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PORCH 1231 IS NOW CLOSED (11/9/20)

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Hi everyone,
MIKIE, so sorry to hear about another loss in your family. Was your SIL's brother on the same side of the family as your sister in law? So brain- foggy today. Slept for over 20 hours - couldn't wake up at all. Now trying to eat a,little and take meds. Can only watch Netflix.

Does this happen to anyone else here? Not being able to wake up?
Now so dizzy and weak - not enough energy to get up or stand up. Have to be patient, and just get through it. Going on a news fast too. Have been running on adrenaline for too long. National situation.

Enjoyed reading everyone's news.
Love to all
p.s. praying for your DD's neighbor Paul, in his illness. And for Claudia's daughter to find work. So glad I can pray in bed. And to have a bed to sleep in, and for shelter, and a very kind husband. Mikie, your practice of gratefulness, finding the good encourages me.
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Judy: sleeping more than 6 hrs. is a rarity for me but I have had situations where it was hard to wake up. Mostly when I’m so lacking in sleep. Sounds awful. Maybe set your alarm for just 8-10 hrs. at a stretch? You might be going into way too deep sleep. Not having any energy to even eat is what people experience who have been hospitalized. It’s a struggle to even walk around. I’ve been trying to not check the news so often. Distressing to me.

Mikie: I also need to eat my way thru some of the food stored in the freezer. I was stocking up way back in feb., and need to clean some things out. I did toss some freezer burn stuff yesterday. It was rice pudding that I had stuck away.....defrosted it....UGH......there was no food value in it anymore. I hate to waste.
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A late almost good evening to you all,

Thought I had a UTI but the urinalysis wasn't conclusive so she gave me a script if I needed it since it is the weekend. She said if you take the OTC meds for pain sometimes it will do that. I took some yesterday and some Cystex. Didn't take anything today. We spoke of my neuro symptoms and she did some poking on the bottom of my and I could feel it. They took blood for my B-12 level and want me to have a pelvic x -ray I that is what it is. She probably wants to do a few things herself instead of or before she decideds to give me a dr's name. I am in the beginning stages of it for sure but not sure it is worth it to go to a neurologist as there is no cure. I just wish they could do something g or the way my legs feel sometime especially the bottom part of my legs and top of my feet. Feels very irritated and sensitive. She did mention Gabapentin possibly. We'll see. !!

Gotta run for now. Everyone have a nice weekend. Not much for us.



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Hi All,

I went to the intake interview for the clinical trial. It is for a muscle relaxer but is a lower dose and in sublingual form. I will only get the drug during the trial and then even if it works I will be taken off after the 14 weeks. The man who interviewed me said a lot of people benefit from being in the clinical trials even if the drug doesn’t help them because of the Dr. visits. I will do a daily diary and see a Dr. every 2 weeks. I go next week for blood work and a physical and if the meds I am already taking are okay, they are unsure of the bladder instill meds, then I will be started on either the med or a placebo. They will be doing one for ketamine soon also so I said I was interested in that one too. They also do a lot of studies for depression, PTSD etc.

Sun - This house was one of the model homes for this subdivision. There were a lot of builder upgrades that were very popular 22 years ago. The blinds and swags were probably original to the house. It has nicer cupboards than a lot of houses from that era and has corian counter tops in the kitchen. I want to remodel the baths though. They have the old white square tiles on the counters. The cupboards are still in great shape and still in style but could have a darker stain or paint but all the fixtures need to be replaced. The old ones are the vinyl beige ones. I told Gray before he got another car I wanted the bathrooms done and if we should come into some money I want a wood burning fireplace. I really miss the wood burning stove we had up North. The heat from that would warm the bones and ease the muscle pain in the winter. Here, we thought we had a fireplace, but it turns out to be gas logs which put out almost no heat. It does look pretty in the living room though, which we almost never use since we can't have company over.

I didn’t get much sleep last night so I was really tired when we got home. I wanted to stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home but the line was down to the end of the building to get in. You have to wait for shoppers to come out before anyone else can go in so I wasn’t up to that so we came home. I got some onions planted and still need to plant a few things like the iris I dug up to move to a different location and some daffodil bulbs. I have some seeds to scatter too like poppies and a few other spring flowers. Now that it is cooler I will probably get out there more. I don't know if it is too late to start lettuce outside or not. I guess I will find out.

