and I am praying for everyone there now that the fires are back. Everyone at PH is so nice. I need to order a couple of things so will call and ask Gail about it. She is the sweetest person. I will copy Rock's post to a new thread on the Chit Chat Forum. Have you heard how Patti is doing? I keep her in my prayers too. The DD of my friend Barb who passed away is coming for a visit to her townhouse here in the hood on Oct. 1. She is bringing two friends with her. I will pick them up from the airport and take them back a week later. My friend, Grace, is home from rehab after her brain surgery. She fell while there and had a huge bruise on her leg. So much going on. I keep you in my prayers and hope for lots of NRG for you.

Spring, I don't know about other e-reader devices but I don't have to have the wi-fi on when reading on the Kindle. I only turn it on when downloading books. Of course, any device puts out electromagnetic energy. The screens put out blue spectrum rays that can keep one from sleeping. My glasses have a coating that keeps that and UV rays out. Glad your lockdown is over. Cheesy cauliflower sounds so good. I got broccoli at the store I will cook today. I always order sesame chicken when I eat at a Chinese restaurant. Only restaurant food I've had is from Burger King. There is a Chinese restaurant not far from me but their food isn't very good. I really need to learn to cook it myself. I also need to check my spices to see what I have. Like with all our illnesses, Sjogren's isn't caused by stress but stress leaves us vulnerable to picking up these things. It is also very bad for everything that ails us. That is why I try to keep calm and carry on. Glad there were no snakes delivered to your area by the storms.

Rock, gonna copy your post on the Chit Chat Forum and am gonna title it, Rock's Story Time.

I need to get my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster and put my mail in the slot for delivery before the rains come later this morning. Once they start, they will likely be around all weekend with some breaks. Speaking of breaks, my watch is telling me I need to take and break and stand up...there, that's better. I really need to move more. Gonna go read the paper. Hope all y'all have a good day despite all the woes of the world.

Love, Mikie

Aah, had a nice soak in the tub and used a scrub to smooth off my skin. Then, I slathered on some lotion that contains petroleum jelly to moisturize it. I so seldom use it because I don't think it's too healthy to plug up the pores but drastic dry skin calls for drastic measures. Of course, I have to put a towel down on the sofa so the greasy lotion doesn't stain it.

Don't forget to go to Rock's Story Time post. I added only one line so someone can take it from there.

Just put florets from three stalks of broccoli in my steamer. That's what I'll have for lunch. Later I will put the stalks in because they will take longer to cook. I'll save them for soup. I loooove broccoli soup.
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I just added to to the story, now someone else needs to add a line or two or three.

I’m waiting for my DS and DGDs to arrive. I’m moving slow this morning. It’s feeling humid so I’m hoping there might be moisture dropping. I bought a roasted chicken yesterday and deboned it last night, making chicken salad with the white meat and saving the dark for the girls....they don’t like white meat. My DS usually will fix something for them with what I have around, plus I’ve always got kraft mac n cheese handy in the pantry.

It’s always a treat for them to come here and play with the toys I keep here for them. And I’ve also got some bags of loose beads for them to string them if they want to.


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sure....hop on your jet pack! Wouldn’t that be great if we call could have those to wear and get up in the sky when we wanted to instead of our cars.