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PORCH 1223 IS NOW CLOSED (9/26/20)

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I read that it helps prolong the life of a washer if people don't run large loads. Mine has the capacity but with just me, I don't have large loads unless I wash the comforter or slipcover on the sofa.

Love, Mikie


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WELL, the saga continues. the repairman check the waterflow 5 times and it stop at the right place/level each time. so.....i decided to do the rest of the load of the laundry. IT OVERFLOWED AGAIN.

contacted the repairman in person as i had his cell number. he was suprised, hello, and could not believe it. he's going to coming out again tomorrow between 10 - 1. said it now might be the drums. said he has over 20 yrs. experience with washers. didn't care to listen and just told him to come and see what he can do.

so.....this is the fresh hell.



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SPRING, thank God you weren't hurt more! How scary. I hope your bruises and soreness will heal up well. One time my dh and I were driving, and went past an area where there was a steep cliff with a guard rail. Some kids threw a large rock right at our car. It hit hard and cracked the window shield where I was sitting. The glass did not break though right then. I felt so assaulted though.
Please take good care of yourself, rest up, and do something comforting. Do you have herbs for bruises? I think arnica is one. I'm so glad you weren't hurt more.

I did watch the "debate". I'm still recuperating! Will say no more, although it leaves a lot of sadness and worry. Trying to get my balance back.

People here in our neighborhood are putting out pumpkins and pots of chrysanthemums on porches and stoops. Cheerful.

Willow, and Sun, I am so curious about those freckles in the story. Where will it lead?

SPRING, I came across this beautiful paragraph you had about the flowers you saw on your walk. When you wrote, "mauve inky blue morning glories", I actually involuntarily said "oooohhhhh". I love descriptive writing in prose and poetry.

BARRY, what is the actual shade of the Red Maple that you planted? Is it like a pumpkin orange color when the leaves change? We have a Japanese red maple that for most of the year is hidden behind larger trees. But when it is uncovered, and the light hits directly on it, man, it glows like ruby colored jewels. I always wait and watch it then. Drink it in.

SUN and Mikie, I bought the Guernsey.. Potato Peel book also when it was on sale. Just checking, is there a lot of horrors of the war and occupation written about?

GORDON, i hope the appliance woes will lessen now. And for Sun too. Glad you have lots of good books to read.

GRANNI, glad that your dh is not having very bad reactions to his treatments. It's so good that you have children living near also.

Sending special love and blessings to everyone in Calif.! Can't even imagine the reality of it all.

Well, trying to figure out some more ways to deal with so many things happening in our country at the same time. It can trigger off my ptsd, and must find a way to get a better balance.
Love to all. Judy


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Woke really early and read for a bit. Don't have anything I have to do today except pick up Barb's DD and friends at the airport. Think I'll get Joe to bring the wheel barrow over so we can take the branches to the dumpster unless it's full. Garbage man doesn't come til tomorrow but the gardeners will be here tomorrow too and those branches are on the lawn. It was sweet of Teresa to trim the bushes but I wish she hadn't. Talked to our mgr. yesterday and he is going to talk to pest control to see what can be done about the snake. People shouldn't move to FL if they can't be around gators, snakes, armadillos, etc. I wanted to tell the woman that she wasn't in Iowa anymore. It's not like there is a nest of vipers on her doorstep. She wants all the plants pulled out. The snake will simply find another area nearby and will continue to scoot across the walks.

Gordon, what a mess with that washer and repairman. I hope he gets it fixed asap. It's not good to have that kind of stress or mess. I wouldn't call it a fresh hell; I'd call it a stale hell that continues to fester and stink! Or, as Rock says, putrid icing on a sour cake. Good luck.

Judy, you are very good at descriptive writing yourself. Loved reading about your Japanese red maple. I can see it in my mind's eye. I am so glad I didn't watch the debates. It would have raised my BP and heart rate. If I wanted a clown show, I'd go to the circus. As it is, I fear and loathe clowns. There is some mention of the German cruelty in the book but it is a small, but important, part of the overall story. It is more about the quirky, funny people on Guernsey. It is also a love story. I think you will like it.

Spring, I hope you continue to heal. It is you who told me about Archangel Zedkiel and I always picture his purple light of protection around us. Judy has talked about our guardian angels and I pray they are watching over all of us too. I know you are invoking healing light and I pray it heals you. I'm so glad you weren't hurt any worse; it's bad enough with the bruises, stiffness and pain.

