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Hi All,

Nothing much going on here just doing paper work trying to find a cheaper car and house insurance policy. I am also transferring over the info from an old phone book to a new one. The old one is over 20 years old and a lot of the numbers are crossed out and new numbers added. It is also filled with numbers for businesses from up North. Gray doesn't google phone numbers he uses a phone book so it is easier for him, for me to have the numbers he uses most in our little personal phone book.

I am hoping this afternoon to have Mom over to go over her hospital, Dr. and dental bills to make sure her insurance is paying what they are supposed to. And then we have a lot of online shopping to do. Groceries, shoes, clothes and she wants a new electric recliner like the one she uses at my house.

It is only 90 today so quite comfortable with our gentle breeze. It is supposed to go over 100 next week though. I am dreading the colder weather coming this winter. It is usually in the 50's during the day but more humid and the cold just seeps into my bones and makes my muscles ache all over. The lows at night are often in the 30's with an occasional frost or even a hard freeze. When it gets too cold my skin will get a burning sensation from the neuropathy.

Today is the first day of Fall and I feel like we should celebrate, maybe a BBQ for dinner. I have chicken and burgers that have to be cooked today. Mom had her first pumpkin latte on Sunday from Starbucks. That always signifies Fall is here for me. There is pumpkin spice everywhere. I stopped at Traders Joes Friday and stocked up on pumpkin spice pancake mix for the year.

The neighbors kittens are over in our yard most mornings hunting bugs. They are really skinny so I don't know if they get enough to eat. I hope they become good mousers. At the old house anytime a neighbor had an outdoor cat the mice would disappear. There are 4 kittens but we see mostly 2 or 3. Two of them will let us pet them but only if they are safely up in a tree near the wall that they hop over to visit our yard. I like the little one that is short haired with gray stripes and a little bit of a ginger color here and there. I call her Peanut Butter. She hisses sometimes and another time she sat in my lap for about 5 seconds purring. I am determined to tame at least her and maybe another one that is black and white stripes with ginger patches and is long haired with a very bushy tail. All of the kittens are very pretty. Mama kitten used to visit us every day but I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. Hopefully she is getting fixed. Gray's Dad had a black cat that was wild and he never fixed it. After about a year or two they had 17 all black cats living in their basement that were to wild to get near. They had to call an organization to come and get them.

Granni- Is your bladder feeling any better? I thought of something that might help you. It helps me some and that is a product called Coffee Tamer. You sprinkle it on acidic food and it will help buffer it. It also works for GERD or acid reflux. Everyone is different so it may not help you as much as it does me. I still have some burning and will use baking soda in water before bed some nights. The Dr. is going to find a cocktail for me to instill in my bladder, the pure lidocaine is too harsh but I have heard some people add heparin and baking soda so I am hoping he will add those. Have you tried Azo? that helps some too.

Well I had better get going it is past time to get dressed for the day.

I am really enjoying the stories. Mikie you are really good. I was stumped and you came up with just the right thing to get my brain going again.

Love to all.



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Happy first day of fall to everyone. The trees are starting their first change of colors here. Orange, yellow and golden leaves on a large, knotted, twisty tree across the street. I call it The Halloween tree, cause it looks like it should be in a spooky movie. It's in front of a remodeled Victorian house that I love having as our view.

Has anyone tried a mattress lifter to help with GERD? They elevate the body from the waist up to the head, so acid does not rise to the esophagus. I think 6" to 8" has been medically tested as the best height. I know sitting up after eating has helped me a lot. Also I bought apple cider vinegar in capsule form, so it doesn't harm my esophagus like when I used to drink it. I can tell that my esophagus is healing... it was hurting before, had trouble swallowing food. But definitely improving.

I'm intrigued by where the story is going.

Love, Judy.


