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PORCH 1263 IS NOW CLOSED (5/25/21)

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OMG, JULIE only 50 degrees so far today?? That is cold for me for sure. It is much nicer when it is 64 derees but we cannot be to picky can we?????? Plus, not much we can do about it. I know that is not bad for you in IA. However, it is almost summer, isn't it?? LOL Sounds like you have been quite busy this morning. I was lazy but made eggs for breakfast and finally got to put three of my throw rugs by the shower in the wash. Hope they get clean especially one which was white in the middle part and quite dirty. I also did a little sweeping this a.m.. while DH was blowing the drivewy and walkway. Feeling as crazy as I always do. The awfufl pain is gone and not much discomfort when I pee but now I have to try and BM which is another problem. My last abx will be on Tuesday morning. I have not taken the AZO except the one time and I thik it was to much or at a bad time but when the pain was really bothering me. As MIKIE would say, whine, whine, whine !!!! Can't even have any wine for a few days LOL.. Hope you get your garaden planted today with no rain !!!

SUN- How nice you will be giving little art lessons to your DGD's. They get a chance to be creative and I think you had also mentioned that one of your DGD's seemed to show some interest and talent in that area. Just a fun project for you all to be together and then have ice cream cones - yummy!!!!! Enjoy your get together. None of our lived that close and now everyone except for DD's are not that close or have moved to another city. Our DG children are scaattered and when and if DGD (the only one and just got married) they will be in Colorado. With our 5 children I can't expect everyone to be close to us. Just hard to see and keep up with all. Guess we are lucky that 2 daughters live closeby and son is in Houston, not that close but doable once in awhile. We hope to be doing Christmas at their home.

Wish I was more of a driver like JULIE but you have to be in IA and TX is just as bad really nowadays. with so many miles to drive . DH wouldn't want to travel back and forth when the g kids were young and I would go myself if I was confident. Now, DSIL does some of the driving into Houston for us. I am not that confident any more especially afte tht motorcycle accident I had and almost went to court. I have lots of pain that is a big distraction so I am only driving not to far and our main road out of the subdivision people think is a speedway. They will be lowering the speed limit to 45 and also building a median of some sort. Some people canot wait at a red light and always try and run it and others, or the same people can't even to the 65 mph and 55 it is in certai areas between our town and another. There was another accident outside or close to our subdivision last night I understand but that is all I know.

MIKIE et al,

**********Please pray for DD#3 who just let me know that she was notified that she is not getting any more unemployment. She is hoping for an extension of a few months but that is most likely not happening, Also she has been working on her resume and willing to take almost anything for $. She has been putting in some job applications and hope she gets a good bite soon for a good job or at least one that will help her in the beginning, the she look for better later on, if able. Please continue to pray for her and her job hunt and continued sobriety!!

Hope the restaurants and hotels get a boost from this COVID closings and all and hope it helps all their livelhoods. This is close to the worst job to have at this time and it effects so many people. Hope the Memorial Day weekend helps everyone especially in resort towns, but everywhere . We are still waiting to see if one stays open that is a really special seafood Italian restaurant. The food is great but also fairly high priced. We still haven't made it there to try it out, something always keeps happening.

Sorry but I cannot talk to everyone and need to check my rugs in the wash. More later. Our Memorial Day weekend is not doing much. Not sure DSIL really wanted to do something as he is also in a mess with wires trying to do it himself for computer, streaming, etc. service. He is an Engineer but the directions he says were not in a way that makes it understandable. I think he was pulling what little hair he has out. Trying to save the $$ for the service people doing it. We are just going over there on Monday for hamburgers which is fine with me and us. We are not going anywhere. DD#4 and her DH are coming home today. They lost some $ and no big win!! I imagine most casinos at this point are tighter than a drum.

******Was going to order a Samsung tablet for a good price as mine is not holding a charge very well and driving me nuts. However, after hearing from DD#3 I might need to hold off a bit on that, even though the one I hope to get is not to much over $200. If you hear of any great deals let me know. Thinking of everyone and those who have not posted so far today.

ENJOY YOUR MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND !! HI BARRY, I just saw your post. Glad you came to visit ! I agree with you on dr visits etc. I am not on abx for a UTI, not a fun experience. Getting better. Hope your back and all feels better soon.

Granni :)
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Barry, good to hear from you! So sorry about the dental visits...I know you'll be glad when they are done. Den has to get a tooth pulled next week. I hope we get our insurance straightened out by then...apparently, Den's former workplace (where I still have medical coverage and we both have dental) switched companies the first of the year, but nobody notified us. We both had cleanings and xrays a few weeks ago, and it was denied by the old company (makes sense, lol!) but when the dentist office filed with the new company, it was also denied. Hundreds of dollars that we might have to come up with...not counting his extraction on Wednesday and my filling in July. Hope they can get it straightened out...I didn't even have an insurance card for them to copy...all I had was the name of the new company and the dentist sent them a fax.

Aren't you secluded enough that a tote bathtub would work, lol! I actually prefer showers, cause I'm usually in a hurry...but a tub is nice for just relaxing and soaking...and trying to get my yucky feet soft enough to look decent :eek:

Granni, I hope you continue to do okay with the meds you're on. Yes, I will continue to pray for DD#3...hopefully, she will be able to find something...even just something to get her by until a better job comes along.

Mikie, my goodness! That sounds just like the "wood lice" that come in Belize...we only experienced it once, but I can't remember what time of year it was. It was like the whole world was covered with them...lots of people flee to the hotels in town...we ran with the pastor's family to the church campus, where we all crammed into one room that was pretty well sealed from the things. They would get in people's ears, mouths...it was awful. Then they just died and we all had to clean up the mess. There is a cat (I think one of Lorene's mamas) that I catch leaving the building where my little family is...I assume Mama kitty is okay with this one eating in there, too...or she might have moved her family?

