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PORCH 1243 IS NOW CLOSED (1/13/21)

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Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Thought y'all might want to take a midnight winter stroll with me. I can smell the crisp air and feel the snow crunching beneath my warm fuzzy boots. Yes, even my virtual clothes are fuzzy. :)

I have to run to the store and guess I'll get a couple of LOTTO tickets. I would love to be able to feed people with the winnings. I'll stop back in later.

Love, Mikie

Home again, home again...tickets in hand. I can't believe how big the jackpots have grown. There will likely be multiple winners who share the pots. Publix had little pots of tulips so I got one for Teresa and Jef. I wrote a thank you note in a card for all they have done and it had a white feather on the front. She texted to tell me that feathers are special in her life. We will sit down and tell each other our connections to them. What nice neighbors.

I took only one BP pill before I went to Publix and the other when I came home. They do really make me sleepy. Also cause dry mouth, like I need more of that with Sjogren's. Teresa has become pals with a woman here who is on the big board. I'm so glad because they are both so nice. Her pal was coming up the stairs when I got home from the store so we had a nice chat. This grapevine is how we all keep in touch with one another.

Hope our Dear Porchies stop by.

Love, Mikie
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hi folks,

sorry to hear of all the pain and troubles everyone has been experiencing. hope one and all will get better soon.

i was busy during the holidays knitting jumbo scarfes for my nephew and nieces. was not able to mail the package as i didn't want to be at the post office during that busy period. will try in a bit and go in one afternoon when it's not busy. knitting cotton dish clothes now. i've given many to friends and family.

i was recently told by a nurse that the 'regular' blue/white face mask that we all use is only effective for 20 minutes - ugh. she recommended doubling up to be protected. i've been doubling up when i go out for supplies. our city has converted dodger stadium into a vaccine site. orange county is doing the same with the disney parking lot. i called cvs yesterday to see if they has gotten any vaccine - NO. they are training staff to give the vaccine. i will call our GP and see what they have to say. both rock and i will be getting the vaccine when it's available.

not much happening in the garden. i've planted vegetable seeds, twice, and nothing has come up. maybe the seeds are too old. will try getting pony packs later and go forward.

the library seems to be very busy with people getting books. tried getting an appointment but they were sold out til this thursday. another adjustment during these time.

everyone stay safe,



Hi, Gordon,

Always so good to see you've dropped in on the Porch. Thanks for your sweet kind wishes for us all. I hope you, Rock, Henry and Miss Kitty are all well. I have doubled up on the masks but I now shop when there is almost no one in the store. One test I saw was to try to blow out a match with the mask on. If you can blow it out, the mask is no good. I want to get the vaccine too but it's by appointment only and the appointments are all gone within ten minutes of when the phone lines open. Since I go almost nowhere, I'm gonna wait until it's easier. Sounds as though your library is in the same situation. At least, you can always download something to the Kindle. Desperate times...

Joe just called to run some changes by me to his resume to run for the big board. I was slurring my speech as through I were drunk. I hope I can get used to those pills. I surely can't drive in that condition.

Have a good evening. BTW, have you been cooking anything interesting lately?

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: sounds like the extra pill is a tad too much. Can it be cut in half?

Gordon: yes, those disposable masks aren’t good. When I saw my doctor back in late october they gave me one to wear, telling me it was good. They wouldn’t let me wear my 3 layer one but said if I wanted I could put the disposable over mine. 4 layers was a tad too much. If and when you get vaccine, let us know how it went.....you’re brave. I’m waiting down the road for a one dose variety and after it’s had a lot of success.

Granni: is this #3 for your DH? Praying for success for him. I have a scheduled cystoscope next week......praying for negative for me. Your DH is lucky that he recovers so quickly. It takes me about 3-4 days to get all of the anesthesia out of the system.


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Hi again,

The surgery centere just called and said they changed his time to 7:30 instead of 9:30. It is better in some ways but you have to get up erly and get mmoving. I have to shove donw something to et. DH can't eat so he's be moaning tht he is hungry!! YIKES !!


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Woke early and still feel a bit tired.

Sun, yes, I'm gonna try just taking half an extra BP pill today to see whether I can do that for the daytime and take the full extra pill before bedtime. I can't walk through life as though I'm drunk all the time. I may be able to increase it later. Sometimes, med doses have to be tweaked. I hope your back and neck are better.

