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PORCH 1271 IS NOW CLOSED (7/14/21)

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Hi, Sun,

I'm sure that stint with the reflux was scary for you. I had a bad bout of it a few nights ago and it really burned despite the pepsid I take now. Joe gets it from mucus draining down the back of his throat during the night. Breathing problems can affect so much. I do better here than I did in CO with my asthma. I think aging is a game of trying to keep all our problems as small as possible. Some days I win the game and some days I don't.

Thanks for your kind words. I'm happy I got to the pool too because moving is so necessary and it lifts my spirits to chat with Barb. I hope your breathing problems improve and you don't have any more reflux. Geez, it's always something. I did manage to take my garbage and recycle things down to the dumpster. I'm glad I got that done. I watched a really good British move with Maggie Smith--The Lady In The Van. A strange little film but a cut above the rest of what is streaming. I think I'd watch most anything with her in it.

Take care.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: I think I may have seen that Lady in the Van, but I’ll have to search the library for it. I love Maggie Smith. And coincidence, I just watched her last night in “My old lady”…..with Kevin Klein. Excellent.

I’ve been gargling with salt water to get way down in the throat, hoping it helps do some healing.


Hi, Sun, I'll check out that movie. Don't think I've seen it. I hope the salt water helps. I'm back on the colloidal silver. I think I stopped it too soon.

My neighbor, Dennis, just called and we had some laughs. He was waiting at the doc's office for Grace. Her ears are hurting and it's affecting her balance. He was sposda send me a check for the $30 I paid the guys who cleaned his lint vent and he forgot the city, state and zip code on the envelope. It was good to laugh. Hope Grace is okay.

Hope you are okay too.

Love, Mikie


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Hi guys...quick note. Sun, I'm so sorry for the scary reflux. I thought I was going to have to stop drinking coffee, due to severe heartburn at times (a pain so bad, I wondered if I was having a heart attack...) but when I started putting a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in the coffee pot with the grounds, the heartburn stopped. Glad your DS and the grands were able to still come over yesterday...so much fun being with them, but so exhausting, sometimes.

Mikie, good for you for getting to the pool and hanging out with friends. Hope you start feeling better and it stays that way.

I do have an update on the Amish situation. I went to see our deacon neighbor...his second wife and I chatted a bit before I told her I was there to see him (his first wife died of cancer in 2012 about two weeks before my mom did. The lady he's married to now has been an acquaintance/friend since they were children...and so nice.)

Anyway, we talked a bit about how things have gotten resolved with some of the other neighbors...renegade cows, horses, etc., etc. Then I apologized for coming to him again and explained the situation. His wife stayed in the room, and I'm glad...two sets of ears can hear (and remember) better than one. And, as a woman, she would understand completely how angry I was that the man had gone behind my back to ask another man (our farmer) the very same thing that I had just told his wife "no" about.

The deacon was very understanding...they were both surprised at the other couple's behavior, but we all realized that the berry thieves/creek waders had a little private oasis back on our property for all these years and must be pretty upset to have their world basically turned upside down, simply because they got caught. The deacon is going to talk to the man, and he said he is also going to address the situation with the church community as a whole...this happens to more landowners than just us. Amish do it to other Amish, to "English"...they don't really care. And I made sure he understood that it's not just about the berries...it's the disrespect this couple (especially the man) showed to me and Den. And the fact that any of the children could have gotten hurt (Deacon assured me that "their people" don't sue...which is beside the point to me...I care whether the children got hurt more than getting sued...although the one could certainly lead to the other. Maybe the Amish wouldn't plan to sue, but sometimes attorneys get wind of situations and talk people into suing...)

I was at the deacon's house for over an hour...we chatted and reminisced about lots of things (their family moved to their farm around the same time Den and I moved here.) I've taken multiple family members (four generations of their family by now, if you count coming home from being born, lol!) to the ER lots of times...they know they can call me in the middle of the night. And I told Deacon if this other family had an emergency and called me, I would be right there to help them. But that doesn't mean they can just wander on our property any time they like, lol!