I just came in for lunch and to make Den's smoothie, then I'll head back outside. Have been joint texting the girls...they are all busy this weekend and glad for an extra day to relax. I scruffed up the main garden and the strawberry garden (should have picked off the blooms this first year, but didn't get to it and now I have some strawberries that will ripen soon...yum!) I was afraid it would be too muddy to till, but the little cultivator just opened up the beautiful black dirt. I'll go over it again before I plant the rest of the veggies. The grass should be dry and the ground firm enough to mow after that...I think it will be sandwiches and watermelon for supper...if I even manage that. Might have Den be "on his own" for supper, too, lol! It won't hurt him at all...he's pretty spoiled most of the time ;)

I noticed a pair of red-headed woodpeckers taking food to a hole in one of the trees that we need to cut down...maybe we can wait till the babies have fledged (is that the right word?) to cut that one down. The only problem is that it is very tall and some of the limbs look pretty dangerous (dead.) We'll try to be mindful of the situation, though...

Better say a quick "Hi" to everyone and get back to work. Take care!


Hi, Kids,

All the excitement tired me out this morning, not to mention all that sweeping on the balcony, the walls and the eaves. I decided to watch a movie. I just realized I've never watched Skyfall so I settled down and watched it. It was okay. Sad to see M (Judy Dench) died at the end. Love her. I watered the flowers but that's about all I've done. Been emailing to keep our mgr. and residents in the loop about the bugs.

Granni, I'm so sorry to hear about DD. I always pray for her but will add an extra prayer to the prayer box. Check the paper or online for Memorial Day sales on electronics. Also check online, especially Amazon and Best Buy. My new laptop was only slightly more than $200 but I know you want another tablet. Mine is being delivered on Tues. Delivery was free so I decided it's better than having to go to the store. Store isn't that far but I'm lazy. I just have so much NRG and have to save it for what is critical and unexpected, like pestilence. Good luck.

Oh, Barry, didn't realize you had posted either. I went back and read it. I'm sorry for the diverticulitis and dentistry. No wonder you're pooped. Feel better.

Julie, I sure hope you can get the ins. to pay the dental bills. My Advantage Plan covers it but my dentist isn't in the lousy network of cheap dentists. You bugs sound equally creepy. Several came in but SV was on the trail fast and I was able to kill them. Yes, Mama Kitty must be okay with that other car or the fur would be flying. The word is out in your hood about the good eatins at your place. Hope Woody Woodpecker and his family will be okay until you can remove the tree. Yes, fledged is the term and the babies are called fledglings once they take wing. The only reason I know is because they use that term for the bald eagles that return to their nest every year and have two babies. We watch them on the Eagle Cam. You can too if you want to in your copious spare time.

I think I'll fill my pill boxes and go to bed and read. I'm looking out at this Technicolor afternoon and my beautiful plants on the lanai. They calm me. I really like the cacti and succulents. The blushing philodendron has put on a lot of growth and is really pretty. It has a huge new red leaf. SV has finally stopped shredding the spider plant and it is recovering nicely. I think it's just happy to be left alone. Hope everyone has a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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MIKIE - I think I know what I want in a tablet similar to what I have now. I do not need to do any weird crazy things just games, email, and the basics shall we say. The one I was looking t was a little over $200 I think and I saw a couple similar ones that have good ratings but then I have to buy a new cover for it to. I saw some cheap ones too on Amazon ( cover). I know what you mean about pestilence being one of the ethings that might get you out to shop! I am so lazy nowadays it is pitiful!!

Not going to church tomorrow so will be trying to rest somewhat. Just the getting up early is a rush and a stresses esp when on generic Bactrim. That stuff must be really strong cause after the 1st pill that awful pain went away and I didn't have to take the AZO. Glad as that nausea was really bothering me.

Gotta run for now. Another email to write. Have a greeat Memorial Day weekend.

Granni .


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Good Saturday evening...10:30 and I am just eating supper, lol! Den fixed his own supper, so when I came in from the garden, I got in the tub with some Epsom salts...makes me so relaxed and sleepy. Den has been working on the cedar shelf that fits around two sides of the tub, for shampoo, bubble bath, etc. And he came out to check on me several times...and ended up helping put the marker strings in the rows, etc.

Mikie, I think your kitchen garden sounds wonderful...and so much tastier than what is in the stores.

Granni, hope you find the perfect tablet.

Sun, you must be exhausted...hope you had a wonderful day with those kiddos.

I got almost finished with the planting...put in 160 ft. of corn (4 rows of early and 4 rows of later...I think they're both yellow, although if one of them happens to be "honey and cream" that's fine, too. I have a hard time with the bending over/standing back up...tried just crawling along upright on my knees, then alternated between the two, lol! Added 4 okra plants near the ends of the corn rows (that reminds me...I need to soak the seed tonight to plant tomorrow) and 20 sweet potato plants. Then mowed about half the yard (changed my pattern so the mower tracks wouldn't look so bad.) Then had just enough daylight left to set out 11 tomato plants (1 cherry, 4 early slicing, 4 later "giant" slicers and a couple roma-type for sauce, etc.) I have 6 of the roma-type plants and another cherry to put somewhere, but not sure where that will be as I am running out of room.