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Another quick hi -

WILLOW - Are you talking about the AZO for urinary pain? I have the pills that take away pain with a UTI and I also have had some on hand for DH if he had problems with the BCG treatments. So far he has not had any. I noticed when I had shopped at one time the have AZO for OAB and also what I take when I have a UTI. Was wondering if that will help me. I don't think about taking anything as after I empty my bladder the pain goes away. Wonder how often I would have to take it to eliminate it. The meds I take for UTI is Phenazopridine Hydrochloride 97.5 mg. This med is a generic most likely and it is for the AZO probably. It also turns your pee orange and stains your underwear if it gets on there. I hope the dr can help you. I know you have a worse case than I. I will have to look into the Coffee Tamer. Pumpkin spice anything sounds so good now. It is even starting to cool off here in TX. Might be in the high 70's today not sure. The hot weather will still be around but we will get some cool mixed in. So nice you are close to help you mom. I never was since we lived in TX and she in NY but my DB was there to help her which I am eternally grateful for.

MIKIE - You are on the other page so I can't remember what you said exactly. You had better get that SV out from the Lanai so as not to get him any more pissed than he is already. LOL. I need to get outta here and get ready to go to meeting that we haven't been going to since this virus came along. Will be interesting to see how they move people around to social distance.

HUGZ to everyone,


Hi, Kids,

Got the bedding all laundered and put back on the bed 'cept the pillowcases. I had to stop because my back hurt. Will have to put them on before I hit the hay. It takes forever for the cotton quilt to dry in the dryer. SV's black fur balls up on it in the washer and sticks to it. My Bounce dryer sheets just came but they don't seem to remove the little fur balls. I hope they do better with ordinary lint and individual cat hairs. I had to take the lint remover brush and remove it all. That's what hurt my back. I could have gotten by with just washing the sheets but I love it when the quilt is all clean and white.

Willow, I think it was Sun who took the story in a good direction. I sometimes can't figure out what to post so just let someone else do it. Thanks for your kind words. I've always written in most of my jobs but it wasn't fiction. I struggle with fiction. I'm enjoying this story though. I thought of you when I got a little gift for my DSIL. He has a couple of classic cars and he loves them. He goes to car shows and displays his one car at them. I saw a deck of cards with classic cars on them so sent a deck to him. They were only about $10 on Amazon. The same co. sells cards with airplanes on them. He can open the package tonight when he gets home from work. He's been all excited like a little kid waiting to see what I sent. I just hope he isn't disappointed. I told DD that it was just a little something. Anyway, it might be something your DH would like. Stocking stuffer.

Judy, I love a twisty old tree. A couple of the branches on the slash pines in back are a bit twisty. The Ibis love sitting on them. My doc suggested I elevate the head of my bed because of my acid reflux from the hiatial hernia. I got the plastic pilons at Amazon to elevate it. I had to take them out. I would slip down the bed during the night and the pressure hurt my hips. I don't eat before bed and I use two pillows until I'm drowsy. I take Rx Pepcid and it really helps me. Better than Xantac ever did. Good luck to you.

Granni, I don't think I had anything too pithy on the other page. You had asked about my kids' Galveston home and I did answer. You might want to check it out when you have time. Just click on the Prev 1 button at the top or bottom of this thread. SV usually doesn't stay mad too long. He loves it when I change the bed and jumps up on it. I play with him to get him to move out of the way. My old dog used to do that too. My friend, Barb, has a game she plays with her kitty, Maxie. He runs and hides and she walks around saying, "Now where could Maxie be hiding." Last time, he put his head under the bed and left his whole body out but thought he was hidden. He cracks her up. Later he got under the covers and was an obvious lump on the bed. She plays along like she can't see him. This is how those of us who are single pass our time with our kitties. Enjoy your night out. I feel the same way and am looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

Doesn't feel like fall here. We have just over a month before daylight savings time ends. Then it will get dark sooo early. I stood on my mark here in the living room and watched where the sun rose relative to Joe's bldg. It's like Stonehenge. I can tell the seasons by it.

I watched the first two episodes of Filthy Rich while I waited for the bedding to dry. It's quite a show. It stars Kim Cattral from Sex In The City and Gerald McRaney from Major Dad in the old days. He's married to Delta Burke. I like them both. The show is about a family that runs a TV ministry and they are anything but Christian like. It's not great TV and I can take it or leave it. Not sure it has staying power.

