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PORCH 1232 IS NOW CLOSED (11/15/29)

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Mikie: I have an appt. for the drivethru at a walgreens this afternoon. It’s about 7 mile from my house so have to plan it carefully. Don’t want to get there too early. It’s not the greatest area either. I read yesterday that the fast tests quite often come back false positive or negative. I’m hoping I can get two kinds done....the fast and the one that is sent in to the lab. I wish I could still have the UH advantage but apparently because I had to get a PPO back in february, the advantage is only for an HMO, even though it’s still with UH.



Hi, Sun,

I also worry about the accuracy of the tests. The antibody tests aren't that accurate either. I hope you can get in and out without any problems. I used to have the UHC PPO Advantage but switched to the HMO version. All the docs are the same except for my old orthopedic surgeon. I haven't had any problems getting to see docs.

I don't think we can depend on anything the govt. tells us and that is a shame. It will affect whether people will be willing to get the vaccine. A nurse was on TV and she said that, even when people are in the hospital with the virus, many refuse to believe it. They say things like they "Just have the flu; the Covid Virus is a hoax." She said some cling to this even as they are dying. It is one thing to be able to reason with people by giving them facts, accurate information. It is quite another if they refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of them and would rather continue in ignorance. I honestly don't know how anyone can make sense out of this mass fantasy of denial. It is scary.

Let us know the results you get. I pray you don't have it. How are you feeling? Better, I hope.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Some guy posted funny stuff about raising kids on You Tube. "Alexa, Raise my kids. "
Crabby people from Iowa? Hard to believe. Used to go to Iowa a lot when I was a kid.
We traveled first class on a Yellow school bus. Well, our town was about a mile or so from
the Iowa state line. Iowa and Minnesota looked very much alike. Always sang songs on
the way home.

I don't know if this is true or a joke. Anyhoo, my mother used to say, "Old Chinese curse. May
you live in interesting times."



Hey, Kids,

Got up not feeling great and it went downhill from there. I had an upset stomach and diarrhea. I suddenly hit the wall and had to lie down before I fell down. I slept for a short time. SV climbed up on the sofa and lay with me. I felt lightheaded so will definitely not be going to the store today. I have to move my car tomorrow to Joe's street so likely won't be going then either. After that, I think the paving project will be done; I hope so. Worst case scenario, I can have groceries delivered. I can probably eat out of the freezer and cupboards for a week with no problem. I try to always have plenty of milk for my coffee and bread to toast on hand. Nothing worser than running out and having to go to the store.

I am plowing through the Lucia and Mapp book. It's lite reading and is a good diversion. I am so thankful I have things to comfort me in my misery. A hot soak and my soft fuzzy robe included. I heated some Progresso chicken 'n noodle soup for my lunch. Half a can was just right (Goldilocks Syndrome). That and some Diet Coke made for the perfect lunch. I may bake some cranberry orange coffee cake in the bread machine. I'm a bit tired of the Myer Lemon pound cake.

Rock, almost everyone I have met from the Midwest has been very nice. This couple is a anomaly. My Mom was from NE and everyone in her hometown made me feel like family when I visited. Well, it was a small town so most of them were family. I found this on Wikipedia:

"May you live in interesting times" is an English expression that is claimed to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. While seemingly a blessing, the expression is normally used ironically; life is better in "uninteresting times" of peace and tranquility than in "interesting" ones, which are usually times of trouble.

Despite being so common in English as to be known as the "Chinese curse", the saying is apocryphal, and no actual Chinese source has ever been produced.

So, like with so many things, we may never know the origin of the saying/curse. Hope you, Gordon and Miss Kitty are well.

OK, Kids, here's a little something from Gloria Estephan of The Miami Sound Machine. She's one of my favorite singers:

To everyone else, please stop in to let us know how you are doing. We miss you when you're gone.

Love, Mikie
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HI Mikie, et al,

I jusst saw your post and read quickly. Sorry you are not feeling well again. Hope your naps helps out and you feel better soon.