Still have 14 pepper plants to set out...hopefully they will fit in the remainder of the sweet potato row. As it is, I didn't plan very well...the tomatoes will block the gladiolas once they start growing (we need to make the cages yet, from leftover woven wire fencing) but that was the only space left for something that size. And I haven't planted the squash, pumpkins or vining watermelon (I do have a bush-type watermelon, in between two of the trellises.) After that, I am going to call it "done". My herbs are growing like crazy...I think I have 11 different kinds...need to harvest and maybe put in the dehydrator? Or mix with oil and freeze in ice cube trays? Den is already in bed...I don't think he feels the best...his allergies are really bothering him. I need to get the coffeepot ready for tomorrow and head to bed myself.

Hi to everyone and hope you are having a good weekend. Take care!


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Hi to All,

Today is a day of problems and victories. My cell phone isn't working properly and I drove alone to a huge estate sale an hour away. I have gotten over not being able to leave the house alone but I still feel very uncomfortable leaving town. I didn't want Mom to be left home alone that long so the only way I could go was alone. I had printed directions, the car has GPS and google maps is on my phone, I also have road service for flat tires so I decided to not allow fear to ruin my day and I went. I heard from others in the line waiting to get in, that also lived in the neighborhood, that it was a woman who lived alone and was a hoarder. I got a few of the corning ware casseroles that I am collecting, several sets of fall placemats for the dinning room and a pair of jeans which will need to be taken in. They had one room with just shoes and hats. Another with shoes and sunglasses. One closet filled with purses. The art work I was interested in was already gone and a lot of the large statuary for the garden had sold signs on it. Even getting there about 11AM I still had to stand in line for 1/2 and hour before getting inside. I was glad that the line went past the swimming pool and there were a lot of chairs there.

I was on the phone with our cable company several days last week trying to get the closed captions to work on the Hall Mark channel. By the end of the week they were working but they had to put in 3 work tickets before they came back on. Now I need to call about their cell phone. I cant call home or receive calls from my home phone and I don't think the voice mail works either. I love the price of their plan, I have 1GB of service for $14 a month but it is no good to me if the phone won't let me stay in touch with Mom when I am not home. I had to take Grays tracfone as well as my cell so they could contact me if they needed too. Grays phone is an old flip phone, I like having a smart phone for the GPS directions and apps like waze and gas buddy.

Granni- I hope you are feeling better by now. Usually the antibiotics, if you get the right ones the first time, will work pretty quickly. We lived toonfar away from Grays Father and Step-Mother to help with them too. Fortunately Irene, the step mom, had a sister that looked out for her after his Dad passed. He wasn't close with the step-mom, she was a real piece of work. They were in Michigan. Everyone on Grays side has passed already except for a cousin who he doesn't have contact with. My Mom has been like a Mom to him.

Mikie- We love that dog commercial too. The Golden Retriever puppy is so adorable but it makes me thing of Bear every time I see it. He wants to get back into flying as soon as possible and leave trucking behind. I am trying to think of a way I can approach Gray about the less expensive Apple phone. I am thinking since we didn't celebrate any holidays during lock down it could be a Christmas, Birthday, and 2 Mothers Days gift. I usually don't like getting or giving gifts but I can make an exception.

Barry- Gray is sick of taking me to Dr appts. He hasn't had an appt himself in 2 years, except for talking to the Doc once after I insisted he get his yearly labs done. I think I may start to drive myself now that I am getting used to the roads and freeways down here. They also had a nut shooting out back windshields of cars on one of the freeways down here but they finally caught the guy after he shot out over 100 windows.

I am going to make my garden area smaller. It is taking too much out of me to have to do so much watering daily. So I plan on doing little areas here and there with decorative rocks and statues and then get some perennials that are drought tolerant. I can't keep up with housework, Moms care and a garden. Gray is relieved, he doesn't care for yard work.

Julie- Thank you for the encouraging words. It helps to know I have someplace to go to talk and they will understand. I think I am over my period of feeling blue. It just hit me hard, Moms first time back at church. There is a huge difference in her personality from the last time those people had seen her. She is very little girl like now. She sponge baths in the sink, I will ask her when the last time she had a shower is and she will tell me a few days ago but I don't believe her. She also will tell me she couldn't shower because we have no hot water. I explained to her that you have to let it run awhile because the heater is in the garage and it takes awhile to reach her faucet. But being a child of the depression she has a hard time letting the faucet run. To her it is a waste of money. I am so glad we did the POA last fall, she is too confused now, I don't know if a lawyer would do it without a court order anymore so we got it done at the right time. You had a lot on your plate with both sets of parents and Lindsey next door, and now with Amy. Without the Lord's help it would seem impossible. I listen to Christian music on the radio and that brings a lot of peace and comfort.

Sun- Mom has been taking Memantine for several years and it helped at first. She is still taking it twice a day. I think some time before she moved in with me that she had stopped taking most of her meds except for her thyroid. I found several bottles of pills that weren't opened of most of her scripts. The pharmacy was filling them and delivering them and she was putting them in the cabinet but not taking them, including a blood pressure and heart pill. I don't think she has had good medical care for several years with her old HMO. I suspect at her age they write off a lot of complaints as old age and don't take them seriously. But then she is very timid and doesn't speak up for herself. My Grandmother on my Dad's side probably had Alzheimer's, my Aunt from that side did. And now Mom with some form of dementia and probably ALZ too so it appears that it is on both sides of the family. I am looking into diets to help avoid it. I think I read somewhere that the Mediterranean diet with no red meat is good for that. I also read at least a 1/2 hour of cardio a day helps but that is not going to happen. Have a great time with the DGD's.

I need to go to the hardware store to replace a garden hose that leaks and get a timer for it so it waters automatically. The sprinkler system doesn't work on that side of the house where we planted all the fruit trees. Fortunately it works in the large planter where the apricot tree is. I planted nasturtium all along that corner against the wall. and impatients across the front. A tomato volunteered in there too where I would dump out old pots. There must have been a seed in one of them. I won't know what variety it is until probably July or August when they ripen, if then.

