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PORCH 1255 IS NOW CLOSED (4/5/21)

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Happy Monday Morning, Dear Porchies.

Time for a new Porch. Be sure to go back to read the final posts on the last one. I'm not quite ready to move into summer from spring yet and found this pic that is so springy.

Older DD called yesterday. I could hear my DSIL in the other room playing with the puppy. Puppy's little teeth are sooo sharp and they have to be careful. He's growing very fast but will remain a small dog. He is likely a Yorkie/Terrier mix. Sooo cute. DSIL sent a sweet text and said he misses me and that I should come for a visit. Told him I would when things settle down.

Got a text and pics from younger DD. The bunny left a new skateboard for DGS. It was in between two big ends of a plastic egg. I had to laugh at it. They are thinking of getting another dog. They like to rescue big dogs that are grown.

Spring, how beautiful--baby's breath and speckled eggs. Hope everyone goes back to see the pic you posted. Keeps me in a spring mood. It's been lovely and cooler for several days but the temps are sposda climb back up each day. It won't be long until it's in the low 90's every day and humid. Right now, it's dry and breezy. We desperately need rain. I am so sorry your air is bad. We have to clean up our act everywhere or we are doomed. I also think Mick Jagger was possessed. :) Being on a board for condos is a thankless job. You can't please everyone and you have a duty to keep the place safe and solvent. The loose pavers were a real liability. I think it was only the two snooty spoiled women who got on Jeff's case this time but it's always someone giving him grief. He's such a good guy and works so hard without pay to save us money. Some of our other board members work hard too. The part-time board members are gone or getting ready to go back home. Jeff is very sensitive. Hope your air improves.

Sun, glad you enjoyed the food and fun at the Easter celebration. Did you get any $$ in your eggs? Just kidding. It's a shame that pup acts out. It is hard to like a dog that does things like that. I hope your DD isn't sick. We Moms always worry about our kids. It's awful when you can't sleep. I hope the melatonin helped. I tried to stay awake for the PBS program about FDR last night but fell asleep sometime after 8:30. Just can't stay awake and then I'm up before first light. Joe is the same. We can see each other's lights in our living rooms. Maybe you can nap today. I think any sleep we get helps and I hope you can get some restful sleep. I need to wash my hair today but I'm exhausted. I told DD that Covid has made us realize we don't have to put on makeup, we don't have to worry about our hair and we don't have to go anywhere. Unfortunately, it has become a lifestyle for me. Gaa!

There are still older people down here who haven't been vaccinated and the governor has opened it up for all adults. Some college kids are saying they will wait until all the older people get their jabs. Last night on 60 Minutes, they showed results of an investigation into whether he gave preference to his wealthy donors by opening up early vaccination clinics in their gated neighborhoods just for them. It doesn't look good for him but he will likely get away with it. He is very secretive about everything and refuses to open up info about where the vaccine went. He has done a horrible job of getting people vaccinated. I'm getting my second jab on the 15th. Joe got his a couple of days ago. He said his arm was sore for a day but he had no other side effects.

I hope all y'all have a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: gorgeous pic. The colors have been pushed up to the max but it actually looks like a public garden near Rock and Gordon.....Descanso Gardens which are known for the tulips and iris and other spring flowers. People come in droves to take the pics.of everything blooming. I haven’t been there in years. Can’t walk more than a mile or so then I have to rest awhile. Guess I’ve graduated to the senior age.

First time I experienced this easter egg hunt I was amazed at the $ that my SILs dad would put in the eggs....$5s $10s $20s plus a ton of $1s and of course some only had candy. My SILs niece found $83 and my DGD came in next at $42. I did have fun looking around for the eggs then calling one of the kids closest to me to get it.

I think my DD really had overdone herself with the lunch. Fresh grilled salmon, green beans, roasted root veggies, potatoes, salad, corn bread, fruit salad, deviled eggs with proscutto on top (never eaten that before) and two kinds of desserts. She said she had worked 8 hrs. the day before and then had gotten up at 5 yesterday morning.

I don’t know when she will have all those fillings removed. They’re going to Maui in June for 10 days and this week to the desert house. I may go to the desert with them....depends on this body.