So, I came home and took a nice long nap...Den is on his second nap of the day. He finished the two bundles of firewood (cutting to length, then splitting) and then went and got another load (I didn't hear the pickup and trailer leaving here or coming back.) Den is exhausted, but happy that this will be enough firewood now for this coming winter. And he has mowed the whole yard for me again, since I've been in "pickle/squash" mode, lol! I've been doing the laundry, but just piling the clean stuff on a bed in the guest room...Den goes in there to get what he needs, and sometimes even folds it. I think he's a keeper, for sure ;)

Hope everyone is doing as well as possible. I'll just keep plugging along in "slo mo" mode, but any step forward is good, right? Take care!


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Julie: thanks for that tip about putting the baking soda in with the grinds. It makes sense…I read that to stop the acid reflux you can drink some baking soda in water. And happy to read that the deacon will address this problem with the whole congregation. By the way, out in california people sue all the time so years ago we took out an umbrella policy that covers this problem. It’s not expensive when you consider how I could have a gardener or tree trimmer get hurt and then I would be sued. I think that Den should post NO TRESPASSING SIGNS!!! Yes, I think Den is a keeper. I remember when I used to make pickles that sat on the counter. I think they were ready in about 3 days then you put them in the frig.

My Gidget movie came in so you know I’ll be watching it tonight and remembering when I was 13. The other night I watched On Golden Pond….hadn’t seen it for at least 10 years and it’s still wonderful.


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Good evening, friends! I'm heading to bed earlier tonight and hoping to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. Den chose beef stew for supper (made in the crock pot on Saturday), I had chicken spaghetti. And I had bought four ears of sweet corn a few days ago, so they rounded out the meal. Last night we had white chicken enchiladas...Pioneer Woman's recipe. All this food was what I had saved back for us, from the meals I had made for Amy's family and that are in the freezer until we see them again.

Amy says they will be fine on Wednesday...they get to the hospital at 11:00 am, procedure will take 3 hours, then 2 hours in recovery, then they send Clinton home. Amy has arranged help with the kiddos, so I won't need to worry too much...but if things don't go as planned, I can always get to Amy's within a couple of hours...and even spend the night, if necessary. Amy has her surgery follow up next Monday and wants me to go along...just for some mother-daughter time. It's an early morning appt., then we can go out for lunch.

Sun, hope you are enjoying your movie...then you'll watch it again with your DGD? Yep, no trespassing signs are in the works...even though, by law, we only need to put up one...we will put several in different areas of the farm. I was telling the deacon that how bad I felt about this whole mess...I don't like conflict and I don't want to be considered the "grouchy neighbor." He got this fatherly look on his face and said, softly, "It will be alright." He is what I would call one of the decent members of the church. I still wouldn't want to be a part of it, but he's always just so kind and calm.

Anyway, I'd better get on to bed...take care!


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Got lotsa sleep last night and that always helps even though I'm not up to doing a jig. I may go over to the pool and walk again. Our bookkeeper emailed me for authorization to pay our flood ins. It went up $1,000 over last year. Every time it goes up that much, it costs us all another $10 a month in fees. We budgeted for another $700 so it only exceeded that by $300. Our casualty ins. has gone up $1,000 a year for the last two years and may go up more this year. I'll know by Nov. The increase of everything is getting scary. We may get a larger COLA increase in our SS next year but even if it's 5%, which it likely won't be, it's already gone in inflated costs of living. There is only so much one on a fixed income can cut.

Nancy's little DGS has been sick for weeks with symptoms of a bad cold and cough. Doc's can't seem to get it cleared up. He is such a cute and sweet little guy. I hope he gets better. He's only four years old. Claudia's plantar fasciitis is a bit better. It's always something with us or our kids. Lotsa people to pray for, including all our Dear Porchies here.

