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PORCH 1221 IS NOW CLOSED (9/14/20)

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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Be sure to go back to Porch 1220 to read the last posts. Despite all the heat out West, it will eventually turn to fall. Fall officially starts in another week. This is a pic of an area in New England. Such beautiful colors. It is still in the high 80's and low 90's here and likely will be until after Halloween. As I always say, we have two seasons here--hot 'n hotter!

As Hurricane Sally moved away from us toward LA, it stirred up the air and there was some rotation over on Sanibel Island. We had a tornado warning for the area. It wasn't expected to come to the mainland and was tracking away from us so I wasn't too concerned. I kept the weather on in case another area of rotation was detected. Teresa next door texted me and wanted to move the chairs inside because of the tornado. They haven't been here long enough to know what is an imminent danger and what isn't. I told her the tornado wasn't coming here but I could tell she was nervous so I went out and we moved the chairs downstairs to a nook in the bldg. When we were done, we came inside to my condo and had a nice visit. Again, I'm am so lucky to have such nice neighbors. Gonna go out and sweep that area of the balcony before replacing the chairs.

Granni, so nice to see you here. Your lunch sounds really good. White potatoes are starchy but very healthy. They are likely what kept my ancestors alive, the ones in Ireland not the ones in Africa. The ones in Germany probably lived on bier. :) I love sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon. Glad that Sally won't be coming your way. Looks as though all the storms coming off of Africa will be turning north in the Atlantic but that can change any time. I think we will both breathe a sigh of relief when this hurricane season is over.

Judy, yes that was Diane's username. Her cats were Rosie, Beety and I can't remember the third one's name. She and Kevin loved those cats so much. I also think we will all meet up in Heaven. What a reunion that will be. I have also found ways to distract myself from pain, anxiety, depression, etc. I've loved TV, reading and music all my life. I also loved doing sports, working out vigorously and doing crafts but don't do those things now. I started to paint and need to get back to it. I have some unfinished paintings hanging on the walls. I have no talent for it but that doesn't stop me.

Sun, Joe leases his car and he turns it in every two to three years. It's usually three but the dealer often makes a good deal for him if he turns it in early. He knows all the ins and outs of leasing and he always gets a good deal. One of his kin in NY had a Nissan dealership so he always gets Nissans. I'm glad I have this old Highlander that is paid for. I hope it keeps running as long as I do. DD hasn't trained in the eye movement therapy or the tapping therapy but she has referred some patients to it when she thinks it might help them. She believes it works by somehow resetting the brain. Hope you can rest up and feel better.

I need to call the dermatologist for a skin check. I hate doing them but have a spot on my back that is itchy so need to have her take a look-see. I hope all y'all have a great start to the week. Been praying that the fires are under control soon in the West. It's so sad to see on TV about those who didn't make it out.

Love, Mikie
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Hi everyone, thinking of everyone in CA, Oregon, all the places of the fires. My heart is so much with you!
I found an article by an excellent herbalist, called 'Herbs for Wildfire Smoke' at herbal remedies advice dot org. By Rosalee de Foret.
I forget exactly where she is, but she has been affected by the smoke from fires also. Here are some of the herbs she recommends. She has been drinking them in tea form.
1) Mullein - soothes inflammation and dryness of the lungs.
2) Mallow - coats and soothes mucous membranes throughout the body.
3) Plantain
4) Linden
These all help with to heal " lungs that are tight, dry and irritated". There is more info. info. on her website.
I can also look up more research for anyone.
Love you all, Judy


Hi, Kids,

Just woke from a two-hour nap. It was a very deep nap with dreaming. I remembered the dreams when I first woke but they are dimming now. After I stopped in this morning, I went out and cleaned off the balcony. It wasn't easy because it was still wet and the frog and lizard poop just smeared. AACCKK!! Can't wait to have the balcony area pressure washed. Neighbor on the other side of Teresa doesn't clean outside and it's filthy in front of her door. She's not a dirty person and don't know how she can stand to walk in and out every day in filth.

