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Hi, Kids,

Finished the laundry. Too tired to do anything else. Roomba is cleaning the carpets. Sooo sick of this Supreme Court hearing. Everything today is just too contentious and all these televised hearings devolve into the senators' all using them to advance their own politics. It's the American people who lose. I've loved politics all my life but not anymore. I won't listen to the debates nor any of the hearings. It's just too stressful. So, I channel surf to try to find distraction. BTW, those Bounce dryer sheets that keep pet hair from sticking to clothes really do work.

Something strange happened with an onion that I was going to finely chop to make my guacamole. When I went to remove the outer ring of the slice, there was sooty black mold just under the paper skin on the outer ring. I figured I'd remove that ring and I sliced it. When I went to throw the skin and outer ring in the trash, the black sooty stuff brushed on one of my fingers and it stung like crazy. Needless to say, I threw the whole thing out. I can't even imagine how toxic that stuff must be to burn my skin like that. Yikes!

Spring, I also don't like crowds and can easily have sensory overload. I like the idea of a festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Sorry you're pooped but glad you got some coffee to pick you up. People here drink Cuban coffee. It's strong espresso with lots of raw sugar stirred in. Delicious! Do you decorate for the festival and have special food?

Sun, what a hassle with the credit card fraud. It's been years since that happened to me. I remember having to let customer service depts. at several companies know the new info. It is a pain! For some reason, there is interference with watching TV. So, I'm watching Ciao Italia. Not my favorite show but there is slim pickins' today. I've caught up with everything I've saved to watch. Wow, your neighbor really is isolating at home.

I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Wish I could get myself over to the pool every day but it's hard enough just for three days a week. I'll go tomorrow and again on Fri. I think a nap is called for. Hope everyone has more NRG than I.

Love, Mikie

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It’s soooo hot here again.......96. I just got back from a run to the PO, library, and the ballot box drop off. I checked on my new plants...OMG....don’t know if they will survive. I watered them immediately then moved the hose to some other droopy plants. I’m really sick of the hot weather.

So after I took care of more credit card changes, I had to call my United Health drug plan. Yesterday I spent $351.19 for my steroid inhaler. That was the remainder on my deductible, but today I find they have no record of it. I talked with CVS, they said to have United Health call them. I was put on hold with insurance and finally the lady came back....said CVS has a computer problem and was told it would be fixed soon. So that means I have to keep checking to make sure. The whole problem came about yesterday when my new CC was declined, luckily I had another CC on me. The bank had apparently put a hold because out of the blue this CC was being used. I just feel like all my financial stuff is giving me fits.

Yes, I thought the same thing about my neighbor. She’s looking very dark hispanic because of her living out by her pool all summer. She’s normally very fair. She said that’s how she’s spent her time. She has a cute little dog and he loves to chase a ball that she tosses using some type of curved stick. She swings it, he runs then lays there with the ball. So then she swings another ball and he’s off and running. I was thinking that’s a handy way for the dog to get exercise but a person doesn’t have to run after the dog.

I haven’t listen at all to the hearings. I’ll get the news tonight on PBS. I’ve had the onions get the black mold in the past. I think it’s probably the MCS you’re going thru.

Judy and Willow, where are you girls?


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Hi Sun, I have been very busy trying to catch up on everything that needs doing before flu season starts and I have to start isolating more for Mom and Gray's sake. Saturday I was just too tired to do anything, Sun Mom comes over and we have dinner, I washed her hair and styled it and cut and polished her toe nails before taking her home. We took her home with a lot of servings of cooked chicken and steak as well as a lot of left over pizza and salad. She was very happy and when I was putting them in her freezer I could see why. She only had one serving of meat left from when I replenished her freezer last time. She didn't tell me her freezer was getting empty.

I did add a paragraph to our story on Saturday but it disappeared so I wrote another one tonight.

Hi to Everybody,

I hope your weekends all went well. It was hot here today, it was cool enough to enjoy the patio Sunday. Today it was 103. I am dreading winter so I am enjoying these last few days of summer weather.