I'm glad I stopped in here early after breakfast. Someone was advertising escort services in India. If only they knew we are all too tired to be interested in escort services. They must just blanket websites everywhere and hope something takes. We called that 'shotgun' advertising in our marketing classes. It's the most wasteful and least effective form of advertising. I got rid of it within an hour of the post.

Sun, too bad we couldn't have a slumber party, make popcorn and watch the movie. I'm all for reverting to age 13 when I get the chance. Using baking soda for acid reflux can increase blood pressure. Small amounts likely wouldn't have a big effect but thought I'd mention it. We are not supposed to hire anyone to do work on our condos unless they are licensed and insured. We definitely don't on the assn. property. I have my own liability ins. on my condo in case someone gets injured inside. I'm insurance poor. Hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane.

Julie, don't know whether or not you will read my comments to Sun but just a note about baking soda's raising blood pressure. I'm glad you saw the deacon and his wife. They sound like lovely people. If it were me, I'd keep a log or write everything down on the calendar for any future referral in case of problems. If those people were to trespass and someone got hurt, you could show you took all precautions to keep them off your property. Sad you have to go through all this. Glad you have the deacon to help keep things in order. Where would you be without him? Yes, I'd say Den is a keeper. You guys seem able to just fill in with whatever needs done regardless of who usually does it. My ex and I were like that back early on in our marriage. That's how I got so handy. These days, I don't feel very handy. Seems any projects I try turn to crap but I digress...maybe you can now relax a bit and not have to worry about those ballsy people.

Spring, just saw on the BBC news that as many as four million people may have died from Covid in India, ten times the official count. India was expected to be among the most vaccinated in the world. Then, there were problems with vaccine production at their plant. When people started getting sick, there was no oxygen and other things needed to treat the ill. I continue to keep you and yours in my prayers. Stay well. Nancy's DD is immuno compromised three years after treatment for breast cancer. She can't take the vaccine. Her DH has taken it as has Nancy. She works from home and is being careful. If everyone else who could take the jab would do it, it would greatly reduce the danger to people like her who can't get vaccinated. The whole world needs to be vaccinated if we are to banish this horrible virus. I can understand the 'wait 'n see' mentality but enough time has gone by that we know the vaccine, while not perfect, is safe and effective. Even with the risks, it's much safer than getting the virus. Every night on the news, there are people bragging that they won't take the shot and that they aren't afraid of Covid. Idiots! Problem is that they can spread it to others who get sick and/or die.

I'm off to get ready for the pool. I feel so much better when I move more. Now, if I just start to eat better, at least, as long as I can afford to eat. Just joking but I am concerned about inflation. Govt. says it's temporary; I'm not sure. I hope they don't use that rationale to withhold SS COLA adjustments.

Have a good day, everyone.

Love, Mikie

Home from the pool and so glad I went. It is a beautiful morning outside. It's not humid and was 75 degrees when we were walking. We had a great chat, filled with laughter. I got home in time to watch the Blue Origin spacecraft liftoff and landing. It's so amazing!

My hair color wasn't delivered so I reported it. Then, it showed up in the mailbox and two days later, a replacement showed up. So, I have two orders and only paid for one. I contacted Amazon and told them I would be glad to pay for it. The C/S rep said it was fine to just keep and thanked me for my honesty. Hair color can 't be returned. One more thing taken care of. I feel a bit guilty but did try to pay. It was on sale and now, the cost will end up being less than $4 a box. Now, I just have to pay a bill and make an appt. for SV for his checkup and rabies vaccination so we can renew his license. Can't get into an emergency shelter without it. Can't imagine having to take a cat to one of those but I'll never say never in the land of hurricanes.
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Good morning, everyone! Woke up at 4:30...too early...woke up at 6:00...nah, not ready to get up yet. Finally, at 7:00...just right, lol! Don't feel like rushing outside to work, but I did feed the cats (and Oreo, of course) and Peace Sign is waiting at the closed bedroom door for Den to get up ;) A pretty simple life, but it works for us...