I'm trying to eat healthier and fixed Brussels Sprouts and broccoli over the weekend. For lunch I fixed my spicy turkey sandwich of organic multi-grain and seeds bread with cheese and a fresh avocado smeared on it. Sooo good but I felt sick after I ate. My sinuses are plugged. Time for nasal spray. Having a difficult time breathing. These storms rile up things that are in the air and disrupt breathing. Still, I'm glad it didn't come here and cause destruction.

DD called and said her classes are going well. DGS continues to suffer through all the new rules with his classes. She said it's impossible to breathe with the smoke from the fires there. Dennis just called from his car but said he's in a 'red zone' and would fade in and out and sho 'nuff, he faded out. Gonna call me tomorrow.

Judy, so kind of you to post the list of herbs that help. Thank you.

Barry, I see your footprints on the Porch and hope you are doing better.

Just left a line on Rock's story and can't wait to see where it goes next. I did a segue for someone to take us in whatever direction it's going to go. Quick, one of you good storytellers, take it away.

Gotta go spray my schnozz. Love to everyone.

Love, Mikie



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ants and more ants. they're coming from a different place now. like i said previously, the ants love eating the terro bait. they don't die but swarm over the thing and are telling their friends of the free food in this house.

wrote to three orchid club members who are near the foothills where the fire is raging. heard from two of them. one is on stand-by and ready to evac and the other one said they were far enough away but there was lots of smoke and was staying indoors. i heard from jim and he told me other orchid clubs are giving zoom meetings at a cost of $2000.00 each. now that' fine but without any means of getting any income from auctions and sale of tickets they're going to run out of $$$ very soon.

mikie, unlike you i don't crave healthy food. i would like to get an order of really greasy french fries and a juicy berger. maybe a slice of apple pie to tie the meal together. most of time i remember food from my youth and go about making them, noodles, jook, one pot rice dish and of course, any dim sum. most of them do take time making but once they're are in my mouth, all is good.

i'm taking a rest from any dental appointments this week but will call for a consultation next week. with luck they will be booked til october before i can get an appointment, ha, ha.

all for now,



Hi, Gordon,

I'm sorry about the return of the ants. Hopefully, these will take the poison back to their buddies in the nest.

Not sure what made you think I crave healthy food. I'm trying to eat healthier but I love nothing more than a cheeseburger with bacon and fries. In fact, I went to Burger King and got that this last week. Sooo good. However, I realize I need healthy food in order to feel better. I actually like Brussels Sprouts charred in bacon grease with bacon bits thrown in. I like broccoli too and will make soup out of the leftovers. I can eat healthy but what I crave is not healthy. I try to maintain balance. I think Heaven must be one unending buffet.

I didn't know one has to pay to use Zoom. I actually know nothing about it. Seems pretty steep a price to pay. Hope your orchid club doesn't run out of $$.

Take care.

Love, Mikie


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BEautiful pic above.....sure wish it was cool and frosty in the mornings.

Judy: thanks for that info. I read up on the website you provided. Then I had to go to the PO so stopped at Sprouts, but they didn’t have any mullein except blended with a ton of other stuff. I do have a capsule of powdered......I wonder if that powder could be made into a tea. I also have a mullein plant in my garden so I’m thinking of cutting the bottom leaves, washing them up, then drying them. I also read once the tea has been made you have to strain it before drinking because of tiny hairs on the leaves. I think I’ve mentioned I have COPD and cough A LOT, now even more so from the smoky air. Of course I wear a mask every time I go outside.

Gordon. I had an awful invasion of ants last week, all over my washer and coming from under baseboards. Ee gads....I put down an freshly opened container and 100s of them all over it for 2 days. And I found out that those little containers don’t last that long. I had checked an older one....dry as a bone as were other ones. So I cut little pieces of cardboard and will just tape them down with a couple of drops on it. I found a bottle of the terro out in the garage so hope it’s still good.

Mikie: Can’t think yet on what to write. I think you girls are going spooky direction!

