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PORCH 1264 IS NOW CLOSED (5/30/21)

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Willow: Etsy has restrictions on what you can sell. It has to be older than the 1980s, or handmade, or supplies to make something. I sold years ago on ebay when my DD and SIL were going to get married in Hawaii. I sold for 4 months, until I had enough to pay for all the expenses and then that was it. On ebay you can sell anything. If I was starting I would look to buy things I liked and also lightweight. I mainly sell items that I can pack in a padded envelope. Acquaint yourself with what you see at estate sales and like, then do a search on ebay or etsy to see if it is desirable. I’m always on the lookout for old lingerie, like 1930s to 1960s. I also buy good quality linens that are old and antique laces. I haven’t had good luck on selling jewelry even though what I have is vintage. Too many dealers with lots of jewelry. I knew this guy who used to be #2 at a savings bank….he ended up quitting and selling on ebay. What? Apparently he bought whole lots of things at a very good price then reselling. And my advice is look for good selling estate sales like in Palm Desert. And get there early.

Your new PT sounds very promising!!!!!