OK, Kiddies, gonna watch the PBS Evening News. I think I'll have a soak too before turning in. I love to climb into clean sheets following a nice hot soak. Aaaah! Hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hi All.
I'm hanging on. The apples are falling. I fell too. Now I'm bruised and blue!

I'll leave it at that. Mikie, delete this post if you want to. I don't care....

Love and Peace and Courtesy to All,
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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Got enough sleep last night but did have to read for a bit to get back to sleep during the night. I'm reading the Guernsey...Potato Pie book. I didn't like it at first because it appears to consist entirely of letters from one character to others and their replies. I'm getting used to it but it's not my favorite writing gimmick. I like the humor which can be a bit subtle almost like what a favorite old uncle might say that makes people laugh. It's a bit like the quirky characters in a Fanny Flagg book.

I'm looking forward to my lunch with Barb. I need to get out of here and do something fun. If that something involves eating, so much the better.

Barry, my friend, I'm so sorry that you fell. I hope you heal fast. I took one sentence out of your post. I agree with you but have to keep the peace. I am praying. Take care of yourself and feel better. Maybe a bit of MJ for the pain. Wish I had some.

Wishing everyone a happy Hump Day.

Love, Mikie

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Its been nonstop rain for two days now. The man who cuts grass and prunes for us. could hardly get much done. But he did clear out a patch of ground in front of the house. The mosquitoes have been savage but theyve retreated a bit because of the incessant rain.

It feels like monsoon is back. I looked at videos of thewater logging in Mumbai, India. The city is on the shores of the sea and their train tracks were half drowned in rainwater. They showed the inside of a hospital, doctors sitting on chairs ankle deep in water in front of their posts. It a covid hospital. Covid in the times of Monsoon. It could be a horror film. People battling covid in their beds and braving flood waters at the same time.

I saw Houston too was inundated with water.

Wind - i used to drink apple cider vinegar and ginger in hot water. I met a lady who said she used it on her dogs mange patch. I dont like the sour strong smell. I hope you get better and better.

I am with Mikie and you. I love twisty old trees. And the autumn tree must be a sight to savour.

Mikie - im glad you all didnt have to deal with a fearsome hurricane so far. Why was SV pissed? The story about the dog hide n seek made me LOL.

I felt like you. I wanted to go out. Out of confinement. Just see someplace else other than my home and the grocers, butchers, supermarket. So i braved the situation and cabbed it to a clothing store. But they have not got in too many new things yet. For obvious reasons. But i bought some older stocked things.

Then i went into a little eatery hidden inside a street corner and ordered a cup of coffee and french fries while i waited for the store tailor make a few alterations to fit me. It felt like old times. The coffee was so delicious! Hot, sweet, creamy and strong. I am not a fan of coffee but i felt like i needed a pick me up. Even going out seemed like an exertion. Al be it it was a to a pleasant purpose.

Willow - mmmm, i hope the chicken latte and burgers turned out well. Lol. i wrote latte. it sounds so funny. Ive never heard of pumpkin latte. So interesting to hear about the kitties.

Granni - Im glad you all missed the effects ofthe big storm. We too have beenhaving cooler temps. Due to the incessant rain.

Barry - i feel your pain. I guess most people can empathise. Its like 2020 was chosen to dump all ills on the peoples. Ive not properly watched news. Its the same ole same ole depressing stuff. Hang in there. Just try to make our own day the best we can, live our lives the way we think we should.

Sun - are you recovered a bit? I hope so.

Gordon - i just read about ash gourd and what a very nuritious vegetable it is. A healing vegetable, wondering if you ever grew it. I hope Rock feels good enough to come on the Porch soon.

Didnt have to make dinner today. DH and DD stopped in at this new pizza place and got in dinner. They were giving a 10 percent discount for the day. French fries too.