Mikie, good reminder about the baking soda. I was just thinking about in water "once in awhile" or the little bit I put in the coffee pot, but good to be aware...especially if one already has hypertension. So many things to think about. Yep, those escort service people are wasting their time around these boards, lol! I am glad to have the Amish mess taken care of, as far as I know. We pay liability insurance, and so does our farmer, but would hate to have to use it...or lose the farm if the insurance didn't cover all the injury or death. I have everything documented, so far, just to be on the safe side.

Yes, everything seems to be going up in price...and we are also on a fixed income now. Den hasn't done any outside work at all this year, and very little last year. Not sure what folks have to pay for gasoline nowadays...I think ours is still $2.99 a gallon, for the cheapest one. We can scale back some, but this time of year there are several things all at once that come due. If we prepay the whole winter's worth of propane, that saves a lot...last winter, when the price shot up, we were so glad to have scraped together the money. And then we didn't use all the propane, so we have a credit to start this winter with...

Maybe next year, I will save us some food money with my garden...;) This year's expenses (and extra labor, while I figure out what the heck I'm doing) should just be a tax write-off, lol!

Thinking of everyone...thank you for letting me come on here and ramble...I also pray for all of us, and wish only the very best for everyone on these boards. Take care!

Rock or Gordon...I forgot to mention that I used Gordon's idea of upside-down forks stuck in the dirt in my potted plants...so far, so good. Those hooligan kittens had destroyed several plants in several different pots...I found some ivy's at the store that still looked good, so filled in with those. This morning, not a pot has been disturbed. And the forks are clear, so they don't really look so bad, lol! Thanks for the tip!
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Hi, Kids,

Got some cardboard boxes down to the recycle bins. I picked up the little bag of kitty litter clumps from in front of Teresa's door and tossed it into the garbage for her. She is cleaning like a fiend over there. I doubt it needs it because they were gone eight days. She either loves and lives to clean or is obsessive about it. I love a clean house but my limitations prevent it. It just ain't the most important thing in my life. I need to clean out the linen closet that I don't use for linens. I have six boxes of hair color I have to stow. Hope it doesn't go bad before I can use it.

Julie, was that a pun about the tip? Fork tip? As much fun as kitties can be, they can be destructive too. I can't get my carpet and shredded love seats replaced as long as I have SV. If prices keep climbing, I'll likely not be able to replace them at all. I'm glad you share my Goldilocks Syndrome, doing things when it's just right. 'Just Right' is my personal std. Gas here is about the same. I save by getting the $50 gas cards at Publix for $40 and getting a cheap car wash at the station that saves another 20 cents a gallon. Claudia complains about the cost of gas and the lines at Costco to save a few cents a gallon but won't do the gas cards. Doh! Ilona wouldn't do it when she lived here because she said they couldn't afford it. So basically she was saying they couldn't afford to save money. These are smart people too. It's not that I think my way to save is the only way but it saves by far the most money. Sounds as though you have your propane and wood all figured out for winter. You will be warm and cozy and not worried about heating bills--smart!

While I was outside earlier watering our flowers, I decided to trim our plumbago bush downstairs because we no longer allow the butchers, who fancy themselves landscapers, to trim them. A strange man in a pith helmet came around the corner and startled me. He had on little round dark glasses, a mustache and looked just like an archaeologist from the 1930's. He is from a pest control service and it's not the one we have. So, I had to email our mgr. to see what is going on. My guess is that our POA has hired them to treat all the bldgs. in here. If so, we likely don't need the one we have. I don't know who is paying this new co. either. Someone needs to communicate these things to us. I was also able to drag a vine that was growing out of our utility box and up the wall of the bldg. Nothing like living in the jungle.

OK, I'm off to see what trouble I can get into. Shouldn't be too difficult to find something. Stay well and safe, my friends.