Thinking of you all, Spring, Gordon and Rock, Judy and everyone else I didn't mention.



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Speed reading through the posts. In a bit of a hurry, the rain stopped and trying to wash piled up mounds of dirty clothes. Really miss having the dryer and dishwasher you all have there. DW because it would free up time to do other things.

Willow - so much going on for you too. Like it is Julie. i pray for your kids health and that things work out as smooth as they can with your mum being there. So much more lighter onthe mind to have her with you, but yes, itcalls for so much more adjustment.

wish you had got to the house sale sooner and got what you wanted but half the fun is just looking around, isnt it? Getting a break from the daily routine and taking in new things.

What colour are your nasturtiums? we have some too. I think they cross breed and become different colours if theyre there for long. i like to sniff at them wheni remember. Theyhave a subtle fragrance.

Granni - i was laughing about the nut shoot8ng out windows of cars for fun. Never heard of such a thing. 5hankgoodness he got caught before hurting s9meone.

Im gladto hear your urinary issues got better somewhat. I pray your DD s situation gets resolved. That she gets a good job the kind which will help her most.

Mikie - are you saying you had a precognitive dream? About the insects? !!! So scary about the infestation. But ive seen swarms of flying critters before. Not recently, though. Smart ofyou to bag some. Did6outake a photo to show them the extentof the infestation?

Sun - how did your day with DGKs go? i like hearing about your plans for revamping parts of your house. i like the zest you have. Something so satisfying about envision8ng something and 5hen making it materialise. Like decorating orpainting or stitching.

Did you know the Ch8nese consider peonies good luck? i have an artwork of peonies up 9n my wall. has a shiny black frame. been there for so long. It matched a wedding gift little four panel decorative piece which was a wedding gift but 5hat broke during the big EQ.

Barry - so nice to hearfrom you. Aargh the dentist. so it hasnt rained much there. we are getting lots of rain from the cyclones affecting the 8ndian coast.

The police were on the beat 2hen DD went to shop 5his morn. Theyre being very strict. Absolutely no shops open except dairy, meat, veggies, fruit. that two for two hours a day.

since restaurants are closed the strays are affected, so are crows, monkeys. a monkey was sitt8ng on the roofof a fruit stall last time. 5hey dont usually come aroundhere. a you g woman brought bananas for it but 5he stray dogsweregoing wild barking at it. so i helped her by wielding my arm and fl8nging the bananas one at a time on to the roof. one almost hit the fruit seller but he was 7nderstand8ng.

well, that monkey, it was quite a big one, got a nice meal of six big bananas at least for that day.

God bless
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Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Woke in the middle of the night and had to read to get back to sleep. I slept a bit later and actually awoke feeling halfway refreshed. It's a beautiful sunny morning outside. I opened the front door to check for insects. Fortunately, there was no new infestation. We are supposed to have mgmt. call for any services but I do it myself. The pest people, the electrician and the plumber all know me. I emailed a list to Jef next door in case he ever has to call for service. Told him if they hesitate to give them my name, tell them he's on the board and tell them he is authorized to call. Too many problems to depend on mgmt. I feel better knowing he will call if I'm not home or indisposed. I'm trying to groom him for eventually being the president of our board in our bldg. We'll see. I'll be around but I can't do it forever. I actually work more with Teresa but they are a team. I love them both. As the sun rises and shines through the pine trees, the shadows fall on the lanai and make pretty shadows. In the evenings, the shadows fall the other way on Joe's place. As the seasons change, so do the shadows. In the afternoons, the sun shines on the fountain and causes rainbows. I feel so blest.

Granni, I hope you can find just the right tablet. It's been difficult for me to get used to the iPad because I always had non-Apple tablets and laptops. I got a cover for it with a bluetooth keyboard but never use it. It was really cheap so don't feel too bad. Over the years, I've spent too much on computers and laptops that were pieces of crap. Same for printers. My new Chromebook laptop arrives on Tues. Hope I like it. I like this one but it's on its last legs. Glad you are staying home today. I hope it helps not to have to rush around and go out. Praying for your DD. If it's okay with you, I'll tell Claudia and Nancy that I have a friend whose DD lost her job and is out of unemployment ins. and ask them to pray for her too. We have been praying for Claudia's DD and she is in the second rounds with several perspective employers. We prayed for the other DD about a year ago and she got her dream job. I know our Porchies prayed for them too. Glad you are feeling better. UTI's really sap one's strength.

Julie, your gardens sound amazing. I'm going to see whether I can dig up an old pic my ex took of me when I had a garden in our first home. I was all dressed up in my favorite bell bottoms and posed with a rake or hoe. Hilarious. Like June Cleaver cleaning in her high heels and pearls. I don't know whether these little indoor gardens save any money, considering the cost of the grow light units and the cost of the grow pods but they do provide fresh greens. I wouldn't do tomatoes again--too messy and take up too much space. The yield wasn't great either. Some of the herbs didn't do well but I think that was from competing with the monster tomato plant. I can barely stand the small tender greens from the store. They just aren't fresh. I hope the six varieties of them in the new pods will take off and grow really well. I have some empty pods I can plant but couldn't fine the seeds at the stores. Easier to use the pre-seeded pods; I got them on sale. Glad Den is making shelves for your rubber duckie next to the tub.

