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PORCH #1262 IS NOW CLOSED (5/18/21)

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Mikie: I also liked that huge shell planted with succulents. I was thinking about what shells I might have out in the garage that I could use. Mrs. Crabby Pants is a piece of work!

Yes, if you take too many NSAIDS you can get rebound, that’s why I’m wondering. Of course I had to break down and take a tylenol at 1:15 then and hr. later I was still hurting so took an ibuprofen. Talked to DD today. No aches today for her...yea. She’s been taking the antibotics for her tooth since thursday but who knows if an infection in a tooth can cause all that pain for over a week. And she has no mouth pain. She put in a call to her doc. and is waiting to see what her doc says. I saw this doctor over 8 years ago for FM, and after a slew of lab tests and adrenal fatigue tests, there was no definitive answer. I took all the prescribed supplements for awhile then stopped and gave up. I know after all these years the workings of FM, and now the COPD.

Sorry about the headache. Check around your neck and shoulders for any trigger points.


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A beautiful good evening to everyone! Sort of a different day than I had planned...Den and I decided to go on to town this morning and get a bathtub for the downstairs bathroom. I'm looking forward to being able to soak in the tub again, after not having one for over 9 years. And the grandkids won't have to take their baths in a 50 gallon tote anymore, lol! They could take a shower, but like to take their time and play with water toys while they are soaking ;) (I tried stuffing myself in to the tote once...it was not a pretty sight :eek:) Plenty of room in the 6ft by 6 ft shower, with two shower heads, but...

Came home and took a short nap, then took Lorene's dry diapers back to her. The sun had been out most of the day (after the downpour first thing this morning) so I decided to get on the mower and see what I could do. Got a good part of the yard mowed, the tracks weren't too bad and hopefully it will look much better next time. Den can mow tomorrow while I'm at the chiro, unless it rains again...forecast says possible thunderstorms.

Sun, Den is reminding me frequently about the rebound effect from taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen on a regular basis...but sometimes that's all I need to do to be able to get to sleep at night. Takes the edge off my leg, neck or back pain enough that I can relax.

Mikie, Mrs. Crabby Pants is certainly a force to be reckoned with, lol! How childish, and the fact that she was smirking about it, really takes the cake.

Granni, hope the zoom meeting went well...we've only participated in one, during Kristian's adoption hearing.

I'll keep this short and say "Hi" to everyone...I imagine Mikie will start a new porch in the morning, unless Spring does it tonight (well, her tomorrow, lol!) Take care, everyone...I probably won't be here till after I get back home tomorrow.