God bless
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Hi, Kids,

Home from our lunch out. It was heaven! We sat outside and the air was perfect with balmy breezes. Perfect for not catching the virus too. I got a delicious burger with melted Swiss cheese and mushrooms. Had a side of fries. It wasn't until we were breathing in the air and enjoying ourselves that we realized how deprived we have been. We both feel so lucky for our lives and feel guilty for feeling deprived but it wasn't until we were enjoying the lunch that we realized it. We also realize how hard it is for so many people and we truly are lucky. The difference is that we are choosing to be deprived and so many can't. This should get me though for quite a while. We are meeting at the pool in the morning. I'm happy to be home because I am tired. Had thought about going to Publix but it can wait.

Spring, so good to hear from you. The pic of the docs in water reminds me of the hospital that was flooded in NO during Hurricane Katrina. Yes, 2020 will go down in the annals of the world as the worst on so many levels. Covid is so much worse for the poor and people in catastrophes. I do feel guilty whining about anything in my own life. SV was pissy because he was out on the lanai asking to come in and I left him out there for a bit. It's my neighbor's cat that plays hide 'n seek with her. When cats live alone with one person, they really develop some fun characteristics. Glad you got out to shop and found a little place to eat. Don't think I'm gonna buy anything to wear until I'm finished cleaning out my closet. Hope the rains clear up for you. Today here was like our perfect winter weather but it won't last. We will be back to heat and humidity for another month. The mornings when we go to the pool are lovely though. Great way to start the day.

Gonna rest and enjoy the remainder of the day. I hope everyone is having a good one and that y'all can enjoy the evening that lies ahead.

Love, Mikie


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Oh I was a bad boy wasn't I Mikie? I thought you might delete ---I gave you permission to do so, LOL!

Pain: I fell on my butt and bruised my coccyx. Tailbone. Hurts like heck unless I sit on a round medical blow-up thing, or lay my body flat. So be it.

Willow, they say we are in for a heat wave! 100 and above. At least it won't be humid. And hey, I hope one of the kittens adopt you. Peanut Butter sounds like it looks pretty.

Judy, our first tree to colour is a red maple that I planted years ago. Beautiful right now. Our native big-leaf maples and vine maples are still green; the first will have giant yellow leaves, the vine maple will have red/pink or....?

Mikie, you want MJ? Good grief! I smoke it only after tea-time and snacks. It does help me a lot. I got a medical use permit a number of years ago. Can't you get one from your doc?
By the way, there is a Cannabis Nursery 2 miles down the road from us. You go there for baby plants of selected clones. I've never been there! Duh....

I'm SO GLAD you has a good time going out to dine with friends. (just red your last post). I haven't eaten out in yonks, and I'm a foodie!

Love and Peace to All,
R is calling for me, and so are the dogs!
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Spring: yes, I’m slowly recovering from Shelby’s visit, although yesterday I was out in my front garden for over 2 hrs. yanking out plants and doing some cleanup. I’m ordering some gravel on friday to be delivered/dumped on my driveway and my gardener will put it around on monday, so things had to be gotten in order. I bought some new statice plants (sea lavender) today but in that’s it’s to be hot again I’ll wait on planting it.

I also love old twisted trees! I’ve got a WC done of a grandfather tree with a face worked into the trunk, bird nests and a little fairy sitting in it. I tried to post but it says too big. I completed a child’s story book years ago, and have dug it out again, cutting out a lot and I had hoped to illustrate it. It’s about a little girl whose father (a sea captain) brings home a music box from his travels and it has little birds and rabbits on top along with two little woodsmen. One plays a fiddle and the other a flute....they were turned into little wooden men by the fairy queen...to spend their lives on the music box. Anyway.....maybe if I finish enough WC pictures to illustrate it, I might get it published.

That sounds like a fun day you had....doing some shopping and then going to the tailor to get it reworked. Were you able to wait for it? Was that the kirtle you bought? Is that the word for the long split dress? And then pizza!

Mikie: and you had a fun day today too. Yes, I can understand why the young ones are throwing caution to the wind and wanting to party. I still haven’t eaten out and only once did I get takeout.....I just cook at home or get a roasted chicken from the grocery store.

Barry: I hope you start to heal. I fell on my butt when I was attempting to get off the Tbar at the slopes.....didn’t even know how to ski! Hurt for weeks.