When we got home I was really tired so I asked Gray to help with dinner. He said he would so he cut up the chicken, I showed him how to season it and told him how to nuke a potato and veg and he took over from there. It was nice to be able to relax. My head was getting dizzy and fuzzy every time I stood up so it was either open a can of soup or Gray cooking. He needs to learn how to cook since he refuses to eat out now because of covid. I don't feel well enough to cook everyday. He doesn't even want take out. I am glad to share the cooking most of what I cook is easy anyway.

I think it was Granni who suggested pot roast. Gray has high cholesterol so I cook sirloin for them. If I can get it on sale. I haven't tasted it but Gray and Mom like the way it is cooked in the Instant Pot with vegetable broth and onions. Gray is slightly anemic so he needs red meat once a week or so, I should throw some potatoes and carrots in like pot roast to have an easy meal in one pot. I am trying to give him salmon once a week too for his heart health. We actually found a veggie burger that he likes. Of course it is the more expensive ones from Trader Joe's but he says it tastes more like real meat so it is worth it.

I am looking for some Christmas cookie recipes that I can modify to make them healthier. I read that you can use apple sauce instead of oil or fat and am wondering if the egg replacer I use with cake would work with cookies. I plan on trying them next week. I have some apples that I want to bake for this Sunday dinner.

When the kids were little I loved to bake and with this beautiful kitchen I am starting to do a little more. Easy things like cup cakes and cookies and hope to work my way back up to bread. I don't have my old vegetarian cookbook anymore, it had some great whole wheat bread and cookie recipes that I made a lot of back in the 1970's. I used to bake bread every day until I started working again when Bear was 2.

Well I best be going. Time to get ready for bed.

Love to All,



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Willow: I have to applaud you for going thru drug trials. I guess I’m a chicken when it comes to drugs, any kind. I really hope you find it helps you. Refresh my memory.....do you have the usual FM symptoms?

This house has a wood burning fireplace and I used to love it in the winter, but then I never was the one to build the fire. Of course now I wouldn’t have a fire on my own. Yes, new drawer/cabinet pulls can make a giant difference in the look of cabinets. They’ve very expensive though. I got a close out on them years ago when a large store chain was closing down, but even then they were expensive. I just counted....there are 50 in this kitchen, so if you’re interested really do your homework on the style.

Judy: I hope you’re getting a little more energy today. I’ve been praying for you. I can’t imagine going thru what you do.

I’m up early....the usual, but I’m heading back to bed hoping to catch a few more Zzzzzzz.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Got up and had my high-fiber cereal with the organic blueberries I got at Costco. I've never seen such huge berries in my life. Often, organic berries aren't as pretty as the others. I wanted to buy some pastry but don't have room in the freezer for them. This is healthier anyway. The pavers finished Joe's street and I'm going to walk over there later to look at it. The engineer we hired to ensure the job is done right told Joe that there is no need anymore to reseal the asphalt down the road, pun intended. He said the new materials are so amazing and should last for years and years. From his lips to God's ear.

Judy, I am so sorry for how you are feeling. I have felt that way but not for years except for the recent exposure to the scents. I know that feeling of not being able to wake, feeling dizzy and having bad brain fog. Over the years as my FMS and CFIDS/ME got better, those symptoms got better too. I will pray that they go away for you too. Keep the faith and try everything you can to improve your overall health. Thanks for your sweet kind words and prayers. My DSisIL was married to my ex's brother. We all knew one another since our HS days. We were all within a couple of years apart. This latest loss is the brother of my DSonIL who is married to my older DD. So, two different family sides. I know it's confusing. I have found that practicing gratitude really helps me. When I feel blessed, it eases the problems of health and everything else going on. Joe and I talk about how blessed we are even though he continues to grieve for his wife. Nancy, Claudia and I often talk about how blessed we are, especially to have one another for friends. Oprah was the first person I ever heard talk about gratitude in this way. Hang in there, Kiddo. One thing I have found is that nothing ever stays the same with our illnesses.

Granni, I drink a lot of water for my kidneys so run to the john a lot. I have found that, if I don't jump right up from the toilet but sit a few minutes, I will void more urine. Before I get up, I lean the top half of my body forward, putting pressure on my bladder and it will cause the last of the urine to void. I have what I suspect is neuropathy in my legs and feet. Walking in the pool helps. My Mom had it and she walked in the pool to help hers. Good luck with the docs.

Sun, I think I've just been in a funk and don't want to cook or eat. I feel guilty when I waste food. I don't know whether the chicken nuggets had any food value but they satisfied my need for protein. They tasted good except for the texture. Yes, the news is distressing. All I can do is pray. How is the weather there? It is beautiful here since Eta departed except for the lingering humidity and that is going away. We are supposed to get our usual beautiful winter weather in a couple of days. Now, if only Iota leaves without any problems for us... I have a small kitchen so it isn't too expensive to change out the hardware. I got the last at Lowe's. I wanted to change it out again and found it a bit more expensive. Then, I went to Amazon and got the same hardware at a fraction of the price. Hope you are getting more Zzzzz's.