I just went out on the lanai. It's only 71 degrees out and the air is so dry in contrast to the usual humidity that suffocates in the mornings. There is a cold front that is stalled just over us. It will be dropping the temps and humidity as long as it hangs around. It has dropped down from the north. There is a new tropical wave in the Bay of Campeche in the Yukatan that may develop in the next five days. It will be pulling rain up from the Gulf. We sometimes get hurricanes late in the season but they are usually done for after Halloween. With climate change though, who knows?

I got the FJ answer last night. For once, I knew the answer and didn't get it from a wild guess. Watching PBS pays off. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: Teresa may think that everyone just pitches in when she sees you doing things. What type of bushes did she scalp? They will come back unless she’s taken too much off.

Judy: we need you to add to the story. Willow is doing a great job, and I find I’m enjoying seeing where she’s going to take it, but it’s good when everyone adds a bit. I agree with Mikie, you’re a great writer. Do you write anything? If not, you should. That must have been scary, having a rock thrown at your window while driving on an unsafe road. The red maple must be gorgeous. I also wait for autumn for when the leaves turn. The street tree where I live is a ginkgo. It turns a beautiful golden. Some years I’ve taken pics of the street with the purple hills in the background. One early winter the sky was all dark greys and purple from a storm and then to have these gorgeous golden trees with intense sunlight shining on them..... Makes one stop in their tracks at the beauty.

Spring: hope you’re doing better today and the bruises are almost gone. What did your family say when you told them what happened? And yes, I’m also wondering if this MC guy was arrested. Have you been contacted by the police?

Gordon: hope this washer scenario concludes happily. Look at it this way....your floor is nice and clean!

Willow: where are you?

I’ve still got a mosquito living in my house. *&^%$#@ I’ve got a fresh bite on the back of my neck, itches likes crazy. I thought I killed it the other day, slapped my arm hard but then couldn’t find any dead mosquito. And speaking of my arm, the muscle where I got the shot has gotten huge, hard and hot. Looks like I’ve been doing weight lifting. LOL

Today is the cookbook giveaway.....I hope to get there to get a few good ones. Such an exciting life!


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sun, i got cortizone 10 from cvs and it works. you might try it. we haven't been bitten much this year and don't know why.

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Hi friends, thought I'd squeeze in before a new porch gets started, lol! Try to catch up with reading, at least every few days...

So shocked to read Spring's post about getting ran down by a motorbike! I'm so sorry, Spring. I hope you are on the mend and that the driver was properly taken care of...fined, etc.

Mikie, glad the higher dose of ibuprofen helps you. Sorry about the bush trimming incident...good of you to bite your tongue, but it's a tricky situation. About the grumpy people who just show up, but still want to act like they're in charge...grrr! I know you'll handle things, though.

Gordon and Rock...these appliances are wonderful when they work properly, but what a pain when they don't. No fun at all to have to clean up the flooding not only once, but twice. Hope the repairman can get to the bottom of the problem, once and for all.

Barry, can you believe we do not have one single apple on our tree this year? There was a handful earlier, but they fell off early and I let the birds/deer enjoy them. We do have the garden spot all ready to go for next year, complete with electric (for the raccoon fence to protect the sweet corn) and water in case we need to supplement the rains. We had some different looking hummingbirds for a few days, as they migrated. I think they have all moved on now...our temps are too cool for them...down in the 30's and 40's at night and only highs of 50's with an occasional 60 something. I guess our summer is over for this year :(

Sun, it was fun to read about your visit with your DGD and all the projects you managed to work on. Sorry about your garbage disposal...I've found that potato peelings are a no-no with mine, along with other starchy things such as spaghetti, rice, etc. I don't feed those things to Oreo, but the farm cats get a treat once in awhile with some of the edibles. And I've just been throwing any of the other organic stuff on the garden to be tilled in.

I'm going to go ahead and post this, then edit...hard to recreate paragraphs when they disappear, true?

Hope everyone else is doing okay...Granni's hubby was to have another treatment today, I think? Thinking of Willow, Windy, now my mind's going blank...anyone else I've forgotten. Maybe more names will come to me later...