A friend had called last night after 8 PM....but by that time with all the gardening and a couple glasses of wine, I didn’t feel like talking. She’s nearer the fire. She was supposed to have surgery a few days ago but because of the smoke at the hospital it was cancelled, but now she’s going to have throat surgery tomorrow. Please keep Bobbie up in prayer......She has the same lung condition I have, and she’s had some MRIs which revealed a large growth. I’m refusing all MRIs, etc. Can’t live forever.


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Sun, just a quick stop in. Started praying for Bobbie. Put a sticky note by my bed to remind me. May God bless her in every way imaginable in the midst of everything she is living through.


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Sun - sorry to hear of your friend. Praying for her that the surgery goes well, that she is comfortable.

Your childrens story is quaint and I think when i have DGKs i will definitely get the book with illustrations and read the story aloud to them. They will be enthralled.

About the kurta, i bought two sets. For when i have to go out. Theyre expensive at $50 a piece and I had held off buying in the past because the price was higher than what i usually pay for clothes and i had my old ones and they served all right. But its the latter half of the year and ive worn them many many times out in public. Since I had saved a lot staying in during covid, i decided to indulge and refurbish my wardrobe.

Yes i got both of them altered to my fit, waited 45 mins. Also another less expensive one but very stylish. Yes, i also thought i ought to nurture myself because of all stuff going on. The last time i saved i donated to the covid cause and i prolly will again if i find money left over. There is nowhere to go so im saving on shopping, and cabs and all that. Covid is spreading in large numbers and altho lockdown has been lifted, people are wary of going out to eat and visiting shops etc.

I was also afraid these might go out of stock. As it is, they didnt have the prints i liked before but stopped myself from buying.

i had bought another kurta at some other place earlier. My older clothes have started looking very worn. And some, out of date.

Mikie - oh i didnt know cats played like that. That is so hilarious. i guess kittys tail swishing to n fro would give it away. i think i remember kitties do that when theyre feeling playful.

Barry - ouch! what a place to hurt oneself. Theres a big ruckus going in the Indian movie industry with some top actors actresses getting summoned by Narcotics Crime Branch because they consumed cannabis. People on social media are commenting that CBD oil is taken OTC for medicinal puposes but to no avail. Theres probably coke involved too. Maybe thats why. It all started with the murder/suicide of a young actor but they dug into his phones and his staffs and got some whatsapp chats.
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Thank you Judy and Spring: I asked her today what the doctors have told her.....nothing! Not even saying it might be a cancerous growth or anything. So she’s going in tomorrow morning for another biopsy but is scheduled for surgery.....I guess meaning if the doctor finds something he will remove it. She’s not a believer in a God who loves everyone. I feel sorry for people who are floundering without a faith in God. Less than a year ago her sister died from cancer.....she had been told there was nothing to help her aside from chemo to prolong her misery, so she chose not to go thru it. Instead the family all went on a couple little trips and outings while she still could.

Spring: you deserve something special. I think everyone who has gone thru all of this deserves a little pampering.


Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

I fell asleep last night at seven so missed FJ. I hate to miss it with my friends but I'm glad when I get the sleep I need. I did wake once and read for a bit. The Guernsey book is growing on me and I find the characters so funny and so compelling. The writer is very talented. It is always the writing as much as the story that makes me love a book.

I'll be going over to the pool with Barb when our pool guy leaves. I hope I can keep it up at least three times a week. Barb is such a nice person and I enjoy her company. Just wish Claudia could get up early enough to go with us. She can't get up or exercise until later. We all have our wake and sleep cycles. I wonder when everything opens up whether she will go back to her mania of activities. She is liking staying home so perhaps not.

