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PORCH 1253 IS NOW CLOSED (3/20/21)

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Sun - sorry about having to take down the feeders . I hope you come up with some idea. Maybe a nylon string on which a squirrel cannot get a grip but able to hold the bird feeder.

I wish they could position the solar panel so it wouldn't cause reflection in neighbours houses . I would be upset too.

Mikie - relieved you feel ok after your first jab. I've been following up. I do hope everyone's 2nd jab also is easy to deal with. I like to hit the like button to let people know I've been in and read the posts. Even if I don't post at that time.

Yes, Suns squirrels are a holy terror. So persistent. Won't take no for an answer. If they were sales people im sure they would be at the top of their game. Considering how many rebuffs they have to go thru.

Yes, the longer I live the more I'm convinced the only way to deal with life is working on one's self. And getting in touch with our inner spirit. I feel blessed I have arrived at where I am spiritually and have the beliefs I do. Not that I think other ways of thinking are wrong. I think we all are on our personal journeys of discovery and we are met with life situations which are right for us at that particular time.

I was ambivalent about the Divine source, didn't disbelieve but didn't have anything to justify blind faith either. Until I encountered some very nasty things of the unseen realm which affected my life and then was led to meditation and prayer and ways of being which allowed me to access the opposite of the nasty unseen stuff, some supremely beautiful powerful stuff which helped me realise we are not alone and at the mercy of evil. Rather there are answers to why. And how to move ahead.

When life feels impossible, I tell myself tomorrow and I mean tomorrow in a broad sense, will be better. And I believe myself when I say it.

Mikie - when you have told Claudia certain things makes you ill and she still brings them, then there's something not right and you have to put a distance between yourself and her. You can text more to make up for it. And if you bless her with pink gold light and pray to Jesus that she receives your love, she will not feel bad about your distancing yourself.

Being so sensitive myself to certain energies, I've had to do that as well.

And when a person knows how ill you get and still doesn't let you rest, and disturbs you for trivial matters, then yes, something is 'off'. Don't feel upset about putting your foot down. I don't know what you edited about her because I didn't come in then.

Granni - so good to know you have all got your jabs. Makes life so much easier. Your get together with the Motown band playing sounded like huge fun as the other gathering with the wives. Almost like normal times.

Gordon - alway good to see what you and Rock are up to. The return to normal traffic is what I hate most. So difficult to cross the street. Is Henry with you?

Barry - I feel good when you post because it means you have felt upto posting. These debilities are awful. It feels nice to hear about thedoings in your quiet rural area with only the flora and fauna and fur babies for company mostly.

Our air here is so bad and the traffic so noisy, I wish I could come live nearby.

I seems all I do is pick fallen leaves. The whole area is covered with it. I rake for an and half and think I'll tackle the other areas the morrow and come tomorrow and fresh dry leaves have fallen where I swept. So it looks like nothing has been done and all I have to show for it is an achy back.

I don't mind it so much, I love outdoor chores but it looks. Untidy. Yesterday our air was so smoggy they had put lights on in town for traffic during day and they've asked us not to burn leaves. I was gonna. Now I will have a pile like a hill.

The guy who used to come and help in garden has a full time job and with covid lockdown over he is busy and doesn't want to travel in a bus because if covid. I understand that.

The kids have been busy in their own work so no help from that quarter.

God bless all.
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