Part of the reason for my extra brain fog is that I (and Den) have been pretty sick the past two weeks. Not sure if it's the virus or not, but we do have many of the main symptoms. Two weeks ago today, on a Thursday, I was headed to meet Amy as Keira wanted to spend a few days with us (then Amy and the little kids would come get her that Sunday.) I had felt a little tired, but thought it was due to working so hard on the outbuildings....being in lots of dust, mouse droppings and who knows what. I got to the next town over, stopped for a few groceries, then realized I wasn't in any shape to keep going...and it also wasn't worth exposing any of them to any possible germs, etc. I'm always very careful in the stores, for my sake as well as others, but just in case, I didn't go anywhere else.

Was very glad to have cancelled as I spiked a fever that evening, even though it only lasted a few hours. Then the respiratory stuff started, chills, body aches...Den is about 36 hours behind me, so we are both pretty much on the mend now, but it was a rough go for awhile. At the worst, neither one of us could have driven to town to the ER, but thankfully the worst part didn't last too long...it did feel just like when I had Influenza A in 2014. At that time, Den's dad was staying with us (when he broke both his wrists)...I went to the ER and got officially diagnosed. Was so afraid of giving it to Grandpa, but he refused to go back to his house as he knew he wouldn't have been taken care of and with both arms in casts, he was pretty much helpless.

But we managed then, and we managed this time, with whatever this is. No, we didn't go get tested...at this point, it really doesn't matter. We have been quarantined for actually over two weeks, closer to three...glad I was stocked up on necessities. One of Lindsey's friends would have gotten supplies and dropped them off at our door, but we had enough food, meds, etc. for the duration.

There has been lots of good news for our family, though. Yesterday, we officially gained a new grandson as Amy and family got to be a part of the adoption ceremony...Den and I got to watch it on zoom. The little boy's name is Kristian, he turned 8 years old this summer...he's been unofficially part of our family since January, but Amy and Clinton had to take the foster parenting classes, etc. in order to become eligible to adopt. The social worker arranged for members of the local fire and police departments to be outside the building to greet everyone afterwards...Amy videoed it...pretty awesome to watch.

And my brother in Texas found out he had pretty bad cataracts and was able to have both surgeries done (a week apart...one last Wednesday, the other one this past Wednesday.) He's doing great and able to see better already. His wife is the one who had brain surgery several weeks ago. They (my brother and their son) brought her home from the hospital, but were unable to take care of her (she wouldn't eat for them and was up and down all night long, etc.) so she is in a facility. Not what they were hoping for, but necessary in order for her to have the best 24 hour care.

Lindsey moved up a rank with her business (selling supplements, etc.)...she is two steps away from having a "company car" to drive, and received a very nice bonus. Goal is to have enough income to retire hubby from law enforcement and let them both focus more on ministry.

I think that gets me caught up, lol! It has been so hard to be sidelined, right when we have so much outside work to wrap up. We literally have been in bed more than out of bed the past two weeks...I am so thankful that I had food cooked and in the freezer, and had enough energy to at least keep the dishwasher going every other day or so. We've watched some extra TV and Den has puttered in the shop a little, but mostly we've just been out of commission.

Might venture to a grocery store in a day or two, but going to be extra careful. I read the recommendations as far as how long to quarantine, etc. so not going to rush anything. So ironic to have gotten sick, because we hardly have gone anywhere at all, lol! But people still need to get groceries, prescriptions, etc. I'm anxious to get back to the chiro, but didn't want to spread anything anywhere.

Take care, everyone...I'll try to keep more in touch.
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Hi Kids

You're right julie. Hard to create things that have disappeared. Like the America of our youth. I had
a very scary experience last night. I was reading the news. A story about a teen girl who had her
boyfriend living in her bedroom. Anyhoo I went upstairs and a stranger in the hallway was walking
with me. I thought maybe Henry brought home a coworker or something. When I went in the
bedroom the stranger was lying in bed with Gordon. So I woke up Gordon. Turned out Gordon didn't know what I was talking about. There really was no stranger in the hallway or the bed. It was all thumb thort of halluthination.

But tonight the plumber who's been working on the washing machine is supposed to stay with us
and keep and eye on the machine. Gordon says he's going to pay us 10 dollars to stay here. That's
kind of a switch, isn't it?

Sun flower, hope you can find some interesting cookbooks. Gordon has bookcases filled with
nothing but cookbooks. As a general rule, he never makes any of the stuff discussed inside.

Oh, I have to go help him do something. OK, back another time.



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Oh Rock...how scary, disconcerting, awful! I'm so sorry, but glad there really wasn't a stranger in your midst.