Yes, your DDs little puppy is adorable but those “teeth” are hard to take. The niece and her new husband had their 14 week old lab with them....he is adorable, same age as DDs dog but much easier to take. It really worries me about DDs dog. Apparently he doesn’t like men they told me but I go cautiously around him.

Spring: your air quality sounds awful. Of course China has been going thru this for years and in Korea it’s been standard procedure to wear a mask, not like in US where everyone thinks it’s political. Everyone yesterday is a Trumper so when talk veered that way I told them I was leaving. Don’t want to sit and listen to any of it. I had a permanent split from one Trumper who continued to send me emails on various. It’s been very common for these political splits to continue even after election.
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Hi, Sun,

Just got out of the shower and am sitting with a towel on my head for a bit before drying it with the blower. I looked at all the pics. The tulips and other flowers are like the ones in this pic. I love seeing the Agusta golf course during the Masters Tournament. The color there is from the azaleas blooming all over along the course itself. I sometimes can't walk too far ever since that virus last year which sometimes leaves me short of breath.

Geez, no wonder your DD looked so tired. That's a lot of work. I hope all goes well when she has her dental work done. Is she getting crowns or just white fillings? Is she doing anything else about the heavy metal toxicity? I pray it all goes well. When my girls were little, we went to the city egg hunt. There were some gold eggs that were worth money. It was a lot of fun. I still have the chocolate bunnies for the little boys when they get back home. They are so cute.

Hope you do feel up to going to the desert house and enjoy it. It's tough being in a crowd with different political opinions and even more so when they argue and gloat. Joe and I tease each other over our differences. I posted more about this but decided to delete my comments in the name of peace.

I hope you and all our Dear Porchies/Porchsters/Porchettes all have a good day.

Love, Mikie

My hair is dry and will need little styling. I'm resting a bit before doing that. Just standing with my arms in the air drying it wears me out. Whine, whine, whine. I want to go down to see Dennis and Grace before they take off tomorrow because they leave early. I know they are anxious to get home. They have a big house and there are things they need to do. They live in WV and spring there is beautiful.
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Spring, your description of Mick Jagger seen through your mother's eyes was hilarious! The ferocious glaring, and racing around the stage. It makes me smile everytime I think of it.

If a ghost touched my foot in the middle of the night I would not be able to calmly go back to sleep. I would be out of there! Or outta there, as New Yorkers say.

SUN, so glad that you got to be together with your family on Easter. And especially being around little ones with the egg hunt.
Barbara O'Neal is a writer I really enjoy also. The scent of hours was a favorite.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Claudia told me that someone in the community left his car unlocked and someone stole his wallet. Well, Duh! There are always stories of purses and wallets being stolen in the general area of town where people didn't lock their cars. That's just dumb but, overall, our hood has been very safe. I checked my car out by hitting the lock button this morning and it was locked but gave five little toots of the horn to let me know something had disturbed it. It was likely the garbage truck when it went over the speed bump yesterday. The vibrations can cause the alarm to trigger but not go off.

We desperately need rain. Fire danger alert was on the news this morning. Also on the news was that the stock market set records yesterday due to two good reports but they didn't say what the reports were. Our news is terrible save for PBS. Network news is like cheap fast food. That's why I read the papers and check out the news online.

The Red Tide is mostly gone from our coast here but other allergies are awful. I got in bed last night and had a tickle in my throat. I coughed and it set off a coughing jag that was horrible. It felt as though every time I coughed, skin was flaking off in my throat and causing me to cough even more. I went out and got a drink of water and sucked on a cough drop. My throat hurt sooo bad. It was much better this morning and the hot coffee really helped. I have to take my allergy pills more often.

I think as we get older, we think about our lives and how we have measured up and how satisfied we are. No one is perfect and I would have done a couple of things differently but overall, I feel that my life has been very blessed. I've told my kids this and that they are my greatest blessings. They are at the age where they are beginning to take stock of their lives. It was at their age I made the biggest changes that have made all the difference in my own life. I didn't get out to get a birthday card for one DSIL last month. I picked up a card to let him know how much I love him. DD said it will mean the world to him. He is very sweet and sensitive.