Thats what I thought about our insurance but all the isurance companies are sending out info for their plans and this is a new one too. So far out plans have been good together. Yes, I have tried GoodRX and a few others. I have a few other discount cards but we have fairly good insurance so I haven't used it . I think I used one of them sometime ago when the insurance was not valid for some reason. It is almost alays cheaper with our insurance. Some deals on some meds are good and others that are very high are still very high, like$300 or more+ for one of my urinary tract meds for 90 days. With our insurance it is $100 for 3 months supply which is good but to expensive for me ! Occasionally I break down and most days I take the cheaper Darifenicen. Of course if it was for b/p that is something I NEED and would have to get it anyway if the prices went up a lot and we didn't have insurance. I know there are place you can order them from but not as cheap as I want them. Yep, whine, whine, whine !!!

As far as DCD goes she has had poor memory since something fried her brain through the years she abused. She is now going to AA and has a sponsr or someone who helps her, I believe. I know that you have to be careful of different meds i nterfering with it and causing otuer problems. One drug, a couple of years ago that she was taking or together with another was making her so very sluggish , waslking so very slowly and just not right. I told her to mention to the dr and he has been on top of the meds but not sure how often she has to go see ethe Psychologist or mental health DR..

Haven't done much of anything today and had better check the wash from yesterday. Helped DH with some leaves outsie today for a short stent as they pick up garbage and whatever today.

Yes, it warm today . Not sure if I should chanage from my jeans. Wss going to wear capris but knew I had to go outside so had to cover up with all my skin and whatever problems . I have a 3/4 sl top on may go change soon. If I wait tolong it gets chilly even inside with air and fans and I just keep what I have on.

Gotta run for now. Thinking of everydobby!!
Granni :)


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Hi to All,

Yesterday was a visit to the clinic for the clinical trial, They took 3 vials of blood but they had to poke me twice. My right arm the vein was too small so they tried again in the left arm. They did an ECG and urine test as well as some questionaires. They had me put an app on my tablet that I have to go to daily to tell them my pain level and how well I slept that day. I go back in two weeks to start on either the med or the placebo. Then on the way out the door they gave me $80 cash. I treated Gray to lunch. I had wanted to go to Trader Joe's but there was a line out the door and down almost the length of the building. I figure if there is that long of a line then the building must be packed inside so not safe.

I ordered our groceries last night for delivery this morning. I don't like filing complaints but after this mornings delivery I felt I had too. Who puts vitamins in a bag with raw meat? The paper towels were split open down the whole front of the bag, this was one of the items for Mom, and she uses them to wash her face. I didn't feel they were sanitary and the toilet paper wrapper had a hole in it and the ice cream looked like it had been dropped. It was crushed on one corner and the lid on that corner had popped open, also not sanitary. I don't feel that people at high risk for the virus could safely use any of these products. Wrappers need to be intact. I didn't complain when I got a can that looked like it had been dropped as it was all dented because the can was intact, so contents would be safe to eat. This is the first time I got a bad delivery from WalMart so I will see how they handle it. Aldi whom I have gotten several bad deliveries from has been great about crediting me for their mistakes. I love Aldi and wish I could do more shopping there but Mom only wants name brand products. I was to tired last night to switch back and forth between the Aldi and WalMart tabs so just got everything at WalMart.

I am putting off getting up and getting ready to go to Mom's to do the cleaning and deliver her groceries. I haven't seen her this week so I am feeling a little guilty about that. I feel so unmotivated to do anything.

Has anyone tried this. I have some of the products but i just realized I didn't get the apricot preserves I ordered. I may try this with raspberry or strawberry. Rose shaped apple tarts.

Well as much as I don't want to get up it is time to get productive and do something.

