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PORCH 1257 IS NOW CLOSED (4/19/21)

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Hello All....yes, the virus is sweeping through India mercilessly taking down rich and poor alike. It obviously spiked here because we have a porous border with India.

I notice the hospital van sirens sounding more often and wonder if it is a covid patient struggling for breathe in there.

There's talk of lockdown amid groans and moans because of all that entails. People don't mind being with family but making a living is a big issue since we don't have stimulus or anything like that.

I don't know if I mentioned but I went for lunch. at my friend's place and had a very good time catching up. She is a A type personality who has a couple of health issues but is always on the go. It is refreshing to see her go about her life but I don't beat myself up about not being as productive as her. We all come with our conditions and she has a strong basic chakra which gives her that Beep Beep the roadrunner energy.

She also has a live in guy help and two unmarried sisters to help when she needs it. Her garden is so profuse and her African violets, azaleas , yukka plants love her.

Sun -- these are stone slabs that had to be replaced because the previous ones cracked due to being old and wear n tear.

Wise of you not to take the risk to go to the gathering. The vaccine is not a sure shot preventive against getting covid, it just softens the effects if one gets it, from what I hear. But of course, if it means being less sick, bring it on, bring on the vaccine!

Julie - so sad to hear about Susan. She has really endured a lot. I hope Dens shoulder heals soon, such a hindrance for him and of course for you. It's going to be one entertaining kitty show when the new kittens grow and streak about.

Gordon - did you make the shrimp dumplings. The newly introduced mushroom dumplings I bought and tested were yum. They introduced a new Manchurian style ramen which I found tasty. But I'm trying to keep down my consumption of those packed foods with additives.

Nice to hear about your garden. I love picturing everyone's gardens when they describe what they are growing.

Mikie - thank goodness Claudia was just asleep! I'm glad her kitty died in her sleep. I felt so sad reading about her passing, tho. Even though I know she went to a land of beauty and light. Our pets leave behind big holes in our heart, which might get smaller as time passed but they never seem to heal completely.

Tender moments of togetherness, cuddles, playfulness, quirks, loving looks, rascally doings...making up big parts of what made life worth living. These critters God put on earth to share life on earth with.

Has your DGS got vaccinated? The Indian one with two mutations are said to be more virulent than the original covid and are affecting larger number of children. I'm really wondering if this is Rocks plague as he used to call it, sent as admonishment from above.

Barry - so nice to hear from you. Reminds me I have to give my teeth more attention. I have been just doing bare minimum. Brushing. Really must take more care.

Granni - you must be in the thick of celebrations...enjoy yourself.

Dog joins race from sidelines at 0.12
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Strange, trying to edit and it won't open up edit page. In top of that a jabbing pain in my leg.

Willow - the other day our supermarket had clumps of snapdragons out. I bent down to sniff their scent not expecting any from these urban grown flowers but I got the slightest whiff, it lifted me up. I have very fond memories of fragrant snapdragons, I smelt very sweet scent wafting from them straight into my nostrils, once right after a summer shower in our garden when we lived in a rented cottage in the country as a kid. My mum was with me and commented on the scent and together we stood there in the wet garden sniffing the moist air sweet with Snapdragon fragrance.
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Late night check-in...decided to "embrace the full moon" and just stay up till I felt like I could get to sleep. I thought Den was asleep, but he came walking in to the kitchen...looking for a drink and a snack, lol! Glad I was up late because I glanced out the window of one of the shop doors and saw one of my favorite cats looking for a late night treat. His/her (I can never get close enough to tell, lol!) mama is a calico, but he is black and white (head and shoulders white, mid-section black, legs white.) He (I'll just call him "He" cause he was in a tussle with one of the other toms earlier this evening) is still as fluffy as when I first saw him. He had the shortest legs, but they seem to have grown over the winter. Anyway, I just opened the door a crack and tossed some kibble out...once he thought it was safe, he came back to eat.

Spring, I see you are posting and editing/adding? I'm so sorry the virus is spreading...scary. And the lockdowns, and students not being able to be in school. I'm glad you were able to go see your friend and catch up. It's true...we can only do what we can do. I have friends who run circles around me, but nothing I can do about it.

Amy shared a quote from one of her friends...very fitting for how things have turned out for Amy and Clinton (he is disabled and can no longer work, although he would so much like to be able to provide for his family. And Amy just wanted a bunch of babies of her own...) Anyway, it was something like "Show up for the life you have, not the life you wish you had."

Den is almost back to normal with his shoulder...I think he has been careful with it, but still trying to "work out the kinks", lol! Thank you, and everyone else, who has asked about him, and about Clinton. I seem to be over the gastro distress I had yesterday...sure don't need another bout of that :rolleyes:

Willow, I'm so impressed with you guys who are able to just save seeds and plant them over and over again. I've had volunteer sunflowers, marigolds, etc. come up...but I've never been good at getting saved seeds to grow.

Oh, air mattresses...I simply can't do it, lol! I'd have to just sleep on the bare floor, instead. We bought Amy and Clinton a "fold-able" twin size mattress to use in the living room...Clinton sleeps on it during the day, then he sleeps on the couch at night while Amy sleeps on the mattress. Their bedroom is up a flight of stairs and he is just too weak to go up and down several times a day. Amy said he sleeps a lot...he's so tired without his pacemaker. Thankfully, his daughter (Miley's mom) lives with them and is able to help when she's not at work. And Keira has been a big help with the little kids and doing things around the house that Amy doesn't have time for. Amy's back to work, and I think they're managing okay right now because the kids are in school. But when summer break gets here, we may have to bring the kiddos to the farm for part of each week....they need to be able to get outside and run around...and I can put them to work in the garden. Right, Barry? ;)

Oh, buying clothing and shoes for our loved ones...what a challenge. Lots of trial and error, buying several sizes and returning the ones that didn't fit. My mom wore a certain brand of shoes...I think they were called "Dr. Comfort" and a rep would come to their house and fit Mom for size, then show her some styles to choose from. When the order came, the rep would come back and make special inserts for the new shoes...brought along a machine that heated up the insert, then Mom would put the shoe on and let the insert form to her foot.

We found a pharmacy close by to us that carried the same brand, and I did manage to get Mom one pair of new shoes...I think Medicare or Medicaid paid for one pair a year. She had neuropathy so bad...not sure if that's why she qualified or not. With my dad, I had to just go buy two or three pairs and the staff would have him try them on at different times during the day, then they would tell me which ones (if any) would work.

Well, Den wandered back to bed, so I think I'll give it a shot, myself. Take care!


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

We are past 60 posts so I'm going to go open a new Porch. What I do in a case like this is go ahead and reply but don't save my post. I highlight it (CTRL+A) and copy it (CTRL+C). Then I go to the new Porch and copy it there (CTRL+V). I'm so happy to see our Porchies posting so much. I don't think there is a good time to open a new Porch so hope y'all will bear with me.

Love, Mikie