The world doesn't measure up as well. When I look at all the wonderful things God has given us and the technological advances we have, we should all be happy and grateful, not hating others and doing violence. We should also be sharing the wealth so we can wipe out hunger and disease. I know all of us here are kind, gentle souls but there is so much hate out there and suffering from violence and wars. I pray every day for an end to these sins against God and man. I don't see how we can sustain life like this. I try to let the inspiring efforts of others keep my spirits up and hope and pray those efforts are enough to save the world.

Local news featured the CVS where I got my vaccination. Evidently a mistake caused texts to go out cancelling appointments. Glad I saw it because I still have to get my second injection on the 15th. By then the glitch should be fixed. This ain't no way to handle a pandemic response. Even with this mistake, CVS has handled their vaccination program better than Publix by far.

Judy, glad to see you here. Hope this means you are feeling well.

I'm off to read the paper; I'm a glutton for punishment. :)

Love, Mikie

Just sitting a minute. Been cleaning the kitchen but my back is killing me. Gotta give it a short rest. Cleaned my stainless sink, dried it and rubbed in some WD-40. Shines better than new. I also cleaned out the disposal, pulled the rubber gasket in the sink and cleaned it too. It gets really gnarly. I need to sweep the floor and use the floor cleaning machine on the tiles and grout. If I have enough NRG, I want to clean out the fridge and set of vertical cabinets so will wait on the floor until that is done. At least, I can break the job into smaller segments so I can pace myself.

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HI MIKIE, et al,

Not much happening here and it is quiet since DH is gone to his meeting unless he comes back early like he did lat week since some other group took the room where they usually have their meeting. His group no longer pays mothly to hold the room for them but they can use it when no one else probably pays for it use. The workmen are supposed to come today and hopefully finish all the jobs they are doing. I actually also would like them or someone to regrout the shower in the maswter bath but they are to busy until maybe June. Due to storms and other things they are extremely busy. They said they woud be here yesterday or today and they didn;t show yesterday. So we are hoping they come today to get them out of the way. To many projects around here. Like DH said, sell the house if I go first. I hate to do that but would probably have to as the costs can get crazy.

MIKIE, you can come and help me clean the refrigerator andput WD-40 on the sink, etc. I have never done that but it probably aes it look nice and shiny. Sounds like you have at leat a tad more NRG!! I never have any but you gotta to do what you gotta do as they say, probably in NY and maybe other places too. Yes, a little at a time is the best way but sometimes if I get on roll you hate to stop cause then you (or me) might not get to finish the project.

JUDY - So glad you seem to be feeling better. Yes, I also miss the little ones and Easter Egg hunts and all the egg coloring. The baby of our g sons is 17 today. We and the close by family will go for Pizza on Sat. to help celebrate. Thse days the time seems to be flying by much to quickly.

SUN - So glad that you got to get together with the little ones for Easter. It is so much fun for everyone. Hope things go will wiwth you DD and her dental work.

SPRING - So sorry your air quality is so bad. I know in many big cities it is not to great for sure also. Are you still tucked away and not doing much visiting and such due to lockdown? I know it is good just to get out once in awhile, perhaps with a friend and have lunch or to see some closeby family, Keep hanging in thee kiddo.

I keep getting texts from DD whose DD is getting married in a few weeks . So much planning to do and glad I asked about the Reheaersal Dinner. It is dressy so Have to get organized for that. It is cocktail attire. Suits for men. DH will be thrilled with that. He was wearing a tux from K of C's that they used to wear for the wedding. More stuff to bring - ugh!! Oh well, I look forwards to it all but will also be glad when it is all over with. DD#2 and I need to go and have our dresses asltered again - shortened. I will be tripping all over my dress and dancing will be almost impossible right now.

Love to everydobby,

Speaking of work, MIKIE, I need to get off here and do something worthwhile.