Love to All,


Hi, Kids,

This Porch is filling up fast. Almost time for a new one. I had decided to do the quick bread in the bread machine. It was an orange cranberry bread. I decided to ice it and got a chair to get up into the top shelf for my confectioners sugar. When I went to put it back, I knocked down a plastic bottle of maple syrup. It didn't break but the lid did and lay splintered across the kitchen. Syrup was everywhere and even ran under the fridge. I had to mop it up several times and tracked it all over. It still feels sticky so I'll have to wash it again. I had to pull the fridge out and clean behind and under it. AACCKK!! I have to get rid of all the syrup or risk ants all over the place. I even had to take the trash bag down to the dumpster so the ants wouldn't get in it. What a mess! The quick bread wasn't even that good. This is why I no longer like to cook or bake. Everything turns to crap. I'm going to hell for all the swearing too.

The pain in my left cheek and neck is worser and I need to massage the salivary glands and lymph nodes. Have a headache too. I ordered my OTC free products from my ins. co. today. I got some Pepto Bismol, toothpaste and a touchless thermometer. They were out of those last time I ordered. It is sposda arrive tomorrow. Don't know when I'll feel up to shopping. I'm disgusted with everything. Bah humbug!

Granni, yes, it could be the drugs from the past or the meds now. I think it's fairly common. It sounds as though she is doing really well and I keep her in my prayers. Just when I was sick of getting political junk mail, along comes the Medicare junk mail. There's a lot of bait 'n switch ads on TV telling people they may get up to their full Part B Medicare premium reimbursed. One has to be very, very needy for that and most people don't qualify. I've had UHC for years and am staying with them. They are the biggest and I like the extra things they offer. Every year, the max out of pocket goes down. I am hoping the govt. will allow negotiation with drug companies so the cost of drugs on Medicare can come down. Mine are cheap generic and, if I order through the mail, there is no co-pay. I took two of them to Target last time because of the mail slowdown. Thing is that we never know when we will need something expensive. It's hard this time of year to wear something just right (again the Goldilocks Syndrome) :)

Willow, that is awful that there was so much damage. Raw meat should not be put with other things. It should be in a separate bag and then can be put in the common bag. Even the wrapping from the meat section isn't adequate to stop cross contamination. That's nice that you are getting a lot of tests and some moola too. Good for you! I've only be to Aldi's a couple of times but all the brands I didn't recognize turned out to be fine. Their meat looked good but I didn't buy any. Claudia likes the German brands of cookies and candy that she knows. I'm trying not to go anywhere right now that I don't have to. I suspect a lot of Snowbirds will arrive right after the holidays and they always bring a lot of sickness even in the best of times. I feel too tired to do anything. I admire you and Gray for all you do for your Mom. I'll check out the tarts.

Joe brought his car over and parked it under my carport. Mine looks so good because it sat out in the rain a lot. I have to clean the carpet and mat on the drivers side. It's muddy and has black pieces of asphalt on it. Glad I don't have a new car. They put in the speed bumps today and did a few little spots that didn't get done earlier. I cleaned my bath tub and the toilets and that's all I got done besides cleaning up the syrup. Think I'll pull the stove out tomorrow because it's likely as dirty as it was behind the fridge. I have to wash the gel mat in front of the sink because it's sticky. The fridge is larger than my old one and it touches the cupboards on both sides. Looks nice because it fits so perfectly. Makes it harder to push and pull though.

I hope everyone has a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hello Everyone

my friend called unexpectedly and she was in the neighbourhood near thesupermarket so she wanted me to come join her for a cuppa coffee/tea. i normally dont do surprise outings, but this friend just lost her aunt who raisedher and is still doing stuff that needs clearing after a death and she like to talk stuff over so i just locked up and went.

upset myschedule for chores, cooking dinner etc. so i couldnt look in. Quite a few customerscame 8nto the restaurant so8m guessing the business is doing ok. somewhat. there was at least 4 mtrs distance between the groups of customers.