I took Mom out today and we both got our hair cut. It will take getting used to I haven't had it this short in over 10-20 years. It is still below my shoulders but it was down to my waist again before it was cut, but I am so tired of it getting in the way so it had to go. Afterwards we stopped at Moms bank to give them the power of attorney but the person who would do that wasn't in today so they took my phone # and called me to tell me to send it to them in a email and they will check to see if their legal department will approve it, otherwise I will have to get a new POA or bring Mom in to sign papers to allow me to do everything for her. I don't feel comfortable taking her inside she has become quite frail and can barely get up out of chairs on her own. I will have to take her in to the lawyers too if we decide to get a more up to date POA but at least that wouldn't be so crowded inside with a line of people waiting around the building outside. They closed all the Wells Fargo's except for 1 in town and it is mobbed all the time.

After all that we stopped at Del Taco and brought lunch home and got home just as Instacart was delivering our groceries. Then we went online to try to find her some clothes for Mom at the sales. She didn't see anything she liked for a jacket so I had her try on all of mine and we found one that would do if we can't find one online. So now we just need to find some shoes but she doesn't want to spend as much as I spend on my shoes so I am hoping we can find something cute in a mary jane that will fit her. It seems that her size is sold out in just about every one that she would like.

I have something I have to do everyday this week so hopefully by Friday or Saturday I can rest and regroup before having Mom to dinner again on Sunday. Next week will hopefully be a little quieter.

Granni- Is the wedding going to be a formal affair or more casual? For Bears wedding since she is Mormon, he is now too, she asked all of us girls in the family to wear white skirts and then pick a top in either green, blue, yellow or purple the colors of the bow ties that the men wore. The men were to wear black pants and white short sleeve shirts and black suspenders and black shoes along with the bow ties. I will never wear that skirt again. I just don't like wearing white.
I ordered about 5 different skirts from amazon, sent back three and kept two of them, one just below my knees and the other floor length. I ended up wearing the long one since it was so cold that day. It was on June 1st 2018 which was supposed to be in the 80's but ended up being chilly just barely 70. The wedding and reception was outside with us sitting in the shade in an orchard looking out over the city. The venue was up on a hill with a gorgeous view.

Mikie- I am chemically sensitive to smells too. I like the sensitive downey and tide. The smells don't bother me for those two. I can't use dryer sheets even the unscented ones. Floral scents bother me the most. I can get away with fruit scented products better. Cleaning products, pesticides and fertilizers bother me too. I hope you feel better and get your energy back and that nasty neighbor moves away or goes back to their other home.

Spring- Noises used to bother me more than crowds. Lights can also bother me especially flashing ones. I don't miss going shopping at all. It is nice that you are able to take a taxi. The stores are too far away from us here to get by without a car but I don't drive much. Just enough to keep from forgetting how. Gray has been working with me to help me get better at backing the car into the driveway. We live on a busy street so it is better to pull out nose first then tail first. I will pull it up to the garage door and let Gray take it into the garage I am too chicken to pull it in myself. I am afraid of scratching it or bashing it into the wall.

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize it was so late. I drank a coke at 3 o'clock and the caffeine will probably keep me awake most of the night.

Good night to all.

Love Willow
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Good Wednesday Morning,

Just watching a show I missed last night On Demand. It's on too late. Earlier I watched the Christmas episode of Victoria. Queen Victoria had nine children, according to Alexa. Holy Cow! No wonder the royal families in Europe are all related to one another. Royals marry royals. I think Prince Philip is Queen Elizabeth's cousin. Eleanor and FDR were also cousins. As my ex used to say, "Incest is okay as long as you keep it in the family."

We are getting a super spreader political rally here in Ft. Myers. I wish they wouldn't hold them as most of the people crowd together and don't wear masks. Several of the staff where Claudia's Mom lives tested positive. I hope they get better and her Mom doesn't get it. Claudia's big orange cat, Finnegan, got sick so she took him in to the vet that SV sees. I hope he is okay too. When it rains...