Love, Mikie



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Julie: I tried the baking soda this morning….I make 2 large cups each morning so used 1/8th of a tsp but maybe it was my imagination but I could taste the BS. I have lower BP, this morning it was 106/66, HR 89……and when it’s low like that I take about 1/4 tsp salt and then drink water to bring it up. Actually this is easier than if it was high and I would have to bring down. I had an aunt who would faint from the low BP…..she had been a nurse so she would have known to do the salt trick. Taking care of our bodies is like fine turning a car. LOL And our gas here is running $4.78 for the best. Thankfully I don’t drive much except locally but as it is the fill my Honda Pilot is pretty expensive.

And speaking of cats, I must have a neighborhood one who keeps spraying a window. I think it must jump on a wooden fence so today I’m going to pound some nails so they stick up. That should stop it. Plus something put a little “gift” by my atrium on the gravel a few days ago. I can’t think of any animal other than a cat who would spray.

Mikie: I’m so glad you’ve gotten into going to the pool daily to walk. Some days it’s really hard to push myself out, even for a short walk, but I know it’s good for me.

I enjoyed Gidget last night. So cute. Had to look up James Darren to see if he was still alive and what he looked like. He looks good, but doesn’t resemble what he looked like when he was young. I was surprised to read his bio…..I forgot that he became a recording artist after having sung in Gidget. The DVD was a 3 movie set, each with a different Gidget. Tonight will be Gidget goes to Hawaii, then Gidget goes to Rome. Then I read Sandra Dee’s bio. Didn’t know she died from kidney disease brought on by a life time of anorexia…..brought on by being sexually abused by her mother’s 2nd husband. I remember when she and Bobby Darin had married, then they got divorced after about 7 years, then he died from open heart surgery. Back then when I was young, I followed all the stars! HA. Now I don’t even know one singer or actor from another.


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Lol, Mikie...you got me! I didn't even think about the fork pun. Good job!

Glad you can save on gas...we have two different grocery stores that have ways to save on gasoline. With one, you get a free card that they scan at checkout. If something you bought that trip has "points", you get a certain amount of money off each gallon of gas. The points/pennies can add up, can be saved for as long as a month, but then they expire. I don't get to make a lot of use of this plan, because most of the things with points are ready-made, convenience foods or the more expensive name brand items...but one time I was able to save 71 cents off each gallon of gas (up to 25 gallons at a time.)

The other grocery store (where my favorite fresh meat counter is located) prints a 5 cent per gallon coupon at the bottom of the receipt. It's only good at the gas station across the street from them, but the price is usually the same as the other places for gas...so I've been able to save that way, too.

Sun, glad you enjoyed the movie...and it must have brought back a lot of memories. I'm sorry you could taste the baking soda. What I read to use was 1/4 tsp. per (12 cup) pot or just a pinch per cup. I'm not sure what else might help make the coffee more alkaline...well, there are several things online...here is one of them. Who knew, lol!

I'd better get back to work. Finished dehydrating the stevia leaves...then had to ask myself, "Why on earth am I drying ragweed? (they are in the same family.) But, I have been using a stevia/sugar sweetened powder in my water (True Lemon brand) and maybe I am developing a tolerance to anything in the ragweed family? Could that be why I'm not being bothered as much this year? I just figured it was because Den has been mowing the yard the past couple weeks...


Hi, Kids,

Cleaning out that little closet. Should be easy but I'm trying to arrange things halfway intelligently so I can easily find them. Also, so I stop buying things on sale that I don't need. I forget I have them at home, mostly liquid soap and hair products. I have a lifetime supply. At least, it doesn't go bad. I looked up hair color and the info was that it doesn't go bad if stored properly. I told Claudia to let me know if she ever fancies blond hair. Barry would love her; she's let it go natural gray. Personally, I think it would look nice colored in a warm brown like it used to be. Oh well, to each her own.