Barry, bruised tail bones are slow to heal. I am so sorry and hope you can stay comfortable until you are better. With my breathing problems, I couldn't smoke MJ but I could do edibles or bake some Alice B. Toklas brownies. Yes, I could get a medical MJ card but it costs $300 to see a quack who does them. Then, when the card expires, it costs another $150 to renew it. That on top of the cost of the MJ itself. It's easier and cheaper to get something from the doc for anxiety or pain relief. OTC CBD is another option. I tried some of DSIL's MJ gummy candy when I was in CO. It helped with my pain but didn't give me a nice little mellow. Just felt like how I feel on opiods--a slight feeling of unreality with no sweet high. I think I would have to pick a strain for that. Be good to yourself to help you heal.

Sun, glad you are recovering and felt well enough to work outside. I have to cut back some of our plants on the side of the bldg. Been waiting for cooler, drier weather. These bushes are beautiful but they are covering our power boxes and meters. I'm surprised our lights go out during the daytime as they are also covering the photo eye that turns them off and on. You children's story sounds delightful and I hope you do illustrate it and get it published. This is a wonderful time for children's literature. I have already sent up a prayer for Bobbie. I hope she gets some good news.

Judy, when you speak of praying, it always sounds so kind and blessed. It's a continuation of how kind and thoughtful you are.

Spring, I am so glad you got some new clothes. You need things because you go out and attend family functions and parties. To find things one likes doesn't happen that often and if one doesn't buy then, things are often gone. I wore a bra yesterday and thought I'd die before I got home to take it off. I wore an outfit I love that I bought several years back. How I wish I could find more tops like that in a variety of colors and a comfortable bra. You have such beautiful colors and fabrics there. Yes, some kitties will play and invent games and some don't care for it. I saw one older couple on a sales call who had a cat and it did all kinds of things. They loved showing it off for me. On America's Got Talent, two women put cats through all kinds of things like one would normally see dogs do in a circus. They were amazing. Enjoy your new clothes.

Gonna go read the paper. I am alarmed about what is going on as we approach the election. There is no guarantee that democracy will survive foreign interference and those who would put power above country. I am praying for our country every day and night. Please, everyone, be informed about everything that is happening from reliable sources and be sure to vote.

Love, Mikie
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I’ve been up since 4:30, had 3 cups of coffee to try to wake up, gonna rinse out the color I’ve got in my hair.....sorry Barry but I look better with it colored. I spent over 2 hrs. yesterday working on my own design for a mask, even went to the fabric store for a different fabric. Well, it looks stylish....black.....of course no one can really breathe well wearing them.

I haven’t painted for a couple of weeks and I think I NEED to play a little, so may do that today. I’m very upset with so much going on in our country.....crooks everywhere hiding in plain sight too.....most of them in DC.


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Hi everyone, I found this fascinating webinar on Energy Healing this week. I never understood or had a way of approaching this topic before. I know that Spring has studied and practiced Pranic healing, and I have tried Qigong before, but it's only now that I have some understanding to grasp the basic teachings. I'm so excited to have something so fascinating to study and practice.

I think I would have just passed it by, if the webinar was not put on by a trusted Dr. I had been feeling very down too, so I'm so thankful to have something so positive to explore. If anyone is interested, the guest energy teacher is Donna Eden, and there are free youtube videos, and free resources on her website.

I'm starting my day with a 6 minute combo. of energy exercises. My balance has been off since I had vestibular neuritis. But now it feels so wonderful to have a positive way to care for myself. It also uses miridians that acupuncture and accupresure use, like Sun has mentioned. And yoga, and chakras also.

MIKIE, thank you for your kind remark. It's encouraged me.

GRANNI, you really cracked me up with your comment on the first story page. I burst out laughing.



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SUN, I forgot to say, let us know when you hear from Bobbie again. I hope you will have some creative enjoyment time with your painting. I still remember the first watercolor that you did, of a lily.


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Judy: I’m amazed you remember a painting. Even I wouldn’t remember. I have stacks and stacks and stacks of WC.....1/3 I’m not happy with so will paint over and use the paper again. I found a few years ago that by painting over with a flat white acrylic the WC paint goes on differently. Takes about 10 min. to totally soak into the repainted, then it’s almost like working with magic. If I don’t like something I can rub out with a wet papertowel, or kinda move the paint around and I can keep adding paint. I wish this board would allow us to post pictures. When they redid the program it was changed.