Sun, you are right. Once my allergies are bad or I get exposed to something that triggers my sensitivities, everything gets worser. I have to haul my garbage down when I get back from the pool. That onion skin stinks to high heaven, far more than they usually do. Something is very wrong with that onion. The black mold on it looked like the black mold that was removed from behind the tiles in my shower years ago. I would wake choking at night and wonder why. I should go over to the pool and get some sun on my pale old bod. I have to be careful though because I'm so fair skinned. Hard to believe I have African DNA. I hope you get some relief from the heat. It wears a person down. Joe has to use a steroidal spray for his COPD and the cost has become astronomical. We need legislation to lower the cost of our meds. We are paying for the rest of the world that pays less. Even generics that have been around for decades have gone up. I'm lucky because I get my Tier I and II drugs with zero co-pay as long as I use mail order and my plan has no deductible. Hope you get everything straightened out with the credit card.

Willow, you are so good to your Mom, especially considering you are not well. Sometimes I wish my hair were longer so I could put it in a pony tail. As it is though, it's fairly low maintenance. I just have to keep it trimmed. I'm glad I can use dryer sheets if they are unscented. It's only a few things that set me off. I once had to use Klonopin to help with the sensitivities and to be able to sleep. I had low-level seizure activity in my brain while sleeping. One time I was in Target and started to feel agitated but couldn't figure out why. I looked around and saw that strobe lights high up in the tall ceiling were flashing. A fire alarm had gone off and they couldn't figure out how to shut off the lights. There was no fire. I put half a Klonopin under my tongue and checked out fast. I had sensitivity overload to touch, smell, noise, light, and movement. I finally was able to wean off the Klonopin and have been relatively okay ever since but smells still get to me. The nasty neighbors have headed north but they will eventually be back. AACCKK!! I can't do weeks where I have to do something every day. I space my appts. out. Fortunately, I don't have that many. Stay cool.

We are sposda stay under 90 degrees all week. There is only one low pressure system in the Caribbean and experts don't see its developing. I hope we are out of the woods for hurricanes. Hurricane season lasts through November but we have had tropical storms in December.

Our paving project starts at the end of the month. I think I'll wait on the pressure washing until it's finished. I remember last time and people tracked tar onto the sidewalks. Don't want to have to do it twice.

Hope all y'all have a good day. I'm stuck in a bit of a malaise and I hate it. it's easy to feel a bit hopeless with everything that is going on. Fortunately, there is still enough of the optimist in me that I haven't given up. Praying helps.

Love, Mikie



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Hi All.
Well, my doctor's appt. was cancelled by the nurse --- "doc isn't feeling well today" ---just as I was getting togged up. So now, two weeks from now, I'll be seeing him (I hope!)....

Feeling lousy today (what's new?) and am going to do NOTHING but read. And nap. Feel like crap. Snap!

Willow, good to hear from you! You've more energy than ten of me! So nice that you take such good care of your mom. I can't drive anymore : it gives me the dizzies, alas. Sensory overload is always with me in crowded situations, like stores blaring out music, people babbling, and, and...
Enough of my whining.

Mikie, sorry for your malaise. I empathize with you. As for the anti-snake person, tell her they are a protected species, and MUST NOT BE HARMED! She won't know, I bet.:D

Mikie, I agree. The whole world is laughing at us and politics, but it's just as bad in Britain/Brexit, and so many countries are on the edge and protesting, rioting, etc. Damned pandemic! The debates I won't watch either; I get the snippets from the Guardian (newspaper) or BBC.... Sickening how nasty and mean some people are. Enough. I liked the story about the sick onion.

Sun! Your poor plants! I hope they have recovered -- shading them temporarily would help in this heat storm that is coming. I us remay (sp) shade cloth and just drape it over whatever. It's light as a feather, so if it gets windy I hold it in place with a couple of sticks, rocks, whatever.

Gordon: did you find fantasticfiction yet? If so, what do you think of it?

I have to get Lenny off of my shoulders, take him out in the sun with Romeo.