Sun, I loved Sandra Dee but could always tell she lived a difficult life even before I read and watched the movie of her life. Bobby Darrin was very talented and his life was cut so short. The marriage was difficult, according to the film. Have you ever watched A Summer Place? It was a good movie. Barb and I are waiting for Amazon to acquire the MGM movies. Prime movies and programs suck for the most part. She also has Netflix and Sling so she has more options than I. I may have to go back to Netflix. If it weren't for PBS, I wouldn't have much to watch. Seems as though all that is on networks is game and reality shows. I'd probably watch Survivor if it were to come back but I'm so over The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That they flaunt their wealth at a time when people are in dire financial straits is disgusting. Glad I can read to fill in the gaps. Enjoy the other Gidget movies.

Julie, I kept trying to come up with a pun for fork tyne but couldn't. Same with prong. Without Rock not around as much, I've lost my touch. He remains the pun master. Most of those cents off on gas through grocery store deals don't save all that much but anything helps. My kids use one of those where they get their gas. BTW, putting a bit of cinnamon in coffee makes it taste good and helps with blood sugar. I love cinnamon on most everything. I put it on cinnamon toast but then add the sugar so it kinda defeats the purpose.

Okay, it's back to the linen closet. I have to get my back brace. I had to put on my orthopedic flip flops to help too. I have pretty flat feet. I have other cleaning jobs to do in here but the closet has hit the tipping point where I can't add anything to it until it's cleaned out. Ugh! Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie


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Nothing to new or exciting around here but I guess yesterday it was... Just received a leetter from UHC yesterday . To make a very long story sshorter that appeal that I put in about us having to pay like $723.00 was a big error and we will be getting it back. After getting the letter which was somewhaat confusing in spots I did a chat on the UHC website and got the info. It took forever it seemed, especially since another chatter came in to replace the 1st chatter who I suspect was a replaacement temporarily ( the first one). So I had to repeat alot of stuff COUPLE OF TIMES. The biggest problem was that our (my) 1 year wellness pcp visit was listed as a beast exam at PCP which it wasn't with no imaging either. They somehow thought that was imaging or something - really dumb. I could go on and then it was listed wrong wither an error in the amout they said we would get back. They spoke to the imaging place and made it right. I think there were a few errors but not going into them right now. We shoud get all our money back but it will take awhile. DH also called the billing dept and all is well we just wait.

DH is coming in here in a few minutes so I have to rush off again

MIKIE- Glad you are feeling aa bit better and hope it contiues.

SUN - Sorry about your reflux. With all my problems that sems to be one thing I do not have much of and is usually mild when I do get it a little bit. One DD seems to have that a bit also and it is better than it was.

Gotta run for now.



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Julie: thanks for that coffee link….very interesting. First time I heard of egg shells in the coffee pot was on a camping trip with friends. He dumped a broken egg shell in the pot, said it was standard for scandinavian people. Of course this only works with an old fashioned perking kind of pot, not the Mr. Coffee I use. Tomorrow morning I’ll just use a pinch of the BS for each cup.

Mikie: I watched A Summer Place when it first came out, but really don’t remember much. Wasn’t Troy Donahue in it, Dorothy Malone and the father can’t remember his name but can see his face. That song was soooo popular for months. I’ll have see if the library system has it. I envy anyone who can go natural with their hair and really look good. When my hair starts growing out it looks AWFUL. All shades of brown, grey, white and not something to make me attractive. I keep my hair a light auburn color. Been coloring it red since I was around 18 and not going to stop now cause I need all the help I can get.

The electrician finished the work and my handyman will be here next week to do the ceiling painting and some other jobs.