Hi, Kids,

Finished cleaning out the fridge and took the garbage down to the dumpster and got my mail. I ran into a neighbor who, along with her DH, got Covid last year. She continues to have long hauler symptoms. Ninety days has gone since they mostly got over it so they are eligible for the vaccine. Her DD is a nurse so she got them appts. at the hospital. Her sense of smell is weird and her sense of taste comes and goes like mine. We have both been eating spicy stuff because we can taste it but it is causing her digestion problems. Good grief! Claudia just texted to ask whether I want her old scale because she got a new one. I told her I have a digital scale but don't use it. Instead of giving me my weight, the readout says, "Get off of me, Fatso!" :D

Granni, that sounds like a lot of prep to get ready to go to the wedding but it will really be fun once you get there. Hope you can post pic of you in your dress, maybe you and DH in his tux. We are all hungry for a bit of glamour. Yes, we have to go by our NRG level and even then, we have to kick ourselves to get going or keep going. That is what I did. I got half-way through cleaning the fridge and still had the crispers to do. I had to take the stuff down to the dumpster so forced myself to finish. I came home exhausted just from the half block trek. Allergies are so bad I'm huffing and puffing like I'm gonna blow somebody's house down. Some people put the oil on their stainless appliances. I use a cleaner especially for that but the WD-40 is the best thing I've used for my sink. It does really help me accomplish things to break them down into small steps. I can usually do part of a job at a time without being overwhelmed by the whole job and my lack of NRG. Good luck with everything. BTW, I have a tip for the crispers--for years I've tried all kinds of containers to help produce last longer in the fridge. I finally started to line the crisper drawers with two layers of paper towels. They seem to absorb humidity and the gas that causes produce to go bad.

I'm off to start cleaning out the vertical shelves. They don't get dirty but do get messy and disorganized. They are deep but only 11" wide. Not practical at all. When Barb's DH redid their kitchen, he tripled the width and made pull-out drawers for them. I have storage envy.

Love, hugs and prayers for NRG and pain free days for everyone.

Love, Mikie

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My NRG has fled.
Feeling lousy today. I'd rather have lice.
Dental appt. tomorrow. Kinda dreading it....

The tulips are starting to bloom -- so beautiful. R bought three $pensive varieties. Striped, flamed, and I forget until it blooms.

Pulled a few weeds out of a pot y-day. Ouch! I got stung! Stinging nettles; first I've seen on this property ever. I pu;;ed out 3 more , sting, sting....
Now they are gone. If I were a survivalist I'd have let them spread and seed; if you cook them the sting goes and they turn spinach-like. Healthy!

I just had to pop in for a quickie, but gotta shave and try to calm down. Lots of anxiety in general, but not over my teeth. I know they are BAD.

Bruno, the Burmese cat is still with us. Had his last feline leukemia booster two weeks ago.

Love, PEACE, NRG to all, and freedom from pain, anxiety and depression.



Hi, Barry,

So good to see you here but I wish your anxiety would go away and your NRG would climb sky high. I also hope the dental appt. goes well. I hate to have to go anywhere these days. A week without appts. is a week of joy for me. Glad Bruno is staying with you. You guys are good pet daddies. Sorry about the nettle stings. Sounds awful. I wear heavy work gloves so I don't get a spider bite. I try to leave the spiders alone and not hurt them but one never knows what lurks in the plants. Those tulips sound so pretty. I love stripy and feathered ones. Can't hardly wait to get to Heaven to see what grows in God's garden. Good luck at the dentist. Let us know how it goes.

Love, Mikie

Got several more shelves cleaned out and I ran the floor machine and scrubbed the tile. I'm beat and my heart rate is up a bit. Think I'll stop here. No point in pushing things and then not being able to do anything else for days.
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Just got a text from Julie after I set her one, after seeing info on FB about Clinton being very ill at the hospital with some ind of an infection aroundhis pacemaker. They are not sure of the etime or day since they have to round up a team of surgeons to help him. They hope to remove and replace the pacemaer and if possible to replace the aortic valve. It is risky and quite delicate.

PLEASE PRAY FOR CLINTON, HIS WIFE Amy ( JULIE'S ONE DAUGHTER) . To add to it Julie is sick with a stoamch virus that she caught in Tenneesee when they were up there.. She says she has been having some sharp pains too , I guess her stomach area. She says it is a bad virus and so cann't go and try and help AMY. Remember they have Keira from another marriage and Miley and just adopted a boy, Kristian.

I asked Julie if I could ask for prayers and she said yes he and they could use all the prayers they can get at this point. I think they are all very afraid.

I will try and get back to you when I hear from her but I am also worried about her and the way she is feeling.

