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PORCH 1247 IS NOW CLOSED (2/6/21)

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Barry: the caffeine is to help with the pain. If I drink it quickly and go back to bed it will usually help, but my fault.....I started reading all the political stuff.....and was up almost 1 1/2 hrs. So then I tried going to sleep with a favorite pastor’s sermons I have downloaded on my ipad, but sleep wouldn’t come. So I’m really dragging today. Lack of sleep has always made me feel like I’ve got the flu. Just took my first tylenol of the day. I’m trying hard not to live on them.

So far nothing with the erygium seeds. I’ve got them in my little greenhouse. I’ll have to look up those plants. Did you mean that the actual seeds were sprouting? Even if and when I do get them sprouted I wonder where I will plant them. I’ve really run out of dirt!

Very sad about the babies. I cut the nest down this morning. But I am going to buy a hummingbird feeder. Perhaps mom was searching but really not much blooming in my garden. There is an ongoing hawk nest in the pine tree in the neighbor’s yard and I just heard her screeching so she might have gotten mom. A hard world for birds and butterflies..but all the bird feeders I’ve put up in front and back are very popular.

and I was looking up if hawks were a natural predator of hummers....I found this most interesting article. Maybe that’s why I’ve had two unsuccessful hummer nests in the same place, and twice in the low camellia bushes in front.

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A very quick hi to everydobby,

It is very cold out there today but little preciitation. We told them at church last night we wouldn;t be there as we thought it would be worse.. However, we did go to Wm this mornign to pick up a few things since it wasns't doing anything but be cold at that time. It should start early this evening with some possible sleet and rain and then into snow later on. We're in forr the uration. it should be in the 20's tonight I believe and tomorrow. Very bad and wil kill te few flowers we have. Not going to try and cover anything as the wind will just blow the stuff off, been there done that. Also wiwth rai and snow not sure that would work well wither but I'm to tired to do that. Did thta uyears ago and it was to little avail anyway.

MIKIE - Enjoy the kids while you can and just chill out and relax. Yes, they could go to the beach if they wanat to but it is to bad that you are so fai that you burn easily. I am almost like that but not to bad. I haven't been out in the direct sun for awhile and haven't been to the pool at all the past few years. I do have to be careful though. However, I have enough problems why look for more trouble! If they do and if you go cover up and put on the sun screen!!

BARRY - Hang in the there and keep smiling !! That ois what I have been doing too lately. The weather sometimes is not helpful either.

SUN- You ae such a busy beaver maing masks and doig all you do. You also probablyhave nice place to sew. I never really had place to sew not that I sewed much really. That was another reason to get rid of my sewing machine with no place to set it up. A pain to keep setting it up every time. Some people love to sew, like you. Me not that much but they sure are handy when you need to sew something much needed, and cheaper than buying.. I did many moons ago. So sorry your baby humming birds died. I also had an egg from some bird in a a nest on our porch and it just disappeared one day, maybe a snake or something. I was sad too.

Happy Valentines Day to all. Nothing to special here except for the lobster tails for dinner which I am cooking. I love them but they are sort of a pain to prepare but sue are good when done. May not pull them out of the shell like they say to do to make them look pretty.

Thinking of everyone. Gotta go make some coleslaw ( the kind in the pkg, just add may and or dressing). Not looking forwards to colder than 30 degrees tomorow and the nexet couple of days.

Granni :)