My older DGD called this afternoon....just to see what I was doing. So after talking a little bit (she sounds down) I told her if I felt OK by friday I would give her a call and come over and pick her up to spend the night. She sounded happy after that. This is such a hard time for everyone but the poor kids! Depressing all the way around.

I slept 9 hrs. last night, but woke up feeling really hung over for hours. I attacked my BR this morning, stripping the sheets and vacuuming everything. Washed some windows too. I got bit by something during the night....4 bites all around my shoulder/neck area that I lay on....I’m thinking probably a flea from Clair, so I’m keeping the BR door closed....and I’ve also got the air purifier running. My DS told my I should run it on low continually. And several nights I had opened the louvered windows a little....bad move because I found ash on my nightstand.


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Hello All

its been wet these past few days. Enough that i dont have to bring out the hose for the plants. I got some very good fresh mushrooms and red capsicums so made a very good curry. The capsicums were crunchy. DH was mystified as he thought they were tomatoes. I try to make DH portion mushy as he has teeth problem.

Mikie - i truly wish heaven has those autumn fiery reds. A piece of heaven on earth in North America. Lucky residents. I get attached to most belongings and cars are no exception. so i dont like turning them in and getting new ones. Something solid like that. Like a house. I think they are very lucky who get their dream house and live in it for generations. A homestead. Your sandwich sounded so yum. I cant wait for avocado season. I took up your seque on Story and led it in a decor direction.

Sun - i guess the fires have been hard on kids. Coming in the wake of covid. It so wonderful DGD has your place to come for some LDC. ( laughter and distraction and companionship). Your Kids are lucky they have someone to trust with their kids. Family is so important. That ash sounds awful.

Gordon - im feeling very hungry reading about food. i could surely do with crunchy fries and a juicy burger. And all those good foods you described.

Wind - im allergic to EMF that comes from anything electrical. When not in use, i put off most things. I hope you start feeling better soon. i know about the recovery stuff. Trying to rest from a bout of heaviness and inertia which comes out of nowhere.
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Slept well last night. I felt really awful yesterday and am hoping I feel better today because I can't put off washing my hair another day. Between the virus, the fires and politics, it is difficult to feel up mentally and emotionally. To feel awful physically is, as Rock once put it, 'Sour icing on a rancid cake.' No doubt that the emotional and mental affect the physical. I'm pretty good at not letting it all get to me but it gets more and more difficult.

Sun, my DGS has been down too. I feel so sorry for these kids. Their entire generation will be changed by the virus and other things beyond their control. They won't have the carefree memories that so many of our generation have of the school years. I wonder whether the smoke is causing the ants to come inside. We have had so much rain here and that can drive them in. We have standing water in the front of our bldg., especially behind the storage box behind the hedge against the bldg. There was flooding over on Sanibel. Glad you got some sleep. I need to do that to my BR but the front room became more pressing so that came to a halt. I feel as though I'll never get done. If I closed the BR door, SV would shred the rug by the door. He doesn't go outside so no fear of fleas. Hope you get good sleep tonight too.

Spring, I get attached to some things. I love my condo and would hate to ever leave it. I also love my old car and hope it continues to operate for the duration. Joe gets almost exactly the same SUV every time he turns them in. Except for something like the wheels, it's almost impossible to tell one from the next. To him, they are only a convenience to run around town and go fishing. As long as he has room for his fishing tackle, he's happy. The good news about leasing is that you always have a new car with no maintenance costs. The bad news is that, if you even scratch it, you pay big. The bad news for me is that, if I had even minor damage in a wreck, the ins. co. would total it out. My family house I had to leave after the divorce was my dream home and it was horrible to leave it. My ex would have paid for me to live there as long as I wanted but I had to get going on my own life away from him. Fortunately, I adapted well to condo living. Your food always sounds so good. I will put curry powder in my soup; I love it.

Gonna go read the paper. Even worser than reading the bad news is not knowing what is going on. Also worser is the misinformation campaigns. Thank God for independent journalism.