Love and prayers,


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greetings all, hope everyone found lots easter eggs.

thank you sun and willow for you stevia suggestion. will see if rock would like it in his water. he has cut down on his cokes and chocalate milk and i'm trying to remember to give him his meds. have not heard from the dr. re his blood test and if any addtional med would be needed.

my pot of orange clivia is in full bloom. always glad to see these cheerful flowers. i finally got around to cleaning the strip of land next to the house. didn't know what to plant there - iris? not enough sun and didn't really want to go out and spend $$$. finally cut of the succulents and and filled in the space so the cat won't use it as her bathroom.

barry, 'the trample me' thyme is a ground cover and is not use for cooking. it's suppose to flower during the summer (purple). been digging up holes in various places in the sunny area so i can plant them. they should look nice between the three clumps of travelling rosemary. the rosemary are large and when they flower in the spring the bees are all around them. it's so tranquil watching them work. i bought a new cherry tomato and a serrano pepper plant. today i found two 'volunteer' tomato plant so we'll have plenty to give away. congrats on your new roommate.

have you read anything by pilip freeman. it's a celtic mystery series and it involves durids. order them from the library and hope they will be to my liking.

sun and mikie, you two are such strong women working thru life with all your pain and lack of energy. i usually only work on projects til 1:00 because once i eat - i'm done for the day. nape time.

spring, is there no regulation about burning things? no trash collection? sorry, don't know too much about your country.

granni, i see you're also busy as usual. when is the wedding? did the repairmen come out today?

all for now,



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Granni, just saw this news. Started praying for Clinton in the hospital, Julie with her stomach virus, and Amy, the kids, and all the family. Oh man, so much to happen at once. Will keep praying, and watching here for any new news.
Love, Judy


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Hi All,

I haven't been on for several days. I am trying to get used to a new med that has a lot of side effects in the beginning but seem to calm down in a few weeks. I am taking Trazodone in a very low dose to help with sleep. I slept for 8 1/2 hours last night and got an excellent from my fitbit for the first time since I started using it to track my sleep. I am still really tired and don't feel like doing anything but I am still adjusting. I am taking 1/2 the dose the Dr. recommended because I am so sensitive to most drugs. I took this one before but couldn't keep it down but so far other than horrendous indigestion and a bad taste in my mouth which has already improved it seems to be working. I do wake up but if I stay in bed and try to go back to sleep, I am able to. If I get up though I won't be able to go back to sleep and will be up the rest of the night. It would probably work better if I took the full 50 mg but the higher the dose the more side effects so will try to keep it at 1/2 a dose. I am having crazy dreams though.

So far I have painted a garden ornament that is a rod iron tricycle with 3 baskets for flowers. I am pleased at how it turned out so far. The frame of the bike and wheels are flat black and the 3 baskets are hammered copper. I put coir baskets in the three baskets with a single pansy in the smaller baskets and 3 in the larger one. I think it looks pretty good. I may bring it in during the winter to decorate the house for Christmas. I painted a plaster paris cat door stop with the same hammered copper but I didn't like it when I put the patina paint on it. I don't think it looks real enough as the colors were too bright. I will have to get some white to mix with them to tone them down so I repainted it today the hammered copper again. I have some plastic saucers for flower pots that I painted that color also and plan to make a butterfly feeder with. I felt so tired today that I spent most of the day watching you tube on the big tv. I saw a lady who called herself Helen from GA, make a gorgeous bird bath with portland cement, a bowl, sand and a huge leaf from an elephant ear plant. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was when she finished. I may try it later in the year when the fig tree has some big leaves. Right now the fig tree doesn't have any leaves.

Helen from Georgia

Well I don't feel like doing anything but the family still has to eat so I better get up and start cooking dinner. I have a family pack of chicken breasts thawed that I need to get in the air fryer. It will go fast and I have some instant potatoes and I have a large mixer bowl of peas all ready to blanch and freeze so I will use some of those for dinner too and maybe some garlic toast and a salad.

Barry- You asked why I think crows are nasty. The neighbors toss bread crumbs on the front lawn, after the crows eat they roost on the phone lines over my mail box and you can guess the rest.