I love cookbooks, too. And I also have a whole bookcase devoted to my collection...well, actually two bookcases, sitting side by side...just outside the pantry ;) It helps me a lot to have a nice big color picture of each recipe, lol!

Make sure Gordon lets you know of any extra people in the house, so you don't get surprised. Hope the washing machine saga ends soon. Take care!


Hi, Kids,

Home from getting Cynthia and her two friends from the airport. The airport is deserted. I am shocked that there was no one there. They are so funny; we laughed all the way home. Joe came over to get the wheel barrow for me and it wasn't in the pool house. One of the board members must have borrowed the borrow for some other project. I keep those plastic tarps they give out at HD and Lowe's in their garden centers in the back of the car. I just threw one on the ground, pulled the branches onto it wrapped them up and took them to the dumpster. I must have looked like a serf in the old days in a third-world country out working the fields. Paintings always show them carrying huge bundles on their backs. Mine wasn't on my back but y'all get the idea.

My wi-fi just hickuped and I lost part of the above paragraph. TV won't stream without it so had to watch on the antenna--old school. It is only 77 out and, best of all, it feels like 77 with no humidity. The breezes are delightful. What a nice day! Don't know that I'll do anything else today. Have to wait to see. I only got six hours of sleep which is enough but not enough to work too hard. The ibuprophen continues to work to keep the inflammation and pain down which does help with NRG. I like the new thriller ex-Delta Force story I'm reading. It's a change from the Guernsey book.

Sun, we have always pitched in around the bldg. if we wanted to help out. Teresa loves working out there. The bushes will come back and it's only that I had a different idea of how I was going to trim them. The good thing is that she uncovered some smaller plants that the bushes had been hiding. I will have to take a pic of the bushes because I have no idea what they are. They are beautiful--tall with pretty leaves and big orange/red flowers that look like pom poms. Problem is that they take over everything. Same with the Bird of Paradise plants. I would add to the story but my brain fog has been bad for a bit and wouldn't be able to add to it in any way that would help. Hope you score big at the Great Cookbook Giveaway.

Rock, I am so sorry for the hallucination. I know that had to have been scary. If it happens again, your doc may want to look at your meds. My doc switched one of mine years ago and I hallucinated. I hope you guys get that washer fixed once and for all. Geez! What a pain!

Julie, so good to see you here. My calendar tells me Den is having a birthday on Sunday (unless I messed it up). Hope you both are feeling up to celebrating. I still don't know whether I had Covid last Jan. and I've never gotten tested either. I will before taking the vaccine to see whether I have antibodies. I'd love not to have to take it. Lots of happy news in your family. Good for all of you. BTW, I didn't mean to insinuate that Iowa doesn't have snakes. It's that this woman lives in the city. People who move here from other areas are always surprised at the critters up close and personal. Also, BTW, you aren't the only one with raccoons; they have invaded the grounds around the White House. Glad your bro got his cataracts removed and is doing so well. I am so anxious to have mine removed. It's sad about your DSIL but she, and they, will be better off when she gets care that she can only get in a facility that can tend to her needs. Hope you both feel better.

Gotta go. DGS sent me a text and I want to answer it. It came at eleven last night when I was asleep. I didn't want to answer it earlier today in case he was sleeping. DD had called and we had a nice chat. She has sent new pics of DGS playing soccer to the magic picture frame. All I have to do is plug it in and watch the slide show. It was last year's Christmas present. In lieu of gifts, I'm sending my donation to the Salvation Army early because of the need right now. A few years ago, we agreed to stop giving each other gifts and to instead make donations. They still make the donations but seem to want to send gifts to me too. Well, who am I to deny them their fun? :)

Have a good rest of the day, friends.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie, I had to answer your snake comment, lol! I remember you saying that, but it went right over my head, haha! Actually, I hardly ever see a snake in the yard or elsewhere around here...I understand your point, no worries. Yes, those raccoons are sneaky little dickens...they know exactly when the sweet corn is ripe enough to pick and they often manage to destroy the patch the very night before we had planned to go pick it. Some people keep a radio on in the garden to make the coons think a human is out there, but I have a feeling they (the coons) catch on pretty quickly. And some people tie a dog up nearby to bark if the intruders get too close, but I would never do that to Oreo...

Glad you made it to the airport...I've not heard of anyone flying since this mess all started. My aunt and uncle had lots of plans to travel, but had to cancel everything...maybe next year. They both are recently retired and have the $$$ to go on lots of trips, but it hasn't worked out.