Love, Mikie

Aah, clean hair. Does anything else feel this good? It's blown out and looks good but I need to style and spray it now. I just ordered It's A 10 leave-in spray and the new unscented pet hair Bounce dryer sheets. I likely paid more than at the store for the dryer sheets but the convenience of having things delivered and not having to go to two or three stores outweighs the cost. I used my bonus points from my Amazon credit card so the total was zero.

We are still getting the last lingering outer bands of influence from Sally. It's gray and humid out. I need to haul my garbage to the dumpster but am not going out only to have it ruin my hair. It'll hold til tomorrow.
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Sun, I just looked up Mullein, and read also about straining it before drinking, because of the tiny hairs on the plant. I saw that it was sold as a powder also. Do you have an herb garden? I saw that it is good to drink as a tea 1- 4 times throughout the day. I usually look up around 3 sources of information for myself, before I try something new. I buy my herbs and spices from mountain rose herbs online, because the herbalists and holistic dr.'s use them as a resource.

I am trying to figure out a quick way to use Nettles, maybe put in a broth or a smoothie. I bought dried powder. We don't have an outside space anymore, so I buy herbs now. Do you take anything else for COPD?
Sending love and blessings to everyone in California.



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Judy: no herb garden, just a little flower area where one and only one of the mullein seeds I sowed, grew. Mullein grows where it wants to. Its not very big though. I did find a small bottle of mullein blend of leaves and flowers in my cabinet. My son had told me over a year ago that maybe I should buy a little pipe and try smoking it. He picked some of his leaves but he didn’t dry them totally and when they eventually got here they had mold on them so I tossed them. I use a steroid inhaler but of course there’s side effects with steroids.


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I just made a delicious bruschetta. We have a short season for tomatoes, and they were hard to get this year. So this was really a treat. I sauteed red onion, and scallions in olive oil, then added the chopped tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic and salt. So simple, but so good. We had it on toasted bread, with melted mozzarella cheese. Yum.

Whenever I have the balance and energy, I love cooking something. My DH really dislikes cooking, but we're having to put together our energies. I think of the recipes, and write them out for him, and do as much as I am able.

Sun, did you decide to take the mullein liquid? I'm wondering also what people are doing to detox, and protect themselves from chemicals and other stuff in the air. It's so heartbreaking.

I've been going to the facebook page of clarissa pinkola estes, who I think of as a mentor from her book, " Women who Run With The Wolves". She is an activist as well as a Jungian therapist. I see that there are people there writing about groups that are gathering clothes, food, luggage, many basic necessities for people to come and care for basic needs in CA, Oregon, etc.

It's so good to see people caring and helping.



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Mikie - Dianes one cat was named Faith. Yes, clean hair feels good and i guess a good shower or soak in the tub feels as good. i like to use lemon based soaps. when i remember, i use salt to scrub my skin.

Wind - its uplifting to see people who care and do things to help others. your tomatoes and cheese on toast sounded so so good. cant wait to try it out myself.

Rock - i hope you are doing all right with all this ash. Do you miss visiting Jim and taking walks?

Barry - i hope you feel more cheerful soon.

Sun - i hope you too are feeling better. Those bites sounded awful. i wish greenery came without bitey insects.

Granni - how are you?

Today i made a visit after months to my friend from same hometown in India. We had bought our b day gifts but had been unable to hand them over due to covud lockdown,. she said to come have lunch so i went.

It was a good visit. Her garden was doing well. impatiens, bird of paradise, orchid. she doesnt eat meat on tuesdays so there was lentils, okra, squash, and a vegetable i dont know the name of. it is a stalk with tendrils. Ningro.
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Hi, Spring, so glad you remembered Faithy, as Diane called her. For some reason I have wanted to remember them. Diane was so sweet and loving and I want to be able to keep the connection with her alive. I often wonder how Kevin is doing. I hope he is well.

So, have you had more rain? It has continued all day here. The storm is moving so slowly that it is basically sitting in the northern Gulf whipping around and getting stronger. That means a big low pressure system up there dragging all the moisture up from the southern Gulf and into our area. I was worried about a drought but I think we have caught up.