Love to All,


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Willow. mmmmmm all those peas sound super. I loved peas, one of my favorite veggie since I was a little girl. I made some of those leaves years ago using the bag of cement. I have some plants, don’t know the name, that produce very large leaves with great veins. I first watched it on an old Martha Stewart show. Pretty easy once you assemble everything. The last time I tried it was in the wintertime and it should have stayed longer in the sun to dry so it fell apart when I moved it. I’ve also made a large fake boulder.....about 24”across. Kinda felt my way thru it, didn’t really know what I was doing. I used molded chicken wire, but of course the holes were too big so I shoved in crumpled newspaper so the cement wouldn’t fall thru. And.....when it was all finished and faux painted I had to pay the gardener next door to lift it off the table I was using. Waaaaay too heavy. Then I was told there is a lighter weight of cement I could have used instead of the ready mix.

Granni: tell JUlie I’m sorry to read this about Clinton. I’ll pray for him and the whole family.

I’m out at the desert “hotel”.....it’s a huge house with a casita and very upscale on a golf course. So I’m on vacation until sunday I think. It took over 2 hrs. to drive here. Hoping the puppy will like me the entire time.....It took him a good 30 min. to calm down a little....honestly, he scares me. I haven’t had a nap today so feeling really wiped out.


Happy Hump Day, Dear Porchies,

Slept an hour last evening and then got another eight hours of sleep last night. I feel so much better and just hope it lasts. My hips hurt so bad last night when I went to bed. They are better now. Loved it when I got up and went to the kitchen. The tile floor is all clean and bright. I still have work to do but I got a good start. Mgmt. finally got the Feb. financials to me so I need to check them today. I should have March by now. I'll likely have to remind them to send them to me. Our mgmt. co. is the worstest.

Granni, thanks so much for updating us on Julie and her family. Of course we will pray for them. I hope she feels better and the procedure for Clinton goes well. Yes, please do keep us updated.

Gordon, you do more work around the garden than I can even imagine. Planting is hard work. You also take care of Rock and the home. Glad to hear Miss Kitty is still with you. I know Rock enjoys her.

Barry, I know you've been down lately. Praying you feel better.

Judy, always good to see you here. We worry when we don't hear from you for a while but we understand you are working to feel better. I keep you in my prayers that it goes well.

Sun, so glad you are up to going to the desert. I hope you have a good time. I hope you and the pup get along and you feel well.

Willow, I started to watch the video but will have to go back to it. Looks interesting. Love the woman's southern drawl. Sounds as though you are busy with things for the garden. I hope you continue to sleep well.

Spring, hope your air is better. I know the outbreak of Covid in India is horrible. Stay safe.

Love to anyone I missed.

Can't believe I slept as late as I did. The sun is coming up. We may get rain this weekend. I hope so. All the brush and the trees are dry and brush fires are a big scare this time of year until the rains start. Hope everyone has a good middle of the week. Prayers going up for Julie and her family.

Love, Mikie

I had a nice hot soak and that always helps the aches and pains. I clean the tub when I soak. I have a sponge that I just soap up a bit and run around the sides and it shines. I opened the financials and looked at the balance sheet. I can tell whether all is okay but just doing that. I'll go deeper later on. I still have my taxes to file. Yikes!

It wasn't long after adding to this post that I hit the wall. I lay down and fell fast asleep. It was good, deep sleep and I hope it helps me to have some NRG. It's a bit late in the day to start anything but it would be good if I had some zip tomorrow. Sending everyone good wishes for a lovely evening.
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I didn’t get to sleep until almost 11 last night. Kept waking up during the night so I could use a nap but I’ve been busy. Have been sitting outside....hot....and doing some WC painting. Haven’t painted in months but it feels good. My SILs parents came today. MIL and I do a lot of talking BUT nice to take a break from it so that’s what WC painting does. It’s like I’m excused because I’m doing my own thing. LOL The TV is on almost continually and I don’t watch TV much although the grandkids and I laughed a lot at Gordon Ramsey’s show last night.


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MIKIE et al,

JUst received a text from JULIE that Clinnton's procedure will be friday morning. Right now they have scheduled the removal and I guess a new pacemaker but did not menetion the aortic valve problem. Not sure if tht looks any better or not or if they are going to do wone thing and ee how it goes and if he hopefully doesn't need it they won't. BTW, they found MRSA in his blood work which is the big cause for concern. I suppose if he really needs it they will do the aortic valvue exchange but maybe not now. Now sure if she knew the situation or not but maybe in this case it is one thing at a time and see how he does after each step. I sure hope he doesnt need the aortic valve fooled around with if not really needed. Plus it probably would need another specialty surgeon. She had mentioned they would need a team of drs for it all, if they did it.