Granni, prayed for DH before I got up. I hope all goes well. I like earlier times when I have procedures that require anesthesia. If I have to go without food too long, I get blinding headaches. Let us know how he's doing.

I'll be back later.

Love, Mikie


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Hi All.
I know its been a while, but I thought I'd pop in and say G'day.
I haven't been keeping up with everyone so I hope all is well.
It's been a crazy past year, world wide I expect.
I guess I'll leave it at that and hope to get back into the swing of things this yr.
Take care.
Catch yas later


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STAR! what a surprise and soooo good to see you here. I do hope you will come back. I sent you an email about 6 mos. ago, maybe you got it or didn’t feel like emailing back. I hope you can find it and bring me up to date.

Mikie: I know the feeling of “loopy”. That’s why I can only take a 1/4 tablet of tramadol. Even a half makes me feel like I’ve had 3 drinks. I hope cutting it in half will help. And I agree, some meds have to be done slowly. I’m up early with the usual morning pains and a cup of coffee to jump start the tylenol. This time I also took tramadol along with it. I did manage to get 6 hrs. but still need more so will go back to bed. I’ve found that if I listen to my favorite pastor as he teaches my brain tries to focus on what I’m hearing instead of going around and around on mundane things in my head, and I’m able to drift off the sleep again.


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MIKIE, hoping that your titrating the med. will be a help. And that eventually you can go back to taking your eye med. Keep eating the salmon, and the Omega 3's too.

GRANNI, praying for your DH's treatments, and for the dental work that you are having.

Willow, I know how frustrating it is to keep stopping and resting so much, but I do think it prevents the PEM from hitting us. I try and read my energy levels, and not force myself if they're very low. Actually I can't force myself, many times I don't have the energy to eat, or even talk. Sometimes I can read, or watch a light Netflix show, or just need to sleep more. Then when I have " walking around" energy, it just feels so good to move around a bit.

BARRY, i find depression to be the hardest thing to deal with, even more than physical stuff. It's hard for people to imagine the reality of it. I distract myself by reading, or watching youtube, comedy sometimes is a big help. Depends on what I need at the time.

STAR, we haven't met yet, I'm pretty new to the Porch, but not to PH. G'Day always sounds so cheery to me.I love the Australian accent.

Rock and Gordon, hoping you find many good books to read, and old, cozy tv shows, like I Love Lucy. I grew up in that time too.

Love to Spring, and hoping I am not forgetting anyone, with this foggy brain of mine.


Hi, Kids,

It's DD's birthday and I sent a text. It's earlier in CO and she called me back before starting her day 'seeing' patients. DSIL is starting a car dealership with a friend but it's not like a used car lot. It's more of a personal auto concierge kind of thing. Businesses today seem to be heading in a more personal direction. He does that with real estate and is successful. Some docs here are doing concierge medicine and are having great success. I think a lot of people have been creative in this age of Covid and have branched out into other areas. I just feel so bad for those who can't.

Sun, I'm glad you got the six hours of sleep and I hope you can get more. Sleep is so important for our bodies and brains. I often fall asleep with the TV on especially if it's a calm voice speaking. I sometimes pray and fall asleep if I pray gently. Sending gentle prayers to lull you to sleep (just hope they don't lull me to sleep). :)

Judy, yes, and DD talked about other options for my meds. Not only do I rein things in when I'm tired but especially when I'm feeling like I have NRG. That's the dangerous time when we are likely to overdo. Sorry your brain is foggy too. It's no fun. Feel better.

They are likely prepping Granni's DH about now. I pray the procedure goes well.

Barry, hope you are feeling better. I hate depression and, like you and Judy, I try to distract myself when the black dog is at the door. Hope the rain has brought out the beauty where you live.

Rock and Gordon, hope you stop in soon. SV sends his best to Miss Kitty.

Spring, I hope all is going well on your side of the world.

Star, again I hope you and yours are doing well; I think of you often.

Willow, hope you, DH and your Mom are all well. Stop in when you can.

Lordy I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If so, I apologize. As always, keeping everyone in my prayers.