My DD was telling me about all the “drama” that happened last week at their beach house. My DGS was allowed to invite a few of his friends along with the 30 year old husband of his cousin to chaperone and make sure the guys don’t get into trouble. But apparently one of his friends( Jake) who he’s known since the boys were little started unloading troubles to the cousin and her DH about personal troubles. One of the kids from the other school had bullied Jake last year, calling him gay……then this guy killed himself……he was gay. After hearing all of this from the cousin, my DD called Jake’s dad to suggest that maybe Jake needs to see a psychologist so Jake could talk it over with a professional. Suicide is getting to be rampant….my DGS had 3 friends or aquaintence kill themself. So my DGS has been talking to a professional for months and it’s really helped him adjust to teenage years. But this father wasn’t interested and they don’t see that their son is crying out for help. I told DD she tried but it’s not her place to tell the parents everything Jake told the cousin. This wasn’t all…..yipes. My DGD is having a beach weekend in a few weeks, inviting her 3 good friends but their moms will also be spending the time there. Teenage years…..so hard.

Darn: the library system doesn’t have A summer place. But here’s that wonderful theme.

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Hi, Kids,

Another little break but the closet is cleaned out and organized. I still have the big walk-in closet to finish but it had to wait on this one. I also got my pill boxes filled which isn't a big deal but I hate doing it. Bah!

Granni, so glad you are getting your money back. Too bad you had to pay it. You shouldn't have to when it's being challenged. Just glad it all turned out okay in the end. Problems with payments are almost always the fault of the providers who use the wrong dx codes or service codes. It has to be a big relief for you.

Sun, I can't remember the name of the actor who played the father either. Yes, Troy Donohue was the love interest. He was so cute. He played Hans Brinker on a TV special and did the ice skating. He was a good figure skater. OMG! That is so sad about the poor kid whose parents won't help him. I feel so bad for your DGS too. How awful to lose three friends. I'm glad he is getting help to cope with that. When I was 12, a bunch of people around me died but not from suicide. I was so depressed that I felt sick. At that time, there was no grief counseling for kids. I had to just suck it up and go on. The suicide and violence that teens are exposed to today are so hard for them. I will pray for this child and hope he can find some help. I loved the old coffee that was perked. I also love my Kuerig machine that spits out a cup of coffee almost instantly when I get up. That first cup is what gives me life in the morning.

Well, I just lost a whole paragraph. Ratbane! as Rock says. It really is time to call it a day. Have a lovely evening, dear ones.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I went thru the alphabet in my mind and came to R then I got Richard…..then Egan came to me! HA. I remembered the actor’s name without having to look it up. He died at age 65. When I go to either the beach house or the Desert house they have a kuerig machine there…..I know it’s almost instant though I timed when I make one cup on my Mr. Coffee…it comes to about 3 min. Fast enough for me. LOL Can’t teach an old dog new tricks so I’ll just keep my Mr. Coffee since bagged coffee is less $ than the little cups. I’m cheap.

that “bump” on my eyelid has returned and my eye has been hurting so tomorrow I’ll have to get to a new PCP close to me to get it checked out. I decided that the young twit doc the clinic assigned me with just won’t do. And on thursday I have a cancer check with the urologist doc for another cystocopy.
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drizzling here, very pleasant, not fun for commuters in wet weather and heavy traffic, but perfect for those chilling at home.

i watched some news, loved the exuberant 80 plus lady who went up with Jeff Bezos. and smiled at the 18 year old space enthusiast. I love those geeky types who are bashful and unworldly because they are a rarity.

craving some pakoras, spicy boiled potato covered in lentil batter and deep fried. a monsoon favorite for most Indians/nepalese. But no time to make them. (theyre basically fritters and they can be veg or non veg, and made with most any veggie/meat).


Barry - always good when you post..i think dogs get some sortof fungal infection on their paws in summer. How is your stomach. Do you think it is gastritis?

Rock - ive read my share of violent crime novels in my time. James Hadley Chase and what not. its only now i avoid gory stuff and look for slice of cozy life books. not even mysteries. The kind where mum dad are normal, kids wholesome, no neurotic members and upheavals are of the easily handled kind. Obviously an escape from todays world.

Granni - good to hear you had success in getting back your money. i too hate sorting out messes which never shouldhavehappened in the first place.