JULIE thanks you all for the prayers and especially on Friday morning when he has the surgery. She and AMY are VERY appreciative of all the prayers from everyonne. Thank you so much from them.

Not to much new here except off to the store this morning with DH after DD, DGS and myself left the alterations place. DGS's suit needed hemming and taken in everywhere. He is such a skinny minny like many in our family was at his age and before. DD and mine needed a bit more hemming and she was going to sew in in two bust pads as it was sort of gapping and taking it in on the top would have ruined the look and she agreed. She had already did the sides last time like under the arms. I do not know the cost as it will be all together but it will be done on the 21st and we will be leaving on that Friday. The alterations lady said they are very busy this time of year with people starting to go places , etc. Went to pick up some stuff I may be needing on the wedding, like hose, big decision I remember my wedding with so many under pinnings, of course it was also in Dec in NY. I also had to wear stockings and those stupid garder beletsor asort of a corset with those things to hook the stockings to. I also had a bustle in the back for part of the train if I remember correctly. Now the shortest dress possible sometimes but this is all formal so all or most will wear long dreese..

I just found out too, DH won't be thrilled he has to wear a suit for the Rehearssal Dinner. He is bringing his K of C Teux for the wedding. The RD is dressy, cocktail attire. UGH !!! That is after all that driving. Oh well, for the DGD I'll work at it. LOL.

Haven't done much actual work today but the usual stuff but I did manage to go through old stockings and got rid of them and some old makeup I need more eye stuff probably but I don't wear all that much eye makeup except sometimes mascara . I am so out of practice with doing eye makeup not that I ever used much. Plus when I go to church and between the masks and my reading glasses, forget it.

The head workman came this afternoon and finished the painting in the bathroom after the hole was filled up and new sheet rocking in that one area. The painting looks good so far as it has to completely dry but iti s in a cubby hole ,sort of, and it is hard to see problems in the wall, coloring, etc, Horray, that is done and more $ out the door but a good job. He also fixed the small water fountain that was clogged and uneven and not working. Also replaced some old and rotten railroad ties used for separating beds. Enough of our goings on for now. It is almost time for dinner so have to figure out what to fix.

MIKIE - Glad you had a good nap!!

Love to awl,
Granni ;)



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OMG....MRSA! Dangerous. My mom was having a test done in the hospital and then was going to go to a good retirement home but at the 11th hr. the test came back MRSA so the home refused to take her. Hospice was contacted and they came to get her....unfortunately she only lived for 3 days there and then passed away. MRSA is very difficult to get rid of and is contagious. She was in isolation all that time, we all had to wear gowns when we would see her.


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Granni - so sorry to hear about Clinton. Prayers for the family.

Gordon - far as I know, no.. no regulations about burning brush. They should have it.Our leaves are still piling up. They make good humus if they are watered and decompose.

Our Clivia got done blooming and it's the turn of those red flowers like bells. Don't know the name. Also sprout from bulbs.

Sun - so lovely to have a getaway. And be with the family. Are you painting the desert and its surroundings? Desert sunsets can be so beautiful...and their flowering cacti. I have never been to a desert, would love to ride a horse (at a very leisurely pace) and take in the the vast vistas. India has the Thar desert which is a great tourist draw.

Looks like you are very comfy ensconsced in the big hotel too...best of both worlds. My kind of holiday, heh heh. Comfort and with the great outdoors at your doorstep.

Willow - so interesting to hear of your work with the garden and garden decorations. Wrought iron flower pots are so popular here. All sorts of shapes. I need to look up hammered copper. Not sure what colour that is. I really loved the humming birds bird bath....whooooooo...thank you for introducing us to Helen of Georgia.

Mikie - your post reminded me there's a friend's birthday coming up. I will have to scour the shops for a little b day gift. They have discounts this time of year. Don't have to worry about a card because I picked up several of them earlier in the year. I saw these very pretty but simple cards and fell in love with them.

My fridge is clean (er) than usual because it's empty. Lol. I have to restock on frozen meats and dairy.

