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Wind - this came up after the Dorothy Eden video. I imagined myself walking in these places with my loved ones who have passed on to continue their souls journey in the other place where we cannot follow physically. i imagined my family members, and the pets i loved so much who had to move on to continue their own journey and i cried and i cried and i cried.

It was not the bad crying. More of a releasing. I found many people in the comments section who had been through loss, and pain and grief. And were still hurting. And I found solace. And comfort in the feeling of belonging.


Dorothy Eden is a gift. She is what she teaches. Loved her video.

Thank you for posting about her.

God bless


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

I have got to get to You Tube. The walking in the pool is helping but it does leave my legs and hips aching and it leaves me exhausted. This morning, I have an allergy sinus headache. Yesterday, the trees just outside my lanai was loaded with Ibis. My cute, funny neighbor next door was texting me about all the crapping they were doing. I told her I envied them and we cracked up. I was able to stay awake for FJ last night but no one got the answer. I watched the special on RBG on PBS after that.

Neighbor across the street called to give me an update on Grace. She had called her but it was a confused mess. I don't think either of us will call again. Grace's DH just doesn't handle things well and he, himself, needs to get his gallbladder removed. Neighbor and I have no information because Grace's DGD is not updating the FB page as she is supposed to do. Grace has sons and a close neighbor and we don't know whether anyone is helping them. What a mess! All we can do is pray. Neighbor fractured her leg/ankle and it is still swollen and doc said it isn't healing. She is going to get another opinion. More prayers. Compared to my neighbors, I look downright healthy.

Everyone is up in arms over the removal of the hedge around our pool. It used to be private and now, it's open and looks naked. I don't know when the new fence will go up. I figure that in time, we will get used to it. The pool is noisier now. Worst case is that we could replant a hedge around the new fence if people are too upset over it all. Most community pools are open now with nice fencing. Difference is that our pool is so close to two buildings, including ours.

Judy, I will definitely check out the video. I haven't been worth a darn since that flu I had way back in Jan. I'm gonna ask for an antibody test before taking the vaccine. If that's what I had, no need to take it. I was very careful at the time not to get close to people. I hope what you are doing helps you and thanks for sharing.

Sun, my hips and legs ache so after I walk. Sometimes my lower back too but I have to keep moving. I can do the White stretches and movements but she just doesn't appeal to me. Can't get into it. I used to do Tai Chi but don't know whether I can remember the moves. Hope you score big with the cookbooks. I don't have room for more than the ones I have now. I usually look online if I want recipes. With air frying, the recipes are different.

Granni, it was wonderful to get out and eat some delicious food. The neighborhood where the restaurant is located is in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Fort Myers. It's where Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had their winter homes by the river. The big old trees are magnificent. The air was sweet and not humid. In a few weeks, it should be like that every day. Glad DH's treatment went well and I'm praying that his few symptoms go away. By FL standards, he is just a kid (why do you think I live here?)

Spring, having that kind of good cry is a wonderful release. I've done that but not recently. I talk to my loved ones on the Other Side daily. Thanks for the video; will check it out.

HULU is showing Judy. I have to watch it. Yesterday, I finished watching the reunion of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They reached a new low which is saying a lot. I'm off to read the paper. Hope everyone has a good day. Hope all our MIA's are well.

Love, Mikie

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Mikie: I told my DD about how much my hips were killing me and she said “tight muscles” so that could be the same with you. Maybe try doing a little stretching before hitting the pool or try not to kill yourself in the water walking until you’ve built up again. My DD is an exercise nut.....goes to pilates 4 times a week.

I don’t have the channel to get REal Housewives....but don’t think I would watch anyway......are those women for REAL?

Willow: you’re doing great in the writing. I think you’re really enjoying it. I do see something that you might need to tweak....you originally said the child was around 6 but last night you were putting him in his car seat. And I’m finding I need to make a list of the people’s names....hard to remember.

Judy: I did a little of the “lift the knee and slap with the hand” exercise......whew. 20 of them really raise my HR and wear me out!

Spring: Did you listen to the entire 3 hr. on that youtube? Beautiful music and I think it can take you anywhere. Good that you had a cry and released emotions. I rarely cry. Think I learned to stuff it down and go on, but I know that’s not good.

I ordered the gravel to be delivered tomorrow morning, but I’ve now found what I think is a sprinkler leak. I pulled away some gravel next to the house and also the black paper underneath. So now I’ve got a call into the sprinkler guy who fixed something else from that same area about 9 mos. ago. Called my gardener too, who said he could stop by around 1 P:M and then put a hold on the gravel delivery.