Yes,I’ll let you know about Bobbie. I sent her an email and she responded by thanking me.....and you ladies too. God works in mysterious ways...perhaps this is the way for her to meet him.

I’m going to look up that woman you recommended. I got a DVD from the library, popped it in today, and already I’m thinking it’s not for me. Miranda Edmond-White from PBS programs. When she was showing what I needed for floor exercises, I knew I couldn’t do it. So I turned her off and went out for a walk, first time in over a month. eeeeeegads......pain in both hips so I could only walk about .6 mile. This is what comes from not moving. So I’ll have to try a short walk twice a day to build up again.

I ordered the pea gravel, to be delivered on saturday, then I swung by the Free Library to see if she had any good DVDS. Nope, but I did pick up some little books for my 6 year old DGD who now can read.........and she had a sign out......Cookbooks Oct 1. I asked her about that. She apparently puts out all the cookbooks and people flock in from all around to get them....free. She showed me 6 large boxes of cookbooks someone dropped off yesterday. So I have Oct 1 marked on my calendar.......get there early before the riot takes place. LOL Almost as much fun as the anticipation for an estate sale!!!!!


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Hi everyone,

What a busy porch. Just wanted to pop in for a bit to read and she what was going on, if anything. Not a whole lot happening today it seems except getting ready to go to the dr for DH's Rx. She was short handed and so had we to wait a bit but that's ok. You take your chances too if and when you get there a little early. However, she did get the preliminary stuff done when we came in, small paperwork, and urinalysis and reading, all was well. So far, thankfully no problems with the Rx except maybe some extra tiredness and achiness but after all he is in his 80's, and I am almost there, ugh !!

Cute little story you are all writing. I'll be back to do some reading but no writing. Sorry about that. Maybe because I really never read that much fiction, mostly non fiction.

WIND - That is what I need, some exercise but easy ones I can do mostly stretching and mostly easy dance moves. I miss the tap dancing I used to do years ago. It was so much fun and great exercise.

SUN - Hope you get some good cookbooks for FREE. That would be wonderful ! Yes, maybe the painting will help you to feel a little better, at least relax you !! I wish I could paint. You do not want to see my painting. Haven't even tried to paint till I was in school and not saying how many years ago that was . LOL

MIKIE - Glad you had an enjoyable lunch out with friends. That is always wonderful , and esp in these days when you just like to get out of the house, even thought SV probably misses you when you are gone. LOL

BARRY - Hope you are feeling better and are not so sore. Rest and maybe some heat and or hot baths.

Gotta run everydobby. Time to start thinking about dinner !!

JULIE - You sue must be busy with all you always have to do. Rest a bit if you can. I do not look forwards to next week. I have a dentist and a dermatologist appt next week plus DH last Rx.

Love to awl inc all those not mentioned,
Granni :)


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Judy: I went to the youtube of Donna Edan, and was very happy with what I’ve been doing. Thanks for that. The knee to leg stretch I’ve done forever, sitting up straight you can feel it in your sciatic nerve. Once it loosens up then I bend a bit more, always staying straight up. I do this first thing while waiting for coffee to perk. The tapping on your face, then your chest I found a few years ago on a PT youtube to help with lymph nodes. And recently I’ve started bending to one side while stretching my arm over my head, all while sitting cross legged on the floor. I’m in such bad shape.....10 lbs. I need to drop due to covid! So today I ordered a greens drink from Susie Cohen. Mikie is familiar with her. She was having $20 off so I splurged. Hoping I can gather energy along with dropping the weight. Keep up the exercising! Every little bit helps.

And I almost forgot one of the most important. By massaging the neck/shoulder muscles (trapezius) it helps loosen up the neck muscles. When those are tight it almost feels like I’m discumbuberated......not quite dizzy but like I can’t focus. After I do my knee to leg stretch, I reach back with my shoulders, trying to bring shoulder blades together in back. Then I grab the back of my kitchen chair and pull down shoulder muscles. You don’t need much to do an all over stretch of the muscles everywhere.
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