Barry - good to hear from you, good luck at the dentist. I hate the smell of dentist. Those tulips must look amazing. They don't do well here. I've seen them rarely. They bloomed at a friend's but the bulb died the next year. I'm glad Bruno is with you guys. A blessing. When any living thing is cared for. And in your case, fussed over. God bless you.

Granni - so busy with your preparations. Exciting. Looking forward to hearing all your news after you come back.

Judy - hope you are doing well. Always good when you drop by.

It's still smoggy. And a little colder than usual. Made curdy chicken, a thickish stewy affair. Got tired of making the usual curry which the family likes.

My big achievement is getting my hair roots done. I detest this job. It had been overdue for quite some time. I saved some rupees by going to a cheaper one. Then I bought some peanut candy which I love with the money I saved.

I've always felt I'm wasting money when I spend it on cabs and expensive salons. My skin breaks out if I'm not careful which product they're putting on my face during a facial so that took care of that. Something from the kitchen works better. Avocado, tomato, egg.

I cannot take a local bus any more, covid, so I have to spend on cab. Can't get around that.
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Hi gang...thought I would pop on here, since Granni mentioned she had been updating on Clinton. Yes, they have scheduled the pacemaker removal surgery for Friday morning...but he has to be NPO (fasting) tonight and probably most of tomorrow in case they are able to work him in tomorrow.

Amy has been making the 3 hour (round trip) drive every day and calls me on her way home in the evenings. Tonight she said the doctors told her the surgery will be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours...apparently they haven't ruled out having to replace the aortic heart valve. Visiting hours (for one adult only) have been 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm each day, but today they changed to 1:00-7:00 so she is now able to go to the hospital earlier and get home earlier. Clinton's daughter and step-daughter (and several church members and other friends) have stepped in to help get the kiddos from school, to track/volleyball/soccer practice, etc. And some have brought food and/or restaurant gift cards to help out with meals.

As soon as I feel I am no longer contagious from this silly stomach virus, I'll get some meals cooked and frozen...and we can bring the kids to our house over the weekends. Doctors have already told Clinton he will have a long recovery time, regardless of whether they have to do open heart surgery or not. Due to the severity of the infection, he will go home with a PIIC line and take IV antibiotics for six weeks.

This could have turned out so much worse...Den and I went to Tennessee two weeks ago and brought Isaiah back with us. While we were in Iowa, Lindsey's family started dealing with this severe stomach virus. Amy and kids had planned to go down with me to take Isaiah home, but didn't want to be exposed. I had to get Isaiah home because their spring break was over, and we ended up getting the virus, too...thankfully, I didn't get really sick till I got home. Clinton had not been feeling well, but thought it was just a "bug" or something...so glad Amy was there to get him to the local ER when he got really bad, then on up to the bigger hospital a couple of days later. Who knows how one gets MRSA in their bloodstream, but it could have been fatal if Amy hadn't been there to take care of him...

Anyway, we are just praying that the surgery goes well and Clinton has a complete recovery.

Gordon, I was reading some of the previous posts and saw you had mentioned about things for Rock to drink. I buy some tubes with flavored powder (ten tubes to a box...it's called Tru Lemon or Tru Lime, but there are many different flavors.) I add two tubes of the black cherry to my pitcher of water and two tubes of the raspberry to Den's gallon of decaf iced tea. Each tube has stevia, plus 1 gm of cane sugar. I find it at Wal Mart in the section with all the powders to add to water (Crystal Light, etc.) but I like these because they don't use artificial sweetners. One of the biggest challenges when I took care of our parents was to find things they liked to drink in order to keep hydrated. I also peel and put fresh ginger in a blender with some water to make "ginger juice", freeze it in ice cubes, and add one to my drinks.

I'd better get on to bed...just happened to think I ought to do an update to Granni's update, lol! Hope everyone is doing as well as possible. We are starting outdoor chores around the farm. Barry will be glad to know we're going to have a garden again this year...I have 50 strawberry plants waiting to be planted, and assorted vegetable seeds, potato sets, etc. Too early yet for a lot of things (Zone 5) but still lots of "cold tolerant" things that will be okay...was just waiting to get our Tennessee trips done, and now I have to pace myself till I get over this stomach crud. Take care, everyone!