Willow, it was I who suggested a pot roast after finding a recipe for a Jewish Mom's brisket. It sounded so delicious but I don't want anything I have to cook for hours all day long. The Instant Pot is so good at cooking meat til it falls apart. Pot roast is one of my favorite meals. Problem now is the cost of beef. I don't want to have to float a bank loan so I can eat it. I painted the vanities in the baths with a product called Cabinet Rescue. I got it at Lowe's. It comes in white but can be tinted any color. Sun found a great book by a pharmacist that deals with cholesterol. She worked with a lot of specialists and they all found that cutting the carbs, specifically sugar, helped cholesterol more than cutting things like eggs. The book is Diabetes Without Drugs by Suzy Cohen and it is an excellent book for everyone. Suzanne Sommers also worked with experts and wrote books that concurred.

I always try to respond to everyone who has posted but I send out love and hugs to all our Dear Porchies who are here or MIA. Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend. I highly recommend reading something funny and laughter.

Love, Mikie

DD called and we talked for about an hour. It's really hard for my DSIL to come to grips with the death of his younger brother. I just sent sympathy cards to him and his Mom. I walked down to the dumpster to mail the cards and pick up my mail. Our dumpster was full so walked over to Joe's street and put it in one of the dumpsters there. It's still hot and fairly muggy outside. Why is The Masters tournament in Agusta taking place now? Was it cancelled in the spring? Oh, I guess it was. No crowds this time. Covid has messed up everything. Think I'll read a few more Far Side cartoons and then have lunch.

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Hi to awl but need to go and fix lunch !

WILLOW - That is interesting about the clinical trial and I hope it helps you. Just wanted to ask you since you have a lot of experience with bladder and IC problems. Can you take any kind of decaff organic tea to drink or is that supposed to make it worse, with the burning and frequency. I know all teas are a diuretic. I have been trying to drink decaff organic Green Tea esp with all this virus stuff going on. I had read that organic green tea was OK but not sure if that is correct. Answer when you can.

JUDY - Hope you feel better soon ad get some more NRG. I too have little but DH keeps me hopping which I guess is a good thing.

MIKIE - Even after I pee , sometimes I get up to quickly and know I need to sit longer and try harder before I get up. Then I still sometimes have to go back and sit again. Yes, I sometimes remember to bend forwards like you mentioned to put pressure on the bladder to rid of the last of it. I learned about the bending forwards when I had my first surgery for my leaking years ago

You all have a great weekend. I might come back later but not sure, we'll see what happenes. Need to work on the wash from yesterday.

Love to awl, including those not mentioned and MIA's,
Granni :)


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Hi Mikie- I know what you mean about the price of beef. Even hamburger is expensive. There was a sale at Aldi's for $4.69 a lb for the thin sirloin steaks Gray and Mom like but they were out. The regular price at most other stores is around $7. That is just too much. Aldi was also out of their turkeys for .49 cents a pound. I think I will probably have to go in a store to get a good deal on a turkey. My freezer is stuffed and Moms is getting full so I will have to shift things around between our 2 houses to get a turkey to fit. I usually buy a turkey for Thanksgiving and after cooking it cut it in 1/2 and freeze the other 1/2 for Christmas. That way I only have to cook the turkey for one meal and we all have plenty of leftovers for sandwhichs. Mom insists it's not Christmas without a turkey, although she would accept those little cornish hens. Mom and Dad were British Canadians and Dads family always had a goose for Christmas. Dads parents and 2 older siblings came over on a boat, fortunately not the Titanic. Grandma wanted to come over on the Titanic but Grandpa said no. Moms family came over in the 1700's to fight for the red coats and stayed after the war was over.

Sun- My fibro symptoms are a lot of disabling pain especially in legs, shoulders, low back and neck. It limits what I can do. I need to sit a lot but have to be careful about positions as that can cause severe pain later. I can't walk too far or go up stairs or ladders. I take Tylenol and IB for pain and an occasional robaxin. I went to a pain clinic and learned how to pace and all that. I was taking methadone for pain but it is not recommended for seniors and I was tired of being treated like a criminal by pharmacists. I also knew when we moved finding a new Dr. to prescribe it would be difficult. The methadone worked great for nerve pain, the bladder disease etc. but didn't help for trigger point pain or headaches. I have a mobility scooter so I can go to events like car or air shows but I would like to be able to go for walks and be more mobile and be able to do some exercises. It is impossible now. Other than that it is the sleep and brain fog that is the worst.