Willow, you are so kind and good with your Mom. I'll keep her in my prayers. Yes, it is the Mediterranean Diet that the experts are promoting for staying healthy and avoiding all kinds of illnesses, including dementia. Omega oil, found in fish, is a mainstay of the diet. I take an Omega oil supplement that I get here and it also helps with my macular degeneration. My kids are all iPhone people and I was going to get one for my next phone a few years ago. My DSIL gave me his old one and put me on their plan. When it pooped out, I went to Verizon, the carrier, and was able to get the next one up for $200. He carries ins. on all the phones on the plan and when one stops working, it can be traded in. Once one gets an iPhone of any kind, It's not too expensive to stay with iPhones. Even the older basic ones are good even though Apple comes out with new ones every year. I don't know that they are any better than other phones but I am glad I have one because of the watch that I use ever single day for all kinds of things. Last time I flew, my watch let me know when the gate at the airport changed automatically. DD loves the one we gave her. OK, the Apple commercial is over. Hope you are are able to get what you want.

Spring, those flowers are beautiful. What is that green thing? Looks like they bloom into little white flowers. I need to go outside to take a pic of an exotic looking thing that came up in front of our bldg. Just want to wait til the CP people are gone. He took two big bags of garbage down to the dumpster so I'm hoping they are leaving today. I'll smudge the bldg. after they are gone too. I tend to forget my last dream after several days. I had forgotten about my dream of the infestation of ants but, yes, I guess it might have been a precognitive dream. I've had them over the years. Good idea to take photos if there are any left. When I was outside, there were none I could see. I think the spray probably killed them. I don't want to open the plastic bag; I imagine they will all die. We just need to ensure they didn't get into our attic, especially if they are termites. Bless you all there who take care of the wild critters. Did you apologize to the fruit seller telling him you mistook him for a monkey? Gotta find the humor during these times.

There have been tall cumulus clouds on the horizon for a couple of days. I sat outside with some water and just enjoyed looking to the west where they were billowing. Air is more humid. Each day brings a greater chance of rain. Will be so glad for our rainy season to arrive. Saw a poor cow on the news. Sheriff's dept. had to go out with a hoist to lift a pregnant cow who lay down for 48 hours and couldn't get up. Y'all know how funny I think hoists are for getting humans up off the toilet. Anyway, a whole herd of cows is being neglected so the sheriff's dept. moved the entire herd to the field next to their office not too far from me. The cows are getting better with the good care they are receiving. Animal service is in the same place. News also showing people at the beaches now that the RT is so low that it isn't threatening sea life and humans.

I'm off to read the digital Sunday newspaper. Hope all y'all are enjoying this holiday weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Good Sunday morning! Not sure why I woke up at 6:10, but I felt so good, I just got on out of bed. I'm thinking it's from the Epsom Salt soak (and taking Ibuprofen before I even went to bed, lol!) Oreo and I are the only ones up...Den is still sleeping and Peace Sign wasn't at the door when I let Oreo back in. I am thawing some eggnog I had saved from the holidays...have an eggnog pancake recipe to try. Den will be in Heaven, lol...two of his favorite things!

Willow, I'm glad you got out to the sale yesterday...I'm sure Gray is a lot of help with your mom, but sometimes a person just needs to do something for themselves. Bathing is such a hard thing for someone with cognitive decline. I gave my mom her showers...she sat on a shower chair in their tub/shower combo...and their shower faucet had a diverter hose with a sprayer. Dad, on the other hand, did not want help...but still wouldn't "get around" to taking a shower...

When I was going to support group meetings and reading a lot on the internet, I learned quite a bit about Alzheimer's and other dementias...like how people actually forget the steps to take to bathe (taking off their clothes, turning on the faucets and adjusting the water temps, etc.) And sometimes, if they see a dark rug or mat on the floor, they think it is a hole and will not step there (that's how one person kept her loved one from leaving the house on his own...because she put black rugs in front of each door.)

I had to ask the nursing home staff to put a black toilet seat in Dad's bathroom, because he couldn't tell where the toilet was (the white colors all blended in together and he was just urinating in the corner on the floor next to the toilet.) I also learned that people with dementia often lose their peripheral vision...Dad couldn't see me if I was walking beside him, so I had to walk a few paces ahead. That felt so weird, but it kept him from "losing me" if we were walking down the hall to a meal, etc. at the facility. I usually walked so I could still have a hand on the front of his walker...I'm not sure if it concerned him so much with the staff, but he wanted to always know where I was (even though he called me his granddaughter, sometimes, lol!)

Den's dad was very frugal, also....like only using one or two squares of toilet paper at a time frugal. When he broke both wrists and came to our house to recover (this was a year before he actually moved in with us, and he asked to come here because he said he knew his daughter wouldn't take care of him. We actually found out the day of his funeral, from another family member, that she had pushed him and made him fall...but nothing we could do about it then.) Anyway, I had to take care of Grandpa's bathroom situations...he was appalled the first time, because I used quite a bit more toilet paper to wipe him off, lol!

I'm glad you found some of your casserole dishes...I have several in different patterns and when you first mentioned the "Spice of Life" ones, I went through mine...I would have gladly mailed them to you, but I don't have any of that pattern. I just bought up a bunch at thrift shops for when I take casseroles to the girls' houses or want to stick one in the freezer.

Spring, what pretty and interesting pictures! Please forgive me, but I almost spit my coffee...picturing you throwing bananas for the monkey and almost hitting the shop keeper. Oh, the things we do for animals, true? My peony bushes are blooming...we can usually count on them to bloom in time for Memorial Day. Mine are the old fashioned "Pepto Bismol pink" ;) But I still like them...I imagine they have been around for a lot of years. I wish you had a clothes dryer and dishwasher, too. As much as I like to hang things on the clothelines, it's still nice to bring them in and "fluff" them...or go grab Lorene's diapers to run through the dryer. It's a real treat to her (and her babies, lol!) to have nice soft cloths next to their skin. Shamefully, my dirty dishes still get piled up, even with a dishwasher...but that's because I try to do to much at a time, and my body/brain gives out.