But I did work on a WC yesterday. Working on painting in a couple walking into the waves at the beach. The paper I use is tricky, and you must work from the background forward. The couple was the last thing, but yesterday as I was working the side of my hand must have been slightly damp and I smeared the sand in front, and part of her leg. *&^%$#@ So this morning I dug around and found a pair of cloth gloves to wear when I work with this paper.

Well, that lead to another thing. Found some vintage gloves, including two long elbow length gloves, so will get those listed on etsy. One of the long gloves is black, probably from the 30s. Really cool!


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Mikie, a shame about the hedge! Why did they take it out? Why didn't y'all protest? Protests are all the rage because of rage....
You are so lucky to live in an area so diverse in wildlife! Ibis, anhingas, and, and,.......

Sun, if it ain't one thing it's another, eh wot? Sorry about your leak, but good that you found it before the gravel came! A little ray of light... AND you found some things for etsy also! Good.
Cookbooks? You can have mine, but I'll have to make a list of 100 or so that you can choose from. Whaddya want -- Oriental, French, English,or, or....?

My exercise is pretty limited to walking and talking. But I do do my toe touches when I think of them; Stand straight, hands on hips and bend your back as far as you can. Then, forwards and touch toes without bending your knee. I was told to do that for my sciatica, and it works for me. I wish I had some exercise's to heap my bruised coccyx! Standing or lying down is fine, but sitting -- yikes!

I've been sitting too long, and with Lenny lying across my neck it makes it harder. Gotta get up. Pain in the coccyx bad. So be it.

Spring, it sounds like you have been enjoying yourself. Has the lockdown been lifted there? I really want to eat with you; I love Indian food!

Love to all,
Aching butt Barry


Hi, Kids,

Yesterday was exhaustion day from exercise and today is achy day courtesy of the same. The aches are much better but I'm choking to death with allergies. Not just any allergies but allergy to something that Claudia brought over. Think I mentioned she had brought something over a month or so ago for me to read. I had to stuff it in a plastic bag and take it back to her. It stank of dryer sheets. She says she doesn't know what it is. She likely can't even smell it. Today, she brought over a magazine in a different paper bag and it stinks of the same thing. I'll be trashing it. At least we now have a hint as to what it is. I expect she is storing those bags somewhere with something highly scented. 'Normals' can't possibly imagine what those of us with sensory overload and allergies go through.

Sun, thanks for the heads up about stretching before getting in the pool. I'll try it. I think as I keep it up, the recovery time will get shorter and shorter. Never been able to do Pilates; it made my hips really hurt. I'm also glad you found the leak before putting down the gravel. Our leak was from the water supply pipe from the main. It runs along the bldg. to each condo. Sorry about the painting. You could wear the long gloves and opera pearls when you paint. Very classy! I don't cry much but, every once in a while, I do like Spring and just let it all out. The Real Housewives, who are anything but real, is on Bravo. I stream it with my HULU on demand streaming service. It's like junk food for the mind.

Barry, I'm cracking up (no pun intended) at your signing off as, Aching Butt Barry. Glad your sense of humor isn't bruised. Laughing always helps. The big community board of directors makes decisions about things like the hedge. They are assuring everyone that the new fence is really nice and will look beautiful. We'll see. Joe wants to know whether I want to run for the board next year. There will be a vacancy. Think I'll pass again. Haven't done that exercise for my sciatica. I'll have to try it. I do other stretches for it that help. Yes, I am sooo fortunate to live here with all the birds right outside my door. If I were to go to the preserves, I'd see even more of them. The pictures of them in the Sunday newspaper taken by amateurs are amazing. I hope the soreness in your tail bone goes away.

I did watch Judy. I had read the book about her life toward the end when she was broke and washed up. It was so sad and the movie was too. When she was just a kid, the studio execs stuffed her full of uppers to keep her skinny and working hard and downers so she could come down off the diet pills and sleep at night. It messed her up for life. Right now, I'm watching House and, sho 'nuff, they just supposed a patient might have autoimmune disease. Almost every show. Good grief! Think I'll read because I'm not up to doing anything else today. I still feel sick and can taste that smell. AACCKK!!

I am enjoying the story too but am in no mental state now to keep all the characters straight. When I'm this exhausted and in pain, the brain no workee, as Rock says. I wish he would stop in; I miss him. Hope everyone is having a good windup to the week.