I had to look at the calendar, lol! Den's birthday is October 11, Keira's is the 13th, Granni's is soon after? (I can't remember dates or even days of the week right now.) Not sure if we'll get to celebrate close to anyone's actual birthday or not. Amy is missing everyone, but we won't risk exposing any of them, especially Clinton. What's weird is that Lindsey's family and Keira's other grandparents have been sick at the same time we are....and we all live hours away from each other, lol!

I'd better figure out something for Den's lunch...he's been wanting a smaller version of his smoothie, plus just a half of some sort of sandwich. I haven't eaten yet, today...oddly, my appetite has been affected, too....so I'll find something for myself, also...then probably time for afternoon naps ;)


Hi, Julie,

I had thought we got everyone's birthdays but somehow, I think I must have messed it up. Oh well. It'll get straightened out. At least, I was close, within a week on Den's. I just got up from a very short nap myself. SV climbed up and slept next to me. He's such a comfort. I'm really tired this afternoon. Other than hauling the bushes down to the dumpster, I haven't done any hard work. I think lack of sleep has caught up with me.

We get raccoons in our dumpsters. They haul things out and go under cars to eat. They remind me of those Geico ads featuring them. When one snowbird came down and backed his car out of his space, there was a pile of bones underneath. We called it the boneyard. Grace once told me she saw the most beautiful big cat down by the dumpster. She said, in all honesty, that it was black and had a white stripe on it. Good grief! It was a skunk. Good thing she didn't get close to it. We have otters and possums too. Tweety was once curled up with a possum trying to stay warm one night when the neighbor walked by. That was when she and SV lived outside. It's a virtual nature show here, especially out back by the pond. Joe was telling me he watched and anhinga for a long time as it dove and caught its dinner. Do Mamma Kitty and the Kittens (sounds like a 1950's girl singing group) still pay visits? What about marauding cows?

I'm off to finish napping. Still tired. Hope your nap goes well so you can recover.

Love, Mikie

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Rock: that must have been really frightening. Has the doc changed or upped your meds lately? The plumber is staying with you guys? Is he going to wash the clothes too? Wait a minute....he’s paying you $10 to stay there? Sounds like he needed a place to crash.

Mikie; I hate the bird of paradise. They get huge and take over and you need a crane to get them out. All it takes is one or two pretty little ones and suddenly you look and they’re 6 feet around in diameter. No thank you. Do a search for that bush....I’m interested what it could be.

I must have been the first one to the cookbooks because there was a least 75 or more. I took 4 of them, one was a cute, compact one for cooking Thai. I think it would be easy to work my way thru it, page by page. There were quite a lot of Barefoot Contessa, so I took one on basic cooking. And I got one with southwest cooking ( Recipes from Santa Fe’s Famous Coyote Cafe) and the 4th was from the Junior League of Denver. By the way, what are the Junior Leagues? A place for the rich to gather, socialize and have parties?

I’ve been outside, moving rocks and boulders, trying to tidy up my yard before the gravel gets here. Second day I’ve been drinking my super greens drink....not the greatest but adding juice of 1/2 lemon makes it go down easier.


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A quick hi to awl,

All kinds of crazy things going on this week . Was supposed to go to two appts this week but canceled as we were next to someone who tested positive and so was exposed to covid. So, I canceled my appts and then got the all clear signal and a negative covid test but it was to late to try and remake the appt. So now I have to wait a month for my teeth cleaning an for my dermatologist. What a mess and a pain.

Sorry I cannot stay to long as I have lots of stuff I need to do and check on the computer. Just got back from our 2nd trip to the urologist today. There was an error somehow in their appt system and we were there bright and early and the gal that does it wasn't there and they said come back at 1 pm so we did. Pain in the neck. That is his last one for about 9 weeks or so. Then he goes back for a cysto and then depending on what they find or do not find he will get more of the same but less ( 3 instead of 6 ),if they do not find anything on the cysto. So far so good and on to the next hurdle, right SUN ????

SUN - Hope you are feeling and doing well;. Sorry I read through all the posts so fast I don't know if I remember who said what . Was it you with the leaky or stuck disposal? Can't get everyone straight with their appliance problems. It is a pain to say the least.