Mikie, I'd love to see that pic of you in the garden. I have one of me in the garden with a bikini on...and Lindsey in a carrier on my back, peeking over my shoulder as I hoed :eek: Den must have taken the picture, because I wouldn't have been dressed that way in front of anyone else, lolol!

I'd like to bring some herbs inside over winter...they won't last outside, especially on the north side of the house...but I'll have to figure out how to do it. Will definitely need to invest in a grow light. So, you buy the special kits each time? Or can you just go get seed from the store? I need to go back and look up the name of the kits...my brain is like a sieve sometimes...things just fall right through, lol!

I'd better say a quick "Hi" and figure out what I'm going to do today. We want to get back to church sometime...we watch it online, but it's just not the same. But Den has a really hard time getting up and around very early when he doesn't sleep well at night. When I woke up he was snoring pretty hard, and I'm thinking he was up and down a bunch last night.

Five years ago today (just after midnight) Den's dad died. I had been awake almost all night with him the previous night (the 28th) and called Den and his sister to come to the hospital around 6:30 that morning (two hour drive for Den...he came up as often as he could during our 21 day ordeal, but was still working. Sis hadn't been allowed to come when the doctors found out she had MRSA...which is what Grandpa actually died from.) We three sat with Grandpa all day and night...he had refused to wear the C-Pap any longer and did not want any other intervention...his body just eventually gave out.

Anyway, I'm off to try and be productive...


Hi, Julie,

The name of the little hydroponic grow units are Aero Garden and are made by Miracle Gro. You can just buy LED grow lights online and grow things inside in pots. If you do hydroponics, you have to have pumps to circulate the water around the roots. Den might be able to figure out something. If regular old pots are okay, just investing in a grow light should work fine for herbs. If I had room inside, I would do that. In fact, that was what I originally planned to do before I found out about the hydroponic sets.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie, thanks for the info. I went to the website and to their facebook page...those things are adorable! I see now how it works...and the seed pods are all ready to go. Which size one do you have?...neat that they come with different names. Perfect for counter tops or other limited size areas. Glad you found these...I see they have seed starter sets, too. And crafty ideas for using up bountiful herbs, etc. if they get ahead of you.

The eggnog pancakes were a bust...I should have just used my regular recipe and replaced the milk with eggnog. But my sweet husband ate them anyway, lol! Even when I offered to fix something else. The taste was okay, but they weren't fluffy like what we're used to :rolleyes: I'll still freeze the extras...they'll work as crepe-like things to roll sausages in or something...

I think I'll go upstairs and work for awhile today, then go out and plant the okra and find spots for the other plants I have left. We're staying home...Den said he didn't sleep well again. I'll be glad when his allergies quit driving him bonkers.


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Dear Obes,

I can't stay now off to watch church on line. I already have a wash in the drier. I just popped in here to read quickly. Not much is really happening atround here.

JULIE and WILLOW - Yes, that is also the older generation including us at least me and DH . We grew up with the basics and did fine and remember my mom washing out plastic bags to reuse in the refrigerator. That was befoe ziplocks. Don't laugh, as sometimes I still use 2 squares of toilet paper but it is mostly for the old toilets which clogged much easier. If I need more I willl use it. LOL

Gotta run for now.



I started out with the three-pod unit. I got it half price. I think they call it the Sprout. Then, I got the one they call the Harvest and it is a six-pod unit. I never buy anything from them unless it's on sale either through their website or on Amazon. The grow light I was originally looking at on Amazon was only $29.

Love, Mikie


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Spring: have you ever seen any fruit or pods on that green thing after it bloomed? I’m curious what it is. Years ago when we were in Florida my DH and I stopped at a fruit stand. Couldn’t believe all the interesting things to buy that we had never tasted, including the fruit from a house plant we have here. A type of split leaf philodendron. Don’t think I liked it though. Thanks for all those pics. One of my hydrangeas is like your pink one. Does it dry good if you leave it on into the colder months? I still have some of the dried flower bunches in my bathroom.

Willow: driving on the freeways in so. cal is HARD! Scary at times too, especially when you don’t know the right exits. I have gotten onto the wrong roads at times driving to Norco. That’s about as far as I drive and not very often. My friend Karen’s 80 BD party will be in July so that’s when I’ll have to drive there. I used to drive all around like a pro….even to Los Angeles and back. Now the farthest I drive is to Pasadena and I have to pick the uncrowded times and know the route. My driving now is basically from my house to Rancho Cucamonga and back to a large shopping area there. I’ve also driven from my house to the City of Orange/Brea but the freeway scares me…too many changes I have to make. But…..you have to keep pushing yourself and it will get easier. Just keep your mind on what you might find at the sale! By the way, where was the sale this time? I registered for that estate company but only within a 10 mi radius.

Julie: You’ve almost got me tempted to try an epsom salts bath. I used to love taking a bath but now I just want to jump in the shower and get on to what I want to get done. And by evening I’m really tired. A nice wooden shelf around your tub sounds perfect. You’re so lucky that Den loves building things. My DH had 10 thumbs and since my dad was a carpenter and I liked to watch him, I had to show DH how to do things. We almost separated when the two of use tried to build a little retaining wall at our other house. He didn’t even understand using a level. I wanted to tear my hair out.

Mikie: it sounds like swarming termites. Good thing you saved some in a baggy. Out here spring is the time they start swarming. I remember once when I was a girl, I came home from school and found the entire garage floor covered with them crawling all around. Subterranean termites. And once at this house they were coming out of a crack around by the pool and flying around. I mixed up some poison and poured it into the cracks. And of course last year I had to get termite work done at the house.