I'm tired and this weather has just left me feeling down. I feel ashamed because of what so many others are going through. That smoke must be awful. When we have had wild fires here, even a little smoke makes me sick.

I am so lifted by all the kindness some are showing to help those in need. It helps offset some of the bad stuff going on. Hope all is well there. So glad you had a nice lunch with your friend.

Love, Mikie
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Hi All,

It is still smoky here so I am staying indoors. A few days ago I went out to talk to some of the neighbors kittens and was coughing from the smoke with eyes burning some. Hard to believe I used to smoke as a teen and some of my 20’s. We are still in a high pollen count as well.

We had a good time Sunday when Mom came for dinner. I was tired of junk food for Sunday dinner so we had steak and baked potatoes with a kitchen sink salad. After dinner we went in the living room and talked for hours. We were so surprised when we found out it was 10 o’clock. By the time we got her home, picked up her mail, watered her plants and came home it was almost 11:30.

I want to start picking her up earlier in the day so we can get her home not to long after dark. Gray shouldn’t drive after dark and so I have to do the driving and sometimes I am just too tired. We need to get Mom some new shoes her feet have gotten wider from swelling and she needs wide shoes now. Something hard for her to accept as she used to wear a AA with a quad a heel. When she comes over I let her wear a pair of my wide sandals. I wear a 7 and she needs an 8 so she is ‘t able to wear my shoes. I have a lot of expensive comfort shoes and sandals. Not the most stylish but at least I can tolerate wearing shoes now. For several years I could only wear sandals with socks even in the winter with the rains. Now at least I can wear a few styles and brands of shoes and boots. Going barefoot is too painful.

I made vegan spaghetti for dinner tonite. Gray didn’t know the meatballs weren’t real meat and we use nutritional yeast instead of Parmesan. Meat is supposed to be inflammatory. I feel better eating mostly vegan and Aldi’s has a lot of vegan meat substitutes at reasonable prices that makes it easier to cook with them. I would like to cook from scratch but don’t have the energy.

What is everyone else up to?
Mikie is the rain about over with?
Sun it is so nice you have all the grands To spend time with.
Spring I enjoyed reading your description of the tea shop on the story post. Does it describe an actual place that you have been or did you pull it out of your imagination. I wished I liked tea it is so healthy. I like the smell of it but it tastes yuck Even with a lot of maple syrup or stevia
Wind your bruschetta sounds so good. I am going to have to try that or buy some next time we go by Traders Joe. Maybe it would be a nice side for Sunday’s dinner.
Barry I hope you are feeling better. It is hard to stay up when you are so tired all the time All the smoke in the air doesnt help. I was in a pain program for awhile and the pain psychologist would say to do 5 things everyday that makes you happy. When you feel crummy it is a challenge to find one thing.

I have an apron started for Mom and 3 face masks that just need the elastic straps around the ears sewed on but just couldn’t seem to get motivated to work on it. Instead I puttered around the kitchen cleaning and making rice, tidying up from Sunday dinner. I would have to say it made me happy. It made Gray happy to. When he came in for lunch he said the house looked so nice.

Well I must go it is time to start my bedtime routine.

Love to all,


Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

I feel a bit hot. Don't know if it's a fever or hormones. Guess I had better check it out. Nothing going on around here. We managed about ten minutes of sunshine yesterday so I have hopes for today but Sally is moving sooo slowly to make landfall. I feel so bad for those in harm's way of the storm. All I can do is pray for them and hope and pray the rest of the storms stay out in the Atlantic.

I have made a discovery. If I do the highlight and copy after a few lines and enlarge the font, I don't seem to lose paragraphs as easily. There seems to be something protective about doing it that way. I don't know whether it would work for everyone but it seems to work for me (knocking on wood).