JULIE - Nice to see you here again. Congrats on new grandson Krisitian. I'm sure that was a very impressive ceremony. To bad you had to miss but I am sure you know you made the right decision. Glad yo are trying to take care of yourself with all you do, like naps. I should do more of that but I spend more time trying to get to sleep during the day and wake up drugged if I did sleep. Yes you are right, my bday is after Keiras, on the 18th. Can't believe I will be 80- yikes !!!

SPRING - So sorry you were injured but glad it was not worse. You were very lucky and I hope you do not feel to bad. Rest and get better soon. How scary for you !

So many peeps having appliance problems I have forgotten who is attached to the appliance.

Windblade - Yes, I am lucky to have some kids around that can be helpful in times of need. That is truly a blessings.

MIKIE - Glad you can take naps too. It is good for you. DH esp keeps telling me to go take a 15 minute nap. That is not happening. That is what he does and gets up feeling wonderful. Not me !! Hope you have a successful nap !!

Gordon/Rock - sorry to hear about your leaky washer. Hope you get that straightened out soon.

Hi also to WILLOW, BARRY and anyone one else I have forgotten at the moment !

We got plenty of squirrels, probably racoons, and God knows what around here and under our deck too. We have had to remove coons years ago and caged them and them bought them somewhere else . There are or used to be lots of deer and fawns too that you see occasionally marching along in our hood.

Gotta run everyone,
Granni :)


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Hi to All,

We have been kept very busy helping Mom and taking care of our stuff. We found a local insurance agent and switched over to new policies that will save us about $1500 dollars a year on the cars and house. We got a special policy for the classics that mostly sit in the garage that is where the most of the savings were.

Mom couldn't find where she put her Living Trust so Gray spent about 1/2 an hour searching her office closet and found it sitting on a chair. I had told him it was in a white binder but Mom trying to disguise it as something not important had put it in an old blue fabric binder so we weren't looking in the right place or for the right thing. It was written in 1990 and has had 2 amendments added so I want to get it checked over. Dad has died since the original document so I would feel better to make sure everything is going to the right people when I have to do the disposing of property etc. I don't like to think about it but it brings me peace to have a plan to follow. She is losing weight and her mind isn't what it was even last year so I want to be prepared. She refuses to see a Dr. about the weight loss, loss of appetite, or about being so tired and sleeping a lot.

Gray and I had to go to get our blood tests for our physical which is a drive out of town, not to far but it usually ends up taking almost the whole day. We stopped for take out breakfast at a drive thru window and then stopped at Michael's for me to get something to use for matte for picture frames that we had. Since we have to stay on budget we are using old picture frames and Mom gave me some old calendars with really cute pictures which I am using. It isn't what I would have chosen could we afford to buy new art work but I really like it too. I still have a lot of areas for art work and I have several pallets outside that we could do something with so I will probably look on pinterest to see what I can find to make. I had Gray get down a big orange plastic box that I keep in the garage and was happy to find 2 table clothes and 4 cloth napkins. The large table cloth barely covers the dinning room table and the other one should work fine for the kitchen. They had never been opened and I forgot I had them. I have no memory of even buying them but I must have they are exactly my taste.
Spring- I hope you are feeling better by now. That must have been scary.

Sun- I am here, just been really busy. I had been hoping someone new would add to the story. Half the fun is figuring out how to rework where you were going to go when someone else throws out a twist. I can think all day of where to go and then have to change direction when something I wasn't expecting happens.
My laptops hinge has broken so we are hoping the laptop holds together for a few months. We have a property tax bill due in November that we are saving like crazy for. We have some set aside in 401K but don't want to touch that if we don't have to. The gov isn't making people take required minimum this year because of the big dip in the stock market this spring. So we were hoping not to have to touch the 401. I love being retired but Gray has no pension just a 401K so it is tricky. After leaving MI in 1981 there have been few union jobs out here in his profession.

We are having washer problems too, only our washer is almost new. It keeps putting out a code that means there is a water leak somewhere but there are no leaks. So someone is coming out on Monday to look at it.

I just got the results of Grays blood test and his A1 is slightly high 5.9 I have been after him about his diet but he gets real defensive about his food. He has agreed to low fat, sugar free ice cream and lower fat cuts of meat. His cholesterol was a few points high too and with elevated blood sugar that could be a problem. But he will never give up his 3 eggs for breakfast. He lives for his big breakfast. At least he gave up the bacon a few years ago. My cholesterol is slightly high too but mine won't go down unless I eat plant based 100%. So I guess it is back on the pravastatin. If I can keep it down.

Love to All,