Barry: sorry you had bad times with the diverticulitis. Drink lots of water to keep things moving quickly. Hope you’re feeling better.

Granni: have you gotten your lab test results yet? I do hope your DD finds a job soon. Scary when you’re on your own. You may have to help her $ wise. That’s what parents are for anyway.

I enjoyed the girls yesterday though I get worn out by them…..mainly because I live such a solitary life. I get annoyed at this body how it reacts to anything out of the ordinary. They didn’t want to do art yesterday. I gave my oldest DGD a microscope that hooks up to her little computer. But it wasn’t working right, kept freezing, so my DS had to download another app so the microscope would work. So I dug out some shells so she could look at them close up, and then that led to more shells all over the table. I found a nice box with a magnetic click and told them whatever they could fit in the box with the lid closing we would keep in the house. The other box came from the garage storage so very dirty. I know the girls like coming here because I’ve got so many “treasures” for them to enjoy. Then they wanted to play dress up so I dug out a bag of hats. I don’t have any old dress up clothes anymore….fancy ones…..so I pulled out a bag of sequined fabric and we worked on pinning pieces of it around them to make a dress. I need to get to Goodwill to check out their weekly reduced clothes, hoping to find something fun for them.

I watched some youtube videos last evening of working with acrylic matte medium and gels. Dug out the colors of premixed I had picked up over the years from Lowes. Pint size at only 50cents each, so they’ve been sitting in the garage, just ready for me to do a painting. I figure that I will be killing two birds with one stone by doing a painting and also using the old paint.


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Just stopping in to say 'hi'.
A few posts ago Barry mentioned he hated the hit and pecking on the keyboard, or something to that effect. I can totally relate and I like forward to better/easier tech that eliminates all that; where, one can just speak and tbe words and punctuation simply work.

I managed to get over to Western Australia to hand deliver a Mothers Day hug. I couldn't hv asked for better.
A lot of people praying for me and my adventure and I'll always be grateful.
I stayed at an old friend's place for the wk and she drove me down to the country.
I paid for the rm , fuel etc and she volunteered to be driver and partake in the adventure.
On the way down, I stopped in and grabbed some flowers and chocolate.
I surprised my sister in law and her youngest boy. She's going through a heart breaking break up atm. I am glad I caught her at home.

Not only did I manage to surprise my Mum on the following day, Mothers Day, but one sister and brother was there also. Unexpected Bonus.
Mum just sat there smiling most of the day, while everyone inter acted.
I must mention the 3 gorgeous jack russels were a lot of fun too.
While at Mum's my brother showed me around his pride and joy (besides his 3 jr's)- the gardens.
From there on, after heading back to the city, I managed to spend a whole day with my friend site seeing ,where I grew up.
They had finally ripped down the old bridge and replaced it.No more evidence of where I used to sleep, when I was kicked out of home at 14.
A life time ago.
It was good to be able to gv her that quality time, to listen to her story.

I also stopped in to see dh niece and newset baby.We dont really hv anything to do with them, sadly they are hooked on ice, but she was his favourite many yrs ago, so we tracked her down and it turned out she was a whole 2 minutes away from where I was staying!
Hopefully I was able to encourage her a little and show her that she is valued, by stopping in and showing interest in her life.
The next day was spent with that same sister I saw at Mum's.
Out of all my siblings, this one needed the one on one time and it worked out great.
I got to see her home, dog and hear some of her story.

She doesn't have children and hasnt really moved on from youthful hurts.she looks/sounds like barbed wire, but thats just armour.
Next morning, my brother, (who I had surprised at my Mum's) drove up to the city and picked me up along the way.He had really stepped up.He had managed to organise a games night-catch up with 2 nieces and our other 2 sisters.No one knew I was there.
Along the way we surprised my nephew.
Then one niece and then the next, at another address.
So I got a glimpse into their homes and was able to put a visual to stories I had heard over the yrs.
One niece had a monster of a dog and various birds , while the other had a cat.
Everything just fell in to place.
My brother let himself in to sister's home and rearranged all the furniture to accommodate us all comfortably and the surprising continued. (She is single)

I hv only just seen the recording of surprising each sister.one at a time.Thanks to my nieces.
Everyone has a phone on hand these days and I am grateful for the pics and vids of all the reunions.
That was the last night I was there.
Aside from the last sister's husband driving over to see me, I missed out on meeting 3 other partners.perhaps it was for the best.
The next morning my friend drove me the hr to the airport.On the way my phone was bombarded with many messages.My Uncle, who I was meant to meet at the city airport in my home state, Victoria, had had a heart attack.

I didn't know what to do.
Should I be th here as support for my Aunty or would I be in the way?
I worked out all the public transport and managed to get out to their place, in one piece.Dragging my suit case along. (Wheels on it are shot now).
I saw my Uncle at the hospital the next day.He had a few stents put in.
So grateful he is still around to tell me his corny jokes.

The following day was massive.Not only was the trip long, but of all weekends to fix the railroad line....which meant substitute buses...
Fortunately my Aunty decided to get me a ride into the city instead.
My driver was a young Indian man.
He is an Australian.His brother and his brother's wife live with him, but his sister lives in Bombay and his parents are in the country where it's safer, he said.
He said he gets angry because many of the people are stupid and not listening.Some are bathing in milk or dung or other home remedies and still mixing with people...he seemed concerned for his sister, but not his parents..
The trip home was an adventure also.I was seated next to a young gi rl living in a group home....