BTW, today is also the Today Show's 69th birthday. I started watching it when I was eight years old and that was the start of my fascination with news and the events in the world. I remember Dave Garroway and J Fred Muggs, the chimp who was on the show. Barbara Walters was on it back then. Betty White turns 99 on Sunday. What a woman!

Joda Kotbe and Jenna Bush are starting a documentary of the month club. This month, it's The Minimalists; Less Is Now on Netflix. On January 29th, the two guys who made the film with be on the last hour of the Today Show to discuss it. Since we are all trying to organize and get rid of stuff, I think it might be interesting for us.

I'm off to have a soak. So far, vitals on 1 1/2 BP tablets are good. Fingers crossed and prayers going up. Hope all y'all have a good day.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie, you put my name instead of Willow's in your last post. Just to confuse it more, one of my favorite childhood books was Wind In The Willows:p So glad that your DD knows about other med options for you. How is your other DD doing with her lung symptoms? For your DD that is a therapist, I wonder if she knows about IFS (Internal Family Systems)? It has helped me more than any other type of therapy model in my whole adult life. It also has a very strong spiritual component for all people. So thankful I found it. Give SV a pet for me - I love cats.
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Hi, Judy,

I am so loopy from the BP meds. Thanks for the heads up. When I get really tired, I tend to type the wrong name that starts with the same letter. I've done that with Sun, Star and Spring. Doh!!

I will ask DD about the IFS. Glad it has helped you. I'll check it out. Haven't talked to other DD but her lungs were better last time we spoke. Thanks for asking. SV says, "Meow."

Love, Mikie


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Judy: yes, it’s all completed and looks good. My contractor bought satin paint as opposed to the flat that is on all the trim and garage door. I like the little bit of sheen so i whenever I get the house repainted I’ll use the satin. I’m anxious to get the plants back in, but have to wait for my gardener to move a very heavy pot.

I just got back from my morning walk. It’s warming up, supposed to get around 88 today. I might work on my etsy store today. Still have a lot to list....sigh. Yesterday I took three bags to thrift store of sheets, table cloths, etc. so my linen closet is looking better.

Mikie: I see you just posted. I told a friend who also has the bronchiectasis like I do, about taking NAC. I seem to be breathing better and coughing less. Which I’m thankful for. I was getting nervous about talking on the phone because I would usually have to cut things short due to an excess of coughing........not good for me living in isolation already.


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Mikie, SV's greeting made me smile. I mix up words so often, will say stove , meaning refrigerator. Or toaster oven instead of microwave. Good thing my DH can figure out what I mean, and save confusion. So good to hear that your DD is improving!

SUN, I'm glad you were able to get out for your walk. And also that your house looks so fresh and pretty.


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Hi to All,

I had a good day yesterday. I got over 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, it felt wonderful. I decided to go to the clinic for the clinical trial after talking to them on the phone and making sure that they were aware of my concerns and they were very nice at accommodating me so I felt safe. However, while dropping off groceries and laundry at Moms on the way to the clinic I forgot my purse at her house. I had the study drug in there. I am supposed to return any leftovers. They were good about my mistake and are letting me turn it in on my next visit. I am so relieved we didn't have to go back to Mom's to get my purse right then. It is 40 minutes one way so it would have take a few hours.

Because I slept so well the night before the clinic visit I knew I wouldn't sleep well last night so I wasn't surprised when I woke up at 4:30 so I went back to bed at 8:30 and woke up feeling pretty good. Today is the day I am supposed to start my seeds in the seed starting trays. I am hoping I can find a bag of potting soil or seed starting mix outside on the side of the house where I have my gardening equipment.

My legs are really sore from all the walking yesterday so I am sitting in my arm chair trying to get up the gumption to get dressed and go outside. The weather is amazing today. I love the quality of the light, it is not so bright that it hurts the eyes. It cheers me up just being able to look out the window and see how beautiful a day it is. If I didn't have such a skin cancer risk I would probably go out and lay in the sun.

Granni- Prayers are with you and DH for tomorrow. Know that we are all with you in spirit.

Mikie- Have you figured out what ingredient in your eye supplements was bothering you? I figured out that the B12 I was taking was too strong so I am taking a lesser dose so now I am able to sleep on days that I remember to take my supplements.