Love, Mikie
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Barry: thank you for the kind offer of cookbooks....I’ll pass....because I think I’ve become what 50% or more people have become....living/eating vicariously thru the pictures!!!!!! I got a wonderful cookbook from this free library about a month ago, all about using CHEESES which I love. I’ve gone so far as buying some feta cheese so maybe I’ll look thru it and the wonderful photos and see what I can make, easily. Most of the time I just stir fry veggies and add other things along with seasonings or pesto or something like that.

With Shelby over last weekend I COOKED......trying to show her how to taste and season as you went along. We made Shrimp alfredo but it lacked something even after adjusting the salt and pepper, so I went outside and picked some fresh basil which did the trick. But after two days of cooking, I was really worn out.

Mikie: maybe it’s the smell of the ink on the paper that’s affecting you? For me I’ve found I can’t stand the newspaper smells. Maybe they use cheap ink? And those magazines have perfume inserts.

The sprinkler guy called so he’ll be over on sunday afternoon to fix things. I’ll just have to reschedule the gravel delivery until my gardener can work on it.

I somehow let a mosquito into the house/kitchen and it’s got me already 3 times on the legs. It makes me itch for at least a couple of days. Thought I saw it and then I didn’t....rats.


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Hi Sun

You are right about the car seat. I was thinking booster seat with the regular shoulder harness so I will go back and edit that it could confuse readers. I am really enjoying the writing. On my own I have no ideas but with others adding twists and turns it makes me think and it is really fun.

Our characters are doing a lot of thinking but not much conversation. I have been thinking about that but haven't come up with any ideas. In real life I need other people to open a conversation and then I can sometimes keep it going. I need to learn the art of conversation.

I used to have a few cute pairs of gloves from the 50's but I have misplaced them over the years. I still have a drawer full of hankies and doilies. My Grandma and Aunt used to make the doilies and even bedspreads that were crocheted out of that fine string or whatever it is. I didn't inherit the skill. I tried several times but in the end it just makes my shoulders ache.
Granni- Yes I take Azo for bladder pain, I used to take oxybutinin too until I found out it was making me sensitive to heat. It can cause you to stop sweating making you more susceptible to heat stroke. You are so lucky the pain goes away with peeing. If I eat anything acidic I will be in pain and have urgency as though I had a bladder infection that will last for hours. The symptoms will get so bad if I don't watch what I eat that I can barely get out of bed.

I hope the rains weren't too bad where you are or DCD. I feel for her.

Hi to All,

When I was in a pain class up North run by my HMO the physical therapist did an exercise and mobility class. She would have us use rollers, tennis balls, theracanes and the large foam rollers and a few other items first before we exercised and then again afterwards. It helped to prevent soreness and tight muscles. We were also to have a chart of what we did and for how long. We analyzed the info to determine how much we could do without pain and would make it our goal to stay below that. I found I could do 2 repetitions to start and could slowly work up to 6 but that was it. My threshold is very low and trying to work up from there didn't work for me, I would end up in crisis and have to stop exercising until the pain went away. I am still in a lot of pain in my legs from walking to much last week. I need to get out my info from pain class and review it before I start exercising again. I have those Esmeralda White CD's and I don't think anyone with FMS should be doing them, just my opinion. QiGong is good exercise, I can do flowing slow movements easier as long as I remember to do only a few repetitions. But the CD I have doesn't use the legs much so I have a simple Ti Chi one that I need to start doing once my legs feel better. I get frustrated with the CD because I only want to do the warm up until I learn the moves and it is hard to find that section.

Well I have a busy day ahead of me. I have the Dr. appt today that I accidently went to last week and Mom needs me to take over paying her bills. She is too forgetful and fuzzy headed so I need to help her pay the 2 this month that are overdue.

I have an appt with a lawyer next week to make sure the power of durable attorney is in order and her trust updated to include our church and not the one she used to go to. Then I have a lot of work ahead of me arranging for all her bills to come to my house and with the bank and credit card company to allow me to use the accounts. I already talked to my bank about opening an account for her there so I don't have to deal with 2 different banks. I do all the bill paying for my family so it would just be easier to have it all in the same place.

I also need to go over the stacks of papers to find bills and organize them. She saves pieces of nice paper if she thinks she can print something on the other side but they are mixed up with photos, nice envelopes and freebies that charities have sent that she doesn't need. I have been dusting these stacks since March and they have been on her desk for years and are now migrating to the dining room table. I hope to work on it a little at a time until Christmas by which time I hope it is done and we can start on her closets. She has a lot of pairs of shoes she can no longer wear taking up space that she needs for other things. With her falling she shouldn't have piles of stuff and boxes behind doors. It is effective in hiding the items but then she can't always open the door all the way so she leaves her walker in the hallway and totters around the room. I have moved the stuff but the next time I go over it is back behind the doors again.