Fast forward a couple of days and my ds (16) had an mri on the tumour on his leg.it is the size of a tennis ball.thank God it is not cancerous.
He is, however, a category 1 patient, so even though my state, Victor ia is in another lock down, due to the Indian strain reaching us, he is still set for surgery. We saw the surgeon last wk and he is going in on Thursday...
I wish he didnt hv to go through this.

It is 2:43am and I am up due to all over pain (as usual), but with the addition of something stuck in my eye, which I can't seem to flush out.

I wish I was better at pecking at the keyboard (which is my phone), but I really struggle with it.

My thoughts and prayers for you all.
Take care and I'll catch yas later
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Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in to check for spammers. They often don't post on Sundays.

Sun, sounds as though your DGD's had a great time. Dress up is so much fun for little girls. Driving on highways and freeways is hard. Last time when I drove home from Orlando on I-75, everyone was speeding and the traffic was bumper to bumper. Scary. It was really stressful. The freeways around Denver are as bad as in LA now. No wonder I'm content to stay close to home. We used to joke about older people who won't leave their zip codes. Now, I'm one of them. Problem we have here is plain old bad drivers and aggressive drivers.

Granni, how are the new and improved toilets working out?

Star, sooo good to hear from you. Good grief, that was quite the trip. Sending up prayers for your DS for his surgery on Thurs. Please let us know afterward how he is doing. I threw in a few paragraph breaks so I could read your post. Might not have gotten them in exactly the right places but I'd hate for anyone to miss the post if they couldn't read it. Not everyone has the problem I do with reading them without a lot of breaks but I imagine some do.

I went out and watered the flowers. They are so pretty. I had watered them with Miracle Gro a few days ago and that stuff really promotes blooms. The impatiens are so pretty.

Love, peace and prayers for all of you.

Love, Mikie

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Star!!! So happy and surprised to see your post. I’ve been thinking hard on you this past week and thinking I would look for your email add and get in touch and here you are. I’ll pray that your DS goes thru the surgery with much success. What an adventure you had with meeting up with the large family, although I’m sure it was hard on you. Sometimes we just need to get ourselves out of our comfort zone. PLEASE come back….often!!!!

I forgot to tell you all about the upcoming BD treat for my DGD. She turns 7 on wed and she said what she wanted was to visit the cat cafe in los angeles. $35 a person to go in for an hr. and play with the cats. So they’re spending $70 for an hr. Only she and my DS are going though……a child must be 7 in order to come in and of course you must sign a waiver in case some cat turns on you. I had heard about this place a few years ago. I believe it’s very popular with the Japanese people. My DS up in Portland had rented out a room in his home thru airBnB, and he happened to mention that he had a very friendly cat. OMG…..so many girls wanted to come and stay so they could play with his cat.

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Thought I would pop on a minute while I eat my lunch of salmon patties (Den's smoothie and peanut butter sandwich are waiting for him) and it made my day to see a post from Star!

Star, what an adventure...most of it wonderful. Sorry to hear about your uncle, but glad he is recovering. How sad to hear that you were kicked out of your home at such a young age...the same thing happened to our son-in-law, Clinton. I think he eventually ended up with his grandparents, but lived a pretty rough life for awhile...

So hard to watch our kids deal with difficulties...glad your DS's tumor is benign, but the surgery will not be fun, I imagine. Our Amy's surgery is coming up (doctors think the mass on her kidney is 80% chance of being cancerous) and I know we'll all be glad to get it behind us. And Clinton's reinstall of a pacemaker will happen sometime yet this summer, we think.

I hope you can get back more often...I miss hearing from you.

Mikie, I probably need to get some new Miracle Gro, although the potting soil I use has Miracle Gro in it...the things planted directly in the garden might be happy to get some.

Granni, I won't laugh at you...we do laugh at some of the grown kids and grandkids, though. Somehow, they manage to clog our "uncloggable" toilets, lol! When certain ones head to the bathroom, we remind them to do a "courtesy flush" partway through o_O I do buy the better toilet paper (thicker, etc.) so maybe that's why they clog it...if they are used to having to use more of the less expensive stuff?

Sun, Lindsey and her family has used Epsom salt baths for so many things...especially for Josiah's leg cramps. But even soaking one's feet in a tub of water with Epsom salt can help...I'm like you, I like to get in and out of the shower...but it's just nice to have a tub once in awhile. When I got out of the tub last night, my heart was racing and it felt like my blood pressure had gone sky high...but when I checked, it was actually lower than usual. I googled "Epsom salt and blood pressure" and it said Epsom salt can lower blood pressure (and I had very hot water, which will do that too) so I would be very careful if that is an issue with you...thinking I remembered that it was.

Glad the DGDs had fun yesterday...yes, grandmas often have lots of different things than what they get to do at home ;) I have gotten Halloween costumes on clearance (for boys and girls) and have gone to Goodwill and picked up old prom dresses, etc. With your sewing skills, I'll bet your kiddos will be dressed beautifully.

Well, lunch is over...Den is eating/drinking his and ready soon for his afternoon siesta. I've been working in the kitchen all morning...I am such a slob when I cook, lol! So, will finally head upstairs to see what I can do.

Mama kitty was over here for her "second breakfast", so I took some meat and more kibble out. That other cat was sitting on a set of shelves and when I opened the door, she ran inside the cabin window (we were leaving it open so it wouldn't get all musty in there, but some critter broke the screen and we haven't gotten it fixed yet...so I can't shut it all up until I'm sure there are no cats or other mamas with kittens inside.) I gave Mama some more meat (the kittens must have all been asleep) and waited until she was finished eating before I left. I imagine this will be where they hang out permanently now...I don't mind...once I get my gardening things out of the way, we're just going to store things like fencing supplies and bigger tools and things I won't need in the Hobbit House.

Back to work...take care, everyone!