The kitchen cupboards have outdated handles. I think I counted 34 so it would be expensive. The cupboards didn't originally have any pulls on them but the owners husband got them and put them on. She was pretty proud of them. I am getting used to them and maybe they will even be back in style in 20 years or so when I will be too old to take care of a house this size. For now I am just enjoying the kitchen layout. The old houses kitchen was so tiny I dreading going in there to do anything. I love the small island in this one it makes everything so much easier, this kitchen is laid out very well. The laundry room is so conveniently located also. In the old house I had to go down a dog ramp into the garage which was so cluttered with Grays tools that it was not a good thing, especially if my legs were already hurting. Going down that ramp into a cold damp garage didn't happen as often as it needed to. I made sure Gray had enough socks and T's that I only needed to wash them once every 2 weeks. Here the laundry room is inside right across the hall from the master bedroom and the first room down the hall from the kitchen, It is really central in the house and easy to reach from every room and I don't need to go into a smelly, dirty, garage anymore. Another laundry room in the garage was a deal breaker for me on a new house as was stairs of any kind. There are a lot of houses here with the sunken living rooms. They look nice but are impractical for seniors. My sister and her DH bought a tri-level a few years ago and are regretting it now. It is a cute house but the bedrooms are on one level, the kitchen dining room on another and the living room is in the sub level. I think that is crazy.

Hi Granni- For me tea, especially the black and green were really hard on my bladder. I found that some of the herbals were okay if I didn't drink more than one cup. I drink mint, chamomile, licorice and marshmallow. Rooibus tea is my favorite tea but it can irritate my bladder if I am not careful. There is a supplement called coffee tamer that I got on Amazon that I pour directly in the tea or any food that I know bothers me and it will help to buffer that food or beverage. They even have a liquid kind that you can put in wine. I don't drink alcohol much so don't know how well it works but I pour the coffee tamer in most of my food and then need much less Azo for pain and it helps a lot with the urgency also.

Well it is 10 and I haven't even finished my breakfast or done the dishes yet so I must go and do something productive, probably set Ziggy loose to vacuum, do some dusting, and get Moms laundry done for tomorrow. I still have to figure out what to have for dinner tomorrow. I would like take out from Chili's, Mom has a gift card that needs to be used but Gray may nix that idea.

Love to All,


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I can only do a little today.

Mikie: epilation! What's wrong with hair there? I have to get my head frozen too, or at least some spots on it. I'm gonna let my local doc do the work on me,and monitor my back. I told him it was too exhausting to go 60 miles and back, etc., and etc..to see a dermatologist. I have appointed him instead. He accepted.

Sun: FOUR bathrooms? Holy cow! How many do you use? Maybe you should open a boarding house.....

Spring, I am not feeling more cheery, but I'm glad you are. In fact I'm feeling major depression right now, but have been a depressive all my life. Alcoholic/gambling father. Constant moving from one state or country and back again. Finally got settled in Calif. when my dad retired from the military. No siblings. Mainly me and my mum, bless her. When my father died his branch of the family (Texas) cut us off. Hurt my mum terribly....

I'm off now to plant the last of my tulips, dog play, and after lunch r&r 'til 'tis time for tea at 4.

Love to you All,
Praying for this country and the world,


Hi, Kids,

Had some Stove Top stuffing with a couple of slices of chicken breast. Tomorrow, I'm going to slice up thigh meat and marinade it in some hot and sweet sauce and will put them in the Instant Pot with the fryer lid. Don't think today will be that productive. At least, I got the cards in the mail even if they will likely not get out til Mon. The financials came so I need to sit down to go through them. Then, I have to do a budget analysis of how this year is turning out so mgmt. and I can do next year's budget. Nothing on TV so am watching a special on the Kennedy's. I'm familiar with their story but I enjoy seeing the new ones that come out.

Granni, I figured you knew all the tricks of the toilet. We may have discussed it before. I have such brain fog that I can't remember. I never try to go but relax as much as possible. Tensing my body just seems to work against me. I have found that sometimes in the evening, I will go and I no more than get back into bed and I have to go again. Isn't it wonderful that we can do some loads of laundry one day and finish it the next? Takes a lot of the pressure off of us. Not like the old days when it took a whole day to do it.