Well now that I have vented it is time to get breakfast and get ready for my day.

Love to all,

Well I thought I posted this. I am early for my appointment and the Dr is running late.


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Willow: sounds like you’re super busy all the time. Hard running two households. My mom made it to almost 99, living in a mobil home until she was round 95 I think. Then we moved her into a nice retirement home. I’m chuckling about the stacks of saved paper. My mom did the same thing. She didn’t want to be without scratch paper so she would open up envelopes, saved fliers, etc. Now I’m finding I save all the used printer paper, tear it in quarters and staple it together. I have packs and packs of those and I told myself to stop it!

My mom’s closets were packed as were all her cabinets for storage etc. When we moved her to a retirement home and sold the mobil home, I worked the entire month of July in the awful heat, cleaning out her mobil home, while she was at my home. No way would I have done it with her watching what I was tossing. She was a pack rat! When I would come home she asked what I had tossed....had to lie about some things. And we also moved a large secretary and a hutch to our home. Told her I wanted them....I really didn’t at the time, but they have come in handy.

I think you’re doing a great job on writing! I just got confused because the little boy was supposed to be 6 and then sitting in a car seat. So you decide how old to make him. And about very little conversation, I remembered that struck me while listening to a Danielle Steele book......very little conversation. So I’m listening to one now, hoping to use it along the lines of my writing. Haven’t done any writing though for about 3 weeks. I just always seem to have some other project that needs to be done. Right now all my watercolors are spread over my kitchen table and a box of reference photos to look thru.


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Hurrah, it stopped raining for a bit! Yesterday we had some sunshine. All the terraces around our house had washed sheets and clothing hanging to dry. Three days laundry all hurriedly done and hoping to dry before afternoon.

Ive seen very beautiful mauve inky blue morning glories growing wild, wrapping themselves around telephone wires, cables on my shopping jaunts. The rain has been good for hibiscus too. They seem to love the wet. Saw a small size orange and black hybrid one. And a five foot double very light pink bush lush with flowers. Lucky owners.

Willow - i need to get rid of shoes that are not being used. just keep those that get worn. De cluttering is a lifelong is business it seems. I remember carrying fresh pretty handkerchiefs to school was a fad in our times. Well, there were no tissues like now so they were a necessity. I used to use one to tie my hair back. We didnt have an abundance of hair clips neither.

Sun - i listened a bit, didnt have time to listen to all of it. I got that way where where i couldnt cry when i was married and living with my inlaws. i think i steeled myself and kept everything in. I think its easier to cry when one feels comfortable in ones surroundings. Yes, its healthy to release emotions. I guess thats why we were given tear ducts.

Barry - i hope next time you post you will be able to sign out with My Butts Better Barry. Lol! So nice to hear all your news. I can imagine all the cookbooks. Im finding the enjoyment of acquiring and owning and perusing cookbooks is as much fun as actually using them! Thats the hoarder in me. And the wishful cook too, i guess.

Mikie - i really hope they put up a hedge again. A fence might be pretty but theyre just that, a fence. It cant compete with green growing things. Plus a swimming pool is nice with some privacy. At least on ground level.

i can taste bad smells too. Bitter. Can you burn some incense and air out your room? Do you use your salt lamp?


These are the exact colours i saw. Although the hibiscus pink was double flower one. and the orange had black stripes on the petals, very striking. Arent they just beautiful? Arent we lucky planet earth has flowers?

The DS went and did the deed. He dyed his hair white. He did warn us before a actually getting it done. Well, he got that out of his system. He has wanted to do it for long. Its unfortunate he wanted white but he loves it. Thats what matters i guess.

God bless.
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Hi Kids

I hope this is the right place to be posting. I am easily confusiated these days. Just finished
reading the last book by Fanny Flagg, one of America's greatest authors in my mind. The Book
is titled The Whole Town's talking. Fanny was brilliant at creating characters who seemed real. This
book is about Norwegian pioneers who came to America and created a small town. I also
discovered that Fanny is with us no more; died at age 75. Not sure of the date she left us. Some
sites don't even know she is gone. She'd probably laugh at that.

Sun, I'm glad to see that you have the energy to exercise and that it works for you.

Hugs and Ha det bra