Blessings and Peace and Charity to All,


Hi, Kids,

After I came home from the pool, I texted Teresa to see whether she wanted to sit out on the balcony and have her second cup of coffee. I called Joe and he joined us for a while but I don't think he's feeling well. I think he has a Herpes Family Virus that causes his lip to swell but never breaks out. It was a beautiful morning in the mid-70's with a wonderful breeze. He said he felt hot. I hope he's not getting sick. He wasn't quite his usual self.

Was gonna strip off the slipcover on the sofa and wash it but started feeling lousy myself so decided to let it go until tomorrow. Tomorrow isn't pool day for us. I've seen on TV and in the newspapers that people are afraid of social unrest and violent outbreaks after the election and gun sales are going crazy. People are loading up on food and supplies. Many are also worried about another lockdown if the Covid takes off again. Don't want to stoke panic but they were right about the paper goods shortage last time so thought I'd give y'all another heads up.

There is a new show--Next--on TV. It is supposed to be a lot like the old 24 in terms of being a real thriller. I watched the first three episodes. I'll definitely be watching it. It's about AI running amok. Conchata Farrel of Two And A Half Men has passed away. She was 77. I loved her. She cracked jokes with the best of them.

Barry, that's too bad about the cancellation, especially since you were getting ready. On the other hand, you don't want to be exposed if the doc is getting sick. I hope he is okay and you are feeling better. I agree that the pandemic has caused people to go nuts and has exacerbated already existing problems. I see the unrest in the other parts of the world on the BBC News. Unfortunately, the stupid hearings have been running late and PBS covers those instead of the news. Hope your time out in the sun helped. It's a beautiful day here. Still hot but not as muggy.

I hope everyone has a lovely evening. Teresa and I were noticing how far to the south the sun is now rising on the eastern horizon. Also when it's setting.

Love, Mikie


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Barry: I rescued the plants yesterday, thank goodness, but I’m heading out now to water again. It was to hit 96 again but it’s not quite that hot today. You’re like me.....I gotta psyche myself into going to the doc. I hope he’s not been exposed to someone for both your sakes.

Mikie: I also liked Conchata Farrell......what did she die from? I hope you don’t pick up something from Joe. It’s so dark in the mornings and it gets dark much earlier in the evening. When do we change clocks? My handyman had installed an automatic timer to go on when dark at the time I picked, and go off, but I accidentally broke one of the prongs so it goes off at 5:30 in the morning for 15 min. then turns back on. When my DS visited last christmas he told me I needed to have the front lights on all night so that’s why the timer. I have a long dark walkway to the front door. It’s so bright now it looks like I have a floor show going on! No burglar will be able to sneak up to my front door. At first I was embarrassed with all the light but slowly all the neighbors around me are leaving the porch light on all night. But along with the light at the door I also have 8 bright lights leading up the walkway.

I’ve spent the morning on the phone and running to CVS. Something is so screwed up with my insurance. I got a supervisor at United Health who said he’ll fix it for me!!!! Turns out, per CVS, Medco is my primary drug insurance.....I don’t have that, I even called Blue Shield to verify I didn’t. CVS said they were given that info. so someone has to get this fixed. I’m so upset I want to tear my hair out. The last two weeks was the fraud charges on my CC and also the fraud at the car wash.

I took a break from TV last night and watched “The Devil wears Prada”. I had seen it years ago but it really made me laugh.


Sun, Conchata Farrell died of complications following cardiac arrest. Daylight savings ends Nov. 1st.

I can't believe all the grief you are having between CVS and your ins. co. What a pain! All the lights in the hood stay on all night. I think there are laws governing multiple-family units. We have red exit sign lights on the balcony over the stairs at each end. One would have to be pretty bad off not to know where the stairs are here but in larger buildings, I'm sure they would help. We have a motion detector under the carport and it turns on bright lights at night if someone walks by. I'm sure it is a deterrent when it comes to crime. If your outside lights have LED bulbs, they cost a lot less to run.

I hope you get everything straightened out. No one needs that kind of hassle.

Love, Mikie