I got in 5hedry cleaning (winter stuff) blanket, couple over overcoats, the cold just caught me by surprise and i didnt have any ready warm stuff. now im good togo for a week ortwo. i was looking for some jackets ihad and when i found them, one had mildew. washing stuff during winter is a pain. Drycleaning is expensive.

my DD was saying she would make kale chips i do t know what 5hat is, but the kale is withered, she got caught up 8n someth8ng else.

Sun - i hope your testing procedure, the to and fro and other 5h8ngs goes smooth. Gloria Estefan looks good. she was huge in the 80s. a rags toriches story and always been such a lovely person. fromwhat ive seen andread. she wa interviewed on Oprah.

Mikie - is hurting cheek symptom of sjogrens? looks like the paving work is going briskly.

Granni - ive attended AA meetings with my DB when he was alive. it was 8nteresting to hear all the stories. My DB did giveup the drink some ten years before he passed.

Willow - one of my friends told me her little niece drank juice out of a carton which was squashed and was violently sick. i m careful about crushed packag8ng since then.

Rock - your trip to Iowa sounds like it was a lotta fun. Much more fun than sitt8ng and playing video games in a room. i wish the govt would pass a rule only certain n7mber of hoursfor kids to use electronics. unfortunately everyth8ng is done on electronics now.
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Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Still have a sore throat and ear ache on the side where my cheek was hurting. I think the salivary gland was inflamed and everything around it hurts. I massaged it yesterday to get things moving again. Slept through FJ last night but warned my pals that I might. They worry if I just don't show up. I think it will take another mop job on the kitchen tiles before they don't feel slightly sticky. What a fine mess that was! Will go to Publix if I feel up to it later.

Evidently a new In 'N Out Burger opened up in CO. Cars were lined up for two miles. Is the food that good? CA and CO are very similar in taste in many ways. People are starved, pun intended, for something to look forward to. This year of disease, unrest and economic disaster has been horrible. A woman in Naples south of us was arrested. She is a bottle blonde Karen about my age and appears rough. She went to a neighbor's home topless and drunk and was yelling racial slurs. Good grief! This is what we've come to. I would be mortified if my mug shot were on the news for something like that.

Spring, I keep my extra blankets and coats in sealed plastic bags. We so seldom need warm clothing down here but every once in a while in the wintertime, it gets down to freezing. I usually just layer up under a lightweight coat. Leggings, tee shirts and hoodies are perfect. We kinda like it for a change. How nice of you to drop everything to see your friend on short notice. Chores can usually wait when a friend is in need. I always think we regret the things we didn't do more than the things we did do. Just before my DSIL died, her ex, my ex's brother, called me and said it's a shame the family didn't get together. We both agreed we would. We still can but she won't be there. Sjogren's affects all the lymph nodes and glands in the body. The salivary glands are especially affected, leading to dry mouth. Same with the oil glands in the eyes that make tears, causing dry eyes. My skin is dry too. My lymph nodes in my chest get sore and I have to massage them. We have veggie chips here at the store but I've not been tempted by them. They can be made in air fryers. Stay warm, my friend.

Our weather here is more seasonal now that the tropical storms and hurricanes seem to be on the wane. It's in the low 80's during the days and into the 60's at night. It's also less humid. Time is flying by as one day seems to meld into the next. It's bad enough that I'm getting old but now it's happening at a maddening pace. Christmas decorations are going up all over the place. The Rockefeller Christmas tree is going up. A tiny owl was found in it after it was cut down. It was rescued and is dining on mice in a rehab center. Sooo cute. I think it's important to hang on to traditions to get us through these times. The little family at the end of the bldg. went up to GA for Thanksgiving. I pray they stay safe and well. I won't need to get treats for the boys for Thanksgiving. I'll be starting to pick little things up for them for Christmas. Publix always has inexpensive little goodies around the holidays.

Think I'll go start a new Porch. Otherwise, I'm likely to forget. Doh!! It ain't just my body that doesn't work right. Stay well, dear friends.

Love, Mikie
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