Sun - my DD had a bump on her eyelid when she was in 12th (A levels) and we left it thinking it was an insect bite. It turned out to be some disease and she had to miss giving her exams because it got septic and was bleeding pus and blood. She got surgery. im glad you are getting it looked at.

i absolutelyloved the music you posted. It made me envision myself gliding about waltzing in the woods and everything was all right with all of theworld. im always amazed such beautiful music can come out of metal and strings and hollow drums. Thank you for posting. Man is a genius.

Julie - i know you are busy. your deacon seems like an ideal man of the cloth.

Willow - hope all is well in your part of the woods.

Judy, GB, Star, et al…..if youre reading, youre in our thoughts and prayers.

God bless
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Hi to All,

I have been so busy trying to catch up before the pain classes start next week. I went with Gray to his meet and greet with the new Dr. on Monday. He is having pain in his hip so he will be getting it xrayed tomorrow after my post op appt with the surgical nurse. Today I had 2 appts with the pain clinic, the first was physical therapy and the second was a phone appt with the pain Dr. She called while we were in the car on the way home. The phone call took only 5 minutes. She asked if I wanted to do anything for the pain and I said no I will keep what I am doing with the physical therapy and meditation. The physical therapist is letting me join her tai chi class via zoom on Fridays. She said to be sure to be dressed as her whole class can see me.

Granni, Your surgery is coming up soon isn't it? I don't remember the day. Insurance companies mistakes always seem to be in their favor. When Mom fell they kept sending her the ER bill until I stepped in and called the company for her. It turns out the hospital sent Mom the bill instead of the insurance company. It was for $1800. She should have had to only pay $120 deductible but ended up paying $180. We also had to go after her dental insurance company and after 4 months got the $600 back that she should never have had to pay.

Mikie- I hope you feel better from all the herxing. It took until Sunday for me to feel human and now I have to play catch up with all the appts and chores I missed. By Saturday I think I will be all caught up. I need to run Ziggy and dust and get the large bed spreads to the laundromat. Even with my big washer they won't fit. SV sounds so cute with his antics. It has been 100 degrees most days and the kitties next door must be staying closer to home with all this heat. I hate to even think what the electric bill will be next month even with trying to keep the air at 78.

Sun- Your house must look so nice with all the improvements. My house needs some upgrades but it will have to wait for awhile. I loved that room you showed with the painting in it. The colors on the wall were stunning. Putting a product called Coffee Tamer in your coffee and stirring it for 30 seconds is supposed to remove 90% of the acid. I use it in coffee and in anything acidic. It was invented for GERD but also works for IC. You can only buy it online, I think I got it from Amazon.

Spring- Is your rainy season in the summer? Ours here in CA is in the winter but with the drought we got hardly any rain last winter. It sounds nice. I am enjoying the clouds they have down here. Up north the skies are blue everyday with hardly any clouds all summer. It gets monotonous after awhile. We get a lot of clouds here from the monsoons in Mexico and AZ. I don't know if that is the way it usually is but it has been that way for the 2 summers we have been here. I love it.

Julie- Hopefully talking to the Deacon will take care of the problem with the trespassers. Your farm sounds so nice with the creek, berries and train trestle. Just the kind of place where a kid would love to play. I need to plant some blackberries here, my strawberries aren't doing well with the extra heat this summer. My tomatoes are producing way more than I need though. We had BLT's for dinner on Sunday and I plan to have more.

I went to the library on my way to PT today and picked up some books so I have something to read if I wake up during the night. I have to give up the TV and computer at night because of the blue light. I got a Jan Karon book. The newest one of the Mitford series and several Dean Koontz books. I like the way Dean writes, not always the subject matter but he is so descriptive in his sentences.

Well, I have to shut down the computer for the night and head to the living room to do my stretches and read.

Hello to those I didn't mention. Berry, Gordon, Rock etc.

Love to All,