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PORCH 1248 IS NOW CLOSED (2/15/21)

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Another quic HI to awl,

SUN - Those exercises or stretches are very interesting. I have doe some f them before but that Butterfly stretch is a killer for me and I can barely come close eto the floor with my knees- yikes. It woud take a very long time for me to get even close to that gal in the picture

YAY - It is a long story but we got out water back on and pipe fixed and the price was not half bad, It was some very knowledgeable people that I know who came to our aid. I know you have to be very careful when dealing with plumbers and people in the trades. Some people can be taken in by people trying to save some $ and end up losing $ by shysters. This guy actually was an AC tech and he has a bunch of other guys in similar trades and they go around helping people in emergencies.. They are on our CERT team, in our subdivision. and they have helped a lot of people. They had pictures of a home that had been hit by freezing pipes while the couple was celebrating in Hawaii for his b-day. What a mess to come home etoo there will be massive renovations goig on there. They team took care of some of the damage turning off the water and getting rid a lot of the damage and fixing the pipes. Lots of broken pipes all over especially in the ceilings. AWFUL !!!

It is warming up here I think it is supposed to hit the high 60's today and higher tomorrow. I will be so happy for warmer weather.

MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling so punk and glad you got your hair done. When you don't feel bad your hair is one thik you donot want to be feeling with unless you LOVE doing your own hair which I don't partciularly. You are right about many of us have so many things going on medically it is awful to figure out what is what.. Yes, that plane crash was awful so happy no one was hurt badly.

Gotta run for now

Love to awl,


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Got sent this from a friend.

We kept three ducks when I was nine years old and lived in a rented cottage in the countryside near my school. I was fascinated because we had learnt the poem about ducks and how they dove in head down tails up inside the water. Loved watching them swim. It was us kids duty to go round the house first thing in morning and let the ducks and hens out of their wired pen and hutch.

They would start honking at our approach and excitedly waddle off all around the house down the embankment and dive into the little pond.

I had to do a search for the old poem, all new stuff came up ... finally found it.

Ducks Dirty by Kenneth Grahame.
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Hi All,

Granni- So glad you got your pipes fixed. It must be so nice after a rough week to be getting back to normal.

Sun- I didn't realize that your sciatica was so bad. I need to find my trigger point book so I can work on mine. Your pictures were so nice. I especially liked what you did with your front yard.


I only have a few minutes. I showed Gray how to watch Netflix movies on the computer and he is watching all the violent war movies he wants sitting on the couch while Mom and I watch Hallmark movies. I am getting ready to cue up the apple TV box for, "When Calls the Heart." I read the book it was based on a few years ago.

We got Mom completely moved in but have a lot of boxes left to unpack. We got her out of there just in time. It turns out the manager was just starting to show up on her doorstep every 3 weeks or so to borrow money. We expect that she will never get the money she gave him back. I told him a few months ago that I had taken over her finances and he hadn't bothered her again but he did get $120 from her before she handed over her checkbook to me. We suspect that he was doing that to another senior woman in the complex until she had to move to a nursing home.

Well I have to be off so Gray can watch his movie.

Love to All,