Sun- I didn't forget that you asked me to take a picture of the snow on the mountain. I was waiting for the next rain to take one, I am still waiting. We were supposed to have rain a few days after you asked but the jet stream is not accommodating us and all our rain is going to Barry's neck of the woods. I miss how green it can get here in the winter after the rains. Hopefully there will be something equivalent to a March Miracle that they got up North a decade ago. I am enjoying this unseasonably warm weather while it is here. I got my trays filled with soil and seed starter mix but now comes the hard part, making a plan for what to plant and where it will go when it is big enough to go in the ground. Are you feeling a bit better, you mentioned having a lot of pain.

My peas against the north wall that I planted in Nov. are about 3 inches tall. Gray and I put up the net for them to climb on. My strawberries are still alive, that is all I can say about them. The onion bulbs that I planted in early Dec. are growing. My yellow pear tomato is still alive and has blossoms and several tomatoes. It is my least favorite. My early girl which was in a bag planter is barely alive but still has a few tomatoes on it , they are really sweet and tasty. There has been no frost here yet to kill them yet this year. Last year the frost got a plant in a planter of succulents that was too close to the edge of the patio. Everything further under the roof, even though it leaks like a sieve, wasn't harmed. The previous owner left two planters of succulents a large one of wax plants in 3 colors and a pot with 3 colors of geraniums. She also left a lot of empty pots but I have filled all of them up and need to get more.

Well I must start working on my garden plan so I can decide what seeds to plant.

Love to All,


The above was written yesterday, I thought I posted it but apparently not as I found it this morning.

Mikie- That is so true about having to remember to reign in activites on days I feel good a little to keep from crashing the next several days. I really need to work on that as that is usually my MO I rush around like crazy trying to get caught up on days I feel good and then crash and fall behind again. I am looking forward to the Netflix documentary you mentioned. I got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved but I am finding that there is still a lot of stuff that I haven't used since we moved here, especially kitchen tools. Gray and I have been watching Cobra Kai in the evenings and really enjoying it. Gray likes the fight scenes and action which I don't watch I appreciate that it has some humor. I can't believe that Ralph Macchio is 59. The blonde actor is actually younger and looks at least a decade older than Macchio.

Judy- I can so relate to being too tired to talk. When the kids were young they were always complaining that I would start a sentence and then just trail off and not finish it because I was so tired and conserving what little energy I had to get the chores done. I have never been to tired to eat just too tired to get up and fix something, I can't eat a lot of the processed foods. When we had the wood burning stove up north I would get on the floor to put more wood into the stove and then lay on the floor for awhile until I had the energy to get up and cross the room back to the couch. I need to find productive things that I can do from my chair or couch for rest times.


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Willow: what type of seeds are you planting? I love fresh peas but have place in my garden to plant veggies. My DS up in Portland got a free greenhouse a few years ago, took it all apart to bring it home then pour a slab for it so he could put it back together. He’s sent pics of what he grows in the winter and then in the summer. I really envy him! So many plants I tried to grow in the past....brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli would usually end up with aphids that were hard to control. I used to take the magazine, Organic Gardening, and dreamed of a productive garden.

I didn’t understand about your pills.....are you still in the trial? And wow! 6 hrs. undisturbed. I happened to mention 6 hrs. to a friend yesterday. She told me she wished she could sleep more than 4 hrs. and YET she still is able to do a lot, watches her two great grandkids and helps with the oldest online school, she’s 79. Some people are just blessed.

It’s funny you mentioned “March Miracle”. We had been in the middle of a bad drought about 28 years ago. My son was in HS at the time, and his friend had an old car. He had heard a period movie was going to be filmed in our little town and he contacted the right people who hired his “car” for background in the movie. So he and my son went down early in the morning and I went down around 8 am, talked to a cop watching everything and asked if I could come back at lunch break to get pics of the set since I painted. He said OK, so at noon I went back and....there was my son and his friend in costume at the lunch wagon. Lucky, because I was allowed on the set because they were minors rather than several blocks away from where the barricades were set up. They used to call it the March Miracle because after months it finally rained on the first day off shooting, so the next day they had to bring in “rain machines” to help with continuity. That movie was “Forever Young” starring Mel Gibson.