Barry, I remember that European women were looked down on here when I was growing up because of hair growth under their arms and on their legs. Personally, I like the smooth look. After one epilades long enough, the hair stops growing back in. Sorry to disappoint but think I'll continue with the smooth look and continue to color my hair. Hard to get rid of those ideas we pick up on early in life. I'd let my PCP do lots of things but he doesn't do much. I have to see the dermatologist but it's just down the street. I live in a very convenient area. Of course, I don't have all the beauty and quiet nature that you enjoy. I'm sorry for all the stress in your young life. Don't know how the family in TX could have done that to you and your Mom. I pray for peace in the world and peace for you.

Willow, I also hope the drug trial helps you. I took opiates for my pain early on and added Klonopin later for sleep. The Klonopin helped so much I was able to ditch the pain meds. I got the stink eye from a pharmacist when he insisted I was an addict due to the Klonopin. I tried to explain that physical dependence was not the same thing as psychological addiction. He refused to listen. Good thing that your Grandparents didn't come over on the Titanic or you likely wouldn't be here. I've never eaten goose. I like duck. Once had duck sausage and it was delicious. Roomba ran yesterday and there are already chunks of SV's hair on the carpet. Good grief!

Again, I want to thank everyone for your prayers during this difficult time for my family. I keep everyone here in my prayers. You are all such kind and good people and are a great blessing for which I'm grateful. I keep all of you in my prayers for protection, healing and peace.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Am reading a bio of Fred Astaire. Written by a long time friend of his. I'm not sure about that friendship. He frequently refers to Fred's funny shaped head. "Like an upside down onion."
There was nothing funny about Fred's head.

I watched a Western on You Tube. Johnny Cash played the Marshall. Did an excellent job.
Too bad Johnny didn't make more films.

Barry, your mention of a boarding house reminds me of a book I read many decades ago. I think
the title was "Chicken Every Sunday." I guess I'll see if the library has it. With it's current policy
of disposing of books if they are not taken out every year, I doubt they would have it. They threw out the book on my family's geneology. If the place had any bright people working there they
would have called me and asked, "You wanna buy this book." I woulda paid 'em a hundred bucks
for it."

The reason Sun needs 4 bathrooms is so that she can hold up her latest painting to different windows to see how the light looks. Picasso lived in a house that had no walls. Only windows.
I took a class on Picasso at the Univ. of Wisconsin. When he wanted to he could paint with the
realism of a camera. Amazing.

If you are going to get your head frozen, pick a freezer with an ice cream bar in it. No sense being
hungry and cold at the same time.

Willow, I think Jane and Tarzan had a tree house with different levels such as you described.

Granni, did you found something for a nice lunch. I think I'll go downstairs and see if Gordon
is making anything. I hope your current problem improves without any surgery.

Mikie, congratulations on your new kitchen hardware. Next time I'm in sunny Florida I will
drop by to inspect things.

Windblade, yes, most people have a lot to be grateful for, but it's easy to overlook things that
are always around. And people too. Guess I'll go downstairs and see what the chef is doing
in the kitchen.

Hugs and other good things, Rock


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Willow: glad you got a house with your laundry in a convenient place. I don’t think men architects consider that when they are designing a house....only women who have to do the laundry. Mine is right next to the kitchen but there are doors to close it off when I want quiet. I guess I’m lucky that me and beef don’t get along! I basically cluck!

Barry: actually my son tried to talk me into have an airBnB......or renting to college students. But I don’t want to clean bathrooms after strangers, thank you very much. I basically use 3 of them but only the one shower, so I have to remember every once in a while to pour water down the shower drains. And turn on the shower faucets otherwise they will freeze up....it’s happened before. The 4th is down at the other end of the house near the laundry room. It was great having all of these when we first moved in with 5 of us living here.

Rock: you’re right about taking a look at my paintings in the bathroom mirror. The eye sees things differently when looking in a mirror and problems jump out at you. What did Gordon fix for lunch?

Mikie: Has your DD told you about how they’re going to bring the brother’s body? I would think with the covid it would really present problems. Have they found out any more info on the cause of death? I’m so sorry for your SIL and his mom. A real shock.

I ran some errands this morning. I like those little lights that look like a candle burning in it. You can set it to automatically come on. It’s nice to see some lights on to welcome me if I get home after dark. So I had to get to Dollar Tree to buy more of the AAA batteries. These candles can really go thru them. And I have some of those outdoor lights, stuck in pots here and there so have to change those batteries too. What a boring life!

I think I’m going to do a bit of WC painting today. I NEED a change to lift my spirits so maybe being creative will help lift me up a bit.