Willow, I was just thinking of you. So good to see you had dropped in. Your Mom's visit sounds so nice. I still miss my Mom every day. I think my feet have spread out a bit. I also wore a double A with a quad A heel. I still have problems finding shoes that don't flop up and down on my heels. I have some little silicon things to stick inside the heels. To make things worse, one foot is half a size smaller than the other. Pollen is high here too and so is mold. I've been sneezing, one after another every evening. These rains bring all kinds of stuff down. I'm glad you had a good day.

I hope everyone has nice days and that the smoke and other problems go away. We desperately need a break from the woes of the world.

Love, Mikie

AACCKK!! I have been hit by a big Sjogren's flare. I'm about to fall over with exhaustion and my tongue is like a piece of dry shag rug in mouth.
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Mikie - ive got the dry tongue thing. I like to keep drinks handy for it. Cold milk or juice. Wonder what causes it.

i wear sandals mostly. When i was young all i wore were court shoes. Those closed in shoes. When the toe material is made of cloth its much more comfortable. In our climate feet swell when its hot.

Your feet must be pretty. You take good care of them. One aunt of mine who is now no more used to keep her toes painted a deep red. She said women should always keep their hands and feet pretty. Well, i would love to, but no can do. They take a beating from all the chores n walking i do.

Willow - i wish they would sell meat subsitutes here. I have been vegetarian since 2011 but i relish the vegetarian chicken some restaurants used to sell. i tried to download how to make them, seitan or something, but it seems complicated. Even soyabean nuggets taste meaty if theyre made in a certain way.

My DD bought a couple of very nice print and colour masks. Theyre flower prints in pastel on a white background kind of soothing to look at.

Rock - what crop is next after cherry tomatoes? Here all the houses have pumpkin and squash vines. They look very pretty with yellow flowers clambering up walls, terraces.

i hope Gordon is coping with the heat all right. Here, some respite from sporadic rains.

Wind - what are you reading now? Have you read Thrush Green books by Miss Read? Its nice light reading.

Hello to Granni and all others.


i thought these shoes i saw online so pretty.


nepalese cotton masks in packs of five.
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Hi, Spring,

I hope you don't have Sjogren's. The fatigue is the worst part. I have some mouthwash that helps with the dryness. It's better. Teresa texted and wanted to know about sitting out on the balcony. The skies are blue with puffy white clouds and it's not humid. There is a nice breeze. I feel better. Had she not texted, I would likely have lain down for a nap. I may yet do that. She is so nice and funny. At least, I did get the DW loaded and run. Just have to unload it.

I love those shoes. I likely couldn't keep them on my heels though. It's hard to keep a pedicure when working and walking a lot. I am so inert now that mine lasts pretty well. Teresa said it's getting more and more difficult to paint her nails and trim them. I dread the day I can no longer do mine. Your masks sound pretty. I need to either make some or buy them. Publix has surgical masks and they are effective. Wish you could find some meatless meat. I've never tried it.

Good to see you here.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I love the succulents! I might try my hand at them since I have a lot of baby succulents. I’ll have to check the wire trees at Michaels.

Spring; such pretty shoes, but like Mikie, don’t think I would be able to wear them. I have regular size feet....9 1/2 medium but they’re picky!

Willow: does your mom wear aprons around the house?

Wind: You seem to really enjoy the writing process......why not start your own story then add to it daily or when you get more inspiration?

Yesterday was an off day for me....I think I ate too many fresh figs from my tree. Didn’t feel like doing much so I made myself another molded mask. I need the kind that are about 1 1/2” from my mouth, and found that by using double lining of the stiffening you use for making drapes then the lining and the outer plus the nose wire, it helps hold it’s shape.

I also matted some more finished WC paintings yesterday. Putting on a mat makes them look finished. My 6 year old DGD was in my studio the other day as I was searching thru a portfolio of ones I was going to paint over and she spotted a half finished one of pink orchids and loved it. I said she could have it.....she was very excited about that. It might give her inspirations to paint her own. Dad really didn’t want her to take it though......she shares a small BR with her sister and things are crowded, but even if she puts it on a table for a few days, it might inspire her.